Contrasting Headlines – “Green Calms Rangers Chaos” and “Green to Face Boardroom Vote”

I was reading the BBC website report on the meeting of “influential” Rangers fans with senior members of the Rangers organisation last night, and the resultant call for Charles Green to be relieved of his consultancy role.

And unless the BBC has changed it, is the photo at the head of that piece not awfully reminiscent of the one below?

"I want to be Mr Orange!" "No. I want to be Mr Orange!" "What about me?"

“I want to be Mr Orange!” “No. I want to be Mr Orange!” “What about me?” But no one wants to be Mr Green

Anyway, down the side of the page the BBC helpfully lists other stories on the topic.

It leads to the juxtaposition of articles referred to in the headline above.

And that shows how differently journalists can report the same story (perhaps based on the source to whom they were speaking).

First of all, we have the Express. It offers the headline “Green Calms Rangers Chaos”.

The Yorkshireman said: “We will put a new board together, we will back Ally McCoist, Craig Mather, the management team and we will get that deal done.”

Despite his deteriorating relationship with Green being played out in a public slanging match, McCoist is unlikely to lose his job in the immediate future.

Smith resigned and immediately threw his weight behind Paul Murray and Frank Blin’s bid to win the Ibrox power struggle. They want chief executive Mather, financial director Brian Stockbridge and Bryan Smart removed from the board. They have the backing of billionaire business tycoon Jim McColl, although his reluctance to put up hard cash immediately casts doubts on their ability to get things off the ground.

Green has said he’ll step aside if they come up with the money but he doesn’t believe Murray, who failed with his Blue Knights bid, is the man to lead the club forward

The second story is from the Scotsman under the headline “Green to Face Boardroom Vote”.

The Rangers board are to hold an emergency board meeting to vote on whether Charles Green should remain in his role as a consultant with the club.

Board members held a question and answer session with 200 supporters last night where current chief executive Craig Mather described Green’s behaviour since returning to the club as “immoral and unethical”.

The Yorkshireman has been involved in a public spat with Rangers manager Ally McCoist following comments that it was necessary for the club to land one of Scotland’s domestic cups this season.

Craig Mather was joined by fellow directors Brian Stockbridge and Ian Hart alongside manager Ally McCoist at last night’s meeting at Ibrox.

He told those assembled: “I didn’t agree with Charles Green. I don’t agree with his behaviour and I don’t think it’s right. It’s morally and ethically wrong.”


Of course, as journalists repeatedly make clear, they do not write the headlines on their stories – they come from the sub-editors.

It was clearly a stretch to suggest that the quote from Mr Green in the Express piece justified the headline. Of course if Mr Green was correct that there would be a new Board and that Messrs McCoist and Mather would be fully backed and that “the deal would get done” that might resolve the chaos.

But there seems little or no likelihood of that happening.

Which leads to the second story.

In reporting the outcome of last night’s meeting the Scotsman makes clear that a resolution which involves all of Mr Green, Mr Mather and Mr McCoist being able to co-exist peacefully at Ibrox is as likely as a very unlikely thing which has become even more unlikely.

Last week of course had the remarkable episode of Mr McCoist accusing Mr Green of having contempt for the club, fans, players and management with this being published on the official Rangers website and then withdrawn as if it had never been there.

It seemed most unusual for one senior employee of a PLC to be so openly and dramatically criticising another senior figure, and indeed the company’s biggest shareholder!

Last night brought the present CEO accusing the former CEO, biggest shareholder and present consultant of behaviour which was “morally and ethically wrong.”

In addition he made clear there would be a Board meeting to deal with the Green situation.


(Before you wonder if I do not know, I do, but rhetorical questions are a big part of my style, or haven’t you noticed?)

Normally a consultant’s appointment would be a matter for the CEO at its highest, and probably someone further down the chain of command – it would not be for the Board. However, when you own over 7% of the company and have negotiated yourself back in the door, it is undoubtedly wisest for Mr Mather to leave the issue to the full Board. Legally I am sure that Mr Mather and Rangers would be watertight if he elected to cancel the contract with Mr Green. Politically however it seems appropriate to Mr Mather to get the hands of all of the Board on the metaphorical dagger – as in the assassination of Caesar in the Senate (Et tu, Brute?) or the death of the fictional Mr Ratchett (ten points to the first person to identify where he died).


Secret footage from the next Rangers Board meeting

Secret footage from the next Rangers Board meeting

So where is Mr Green – is he in or out? Well, as Mr McCoist said on STV tonight how much he was looking forward to getting the £10 million promised by Mr Green in the January transfer window, he is either deluded (which is unlikely) or he had decided that satire was better than outright attack.

I suspect there will be few other headlines about the Ibrox mess which suggest that Mr Green has poured the oil on troubled waters – although Mr Leggat, the Rangers supporting blogger, might suggest that Mr Green could pour snake oil!

