A Gallery – Heroes and Others

I thought I’d stick a few pics up of people who are heroes or inspirations to me, and a “Guess Who” showing me and some people for whom I have been mistaken. I will put up links when I get the chance.

Heroes of Sport


Wonderful dogmatic batsman, trenchant commentator - the great "Sir Geoffrey"


The Great All Rounder - Responsible for the Greatest Sporting Turnaround Ever


No better as player and manager over such a long career - King Kenny


Seve - tragically gone - the most exciting golfer ever - I was in the stands in 1984 when this happened - still get goose bumps thinking about it.


Dan Marino - the best pure QB in the NFL - how did he never win a Super Bowl?


Better than Hastings, Campese, Blanco and even Lomu - the wonderful Andy Irvine


Babe Ruth - what more needs be said?


Stephen Hendry - even more single minded than Boycott!


The Greatest!


Heroes of Writing

The Man who Gave the World Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Vogon Poetry and Slartibartfast, and THE BOOK!


Alastair MacLean - the best thriller writer - and author of HMS Ulysses - a tragic and marvellous book


Sir Terry Pratchett - his Discworld is beyond compare


Joe Posnanski - the best sportswriter in the world!


The Identity Parade

No - I am not a famous Swedish manager and lothario!


Nor am I the former Secretary of State for Defence, and Tory grandee


Nor yet the late great Irish comic


And this, in the words of Mike Yarwood, is the real me!


And what the Marlins fans are wearing these days!


17 responses to “A Gallery – Heroes and Others

  1. i seem to remember, way back in your hayday my man, a certain resemblance to a Star Wars saga character ? now was it Han Solo ……………or Chewbacca ??
    On the subject of heroes and inspirations, somewhat surprised at a rather obvious omission who’s initials are …………….. HT !

  2. Steve

    Have you ever owned a canoe, or lived in Hartlepool…? 😉

    Great blog. Please keep doing it.

    • Steve,

      Thank you for the kind words – I can honestly say that I have never had a canoe, nor even a kayak. And I have never been in Hartlepool!

      • Pensionerbhoy

        I have often, Paul. I am not sure about a canoe or a kayak but you need a blinking good pair of wellies :and a couple of clothes-pegs >) – Sorry Steve! Only joking. You should see where I live. Makes Hartlepool look like a Riviera resort – much, much further up the coast among the sheep and plenty of goats too.

  3. Compulsive Viewer

    Joe Posnanski, what about Keith Jackson?

  4. droid

    I would like to propose one Mr Craig Thomas Whyte aka Mr Craig White for this galleryof heroes. I have never seen an owner of a club throw away a 15 point lead in such a short space of time, the Guiness Book of Records must surely have noted this fine achievement.

  5. Hi Paul,

    No idea how you feel on the matter but what do you think about a piece on the Stephen Lawrence case since it is current and relevant.

    I was thinking of a detailed piece myself to explain to a Scottish audience.
    However i feel perhaps an input from yourself or either,alternate blogs would be a good way to put the case and the meaning across.

    Obviously Chokhar influenced

    But more importantly highlighting the difference between Scots and English law and perhaps explaining the reasoning behind the sentence and the reasoning for the guilty being treated as minors?

    If not then fine, was mearly an idea.


  6. Alan Davidson

    I just want to both thank you and congratulate you on your absolutely fantastic blog on Rangers and Charles Green. By far the best read I have seen yet and believe me I have read many. Absolutely fantastic and thank you very much for putting what is already a very confusing situation in a format that normal football fans can understand. I have a Rangers page on Facebook called Ally McCoist-Ramgers Legend and i hope you don’t mind but i shared your link on my page to some very worried and confused fans.

    Kind Regards

    Alan Davidson.

    • Pensionerbhoy

      What a fine comment, sir. I have never lost faith in mankind but your words have removed a great deal of doubt. I thank you, Alan.

  7. threeamigos

    no place for a Mr Larsson?

  8. You really are a bigoted, bitter snide little individual. I came upon this site by accident and was shocked at how an individual can be full of so much hate. Your mother must be proud.

    • Pensionerbhoy

      What brought this tantrum on? Drink? Pick up your dummy and hit the road, Jack. Such abuse is not only uncalled for but is a symptom of a dislodged brain inside a narrow mind. But God bless you anyway.

  9. robertg

    Paul – I don’t do twitter and I guess understandably there isn’t an email address.

    Was i imagining it or did you put a post up about the Rangers IPO slide deck? I don’t seem to be able to find it anymore.

    Keep up the good work. The analysis of the plume of pish that Glasgow (Ranger)’s Green and Whyte come out with is insightful and funny. Keeps me going some days.

  10. jim larkin

    When will the figures be released

  11. knoxxy

    I’ m an intelligent bloke and stumbled upon your various ramblings by complete accident. it was interesting to read your views from a Catholic perspective but the bottom line is that the majority of what you and you’ re fellow contributors are writing ranges from vague, to half- truth to total pish. so enjoy your world of believing everything Catholic is good, virtuous and dedicated to the holy Vatican city and the rest of us will get on with worshipping God almighty and his Son.

    • Sorry to break this to you, Knoxxy, while you may come across as intelligent to yourself while looking in the mirror (and that’s true for most of us, by the way), your comment does not come across as very intelligent at all. Pretty stupid in fact.

  12. Steven Fraser

    Well, well Mr Knoxxy, who told you that you were an intelligent bloke or did you go on a 3 day course and then get an A4 certificate with ‘ intelligent bloke’ at the conclusion of same….I’m new to this blog and yes their are a few ‘bams’ who post their ramblings. However the vast majority of the posts are of reasoned argument and are without doubt factually correct…. I haven’t found the section that states Catholic’s are good and everything else is bad yet?
    After reading your wee rant an old saying came to mind that fits your bill (and many others)……….. “I’m not a bigot, I’m just sectarian”

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