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Why Won’t the Media Mention “Charlotte Fakes” and Her Rangers Documents?

Back in May I wrote about “Charlotte Fakes”. 

Charlotte seemed to have gained access to a huge amount of information relating to Rangers and to the takeover shenanigans of the last couple of years, including tape recordings of various discussions between the parties.

Despite a great deal of discussion online, the mainstream media has devoted little or no attention to the documents themselves, or to the “revelations” contained in them.

As I wrote in May:-

the source of the documents themselves, if genuine, is important. Are they being leaked by a party or someone close to the issue? Were they found by legitimate investigation or discovered abandoned in a bin? Has someone hacked a computer, or broken in to a filing cabinet?

I have no idea and therefore, until the provenance is established, I won’t devote the time to detailed analysis, simply to avoid wasting my efforts should the documents turn out to be as genuine as the Zinoviev Letter or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I have read suggestions since then that there is a “conspiracy of silence” about what Charlotte has been releasing, and that, in some way, people have been “nobbled” to stop them commenting. Continue reading



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Shock News – Rangers Take on New Coach and Snub the Easdales!

It has all gone very quiet regarding the boardroom upheavals at Ibrox. You will recall that in May there was a requisition for an EGM. This ought to have taken place by, at the latest, next week. However on 6th June Rangers International Football Club PLC announced that the timetable had been extended whilst discussions went on with the shareholders who wanted the EGM.

The purpose was to remove Mr Murray as Chairman (which has already happened) but also from the Board, along with Mr Cartmell.

They were then to be replaced by James Easdale and Chris Morgan.

Nothing official has been announced although the press have made various comments on leaks and rumours about who is to be elevated.

However the peace which seemed to have descended over Ibrox might now be disturbed, and the story which will cause this is brazenly displayed on the front page of the Rangers website. Continue reading


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Exclusive – Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill’s New Blueprint for Scottish Justice**

My sources close to Crown Office and the Justice Department have been able to locate for me the working draft of Mr MacAskill’s latest press release, designed to accompany the next stage of his proposals to “modernise” and “improve” Scottish criminal law.

After all, this follows a week where the Bill bringing to an end the need for corroboration in Scottish prosecutions has been published, despite the united opposition of the judiciary, the Faculty of Advocates and the Law Society of Scotland and where the future of the “not proven” verdict has again been placed under scrutiny, with the clear intention that it disappear too.

The draft below might never see the light of the day, and there are clearly a few parts for the Minister to tidy up. Maybe the Justice Secretary will decide that the latest proposals might be far enough to go.

Or maybe we will wake up soon to see the following in our morning papers… Continue reading


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An Apology to Mr McCoist – He Must Have Known There Would Be No Player Limit Next Season

One of the running themes here on my blog since the appearance of Rangers in SFL3 was the unfortunate effect on them of the unfair rules (which whilst applicable to all 30 SFL clubs were clearly targeted at Rangers) dealing with player registrations etc. The limit on the number of players aged over 21 registered by an SFL team only seemed to affect Rangers.

As last season ended, and we geared up for the coming season, Rangers were associated with almost every free agent and prospective free agent footballers who had any link with Scotland. Various signings have already been made to ensure that Rangers can make their way through the third tier successfully. After all, Mr McCoist identified that he needed around ten new players to ensure success over the footballing giants of Arbroath, Ayr and Airdrie. Continue reading


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In the Name of “Sporting Integrity” Should the SPFL Relegate Hearts?

The SPL, earlier this week, issued a statement regarding Hearts.

Following Heart of Midlothian plc lodging a Notice of Intention to Appoint an Administrator with the Court of Session in Edinburgh on 17 June 2013, the SPL confirmed that a number of sporting sanctions have been applied to the club.

An SPL spokesperson said: “As Heart of Midlothian is subject to an Insolvency Event, a 15 point deduction will be applied to its total points in the League Championship for next Season 2013/14.  In addition, Heart of Midlothian is subject to an embargo on Registering Players with the SPL whilst in administration.”

There are a couple of thoughts about this.

First of all, how does the change at some point before next season from the SPL to the SPFL affect this? If the 15 point penalty which is based on 1/3 of the points gained in the preceding season is an SPL rule (as it is) how does this carry across to the SPFL? Continue reading


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