Rangers given no title-stripping guarantee in secret SPL deal – by ecojon

The darkest dirtiest secret in Scottish Football has now been revealed and it will shake the Beautiful Game to its core as well as the Scottish legal system.

Boiled down and stripped of legalese the shameful guarantee states: ‘The SPL hereby undertakes solely and exclusively to Sevco and to no other Person . . . that the SPL shall not . . . take or commence disciplinary proceedings against Sevco . . . in respect of any EBT Payments and Arrangements’.

What is even more incredible is that this deal was struck and distributed with the 5-Way Agreement before Lord Nimmo Smith began his enquiry and before the FTTT announced its verdict on the Rangers tax allegations.

We need clear unequivocal statements by Lord Nimmo Smith and Neil Doncaster and someone, anyone at the SFA who isn’t ‘conflicted’ to reveal the long hidden truth behind the most serious revelation ever to shine daylight on the many dark secrets held in the Hampden bunker.

Many of us have incessantly debated the controversial findings of Lord Nimmo Smith’s Inquiry into Rangers’ EBTs since its release in February this year. There was widespread disbelief at the conclusions and many believed it was just another example of how the scales were weighted in favour of Rangers.

Anyone who has followed my posts will know that I have always supported the integrity of LNS and his two learned colleagues in the sense that the woeful preparation and presentation of the SPL case gave the Tribunal little or no room for manoeuvre in reaching its conclusions. And of course there was the ludicrous intervention of the SFA’s top man in Player Registration which made the name ‘Bryson’ synonymous with ‘clown’ among Scottish Football fans.

On top of that LNS breathed life into the ‘continuing club’ controversy which has fuelled incessant and often bitter internet debate and indeed sparked the recent vicious attacks on Jim Spence and his family and BBC Scotland – once again – by Rangers fans many of whom openly boast they refuse to buy a TV Licence to support an enemy of Rangers.

For months now we have witnessed an outpouring of information from Charlotte Fakes who has risen above early suspicion that her works were indeed clever fakes to the point that no one disputes their authenticity and, indeed, she has allegedly been reported to the Information Commissioner which is probably the best possible guarantee of the authenticity of the documentation she has provided even though her motives are still unclear.

She recently released what appears to be the final draft of the 5-Way Agreement between Oldco Rangers, Newco Rangers, the SFA, SPL and SFL which had important snippets not present in previous versions including a promise by Rangers and a prominent external newco shareholder not to take legal action the SFA, SPL and SFL and their officers and officials.

This was first alluded to in the Rangers AIM Prospectus in December last year but the reasons for the Rangers undertaking have never been clear although the documentation seemed to suggest that Rangers had been wronged in some way and was holding back on justifiable legal action possibly because it felt blackmailed by the threat of total expulsion from Scottish Football if it didn’t agree to the sanctions of the 5-Way Agreement which had originally mooted title-stripping.

One thing that puzzled me when the 5-Way Agreement was revealed was why there had ever been any need by the Scottish Football Authorities to keep it so tightly under wraps. Everything was basically in the open by then in terms of sanctions although there was the curious matter of the no legal action clause.

But yesterday Charlotte Fakes released a brutal hammer blow which will destroy all remnants of tattered credibility in the Hampden suits and, more importantly, cast serious doubt on the integrity of the Scottish legal system which must be urgently dealt with.

So what has Charlotte gone and done? Only release to the world details of the secret and tawdry side deal proposed by the SPL and agreed to by the SFA and SFL to grant immunity to Rangers newco (TRFCL) from any disciplinary action arising out of the use of Rangers EBTs and the failure to annually register the payments involved with the SFA.

This guarantee was made months before the Lord Nimmo Smith Inquiry sat for the first time and even before its Notice of Commission was prepared and it was given even before the FTTT largely ruled in Rangers’ favour over its use of the EBTs.

At this stage we don’t know if Lord Nimmo Smith and his two colleagues were aware of this incredible secret stitch-up between the signatories of the 5-Way Agreement before they heard any evidence or whether they too were kept in the dark by the Scottish Footballing Authorities who have honed their skills as mushroom farmers for decades by feeding BS to Scottish football fans.

What we not only need but deserve is a clear statement by Lord Nimmo Smith on behalf of his tribunal and its decision as to whether he knew before any evidence was given that a secret guarantee of immunity had been given to The Rangers Football Club Ltd. If he did know can he explain why he was prepared to proceed on that basis and help create some of the aggro which is tearing apart the fabric of Scottish Football and poisoning Society with strange and alien concepts of a never-ending always continuing football club which defies liquidation of its legal operating entity and repeatedly and eternally rises intact from the ashes as a company with a brand new legal entity but which isn’t a Phoenix company.

As to the SFA and SPL/SFL now in the persona of the shiny, brand-new SPFL – unless it too takes no responsibility for the deeds of its deid ancestors – what we need is a straight answer to whether the Charlotte Fakes documentation is bona fide and whether it was signed by Neil Doncaster whose name is on the draft and distributed to the SFA and SFL as stated along with the 5-Way Agreement.

