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Rangers Shareholders and a Director Go Missing – Will They “Return”? – by ecojon

Dozens of Rangers investors have been airbrushed from the club’s history which we all know is vitally important to the Ibrox fans. These were the doting parents that gave birth to the new Rangers last year and their dosh became the life-blood flowing through the infant’s previously blue body as it blinked for the first time in the light of day. Little did anyone think back then that Vampires would soon be perched on the dodgy stand roofs.

To deny the existence of the missing investors – a lot of whom prefer to be faceless right enough – is akin to the Rangers club telling the Bears that the Gallant Pioneers had never existed and had never formed The Rangers and like the records of their rowing club had disappeared without trace. So why are the Bears not revolting? A good question IMO.

And it’s not just shareholders that have been consigned to the dustbin of history but even club directors have begun to disappear into the ever increasing ‘black hole’ surrounding Ibrox as the inmates attempt to dig an escape tunnel as they aren’t as fleet of foot as Chuckles and want to slip away under cover of darkness. Continue reading



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Mystery Directors and the Rangers Sevco 5088 Switcheroo by Ecojon

A desperate and long-running battle is being waged over control of Sevco 5088 Ltd which lies at the heart of the ‘WHO OWNS RANGERS’ riddle.

Attempts to send the company to an unmarked watery grave appear to have failed and the Registrar at Companies House has withdrawn documents from public scrutiny which attempted to remove two of the three directors controlling the company.

This story has enormous repercussions for the SFA and the future of Rangers; Ticketus; shareholders of Rangers International Football Club; a London court case next month; the BDO investigation into Rangers; the main players viz Charles Green, Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley.

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James Easdale Now Director of The #Rangers Football Club Limited – Maybe to Help Them Make Returns on Time?

James Easdale, the recently appointed non-executive director of Rangers International Football Club PLC (the company which owns the company which owns the assets and business which make up Rangers Football Club) is a very successful Scottish businessman and entrepreneur. He has a wide experience in business, having served as director of a large number of limited companies.

As required by Stock Exchange Rules, his appointment to the PLC Board was accompanied by an official statement.

However he has also achieved an additional position within the “Blue Room” at Ibrox, which could conflict with his non-executive role. Continue reading


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Imran Ahmad No Longer Director of Rangers Football Club – What About Mr Green?

Imran Ahmad was described in the Rangers International prospectus as one of two “Key Employees”, the other being Ally McCoist, “still the club’s all-time leading goalscorer”.

However he apparently left his role as Commercial Director late in April in the aftermath of the allegations about Craig Whyte’s connections with Charles Green and the suggestion, strongly denied by Mr Green, that Mr Whyte was actually the owner of a Rangers subsidiary company.

Mr Ahmad’s fate was sealed, apparently, when a Rangers fans’ website alleged that he had been posting comments on a message board for Rangers fans, and revealing secret boardroom information, all under the pseudonym “IAmRangers”. Continue reading


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Rangers Confirm Sevco 5088 Is Subsidiary of Rangers PLC + How Long Is “Without Delay”?

Rangers are busy with Stock Exchange announcements. Today comes the following:


22 April 2013

Rangers International Football Club plc

(“Rangers” or the “Company”)

Director Declaration

In accordance with AIM Rule 17 and further to the Company’s admission document dated 7 December 2012, the Company confirms that in addition to the directorships disclosed in the admission document, Charles Green and Brian Stockbridge held directorships in the following companies, each of which is a subsidiary of the Company, at the time of publication of the document:

Charles Green

Rangers Retail Limited

SEVCO 5088 Limited Continue reading


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