How the Daily Mail Turned Jessica Ennis’ Bottom and Colin Murray Into a Stick to Attack the BBC

Fans of the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy might remember the Dentrassi. These aliens were “the best cooks in the Western Galaxy”. They provided the in-flight catering on the Vogon Destructor Fleet.

When Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent escape the destruction of earth by hitching a lift on a Vogon ship, they get the chance to sample some of the Dentrassi cooking on board. After a huge build up by Ford about how wonderful it will be, Arthur bites into the Hagra Biscuit, and declares it revolting.

Ford, disbelieving, bites into his, and on finding how horrible it tastes, he declares:-

“These guys must really hate the Vogons.”

For some reason that phrase comes to mind whenever I have the good fortune to read something in the Daily Mail which refers to the BBC. The Daily Mail must really hate the BBC, and seems to go out of its way to find an angle in as many stories as possible to the detriment of Auntie Beeb.

Yesterday saw a perfect example.

Colin Murray, the Northern Irish radio and TV presenter, is not everyone’s cup of tea. I think that his “Fighting Talk” programme on Radio 5 has been brilliant, and I rarely saw him on Match of the Day 2, but I know there are a lot of listeners and viewers who disliked his presenting style.

Recently, after the BBC had to apologise for a tasteless section referring to Clare Balding on one episode of “Fighting Talk” (although forming part, as it did, of the “Defend the Indefensible” round might have given a clue that it was not seriously intended), Colin Murray announced he was leaving the BBC to join TalkSport, although he would still do some work for the Beeb as a freelance.

The BBC has already been in the sights of the media and of the Conservative Culture Secretary for the allegedly sexist comments by John Inverdale about the Ladies Champion at Wimbledon.

So, imagine the delight of the Daily Mail when it turned out that Colin Murray had allegedly said, when acting as MC at the Anniversary Games athletics at the weekend, that the “ultimate athlete” would possess the following attributes:-

‘The stamina of Mo (Farah), the speed of (Usain) Bolt, the leap of (Greg) Rutherford and the bottom of Jess Ennis’.

Apparently the 80,000 crowd was shocked to the core by Murray’s comment.

He later tweeted to point out that he had described Jessica Ennis as the “greatest all-round athlete in the world”.

The Mail stated that the Culture Secretary was “hopping-mad about the incident”.

It then quoted a “source close to the Culture Secretary” as saying:-

“Tony Hall (BBC Director-General) claimed the Inverdale incident was a one-off and had been dealt with but we have seen other occurrences including this one at the Anniversary Games, which clearly underlines the need for positive action on this issue”.

It then quoted an official spokesperson for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport:-

“Maria Miller has been clear she wants to see more media coverage of top women’s sport, more women on sports boards and more women participating at the grassroots. Recent sexist comments from high-profile commentators focusing on sportswomen’s appearances rather than their sporting prowess are unacceptable and show that there is still much work to be done.’

The Mail heads its piece with the following:-

The Government has again attacked the BBC for sexist sports coverage after presenter Colin Murray said Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill had the ultimate bottom.

A capacity crowd at the Olympic Stadium were left shocked by Murray’s comments just weeks after John Inverdale said Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli ‘was never going to be a looker’.

After Inverdale’s gaffe Culture Secretary Maria Miller delivered an extraordinary attack on the BBC in a letter to Director General Tony Hall, and now looks set to write to him again.

Why do I find this piece worth your attention?

First of all, in neither quote, either from the “source” or the spokesperson, do we find any mention of the Culture Secretary attacking the BBC. Nor is there any suggestion that she will be writing again to the Director-General.

Secondly, as the piece does report, but without drawing attention to it, Mr Murray’s remarks were not broadcast, and were only heard by the live audience at the stadium.

Thirdly, Mr Murray was not there as a broadcaster or as an employee of the BBC. He is no longer a BBC employee at all.

So we have a comment which, Mr Murray would argue, has been taken out of context (and in which the 80,000 shocked members of the audience are represented by four tweets mentioned in the piece).