And as for the SMSM isn’t it time you actually grew a pair and dealt with the serious allegations raised by the release of the Charlotte Fakes material. Does the public interest count for nothing in Scotland? If you or your editors are frightened of the ‘dirty little secrets’ an aging and failing PR man in crisis has on you then now is the time to be Spartacus and if you can’t manage that at least do a Jim Spence. You don’t need to use the documents if you are scared – all you need to do is ask the questions.

If you are told ‘No Comment’ then publish and be Spartacus and let the public know the truth and make their own judgement on the way Scotland and Scottish Football is run. If you continue to hide behind weak excuses think about moving to PR as that would seem to be your true home and there will be no crisis of conscience as none exists there as far as representing commercial non-ethical clients.

However be assured that if you cower in a dark corner, close your eyes and dream of being a Twitter Warrior then your readers will continue to judge your inability to tell the truth and turn, in ever increasing numbers, to the internet for their news albeit with many imperfections but at least with lots of people trying to prevent the truth being choked by a surfeit of succulent lamb.

And Lord Nimmo Smith as probably your staunchest supporter since your tribunal decision was issued I think I am entitled to ask another question on behalf of the much-respected poster Auldheid who truly has the wisdom of age – as reflected in his moniker – and the energy and perseverance of a young bull elephant when it came to uncovering and revealing the implications of Rangers DOS and the reluctance of all concerned including SMSM to mention it.

I had always thought that this cloak of secrecy was to hide the implications of the Wee Tax Case which should have prevented European entry for Rangers, without the sleight of hand of the Hampden suits. But now I wonder if there was a much darker motive in play as part of the secret immunity for TRFCL.

Quite simply LNS! Were you ever told or given evidence concerning the details of the Rangers Discounted Options Scheme as distinct from their EBT scheme and were you aware of the un-appealed FTTT Decision in the Aberdeen Asset Management (AAM) case concerning DOS schemes which ruled them as illegal under tax laws?

In your tribunal decision you refer to treating the EBT scheme as a continuation of the DOS scheme – cloaked under a suitably confusing name – but did you know that one very senior witness to your enquiry was well aware of the differences and I would find it incredulous that they were unaware of the implications of the AAM FTTT Decision on the Rangers DOS.

And if you weren’t apprised of the differences then it’s over to Neil Doncaster to explain whether this was another dirty secret and if not how did the SPL fail to discover and present absolutely critical evidence re the Rangers DOS which IMO could well have led Lord Nimmo Smith to stripping titles.

Posted by Ecojon


The document released by CH detailing the squalid immunity deal for TRFCL can be found at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/168302228/SPL-Undertaking-Letter







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  1. mick

    well carson am Scottish Irish and feel partition is wrong in any land the tongue is mightier than sword and the peace process has proven this as for MP Bobby Sands god rest his soul in heaven and all the others who fought for what they thought was right making the ultimate sacrifice THE GREAT WARS CAN NOT BE COMPARED TO PARTITIONED COUNTRY’S FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM ALL THOUGH THOSE WHO DIED FOR IT CAN IN HEAVEN

  2. mick


    • You haven’t answered me Mick , should Adams , Kelly , mcguinnes and the rest of your patriots have made the ultimate sacrifice with your leader bobby ? Or do you think they were right to stand and watch their comrades starve time death ? Are they ‘ war dodgers ‘ now they take the Queens shilling ?

      • Fra

        Carson, you are very uneducated. Not all people involved in war die? By your reckoning, all armies should suffer the ultimate sacrifice because some die. Everybody has a part to play. The guys on hunger strike took it upon themselves to use this ultimate sacrifice. Gerry and Martin have been left with the legacy of trying to bring peace to this troubled land. Don’t mock what you don’t understand.

  3. mick


    • Ed Paisley

      The Rangers boys were in the rear echelons Mick, well away from any real danger. Jungle fighter Jock peeled spuds for most of the Malaya Emergency. You’ll remember the Malaya Emergency was when some British Colonel got a bad curry and we had to fight the restaurant owner and his extended family to get his money back.

  4. hector

    Well we have A F-ckWick,fest .If you all want to is call each other names go to a pub.You make rear pipe seem logical.If you have a point make it .if not bugger off .

    • mick


      • hector

        @mick sorry mick the wee rant was not aimed at you having a bad day and all this crap got under the old skin.hope the book sales are going well you seem to have started a trend some other bloke is punting a couple of books not sure of the titles but mein kamph rings a bell.all the best and sevco tits up by Christmas.

    • Monti

      I agree with Hector 🙂

      • Hi TC, was thinking, if you were a member of a sect? what name would you choose upon you election day?

        Sects) elect people so i’ve thought up a name for one of our prolific posters:

        Calvan(ist) Bumsteer

        any thoughts?

