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Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan on the End of the Rangers Tax Case Blog

It is always a pleasure to see a comment from BRTH pop up on my blog.

So that everyone else who reads my ramblings can see his finely crafted and lyrical prose, I have taken his comment from my RTC thread and put it up as a separate post.

Here it is.


Good Afternoon.

A young journalist, Alistair Cooke I think, was setting out in the early days of a career when his then editor gave him some advice….. or perhaps it was an instruction rather than advice.

The tenor of the message was “Bring me the news! I don’t care if it is late – just make sure it is right!”

The author then went on to explain that throughout a career in journalism, the mantra of getting it “right” was always the Golden Rule which had to be followed without deviation or distortion.

Deviation and Distortion are good words. Good– in the sense that Scottish sports journalism, in my opinion, starts each and every morning, and has started each and every morning for some time, in the shadow of deviation and distortion and with a natural instinct to deviate and distort. Continue reading


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