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Scotland’s “McLeveson” Proposals Could Cover Every Blogger In The World!

We saw publication at the end of last week of what is already being dubbed “McLeveson”. This Scottish response to the Leveson Report makes remarkable reading. Contained within its urbane and staid language are proposals which could lead to regulation of all bloggers and tweeters in Scotland, where they comment, to any extent, on news of any sort and “gossip” about the famous.

The suggestions could see people being hauled in front of a Regulator to answer for tweets or blog posts, even where they were simply re-tweeting something else, for example.

In addition, there are worrying cost implications. Indeed the suggestion seems to be that all “significant news publishers” may have to chip in for the costs of the Regulator. The proposed definition of “significant” does mean only the major newspapers in Scotland. No. It could be me, or you, especially if you comment here or on other sites.

And we have another example of the apparent wish of the Scottish Government to extend its reach far and wide, as detailed below. Continue reading



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Muirhead and McKenzie v HMA – Appeal Against Conviction for Sending Devices to Lennon, McBride and Godman Refused

On Thursday 14th March 2013 the Appeal Court in Edinburgh ruled against appeals by Neil McKenzie and Trevor Muirhead.

The Appeal Court hearing the case consisted of Lord Menzies, Lady Clark of Calton and Lord Philip. Senior Counsel for the appellants were two of the most eminent and capable QCs in Scotland – Gordon Jackson and Donald Findlay.

(I should say, for the benefit of anyone reading this who feels that they should comment on Mr Findlay’s involvement in the case, that he operates, as does the whole Faculty of Advocates, on the “cab rank” principle, and therefore, if instructed, and available, Mr Findlay would have had no choice but to accept instructions. Bearing in mind his almost unmatched abilities, it would have been more surprising to see him not being involved in this case).

As with many legal matters which are reported in the press, the coverage of the trial seemed to some extent to miss the point. I have read various comments condemning the “vindictive” decision to prosecute these poor men, who were only “having a laugh” or wanting to “put a rise” up the recipients. After all, went the argument, how could someone be condemned as a bomber if the device was incapable of exploding. Continue reading


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Internet Security Tips from Rangers Media and A Picture Quiz from Vanguard Bears

I was directed by a friend to two websites which I was told, intriguingly, might be of interest – one because of some important information regarding internet security, and the other which apparently had an interesting picture quiz.

It was rather a surprise to see that the links to which I was being directed were from the Rangers Media site and the Vanguard Bears fansite. (The latter is a website supporting Rangers which bears, no pun intended, the slogan “defending our traditions”).

Now, you might ask, why mention what I am going to refer to? The simple reason is that it astonishes me what misconceptions people have about others. This is signified by the absence of any response (apart from one which was factually unsound) to my request for someone to direct me to proof of my “Rangers hating”. Continue reading


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Edgar Blamm’s Inquiries into the Oldco Rangers/STV Business Deal

Edgar Blamm is one of the regular commenters on the blog and a prolific twitterer. He has kindly sent me some thoughts regarding an issue of concern to him and one which he felt had never been satisfactorily explained. I will leave you with Edgar and his researches, and I have an addition to post myself at the end of the post.


I hate to rake at dead fires, but the Rangers/STV commercial partnership issue has never, to my mind, been adequately explained, so I thought I’d share the fruits of my own investigative labours. I can’t quote put my finger on what’s happening, and I simply don’t have the clout to see this through, but there’s something very fishy about the whole deal.

Anyway, I’m sure you remember the notorious commercial partnership between oldco Rangers and STV that raised eyebrows around this time last year. Roy Greenslade at the Guardian wrote a piece about it; The Drum covered it too.

Many media outlets simply regurgitated the press release that had initially heralded the partnership and yet the deal was subsequently rubbished by STV reporters on Twitter who, apparently under instruction from their superiors (who themselves said nothing on record), vehemently denied that any partnership had existed. Continue reading


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Breaking News! Rangers Media Forum Gets Something Wrong!

My attention was drawn to a thread on the afore-mentioned Rangers Media today. The clue that it might be of interest to me was that my name was in the heading!

I reproduce the original post, which came from a cheery chappy called Quiet Jim, and which he entitled “Paul McConville – Rangers Tax Case”.


Word is that Paul McConville, is going to take the fall for the HMRC leak.

