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McCoist Speaks Out on Green’s Departure – “The Club Needs To Be Totally Cleansed”

Speaking to the Rangers official website after yesterday’s defeat to Peterhead at Ibrox, Ally McCoist revealed his thoughts on the departure of Mr Green as CEO.

His quotes are below, with my comments in bold.

“I was a little bit taken aback when the news broke and I only found out when I came over to Ibrox from Murray Park. Continue reading


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Charles Green – An Apology

When I wrote my blog last week about Mr Green and his imminent board meeting to deal with his “issues” about Craig Whyte, I confidently predicted that he would be out later that day.

However, I was wrong.

The Rangers-minded blogger, David Leggat, a man who has his inky fingers close to the Ibrox innards, had boldly predicted last Friday that Charles Green would survive this latest challenge. He then castigated award-winning journalist Keith Jackson for predicting that Green would fall – after all, as Mr Leggat made clear, Mr Jackson could not (presumably unlike Mr Leggat) have any reliable sources inside the Blue Room, else he would not have predicted the fall.

I make no claim of access to the inner sanctum on Edmiston Drive. My only visit to Ibrox was many years ago. It was to the wood-panelled offices, ascending the famous staircase, and in a professional capacity. I suspect that, by now, the batteries in the recording device I left behind might have failed.

However it seemed to me that, standing the storm surrounding Mr Green, it would be very difficult for him to survive. Continue reading


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Guest Post on the Giovanni Di Stefano Trial by Martha Tryers

Martha Tryers posted the following as a comment on my post about Mr Di Stefano. Her detailed look at the trial deserves a post of its own, so here it is.

Many thanks Martha.


I attended much of di Stefano’s trial at Southwark Crown Court as a paralegal Researcher. Fortunately for him he got a fair and compassionate Judge who took pains to ignore the criticisms/bad feelings and rumours that circulated daily about di Stefano, and afforded him every courtesy and protection in Law throughout the 7 week trial.

Another Judge might well have allowed the daily gamut di Stefano had to run from media and victims alike, but Judge Alistair McCreath ruled against any intimidatory interference or media reference from the start. Continue reading


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“Rangers Shareholder Sentenced to 14 years!” – Giovanni Di Stefano Convicted

Before anyone gets angry about the headline I have chosen, I am simply reflecting what a commenter on a Rangers fan message board yesterday suggested the coverage would be.

Of Mr Di Stefano’s claims to fame, his involvement with Rangers, whilst being most recent, is almost certainly his most trivial.

The heading could have been “Ex-Dundee Director Jailed” or “The ‘Lawyer’ for Saddam, Milosevic and Arkan Convicted”.

I am sure his life story, if ever written and told accurately, would tell a remarkable tale. He indeed promises a free e-book to be published imminently detailing his trial and his life over the last ten years.

There can be no doubt at all that he is a perfect example of hiding in plain sight.

Indeed he has been voluble even since the conviction and sentence. Continue reading


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Muirhead and McKenzie v HMA – Appeal Against Conviction for Sending Devices to Lennon, McBride and Godman Refused

On Thursday 14th March 2013 the Appeal Court in Edinburgh ruled against appeals by Neil McKenzie and Trevor Muirhead.

The Appeal Court hearing the case consisted of Lord Menzies, Lady Clark of Calton and Lord Philip. Senior Counsel for the appellants were two of the most eminent and capable QCs in Scotland – Gordon Jackson and Donald Findlay.

(I should say, for the benefit of anyone reading this who feels that they should comment on Mr Findlay’s involvement in the case, that he operates, as does the whole Faculty of Advocates, on the “cab rank” principle, and therefore, if instructed, and available, Mr Findlay would have had no choice but to accept instructions. Bearing in mind his almost unmatched abilities, it would have been more surprising to see him not being involved in this case).

As with many legal matters which are reported in the press, the coverage of the trial seemed to some extent to miss the point. I have read various comments condemning the “vindictive” decision to prosecute these poor men, who were only “having a laugh” or wanting to “put a rise” up the recipients. After all, went the argument, how could someone be condemned as a bomber if the device was incapable of exploding. Continue reading


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