The Violence of Silence – A Guest Post by Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan

The ever lyrical and insightful Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan has been kind enough to allow me to post his piece this morning from the comments on RTC. So, if you have read it there, it is the same piece. If you’ve not…

I leave the podium clear for BRTH!


Good Morning,

As usual I awake this morning with nonsense in my head whilst at the same time harbouring some pretty plain questions about mundane things that turn out not to be so mundane after all perhaps.

Let’s stop and consider a few things which we are told are now established facts.

A court appointed professional firm called Duff & Phelps, who have offices throughout the world, are the formally appointed Administrators of Rangers PLC. Duff & Phelps have been ensconced in offices at Ibrox Park for months now and have had the run of the place. This means that they have had access to all the files and documents that go with running Rangers PLC both now, and to at least an extent, in the past.

Duff & Phelps have been asked to provide various documents to the Police, the SPL and other bodies in connection with those bodies investigating the conduct of Rangers PLC, its Directors, employees and its business practices. It would appear that Duff & Phelps have been slow to comply with requests for information from all and any of the investigating bodies. Further, it is not known if Duff & Phelps have made any independent enquiries of their own into the matters under investigation. For example, if the BBC have access to x number of EBT related contracts but Duff & Phelps are only able to lay their hands on a smaller number of such contracts– should they have made enquiries as to where any other contracts might be? After all they are in charge of the company records and should have access to all such records.

What we now also know, is that Duff & Phelps have formally sold the assets of the company they administer to another company that is controlled by a Mr Charles Green. Apparently, Duff & Phelps have also sold “The Business” of Rangers PLC to Mr Green.

What is not clear, is whether or not the business records of Rangers PLC have also been delivered to Mr Green as part of this business sale? I can understand why Mr Green would want salient business records such as Season Ticket holder records, employee contracts, Health and Safety records and so on.

All of this is vitally important in light of the statements made by the footballing authorities yesterday, especially the decision to call Rangers PLC ( and any successor to the company ) to task for the potential use of dual contracts. The SPL investigation was conducted this far on behalf of the SPL by Messrs Harper McLeod who, as many will know, are not unfamiliar with the legalities of footballing matters and contracts within the game.

Leaving aside the question of where Mr Green’s company actually stand in relation to Scottish Football– if indeed it stands anywhere at all— I believe that there is yet another severely embarrassing problem awaiting Scottish Football as a result of the SPL decision yesterday.

Duff & Phelps will no doubt declare that they have delivered all the documents that they can or that they know about to both the SPL or the Police in respect of their various enquiries. However, what happens if it emerges that what Duff & Phelps have delivered and what the SPL ( Harper McLeod ) have received and considered does not amount to the whole picture?

What if there are documents missing, or indeed there is knowledge of EBT payments and contracts out there which have not been voluntarily disclosed by now?

In the past 14 days, Stewart Regan, has made it very plain that the SFA, as the body in charge of Scottish Football, are heavily reliant on clubs– and those who run clubs— acting with integrity and self disclosing and self certifying various matters including the type of thing that has a bearing on the fit and proper person test.

That being so, we have now had months and months of knowledge of EBT payments and contracts. Evidence has been led before a tax tribunal, and whilst Regan has said that the tax authorities will take care of tax matters and football authorities will take care of football issues, we now have a criminal investigation into events at Rangers PLC being conducted by the Police, and further matters surrounding contracts being looked at by the league authorities.

Documents and records have now been produced by the court appointed parties who run this business.

But what if there are those out there who have detailed knowledge of and have been party to key and material actions in this business who have volunteered nothing thus far?

Where does that leave Mr Regan and his self certification mantra?

No doubt there will be those who will say that they have nothing to disclose or that they are not currently part of a football club and so are under no obligation to disclose anything? technically they might be right, however, the game and the very shape and existence of football in Scotland is in crisis and on a financial knife edge with fans and customers expressing discontent by the tens of thousands.

