I Have Been Nominated For An Award!

I must thank the charming and level headed star of TV and blogging, Chris Graham, for letting me know that I have been listed as a nominee for an award!

It is not the BAFTAs (or even the BASTAs – despite what some of my fans over on Bill McMurdo’s blog might think).

In fact it is the Maley’s Bhoys Twitter Awards!

The post explaining about it is here.

The voting page is here.

I have a nomination as Best Blogger.

This seems to be proof, apparently, that I am a Rangers hater and a Celtic fan on the basis that I have been nominated for an award on a website I have never looked at till last night and about which I did not know until Mr Graham’s tweet.

RTC managed to win the Orwell Prize but, to prevent me winning it this year the Orwell Prize Committee decided not to have a “Best Blogger” prize this year. (That is a joke. I am NOT suggesting that I would have been within a million miles of an Orwell Prize. I will just have to wait till my book is short-listed. 🙂 )

I will now scour the internet to see if I can get myself nominated for any other awards. When do Follow Follow and Rangers Media give out their prizes?

By the way, I do not mention this simply to have people vote for me. I see that, as matters stand, RTC, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan are ahead of me, all of whom richly deserve the accolade.


All we need is Bob McKenzie and his swingometer to monitor the last few days of voting!

It all brings to mind a song


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179 responses to “I Have Been Nominated For An Award!

    • mick

      @barcabuster massive news the web is untangling allthough no concrete evidence you can see a web of deciet deflect and off shore galore the fit and proper test will hunt the sfa forever lol

      • cam

        Good work mick “no evidence” but webs of deceit.Ever thought of a career in law mick?

        • mick

          cam there all mates whyte green and all the rest if you cant see it via companys and asocates then your head is in the sand your club is owned by spivs whytes mates

          • http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news? pid=newsarchive&sid=aHzsaH4m5UiE. Here is the link to total Mick. It’s above me but I hope it helps. Don’t get carried away though, remember there is a wee matter of Juve to attend to tomorrow. We better get on with it before the SFA manage to get us all papped oot!

          • cam

            If all your theories come true mick then i’ll be your labourer on the Govan Tesco site.I don’t think you could match my pace though!

            • mick

              cam with allthe asbestois on the site a dont think tesco will want it when it closes it will just be locked up and hazzards signs put up all round it the hse should do this anyway as the stadium is a risk to public health due to above mentioned

        • It is over my head cam, but is it really just a massive coincidence, that all of these Russian dolls, all seem to have the same people at the heart of them? There are financial transactions between these dolls, which surely is all a bit overly complicated and covert. It may, or may not, be all above board, but if I was a Sevco shareholder, I would certainly want to know what is happening. And tbh, if sevco go belly up again, the SFA goes with them this time. The game in Scotland is financially strained, as such, every club in Scotland should be concerned. This maze threats of winding up orders and unpaid bills is no good for anybody. And it is all eminating from within these dolls. It should not be dismissed so lightly.

      • Asian-oriented Tembusu Investments Limited said Religare Capital Markets has resigned as the company’s nominated adviser and broker, effective from December 14. The shares will be suspended under…
        Mick….CG’s former employers were Religare Capital where he was head of the Dubai operation. He was oddly never an FSA approved person.

  1. Adam

    Barclays taking a battering on Panorama re tax. Sheikh Mansour all over the programme. Look forward to mcfc thoughts or perhaps a guest blog on it explaining everything.

    • mick

      did they mention oldco

      • Mick, that link to total appears to have been removed. I don’t know if there is any significance to that, but it definitely proved Stockbridge, Chan, and were there together. Fortunately I emailed it to myself, so still have it! Being a bit of a techno numptie, I don’t know how to post it.

    • RayCharles

      Hi Adam,

      I posted this the other night but you probably didn’t see it.

      It was in reply to something Cam said.

      I thought it was worth reposting as it relates to the point you raise about MUFC and whether there will be a lot of debate and analysis about the club and its tax affairs.

      The answer is no. This is because it is a club in another country.

      While events at MUFC are interesting, it is not really of much concern to your average Scottish football fan.

      The collapse of Scottish football’s most successful club is of far more interest.

      As I said to Cam;

      People are talking about Rangers in pubs and online because it is the the most sensational sports story in Scottish football history.

