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Who Is the Busiest Person Connected to the Rangers Saga?

There is a large cast of characters, anyone of whom could fit the above description.

You have, of course, the Board, fighting to repel the Rebels.

There are the Rebels/Requisitioners/Petitioners (or whatever title they happen to have depending on precisely what they are doing).

There are then the spin doctors – led by Media House and the undoubted king of “Public Relations and Strategic Communications” in Scotland – Jack Irvine.

There is the person who prepares the various announcements which pop up, thick and fast, on the Stock Exchange website as formal notices from RIFC PLC. Continue reading



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Does Ally McCoist Have a Problem With Graeme Souness?

The annual report of RIFC PLC will provide many happy hours/days/weeks of comment.

It leads off with the business review and the first part of that is the “Football Manager’s Review” by Mr McCoist.

The accounts show that he achieved the world record for the highest wage paid to any football manager in the fourth tier of a national football league – £824,697 for the 13 months to 30th June 2013.

Well done Ally! Continue reading


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Welcome One and All! A Reply to the “Obsessed”!

Every so often there is a burst of activity in the comments on the blog and some of the “old faithfuls” make their reappearances.

Now, unlike others I do not think this is a symptom of some great conspiracy hatched in Ibrox or in the Media House bunker. After all, I commend people like cam, carson, Willy Wonka, Steerpike and the rest as being of a commendably independent spirit.

Interestingly, in the past, these “busy days” have preceded some dramatic event at Ibrox …

WordPress, which is the platform for this blog, has a fun feature. It tells me the people who have made most comments in the last 1,000 on the site. (And as we are now over 85,000 comments since the blog started, these are statistics which reflect recent activity).

Bearing in mind that almost 1,000 of the comments include the word “obsessed” or “obsession”, it is rather ironic that the following list shows the top 7 commenters in the last 1,000. Continue reading


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The Ups and Downs of the Main Players in the Rangers Saga – A Handy Guide

Willy Wonka (which might not be his real name) offered us a comment on the last post which says it all about the present state of internecine squabbling at Ibrox.

A commenter on Paul McConville's Blog gets a bit carried away

A commenter on Paul McConville’s Blog gets a bit carried away

Referring to the return of Mr Irvine and Media House, he wrote:-

“Irvine … has been rehired by Mather and co to spread pro-board stories prior to the AGM/EGM/ whateverM.

He, like the rest of them will be out on his arse shortly.”

So the Board (made up of some of those who “saved” Rangers last year, and of others with significant investment made at or before the IPO) are castigated because they hire a PR expert to represent their interests. On the other hand we have the Rangers Rebels who, it appears, hardly have more shares in Rangers than me!

So, I thought it might be useful to give a quick guide to who is in and who is out at Rangers, and who has been in and out there too. Continue reading


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Rangers Bid Farewell to Charles Green (Again)! But Has He Gone or Is It a Fatal Attraction?

Most readers of the blog will have seen a horror film where the evil monster/zombie (by the way that is not, nor should be taken as, any reference to a “Sevconian”) is killed off but, to then shock of the audience, reappears from the dead.

Many great, and some not so good, films have used that as a plot point. Traditionally, for example, vampires might be killed off but, until the stake is driven through the heart, you can always expect Count Dracula to rise again … and again … and again.

For some reason part of the announcement below from Rangers today brought those images to mind. Continue reading


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