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The SPL Commission and Rangers – Debunking Myths and Legends – Part 1

Lord Nimmo Smith’s Independent Commission appointed to determine the guilt or innocence of Rangers (oldco and “club”) in connection with four disciplinary charges was due to sit in the coming week, but has been delayed due to the involvement of Rod McKenzie, partner in Harper MacLeod, in a serious road accident.

The reaction to this from the unofficial Rangers side of the fence has been to question why there should be a delay, whilst at the same time disputing the need for the hearing at all. Later I will look at the misconceptions being voiced regarding the postponement, but first I wanted to look at some of the errors about the whole matter.

These are either innocent mistakes, and in that case I hope this exposition helps those who are confused, or deliberate obfuscation, whataboutery and red-herring sowing. It is noticeable that amongst the Rangers supporting bloggerati the same common themes on this issue are raised regularly. I do not suggest that there is a united plan or “conspiracy” regarding this. However it does seem that a number of the observers have taken the same opinions to heart and seek to disseminate them at every turn. Continue reading



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Oldco #Rangers Liquidation Petition Heading for Extra Time?


Some info regarding the progress of the Rangers liquidation hearing before Lord Hodge today.

As with everything in this saga, it is not straightforward.

Three of the issues so far – Continue reading


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Charles Green’s Latest Battle – With Duff & Phelps?

Since Charles Green walked into Ibrox as the new owner of the assets and business of Rangers, he has taken on an aggressive stance against those he perceives as acting against the interests of what he acquired for his investors. He is happy to take on the football authorities, the other clubs and the BBC, all of which has impressed the fans of Rangers and seems to have won many of them over, despite initial misgivings.

According to the Daily Mail today (yes, I know) Mr Green has now a potential battle coming up with someone else. The paper suggests that the dispute regarding sums paid by UEFA to the SFA for use of players in the European Championship qualifiers is complicated, not simply because of the SFA’s refusal, so far, to pay this money to newco, being Mr Green’s company,  rather than to Duff & Phelps, as administrators of oldco. Continue reading


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Whatever Happened to Duff & Phelps and its Conflict of Interest Investigation?

On 22nd June Lord Hodge dealt with a hearing into the administration process of Rangers Football Club PLC (as it then was).

The BBC reported the outcome as follows:-

The issue over any possible conflict of interest was raised by Lord Hodge at a hearing about the administration process on Friday. The judge said he took no view about what the BBC had said, but wanted to know whether Duff and Phelps had obtained and acted on legal advice on the question of conflict of interest. Lord Hodge said he had done nothing until now because he did not want to hinder the process of Rangers seeking a creditors voluntary agreement (CVA).

But, he told the accountants’ lawyers: “There is considerable public interest in this jurisdiction in relation to the administration.”

Lord Hodge added: “I do not want the administration to come to an end without having received that report.”

The report demanded by Lord Hodge is expected to be ready in three weeks and a further court hearing is likely to be arranged after that.

(As a side issue, I will point out that “CVA” is not accurately described above by the BBC, but actually stands for Company Voluntary Arrangement.)

Since June, apart from the declarations at the time by D&P that they welcomed the investigation as being a chance to clear their name (I paraphrase) not much seems to have happened. Continue reading


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The SPL Commission re the Rangers FC – Is It Truly Independent?

Mr McCoist, as long as he reads the papers, looks at the news, or surfs the internet, will not have to issue a demand for names to be named of the SPL Independent Commission looking into alleged wrongdoing by Rangers FC.

The SPL yesterday issued the following statement:-

The Scottish Premier League today announced that the independent Commission to inquire into alleged EBT payments and arrangements made by Rangers in relation to players during the period from 2000 until 2011 will be chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith.

The other members of the independent Commission are Mr Charles Flint QC and Mr Nicholas Stewart QC.

The Commission will determine whether during that period in relation to alleged EBT payments and arrangements for players, Rangers was in breach of the relevant SPL Rules. In the event that the independent Commission decides that such breach or breaches occurred the independent Commission will have powers to determine what sanctions, if any, are appropriate. Continue reading


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