      But it is also transcends sport. The events at Ibrox created a tsunami of court stories, financial stories, political stories and human interest stories.

      Then there is the amazing cast of characters accumulated along the way. Where do you even start?

      You could start with Peter Cummings, Gavin Masterton and David Murray.

      But most people joined in for Craig Whyte, Duff and Duffer, Bill Miller, Bill Ng, Brian Kennedy and Mr Custard.

      Now it’s Charles Green and Jim Traynor.

      It is all so fascinating. It is like a souped-up soap opera being played out in real-life.

      It reminds me of the Tommy Sheridan trials. I was also intrigued by those events as it involved politics, sex, journalism, law and accusations of treachery and deceit. That case certainly had some colourful characters thrown in to the mix as well.

      From my perspective, if you live in Scotland and are interested in politics and current events then you should have been intrigued by the Sheridan trial.

      That’s why I think that if you live in Scotland and are interested in football and current events then it would be strange not to be mesmerised by events at Ibrox.

      When Rangers settle back into boring fiscal and footballing normality then my interest will be piqued elsewhere.

      That does not make me a “Rangers hater”, in my book.

      I am often wrong but I genuinely think closely following events at Ibrox makes me a “normal” person.

      Obviously, if I am wrong that makes me abnormal.

      If that is the case then I can only apologise for my bizarre obsession.

      • cam

        I did wonder why the poster, mcfc, got himself so het up about a football club in another country, and was lambasted for it.
        If any English club was suffering some kind of Gers scenario it wouldn’t interest me in the slightest.I certainly wouldn’t start posting on Reg Baker Smiths blog on random thoughts and hunt down opposing fans.
        Ah well ,takes every king of people.

        • raycharlez

          Just as a follow up, it has been pointed many times that the unfolding events at Ibrox reminded many people of the US sitcom Soap.

          Confused? You won’t be, after this week’s episode of…Soap.”

          Wll Charles Green still be hailed a hero? Will Timmy Thomson turn up the heat? Will bumbling Bomber Brown have been right all along? Will arch-villain Craig Whyte reappear? Will shining knight Sir David escape Scot free? Will BDO spring a surprise? Will Chang Fook Meng throw a Singapore sling at the Court of Session? Will Lord Hodge duff up Duff and Duffer? Will Lord Nimmo Smith talk of “tainted” titles?

          “These questions—and many others—will be answered in the next episode of…Soap.”

          As I said, if you like Scottish football and current affairs then this stuff is riveting.

        • mcfc


          General interest mate – how does such a massive club manage to shoot itself up the arse – several times – and then blame everybody but itself.

          are you practiising in front of the mirror “Craig Whyte didn’t kill my club, it was David Murray”

      • Adam

        Have no arguments against that Ray.

        mcfc on the other hand cant claim the same as has never even watched a game of football in Scotland, allegedly . So it will be interesting to read, given his extreme views on how bad Rangers are due to “alleged” tax avoidance, just how strongly he feels about a national bank allegedly helping others and themselves to “billions” of tax avoidance and the role the owner of “his club” played in helping them according to Panorama.

        • Den


          Is there a rule that you must watch a minimum number of games in Scotland before you can comment?

          If I comment on a particular case, must I comment on all of them or even write a guest post?

          Maybe if you give us your views, rather than nominate people who should post we would get somewhere.

          • ecojon


            The problem, as we know from experience, is that anything stated by Adam has to be very closely scrutinised for factual errors.

            • Adam

              Did you ever get round to acknowledging my apology and reply to you and giving me the courtesy of a reply to my question ?

            • Den


              Have to agree with you. Many of his confidently stated assertions tend to fall apart under scrutiny.

              Looks like he is looking to avail himself of your wisdom, or he thinks he has a killer question.

              He is getting a bit tedious.

        • ecojon


          Sounds a great idea why don’t you with all your experience have a go or did the BBC beat you to it?

        • mcfc


          deflection on a galactic scale – repeat after me – “Craig Whyte didn’t kill my club, it was David Murray”

    • Den


      Why should you expect MCFC to post any thoughts on the Panorama programme or a guest blogg?

      They are perfectly entitled to post if they want or not to post if they don’t feel inclined.

  2. Stevenw1888

    I didn’t know Paddy McCourt was in brown sauce!

