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Myths and Legends – the SPFL and the £250k Fine of “Rangers”

A couple of days ago the BBC reported, as did various other sources, that the SPFL was considering pursuing “Rangers” for the fine of £250,000 which was levied upon oldco Rangers by the Lord Nimmo Smith Independent Commission.

As the report read in part:-

The Scottish Professional Football League board is considering pursuing Rangers for £250,000.

The amount relates to a fine levied by an independent Scottish Premier League commission on Rangers Football Club PLC’s (RFC PLC) use of a tax scheme.

SPFL lawyers examined recovering the money under an agreement that led to the transfer of Rangers’ membership of the Scottish FA going ahead.

Any claim to the company’s liquidators would likely yield a smaller amount.

Liquidators BDO are in the process of examining claims of creditors of RFC PLC. Continue reading



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Rangers given no title-stripping guarantee in secret SPL deal – by ecojon

The darkest dirtiest secret in Scottish Football has now been revealed and it will shake the Beautiful Game to its core as well as the Scottish legal system.

Boiled down and stripped of legalese the shameful guarantee states: ‘The SPL hereby undertakes solely and exclusively to Sevco and to no other Person . . . that the SPL shall not . . . take or commence disciplinary proceedings against Sevco . . . in respect of any EBT Payments and Arrangements’.

What is even more incredible is that this deal was struck and distributed with the 5-Way Agreement before Lord Nimmo Smith began his enquiry and before the FTTT announced its verdict on the Rangers tax allegations.

We need clear unequivocal statements by Lord Nimmo Smith and Neil Doncaster and someone, anyone at the SFA who isn’t ‘conflicted’ to reveal the long hidden truth behind the most serious revelation ever to shine daylight on the many dark secrets held in the Hampden bunker. Continue reading


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The SPL Demands Rangers Pay Costs of Nimmo Smith Commission – Or Does It?

One cannot but admire the tenacity and news-finding abilities of that old master of the “inky trades” Mr David Leggat. Yesterday morning’s piece by him revealed that the SPL have asked Rangers to pay the costs of the SPL Independent Commission under Lord Nimmo Smith.

Mr Leggat’s revelation was followed later on by an official reaction from Rangers.

It is fair to say that Mr Leggat’s perception of how Rangers would receive the bill seems spot on.

The official statement, which I quote below, does not make reference to “attack dogs”, an “axis” or bribery. Nor does it seek to label this demand as a last hurrah for a bankrupt league, led into error by the Chief Executive of another team. Continue reading


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Is The Nimmo Smith Commission Decision Binding? Could Rangers Appeal the Verdict or the SPL the Sentence?

After the fun and excitement prompted by the release of the Nimmo Smith Report on Thursday, which found oldco Rangers guilty of “deliberate non-disclosure” and which seems to have been taken by many as an acquittal, various questions arise about where things now go.

Some were prompted by the statement issued by the SPL. It can be read here.

It says, with my comments in bold below the relevant sections:- Continue reading


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Did Lord Nimmo Smith Say Rangers Made “An Honest Mistake” – No! + What about Rangers’ Non-Existent Advice?

I have a wee post re the possibility of an appeal against the Nimmo Smith decision ready for tomorrow morning, but I thought I would pop in to add a short (yes – it will be short) post in response to some comments today.

Adam has been fighting the corner for his team, looking to correct those who, in his view, are misrepresenting the decision of Lord Nimmo Smith.

Sadly I think he may be falling into the same error he is identifying in others.

The following are quotes from Adam tonight:- Continue reading


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