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Part II of the Ibrox Farce – Guest Post By Brogan, Rogan, Trevino & Hogan

Yesterday BRTH produced Part 1 of what could be the greatest comedy since Mrs Brown’s Boys…sorry, I take that back…every comedy is better than Mrs Brown’s Boys!

Let’s say that this has the prospect of being on a par with Father Ted. If you have not read Part 1, please do so now, and then sit back for Act II.

(But before we do so, in the style of Pearl & Dean, rather than Duff & Phelps, a quick announcement – I am hoping to add some contributors to the site. If anyone is interested in doing so, from whatever side of the debate, even from the old enemy (Airdrie United 🙂 ) feel free to email me at scotslawthoughts at aol.co.uk or contact me through the comments section.

I’m happy to have football related legal pieces, or even legal related football pieces, and indeed pieces which are to do with law and nothing to do with football at all!

No fees payable, but I will buy any contributors a coffee if I meet them!)


In the Blue Room at Ibrox, a small bespectacled man sits calmly in the middle of the room while chaos unfolds all around. No one seems to notice him, nor addresses any point to him, despite the fact that he is central to their very being and presence in the room…….

” That is all YOUR fault” screams Whytey.

” How the Feck is it MY Fault you bug eyed Tosser?” shouts AJ.

“Your Fault and fat Sally’s fault!”

” Listen Whytey, it’s Super Ally or Coisty to you, and we can’t help it if you are a moron”.

“I don’t care what you are called, Sally, you didn’t make yourself clear, you didn’y go through proper business channels, and so an easy mistake was made……. That is all I am saying”

” An easy Mistake?” Roars AJ ” You bought a £4Million KITCHEN you total dork!”

“And you told me at the outset that the first thing we needed as a club was a new Kitchen brand”

” As in Don Kitchenbrand, ya fanny, Not four million quids worth of fecking Poggenphol and Miele”

” And Sally here….”

“Super Ally… for the last time.. my name is Super Ally”

“……. told me to go German and bring in Close…”

” Miroslav Klose, the German… Fecking….. centre…… Fecking….. Forward! Not the Fecking Pay Day loan Bank ya Total Fecking Diddy………..”

” Don’t give me that Pish” screams Whytey ” I told you, I am not a football man, I am a business type, a futures trader……..”

“Well you have traded our Future right down the pan ya wee diddy… and ye did it our AIN fecking money” replies AJ

” I never knew about Don Kitchenbrand.. that was in the 50′s, and I don’t follow German Fitba either… so when you said Klose…. I thought…..”

“It’s clear what Ye thought ya tube” screams AJ

” Mind you, It is a cracker of a deep fat fryer” admits Ally ” Does you a crispy Mars bar in seconds at full heat………..”

AJ Stomps off in despair to the other side of the room passing the Journos who are in a huddle

” So how do you want to run with this?” asks Spiersy in a sort of Bearsdeny gently enquiring accent

” Well we could start twisting it a wee bit round towards saying that Hector/George is being a bit feckin unreasonable…” says Chic

” Don’t you mean “Twisting it round a wee bit?”… that is far better English……” corrects Spiersy

” Shut it Spiersy” says Chic ” You huvny even got a readership who cares about the English, and my readers and Jabba’s readers can barely read English… nobody cares about English anymore”

” I fecking Do!”

” That’s because you are English”

” No.. I am Irish… I keep telling everyone that…..I even know the rules of Hurley and everything…”

” Aye but Tom, what Chic means is that you don’t care about proper written English” says Jabba

” Eh… that will be properly written English” suggests Spiersy

” Right, Feck off Graham, I am not taking a lesson in English from you especially when you are on the brew….. ” says Jabba in the huff

” Anyway” says Tom ” I don’t think knocking Hector is the right angle…. for a start we might annoy him and he starts looking into our expenses…. ”

” Good point Tom” says Chic ” What do you claim in expenses by the way.. the Beeb are getting right stingy”

” Surely that must be really stingy?” asks Graham, at which point Jabba knocks him off his chair and proceeds to sit on him.

” Well I claim my Taxi fares each and every morning into the office” says Tom

” Aye but you won’t make much out of that”

” Well a Taxi to and from Limerick each day adds up!”

” But you don’t stay in Limerick, you stay in Morningside

” Yes well if the Barclay brothers can claim a taxi everyday from the feckin Channel Islands, I can get one from Limerick.”

