Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Le Carre, Whyte and Russell Grant – by Brogan, Rogan, Trevino & Hogan

Good Morning,

Many people get out of their bed each morning, have a shower, grab some breakfast,throw on some clothes,brush their teeth,grab their coat,their bag and whatever other paraphernalia they choose to carry and head out of the door towards their daily toil.

Many travel by car, however, even more use public transport and so find themselves sitting on a bus, a train and in some cases even an aeroplane.

Those who are not driving may read the paper or a magazine,or in this age of smart devices it is more likely that they will consult what is commonly referred to as their phone— a generic name for a device which has long since ceased to be merely a phone in the sense of the Alexander Graham Bell device where you dial a number and speak to someone at the other end of the line.

Today, a phone can do all sorts of things including record a conversation if innocently left on a table top. What’s more, if you really want to be James Bond you can now openly buy specialist phones– they look like phones, perform like phones , but also have that extra capability to record any sound in any room in which they are left in, are voice activated, and can even transmit the conversation automatically to another device under the control of the person who deployed the “spy phone” in the first place.

However, most people– those sitting on the bus or the train– don’t deploy spyphones or record other people’s conversations– they use the “phone ” for much more mundane reasons. They watch video, read a paper online, send a text or two, place a bet, tweet, facebook,do their shopping and– god forbid— post the odd blog comment!!

However, many many people do something else– something totally odd perhaps, but something that has become an accepted part of everyday life and society, so much so it is an activity that is to be found in the majority of newspapers, has had its own slot on TV, has made many specialists bundles of money. Yet it is an activity that passes many by without a second thought– as it is not unusual, suspicious,criminal,offensive or anything else— but is undoubtedly slightly………odd! Yet it is carried out on the train in full public gaze— every single day!

What is this activity?

It is that habitual checking of your horoscope!!!

Yes— Millions of us consult whatever paper or magazine is to hand and decide to check out those few column inches which may just reveal what the day or the week or the month holds for us. Many, as I have said above, carry out the same process by use of the “Phone”— off we go, on line, via satellites in the sky– we consult the stars!!!

Now, stop and think about this process. Whilst we may well read what all the Russell Grants of this world have to say, the Very same Russell Grants have to consult the stars and the signs and whatever else, decipher what is being said in the heavens and then write it all down, get it to their editor and have it published all in advance of the morning train or bus ride.

And of course— the few lines concerned will tell you what is going to happen in the future– or what you should do in the future– or how you should act in accordance with their prediction of the future. That is what reading the horoscope is all about— interpreting the future, reacting to it, and maybe even possibly influencing it!

I have no idea whether Craig Whyte consults his horoscope on a daily basis, and given his nomadic Date of Birth on Company House forms, I have no way of knowing if he consults one horoscope or two? Nor do I know if he believes that in Chinese Horoscopology he was born in the year of the dog or the monkey or the… whatever!

What I do know, is that anyone who, as they are going out the door of a morning, grabs a recording device with the intention of using it in a covert fashion to record a conversation of a sensitive nature, is intent on potentially influencing the future in some way. They are not intent on preserving something for posterity by way of a memento. They are intent on preserving certain information so that they can use it should the need arise……. at some time in the future!

So with that in mind, why would wee Craigy tape a conversation in a restaurant many many months ago, keep it up his conjurer’s sleeve for a period and decide to release it to the BBC– yes the very same BBC that he spent money on threatening with legal action as a result of the same reporter’s panorama programme— at this point in time?

Perhaps it is because the future– or part of it at least– has arrived and now is the time to influence the possible alignment of the stars.

As a matter of practice, Duff & Phelps have to prepare a report on the company that is under and has been under Administration. Such a report is bog standard practice. The terms of reference for such a report are also bog standard– and it includes as standard The Administrators report on the conduct of the Directors of the company prior to its going into Administration.

If the Administrator concludes that the Director or Directors have been naughty boys and girls then the powers that be can send them to the naughty step and prevent them from being Directors in the future– either permanently or for a period. Craigy boy has been on this naughty step before you will recall.

