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Ecojon’s Personal Thoughts and Feelings on Poppies and Remembrance

I was sitting on Friday night and had settled down to watch the TV news and was treated to some glorious repeat footage of the Green Brigade card display which I am sure stunned Barcelona.

But then came a story that was so touching I sat and cried – if Rod can do it so can I. The news item was about the devotion of a 90-year-old Dutch woman who had tended the grave of a Scottish soldier for 60 years. She knew nothing about him except his name and gravestone details but had kept her faithful vigil because, like countless other Dutch people, she had ‘adopted’ the grave of a fallen soldier who had fought to free her country from Nazi tyranny.

It got me thinking about Remembrance Sunday when I always spend some time contemplating the price paid by our military personnel in answering the call to duty when our Nation has been under threat and, in particular, my relatives and their friends.

And in that strange way that the mind sometimes works, I began to think about the wearing of poppies and Remembrance Sunday and the differences of opinion they have created at Celtic Park.

I recognise how very personal a choice it can be for every individual whether to wear a poppy or not and how it can influenced by a variety of factors which may well be unique to some people or groupings within our society. Continue reading



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