It was not made on air, nor even as part of any broadcast by the BBC.

Mr Murray was not at the Olympic Stadium as a BBC employee and was not working there for the BBC.

Therefore, quite clearly, the Mail was right to blame … the BBC!

“Those guys must really hate the BBC”, as Ford Prefect might say.

And, to cap it all, guess how the Mail illustrated the story?


So just in case we wondered what all the fuss was about …

And as for a media organisation which focuses on the appearance of women (not just sportswomen) rather than their achievements, I wonder if Martin Robinson, who wrote the Mail piece, has ever looked at the Mail Online and especially the right hand column on the home page? Try finding a picture there which is NOT of a woman scantily-clad?

Hypocrisy is alive and well and living in the Mail Online!

Maybe the Culture Secretary will pen a letter to the Mail’s editor

Wait a minute – what party has the Mail’s backing?

No, there is no chance of such a letter, is there?

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42 responses to “How the Daily Mail Turned Jessica Ennis’ Bottom and Colin Murray Into a Stick to Attack the BBC

  1. cam

    Paul “Dentrassi” McConville,i think you make quite a good chef.
    Those cookies you throw at Ibrox are pretty horrible though.
    C’mon the Vogons!

    • Good Morning Cam
      are you feeling a little chastened after your mauling from Maggie yesterday? I was expecting the fragrant Violet to come back and defend you but alas, she doesn’t want to be tarred with the “cam” brush. At least your buds 2Faces and WonkyWilly came in to support you.
      I hear the latest story is that Celtic are really £16bn pounds in debt and come Sept 2014 the new independent Scottish Government are planning to sign over the royalties from our North Sea oil reserves to Peter Lawwell to keep the club afloat. Jeez – what a scandal.

      • Cregganduff

        In answer to the Cam the rat and hypocrite’s suggestion that I am too scared or brainwashed to publicly discuss child abuse in the Catholic Churcyh – I am reposting from Feb. 12th

        Please note that Enda Kenny’s denunciation is over 2 years old.

        And suddenly Cam the rat emerges from his hole foaming at the mouth brandishing his sword ready to do battle and calling us all cowards for refusing to speak out.

        Thoughts on the Resignation of Pope Benedict the XVI


        February 12, 2013 at 4:57 pm

        My first reply is in moderation, it was a quote from the Irish Independent, but I believe I know why. A filter word was triggered. In the meantime from Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny

        ” THE TAOISEACH HAS told the Dáil today that the Cloyne Report has exposed the “dysfunction” that exists at the heart of the Catholic Church – the Vatican.

        Enda Kenny said that the revelations contained in the report “excavates the dysfunction, the disconnection, the elitism that dominates the Vatican today”.

        He continued: “The rape and torture of children were downplayed (in favour of upholding) the primacy of the institution, its power, standing and reputation”. Kenny described the Vatican’s position on the abuse allegations as “calculated” he added that it was “the polar opposite of the
        radicalism, the humility and the compassion upon which the Roman Church was founded”.

        The Taoiseach said that Ireland was a “republic of laws, of rights and responsibilities, of proper civic order, where the delinquency and arrogance of a particular version of a particular kind of morality will no longer be tolerated or ignored.

        The motion in the Dáil today stated the condemnation of the “the Vatican’s intervention, which contributed to the undermining of the child protection frameworks and guidelines of the Irish State and the Irish bishops”.

        During the all-party motion in the Dáil on the Cloyne report, John Halligan TD called for expulsion of Papal Nuncio from Ireland, pointing out: “If any foreign government conspired with Irish citizens to break the law here, their ambassadors would be expelled”.

        Deputy Halligan continued: “What has happened here is that the Vatican, a sovereign state, has refused to cooperate with the investigation into a criminal conspiracy against children in this country.

        “Ireland has a legitimate claim that the Vatican State has breached the legal principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. The Holy See is party to various conventions including the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961.”