All of this is as a direct result of the activities of one club and one company– Rangers PLC.

Therefore I have to ask, is it really acceptable for those who know about such matters and who can reveal exactly what went on to remain silent and to continue to postulate on various matters in football with any credibility and substance?

Why should such people have any future in the game and what should the footballing authorities do about such people who may well have contributed to the morass and the mess that football in general finds itself embroiled in?

If it turns out that the SPL enquiry has not been told all the facts, then surely someone should be for the high jump?

That might be Duff & Phelps, it might be Charles Green & company, but much more likely it will be those who have worked in and around football for a long time and who worked for Rangers PLC at some time over the piece,

Stewart Regan has publicly stated that Campbell Ogilvie has volunteered information and has disclosed that there were others involved in the dodgy practices other than him. Presumably Regan has made that information available to the SPL enquiry team, who will hopefully have interviewed Ogilvie as well.

However, it is the others– those to whom Ogilvie has alluded—- that are important here. Have they come forward and proffered their information and knowledge together with any documentation they may have?

If they haven’t, can we seriously believe that any such people have any future at all in properly run football— whether that be in broadcasting, the written press or, god forbid, the running of a football club or association in the future?

The SPL should take note of the information it possesses as at the date of the information being disclosed by Duff & Phelps….. and then compare it to the information that is to come— even though any such comparison results in some seriously awkward conclusions and decisions.

The Violence of Silence from some should simply not be tolerated.



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48 responses to “The Violence of Silence – A Guest Post by Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan

  1. Joseph

    Brilliant analysis Paul. The Big Cover does not fool me. They are all up to their necks in corruption. That’s what they do – all looking after their own backs, with no shame in telling porkies. How Scotland’s billionaire – who appears to have acquired his wealth by honest means – is getting involved in this mess beats me!

  2. Richboy

    Excellent post that raises the real question about this tragedy, Who knew and when did they know?

    I have no faith in the SFA/SPLs desire to really get to the bottom of this, but I do believe even they may be forced into action by the findings of various other agencies.

    I also feel that D&P should be thoroughly investigated by the courts as they failed completely in their main priority of looking after creditors first. Surely it is wrong that D&P walk away with all of the money raised in the sale of the club whilst creditors do not get a single penny. I am not in any way qualified to judge them on a “legal” basis, however my laymans view is that their actions border on criminality.

    As for Rangers (Sevco or any other name), can anyone really have any sympathy left? Why are we still discussing them and what action to take? I honestly feel that if this was any other club in the SPL (except Celtic) then they would have been consigned to the Northern Highland League of Outer Shetlandonia months ago.

  3. p groom

    we need to look further ahead to when (and probably not if ) the clubs vote rangers in to spl to protect their interests ie club finances, tv income etc. presumably as it is a majority vote there can be no appeal by any members. how can the rest of us dissenters ( in considerable numbers by now) challenge or seek to overturn such a decision ?

  4. Frank-W

    As you say, Regan handing over fit and proper to the clubs is leaving it open abuse. If people don’t come foward with all information, then what can the SFA do? nothing. For they will not investigate, he has left that to the individual clubs. Police ask wee johnny, did you steal that toy from that shop, no sir, ok on you go.

  5. ian lewis

    I suspect that the BBC still has some ammunition that they will fire once the footballing authorities have administered a wrist slapping.It will be a real two footed tackle.

  6. One of the main issues here is that no one seems to accept that RFC plc are no more Rangers do not exist any more they are in liquidation and therefore as pointed out by Phil Mac as far as UEFA are concerned the team has ceased to exist. Commentators from all sides are failing to ask the relevant important questions and missing the whole point entirely.

    There is and has been in NO doubt collusion between SFA SPL and ex RFC and D&P. There are now appropriate investigations at all levels however the SFA/SPL executives must also come under scrutiny as they have failed totally in their joint responsibilities to UEFA and more importantly Scottish football.