” But that is fraud!” says mark Daly

” Listen you” says Chic ” If those photos of you Shereen and Big Jackie ever see the light of day, there is no chance of you ever,, and I mean EVER…. getting the big gig on Panorama. I mean what was all that with the furry covered boom microphone and singing “GO COMPARE” like the advert on the telly– what was that all about? So just sit there and shut it till we figure an angle here”

“Anyway” says Tom, glancing at Daly in disgust ” my point is that these are precisely the kind of questions we don’t want Hector to be asking.. Jabba Spiersy going very red in the face down there…..”

At that precise point the door opens, and standing in the frame is a figure in a wide brimmed fedora like hat and a long dark coat. His presence, whilst barely in the room at all, completely changes the atmosphere in an instant. Everyone turns to stare at the figure and reacts in their own different ways….. it is AJ that breaks the silence: Continue reading


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An Ibrox Farce – A Guest Post by Brogan, Rogan, Trevino & Hogan

I love words like “unwound” and “unknotted” and so on.

So let me simplfy this just a wee bitty.

Craig Whyte stands tonight as a secured Creditor for say £23Million– that’s the £18M Paid to Lloyds and another £5M for the sake of the buggeration factor.

Now let’s say– and it is eminently possible given his track record,– that he has made a cod of the security. So presume for a moment he says, OK, I am not secured.

But I am still owed £23Million cause I paid off Lloyds.

“Oh No you didn’t” says AJ–” you never invested a penny.”

“Oh Yes I did” says Craigie Baby—” I just punted a few seats after I got hold of Rangers, and I personally secured that sale to Ticketus.”

“I might have set it up before I secured Rangers, but I only drew down the money after I had control of Rangers– albeit within a few seconds— but the seats were mine to sell– just the same as they were yours to sell when you were in charge AJ.”

“Too damn righty ( we think ) says Ticketus! WE bought those seats from Whitey here— or if we didn’t then we bought them from someone, and at the end of the day our money paid off your debt AJ. So either you owe the money to Whitey or you owe it to us. Of course if you let us sell the tickets then you don’t owe us squat.— Do you get that? Squat?Seats? ah well”

“AH but we can’t afford to let you sell the tickets because we will go bust” screams AJ

” Right enough” says ticketus ” so we will just sell tickets to see whoever is playing at Ibrox anyway.” says Ticketus

“Eh, you might not be able to do that” says Duffus and Fuddus ( might copywright that one actually )

“Why?” says Ticketus and Whytey together

” Because, if Rangers are Liquidated and Whytey accepts he is not secured, then we might sell Ibrox to someone else in a new Company!”

“Well Secured or unsecured, I am still owed £25Million” says Whytey— “give me 40p in the pound and I will feck off to Costa Rica”

“Your arse and Parsely” shout everyone else.

Whytey rolls both eyes in different directions and mutters something in what appears to be Swahili!

“If you give him any money, then he has to pay it to me” say Ticketus ” In fact we might bankrupt him anyway cause we have a personal guarantee!”

” Not from me!” says Whytey

“What?” say Ticketus

” You don’t have a personal guarantee from me” Whytey replied

“Here it is here” say Ticketus

” Not mine” says Whytey ” Wrong name and date of birth and everything– look check my Passport!” Whytey reveals that he is a citizen of Liberia!!

Ticketus is stunned.

“Anyway ” says Whytey ” Not only do I have a claim- secured or unsecured– on the stadium and Murray park– I also own several players!”

“What?????” says Fuddus and Duffus

” I own several players” says Whytey “They are contracted to me, and so when they are sold on I get the dough– and not you!”

“Well why did we pay their wages then? say Fud & Duff

” Because, you are Fud and Duff” says Whytey ” WE knew that you would make a Cod of it, so we can claim your PI Insurance so as to get some money in the kitty– didn’t we Hector?”

A small man– a smiley man not unlike THE George Smiley man says ” Yes, I’m afraid that is true. You were appointed because of your reputation for incompetence and because you have a nice big shiney insurance policy that we can sink our teeth into” says Hector.

” But what have we ever done to you to desrve this?” say Fuddus and Duffus

” Nothing at all” Replied Hector/George with a gentle voice and a far away stare ” But you are insured with Lloyds are you not? And they deserve a right kick in the Nakas– if you pardon such Vulgarity. I am looking forward to claiming a few quid off them!”

