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The SPL Commission and Rangers – Debunking Myths and Legends – Part 1

Lord Nimmo Smith’s Independent Commission appointed to determine the guilt or innocence of Rangers (oldco and “club”) in connection with four disciplinary charges was due to sit in the coming week, but has been delayed due to the involvement of Rod McKenzie, partner in Harper MacLeod, in a serious road accident.

The reaction to this from the unofficial Rangers side of the fence has been to question why there should be a delay, whilst at the same time disputing the need for the hearing at all. Later I will look at the misconceptions being voiced regarding the postponement, but first I wanted to look at some of the errors about the whole matter.

These are either innocent mistakes, and in that case I hope this exposition helps those who are confused, or deliberate obfuscation, whataboutery and red-herring sowing. It is noticeable that amongst the Rangers supporting bloggerati the same common themes on this issue are raised regularly. I do not suggest that there is a united plan or “conspiracy” regarding this. However it does seem that a number of the observers have taken the same opinions to heart and seek to disseminate them at every turn. Continue reading



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SPL Independent Commission on Rangers Likely to be Delayed after Mr McKenzie’s Car Accident

The SPL Independent Commission investigating oldco Rangers for various alleged rule breaches which was scheduled to re-convene next week under Lord Nimmo Smith looks as if it will need to be postponed.

Rod McKenzie, the partner in Harper MacLeod, who was to present the SPL case against Rangers, was injured in a fatal road traffic accident last week. Whilst he is understood to be on the road to recovery, and I wish him the speediest recuperation, it means that he is highly unlikely to be able to appear for the SPL next week.

Harper MacLeod could seek to replace him, but this close to the hearing that would not normally be seen as wise on the firm’s part. Continue reading


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Craig Whyte Not Bankrupt – Petition by Harper MacLeod Dismissed

And so the various theories and speculations, including mine, that Mr Whyte would happily allow his sequestration (bankruptcy) to pass prove unfounded.

STV reported this afternoon that the petition for his sequestration lodged by Harper MacLeod, his former solicitors, was dismissed, with Mr Whyte ordered to pay £613.13 of court expenses.

By implication therefore he has reached agreement to pay, and has indeed paid, an acceptable sum to his former solicitors. If payment was still awaited, the case would have been continued to allow settlement to take place.

One wonders who else might join the queue of his creditors, along with Bannatyne Kirkwood & France, another of his former lawyers. Continue reading


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Craig Whyte, Ex-Rangers Chairman, To Be Bankrupted by Harper MacLeod?

With many thanks to the regular commenter, Duplesis, for spotting it, a case is due to call tomorrow in Inverness Sheriff Court. It appears on the Court List as follows:-

6 Harper Macleod v Mr Craig Whyte Harper Macleod LLP


This is a bankruptcy petition raised by Harper Macleod, the solicitors who acted for Mr Whyte (a) in his contentious matrimonial court action with his wife at the Court of Session and (b) for Tixway UK Ltd, Mr Whyte’s company, in its unsuccessful defence of the action raised by One Stop Roofing Supplies Ltd. Continue reading


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“No Man Is An Island” – Blair Morgan, Football Agent – by Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan

The always excellent BRTH has written another of his lyrical posts. mick was good enough to link to it in the comments, but I think BRTH usually deserves a post of his own.

Readers might have seen it as a comment on the Scottish Football Monitor or CQN, but I think his thoughts deserve the widest of cicrulations.



It was the poet John Donne who came away with the phrase ” No Man is an Island”. Interestingly the lines were not originally intended to be a poem, but were written by Donne in his ” Meditations” and were intended as prose rather than poetry.

Fittingly, they are taken from ” Devotions on an Emergent occasion”

Donne was an interesting character. He was borne a Roman Catholic but later became an Anglican Priest and a Doctor of Divinity, became the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral and was a Royal Chaplain. He was also a qualified Barrister having studied at Thavies Inns Legal School and later he was the Reader of Divinity at Lincoln’s Inn. He was the Member of Parliament for Brackley from 1602 onwards for a number of years. He had been a soldier, fighting with Walter Raleigh and the Earl of Essex at Cadiz, and before settling down to this well recorded life of divinity and respectability he managed to blow his considerable inheritance on wine women and travel. Continue reading


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