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Compare and Contrast – Administration for Dunfermline ’13 and Rangers ’12 + A Quick Solution?

Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Limited has entered administration. Facing a winding-up petition from HMRC, and unable to pay the taxman what was demanded, the only way to keep the business afloat was to appoint an administrator and to hope that the breathing space this gives the company will be enough to allow the season to be finished, and then for the necessary asset sale or CVA to take place to preserve the existence of the football club. As I mention at the end of this piece, there is one theoretical possibility which could provide a quick exit from administration, with bounty for the creditors (and if it did happen, undoubtedly a busy summer of blogging on my favourite issues of law and football!)

The man picked to be administrator is Bryan Jackson. As well as being a top quality Chartered Accountant and Insolvency Practitioner, he now has the accolade of having run more Scottish football teams than anyone else in the country’s football history (and if not then I have no idea who could surpass him). Continue reading



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Panic Stations for the Pars? Leishman Warns of Dunfermline’s Possible Demise

The BBC reported last night that Dunfermline Athletic “could be out of business within three weeks”.

The piece quotes Jim Leishman, revered former manager and until October 2012, member of the Board, who is leading a group trying to save the “club” as saying:-

“The next two to three weeks will decide what kind of future the club has.”

Dunfermline has not had its troubles to seek this season.


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Blue Monday: How Does It Feel? – A Guest Post by North West by Fife

May 7, 2012, was a Monday and it was sad. Not as sad as the day I travelled all the way to Inverness to see Dunfermline Athletic relegated, but sad nevertheless. Obviously it was localised sadness, isolated around these parts of West Fife mostly, and perhaps a few outposts where Pars fans have found homes in far-flung places. Nothing major, just football. Not even good football – Scottish football! Still, I was sad. Hibs had gone 3-0 up after only 15 minutes. Relegation was confirmed.

Oddly, although not surprisingly, less than a month later and the likelihood of relegation being revoked is growing. Rangers, who entered administration in February, are sliding deeper into trouble. Continue reading


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