        Last week, Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan also called for the Papal Nuncio to be expelled from Ireland because of the Vatican’s interference in Ireland’s sovereign affairs


        February 12, 2013 at 5:20 pm

        ” There are far worse things going on in the world which have and continue to go unpunished than what has gone on the in the Church –”

        Worse than the r*pe of children in care? No, I don’t think so, not to me.



        February 12, 2013 at 3:45 pm

        Consternation in the media, but very little interest at street level where I live.
        De mortuis nil nisi bonum or whatever it is for someone retiring, but he is seen more as a hindrance than a help in efforts to fully investigate, expose and punish the guilty and those who covered for them in the all too recent scandal. Considering his role in the cover up it is beyond me how he allowed the present Cardinal keeps his position.


        Now Cam the Rat off you go and think up another dirty little scheme to discredit Celtic, Catholics and the people of Ireland. That one backfired badly and don’t forget your cover is totally blown.

        • Ed Paisley

          Any comment from you on Cregganduff’s reply above? There are many forums for a sensible and well informed debate on historic child sexual abuse cases, but maybe not in the middle of replies to a blog on Scottish football. I hope we can agree on that.

          • cam

            Ted, there are many forums for sensible and informed debate on the moral question of hoping that another human being gets contaminated by short blue asbestos fibres,but maybe not at the end of a blog on football,bigotry and the way ahead.
            I mean,if i expressed a hope that possible health hazards would afflict Neil Lennon i would fully expect a wee visit from those chaps that are employed to monitor internet violations.
            I hope we can agree on that.

          • Stevie

            Although there are also Rangers sites to discuss the Teddybears but that doesn’t stop the obsessed on here.

        • cam

          Well done Creggy,i knew that underneath that internet rage that you could find something worthwhile to say.
          The comments by messrs Kenny,Flanagan and Halligan are exactly what is needed and may they keep up the good fight.
          Mr Kearney could take a leaf from their book.
          No “scheme” was thought up by me to discredit Celtic,i pointed out immediately that this scandal had nothing to do with them and i don’t use that as a weapon against Celtic.
          These are events that happened,they were the subject of a disturbing documentary,they weren’t thought up by me.This isn’t,strange as it may seem, a Celtic blog,it’s a legal blog.You took umbrage and made the Celtic connection.I’ve already pointed out that good Catholics are just that,they are the ones who can defeat this monster without their motives being viewed as suspicious.As for criticising the evils of the machine that shields and covers up this and other scandals,then a wee raging internet loon won’t deter me.
          Nowhere in my comments regards the BBC documentary did i mention Ireland.I did state yesterday in an unrelated comment that i have a sinking feeling in my stomach when i hear Northern Ireland being mentioned.
          I think i’ve gone on record previously as saying that British policy regards Ireland was one of it’s biggest mistakes.

          • Cregganduff

            ” I think i’ve gone on record previously as saying that British policy regards Ireland was one of it’s biggest mistakes.”

            Have you now? I’m sure historians all over the world will be rushing to revise their work, in light of this revolutionary new theory.

            • cam

              Nah,not all over the world,,,Ireland and it’s problems aren’t that important.Thanks though for recognising my literary talents.

      • cam

        Nay Ted,wee Marge was dealt with earlier,her reply actually debated the subject which is far too serious too be used as point scoring.
        The reaction by yourself Marge and Creggy was predictable,ad hominem,i think is the term used in here.
        Your Donegal pal remains the tarred one.
        That debt story does seem to have upset you, and your personality trait to quickly step in and tidy up anything you perceive to be an attack on your belief system is tres revealing.
        WALL-E does spring to mind Ted,,,,keep sweeping.

        • Cregganduff

          The mealy mouthed rat hasn’t the decency in him to apologise.

          • cam

            No apology from me is required,if it was i would be the first to do so,even to an internet ticket such as yourself.
            Got any more really scary things you want to say?

    • josephmcgrath112001809

      C’mon the Vogons?
      Cam, have you moved your allegance to another team? Bought a Vogon season ticket?