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  1. gedboy

    An art historian writes:

    Appreciating your penchant for classical analogy in paint, could you fashion a piece which allows you to use ‘The Lictors Bring to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons’? I feel it will have a use within the next month.

    JLDavid CSC

    • GordonG

      Green/Ahmed spin day 1 – McColl did not like foreigners…
      Green/Ahmed spin day 2 – McColl did not put up money…
      Green/Ahmed spin day 3 – Blame Ally …

      Focus should be on what they have achieved, the financial picture and thier future plans – why the negative focus on what others who are not in charge have not done ?

  2. Cluster one

    A Man For All Seasons…………….Walter Smith

  3. portpower

    Is it worth embracing the cheats? Lord knows but I say “NO”.

  4. timtim

    I am no lover of terrorists but I want to ask David who the real terrorists are
    I’ll skip to the chase and give him my opinion first. The biggest terrorists are not those who pick up the gun but those in power who order others to do so on their behalf . The Dubyas Obamas Blairs and Camerons of this world who sit in their velvet cushioned bunkers and order terror on the citizens of Baghdad ,of Kabul, of Tripoli,of Damascus are the ones who set the ball rolling. In Iraq millions were killed, disabled and displaced for the crime of their leader hiding weapons of mass destruction (there were none)
    In Afghanistan 100s of thousands have been killed disabled and displaced as they were hiding Osama Bin Laden the perpetrator of 9/11 . Funny how Bin Laden always denied his involvement in that crime and the US Govt
    have never brought charges against him for it ,the reason was evidence
    (there was none that would stand up to scrutiny in a court of law) .
    In Libya thousands more were killed, disabled and displaced as the politicians backed the Al Qaeda affiliated rebels into power ,the war on terror had turned into a war for terror .
    In Syria massive shipments of Western arms is being sent to the Al Qaeda affiliated rebels in order to oust the Govt of Assad and tens of thousands more are killed ,disabled and displaced .
    They claim they are freeing the people from tyranny but why do they ignore the the genocide in Rwanda where 1 million people died or the barbarity that exists in Zimbabwe or the oppression of the North Koreans and the Burmese.
    Its all about the assets , the strategic importance of the individual nations,and the threat their leaders pose to their racketeering system.
    Oil ,opium, gas pipelines etc etc.
    2 men proposed a return to a gold backed currency and a rejection of the worthless fiat paper fractional reserve banking system so beloved by our corrupt western bankers ,they were Saddam and Gadaffi .
    In The Year 2000 There Were Seven Countries Without A Rothschild-Owned Central Bank: They were Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran.
    In 2011 the only countries left without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family are: Cuba, North Korea and Iran.
    Our leaders know nothing of freedom and care even less for its implementation thats why they introduced the Patriot act which allows them
    to imprison without limit of time ,without recourse to a lawyer and without a trial if they “suspect” you of being involved with terrorism ,no proof required.
    Now ask yourself again
    who are the real terrorists of this world ?

    • Monti


    • Kerrygirl

      Eloquently put tim tim ,but will be lost on ra peeeepul

      • gortnamona

        Yes Tim
        I’ve been trying to get that over to David re: N. Ireland, but without success.

        My question:

        How much longer did you expect the Catholic people of N. Ireland to put up with being treated like dirt by successive Protestant/Unionist governments, elected into office by the vast majority of the Protestant people of N. Ireland.

        The real terrorists – Carson, Craig, Brooke, Dawson Bates, The Orange Order and hundreds of Unionist councillors – the apparatchiks who controlled and organized the whole rotten gerrymandered sectarian bigoted system.

        Anyone who did not live in N. Ireland (not even those who lived in the Republic of Ireland) can have any conception of the bitterness that was built up over those years.

        • Monti

          David will tell you different, Mr.Wiki….himself!

          He is the font of all pish!

          • david

            You Monti, are the font of all lies, and are back to being the wee shitehawk person you really are.
            You just cant help yourself bigot boy; 89 people agreed.
            Wiki- never in my life.
            Now away and call your imaginary friend Bik.

            • JohnBhoy

              David, those who supported a united Ireland are not bigots; nor are they advocates of child-killing. If the death of children is your criterion for the blanket label of murderer then you need look no further than Iraq and Afghanistan where thousands upon thousands of children have died as a result of blanket bombing by coalition forces – do you want the numbers? Armed struggle for political gain is more complex than you care to admit.The Irish Problem is one that the British government has not covered itself in glory, leading inevitably to armed conflict.

          • monti
            did you say mr weewee
            was all pish
            hail hail

        • Mac Tomas

          @Gort….Brooke being a particular scumbag, the sort that was commonly worshiped over at Govan for his uncomplicated racism & his uncomplicated methods of how to institutionalize it. It is astonishing how an equivalence is continually drawn between the IRA & Unionist paras by some on here. Without doubt an attempt to avoid the real issues that initiated the armed conflict.

