Monthly Archives: June 2012 Ltd Operates “Rangers” Website Under Director Donald McIntyre. Could It Be Sued by Liquidator?

In which I wonder about the operator of the “Rangers” website, and am rather surprised to see who the only Director is. I also look at the possibility that the liquidator of Rangers Football Club PLC could end up taking court action for payment against Ltd, now owned, presumably, by one variant of Sevco.  I am also happy to see that Mr Green is quicker with his forms than Mr Whyte was. Finally I consider whether there is the slightest possibility that the administrators could have missed the chance of raising additional sums for creditors.


The website is the official website of Rangers Football Club. The terms and conditions of the site state:-

“This website is operated by Limited (“”), a joint venture between Rangers Football Club and Perform.”

“Perform” is still listed at the bottom of each page of the site as “powering” the site.

As Ltd is a separate company, I thought I would have a wee look to see how it has got on, and what its present status is. Continue reading



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Sevco Rangers Bankers Revealed! Sevco Not Taking Direct Debits for Season Tickets


A new statement from Sevco’s finance directors, Brian Stockbridge today.

My comments are in Bold.

“Over the last few days it has become apparent that there is confusion regarding direct debit arrangements for season tickets. This has arisen primarily because new direct debit arrangements had to be put in place following the creation of the new company. Supporters have given us valuable feedback on this issue saying they are unclear on whether their direct debit instructions were tied to the old company in administration or the new company.

All understandable concerns, but hadn’t Mr Stockbridge clarified these issues yesterday?

  Continue reading


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A Look at the Sevco Scotland Website – aka – The Spin-Meisters Take Over

In which I have a look at the website and see that the Barnum style season ticket promotion is in full swing, and that the website is putting across the message that all is well – steady as she goes. I also offer a few thoughts about season tickets, and what power they give, which is not what people have been claiming.

Steady as she goes!

The Power of This Blog  🙂

If I had a grand conceit, I would think that a change to the website was due to a blog post I wrote recently. However, I am not claiming the influence to effect such a change. It is noteworthy, at least to me anyway, that the small print at the bottom of the webpages no longer mentions that the Rangers Football Club PLC is being run by the administrators, but it now says the following:- Continue reading


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Latest Plan to Save “Rangers” Is An Abdication of Responsibility by the Football Authorities

In which I offer a few thoughts on the SFL plan to save Scottish football by putting “Rangers” into SFL1. It does not impress me…

In 2010 the former First Minister, Henry McLeish, was commissioned to prepare a major report into the state and future of Scottish football. His report is very comprehensive and accessible on the SFA website. It included recommendations that the SPL and SFL should merge to have one unified four-division league structure. There were dozens of proposals and theories, backed up by research and evidence.

It was announced to great fanfare in 2010, and then…

It is not true to say that nothing happened, but nothing noticeable. The football authorities might have been working away vigorously in the background on the plan, but there was little outward sign. In the same way as Royal Commission reports provide lots of interesting material, and a fine set of bound volumes for the library shelf, but no action, the McLeish Report seemed destined for the same fate.

Then, for no apparent reason ( 😉 ) the football authorities had the scales fall from their eyes. They had a Damascene conversion. Suddenly they were inspired by the path of righteousness. Mr McLeish’s report was dusted off and action commenced! Continue reading


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Sevco 5088 Ltd, Sevco Scotland Ltd and RFC 2012 Ltd – Which One Claims to Be Rangers?

In which I wonder where Ibrox, Murray Park, players and the SPL share all fit within what seems to be becoming a complicated corporate structure under the control of Mr Green.

In addition, as of yesterday, Companies House had not been notified of new directors for Sevco 5088 Ltd, or Sevco Scotland Ltd. Hopefully Mr Green will not have the same problems with forms that his predecessor Mr Whyte had. Although the formation of RCF 2012 Ltd might suggest otherwise!


As I posted yesterday, Duff & Phelps made it clear that they had a binding contract with Sevco 5088 Ltd to sell it the business and assets of Rangers Football Club PLC. However, the fixed assets (land and buildings) are being registered in the name of Sevco Scotland Ltd. I wonder which company will pay the Stamp Duty Land Tax? Continue reading


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