However, if the Directors have been very naughty indeed, then a period on the naughty step may well be far too mild a punishment, and a far more draconian sanction may be the order of the day. It may be that– to use an old fashioned school boy type analogy— rather than a period on the naughty step, the naughty director may just be introduced to the old fashioned school punishment that was made famous by the town of Lochgelly in Fife.

However, if the naughty schoolboy can persuade the teacher with the Lochgelly in hand that the prefect who was charged with overseeing him and who has now reported him for all sorts of poor behaviour– was actually involved in and participated in the naughty activity concerned– then this deflects and undermines the quality and reliability of the reporting prefect– and indeed may well move the teacher on to consider an even greater breach of trust— leaving the naughty schoolboy with a lesser wrath to face.

Earlier this week, a newspaper report confirmed that D&P had completed and submitted their report into the conduct and the affairs of Rangers PLC and its directors for the 3 years prior to the date of Administration.

That report will have gone to the DTI and in this case possibly to the Court of Session where we know that Paddy (Lord) Hodge has taken a keen interest in these affairs and indeed the abilities of, and potential conflicts surrounding, D&P.

Well, wouldn’t you know it— just about the same time, The Monaco based recluse just happens to pop up in a BBC interview and waves about a secretly taped conversation with one of the prefects which shows,he claims, that the big boys did it and really did run away!

I hate to say it but was that just not written in the stars?

There was a well known Glasgow solicitor I used to know in the days when some solicitors were real characters, He is long since dead alas, however, he used to have a big wooden sign on his desk which all of his clients couldn’t help see when they entered his office.

It read: ” Never trust your own clients!”.

Craig Whyte knows where the bodies are buried– but he also knows who committed the murder, who drove the car, who dug the grave, handed out the shovels and helped cover it up. He undoubtedly skirts round the truth, but also mixes his deceptions with the actual truth or slivers of the truth— that is the nature of the beast.

Now, he is attempting– by fair means or foul– to play the role of the honourable schoolboy to use a John le Carre title as an analogy. He has consulted his horoscope, seen what the future possibly holds, decided he didn’t like it much and decided to start playing those cards which may shape that future to his best advantage and to try and ensure that the naughty step is as far as it goes for him.

The problem with Le Carre’s honourable schoolboy is that he made too many mistakes and too many enemies along the way– and he dies in the end.

Of course another feature of Le Carre’s account of this world of secret tapes, clandestine meetings and attempted deceptions is the constant presence of……. well George (Hector) Smiley—- The G man, The HMRC man, the man who is used to and who anticipates many a move by those who seek to further their own ends at the expense of…….. the Government.

George…. Hector….. lurks constantly in the background shadows……. watching….. watching…….. watching— and he continues to do so to this day!


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37 responses to “Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Le Carre, Whyte and Russell Grant – by Brogan, Rogan, Trevino & Hogan

  1. widowtwankie

    is there a podium on this site?
    nice one brth

  2. Thomas

    Splendid read!
    I await a Sevco invasion on Saturday, mon the Clyde!

  3. JohnBhoy

    If Duff & Phelps have upset their yankee masters then their future will be orange. Orange jumpsuit in Quantanamo Bay.

  4. redetin

    Ye hiv tae laugh:

    Barney Google, with the goo-goo-goo-ga-ly eyes.
    Barney Google is the luckiest of guys.
    If he fell in to the mud, he’d come up with a diamond stud.
    Barney Google with the goo-goo-goo-ga-ly eyes.

  5. allyjambo

    Excellent read, BRTH. I like the suggestion that Whyte read the future and knew how to prepare for it. No doubt his Green version wishes he could do that too.

  6. JimBhoy

    Jabba has his usual ignorant say…

    This seems like a hurried, quickly written piece that doesn’t say anything at all, cow’s @rse as usual.. Maybe he has an extended flexi time system and can start work when he wants.

    He states:
    “… is an offence under company law to use a company’s assets to pay for the purchase of it.”

