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Two Must-Read Articles About Rangers – “Succulent Lamb” Is Off The Menu

One of the prime motivations of RTC when he/she/they started the Rangers Tax Case blog was that the press, it was considered, had failed to report on the Rangers story accurately over many years. The phrase “succulent lamb” has been coined and is now used as shorthand for the seemingly acquiescent coverage of Rangers over many years.

This weekend however sees straws in the wind with a couple of pieces which do not fall into the “succulent lamb” template.


Tom English of Scotland on Sunday has been one of the mainstream media sources against whom the charge of compliance over the troubled Ibrox times since Craig Whyte appeared is unfounded. For example, he conducted two interviews with Craig Whyte, both of which were reproduced verbatim on the paper’s website. As is often the case in cross-examination, it is best to leave someone condemned by their own words. Continue reading



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