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Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan on the End of the Rangers Tax Case Blog

It is always a pleasure to see a comment from BRTH pop up on my blog.

So that everyone else who reads my ramblings can see his finely crafted and lyrical prose, I have taken his comment from my RTC thread and put it up as a separate post.

Here it is.


Good Afternoon.

A young journalist, Alistair Cooke I think, was setting out in the early days of a career when his then editor gave him some advice….. or perhaps it was an instruction rather than advice.

The tenor of the message was “Bring me the news! I don’t care if it is late – just make sure it is right!”

The author then went on to explain that throughout a career in journalism, the mantra of getting it “right” was always the Golden Rule which had to be followed without deviation or distortion.

Deviation and Distortion are good words. Good– in the sense that Scottish sports journalism, in my opinion, starts each and every morning, and has started each and every morning for some time, in the shadow of deviation and distortion and with a natural instinct to deviate and distort. Continue reading



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The Name “Sevco Scotland Ltd” is Consigned to the History Books – Welcome The Rangers Football Club Ltd!

The following statement came from the Rangers Football Club today.

THE Board is delighted to confirm that the official name of the company that owns Rangers is being changed to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

This process was completed following an Extraordinary General Meeting of ‘oldco’ shareholders today when procedures were approved that enable Sevco Scotland Limited to change its name to The Rangers Football Club Limited. Continue reading


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An Appreciation of the Rangers Tax Case Blog

On 27th March 2011, events of major importance happened all around the world.

The Syrian government deployed the army to the country’s main port to help bring the national unrest to an end – that hasn’t worked.

The Libyan government under Colonel Gaddafi was claiming that it was in charge of the country despite the efforts of the Libyan rebels to capture Sirte – that definitely didn’t work.

Scotland lost 2-0 to Brazil – ah well.

The UK census took place – you could have counted on that.

David Cameron was complaining about demonstrations in London the previous day – plus ca change.

Rangers FC was on the way to winning another SPL title – plus ca change parte deux.

David Murray was negotiating to sell his team to the Motherwell born billionaire, Craig Whyte – we all know how that turned out, thanks to the next entry.

And a new blog appeared on the internet…

Yes, it was then that the Rangers Tax Case Blog first saw the light of day. Continue reading


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Some Last Thoughts on the SPL Share of Amoeba Rangers!

Another in my ongoing series looking at the various implications of the “Entente Cordiale” reached between the various bodies connected with Rangers. This time I am looking at the SPL share.

Bizarrely it seems, if you follow the SPL Articles (ha ha) Rangers Football Club PLC, which is a shell containing no assets, is still a member of the SPL!

That would imply that, like a single cell organism, the process of cell division resulted in there being two “Rangers”, both of them having existed since 1872.  Amoeba Rangers!

A camera captured the moment when The Rangers Football Club (owned by Sevco Scotland Ltd) came into existence …

——————————————————- Continue reading


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Trip Back In Time – Craig Whyte’s 1st Interview as Rangers Owner 8/5/11

In the light of the Rangers FC owned by Sevco Scotland Ltd having played its first match yesterday, I will have some comments re the post match views of the Chairman and the CEO.

As a contrast, I thought I would have a look at one of Mr Whyte’s earliest forays into the public arena.


Those balmy early summer days of 2011 seem now so long ago. Do you recall when Craig Whyte appeared on the Scottish football scene, a veritable Ozymandias ( that’s for you mick 🙂 ).

He gave an interview to the Herald, described as his first as owner. I present some extracts from it below. Some might suggest that this ranks with the most succulent of succulent lamb pieces, but, to be fair, no one, apart from the Rangers Tax Case Blog, some Celtic message boards, Andy Muirhead at Scotzine, some Rangers message boards and the Board of Directors of Rangers Football Club PLC saw anything to doubt in Mr Whyte.

It almost seems astonishing that someone could appear as Mr Whyte did, and carry out a huge, but legal, confidence trick on almost all of Scotland. I suspect that some of the vehement reaction to him now comes from Rangers FC supporters annoyed at being duped by him. Continue reading


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