    • Ed Paisley

      Thank you @TimTim

      Television interview, “60 Minutes”, May 12, 1996. Lesley Stahl interviewing Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State, about ongoing US sanctions against Saddam’s Iraq.
      “We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And – and you know, is the price worth it?”
      Madeleine Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price – we think the price is worth it.”

      She didn’t dispute the number of children who had died. She didn’t deny that the sanctions caused their agonising deaths through hunger and illness. She wouldn’t even consider that there was an alternative policy.
      The Arab world drew the reasonable conclusion that Arab children’s lives are viewed as worthless by the West.
      Children are still dying in Iraq through the US and UK deployment of depleted uranium shells during the 2003 invasion.
      We also know that the US doesn’t bother to record the number of civilians who have died through violence in Iraq since the 2003 US invasion and occupation, supported by their European lap dogs like UK and Spain. Go here:-

      • Mac Tomas

        I think yer man david will defend the Iraq atrocities, because that is state sponsored violence, perpetrated by a “Proper Army”……….

        • Monti

          What’s wrong with him?
          He doesn’t like me does he?

          • david

            Nothing wrong with me Monti.
            Plenty wrong with you though, being a liar and a vile wee bigot.

            • Monti

              Dear oh dear David 😦

            • mr david knobhead
              is it not you who is the bigot a liar
              most certainly ya fu#king bawbag to hold your numbnuts
              thats about the only good thing I can say about you
              a total pri##k ok leave that one out I dont think you have one
              your best friend mr bellabhoy
              good night honey

        • david

          Memory failing you MacTomas, isnt it?
          I condemn the Iraq atrocities. I have done before.
          Fair enough?
          Now go and support your lying bigoted cretin pal Monti.

          • david

            I never thought anyone existed who could be more stupid or vile than Monti but you have proved me wrong.
            Stupid wee tit.

    • Fra

      I have just listened to Bik speaking. Calmly, diligently and truthfully the man shows no outward bitterness towards his captors and torturers. He’s a much bigger and better man than me to bear little bitterness.

      He tells how political status was already there and then removed. The ‘dirty protest’ as it came to be known was assumed to be a republican tactic but as Bik states, they were imprisoned in a cell for 24 hours with no means of emptying their waste. They emptied their urine out of the window until they boarded the windows. They then had to attempt to empty their urine under the door. The same behaviour with their faeces.

      Now, over the years, I have listened to numerous commentators assume this was the prisoners choice of action to deter the screws from manhandling (torturing) them. He then goes on to describe the average age of the prisoners. 16 was not uncommon and many were tried under suspicious witness statements. (Fitted up). Dip lock courts (no jury) was the norm. TAL became the rallying call to keep their spirits up.

      Now David, can you see where I’m going with this. If you lock an animal up torture, degrade and humiliate and don’t treat them in a humane and dignified manner, then that animal will have everyright to turn on you. Before your ignorance says I am correct in using the analogy of an animal, we are all animals. The human is supposedly at the top of the animal chain though sometimes it is debatable.

      Your term ‘terrorist’ and your idiotic gloating at the death of humans is nasty, vindictive and below you. Your gloating at Loughall and Gibraltar is not just childish and without reason. It belongs on the streets with so called peaceful protesters who riot and cause death and destruction embarrassing themselves and gradually alienating themselves from right thinking people.

      The republican movement in the island of Ireland have admittedly made mistakes and now the British government has apologised for some of the wrongs they have inflicted on the Irish community as a whole. Both sides have moved on and although difficulties exist, without consultation, it’s a return to the dark days and no right minded person wants that.

      The IRA (Provos) have admitted that innocent people died in a war and they are sorry for all innocent deaths but its a two way street. So David, can you open your eyes and stop firing from the sidelines with idiotic statements. People better than you and me have put their differences aside so the idiotic sniping is serving no purpose.

      • david

        Fra, how thoroughly decent of you to speak up for a murdering sectarian scumbag.
        No words for his victims, or the many innocent victims on both sides.

    • portpower

      What about the poor bastards that don`t give a shit but clean up after you`se. What the fck`s that dogs name again.

      • Fra

        @port….you’ve lost l me mate???

        • portpower

          Tim Tim reminds of tin tin and I hate that know all dog. Now what`s its name again? Plus I hated tim tim from them.

        • portpower

          Personal reminder. Across the road from me AND it is in South Australia.(Can`t take them anywhere) There was a right bigot always called me tim tim and his son always called me tin tin. To whit “what`s the name of his dog,dog” His dad could`ne run.

          • portpower

            And I was only 7.I`ve the elephants memories. Get him the fuck out of my house the fenian bastard…… I take it, it still goes on in Scotland. Myself, I`ll never figure it out.

            • Fra

              @port….To a 7 year old, that is unforgivable. There was a car in Queensland with the rego 1690 UVF. (Obviously private) That big scratch all the way along one side was a beauty. Where’s Wullie wanka when you need him. Guffaw guffaw guffaw.

