“Rangers Down to Bare Bones” – No, Not In Money But In Players – Yes – That’s What Mr McCoist Said!

Last night marked the first game in the super-duper all-singing and all-dancing SPFL. However it was overshadowed by the continuing efforts of Rangers to ensure that the Ibrox outfit is the only one ever discussed in Scottish football.

In baseball Alex Rodriguez, star third base for the New York Yankees, and already an unpopular figure, lost many of his remaining supporters when his agent announced, in the middle of a game in the 2007 World Series (the Yankees had not reached the World Series) that A-Rod was opting out of his $252 million contract in an effort to get even more money. This smashed through the unwritten MLB rule that teams should keep quiet about player and in-house issues during the World Series so as not to distract attention from the sport’s showcase occasion.

Alex Rodriguez and his agent, Scott Boras, who managed to overshadow the World Series in 2007

Alex Rodriguez and his agent, Scott Boras, who managed to overshadow the World Series in 2007

Maybe the SPFL could try to introduce a similar rule here – I suspect most Scottish football fans’ attention was not on Firhill last night but, yet again, on Ibrox.

I popped on to the Rangers official website see what more might have happened, after the return of Mr Green and the attempt to oust Messrs Stockbridge, Smart and Mather.

I came across a piece which can be read in full at this link.

I must confess that I laughed.

I have commented before on the nonsense which sometimes emanates from Mr McCoist’s mouth. Now, I have the greatest respect for him as he is, after all, still Rangers all-time leading goalscorer. Equally I accept that many other, indeed most, football managers talk rubbish on occasion.

However I think that Super Ally has a gift for producing statements which are so ridiculous that, like Mr Mather’s cri de couer from Thursday, cannot be meant seriously. Either that or he is amongst the most blinkered and short-sighted folk in Scottish football.

Ally McCoist shows his team the way forward

Ally McCoist shows his team the way forward

So what provoked this?

Just before we start, let’s remember that (a) Rangers are now playing in SFL2 SPFL1 the third tier of Scottish football. As part of its punishment for numerous offences against the rules of football, an embargo was imposed on them preventing registration of new players until 1st September 2013.

Rangers, in an effort to manage prudently the £22 million in share proceeds, have gone on a spending spree, signing eight new players, who cannot be registered until September 1.

My comments are in bold.


Ally McCoist admits he’s down to the bare bones as he prepares to take on Forfar minus a full team of players this weekend in the League Cup. Each of the club’s eight new recruits is ineligible for the tie at Station Park and that depletes the Light Blues squad considerably. Jon Daly, Arnold Peralta, Nicky Law, Nicky Clark, Steven Smith, Richard Foster, Cammy Bell and Bilel Mohsni will all be out of action due to competition rules.

Remember that Rangers knew about their embargo before they signed any of these players. However they have worked out that they can play some of them before September 1 by classing them as trialists. The problem with this is that the rules regarding trialists differ from competition to competition.

The greater problem is that it is undoubtedly against the spirit of the sanction imposed on Rangers that they can field any of these new signings before September 1. However the penalty was drawn in such a way (and I am NOT suggesting that this was a deliberate effort to create a loophole) that someone clever in Ibrox realised that they could field some of the new players before the ban expired by taking advantage of the rules about trialists.

Well done to whoever that was for spotting the way round the full effect of the registration embargo.

However it is wrong, or at least stretching the definition to the furthest, to blame “the competition’s rules” for not being able to field any of the eight players. Rangers cannot field them because of the penalty ACCEPTED BY RANGERS last summer!


On top of that, Kyle Hutton and Ross Perry are unfit because of ankle ligament injuries, although the latter has now had his cast removed. Emilson Cribari also looks set to miss out as he struggles to overcome the groin problem which kept him from featuring against Albion Rovers on Sunday. The likes of David Templeton and Fraser Aird could be set to come into the first XI in place of Law and Daly while Andy Murdoch joined the squad for training this afternoon.

So, as the piece notes, Rangers have eleven players unavailable. A quick look at the Rangers website shows however that the First Team squad consists of 29 players. Andy Murdoch is not listed in the first team squad, so that gives total of 29+1 players available before the evil effects of the “competition rules”.


A quick glance at Forfar’s website shows that they list 21 players, at least one of whom is injured.

In any event the League Cup allows a team to have five subs along with the eleven on the field, so they can only name 16 men at most.


McCoist said: “It’s a really, really tricky one for us because we can’t play any of our new signings at all. We had the game up at Dundee in midweek and only three of the boys who started can feature tomorrow. That’s far from ideal and it will be a really tough game. It would have been a tough game up there at the best of times anyway.

Why, Mr McCoist, can’t you play your new signings? Is it, perhaps, that we have not yet reached September 1 and therefore that none of them is actually registered as a Rangers player?


