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Who is above the law? – Guest Post by Glasgow Paul

I have received a heartfelt but hypothetical cri de couer from Glasgow Paul. He would clearly be a troubled man if it were true.

I will leave him to tell you his tale. Something about it seems vaguely familiar…


Let us assume for a minute that I am a petty thief. I have a record for various offences and have been punished on several occasions for my crimes.

It now turns out that I am being accused of murder year after year for about the last ten years! I have a lot of friends however whose income is dependent on me remaining at large. I also bring a lot of income to the country as I and my friends spend a lot of money travelling around from July to May each year. Continue reading



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Rangers-itis – Is It Catching? A Guest Post by Bill

So what is it with Rangers and Ibrox that affects seemingly normal human beings with dementia which should only appear late in life? Much has been made recently about the “toxicity” of Rangers FC but no one would ever have imagined that it might not just be financial but physical as well.

It has long been known that members of the media have been infected by a strain of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease caught by the ingurgitation of vast quantities of succulent lamb but until now it was never suspected that there might be other ways for the disease to be caught.

In the past few months it has come to light that a number of ex-players were unfortunately infected by use of the drug EBT which had been refined using unsafe methods of production. There is some hope that these patients may be cured in the future but their treatment is likely to prove extremely expensive and may involve “hospitalisation” at some time. Continue reading


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