  2. This is the same paper that while carrying a huge story outlining it’s disgust at Jimmy Saville (rightly so), also had a story about a 14yr old actress ‘flaunting her curves’ (not right, on any level). There’s not a paper I hold in more contempt in this country

  3. Ed Paisley

    To give Paul Dacre his due, he has been very successful at the Daily Mail and Daily Mail Online. I can’ t quite understand it when even its readers know that you can’t trust a word that it prints. Apparently white people in the UK will be a minority by the year 2066 – we must be expecting a helluva lot of great summers. And all those distorted stories about state support claimants is designed to reinforce the worst prejudices of its predominantly over 45 years old middle class readership. Dacre himself is a foul mouthed bully with little regard for journalistic integrity.
    Why does he hate the BBC, and the public sector, immigrants, the European Union, state support claimants, foreigners etc etc ? Because he percieves that is what his readership wants to read. He has been on the mark up till now unfortunately.

  4. josephmcgrath112001809

    I lifted the lid of my wheely bin today and had a look in. It was full of rubbish. A bit like reading the Daily Mail, really.

  5. BB

    So don’t read it then no one’s forcing you. And nothing needs to come out your pocket. Unfortunately that isn’t the case with the bbc. embarrassingly biased for a so called objective organization. I’m sure I heard james naughty refer to his new labour luvvies as ‘we’ at one point… the post does get you thinking though….to constantly write about an organization in a negative light means you must ‘really hate them’…..mmm….ouch!

    • Ed Paisley

      I presume you mean political bias and not the terrible anti-Rangers bias which is plain for all to see from the BBC(FC).
      James Naughtie also called Jeremy Hunt, Jeremy C**t which is clearly his personal bias coming through.
      The worst example of anti-Tory bias is that unreconstructed class warrior Nick Robinson, the current Chief Political Editor of the BBC. Can you believe he even became president of the Oxford University Conservative Association and President of the Young Conservatives – purely to put us off his scent! Apparently he even attracted the Soubriquet “Blue Nick” at Oxford University such was his skill at feigning right wing attitudes. Don’t get me onto that Justin guy on R4 Today – he is a f*cking Commy!

  6. Monti

    Could someone tell me a story or two about Rangers, I would ask them myself but they don’t appear to exist anymore……ahem.

    • Stevie

      Morning Dred.

      “I hear Celtic are 16 billion in debt”

      Jeezo what happened Ted? Have they struck a deal with GCC for a credit extention beyond 2019 enabling them to purchase the entire Real Madrid squad in an overnight transfer swoop?
      Or have the full extent of the council’s lending policy been uncovered by an anonymous blogger?

      Don’t get your wee Paisley pattern in a fankle. Reports of your club’s impending financial demise are greatly exaggerated. The amount contrary to further “lazy journalistic” claims is nowhere near the billions quoted and is a rather paltry 35 million.
      So there you go it’s all been one big storm in a teacup.

      Of course i’d imagine you’d have to service that debt at some point..five years?
      Still a wee look at the accounts will ease your mind eh?

      Try looking at page 57 of the financial statement from June.
      You can start with the operating costs which are around 59 million and subtract from there.
      Sleep well now…he he.

    • cam

      They are the most succesful team in the world,they keep dafties like you awake at night,they give your social inadequacies a focal point,they’re gonna come back and beat your team,they’re available for you to contact at the same ground and they never,ever surrender.

