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I Have Been Nominated For An Award!

I must thank the charming and level headed star of TV and blogging, Chris Graham, for letting me know that I have been listed as a nominee for an award!

It is not the BAFTAs (or even the BASTAs – despite what some of my fans over on Bill McMurdo’s blog might think).

In fact it is the Maley’s Bhoys Twitter Awards!

The post explaining about it is here. Continue reading



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Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Le Carre, Whyte and Russell Grant – by Brogan, Rogan, Trevino & Hogan

Good Morning,

Many people get out of their bed each morning, have a shower, grab some breakfast,throw on some clothes,brush their teeth,grab their coat,their bag and whatever other paraphernalia they choose to carry and head out of the door towards their daily toil.

Many travel by car, however, even more use public transport and so find themselves sitting on a bus, a train and in some cases even an aeroplane.

Those who are not driving may read the paper or a magazine,or in this age of smart devices it is more likely that they will consult what is commonly referred to as their phone— a generic name for a device which has long since ceased to be merely a phone in the sense of the Alexander Graham Bell device where you dial a number and speak to someone at the other end of the line.

Today, a phone can do all sorts of things including record a conversation if innocently left on a table top. What’s more, if you really want to be James Bond you can now openly buy specialist phones– they look like phones, perform like phones , but also have that extra capability to record any sound in any room in which they are left in, are voice activated, and can even transmit the conversation automatically to another device under the control of the person who deployed the “spy phone” in the first place. Continue reading


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“No Man Is An Island” – Blair Morgan, Football Agent – by Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan

The always excellent BRTH has written another of his lyrical posts. mick was good enough to link to it in the comments, but I think BRTH usually deserves a post of his own.

Readers might have seen it as a comment on the Scottish Football Monitor or CQN, but I think his thoughts deserve the widest of cicrulations.



It was the poet John Donne who came away with the phrase ” No Man is an Island”. Interestingly the lines were not originally intended to be a poem, but were written by Donne in his ” Meditations” and were intended as prose rather than poetry.

Fittingly, they are taken from ” Devotions on an Emergent occasion”

Donne was an interesting character. He was borne a Roman Catholic but later became an Anglican Priest and a Doctor of Divinity, became the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral and was a Royal Chaplain. He was also a qualified Barrister having studied at Thavies Inns Legal School and later he was the Reader of Divinity at Lincoln’s Inn. He was the Member of Parliament for Brackley from 1602 onwards for a number of years. He had been a soldier, fighting with Walter Raleigh and the Earl of Essex at Cadiz, and before settling down to this well recorded life of divinity and respectability he managed to blow his considerable inheritance on wine women and travel. Continue reading


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Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan on the End of the Rangers Tax Case Blog

It is always a pleasure to see a comment from BRTH pop up on my blog.

So that everyone else who reads my ramblings can see his finely crafted and lyrical prose, I have taken his comment from my RTC thread and put it up as a separate post.

Here it is.


Good Afternoon.

A young journalist, Alistair Cooke I think, was setting out in the early days of a career when his then editor gave him some advice….. or perhaps it was an instruction rather than advice.

The tenor of the message was “Bring me the news! I don’t care if it is late – just make sure it is right!”

The author then went on to explain that throughout a career in journalism, the mantra of getting it “right” was always the Golden Rule which had to be followed without deviation or distortion.

Deviation and Distortion are good words. Good– in the sense that Scottish sports journalism, in my opinion, starts each and every morning, and has started each and every morning for some time, in the shadow of deviation and distortion and with a natural instinct to deviate and distort. Continue reading


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The Violence of Silence – A Guest Post by Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan

The ever lyrical and insightful Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan has been kind enough to allow me to post his piece this morning from the comments on RTC. So, if you have read it there, it is the same piece. If you’ve not…

I leave the podium clear for BRTH!


Good Morning,

As usual I awake this morning with nonsense in my head whilst at the same time harbouring some pretty plain questions about mundane things that turn out not to be so mundane after all perhaps.

Let’s stop and consider a few things which we are told are now established facts.

A court appointed professional firm called Duff & Phelps, who have offices throughout the world, are the formally appointed Administrators of Rangers PLC. Duff & Phelps have been ensconced in offices at Ibrox Park for months now and have had the run of the place. This means that they have had access to all the files and documents that go with running Rangers PLC both now, and to at least an extent, in the past. Continue reading


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