    The rules and Regs require complete redrafting to prevent anything like this occuring again assuming Scottish football has a future, and I don’t imply that without exRFC it would fail but with the fallout that is almost definately going to occur the simple matter of being associated with a biased and failed administration will drive sponsors away.

    exRFC should be stripped of all trophies won during the last 12 years at the very least. Appropriate and deserved as they have KNOWINGLY, despite claims otherwise, cheated. If they were unaware why is it that only one person has spoken out “to clear his name”, (he dropped everyone of them in it up to their ears and further) and no one else has spoken? Why was the information withheld by D&P for 3 months? We all know why of course, they hoped the sale would go through and nothing would happen as the “pals at SFA” would brush it under the carpet for the sake of Scottish football…………..if nothing else!!!!

    Newco is now established and seeking registration with SFA and also enrollment within SPL, it defies ALL LOGIC that the disgraced member still apparently under SPL rules has a voice!!! How can a club that has no legal rights and no standing in any sane persons mind vote on them selves???

    I only hope that now the situation has been brought to the attentions,(thanks to Phil) of UEFA, that they will now take an active role and sort out both SFA and the issues surrounding exRFC for all the years, and don t forget £££££ cheated out of CFC AFC HFC FCF etc titles and “honours”.

    The newco should be EXCLUDED from SPL and start again in Div3 assuming there is not a more worthy side. They then start afresh with new histroy and playing record and some justice at least will be done.

    Will it happen?????? well its Scotland they “were the people” are they still??? Only time will tell and given recent past history, thats a very very long time……………………………..

    • Marching on Together

      Sorry, but on this Phil is wrong, and individuals in UEFA can spout whatever opinion they want, they will do nothing about it.. In any event Rangers oldco is not yet in liquidation.

  7. The retiring CA

    On the subject of the violence of silence

    Interestingly there is a key paragraph in the Walter Smith-led consortium statement regarding its withdrawal from bidding for Rangers’ newco: which is reported in the BBC news item but not in the STV one.

    It says: “Members of our consortium had met with Charles Green and Zeus Capital prior to the CVA (company voluntary agreement) meeting and it had been agreed that we would be provided with significant information which would give us comfort as to the identity of the consortium members, their strategy and their funding capacity.”

    “This information had not been forthcoming by the date of our offer. ”

    They have still not received this information, and have withdrawn.

    In other words there continues to be a complete lack of clarity as to the make-up and funding of the Green consortium.

    Two points arise:

    1. From a neutrals perspective: how can a newco whose ownership and funding is unknown be preferred to exisiting clubs (whether it be Dunfermline or Dundee)? HAVE YOU GOT THAT SPL CHAIRMEN? and you too Mr Doncaster.

    2. From a Rangers supporters perspective : they are taking a very substantial step into the unknown with Mr Green, if he is not prepared to share basic financial data with a Rangers consortium with apparently deep pockets (McCall, Park etc etc).

    I predict tears before bedtime….

    • p groom

      clearly the scots do things differently depending on the sport. so if I apply to join a golf club up there I am allowed to sit in on the selection committee’s deliberations and vote as well? I dont think so.

      • Well…….it will depend on who is running the golf club and what side of the fence you sit …………….unfortunately!!

      • Marching on Together

        It depends on what the rules of the golf club say. As a private organisation, it can more or less do what it wants in that regard. As can the SPL, so long as it follows its own rules.

      • Marching on Together at 11:27 pm said:
        It depends on what the rules of the golf club say. As a private organisation, it can more or less do what it wants in that regard. As can the SPL, so long as it follows its own rules.
        Ah MOTy nail on head in one aspect – you therefore agree that no team without years of audited accounts should be admitted to the ‘elite’ division of scottish fitba’.