  3. Steven brennan

    Have Sevco gave the dundee united money to charity yet?
    Have Alloa been paid yet?
    Which charity was Chico thinking of giving money to?
    Will dundee utd confirm amounts?

    • Jamie

      No doubt Graham or McMurder will be on the case, maybe JT or Leegit will be waiting for the right moment before announcing in/by a fanfare/collection of trumpets that the beneficiary was the Sevco charity

    • The money will have to take a couple of spins around the world, and a wee trip to the moon before it lands anywhere.

      • arb urns

        cam- wee bit of bedtime reading for you the ipo prospectus seeing everyone is recommending books on here. think its around page 80 odd chicos 5m share options @ 1p , clarkengees armageddon mind. also a directors loan to the club at c 200% apr u gotta credit card cam hav a look at the APR%.

        if u cant sleep tonight just count ‘seed capital’ needed to secure the FIRST months payroll, after chico got the club from d and p. not sayin its armageddon cam but it aint moonlight and roses, theres more too if u look.

        • cam

          Nah Rabbie,its either Big Bears in Rubber or some Dostoevsky.
          The awful realisation that there will always be a Rangers is hard for some to Bear.
          I’ll count belisha’s instead.

          • mick

            @cam phone the credit consumer council see what they say ???200%apr is that legal under scotslaw ???

          • arb urns

            well cam if one o’ yer lads wha’s melons ye interfere wi’ was on the min wage he possibly could hiv tae work 70 years tae get whit the highest erner ger might get this year. put dosto down for that ipo. if u go down to the woods today, get on the alexander graham tae hodge o’ the lodge and bdo fir a bit o’ gratuitous. u kno it makes sense. night night

  4. mick

    200% apr greens borrowed money at a high rate from spivs lol to do deal with the sfa are clowns letting this go throw who done the fit and proper test on him and backers the spivs are getting rich quick ,sevco are doomed its all doom and gloom and crooks in suits weres lord hodge with the COI report in to d&ps its the most public pheniox ever and is bleeding cash left right and center no 1 wants them to make it either due to the bullying and threats there doomed and in the share ipo it states they done own the deeds why no cash and lease back ?? its a mess

    • cam

      mick, its Dads Army night,,,,we’re aw doooomed!!!

      • mick

        were not yous are just look at the balances from celtic

        CELTIC plc have released the Interim Report for the six months to December 31, 2012.

        Operational Highlights
        • Progression to last 16 of the European Champions League.
        • Currently top in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.
        • Continued participation in the Scottish Cup.
        • Announcement of new shirt sponsorship deal with Magners commencing 1 July 2013.

        Financial Highlights
        • Turnover increased by 71.0% to £50.06m (2011: £29.27m).
        • Operating expenses increased by 30.2% to £36.96m (2011: £28.39m).
        • Profit from trading of £13.10m (2011: £0.88m).
        • Profit on disposal of intangible assets £5.20m (2011: £3.15m).
        • Profit before taxation of £14.94m (2011:£0.18m).
        • Period end net bank debt of £0.13m (2011: £7.05m).
        • Investment in football personnel of £4.65m (2011: £4.44m).
        • 19 home fixtures (2011: 16).

        fly the fleg cam fly the fleg lol

    • It was Duff & Phelps who said he was fit n proper, if memory serves.

  5. portpower

    The money men are skint and they know they can make easy money out of football. We are going the way of the cricket game. India will be running FIFA & UEFA in the near future or maybe they`re already involved.
    Celtic are not allowed to win against the Juve 12 man team it`s not viable.
    Thank your god we`re spoil sports.
    The World is Green & White.

  6. Mick, going back to that 1st link, did you notice that Raft Rivzi, resigned as Chairman and CEO , suddenly with immediat effect, on 30 June. I believe that was the same month of the Sevco wage tranche
    Wouldn’t it be funny, if the money used to buy the assetts and pay, the wages never existed. Obviously just a wild guess, but imagine if the money, was merely “show money”, which has been “borrowed” from a Russian doll. Obviously it will need to be put back in the dolls, before anyone notices! Just a thought.

  7. mick
    February 11, 2013 at 4:50 pm
    That wasn’t your research, Mick, was it? I don’t mind my work being passed on and followed up, but at least be honest and acknowledge your sources and give credit where it’s due. There was a lot of work put into that and to pass it of as your own is a bit naughty.

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