  5. Arb urns

    Well that’s the first coupon of the season up….. So easy like taking candy cam…. Brechin to be down to ten men and sevconian pen….. Simples !!!!

  6. cam

    Sandy looking brilliant,45,000 folk cheering on their team, 4 Gers goals,a cracker by Brechin and everyone smiling,,,what a day.
    I sense a bitterness Rabbie,only weans and the followers of the sporting wing of the republican movement use “sevconians”.I await your statistical monitor on Celtic pens and scandalous ref. decisions
    Not to worry,when the obsessed stop talking about us, then we WILL know we’re in trouble.
    btw,,i’ve just read the craziest pish in here ever!,,and that includes my pish!
    The Hokey Cokey,that innocent wee stupid party song/dance has now been removed from my childhood.All this time and at parties,weddings and functions i and millions of other folk have been ridiculing Catholicism!!!
    Jeez,,it just doesn’t get any more pathetic than this.
    Rolf Harris,Jimmy Saville,Stuart Hall, the Hokey Cokey,Stylophones(sounds like a flute),Spirograph(masonic symbolism),clackers(obscure O.O connection),tartan flares,feather cuts and Levi stapress,,,all removed from my childhood.
    We’re now knee deep in,,,,, nope,,,,terrorist pish!
    Monti and his fud gang, are rabbling on about the nobility of folk who sneakily plant a car bomb in a street and scurry away to detonate it and massacre innocent civilians,,,to have scum like that in my midst, only strengthens my resolve.
    Now how do we knobble that Ayr mob?,,,the honest men shall welcome the visit of the Queens northern legions.
    No Surrender!

    • david

      Monti is back to his vile self. No more chances for the cretin.
      Offended by the Hokey-Cokey; beyond belief.
      You personally accused of charity theft.
      This blog is plumbing new depths.

      BTW your team are duds, overpaid and a bad manager.

      • JohnBhoy

        “Offended by the Hokey-Cokey; beyond belief”. I am not offended by the Hokey-Cokey. The Catholic Church expressed a view on the origins of the song that have been acknowledged by scholars. If you have an alternative view to discredit its origins then give it. Insult is not evidence.

      • cam

        David,you must develop a thicker skin when dealing with these creatures.
        Your heinous criticism of a team that could possibly gel into world beaters, has this unreconstructed bigot, questioning your intentions!
        Agent Orange has promised me the earth when i finish my tour of duty.
        I have my necklace of scalps, collected in here, to add to.
        You lay the bait outside their lair, and their primitive behaviour programming illicits the desired response.
        In a moment of lucidity i would agree with your 3 points,but as i’m insane and engaged in a trivial PR conflict with the sons of satan,then i shall continue to wage war against the loons.

        You put your orange sash in
        you take your tin flute out
        you play no surrender
        and you shake it all about
        you do the Monti shuffle and you turn around
        that’s what its all about

        whoooa hokey cokey cokey
        mick’s in a London pokey
        portpowers having a wee smokie
        Guy Fawkes got his neck stretched
        ha ha ha
        A wee song turned into this by the M.O.P.E’s ever

      • Monti


      • Monti

        Really? Ask the managers of Barcelona,Benfica & Spartak Moscow…

      • portpower

        the rangersfc1872-2012(IL) are lying under ground with the leaky pipes.

    • JohnBhoy

      “The Hokey Cokey,that innocent wee stupid party song/dance has now been removed from my childhood.All this time and at parties,weddings and functions i and millions of other folk have been ridiculing Catholicism.”

      No one is arguing that millions of kids have been ridiculing Catholicism. That is your deliberate misinterpretation to belittle the historical origins of a song recorded by scholars down the years.

      I see you couldn’t resist slipping in your references to sexual abuse shortly after commenting on Catholicism.

      • Mac Tomas

        Hokey cokey….. The burning of the Guy Fawkes effigies on the 5th of November, both have roots in anti Catholicism, but both have lost any genuine potency (in the mainland) & no one should really be concerned by either.
        As for cam resorting to Catholic Child abuse innuendo, well he can’t help it….
        He’s a scuzzbag !

      • cam

        The three 70’s childrens entertainers are now smeared with allegations,when i was a wean ,they were part of my childhood.A more innocent time.
        I look at my old Harrington jacket now suspiciously and view it as an offshoot of KKK evening dress,,,is nothing sacred anymore?

    • Paul

      Shankhill Butchers cam innocent people minding their own business not allowed to be themselves. Fuck off you wee turd, you come on here when you think it suits, your wee team and your wee organisations across the water are well fucked, the Europeans and Scots have integrated and your wee job will be under threat as it will not be given by a nod any more depending on what foot you kick with, it will be based on skills and intelligence. Time to move on my man only one Scotland,England Ireland and Wales.Do not be afraid M8 it is called evolution.