AJ guffaws at this

” Mind you” says George/Hector ” That will not stop me from Liquidating the company when the big tax case comes in anyway– and after that I am suing all of the Directors for wrongful trading anyway– regrettably that includes you Alastair so I would save your mirth with respect!”

“Are you going to let him het away with this?” Shout Alastiar, Whytey and Ticketus altogether looking at Fuddus and Duffus.

” Perhaps I can help?” says a voice from the back of the room

” And you are?” enquires George/Hector

” I am Dave King!”

” Are you now?” Hector/George looks at Dave and says ” Yes, you can help enormously! Go and get us all a nice cup of tea and some buscuits… and try just for once not to get into any trouble whilst doing that.. eh?”

Dave looks crestfallen and leaves the room.

” Now ” says George ” The way I see it, is that secured or unsecured, on Paper Whytey is owed £25Million.. yes?”

There is a general nod– apart from AJ who has vowed never to nod again.

“Good. And I am owed £15Million and rising as we stand today” says Hector/George cleaning his glasses. Again there is a nod– apart from AJ who starts to whistly dixie ever so gently.

“So allowing for nobody else other than me and Whytey— You ( refering to Duffus and Fuddus ) have to come up with at least £38Million… Yes?”

Duffus and Fuddus nod, Whytey shouts ” Gawn Yersel Hector!”, Ticketus say nothing and AJ tries standing on his head just for the sake of it.

” Now, do you have £38Million?”

“No” says Duffus “Maybe” says Fuddus

” Please explain Mr Fuddus”

“Well if we and ticketus were to sell all the tickets over the next 3 years– we could get £38Million”

” Yea but I have already paid for my tickets, and so what ever I sell them for is my business– I have to make a profit!” Yells Ticketus

” So you do, Ticketus– and you will pay the taxes on that profit to me won’t you?” says Hector George

“Of course” says Ticketus

” But you see, i want all of the money” says Smiley ” Not just the taxable bit

” And where Do I come in?” says Whytey

” Oh, you can go and collect the money saved up by the Vanguard Bears and bring it to me”

” Your kiddng? They will kill me!” Screams Whytey

” Precisely” says Hector/George ” You are a Billionaire are you not?”

” Absolutely” says Whytey puffing out his chest ” I have assets all over the world and interests in many many businesses that I do not disclose”

” Absolutely. And so on your demise, you will be good for some inheritance tax– will you not?

” Eh no” says Whytey smugly ” It is all tied up in off shore trusts in tax havens where you cannot get your hands on it”

” And prey do tell who told you that Whytey?”

” Eh.. Sir David Murray…he organised it for me……”

” Do you undertsand why I am here at all Whytey and what lead to all of this? Sir David is a lunatic and so you cannot accept what he says at all Whytey. I am afraid your trust funds are gone”

Whytey starts packing a bag because he is not getting a good vibe!

” Look all I know, is that Sir David said that I could buy Rangers for a quid.. and that it would all go smoothly with a nod and a wink”

” I never Nod” says AJ ” and I don’t wink, and I don’t walk away either… i was in the Boys Brigade”

” Ah the old brigade?” says Duffus wistfully

” Your not allowed to say that in Scotland so shhhhh!”

The door opens and a group of men walk in. One says

” I have an idea, why don’t we unravel this whole thing?”

” Are you Irish? ” asks Hector/George

” English” comes the reply

” You sound Irish”

” I am Irish”

“You just said you were English!”

” I am Irish, but my name is English, and I write for the Scotsman!”

“Which Scotsman? Where is he?”

” The Newspaper!”

” Well this is all very confusing. Where do you pay your taxes?”

” We are not here about my Taxes– we are here about Rangers- the fans have a right to know”

” Ok.. and who are these people?”

” This is Chic Young” says English in an Irish accent

” It’s Chico time” shouts Whytey and then ” Oh.. I am not talking to you! I am only talking to Tom and Jabba”

“Jabba?” asks Hector/George

” He means me” says a fat man at the back ” I am Jim Traynor from the Daily Record”

” And who is the small chap with you?” asks George

” I am with the BBC, my name is Mark Daly ”

” So we have Irish English Scotsman, Jabba Daily Record, Daly BBC and…..?”

” I am Spiersy… I’m freelance!”

” My dear boy, John Inman delivered that line far better, and nobody calls me Lance unless it is in one of those clubs in Edinburgh– you know the ones– down by the Bridges with the late night entry and after I have stopped being Hector for the day! . Nice scarf by the way and I do like the chords. I DO so like a nice trousered gentleman”

The assorted Press just look at one another.

