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Rangers.co.uk Ltd Operates “Rangers” Website Under Director Donald McIntyre. Could It Be Sued by Liquidator?

In which I wonder about the operator of the “Rangers” website, and am rather surprised to see who the only Director is. I also look at the possibility that the liquidator of Rangers Football Club PLC could end up taking court action for payment against Rangers.co.uk Ltd, now owned, presumably, by one variant of Sevco.  I am also happy to see that Mr Green is quicker with his forms than Mr Whyte was. Finally I consider whether there is the slightest possibility that the administrators could have missed the chance of raising additional sums for creditors.


The website Rangers.co.uk is the official website of Rangers Football Club. The terms and conditions of the site state:-

“This website is operated by Rangers.co.uk Limited (“Rangers.co.uk”), a joint venture between Rangers Football Club and Perform.”

“Perform” is still listed at the bottom of each page of the site as “powering” the site.

As Rangers.co.uk Ltd is a separate company, I thought I would have a wee look to see how it has got on, and what its present status is. Continue reading



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Will Craig Whyte and Other Directors of Rangers Face Disqualification for £14,000,000 Unpaid Tax?

In which I comment on the Directors of Rangers Football Club PLC over the last year, and in light of a recent case decided by Lord Hodge, have a look to see if any of them might be at risk of disqualification for the non-payment of PAYE, NIC and VAT.


One of the consequences of the decision of HMRC, of which I will write elsewhere, is that the liquidators, BDO, will be obliged to carry out a formal inquiry into the circumstances of the insolvency of Rangers Football Club PLC. This includes the actions of present and past directors and can lead to various possible outcomes. These are not mutually exclusive.

There can be criminal prosecutions of office holders, if there is evidence of criminal conduct (not an allegation which has yet been made by any official body); the parties investigated can be pursued in the civil courts for losses caused to the now insolvent company, where they have failed in their legal duties; and the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills can initiate proceedings to disqualify the directors from holding such positions. Section 6 of the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 applies here, and is shown at the foot of this article.

It is also the case that shareholders of an insolvent company can, in certain circumstances, bring civil proceedings for damages against officers of the company, alleging that breach of duty has caused them losses. On the basis tough that shares in Rangers were seen as financially worthless when Mr Whyte took over the company last year, it is hard to see how even a shareholder like Mr King, owning 10% of the shares, can claim to have suffered a loss. Continue reading


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The Longer Rangers Hang On, the More Chance Craig Whyte Has to Give Evidence Again!

Craig Whyte will be smarting from the verdict of Sheriff Ross in the Tixway UK case.

His evidence was found to be “wholly unreliable”. The Sheriff was, in a polite way, scathing about Mr Whyte’s manner of giving evidence.

Following that, one would expect him to be reluctant to venture near a court again.

To be fair though he has managed to keep Rangers operating past various dates when many assumed, and some hoped, the shutters would come down. With every successful hurdle crossed, he comes closer to what might be a Becher’s Brook for him.

When Martin Bain’s case was set down for proof in July, few neutral observers would have thought it likely that there would be a Rangers to defend it.

However, July is getting closer.

This poses a dilemma for Mr Whyte and his legal advisers. Whilst Mr Whyte could settle the claim brought by Donald McIntyre despite public comment about the cheek of him pursuing the claim at all, different considerations apply regarding Mr Bain.

Many Rangers supporters blame him, along with Sir David Murray, for the financial mess inherited by Whyte.

Whyte’s refusal to surrender to Mr Bain brought him praise and support from much of the fan base. However, how would fans who still had confidence in him react if he settled with Mr Bain? For many that might prove to be the last straw.

I would imagine that Rangers’ lawyers would want Mr Whyte as far from court as possible, whilst Mr Whyte has rarely shown a desire to shirk a fight. I suspect counsel for Mr Bain would view Whyte in the box as a hunter views a defenceless fawn, or even a succulent lamb!

Bearing in mind previous speculation that Messrs Murray, McClelland and Johnston were lined up to support Bain, the case would be well worth watching!

However, even if Rangers do suffer an Insolvency Event, this does not guarantee that the case will be prevented from going ahead. After all, they are pursuing a substantial counterclaim. Therefore, depending on the legal advice to any liquidator, receiver or administrator, the company might still, in the end, go ahead with the action to recover the counterclaimed funds.

How effective would Mr Whyte be in a case where he had no incentive and where the only benefit would be for creditors?

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Surprise, Surprise – Rangers Settle a Case on the Steps of the Court with Mr McIntyre

From the BBC

“Rangers FC has reached an out-of-court settlement with former finance director Donald McIntyre, who was suing the club over alleged breach of contract.

Mr McIntyre won a legal bid in October to have £300,000 of the club’s assets frozen pending the outcome of his case.

When the matter called again at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, judge Lord Hodge was told that both parties had reached agreement.

The terms of the settlement of the action were not disclosed.”

This was the man who was one of those who had the cheek to sue Rangers and against whom Mr Whyte was pledged to fight…

More later




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Rangers Have Another Appointment At Court Next Week!

The case of Donald McIntyre, erstwhile Finance Director at Ibox, calls on Friday next week (9th December) for a preliminary hearing.

This is designed to allow the judge, Lord Malcolm, to see how prepared the parties arem, and to give further time for investifation, or else to fix a full hearing.

Unless all the procedural matters are agreed beforehand between the respective lawyers, then it might be worth a trip to the Court of Session next Friday for 9.30 am to see what is going on.

As we see, Mr McIntyre is represented by Messrs HBM Sayers, and Rangers by Anderson Strathern.

If for example Rangers have not lodged defences, then this will be raised before Lord Malcolm on Friday. 


Friday 9th December


Preliminary Hearing

At 9.30am


1 CA137/11 Donald McIntyre v The Rangers Football Club


HBM Sayers AndersonStrathern LLP  


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