    • Kerrygirl

      Right cunty pants your lot are Donald ducked ,instead of being duped once again you should be boycotting the games until green and co are removed ,but no you lemmings keep getting your pants pulled down and will continue to get humped , but hey that’s what loyalist are all about
      Custers last stand, you will be getting the soldiers farewell at the bus stop
      Bye bye

      • mick

        Hi Kerry lets be cyber friends 🙂 what a cool educated girl

      • castlerockbhoy

        Exactly ! After what Fat sally said about Green in the aftermath of the Forfar game, 25000 of them turn up for a friendly against Newcastle, which only puts more money into the coffers of the Green regime.
        As the saying goes, ` stupid is as stupid does`. ( Forest Gump 1994).

      • Fra

        @Kerryghirl….Kerry, I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward but after reading a couple of your posts, I now declare you ‘one of us’ and have bestowed upon you a ceremonial ‘h’. Welcome aboard sister.

      • cam

        Wow,what a lovely ghirl you seem to be!
        A real credit to your upbringing.
        You’re not that wee Irish lass on you tube going berky after Juventus horsed the bhoys,are you?
        She is a cracker as well,,,right enough its probably a fake vid. put up to discredit lovely colleens like yourself.

    • portpower

      If you turn it upside down you`ll witness the tits.


    • portpower

      “Not to worry,when the obsessed stop talking about us” I know. I hate sevco as well Cam.

    • portpower

      west winds.

    • portpower

      flute or fluck.

  7. cam

    Just noticed the wee pic that Paul “hilariously” suggested could be secret footage from a Gers board meeting.
    Is it a picture of Caesar being done in, in the Senate?
    Or a concerned official with free will, in another Rome building,being “corrected” as to his duty to contact the police regards wrongdoing?
    Such fun 🙂

  8. cam

    Paul,as part of the perceived strategical team(abv) St’s in prosecuting the war, have you any knowledge of how the losing of the peace is to be handled?
    Does Phil have any sociological input (original) on how to deal with displaced roaming(not Roman) hordes of pillaging, marauding revenants?
    Is he currently building an Anti Incubator?
    I’m all for new experiences in life, and if some shrewd operator can teach me how to continue my neanderthal behaviour patterns in public, but dress it up as expression of political beliefs, then pass me the garden gnome suit and get me a crash course in the Gaelic.
    I wouldn’t ask, if i wasn’t aware of you doing your roadshows with the bhoys,,,ps can you ask Archie how he gets his hair sitting nice like that?,,i’m having a bad barnet day myself.

  9. JohnBhoy


    Once again you manage to refer to sexual abuse while responding to a post about a little ditty. Quite a feat. Furthermore, unwanted sexual advances and blatant sexual abuse are no laughing matter. Can you tell me why you see the need to crack jokes about such topics?: “Boys Brigade for me… and Keith isn’t getting into my tent”; “Aw for goodness sake… you had to go and bring religious sexual deviancy into Sunday’s topic,,,,i love licking the cream off a wee pineapple cake.”

    David is right. This blog has plumbed new depths.

    • cam

      We’re not travelling this path again JB.
      If you’re monitoring my posts for proof of my evil doing then perhaps put up the context of those replies,,,i notice you managed to leave out Bill Struth’s underpants,,,thank heaven for small mercies.

      • portpower

        As we Celts head forward, do you mind keeping the noise down .Please. The imitation are`nt to be seen and not heard . The question is not when? It`s when you realise you`re not,
        Omniglot zombies.

    • Monti

      David’s personal insults towards myself & others is contributing tho.

    • cam

      There i was about to pen a little essay on the drying times of cement and its connection to the Reformation, when a couple of jocular posts by Bud and Jimbhoy about the Hokey Cokey turned into an airing, by the amazing Mr Kearney about it’s supposed “sectarian” undertones.
      I’ve never heard as much pish in my entire life!
      All these years as a blue nose, and not once have i ever heard reference to a weans party song being used to taunt Catholics.
      JB then goes into research mode and supports that theory by selective usage of quotes.The blessed Marge rides shotgun as usual.
      I come along and poo poo that notion and then point out that many parts of an otherwise innocent era are now being destroyed in front of me.
      Rolf Harris as far as i’m aware is an innocent man.I loved watching that mad bugger painting and playing his didgeridoo.
      Jimmy Saville always seemed a bit strange, but his charity work excused that.
      Stuart Hall and Its A Knockout,with its big German dolls banging into each other, had me in tears.
      All of them are now portrayed in a horrific light.Are any of them Catholic?,did i make a connection between them and Catholicism?
      I stated that anyone who thinks the Hokey Cokey is sectarian is a nutter,,plain and simple,,a complete loonball.
      My theory JB, is that you got tetchy at me ridiculing your post and extrapolated a non existent connection between Catholics and sex abuse.
      Now the fact that the Catholic Church as opposed to decent Catholics has a worldwide major problem in this area is not my doing.
      Its happening,its acknowledged and it needs stopping as you and every decent person knows.
      That will take prominent Catholics to sort, as anyone else will be labelled a bigot scoring points and demeaning victims.
      Now i’m picking up your toys,putting them back in the pram and hoping that after a wee hurl in the fresh air and a nights sleep you keep posting.
      You can’t leave now, as the best is yet to come at that hotbed of sectarian debauchery,that outdated cancerous pustule on the arse of civilization,that den of religious zealots and all round buggeryfuckery,,,,no, not Monti’s local,,,,Ibrox.

