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Secret Identity of the SPFL Revealed! It’s the SPL Under a New Name!

I wrote briefly about the blessed union of the SPL and SFL to create the super-duper, all-new, all singing and dancing SPFL.

I looked up Companies House to see if I could locate a company called the “Scottish Professional Football League Ltd” and there it was.

The Scottish Football League was not there but as an association of members it was not listed before.

However, there was no trace amongst active companies of the Scottish Premier League Ltd! Continue reading



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So Farewell SPL + SFL! Long Live SPFL! Record-Breaking Amounts of PR Guff Expected!

The Scottish Premier League is no more. Equally the Scottish Football League has gone. Both have been replaced by the super, new, improved Scottish Professional Football League!

Or have they …

(For that, see my next post!)

I feel though that the passing (apparently) of these famous and historic names should be marked, by referring to the following extracts from the SPL website.

It is fair to say that the power of the combined SPFL to create meaningless PR guff and tosh has increased exponentially as a result of the changes! Continue reading


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Charles Green’s Latest Rangers Statement – 18 Paragraphs – Wrong in 17!

Charles Green’s battle with the SPL and SFA continues. He has released a statement today which manages (almost) to contain at least one error in every single one of its eighteen paragraphs.

Either he is stupid, which he is not, or he has decided to continue to appeal to his core support, trotting out the lines he has repeated a number of times already, and ignoring almost everything said by the Commission, except for one point he grossly misinterprets!

I suspect that the reaction of Rangers fans to this statement would be almost 100% positive.

I wonder if, next time Mr Green appears to answer questions, someone of the press corps will ask him to explain or justify anything in this statement?

Maybe someone will ask him about his statement about the SPL ignoring his lawyers, which was contradicted by the Commission?

Maybe someone will ask why the lawyer for oldco and newco had said he was turning up, and pulled out at the last day?

Probably not… Continue reading


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Neil Doncaster Speaks Out on Financial Fair Play

SPL CEO Neil Doncaster has spoken out on the topic of financial fair play. In a robust statement, he made clear that clubs had to balance their books, and not spend more than they earn. He stated that any club spending more on players than it can afford is automatically gaining a sporting advantage over every other club it competes with.

He made clear the SPL would not turn a blind eye to teams which fail to pay the taxman, their players and other clubs as bills fall due.

He made it clear that all teams would be treated equally, and even-handedly, but that the SPL would not turn away form talking action against clubs who did not comply with the fait play principle. The integrity of the league demanded nothing else. Continue reading


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Rangers FC and the SFA/SPL – No News is No News

Here is one for the conspiracy theorists – have a look at the SPL website. As it stands, there is no mention of Dundee and Club 12 is still listed in the league table and fixture list.

This is despite the press release from the SPL on 16th July following its AGM where it was stated:-

“It was agreed that Dundee FC would be invited to fill the space vacated by Rangers FC in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.”

Maybe someone should check that the invitation turned up at Dens Park! We all know what it’s like to ask someone to a gathering or party, but they fail to arrive as the postal system lost the invitation.

How embarrassing for all concerned if Kilmarnock run out at Rugby Park on 4th August, and Dundee don’t show up, as their invite got lost.

Maybe Neil Doncaster could ring Dundee FC to tell them the good news. Continue reading


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