    I am sure this is bollox, You can buy a company who has 500k in the bank by buying the majority of the shares or company worth 51% and then using the cash in bank to finance the other 49% purchase, ask Mr Glazer..

    He mentions potential D&P corruption and states the obvious without any incrimination of D&P’s sale of the club and assets to Chico and screwing over of the creditors in doing so..These 2 facts are the main root points in all of this.

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      Jabba is a spent force as the likes of Murray now begins to think over all the executive dining room chats which interspersed the chewing of the succulent lamb which has now been revealed to have contained not only a lot of fat and gristle and hard-to-digest content but a tendency to publicly regurgitate at inopportune moments.

  7. JohnBhoy

    Jabba’s doing everything to protect his meal ticket SDM and Rangers (
    – “Craig Whtye is the man responsible for Rangers’ downfall”. Not SDM or media complicity?
    – “Whyte…was the man who trashed Rangers’ cherished history”. Anti-catholic signing policy, riots in Manchester, sectarian songs, death threats, no paying taxes, cheated titles… Cherished?

    The dark forces of Mordor have been stung into action. They have no option. Craig is flushing them all out. Jabba, Duff & Phelps, SDM, Charlie… I hear the sound of panic. Hell mend them.

    • ecojon

      @ JohnBhoy

      I love Jabba’s final comment: ‘Grier and one or two others should also be questioned’.

      Oh really, well when is the self-proclaimed Voice of Scottish Football going to get his asp in gear and earn his pay cheque?

      • JohnBhoy

        A reporter that doesn’t ask pertinent questions or informs the readership brings nothing to the debate. Worse, one that suffers from a constant bout of larynxgersitus and desperately tries to throw the reader of the scent is a complete and utter disgrace to his profession.

  8. cmh64

    Great read BRTH.

  9. ecojon

    What an excellent read – funny but incisive – the best of combinations.

    Hector lurks and watched everyone as should the ultimate guardian of the public purse.

    But I wonder how far back Craigie was turned and became a double-agent? I accept it’s a leap into the dark and fanciful but who, 6 months ago, would have thought that we’d be here today with this unravelling the way it has.

    I really am beginning to think that Craigie isn’t so much after money or not being struck-off – he wants immunity from prosecuton and the only way he gets that is fingering everyone he can.

    These are much more financially lucrative targets for Hector than wee Craigie and to crack a case like this for HMRC will provide the ultimate career enhancement for a lot of Hectors.

    And you are right – timing is all – let final reports be done so they are cast in stone and then sling the arrows and stones. The huge American-based D&P bought the london-based MRC – who Whyte originally dealt with – less than a year ago on 31 October 2011. An auspicious date in astrological as well as cultural and religious terms 🙂

    And always remember when stargazing on All Hallows Eve that it is darkest before the cock crow of dawn and the advent of All Saints’ Day and despite Craigie’s recent conversion he won’t be allowed entry to that particular pantheon

    However perhaps we should mark Craigie’s ascent on the day of Old Halloween which is reached when the sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio – a vibrant astrological ‘power point’ symbolized by the Eagle – which has well and truly landed in a flurry of bangs and fireworks 🙂

  10. JimBhoy

    @Ecojon Henry Hill – Goodfellas,…

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      Absolutely spot-on. wikipedia stated: Henry Hill Jr. (June 11, 1943 – June 12, 2012) was a New York City mobster. Between 1955 and 1980, Hill was associated with the Lucchese crime family. After he turned FBI informant in 1980, Hill testified against Lucchese captain Paul Vario and James Burke, both of whom were convicted on multiple charges. Hill’s life story was documented in the true crime book Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family by Nicholas Pileggi.[6] In Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film adaptation, Goodfellas.

      All we need to do is change the name of the original book to: ‘Life in the Rangers Family: From Within’. And before Phil grabs it for one of his many follow-ups yet to come – I bag the copyright 🙂

  11. JimBhoy

    Here’s a question: Your new business owner, chairman, ceo, whatever, comes in and then says to the accounts dept, do not pay Tax or NI from now on… Would whomever runs the accounts/finance department not be obliged to suggest otherwise and or raise alarm bells? Who would that have been under Whyte’s tenure ?

