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Dundee’s “Rescuer” Keyes Capital – Remarkable Change in Investment Strategy?

Dundee Football Club has had its share of financial trouble over recent years. Administration (twice). The ruinous Marr Brothers regime. Ravanelli. Caniggia. Giovanni Di Stefano. Arkan.

Despite this, and as a result of Rangers own woes last season, they had managed to make it back to the SPL before falling back out of it and missing a last minute reprieve because the SPL decided that Hearts have not quite yet suffered an Insolvency Event.

The latest saviour to turn up at the gates of Dens Park is Keyes Capital of Texas, represented by John Nelms.

Sometimes I read things that baffle me – this is one of them.

The BBC reported on its rescue bid, which is apparently hanging in the balance. Continue reading



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Will Hearts’ Financial Woes Save Dundee From Relegation? Tough Choices For the SPL

The SPL have decided to discuss the situation at Hearts on Monday, after the SPL season ends.

The majority owner of Hearts and the main creditor, UBIG and UKIO Bankas, are both in, or have applied to go into, administration.

Mr Romanov’s always interesting stewardship of Hearts seems inevitably at an end.

The Lithuanian administrators will see what they can realise from Hearts – perhaps only the ground will prove worth anything? Continue reading


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Guest Post by Andrew Keith – Dundee’s Administration in 2010 and Rangers’ in 2012

Andrew Keith, a Dundee fan and reader of this blog, has sent me some thoughts, referring back to a piece he wrote previously about Dundee FC.

He can explain it better than me, and I am happy to mark Dundee’s return to the SPL by having a Dundee perspective today.

And I will leave the floor free for Andrew now…


With so very few cogent defences of Rangers’ indignation at their various ‘punishments’ available for comparison, I thought it might be self-satisfying to have a look again at a post I wrote in the aftermath of my team’s latest administration adventure. Interestingly, this might be turned around in the Rangers case and be less a defence and more of a call for further punishment. Continue reading


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