        My problem is the secondary issue of the source of these “members of the club’s revenue”, ie fans. Fans paid money to clubs and by extension the SPL/SFA to watch sporting endeavours under the SPL, SFA and UEFA rules. It now seems that money was collected under false pretences. Maybe everyone who paid to see their team play rangers under the auspices of the SPL and SFA – who have seemingly known about rangers use of dual contracts, EBTs and non payment of taxes for years – should look at the use of a no-win no-fee class action lawyer to fight their case? Who’s that american fella? Harvey Spectre?

  8. Niall Walker.

    I have defended D&P in the past but the rejection of the CVA by HMRC asks a big question, why did D&P not know the actions of Craig Whyte were in breach of HMRC conditions for accepting a CVA ?

    • Sorry Niall but how could you ever consider defending duff and duffer???? they have been complicite in everything from the start and when I say start I mean way back when this “SCAM” was put together by DM. They have delayed, obstructed, provided conficting information to everyone including the people that they were supposed to be working on behalf of. They have absolutely NO credibility in business and have successfully ruined any company image that they may have in Scotland if not the UK. I don t mention their conflict of interest which has been obvious to EVERYONE from the start, why HMRC allowed them to “be appointed ” by Whyte beggers belief. I hope that they as well as everyone else in this sorry mess gets true justice and the sooner the better.

    • deekbhoy


      They probably had not be advised to visit the HMRC website were they could have seen a list reasons why the HMRC would not accept a CVA. A quick glance would have shown them how many Craigieboy ticked off.

      Unfortunately lots of people including the Scottish media and I am sorry to say you did not want to see what most ‘internet bampots’ were already aware of.

      We have had several exchanges over the period and I always was astonished that you consistently proclaimed that a CVA was possible when it was obvious that it was a no starter. A quick check of website and you may not have defended Duff & Duffer at all.

      Alternatively they were well aware of the contents of the HMRC website or had been informed by HMRC in their discussion and chose to ignore/dupe the public.

      I am hoping that D&D are in the sights of DBO as well as CW and SDM.

      • Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Marching on Together

        HMRC don’t do CVAs for football clubs. Never have and probably never will. If people had understood this at the outset, then D&P could have saved millions on their fees, and we would be a lot further on in the saga.

      • Niall Walker.

        Evening Deek,
        I dd indeed check the conditions, and assumed incorrectly that D&P would not waste 4 months pursuing a CVA if Craig Whyte had clearly breached the conditions for acceptance. I also stupidly
        assumed that an accountancy firm would have picked this up during their 4 months of administration.

        We live and learn.

  9. deekbhoy


    Surely you mean school not fence!

  10. mick

    Its all to much for me why is scotland so bent and allowing the whole world to see it doesent care because its rangers .surely it is going to affect incoming invesment from other continents who in there right mind would want to do business hear its time to out the rule benders and bring them to justice and safe so face with the rest of the world

    • Thing is Mick that most of Scotland does care and more than that is *issed off that we are being strung out and played like muppets because of “the establishment” The whole country is in agreement that this is a crucial decision coming soon, one way or another the future of Scottish football and the countrys’ credibility or what little it has left is in the balance.

      • mick

        scotlands finshed it has been for a long time alexsalmond got to be a mason created the tram network to keep the edinburgh boys in work handshakes all round over budget the oil they run all the teccy stuff and leave the crumbs for the rest its sick the west coast is well suffering a would never vote independence after this they are frighting and rotten to the core alex said the fabric of our nation ffs

  11. mick

    after all the dust has settled on the current fiasco surely the handshake mob must be on a public list at least so we know who were dealing with its sad a country has secrect orders its dark age stuff and should be outlawed

  12. mick

    are the sfa spl d&ps rangers msm topwigs all in a secret order of there own makes you wonder

  13. mick

    wit school did you go to (well let you know by letter)does other countrys ask wit school did you go to?if not then thats an infringment of your employment right

  14. Niall Walker.

    Hello Marching,

    HMRC do not agree to CVAs involving football clubs in Englnd and Wales due to the existence of the football creditors rule, this rule gives unsecured football creditors preferential tretament, which is an obvious breach of their conditions.No such policy exists in Scotland.