    • redetin

      This is a good point and one that has been raised before. Any org of this size will have a Finance Director, and a Finance Department with Finance Manager, Head of Accounts, Payroll clerk and no doubt several others, each with different authorities. The large cheques or electronic payments probably needed to be authorised at Director level. So there is a line of several people who were in a position to raise concerns. Any CA would be expected as a professional requirement to have this matter out with his manager, or his legal department or with his Professional Institution, and to put his or her concerns in writing.

  12. JimBhoy

    Looks like Leggo is behind the times today or has adopted Chico/Sally tactics of ignoring the real stories and trying to spin another.. He wants Regan sacked and has the backing of the Tartan army apparently.. leggo is the biggest joke figure amongst the Rangers fans and that takes quite a bit of doing… As long as there is the likes of leggo in the public eye and others like him, rangers will always be in the crapper…

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      Gawd that is heavy-going I applaud you as you obviously got much further than me before my brain cells imploded.

      He has become an irrelevance to the Rangers support since failing to fatally wound chico and starve him out on the ST front. He then totally destroyed himself by saying they should then support chico and seemingly not having recognised that was actually what the vast majority of Bears had already decided to do for a variety of reasons.

      You can never be a leader when the masses have already decided they are marching in a different direction – I’m sure there must be a Chinese proverb along these lines and if not there should be. For the moment I will stick with my old favourite: ‘When in the Sea of the people: Swim like a fish’.

      I think the few that supported him for Old Time’s sake finally threw in the towel over his new book ad when they were desperately hoping against hope he was going to release the news that they had ‘won’ the BTC.

      • Maggie

        @ Jimbhoy & Ecojon
        Guys, STOP reading leggo,I know it’s irresistible for a laugh,but it only
        leads him to believe he’s relevant and, to quote that other Maggie, “gives him the oxygen of publicity”

        • ecojon

          @ Maggie

          Tbh as someone else posted here the more publicity he gets the better as ordinary Scots will recognise him not only for what he is but what he represents which is an anathema to the vast majority of decent society.

          I never ever laugh at his comments – I study them like the voodoo doctor picking over chicken entrails because hidden away in plain sight is lots of info because Leggo has links to many important sources in Rangers who have found him useful in the past for rabble-rousing.

          But charlie green has come along and proven to be a much better communicator with a certain section of the Ibrox support and that is what has destroyed leggo’s relevancy with that same support which used to form part of his constituency.

          I know that some will think they recognise the following as an apocryphal story but in my first job I did express surprise to the director I worked under – sounds great doesn’t it 🙂 Meant I got his cups of tea, fags and papers in the main. But what it taught me very early in my career was a vital lesson that information was power and being close to the levers of power provided access to information.

          However, I digress, so back to the director. When I brought his morning papers in to him they included the Morning Star amongst the DT, Times and FT and the Glasgow Herald, Scotsman and P&J and wanting to impress as to how observant I was I said I think the shop has made a mistake but they said you always get it.

          The answer was: ‘Of course I do, you should always know what your enemies are thinking’.

          Good advice which I have followed all of my life and I will again repeat my favourite Chinese proverb: ‘When in the Sea of the People: Swim like a fish’.

          Craigie seems to have also now adopted that credo and who knows what other gems of Confuscism or even confusion he has yet to broadcast.

          • Maggie

            @ ecojon
            Not wishing to doubt your veracity eco,but the Morning Star incident is a bit of an apocryphal story,I’ve most definitely read or heard a version of it somewhere else.Maybe your former boss read or heard it and thought it sounded like something he should use to impress his new employee.
            That aside,I agree that it’s best to know what your enemy is thinking,but as leggo is so far out on the margins now,I doubt even the bears give him much credence.
            I must admit to being unfamiliar with your favoured Chinese proverb eco,and the nearest approximation to it I could find was from Chairman Mao………..”the guerilla must move among the people as a fish swims in the sea”. Maybe like your former boss,Mao adapted an already widely used proverb for his own purposes,but am,of course,willing to stand corrected.
            I don’t know if you’re familiar with this aphorism. “The definition of character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking”
            I first became aware of it when reading and interview with Tom Watson the golfer.He said that his father instilled this in him as his own personal creed.I thought at the time what a succinct and simple philosophy and,like you eco,I quote it and use it often.However,I subsequently found out that it wasn’t only the personal creed of the Watsons,but was from a longer statement by JC Watts an African American Republican Congressman. ( I’ll leave you to google the rest )
            It seems that the provenance of well worn and well used proverbs,aphorisms etc are perhaps less attributable than we think.