  5. Raymilland

    Back to civvy street


    “Inaccurate reporting of the status of Glasgow Rangers FC as the club was not “liquidated” the company PLC was, but the football club was not!!!”

    Serious questions:

    Would annual or bi annual insolvency events at Ibrox be considered vulgar, how many is too many?

    How soon would be acceptable for the next liquidation to occur?

    Just how many lives should Rangers Football Club have?

    IMHO your tea’s already oot!!!

    The reality will become apparent to the deluded very soon 😉

  6. mick

    The Company announces that it was notified today, 17 September 2013, that on 10 September Alexander (Sandy) Easdale, acquired 2,125,000 ordinary shares of 1 pence each in the Company (“Ordinary Shares”). Following the acquisition, Mr Easdale holds 2,842,957 Ordinary Shares, representing 4.37% of the issued share capital of the Company.

    did the fans not pay 70 pence why did he get his for a penny ??????

    • Clarkeng

      Michael my good man as at Celtic the shares have a nominal value of 1p.
      That is not what he paid – as at Celtic.
      Did it say anything about 6% paid tax free to a non trading company in Gibraltar.
      Well maybe its no like Celtic then.

    • @Mick.
      He knows their value. 🙂

    • BigL

      So that’s shares in SEVCO the company, but he’s appointed to the FOOTBALL board.
      So does the SPFL need to do a fit and proper person investigation into this convicted fraudster. ?

      • Clarkeng

        Do they also need to investigate Big Des and Sellik Fitbaw Club for tax evasion.
        Aye ok its time the game got cleaned up lets see it happen.
        Foreign nationals have no place owning Scottish Football teams and taking money tax free out of the country.
        The SPFL should act now to get rid of this abberation.
        Oh whit dae ye mean Sellik couldnae afford that tae happen?
        I thought they didnae hiv any?
        Nae money to pay it off??
        I thought they were cash rich.
        Oh well just goes to show.
        Dont believe everything you read ( especially on here ).

        • Raymilland



          A departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome.
          A person whose beliefs or behavior are unusual or unacceptable.
          deviation – deflection – aberrance – abnormality

          I don’t believe everything I read on here, but it’s amazing how many nouns one can find to describe Sevco 😉

        • Steven Brennan

          Is the louden shut now?
          What an embarresing rant that was. Did your mum not tell you jealousy is a terrible trait.
          We are playing ac Milan tonight while you lot played the doo haimers
          result for you though

        • mick

          It’s a free maker economy clerk eng you really are bitter

    • Hi Mick, hope your well and in good fettle, the boys are all doing well, knocking lumps out of sevconia, and buying the good book. No matter what big Des has or receives, Celtic Football Club are in good health, in Europe, tomorrow as it happens and earning a few quid to ensure we keep healthy, and our club remains out of the clutches of spivs.

      The girls Kerry & Maggie still take a bit of a bruising from the sect, but they hold their own admirably well; it’s a shame grown adults stoop to the level they do, but there you are, when you don’t really know what you are or what you represent, you become hateful, spiteful, abusive, lost and above all fear, yes fear what beholds your future as a sevconian.

      Be good Mick, have a wonderful time and may god bless you.

  7. @Mick.
    He knows their value. 🙂

  8. mick

    🙂 good night all penny shares lol what a buzz not long now tick tock gos the admin clock

    • Nasty Gort

      Hiya Mick

      Did you notice the hysterical note to Cam’s posts this evening?

      Imagine getting so angry just because someone called him a dick?

      I think Eco’s big success has finally tipped him over the edge.

      Isn’t it great to see talent and hard work recognised and rewarded?

  9. mick

    @barca the talk is its the 1s from the iPo that green said he would by buy mine at 50 and all give 2 mil for a penny he’s robbed the bus mob to before exit well mad or what am of to my bed now as am up early to collect the queens coins hail hail lets hope tomorrow we get a right good game and result

    • You know, that blazing bus thing still bothers me, hmmmnnnn, if children broke in and burned a £500.000 bus, i’m sure by now my colleagues would have caught the culprits or at least established a motive by now, i wonder, was it a deliberate act? by someone with a grudge or maybe a face to save? It’s murkier than we think i believe.

      • graham

        Officer D. ,
        The same way your investigation skills could nit detect the supporter that hit ricksen with the lighter or Dallas with a coin .. Aye there remains many Un solved crimes
        Perhaps you could put the mystery of the bus burning in the same bracket as the whole lady di conspiracy !!

  10. Ed Paisley

    Ed, need a wee favour, when you vist your next church, could you light a candle for special friends please? I know you’ll understand. I hope that you enjoy the remainder of your excursion and treasure the memories in years to come.