“Going up when we’re down to the bare bones again though is going to make it difficult for us but we’ll just have to deal with it.”

“Bare bones”!?!?

So Mr McCoist is forced to field players from the squad which won SFL3 at a canter, and which had, last season, the third highest wage bill in Scotland.

I bet that every single manager below the Premier League (or whatever it is called now) wishes they had such “bare bones” with which to put out a team!

You see why I laughed?

Brilliantly, on the heels of Mr Mather’s complaints about the “anomalies” in connection with penalties for entering administration, we have Mr McCoist complaining that he cannot play new players before they are registered.

It is like a convicted drunk driver blaming the fact that he can’t get insurance for stopping him driving, rather than the fact that he is still serving his disqualification!


All I can say is that, from the events of Day 1 of the SPFL season, it is going to be another interesting year in the Big Brother House in the Big Hoose!

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38 responses to ““Rangers Down to Bare Bones” – No, Not In Money But In Players – Yes – That’s What Mr McCoist Said!

  1. Idaho

    Aw, poor diddums…they just can’t catch a break.
    What’s the point of aprons, rolled up trouser legs and funny handshakes if you can’t even buy a blooming break!!?

  2. tykebhoy

    Is it confirmed that the transfer window has been extended beyond the traditional 31st August. Or are the 8 all genuinely free agents? Only free agents can register for a club outwith the transfer window

  3. Shiva

    Getting the excuses in early

  4. Came across this whilst looking at the plight of Coventry,
    The road to liquidation
    But now the final nail has been hammered into the coffin, with stadium owners ACL refusing to support a Creditors Voluntary Agreement – a method suggested by the administrator to pay back an agreed sum for the outstanding debt, which includes at least £1.3 million in back rent.

    It now means the Football Club company is to be placed into liquidation. Now, football fans are used to clubs going into administration (and coming out the other side). But, liquidation…that’s a scary word.

    It is the same fate that befell Glasgow Rangers two seasons ago. And it has also happened to other renowned footballing names like Chester City, Newport County, Aldershot and Accrington Stanley.

    When it happened to them, they were kicked out of the leagues they were in and forced to form so-called Phoenix Clubs further down the football pyramid. That’s why Rangers currently play in Scottish Football League and not the Premier League.
    So renowned footballing names like Chester, Newport, Aldershot, Accrington Stanley and Rangers(who is Rangers) are all dead.

    • Stevie

      Except…Jimmy you never really told the full story regarding Coventry now did you?
      Go back and try again! I prefer facts as against uninformed propaganda.
      The former keeps the record straight whereas the latter just breeds confusion.
      May have been your intent… or was it just for the craic?

  5. Monti

    Tick tock tick tock tock tick tock, not long now me thinks…… Ally McCoist is a complete joke!


    Cam I just saw your grandchildren staring into the windows of the Celtic shop….they want the new strip Cam.

    • cam

      Its ok Monti,when i have any, i will point out the difference between the current strip and toilet roll,,,hmm right enough, they’re both for arseholes,something you can be embarrassed carrying in public,if worn,only look cute on a dog,can be used to clean up spillages,burn easily and kids use them to dress up at Halloween,,,i mean some folk even throw them off the top tier at the Beggardome,,,this is getting tougher than i thought!
      Oh i know,,,, not having any bog roll is really horrible!

  6. why dont we give them a break and start by given them 2goals in all cup games plus 1penalty in the event of a draw at 90mins mark after all they are THE GLASGOW RANKERS [DECEASED] this may give other football teams in Scotland a warning what happens if you cheat I hope the SFA read this
    oh and let Ally run the line and appoint a ref at any time during the game from any of his playing staff including himself if need be and all games be played at the asbestos dome.or to be fair any venue the Rankers choose
    so lets go we now have level playing field and give them a bye in the first
    round for in all cup venues

  7. Didn’t take Chico long to get stuck in

    Green fires first shot in new war of words

    Charles Green has fired his first shot in the civil war at Ibrox. The Yorkshireman, speaking to the Sun said that Ally McCoist must win the league and the cup this year.

    Green said: “He (McCoist) knows he has to win the league, but in my opinion, has to win the cup as well.

    “If he doesn’t do that he has a problem.”

    Green also said that if he was still in charge at Rangers he wouldn’t have allowed McCoist to sign the amount of players he has this summer. (The Sun)

  8. Ed Paisley

    What cup is Chico talking about? Is that the Scottish Cup? The Chico comedy act has resumed – gird your loins for some Chico belly laughs.

  9. John Clarke

    Can they still be classed as a ‘Trialist’ when it has already been confirmed that they will be official players from September………..hardly ‘trialists’ when there are agreed contracts, terms and conditions in place.
    Also already on the payroll…………

  10. bennybhoy

    Chico will be entertaining.Nothing beats a no nonsense straight talker( redtops words,not mine) .

