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Does Ally McCoist Have a Problem With Graeme Souness?

The annual report of RIFC PLC will provide many happy hours/days/weeks of comment.

It leads off with the business review and the first part of that is the “Football Manager’s Review” by Mr McCoist.

The accounts show that he achieved the world record for the highest wage paid to any football manager in the fourth tier of a national football league – £824,697 for the 13 months to 30th June 2013.

Well done Ally! Continue reading



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Why is Mr McCoist Taking a Pay Cut at Rangers When There is £10 Million in the Bank?

Goldfish have a short-term memory which lasts only ten seconds apparently.

One sometimes suspects that journalists have a recollection span which does not extend back beyond the press conference they have just been at!

Do I have an example? Yes, I do!

The papers yesterday covered Mr McCoist’s confirmation that he and his management team had agreed to wage cuts. The Daily Record reported:- Continue reading


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Rangers Bid Farewell to Charles Green (Again)! But Has He Gone or Is It a Fatal Attraction?

Most readers of the blog will have seen a horror film where the evil monster/zombie (by the way that is not, nor should be taken as, any reference to a “Sevconian”) is killed off but, to then shock of the audience, reappears from the dead.

Many great, and some not so good, films have used that as a plot point. Traditionally, for example, vampires might be killed off but, until the stake is driven through the heart, you can always expect Count Dracula to rise again … and again … and again.

For some reason part of the announcement below from Rangers today brought those images to mind. Continue reading


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Pay Cut for Ally McCoist? Does Rangers’ Boss Have Highest Basic Wage in Scottish Football?

Rangers* do not have financial problems. Their Finance Director made that clear last week. They have £10 million in the bank after all!

But the doubts are still there. When former Directors like Messrs Johnston and King talk of administration, that, especially to Rangers fans, should ring warning bells.

So it was against that backcloth that the press reported Mr McCoist’s willingness to consider whether or not to accept a wage cut, if asked.

Recent criticism of spending at Ibrox has mentioned the salaries of executives and management. Mr McCoist’s basic wage is understood to be £700,000 (plus bonuses). As that was his salary with the now liquidated Rangers, he was entitled to insist on keeping those terms when his employer changed from Rangers Football Club PLC to Sevco Scotland Ltd/The Rangers Football Club Ltd and thence to Rangers International Football Club PLC. Continue reading


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Ally McCoist – Moving to the Edinburgh Festival?

The Thursday night meeting I wrote about earlier also seems to have included a candidate for “one liner of the year”.

Move over Michael McIntyre! - Here's Ally!

Move over Michael McIntyre! – Here’s Ally!

Mr McCoist is quoted as saying:-

“Our wage bill has come down to around one-third of what it was a couple of years ago.”


The crowd appreciated Mr McCoist’s one-liner!

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