          • Drew Adamson

            I think the proverb you are looking for is “When you fall into a river, it is best to swim downstream.”

  13. Mick

    @Brth what a great read nice to see a article from you agian ,a dident know the naughty step was from lochgelly fife and that LH is a Patrick fantastic ,a think whytes got lots of tapes he seems real at ease in the chat with Grier almost as if he’s enjoying it

  14. ecojon

    @ mick

    Great pic here to put Craigie’s heid on and caption: Craigie’s dinner date check’s for hidden devices – or something like that. He’s even wearing a grey suit.

  15. mick

    whytes as fly as a fox it would not surprise me if paul baxendale and walker had tapes of some of them lol hes well fly hes off load more material at the sun so we will just have to wait and see his next card he plays

  16. mick

    hing along the lines of this lol

  17. ecojon

    Couldn’t resist lifting the undernoted from the Scotsman comments page on the very late posted Craigie story.

    It’s a pity you got knocked out of the Pawnbrokers Cup.
    The Brass Baws would have been a good match for your Brass Necks.
    HH 125 years and still going strong

  18. ecojon

    And while on the Scotsman I came across this historical gem of the succulent lamb which must have been red-hot when devoured in June 2010 with a journo fed straight from the hand of a now fallen Cheap Leader:

    the piece dealt with Murray being in no hurry to sell the club and only to someone of good character – seems he was right about CW in the end – however the article adds: ‘He (Murray) is also careful with what he owns. He is treating Rangers like the bottles of fine wine that are maturing in one of his cellars in Burgundy. There is no need to rush anything. The readiness is all.

    ‘Indeed, it was only ever a possibility that he would sell Rangers. It was one that, in the present financial climate, had to be considered slender indeed. And given Murray’s history with Rangers, given his emotional ties, the possibility was reduced to a sliver.’

    And this is what passes for journalism in Scotland. But the article was useful in other ways to jog the memory, especially on Ibrox property development, in the timeline supplied:

    6 Mar 2010: Rangers confirm Murray is “considering options” regarding his shareholding following reports a consortium headed by London-based property developer Andrew Ellis is preparing a takeover offer.

    8 Mar: Rangers confirm Murray is in takeover talks with “certain interested parties”, including Ellis, that “may lead to an offer or offers for the entire issued share capital of the club”.

    3 May: Ellis claims that if his reported takeover bid of 33million goes through, he will give Smith a new contract and offer the role of life president to Murray.

    25 May: Murray and Ellis meet – and later the same day the club announces it has agreed a new business plan with the bank.

    15 June: Taken off market.

  19. mick

    Alex thomson on twitter alex thomson‏@alextomo

    Rangers and intimidation – victims speak exclusively to #c4news tomorrow

  20. spurtle

    Reblogged this on spurtle and commented:
    “Craig Whyte knows where the bodies are buried– but he also knows who committed the murder, who drove the car, who dug the grave, handed out the shovels and helped cover it up.”

  21. COYBIG

    Exclusive footage of Charlie and Imran this morning, after a bad nights sleep from worrying, about what other conversations Craig Whyte might have recorded:

  22. manandboy

    Could you check your charts please – Is it also written ‘in the stars’ that one celestial body known as the Act of Union and created some 305 years ago, was ever since meant to collide (nearly) with another, RFC, created in 1872, and that together (almost), with or without having any influence on the other, they should both be terminated in the same moment of history.
    Back to the future . . . . .
    Well, you started it!

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