” Are Rangers going bust?” asks Chic

” No” says AJ, Ticketus, Whytey, Duffus and Fuddus

” Yes” says Hector quietly

” But, I have a rescue plan” says Chic to everyone’s astonishment!

” Well let’s hear it then” shouts Whytey

” Look St Mirrin is for sale for £2m. Just buy them and their licence, they are in the SPL, change their name to Rangers 1872 Ltd and Bob’s your Aunty. Sell St Mirrin park for another Tesco or Sainsbury– that will get about £70Million– give it to Hector, Ticketus can then sell the seats, sue Duffus and Fuddus and get a few quid off Lloyds— come on Fuddus and Duffus you guys don’t pay the money anyway, let the bears kill Whytey so Hector gets the inheritence tax–Sorry Whytey but you are a fanny, and seen as we signed Mo Johnstone twenty years ago– sign Messi, Iniesta and Xavi, sell the TV rights to Spain and Argentina and just watch the cash roll in …………. and we will all write it up as if it is the greatest come back since Lazarus. Apart from tell tale Mark.here .. but he won’t say anything because scoop Guidi has the photos of him, Jackie Bird and Shereen Nanjani in the sound recording booth at the BBC night out Last Christmas complete with mini handcuffs on his winkie, which big Jackie always said she would give me back by the way…. oh and I want my season tickets for nothing for the next ten years…!”

There is a stunned silence while evryone ponders this suggestion. Hector/ George starts to nod, as do all the rest with smiles on their faces.. apart from Whytey who is busy trying to figure out how he can fake his own death… something he sees as a challenge.


A small fat man wearing a sweatshirt with the initials AMcC walks into the silent room and stares from one to the other. It is George/Hector who breaks the silence

” Well……… OK……. but we will have to sack this fanny to make sure we get some dough in the door…………………….


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The Problems Facing the SFA If Rangers Fall Into Insolvency – A Guest Post by Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan

My favourite commenter named after two Celtic full backs, and two fantastic golfers, was good enough to put a lengthy comment on my last post.

To ensure that it gets the wider audience it deserves, I have copied it below.

Take it away BRTH!



While there has naturally been a focus on the possible exit/survival routes that may be countenanced by the Rangers PLC and/or a Rangers new co– and now some concentration on the actual details of the Whyte/Murray deal– any which way you look at it other than one there is a legal nightmare ahead for Stuart Regan and the newly transparent SFA. I suspect that things are far from clear at Hampden and there is a real danger that there are aspects to any application for admission by a new co that have not been considered– as yet– and which may well tilt the whole thing in another direction.

Stop and consider this? What is the role of the Scottish Football Association? Yes it is there to regulate the laws of football in Scotland, to make rules and apply them, to consider and create new football legislation when appropriate, to ensure compliance with the regulation of its own parent bodies ( UEFA and FIFA) , To represent its constituent clubs where appropriate, to licence in terms of the regulations of both the SFA and UEFA, and at times to be a judicial body applying sanctions where breaches of the rules have been established.

Oh Dear– what a lot of functions and responsibilities– and what a lot of conflicts of interest!

As I have said elsewhere, The SFA does not just represent the SPL clubs– but all of Scottish Football! Some of the smaller clubs may well have a very different point of view to those clubs in the SPL. Many would welcome a giant of the Scottish game having to visit their stadiums twice a year as it would create a substantial financial bonus and enhance the public interest in their leagues– attracting sponsorship, advertising possibilities and so on that otherwise would not exist!

However let’s concentrate on two of the SFA’s clear functions. As a licensing body and as a judicial body which imposes sanctions, The SFA is and must be subject to an obligation to the law that overrides any competing interest or claim by its constituent members. As a licensing body, it’s decisions are certainly open to Judicial review in the Scottish courts and I would suspect that a judicial review would be open to any of it’s members who disagreed strongly enough with any of it’s decisions.

In the past, I have been involved with many judicial reviews concerning Licensing bodies over the years. Two grounds of review are that a) The decision reached is contrary to natural justice and b) that in reaching any decision the body concerned has unreasonably exercised its discretion– where a discretion has been exercised!!

Pausing there, it is very much open to question whether an argument such as that outlined in the Daily Record recently could ever be formally argued before the SFA which is why I suspect that we are about to get a trial by newspaper!

