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Donaghy v Goodwillie – The Agent’s Claim Back in Court Tomorrow

Tomorrow (21st December) the case of Donaghy v Goodwillie calls for a “Starred Motion” in the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Mr Donaghy is the former agent of Mr Goodwillie, who was transferred for a substantial sum in the summer from Dundee United to Blackburn Rovers. Bearing in mind press reports that the sum claimed by the agent is £400,000 it would not be unreasonable to think that the agent is looking for his cut from the signing on fees paid to the player on his transfer and subsequent wages, and Mr Goodwillie is unwilling to pay what is claimed.

McClure Naismith act for Mr Donaghy and Thompsons represent Mr Goodwillie.

A “starred motion” is defined as follows:-

“A motion that is opposed becomes a starred motion.   All opposed motions are starred.   This means that counsel must appear on behalf of the pursuer and defender or petitioner and respondent to argue the case for and against the opposed motion.   A starred motion is known as such because it can be identified in the court rolls under the heading starred motions.”

So the calling of the case tomorrow is about a preliminary or procedural application which the other party has opposed. One hour has been set aside for the hearing.

As it is a motion, rather than a hearing of evidence, it is highly unlikely either party would be at court, so any autograph hunters will have to make do only with the lawyers.

The normal court time tables mean that this case might still be many months, if not longer, from a conclusion, but the fact that the case is to call means that the respective legal teams are hard at work!


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