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Contrasting Headlines – “Green Calms Rangers Chaos” and “Green to Face Boardroom Vote”

I was reading the BBC website report on the meeting of “influential” Rangers fans with senior members of the Rangers organisation last night, and the resultant call for Charles Green to be relieved of his consultancy role.

And unless the BBC has changed it, is the photo at the head of that piece not awfully reminiscent of the one below?

"I want to be Mr Orange!" "No. I want to be Mr Orange!" "What about me?"

“I want to be Mr Orange!” “No. I want to be Mr Orange!” “What about me?” But no one wants to be Mr Green

Anyway, down the side of the page the BBC helpfully lists other stories on the topic.

It leads to the juxtaposition of articles referred to in the headline above.

And that shows how differently journalists can report the same story (perhaps based on the source to whom they were speaking).

First of all, we have the Express. It offers the headline “Green Calms Rangers Chaos”. Continue reading



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“Rangers Down to Bare Bones” – No, Not In Money But In Players – Yes – That’s What Mr McCoist Said!

Last night marked the first game in the super-duper all-singing and all-dancing SPFL. However it was overshadowed by the continuing efforts of Rangers to ensure that the Ibrox outfit is the only one ever discussed in Scottish football.

In baseball Alex Rodriguez, star third base for the New York Yankees, and already an unpopular figure, lost many of his remaining supporters when his agent announced, in the middle of a game in the 2007 World Series (the Yankees had not reached the World Series) that A-Rod was opting out of his $252 million contract in an effort to get even more money. This smashed through the unwritten MLB rule that teams should keep quiet about player and in-house issues during the World Series so as not to distract attention from the sport’s showcase occasion. Continue reading


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How the Daily Mail Turned Jessica Ennis’ Bottom and Colin Murray Into a Stick to Attack the BBC

Fans of the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy might remember the Dentrassi. These aliens were “the best cooks in the Western Galaxy”. They provided the in-flight catering on the Vogon Destructor Fleet.

When Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent escape the destruction of earth by hitching a lift on a Vogon ship, they get the chance to sample some of the Dentrassi cooking on board. After a huge build up by Ford about how wonderful it will be, Arthur bites into the Hagra Biscuit, and declares it revolting.

Ford, disbelieving, bites into his, and on finding how horrible it tastes, he declares:-

“These guys must really hate the Vogons.”

For some reason that phrase comes to mind whenever I have the good fortune to read something in the Daily Mail which refers to the BBC. The Daily Mail must really hate the BBC, and seems to go out of its way to find an angle in as many stories as possible to the detriment of Auntie Beeb.

Yesterday saw a perfect example. Continue reading


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Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead – Unless You are Tam Dalyell

Tam Dalyell is a remarkable man – a politician with a long career ending as Father of the House. He is famous for his campaigns including those regarding the sinking of the General Belgrano during the Falklands War and the Lockerbie bombing and the events of the trial at Camp Zeist.

He is also one of the obituary writers for the Independent newspaper, which is why I mention him today.

For many years the practice regarding newspaper obituaries was to put the best gloss possible on the deceased subject (unless they were a convicted murderer or something similar).

But the Independent newspaper, when it was established in the 1980’s, brought in the custom now followed by most serious papers – the by-lined obituary. Continue reading


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TyroneBhoy Replies to the “Crystal Palace = Rangers” Post

Your assertion that because a different company now owns “Crystal Palace” means that the club is a different club is not quite correct.

Crystal Palace was incorporated as in 1905 and remained within this legal structure until 1984 when a new company was set up called “Crystal Palace FC (1984) Limited” and set ups as a subsidiary of “The Crystal Palace Football and Athletic Club Limited”.

“Crystal Palace FC (1984) Limited” took over the operation of the business and assets of the football club but remained as part of the group structure of “The Crystal Palace Football and Athletic Club Limited”. It changed its name to “Crystal Palace FC (1984) Limited” in May 1986 before being placed into administration in March 1999. Continue reading


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