Any argument presented before a judicial body or a licensing body which contains the semblance of an argument which runs along the lines ” It is in your own financial interests to allow our application!” should immediately be dismissed in law as it creates a clear conflict of interest and makes a mockery of the alleged independent and impartial judicial or licensing function.

Any such argument being considered would surely leave the SFA in a very uncomfortable legal place– not to mention UEFA or FIFA — where independence and freedom from personal and collective financial self-interest are under heavy scrutiny and criticism. Take note of the very platform that Platini was elected on!!

So back to judicial review in Scotland.

The current rules in an insolvency position are clear. On Administration ten points at least will be deducted. The ten points I believe is a minimum penalty and it may be that aggravating factors may attract a heavier penalty.

If the Administration is not successfully concluded and liquidation follows the rules state that the licence is lost and surrendered– end of story. An application can then be made by a phoenix company for a new licence and in ordinary circumstances any such company granted that licence would start at the bottom of the league structure and the European regulations regarding the three-year embargo would apply.

Any departure from that set of scenarios on the part of the SFA requires an exercise of their discretion, and in exercising any such discretion the SFA must act according to natural justice and must not exercise that discretion unreasonably.

In that light, look at the footballing and legal facts– as opposed to the “If we are doomed, you are all doomed argument” which has no place in law.

Rangers PLC have deliberately and recklessly broken and flaunted the footballing financial guidelines and have deliberately and recklessly ran up a debt with inter alia HMRC.

Remember that this entire scenario comes about as a result of an attempt to avoid paying due revenues to a relevant tax authority as a result of a connived scheme to avoid paying the taxes that every other club is subject to. Further, I suspect that an examination of the relevant documents surrounding the creation of the EBT and the advice given to Rangers PLC about operating such a scheme will make it clear that no such advice can ultimately be relied upon fully and that there is a clearly stated risk that the entire scheme may well be one which the revenue can have declared illegal with the result that revenues will be due together with accumulating interest and taxes– and that therefore the Directors of Rangers PLC enter into such an agreement fully warned and at their own risk!

Remember too that some of those Directors were paid under that very same scheme!

So this is not a simple case of a business failing and falling into insolvency. This is a case of the Directors deliberately seeking a financial advantage over all competitors which they have been warned in advance may well be unlawful and have sanctions and penalties.

That is a very different scenario to the insolvency of Dundee or Gretna and so on. It is a very different footballing scenario as well, as the entire scheme was designed to ensure that the club concerned could attract the very best players in the country and could win the premier tournaments of the licensing body!

But there is worse to come. On two occasions Rangers have “poached” the national team coach in order to achieve the best possible management of their team. That may be fair enough in a commercial world. However, both of those managers will have wanted to know what the budget will have been to strengthen the squad prior to taking on the job. Let us consider the last such appointment when Walter Smith left Hampden to take up the hot seat at Ibrox.

I will wager ( or at the very least wonder if ) that by that time the Directors of Rangers knew that there was a problem with the tax authorities and the famous or infamous EBT contracts? If so then we have a compounding of the Rangers situation.

If the club had received notice of enquiries being made at that time by HMRC, then going by the advice previously given, they would also know that there was a possibility of a large repayment being due together with penalties and interest.

The prudent director at that point may want to make provision for paying any such liability. Did Rangers? No!!!

Instead, following upon the defeat by Kaunas they went on an unprecedented spending spree to ensure success– all at the cost of paying HMRC and at the cost of complying with the intention of the fair play financial legislation.

Money that could have been used for debt repayment was spent on Mendes, Davis, Lafferty, Whittaker, Naismith ans so on– eventually that extended to the signings of Miller, Jelavic and everyone who followed. Absolutely no attempt at repayment of revenue debt, or the setting aside of money to meet revenue debt, was made.

So this is not accidental insolvency as a result of poor trading– it is a direct result of financial irregularity and it should not be allowed to result in a benefit to the perpetrators of that financial irregularity. Does that argument sound familiar? Yes I thought it would– it is taken from the formal legal pleadings of Rangers PLC lodged in the Court of Session in answer to the claim lodged by one of the architects of this misfortune– namely Martin Bain Esq!

So that is the stance on the financial irregularity of the current Rangers Board! That board of course went through a months long and very public due diligence exercise before acquiring a controlling stake in Rangers PLC. They knew and will have received full legal and accounting advice on the legal status of all revenue claims, how those claims came about and how those claims if successful could affect future trading and licensing of the football club and the PLC.