  10. cam

    I’ll give it roughly 15mins(if she’s not out shopping) for the blessed Marge and the Creggster to saddle up and join the fray 🙂
    Going to work soon,so if you all can think of a particularly cutting insult,feel free bhoys and ghirls,,,frankly i couldn’t give a damn,,,you’re all Gone With My Wind,,,paaarp!

    • JohnBhoy

      You should give a damn Cam because you have the ability to bring much to the debate. Your old humour had merit. Changing the mind set, however slightly, of rival fans is a worthy pursuit. Unfortunately much of the banter on here has advanced towards bitterness. Have a safe trip to work Cam.

    • gortnamona

      ” I’ll give it roughly 15mins(if she’s not out shopping) for the blessed Marge and the Creggster to saddle up and join the fray”

      Have taken aboard Violet’s plea that it is cruel to mock the afflicted. Have a good evening Cam, i will say a prayer for you.

      • cregganduff

        Poor Cam its really sad to watch the deterioration unfold. Maybe caused by some sort of symbiotic relationship with the ugly old sectarian

        Possibly a la Dracula when a stake is driven through the fiend’s heart, the head cut off and the mouth filled with garlic, he might like those bitten by the vampire be restored to full health.

        • Maggie

          It is I,the blessed Marge. I’m going to insist my friends and family refer to me in this way from now on 🙂
          What we’re witnessing here is the last hurrah of the ” camster.”
          He’s coming undone, poor wee soul.I fear what he may become when Sevco go the same way as Rangers.I have visions of him as one of those old Japanese soldiers still waging guerilla war on those forsaken Pacific islands,his trusty sash,wrapped kamikaze style, around his head,his orange “tap” shredded from the fray and his photie of HRH Walter all creased and soggy from his tears.
          He seems to think I’m a shallow shopaholic,not true Creggy,I have people who do that for me.I also have people who peel me grapes and pour me champagne.:-)

          • cam

            Marge,i quite like that image,,,banzai!,,,no, its not a new frock shop.
            I’m gonna stay here forever until i hear your screams.

  11. cam

    Great seeing Dundee Utd getting pumped and Partick winning,,,Jackie McNahahahahaha 🙂

    • Paul

      Remember cam those men who had a dream (Moses been one) pity you always have to wake from dreams, oh dear want to go back to bed already.

  12. cam

    Another bitter blow was landed on the old chin this week at my spiritualist meeting in the ludges basement,,,,there i was happily playing three card brag with the boys, Mosely,Goebbels,Genghis and JFK, when they asked what i’d been up to,,i told them the usual mace twirling,playing the flute ootside the priest’s hoose and phoning Celtic pubs and asking if they had Crying in the Chapel on the juke box.
    Then i told them i spent hrs on the internet annoying Celtic fuds,,we all had a laugh until i mentioned Random Thoughts,,,lights went oot,place got freezing and demonic voices scared the Stokes oot me,,,bloody pussies these historical villains!
    nite nite

    • JohnBhoy

      On second thoughts, you really are a prat. Do you ever mock any other religion other than Catholicism?

      • Maggie

        Yes he does JB,remember his mocking of eco’s adherence to Buddhism,but I suspect that was more to insult eco,than to mock Buddhism per se.No,he reserves his vitriol for Catholicism alone.
        He’s becoming more and more like Tam O’ Shanter’s wife,nursing his wrath to keep it warm,then unleashing his barely contained rage under the guise of “melon twisting.”
        He is nothing more than a simple irritant on here,not worthy of our time.
        Like all of those of a bigoted mien,they condemn themselves from their own mouths,we need do nothing to bring their attitudes to light.

  13. Did anyone witness that charade this afternoon from Dublin? All those children running around a playingfield acting like grown professional football players; beating the mighty Liverpool, my word, some of them looked as if the where poaching school. Maybe that Lennon bhoy has something after all, maybe were about to witness something special from a footballing club? just saying.

  14. martin c

    Among the flotsam jetsam of any wreck we find what caused the distressed to flounder, 30 million sterling to win the 4th tier of Scottish Football

  15. Paul

    @cam before you pretend to go to work with your charity tin

    By contrast, Rodgers named a starting XI that could conceivably line up for the Premier League opener at home to Stoke City next Saturday.

    Included was Stewart Downing, despite West Ham United having opened talks aimed at signing the England international for a fee of around £6million.

    Any notion Celtic’s scratch side would give Liverpool an easy ride were banished in the 12th minute when the Scottish champions went ahead.