    If you find a nice watering hole for the game in the big cup tomorrow, i sincerely hope you enjoy the occasion, we don’t really have excessive expectations do we? as the song goes, and we only know that there’s gonna be a show and the…. Money keeps stacking up in any event. Last season 23mill euros, its mere bagatelle Ed, were in….. well in, lol have fun bud.

  11. Kerrygirl

    Penny arcade right enough hee hee hee ,come on you could not make it up

  12. lordmac

    things are starting to get noticed the red tops jokers will have to come out from under the bed

    • New blog initiatives………………………..

      BBC post notification of support for journalist under fire from football fans …………. No SMSM journalist or newspaper reports the story ……. lending credence to a ‘lynch mob attitude’ within scottish football sport.

      Whilst the jounalists and national SMSM continue to ignore the situation, readers are left to speculate on a variety of reasons for this continuation.

      aka, bumsteer ——- It goes without saying, “I’m the imperial wizard” no journalistic publicactions are allowed unless you can prove to me beyond all doubt; that, you “know” that’s “know” for certain that your deliberations are the whole truth and nothing but …….. you know the rest.

      aka, cameron ——— “I am the grand wizard” and ….. “let me deflect”….. the GCC have a hand in this, i do not doubt for a second that they and “Sir P Lawell” have engaged in duplicity to ensure that this ‘journalist’ used the word “died” ….. i’m at my wit’s end, frayed even, that they could contemplate supporting this BBC journalist, where will it all end?

      aka, the munters ————- We the “munters and social” have followed the teachings of the imperial and grand wizards ………. “gonnae lea us alane” … we just follow, follow.

      aka, the cooler moron ———— I don’t know wit yer takin aboot mate! ah just run tae the van when am telt, “it’s that burd Kerrry fault” ……. she telt me.

      Just for balance readers and the avoidance of doubt; several agencies within England and legitimate social web-sites/blog zones have reported their outrage at this obvious malice aforethought.


  13. lordmac

    looks like there is more directorship trouble at the rangers development fund ltd it appears that they have terminated the services of none other than ” Satnam Singh! never knew he held the post looks like the water is starting to boil for some

  14. Late news just in …. Cooler forgot to engage his underwear before he bought his cone at the van ……

  15. hector

    Just back from a brisk walk through Leggoland.That little scamp David is laying into meejja Jack for branding Jim McColl a”bullshit billionaire”.All us poor Rangers baiters will be out of a job shortly as the orcs do the job for us.Still we have the champions league to keep us busy.

  16. hector

    Things must be getting bad down Ibrox way as I see from the Record website a bear broke into Kenny Millers garage to raid the bins for food.Hard times indeed.How about a charity match to raise funds for bears down on their luck.

  17. mick

    Hail hail Milan it is com on the celts nothing is impossible in the theatre of dreams

  18. graham

    I know Iam getting on a wee bit and can be a bit forgetful sometimes ,
    But this time last year was it not Rangers and super ally who were fighting the SFA &SPL over proposed title stripping for a crime that they had not even be tried for never mind been found guilty of ( as we now know we were found not guilty ) .
    So I find the while’ economical with the truth Jon’ story hard to swallow .
    I also remember the horses of the tainted titles and sporting integrity bandwagons being hitched up by celtics very own master if the dark arts Mr lieswell , hiding in the shadows as other chairmen did his bidding ..
    Still we have survived his and his lackies attempts to kill us off , we are not dead .. Never will be .. We will be pack to get it right up you and this my celtic supporting friends will be the sweetest tasting victory any rangers supporter will ever taste .
    But please fee free to gloat and lie to yourselves over and over and over and over and over and over again that we are dead !!
    Good luck to celtic tonight in Europe !

    • Raymilland

      @willy wonka
      “Inaccurate reporting of the status of Glasgow Rangers FC as the club was not “liquidated” the company PLC was, but the football club was not!!!”
      Serious questions:

      Would annual or bi annual insolvency events at Ibrox be considered vulgar, how many is too many?

      How soon would be acceptable for the next liquidation to occur?

      Just how many lives should Rangers Football Club have?

      Are we there yet? 😉

      • Clarkeng

        I am still trying to get my head round the suggested deviation.
        Anal comments like yours should definitely be considered vulgar.
        You ask Kerry.
        Thats no nice!!

        • Raymilland


          I honestly can’t get my head round why anyone would defend Scamco Football Club

          Start afresh, chase the fraudsters!
          Aberration (also see sevco)

          A departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome.
          A person whose beliefs or behavior are unusual or unacceptable.
          deviation – deflection – aberrance – abnormality

          Take your head out of that damp dark place 😉

          Can you see the light?

    • cam

      Yes Graham what a day that shall be,the referee in protective custody as Scotland’s shame are herded homewards.
      Another beautiful morning,Gers in the semis of the big cup,another Rolls Royce performance,new signings playing well,more signings possible.
      Kerrygirl just watch out you don’t go buying this cheap hair product and spread the word amongst the Green ladies about this poor lass.