    Let me add, non payment of PAYE is not in itself a breach of the conditions.

    • Marching on Together

      Well aware of the primary reason for HMRC not agreeing to CVAs in England & Wales. However, while it might not appear in the HMRC policy/rules, their view is coloured by the experiences down south. That and the fact that every administration of a football club in Scotland is always a goddamn awful shambles, usually involving conduct close to malfeasance. It might not be official, but they are unofficially prejudiced against CVAs for football clubs in Scotland.

      Which is why on the day Rangers went into administration, I posted on another forum that HMRC would not agree to a CVA, and liquidation was the only end result, no doubt preceded by an asset sale to a newco.

      • Whether acceptable or not in law, the main issue for HMRC, in my opinion, not accepting the CVA was that they were fed up being played by exRFC and were fully aware that wrongful deeds have been committed over an extensive period of time. The ONLY way to prove this and pursue the individuals concerned and responsible was to conduct a full and necessary investigation into the running of the club. This could only be acheived by liquidation if they were not going to receive any substaintial monies on account. The acceptence of D&P as administrators was a huge mistake on the part of HMRC as they have privately conceeded. Bear in mind that further investigations are ongoing regarding MIM and the use of carousel dealing with this group.DM has not escaped yet and neither has any other member of the board whether they were “aware” or not. As a company director and full board member you have a duty of care and responsibility to the business and shareholders. “I did nt know what was going on” is not an excuse, its an admission of either failure or collusion or both.

  15. mick

    hope they end up in jail glasgow and most rangers fans do 8 hours a day for very little pay as yous are well awear and to think the suits were eating fine lamb drinkin dear wine and pocketing what every they feel like is sad jail the lamb eaters am celtic and where am from we all think the judges are rangers a just hope on sentance day for them that the judge had shares now thats real karma

    • ……………………and welcome to all that is wrong with Scottish Society…..oh dear.

      • So not the fact the the establishment – banks, lawyers, accountants, media and politicians – knew rangers have been running a crooked game for well over a decade, losing £1/4 BILLION in the process and they have knowingly and wittingly aided and abetted that crooked game in order to prolong the mistaken weearrapeepul mentality that bolsters their own sense of superiority? Nah right enough, mick’s post is “all that is wrong with Scottish Society”

        Oh dear is right, but not aimed at mick mate…

      • Yeah that is right, the world was all complicit in the whole situation: banks, lawyers et al, all in it because it was a benefit of ‘Rangers’.

        If you were to suggest that many people suffered from sheer incompetence over a prolonged period of time i would completely agree, an unforgivable degree of incompetence that seems all to common place in society these days.

        My problem lays at rest with this ‘chip on the shoulder’ mentality that it was all some massive cover-up because it was the ‘ranjurs’. Sorry, but i hate that attitude i really do, it s all about point scoring and creating some massive sense of injustice against anyone who is not ‘Ra Ranjurs’.

        Utter mythical nonsence.

      • * note* That is not particularly aimed at you by the way – i have no idea of your opinion on the whole matter, simply giving my own view on this all to common ’cause it was the ranjurs’ attitude. Something that i do not,never have and never will agree with. Sorry

      • Whether it was aimed at me or not Garry, I’ll take it on….

        Let’s start with you not putting words in my mouth – I’m very capable of doing that myself. I never said “the world”, I think it is pretty clear it was parochoial wee Scotland I was referring to.

        There was undoubtedly a different attitude from the Scottish media to Celtic’s brush with financial death in 1994 measured against that of Rangers. The constant denial of journalists (many of whom now claim they knew of the story but didn’t pursue it) that there could be any issue with Rangers finances is in marked contrast to the cracked crests, disparaging references to ‘biscuit tin’ mentality and the staged photo-op of a hearse – a hearse for God’s sake – parked outside Celtic park.