    In attempting to make a tackle on the Liverpool right, Downing inadvertently found Balde who, having outfoxed Andre Wisdom with a clever piece of skill, fired a shot that hit the body of Simon Mignolet and looped into the net.

  16. Cam the Carmyle bigot spouting his pish again……Will scroll past from now on….Him and his alter ego login ‘David’ are truly odious relics from bygone days of yore.
    Monti just ignore him mate……read his bullshit about ‘golfing with his mates’ one day and sussed out his sad delusional existence in a Carmyle bedsitland with nobody to talk to.
    Piece of excrement with his No Surrender comments.

  17. Monti


    You have lost control David.
    Calm down & apologize for your cruel words, I am deeply offended & hurt tonight 🙂

  18. JohnBhoy

    I have no objection to those criticising my religion, which is Catholic. Debate is important. Nor do I object to those genuinely raising the sexual abuses occuring within the Catholic Church: the evils committed were abhorrent and those found guilty should be jailed. However, I do object to my faith being mocked. I do not mock other religions and would have no quarter for those who do. For this reason I will now exit this blog.

    • Monti

      Johnbhoy don’t take that action, your a top man on here & you would be missed, if I am doing anything that you don’t like, let me know m8 & I’ll temper it.
      You are appreciated on here by myself & many others. HH!

    • Maggie

      I agree with Monti below,but please see my post above.This is the reaction that these people want JB.Please do not give them the satisfaction.
      Absolutely nothing they can say could possibly affect me in the slightest JB, their paucity of intellect and narrowness of vision are nothing but an embarrassment to a modern society.

    • I think the world would be a better place if religious people were able to be at peace with the mocking of their faith.

      Instead, mocking a faith tends to unleash an unhealthy negativity that manifests itself in actions that go against the very grain of the tenets of the religion concerned.

      On this basis, I surmise that a Christian whose faith is being mocked should try to understand that forgiveness is key.

      Being mocked should actually be right up a Christian’s street as it gives them an opportunity to show they are cognisant of an enlightened spiritual reality where love and understanding are paramount.

    • Allfanstogether

      Be selective look at the names before you decide to read any blogs from these people, thats what I have started to do, makes for a better day.

  19. Ed Paisley

    How could Rangers possibly have spent £30m in just over a year? In the fourth tier of Scottish football for goodness sake. Have they even carried out the emergency stadium repairs mentioned in the IPO prospectus? The board meetings must have been like a scene from “Brewster’s Millions” – how can we get rid of £2.5m this month? I know – let’s pay half a mill. to one of Chico’s companies for, ahem, consultancy services. I know, let’s channel all of our merchandising and catering income through companies controlled by Chico and Stockbridge, or Mike Ashley. How about giving Chico an enormous severance settlement after he was forced to resign for multiple episodes of misconduct. Let’s give hopeless McCoist an enormous bonus for capturing the Diddy League Trophy. How about putting some money in the pot for the rank and file creditors who lost money when Rangers were liquidated – naw!!!!

  20. Mojo

    Can anyone explain to me how Nicky Law was able to play for Rangers today although he can’t be registered until 1st Sept.?

  21. R. MacGeddon

    Could it be that Charlie and his cohorts endgame is in sight? That they have known since those early days – when CVA and SPL entry were refused – and even if the outcome had been different – that they have an unsustainable dead duck on their hands? And that if pushed to the limit – with funds running out – there can only be two options:
    1. The blue knights of some form will ultimately ride to the rescue with an offer that will considerably fatten their original investment – otherwise Rangers are utterly doomed from any form of existence.
    2. Should 1. fail to materialise – they still have the trump card in ownership of the assets and can sell off to fatten original investment.

    or could it possibly be the alternative 3.
    3. That Charlie and his friends have had Rangers’ best interests at heart and will see them through thick and thin no matter what.

    Personally I’m leaning towards 1. and 2.

  22. Ah, just a lad with an attitude to home.

      • Ed Paisley

        The Mason Boyne clip reminds me of Jack Glass and his protesting against the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1982. Funny that he and Dr Paisley made themselves the “popes” of their own churches – Zion Baptist Church and the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster respectively. “Dr” Paisley even had enough vanity to fake his own academic credentials.

        Anyway, soon after Jack died in 2004, Glasgow folk/protest songwriter and performer Dick Gaughan wrote the following song in Jack’s “honour”.