      Marge doll,if your out there cringing at the low life behaviour yesterday of your bhoys,just watch out for cheap hair dye.

      • graham

        Morning cam
        Yes fantastic result for the mighty teddy bears last night
        Bit of luck we can go all the way
        A league and cup double ah sounds good !!
        Then of course we could be fortunate when scottish cup draw comes round to be draw with the European minnows from across the city ..
        Now that would be a mouth watering prospect , who knows perhaps if it was at the tottie bowl they would experience what it’s like to have a full stadium for a wee change

    • @ Graham
      But this time last year was it not Rangers and super ally who were fighting the SFA &SPL over proposed title stripping for a crime that they had not even be tried for never mind been found guilty of ( as we now know we were found not guilty ) . ____________________________________

      I,ll fix that for you mate.
      Rangers were found GUILTY of all charges, that’s right GUILTY!
      Fat Sal fighting them was a bit of smoke and mirrors, because an illegal side letter guaranteed you immunity from punishment! Even though the trial had not began.

    • kerrygirl

      well Graham somebody should be getting the jail then???

  19. cam

    Marge,you have a wee bit of bum spanking and naughty step allocating to do.
    Your hero Mr Monti lived down to his reputation and behaved in the most despicable fashion yesterday.Sectarian abuse,speaking ill of the dead,you name it the tosser will do it.
    His band of rockets are guilty by association and any attempt at moderation by the host in future is rendered flawed.
    The proximity of a possible humiliation by Milan’s reserves has got the wean in a state and when under pressure you find spineless creatures revert to type.
    I’m pacing up and down in my smoking jacket and cravat,Meerschaum well alight wondering if i should write a letter to Army HQ informing the squadron leaders of the clear and present danger that the gnome army represent to the security of the realm.
    As officer in charge of hypocrisy and double standards i need your advice hen.
    ps,,,are cravats in or out of fashion these days?,,,such fun 🙂

    • Steven Brennan

      Cravats allowed dear bhoy, especially with matching smoking jacket
      If Milans weans beat us tonight I for one will not be embarrased, the simple fact that Milan Barca and Ajax have stated they respect Celtic and look forward to a tough competition is enough for me.
      I think Celtic will finish third in the group with 6 points then drop down into the europa.
      I dont think the sevco train will reach any cup finals even the pawnbroker cup.

    • Monti

      Deflection, have the creditors been paid yet?

        • Monti

          I’m asking YOU!!

          • Steerpike


            HMRC knocked back 8.5 million, add 25 million from Collier Bristow plus no BTC bill, and there is no creditor debt.

            Then add the paye and vat on a Rangers still in the SPL, turnover at 40 million ( not 20) and player wages at 15 million( not 7).

            Hmmmmm…..maybe you should direct your questions to HMRC.

            • Monti

              So why did they go into Administration?
              Did nobody do the Math like you Niall, is everybody wrong Niall?
              You talk some shite!

      • graham

        They could have had something had the HMRC not voted against the CVA .. Remember when they claimed they were the biggest creditor when In fact they were due the square root of fuck all ..
        So tell me where do the rangers fans go for justice in that instance and we are still waiting for Mr white to be brought to justice for swindling our money whilst not paying the wee tax bill and all those creditors you speak of ..
        Aye but we won’t hold our breath for our justice !’

        • Monti

          HMRC are due nothing from Oldco Rangers?
          Did you just say that?
          So why were they liquidated then Graham?
          Sorry,in the process of being liquidated!
          Are you claiming that up to the point of liquidation, Rangers owed nobody including HMRC a single penny?
          All bills were paid on time & up to date?
          Why did Rangers go onto administration Graham?

          • graham

            I never said they didn’t owe anybody
            What I said was the creditors and the fans have been swindled .. Conned ..
            F..ked over by mr white ..
            When will be given justice for what that man did to our club ??

          • Steerpike


            I believe CW will be charged for his non-compliance totaling 12 million, if you take his criminality and the BTC out of the equation, then there would have been no administration.

            You wish to berate Rangers fans for creditor debts when in fact your vitriol should be directed at CW and HMRC, both were incompetent, why did HMRC allow CW to trade for 9 months without paying a thin dime ?

            • Monti

              I disagree, Craig Whyte & HMRC have provided me with years of untold Joy, how could I possibly speak against these fine fellows.
              So Niall, just for the avoidance of doubt & I hope you won’t lie to me……..what your saying is it’s all Craig Whyte & the HMRC’S fault!?
              Is that what your saying?Who was it that ran an EBT scheme?
              Who sold multi,multi million pounds of assets for £1?
              Who ran up huge debt’s using tax payers money?
              Who spent tax payers money while accepting acclaim that it was his money, bank rolling success?
              Who was spending tax payers tenners, when no one was spending a fiver?
              WHO, WHO, WHO NIALL?