In such circumstances, Craig Whyte and his cohorts have taken on the previously accepted risk. They are in an even worse position than the former board because they could have simply decided not to invest. They could have waited with any bid for Rangers PLC or its assets until after the First tier Tribunal had reached a decision and the full effect of any legal consequence was known. Yet they didn’t. Instead, in full knowledge and with the benefit of full advice they took on that risk!

We can only speculate as to why that might be. It has been suggested that it as insisted upon by the bank. What would have happened if that had not happened? Perhaps the bank would have pulled the plug and………..? Well the legal consequences are spelt out above. The rules are clear.

So under the current daily Record scenario, in the event of an Administration or even prior to it, the SFA will be approached by someone presumably on behalf of Craig Whyte to exercise an extraordinary discretion ( thus departing from the normal rules ) which it will be argued should apply to some new entity that wants to call itself Rangers because…….?

And it is there that I hit a brick wall! Why should this extraordinary discretion be applied in these circumstances?

If their stadium had been closed because of Fire or Catastrophe or some other physical reason that leads to financial ruin then that may be an argument!

If all their players went on strike or broke contracts or something than that may be another.

In fact any argument that these circumstances were not brought about by the club itself may gain some sympathy in law– but a deliberate and calculated act, the risk of which was accepted and taken on by the controller of the new applicant? Not sure about that!!!

Whyte also has questions of his own to answer with regard to a business track record, source of funding, compliance with companies Act legislation, the ability to trade presuming no European Football ( and that must be legally presumed ) and in general answer the fit and proper fitness test. This is a test which he seems to have spectacularly failed in the eyes of the takeover panel at Rangers PLC as the Directors sitting on that panel refused their blessing and sanction.

Those Directors have since resigned and some have entered the legal courts as a result of what they see as Whyte’s conduct. Whats more, in a few short months, Whyte has threatened to sue various journalists and other media outlets following their apparent criticism or questioning of the legal or business circumstances surrounding Rangers Football Club and Rangers PLC.

So on what basis and under what grounds can the SFA reasonably exercise a discretion to a new applicant under the control of Craig Whyte in these circumstances? What would be the legal position of anyone who objects to any such discretion being exercised?

I again stress that I don’t think that potential financial doomsday is a reasonable argument in law to put before a licensing body or a judicial committee– who of course must call for a report and seek to investigate all of the facts. Thus is far harder than is being suggested in the newspapers and of course if in advance discussions are taking place then all of the member clubs should be notified immediately.

What’s more, any such procedure must surely take a proper legal course and a reasonable amount of time. Any Administration would have to occur before there is an application– indeed it may be that an actual liquidation has to occur before any new application because even in an Administration event all licence places are full. Further the SFA cannot agree to the favourable determination of any licensing application before it is made as that is clearly unlawful!

No, for the SFA, the scenario outlined is a legal nightmare even if all the clubs wanted to agree to such a course. I am aware that there is a voting procedure of 11-1 which Rangers might want to invoke but you see even that very rule may well just be challenge-able on the basis of the voters having their own financial interests in mind as opposed to serving another function– an no licensing body can work legally on such a principle. If there is a conflict of interest any such party should take no part in the proceedings and so if anyone thinks that they will go bust in the event of Rangers going bust and going into liquidation should excuse themselves from any decision-making process.

Two last points:

Watch out for the detail of the FC Sion ruling as there may well be an impact on all of this in the detail of that decision.

Lastly, Celtic Football Club are represented by Messrs Harper McLeod Solicitors who have a number of Licensing and sports law experts who will be only too familiar with all of the above. They are also familiar to the SFA and their judicial bodies, their legal representatives and so on. I have a great deal of respect for Rod McKenzie and his team and they will no doubt steer their clients in the proper legal direction if consulted on any licensing or regulatory manner– as the SFA well know!

My apologies for the length of this post which I will now leave with the intention of returning to my day job!



Many thanks BRTH! Amongst many interesting points I can confirm from personal knowledge that Harper MacLeod is an absolutely top-notch legal firm, and in particular Rod McKenzie is a man who is, and has been for many years, at the absolute top of his game. I suspect that many lawyers would instruct Rod if they had to choose a professional colleague to rely on. Celtic undoubtedly have great talent off the filed, even if on the field that proposition might seem rather more dubious!


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