        The Devil and Pastor Jack
        Words & Music : Dick Gaughan
        ©Grian Music 2006

        Jack Glass fought the Devil, he fought him all his days
        Everywhere that Jack Glass looked he saw the Devil’s face
        From the early hours of morning to the setting of the sun
        Jack Glass fought the Devil – that was all he’d ever done

        You wouldn’t see Jack dancing, you wouldn’t hear Jack sing,
        You wouldn’t really find Jack doing much of anything
        From the early hours of morning to the setting of the sun
        Jack Glass fought the Devil – no time for having fun

        I don’t know if Jack believed in God, it’s kind of hard to tell
        He never mentioned heaven much, he seemed obsessed by Hell
        For Jack had just one purpose, one target in his sight
        He fought against the Devil, it was the meaning of his life

        From the early hours of morning to the setting of the sun
        Jack Glass fought the Devil, now his fighting days are done
        Jack Glass he got cancer, but not like anyone else
        He said, “This is a personal attack by Lucifer himself

        “It’s the Devil’s desperation, shows I’ve got him on the run”
        So Jack Glass fought the Devil,
        Jack Glass fought the Devil,
        Jack Glass fought the Devil – looks like the Devil won

        I hope there is a Devil with all my heart and mind
        For if there isn’t, Jack’s whole life was a pointless waste of time
        From the early hours of morning to the setting of the sun
        Jack Glass fought the Devil – looks like the Devil won

  23. Monti


    There’s a faded old picture on the wall all alone,
    A dusty old picture,the pride of his home,
    With a Harp & a Shamrock with these words underneath
    Ireland unfree shall never be at peace!

  24. Monti

    There’s a butterfly in Ireland that has wings of Green,White & yellow.
    The butterfly lives for just one day….but what a day, what a day…..

  25. Monti


  26. Monti

    ” Great Britain you are intruders & nobody knows like me,
    So tell me what the hell are you doing in this land across the sea
    So tell me how would you like it if on your way to work,
    You were stopped by Irish soldier boys,
    Would you lie down, do nothing or would you fight to free your land?

    Give Ireland back to the Irish, don’t make us have to take it away….

      • Monti

        charity thief….

        • david

          How about a trip to Belfast to meet your pal Bik?
          Ill pay.

          And you can get a single ticket, since you love the place so much. You complained here about feeling 2nd class and discriminated against- maybe people recognised you for the lying wee cretin that you are.

          Never mind, schools back this week.
          Thats some level of EMA you get.

  27. portpower

    refco win 4-1.

    • mick

      Let’s not get bogged down with history am looking to a peaceful future and the death of sevco by Xmas lol

      What a burst bubble the sevcoian zombies have now lol

  28. Budweiser

    Are things coming to a head ? Running on empty ? Fatso offers a pay cut ?

    • mick

      What a winter of fun for us to look forward to sevco running on empty lol

      • Budweiser

        I think most of the money has been,quite rightly imo,spent on extra super dooper strength
        buffers at chicos new ibrox terminal . Wee craigie warned them about the dangers of untrained train drivers – but they let chico have a wee practise run
        with his ‘L ‘ plates and look what happens.

        Untrained train drivers??

    • lordmac

      yes they have only enough money left till November may be as far as guyfawkes day ally knows there has to be wage reductions starting just now, they never came up with greens offer, and are hoping they can get a few more off the board, they cant save much on the players wages as they are not paying them the full amount as yet, till the 1 sep and that is when they hit the skids. mc coll wants to get rangers for less than it was bought for

      not paying

  29. Budweiser

    Does this mean ‘ a square go ‘ in front of the fans at half time lol.
    Who will be in the ‘ Blue corner ‘ ?lol. ” In the the blue corner”– Green !!
    wullie – whose yur dosh oan? haw haw.
    Such fun – sorry Maggie.

  30. Looks like Charlie Chuckles is about to squeeze every last penny for his Ticketus employers before Admin 2?

  31. portpower

    Orrr Cam,
    your`re a wee bear with your heid way,way down son. Join me in peace. I`ll share my bowl. Let`s chuff, Cam, peace be with you.
    The Celts are coming. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. This is good shit. Let`s share a chuff across the world, Cam? I think it`s on the cards.


    • cam

      PP,as much as i appreciate your bongtastic offer i must demur.
      My aging body is a temple which i ocassionally fortify with vino.The mindbending hallucinogenic trip that comes with being a loyal Ranger is enough for this non smoker.
      Some people call you the Space Cowboy.

  32. Monti

    Sevconians, when entering a shop.premises, the charity collection box chained to the till?
    Your not allowed to touch/ take that…it’s for puting money IN!
    If you put a pound coin in, you shouldn’t go back before closing time & ask for 99p be handed back to you……

  33. Monti


    Bik said he would love to see us anytime next week, let me know the travel arrangements & confirmation of travel times, also you said you would pay for the trip, could you provide evidence of purchase,date & times please?

  34. cam

    Ok,i wonder if Paul has a gobtastic blog on the legal implications on the closure of section 111 due to Health and Safety grounds.
    CFC have beaten GCC(chortle) and UEFA to the punch.
    I think i’m correct in saying that the fans who usually behave like neds in that area,can go sit in another empty spot at tumbleweed towers.
    What about Human Rights.
    Moshers are people too.

  35. Monti


    When the the rangers go into administration, will they be deducted 10 or 25 points?

  36. Monti

    Nacho Novo?
    Oh dear……

  37. portpower

    Welcome to Celtic Mr Balde.

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