  11. These comments have clearly been written for him,! Filled with a sense of injustice, this whole piece is designed to appeal to the sense of victimisation that has been “inserted” in the Sevco Zombie clones.
    This entire statement, completely devoid of reason, fact or truth, will be lapped up by the unthinking dead brains.
    An uneasy realisation sunk in to me reading the propaganda of the fat controller. I had genuinely underestimated the density of a Sevconian brain cell. They really are, like a colony of ants, with no self purpose, their only existance revolves around collecting food for the nest, no matter who be the resident Queen.
    Another realisation dawned, that the fat controller is fully aware of how to manipulate these insects. How to steer them towards their chosen prey.
    His “Name the panel” outburst, had none of the subtleties that Lord Cardigan can summon up, but he is improving
    Is this what it means to be “A guid Ranjurs man”?

    • Mac Tomas

      “the fat controller is fully aware of how to manipulate these insects”
      It’s all about chasing the Orange pound barca…..McCoists WATP outburst on the turf of the ASBO Dome at the end of last season, left nobody in any doubt.

      • @Mac.
        I think we are watching the chase become a bit more competitive, because there are not many orange pounds left. It’s getting more akin to a wedding scramble now. Lol. The mad dive for the silver coins..
        Here we go.
        3 in a row.
        Here we go
        3 in a row.
        Enjoy and savour the new season Mac. HH.

    • Talking of vicimisation,,,, there’s a whitchunt began already on Charlotte’s pages, haha, they never usually give her the time of day.

  12. Monti

    Reading with interest Neil Lennon would like to have become a vet, well after he successfully euthanized Rangers maybe he has a future in the vetirany practice after all…

  13. The match last night was highly entertaining, good open fast flowing and in most cases skillful football. One of the best no scoring draws I have watched in a long time, Thistle though were denied 2 clear penalities and the only downside i could see was the pathetic refereeing from Scotlands top ref. Total fail as the 2 penalties and double leg break challenge from Butcher that went unpunished in clear sight. Anyway excellent start to the season good crowd from both teams. So much for the armageddon.

    Re Sally, really not worth commenting, its all jut the same, obviously get your excuse in early will be the flavour of the season given they are going for the 3 cup treble this season, mwah hahaha, bye bye sevco.

  14. Fra

    God bless each and every jungle Jim as we approach another continual year in our proud history. I cannot be there in person but I’m wholly in spirit. We are all Neil Francis Lennon. HAIL HAIL THE CELTIC FAMILY WHEREVER YOU MAY BE.

    • Mac Tomas

      “proud history”…that’s controversial Fra…….Some people have a history that shames our country, but cling onto it, as though it’s a life raft in the middle of the Atlantic…. Not being aware that that history will help drown the current incarnation of club Britannia…….. 🙂

    • Stevie

      A CFC supporters conference has been hastily arranged for the end of the year and will take place
      during the winter break.
      The venue is yet to be finalised over concerns the fans have turned their back on the club over the lack
      of participation in burying Rangers.
      Concern has also been raised regarding the poor attendances at the GCC arena.
      However a source close to the provost has indicated that Cape canaveral in Florida is the preferred choice as it is already full of rockets, therefore negating the green seat effect which has afflicted the club at home!

  15. Monti

    Barry Ferguson wants to manage Rangers one day, sorry Barry you’ve missed your chance. THERE IS NO RANGERS!


  16. Mac Tomas

    This just gets better & better……
    McMurdo regarding the current shareholder revolt spearheaded by Jim McColl………..”This will rightly horrify many Rangers fans as McColl is pro Independence, something that is totally against the Unionist ethos of the club” ……….. between a rock & a hard place is never a comfy place to be.

    • Stevie

      Not often I agree with you Mac but i do on this one. Mcmurdo totally baffles me at times.
      I’m totally against Independence because I’m not convinced with the Snp’s policies.
      I’m also not a loyalist…simples.
      Frankly what either of these two issues has to do with supporting Rangers is completely beyond me.

      • Golden

        Independence isn’t about SNP policies. It’s about having your own government in Scotland. Voting for Independence is not a vote for the SNP. If we got Independence you could vote for whoever you wanted. I find it bizarre that people hate the media propaganda spouted about Rangers but believe every bit of bullshit coming from the media about keeping the Union.

  17. Coyote Briggs

    Another witty, intelligent, well written story. Maybe there’ll be some stories including the other big hoose and Sevco 5088 ltd.

    Fingers crossed eh?

    Ps- after about a yr and a half I can now safely say I can now pass a newsstand and not pick up one of the trashy msm news ( chip ) papers.
    This is mainly thanks to your good self and P. McG

    Keep up the fantastic work Paul, it is very much appreciated.

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