    • Stevie

      As I was walking down the Copland road…

      A young boy when walking down the Copland road came across a few faces he hadn’t seen before
      He was beckoned over by one of the strangers and crossed the street to see what the fellow wanted.
      They noticed the Blue and white scarf around the lad’s neck and asked about it’s origin.
      The boy explained that he was going to a football match and the significance of the scarf.
      Well said the traveller we’ ve only just arrived and know very little of Glasgow except there may be work for us here. The young boy pointed the men in the direction of a potential employer before making his way to the match. Rangers lost.
      The following day he was on his way to work when he came across the bunch of strangers he’d met the day before. The group noticed him and stopped to talk. They told him that they had all got jobs and thanked him for helping them. They introduced themselves individually then asked if there was anything they could do to return the favour. Each of the men claimed to be gypsies with mystical powers that could trancend centuries. The young boy shook his head and said .
      “No I’m fine thanks ,Mr but my football team could do with a bit of help.
      Consider it done said the man as took the scarf from around the boy’s neck. Now…meet me here tomorrow at noon and you’ll get your scarf back. I can promise you now young man your team will flourish and prosper as long as you keep the faith in them. There will be the occasional hiccup as I’ve seen a vision from the future of a determined adversary which will challenge you relentlessly , both on the park and from within darkened rooms.
      All you have to do is tell your people to keep the faith and your team will reign supreme for eternity.
      Thanks mister….”Olgilvie “…said the man …as he dissapeared into thin air…”Campbell senior…

  7. JimBhoy

    Woohoo old sticklebricks is back and slagging off all and sundry…

    Apparently. Chico is back, pedalling snake oil, IamRangers the devil incarnate, McMurdo another old pal of his who he now hates, media house get a dig, Easdales named and shamed, creaming himself over Wattie (clearly his source inside the blue room) and Mather (I wonder when he’ll get a bit of the snake oil treatment)…Chris McLaughlin, despised obviously..

    I did plan on posting a link to charlotte the harlot i read earlier suggesting Jackie boy sent Leggo a story on Dermot Desmond and his care homes investment (which i actually recall reading on leggo’s site), but in the last 30 mins it seems to have disappeared…There are other related docs to that story with Charlotte and I hope Dermot gets his legal team working on the validity because it would bring wee bullying, manipulative Jackie boy’s cred from zero to minus numbers.

    Sounds like old sticklebrick’s recent sabbatical came about as he was sh!tting himself incase Imran (the non christian!! 🙂 ) was serious about getting the feds to the old senile one for his usual vitriolic comments…

    His whole post is effectively a p!ssing match with McMurdo over who has the best leaks at Ibrox but fun nonetheless..This from the man who recently suggested Phil would get a knock on the door from the feds because of his good contacts leaking him info way before the rangers men.. 🙂

    • Cregganduff

      2 sides – pay attention
      ” For Green’s contract included a 100 per cent bonus for Rangers winning the Third Division. That took the dough he pocketed from Rangers to a mind boggling £720,000. And that’s a fact. As the audited accounts will show. And that is what Green would take from Rangers if he ever returned, £720,000.”

      • cam

        Hold on a minute Creggy,,,are you using Leggo to substantiate a point?
        Is this the same Leggo we’re talking about?

  8. arb urns

    Ah….. Murray gets to the Bottom of the Hill………………………. theres’ a joke there but I wont crack it !!!

    yeh agree murray is a bit ‘thick’ for me sure ‘two sides’ will ‘side’ with him though!!… anybody else see him as a poor man’s adam and nial rolled into one…. wonder which ‘cuckoos nest’ he is holidaying in sticking with the film scene on this post…………………………………………………………………………….

    Awarded 2s a blog oscar yesterday for his EBT rubbish ( comedy services )
    thats two in that category now nial’s famous… childhood neglect and his parents being blameless still tops though…………………………………………….

  9. Monti

    North men south men comrades all,
    Cam & Carson have no teeth at all,
    We’re on the one road singing along,
    We’re singing a soldiers song!

  10. Geddy Lee

    The Mail makers our own laptoployal look like compitent hacks. it’s a rag of the lowest order.

    it loves printing anti Scotish stories, then sits back and watches it’s readers
    add their own sneering remarks.

    let’s hope the BBC sues this rag

  11. Monti



  12. Pingback: Daily Mail Wrongly Castigates “Human Rights” and “Travellers” in Article re Stolen Caravan | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  13. Budweiser

    It would seem that anyone with the surname Murray attracts nothing but trouble.

  14. Robertg

    If he was looking for a world class arse, surely Coisty or Chuckles shoukd have got a mention?

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