          • graham

            Re:- HMRC
            They lost the big tax case and are due F all from it , you know fine well what iam talking about.
            They had no right to vote against the CVA at that point as
            ticket-us were the largest creditor and they wanted the CvA to go through !!
            So riddle me that montman

        • @Graham.
          You want justice? To me that means the truth! Here goes.!
          David Murray killed your club. The skeleton was sold to a bunch of spivs, who have been robbing fans and fitba’ since their foot was allowed in the door.
          This scam, this charade, was aided and abetted to by corrupt members of the SFA/SPL/SFL. Their own rules and regs were corrupted to this end. The corruption possibly rises higher up the food chain.
          The Scottish fans KNOW all this to be true. The SMSM also know, as do many lawyers, Public Officials, and police officers of varying rank.
          Swallow up the truth mate. Join with the decent fitba’ fans of Scotland. Together we can cleanse the game, cleanse your club, and offer you a fresh new beginning.

  20. Monti

    I see dead people. Walking around like regular people. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re dead.

    The sixth sense.

    • cam

      Hows the wee scumbag Monti this fine morning? will your nerves get the better of you today? will you wear your heart on your sleeve and carry on with your offensive behaviour?
      A whole shedload of karma is backing up,waiting to unload upon you,what a day,what a day.

      • Monti


        I am very well & pre match nerves are at a minimum, Celtic have respect throughout Europe & among Europe’s top clubs & players, this is enough for any Celtic fan, it is the ultimate respect from our peers.
        Neil Lennon will have Celtic ready & I expect a very close game.
        A.C.Milan do not scare our fans, our players & our club.
        Celtic is a giant among giants!
        As for your wee attempts at getting me moderated, I find that funny coming from the most sleekit noel hunt on here.
        Tune in tonight & watch the big clubs play….the Celtic way!
        Ooooh aaaaaah!

    • graham

      Mon ami ti
      A bit like celtic athletic and football club ….deed .. Gone now known as celtic fc ..
      Unlike the unbroken 141 years if the mighty Glasgow Rangers fc ..

      Fuck me this is the wrong movie it’s Groundhog Day ….
      Fed up telling you the same thing every day we are not dead !
      54 titles and still going on

  21. Monti


    • Steven Brennan

      If sevco are paying WikiNiall
      Surely the monster raving loony party are paying you!
      “We are all Jim Spence”brilliant first wee laugh of the day
      Going into town tonight with pals to watch the champions of Scotland play in the CHAMPIONS league.
      Keep on with the wind ups, think you had them all frothing yesterday.
      Our day has come.

  22. Monti

    Surprised more isn’t being made of what CELTIC is doing for football in the country.
    Champions league participation has handed a £100,000 cheque to every spfl club, not bad during Armageddon?
    Not forgetting bringing hundreds of thousands of pounds into the economy through bringing foreign travel & fans of Barcelona,A.C. Milan & Ajax into the country, hotels, restaurants & pubs all having increased revenue because of this.
    Just as important however is the profile given to our country throughout Europe with Celtic being at the top table…again!

    Meanwhile a new club steals charity money, oh dear!

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Lol. Let’s see how the “Spencey-gate” nonsense pans out first Monti.
      My prediction is it will all blow over, slinking away quicker than a sellick supporter at a job interview.
      Now what about changing the subject of debate.
      Ally McCoist: SUPER ALLY: A man who played the game with a smile on his face,Golden boot winner(twice), and all round “Hammer ‘O’ the Tic”
      The legend who coined the phrase “We don’t do walking away”.
      “Post war”- Rangers record goal scorer, with twenty seven “old firm” goals.
      Despite hanging up his boots, “Super Ally” continues to get the better of his long term foes from the east end by “Whispering”
      Now that’s what I call a real RANGER, and a true LEGEND.

      • Monti

        While McCoist’s record speaks for itself, I always thought he was a diving bastard, how many dodgy penalties did he get during his career, Scottish referee’s only too happy to award them?
        Cheating on his wife while his son lay I’ll in hospital is fkn low,very low do you agree?
        His wee whisper in Lenny’s ear before shiting it, like his team & running/waddling up the tunnel tells me all I need to know, McCoist is nothing without Smith & McCoist knows it, his record as a manager speaks for itself….shite.
        McCoist put peoples personal safety at risk asking for people to be named, regardless of the consequences!
        A Rangers legend?….leg end more like!

