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Six degrees separating a deposed Haitian President and a Rangers Director – by ecojon

I never thought the tangled Rangers web could link a sacked Rangers director to the deposed President of Haiti, recently questioned in court concerning inquiries into a journalist’s murder.

But it looks as though the theory that any person on the planet is connected to any other person through a chain comprising no more than five acquaintances lives to survive another day as the Bears hold their breath waiting for audited accounts.

One thing for sure is that the more I slid down the rabbit-hole the more I realised what a clever move Wee Craigie made by claiming the film rights to the movie – what a blockbuster it will be!

However let’s trace the steps which begin when I failed to find Putney Holdings Ltd which is shown in the TRFCL board minutes of 31 October 2012 as holding 1,000,000 Rangers shares. Putney Holdings sounds as English as cricket, the boat race and warm beer but it isn’t listed at Companies House. Continue reading



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