        The tone of reporting of Fergus McCann’s arrival and saving Celtic fro financial rukin is again a stark contrast to the lack of scepticism, heck even objectivity, applied to Craig ‘White Knight’ Whyte.

        Glowing praise of the schoolboy entrepreneur, the “Motherwell born Billionaire” versus “the Bunnet” whose character assassination included being compared unfavourably to saddam hussein in a national paper. McCann’s past was gone through with a fine toothed comb, Whyte’s PR flack’s apparently off-the-cuff billionaire comment was repeated as fact ad nauseum. And that’s with present-day unparalelled access to info provided by the internet (or did he pay for his entire history to be removed from the web? LOL).

        The attitude of the banks has been also notable by their differences. Celtic almost shut over £6m debts, Rangers allowed to run bills 10x that and that’s despite burning through ENIC and Dave King’s £60m of cash injections of only a few years previously. No alarm bells from the bank’s risk management arm? Hmm. Ah but Rangers had assets valued at £110m or something like that, which kept them technically solvent. Well those assets turn out to be worth about £ 6m or less than 6p in the pound (less than the CVA offer!).

        So you can add auditors and accountants (and of course Rangers directors, Scottish business leaders in their own right, who had a fiduciary duty to look after the financial well-being of the club on behalf of its shareholders) to the banks on the list of those who seem to have been asleep at the wheel as Rangers careered over the cliff edge.

        That the SFA did not think it worthwile to investigate Rangers use of these trusts even after they were found to have misused them and were fined by HMRC is yet another example of the numerous times the authorities could have given Rangers a full medical, rather than just leaving the festering sore of their tax problems to poison the whole carcass. I am not even gong to go into one about the current SFA President having been a beneficiary of an EBT or that their previous Chief Exec worked for Rangers pre-SFA and post-SFA, I’ll wait for the court cases on that. What iI find odd is that even in the full glare of public scrutiny, the SFA even tried to give Rangers a lesser sanction than their own rules dictated in the case of the transfer ban for crimes “only exceeded by match-fixing” in their seriousness according to an independent SFA tribunal. Rangers threw that olive branch back at the SFA and then broke further SFA/FIFA rules by going to the CoS. How were they punished for this latest, absolute breach of SFA rules? No action to be taken. Wow. Currently the team that is replacing Rangers is pushing for the same sanction as that which befell Spartans. Spartans crime was the clerical error of missing a date on an application form,matched against Rangers “crimes” that got them many, many trophies and millions in revenue, depriving other clubs of the same.

        BTW the fine for ALL Rangers breaking of the rules (destined to go forever unpaid ) WAS LESS THAN Celtic got for “tapping up” manager Tommy Burns. Any other clubs been done for tapping up a manager in recent years? Perhaps an incumbent National team manager who elects to walk out on his country, mid-campaign, to go back to more lucrative club football? An yone? Anyone? Walter? Anyone? Ah so that’s not favouritisms? Anothet mistake? Al la Farry?

        So, so far we have:
        – Banks
        – The media
        – Accountants/auditors
        – The footballing authorities
        all making mistakes. Then chuck in the politicians who pleaded for leniency for Rangers but didn’t defend other businesses who have gone to the wall in their own actual constituencies, or indeed the business losing ut 90% of monies owed even under a CVA, and you have pretty much most parts of the Scottish establishment, very well renumerated, educated, professional individuals yet ALL, certainly as it affects football, ABSOLUTELY failing in their respective job responsibilities or apparently appying them in a less than con sistent manner. Hmm.

        Now, like you, I am a firm believer in not underestimating the incompetency of people in authority, but for all these groups to have been so bad at their jobs in such a way that RANGERS ACTUALLY BENEFITED in every instance of failing to their jobs? Well for me that’s a such a multiple level of coincidence as to push that into the realms of denying reality.

        For the record, I don’t think it’s a massive cover-up – as I have shown its been done in plain sight.