        • willy wonka

          @Monti, “Cheating on his wife while his son lay I’ll in hospital is fkn low,”
          How about sending threatening texts to a pregnant girlfriend ? You know, like that maggot Lennon did ?
          “McCoist put peoples personal safety at risk”
          Every member of Rangers staff [and most referees] were at risk any time they played at the Tattiedome. Lighters, coins, mobile phones, deranged hoopy-horrors invading the park, etc, etc. A medal should be struck for any Rangers player who survived that war zone.
          Not just the Stad De Gaad either. This from the Victory Cup semi final replay report –
          “This midweek replay affair attracted only 50,000, but the supporters looking on got something of a treat. Rangers, who had booked the wind, opened the scoring on the ten minute mark thanks to a fierce Waddell drive. Gillick struck the crossbar and Jimmy Duncanson should have scored from close in just before half time but instead produced a marvelous save from the Celtic goalkeeper, Miller. So Rangers went into suck their half time oranges one goal to the good.
          Celtic with the wind at their backs in the second half made a much better fist of things but with twenty minutes to go Rangers were awarded a penalty and the old aggrieved, hard done by Celtic routine kicked in and their players rushed the referee. Celtic captain, George Paterson, who had already been booked, refused to hand over the ball to the whistler and he was promptly dismissed for, what any sensible, sentient human being can only surmise was dissent/second bookable offence.
          However there was more Celtic minded madness going on elsewhere. Whilst the hapless referee had to deal with the Celtic players crowding all around him, one of their colleagues, left-back, Jimmy Mallan, was rubbing away the penalty spot markings with his boot. Presumably his thought process must have been along the lines of; ‘if there is no penalty spot they can’t take the penalty.’ When the referee, WC Dale, saw what had happened he promptly sent off Mallan also. Astonishingly, to this day Celtic historians have still to find fault with Mallan’s behaviour.
          George Young scored the ‘disputed’ penalty to put the result beyond all doubt. All that was left was for A CRAZED CELTIC FAN TO RUN ONTO THE FIELD OF PLAY AND TRY TO ATTACK THE REFEREE WITH A BOTTLE. Once again this behaviour has been absolved by Celtic historians. The reason being, they insist the referee was drunk whilst officiating the match. A new low; even by Celtic’s own appalling standards of graciousness in defeat down through the years.”

      • kerrygirl

        what about the leg-end Walter the vaulter he didnt walk he sprung himself

  23. cam


    If you’re struggling for material and Eco runs out of fantasies you could have a look at the outrageous statements made by Ally(your fav.manager)

    I’m sure you’ll find a suitable law to tag it with.

    • Steven Brennan

      Super mario, sorry Ally, said ” Queens have knocked out teams from the top flight here already”
      What has that got to do with a wee team in its second season of existence?

  24. Steerpike

    “The SPL board are assured by the integrity of the process followed and thank the Rt Hon Lord Nimmo Smith and his colleagues, Nicholas Stewart QC and Charles Flint QC, for their time and effort. ”

    I wonder if Stewart/Flint were also nobbled by the SFA ?

    I see eco’s revelations are really causing a stir on the “legal” blog, 2 comments, and both of them are TSFM weirdos.

    I just love this, it quite hilarious.

    • Steven Brennan

      Abraham Zapruder has the film of Nimmo getting his instruction from the chief Goat herder, on a grassy knoll near you.
      Elvis, shergar,Diana Spencer, and Niel Armstrong were all on a red london bus to the moon.
      That about sums up your style of factual writing.
      Every single fact is an opinion, the world isnt flat and Rangers are Deid.
      Mine and many others opinion.
      Easdale and Mathers and the rest of the ant hill mob are crooks also my opinion. Why dont you and the rest of Methil Sevco supporters stand up and be counted in defence of your team?

  25. Monti

    There’s a butterfly in Cork that has wings coloured, Green,white & yellow.
    A butterfly lives for just one day………but what a day, what a day!

    • willy wonka

      What does “green, white and yellow” mean monti ? Are you perhaps alluding to the Eire flag which is green, white and orange ?
      Not yellow. Not gold. Orange.

  26. Steerpike

    ” If sevco are paying WikiNiall ”
    Morning Steven,

    To be fair I would do this for nothing, I didn’t think anything could beat the American Creationist blogs for deranged delusions, but I found one right on my doorstep, the Bible Belt to the Bampot Belt.
    My wife keeps asking why I am literally crying with laughter, this is becoming almost surreal.

    I just wonder if there is a link between the two, they are incredibly similar, it doesn’t matter how much evidence one produces or how many authority’s disagree with their views, they both just keep on believing, the power of faith I suppose.

    • FairBairn

      Fortunately, most people can think for themselves.

      • Steerpike


        Most people that think are guided by evidence and reason, those that are not, are not thinking, they are just spouting worthless unsupported opinions.

        One is entitled to an opinion but one is not entitled to state opinion is fact, that requires evidence and reason.

    • the last of the easterhoose mcgeechans ,what a film

      YOU HAVE A WIFE??????? pseudo ,you my poor deluded fool are eeking your existence pretending to be the anti hero from mervyn peake’s scribbles

    • Steven Brennan

      ” to be fair I would do this for nothing”
      Another admission that someone is paying you to come on here and deflect and defend the indefensible, hoping to drive away people by boring them to death with made up spurious figures that you claim are beyond doubt.
      You will be off the payroll when it all goes tits up again, but with your skills and brains etc you will be ok.

