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What A Wonderful Day For Rangers! – by Me at Scotzine

For anyone who just can’t get enough of the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission, I have posted a short piece over at Andy Muirhead’s

You can read it by clicking here.

Some of it will be familiar to you if you’ve read all three of my post-verdict posts here today, but not all.

Pop over and have a read, if you want.

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Charles Green – Businessman of the Year? Brief Prospectus Thoughts by Me at Scotzine

I greatly appreciate all the commenters who have been beavering away at the prospectus. I am gratified that people have taken the time and trouble to analyse the document and comment.

Some of my initial thoughts are over at Scotzine – click here to be taken there.

There will be more to come!

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Slightly Longer Thoughts on the Rangers Tax Victory

Over at Scotzine.

Click on this link here.

More detailed analysis to come – and undoubtedly more magnanimity from the delighted supporters of a team presently below Albion Rovers in the league structure!


However the headline treatment of the decision means that it will not be a distraction from the massively over-subscribed flotation of the company which owns the club, or the company which owns the company which owns the club or the company …

Oh, I should say that the school musical evening last night was fantastic, and a credit to the school and to every one of the singers and musicians who took part.

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The Legality of Craig Whyte Recording David Grier – Me at Scotzine

I have penned typed a few thoughts on the legality of Mr Whyte’s taping of his lengthy chat in the club with Mr Grier.

Andy Muirhead at has been kind enough to post it.

The short version?

Was it illegal for Mr Whyte to record his chat? No.

Could Mr Grier act to stop Mr Whyte selling the recording? Probably.

Is the recording admissible in court proceedings? If the court considers it is relevant and does not sufficiently offend against public policy considerations, then yes. Continue reading


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Green and Whyte – Unlike Ebony and Ivory, Not In Perfect Harmony – Me at Scotzine

Andy Muirhead at Scotzine was kind enough to put up my piece there a couple of days ago.

I looked at the initial shots exchanged, figuratively, between Messrs Whyte and Green, and noted that, for all of the apparent disagreement, there were actually some common points in what each had to say.

Feel free to click on the link here to read the rest of it.



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