  16. k

    Hi Jockyboy, you put it much better than i do:
    “My problem is the secondary issue of the source of these “members of the club’s revenue”, ie fans. Fans paid money to clubs and by extension the SPL/SFA to watch sporting endeavours under the SPL, SFA and UEFA rules. It now seems that money was collected under false pretences. Maybe everyone who paid to see their team play rangers under the auspices of the SPL and SFA – who have seemingly known about rangers use of dual contracts, EBTs and non payment of taxes for years – should look at the use of a no-win no-fee class action lawyer to fight their case? Who’s that american fella? Harvey Spectre?” It says football on the tin, but what’s inside ? Surprise it’s WWF.

  17. Jocky bhoy, we must be paranoid……………or maybe just maybe we have it right well written, collusion is no illusion…………………

  18. Brian

    For the 2nd time on this site………


    After coming across this blog in the hope of learning something I find myself seriously questioning whether you manage the comments left here or if you allow any old rambling pseudo intellectual bigoted nonsense be posted. One awaits with less than baited breathe if you will even reply.


  19. @ Brian maybe Paul will answer, but perhaps you should understand the basic point of “blogs”. The initial comment informedly written by a guest contains nothing of “old rambling psuedo intellectual bigoted nonsense” and is correct in the writers and many followers opinion. Some of the comments posted afterwards are free thinking opinions of the general public and are provided in order that they can freely express themselves, which ironically is not allowed on the general media sites the likes of bbc dr sun etc, in response to their ill informed biased reporting. The commments that you find “offensive and I assume “unhelpful” are directed perhaps not at the basic post ie RFC in admin/liquidation but at the wider problem in Scotland. This being the land of bigots, (on both sides of the divide ) sectarinisim and unfortunately ever growing racisim. These traits are well “established” in Scottish society and not likely to go anytime soon as this episode with RFC has openly exposed. The wider picture is that RFC has most definately been “assisted” by various levels of society in potentially avoiding any and all penalties, (expect on the football pitch), in order for them to continue living beyond their means which NO OTHER BUSINESS would be allowed to do in todays society, good or bad. If it was not for the work by Paul and several other “independent” writers and bloggers then the matter would just have “gone away” as was initially intended by DM and others. Paul spends a great deal of time investigating and writing these blogs and it is appreciated by many readers and contributors. It is also equally a platform for, as you correctly put it “informed opinion”. Without reading some of the more tasteless opinions expressed here and on other sites you would not benefit from the FULL spectrum of opinions and therefore be unable to form an opinion of your own. (no one forces you to read the posted comments after the initial blog but most do to gauge what the general feelings are. Maybe you are too accustomed to the sanitised point of view delivered daily on all aspects of worlrdwide “life” through BBC/ITV/CH4 & 5/ SKY etc and the numerous Daily rags still available. These medias all sanitise the broadcast content to suit current govenerment policy etc.

    Free expression is free speech we do not all hold the same opinions but we all hold the same right to express them. Reading and listening to them allows us individually to make our own chioces and opinions then express them. Reading or writing some of the more tastless, in your opinion, comments may change the point of view an individual has, the bigot to a less bigotted stance the non bigot to understand about the bigotted life that has prevailed in many peoples lives on a daily basis. It may not be correct but it exists and forums like this do not endorse or nurture this, but openly expose it to be dealt with.

    I hope you continue to read both the posts and comments in the future in order to understand the broader aspects of Scottish Society and the true feeling and opinions of the individuals, but its your choice, be thankful that the have one.

    • Thanks Michael!

      You’ve saved me a reply to Brian, and put it better than I could.

      This is a broad church, and all views are welcome (within the arbitary prejudices of the blog writer) 🙂


      • few days late but @Jockbhoy just to basically acknowledge i have read your reply, i still do not agree with your sentiments but i feel we could go round for hours debating our cases – and that would be of benefit to no one, therefore – we best let sleeping dogs etc.

        What can be said, opinions are like arseholes……we’ve all got one

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