My understanding is that Mr McConville has kept his blog ongoing as he was assured that there was no traceability.

Who is the mole?

I can assure you that it is not the bigot McConvile, but he will take the fall.

Phil & agent X were the puppet masters, but patsy Paul will do the time!

McConvile will be deleting his blogs when he becomes aware.

Merry Xmas Paul!



I suspect that QJ might not genuinely wish me well.

I can happily confirm the following items in the post are wrong.

1                     I am not taking the fall for any HMRC leak. I have no idea where RTC got his information regarding the tax case. I have no idea whether it was from HMRC, or from Rangers, or Murray International Holdings, or from lawyers, or accountants, or reporters, or Tribunal staff or from witnesses to the case or from somewhere else. I also have no idea who RTC is. So I can happily confirm I’m not taking the fall for any leak!

2                     I have kept my blog going because I want to. I am unsure what Mr QJ means about “traceability”. As I post under my own name, I am unsure how this is me seeking not to be traceable!

3                     I have no idea who the mole is, although I understand he may have come from Morocco.

4                     I am not a bigot, and despite repeatedly asking people who throw that accusation about against me to produce a single shred of evidence, no one ever has.

5                     I am nobody’s puppet, although Agent X and I have had many happy meetings over a scone and a coffee in Auld’s the Bakers.

6                     I do not understand myself to be a patsy, nor can I see what I will “do time” for.

7                     My surname is spelt with two “l”s. Mr QJ got it right once, but wrong twice.

8                     I do not propose to start deleting my blogs, although I do not know what it is that I should be aware of.

However, in the spirit of goodwill to all men, I reciprocate by wishing Mr QJ the best of the season.

A jolly fellow by the name of Mabawsa followed this up with this post:-


Albion Rovers will be fecked now! Their most loyal ardent supporter taken out of circulation for a wee while. How will they survive ?

Is he still under some supervision order as I am sure that and any potential criminal conviction would be the final nail?

The guy comes across as a serial loser. In the words of Daryll King. “Who? Never heard of him” ….. ultimately so poignant.

Mind you. He could always become a journalist as I hear they allow anyone to join these.Only need to be a confirmed Rangers Baiter and Hater on your NUJ card and you are in!

Hohoho and a Happy 2013 . I shall raise a toast to all their demise with gusto and glee. The toast?In the name of fairness and integrity of course.


I understand that a caller to Radio Clyde mentioned me, and that Mr King did not know who I was. To be frank, I am not surprised. I see no reason why he should know who I am, and it seems bizarre that there are various people who seem delighted to point that out to me, when I had nothing to do with my name being mentioned to Mr King in the first place!

I appreciate the suggestion that I could become a journalist, although the economic climate means there are few jobs for cub reporters about just now.

Another contributor, Uncle Fester, suggested that I should be “waterboarded”!

However, Mr QJ chipped in with the following:-


The deleted RTC blog and McConville’s are one and the same.

McConville is like a nodding dog at the back of the car.

Chap, chap …….


I sadly do not possess an Orwell Prize nor can I claim the credit for being RTC. I don’t get the nodding dog reference – could it be to Churchill…

Andypendek followed up the suggestion that a media role awaits me.


Whoever is outed as being behind RTC etc will not only not go to jail, but will be feted by both other teams’ fans (not just tims) and the media as a kind of hero. If you hate McConville as a blogger, imagine what it will be like with him as a media pundit.

Be careful what you wish for.


Quiet Jim then belied his name with:-


Without fear or favour, we are coming to get you!

McConville is toast


With marmalade?

I have decided not to quote comments containing profanity, or making rather unpleasant suggestions regarding me. Nor am I posting the defamatory comments about me, and others.

There is also a suggestion that Opus Dei are “behind” whatever the latest conspiracy is, along with the police, HMRC, Crown Office, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

And there is even the obligatory barb about my volunteering at the local CAB.

Maybe this is proof of Oscar Wilde’s old adage – The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

Maybe next time Rangers Media write about me, they can get something right!

Maybe the usually anonymous people who post this claptrap might realise that, by choosing to post under my own name, I am well aware that people can read about my past.

Never mind.

Just off to ring Agent X to check when the next Opus Dei meeting is!


Posted by Paul (not patsy) McConville






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