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The Ups and Downs of the “Rangers Bloggers” – Civil War is Always More Brutal

Historically civil wars and internecine strife have often been more brutal than conflicts between sovereign nations.

Whether we go back to the US Civil War, which cost the lives of more American soldiers than any conflict before or since, or look at the conflicts brought into the open with the crumbling of the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, there seems to be more viciousness exchanged between neighbours than across national frontiers.

Cambodia, China, Russia, many African nation-states – the hatred and violence exceeds wars where patriotism for one’s country can unite a country against another.

(That is not to say that war between nations is civilised and genteel. It is clearly not.)

If we look at the present “conflict” for the soul of Rangers, we can see similar signs – of conflict rather than violence of course. Continue reading


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I Have Been Nominated For An Award!

I must thank the charming and level headed star of TV and blogging, Chris Graham, for letting me know that I have been listed as a nominee for an award!

It is not the BAFTAs (or even the BASTAs – despite what some of my fans over on Bill McMurdo’s blog might think).

In fact it is the Maley’s Bhoys Twitter Awards!

The post explaining about it is here. Continue reading


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