  27. Steerpike

    “The SPL board appointed the independent commission to consider all aspects of the above matter and at no point provided any direction to the commission on any aspect of the case. ”
    Obviously they are lying, everyone is lying, Scotland is like North Korea, the press, the judiciary, the government, the police and the crown, all paid liars by RFC, no wonder they went bust.

    All we need now is for newtz to discover Octopus is owned by Kim Jong Un.

    • Arb urns

      Niall you can do a lot better than that……that quote just makes the current position worse…… An interesting thought occurs LNS was successful in drawing newco into the process… After the guilty verdict….. Why was he so careful not to punish it in his ‘ penalty’ so to speak………

      • Steerpike


        You forgot to demonstrate why it makes it worse, and his carefulness may have more to do with his reasoning abilities rather than some imaginary motive, you people really need to start studying what he was actually adjudicating on. In football an unfair sporting advantage is fielding ineligible players, nothing to do with debt. The players were eligible regardless of the failure to fully disclose payments.

        • Steerpike


          I would have a little more respect for you loonballs if you actually questioned his judgements with logic, but no, that takes too much thinking, better to just accuse the man of corruption and bias.

  28. Steerpike

    I fear for Celtic tonight, two key players gone, the big goalie is growing roots and SPL opponents hardly put any player under sustained pressure.
    Can they handle the technique, diving, pace and speed of pass of ACM, not easy when your weekly diet is clodhoppers inc, nope, I go for a drubbing, my projection based on all the evidence is 6-0 @250/1 …..get it on.

    If 40,000 Rangers fans each put a pound on, that will raise 10 million for Ally’s war chest.

    • Monti

      Where will you find 40,000 the the rangers fans with a pound each?
      That’s unrealistic Niall.
      I mean how many had the chance to save the original club from liquidation but walked away?
      Come on now Niall, they turned their back on rangers when it mattered most didn’t they?

      I am confident about tonight Niall, this confidence is born of results recently against the best sides in Europe.

      • Monti

        ” raise money for Ally’s war chest”?
        Not pay the creditors back Niall, or even pay the stolen charity money back? No?

        • Steerpike


          Rangers cannot pay back the creditors, just like the IRA cannot bring back to life all the innocent woman and children they slaughtered, maybe it is time to move on.

          I see Martin McGuinness has been invited to address the victims of the Warrington massacre, organized by the father of 12 year old Tim Parry murdered in the explosion.


          • Monti

            The Warrington bomb was WRONG Niall & credit to Mr.Parry for setting up this invitation, nobody wants people killed Niall, bombed, shot or otherwise.
            No matter what an individuals religion or beliefs, we should all live equally throughout the world & help each other through this life.
            In Northern Ireland, Protestant/Unionists didn’t/ don’t want equality & therein lies the root of the problem.
            Well done to Martin for going to Warrington for the conference.

          • Arb urns

            ” Rangers cannot pay back the creditors”……. Like no way absolutely…it’s never been done before ….. U sure it’s never been done before……..

            • Steerpike

              Rangers are not liable for the debt, don’t think it is fair on those who invested in the new company, do you ?

              p.s. Like everything else you chaps presume as fact, it aint happened yet, RFC has not been fully wound up and we await to see if any creditors are left unpaid. We can have this discussion in a few years time, maybe the debt wil be so small and TRFC may buy RFC and clear the debt, who knows, as everyone keeps postulating, shocks in football do happen.

              5-0 is 66/1, think I will bet both, a 10 man Celtic is a certainty, the Italians love winding up clodhopper inc.

      • Steerpike

        ” I am confident about tonight Niall, this confidence is born of results recently against the best sides in Europe.”

        I RECENTLY watched Celtic get beat 2-0 by the WORST team I have ever seen in CL history, ranked 300 places below Celtic. If this inspires confidence then I worry about your mind.

        • Monti

          But you conveniently missed the point I was making Niall, if you weren’t aware of what point I was making however, I was referring to last season’s group stage results.

          • Steerpike


            Nothing convenient about the word ” recently “, last season is not the most recent, is it now ?

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Tittter ye not at the mammary gland, for he knoweth not what his vile acts amount to. He will be judged when his day of reckoning arrives.
              Oh dear, I can see Steve Martin in a white robe and beard running at the diddy man, with a huge cane, from a very long hallway. Thirty lashes of redemption for the dirty rotten scoundrel!

            • Monti

              I never said ‘most recent’ tho, now did I?
              In terms of last seasons group stages, the word ‘recent’ is accurate & acceptable I believe.

            • Allfanstogether

              To-night is the most recent champions league.

        • Arb urns

          Not a clue Niall… You have convinced me now you would be last to be picked at tic tac toe for teams in yer youth…….

          • Steerpike


            Harsh words neebs,you know how to hurt a man’s feelings, I was nearer first than last, Rugby was my school passion and wimpy footballers were swatted like flies, that was back in the days when Buckhaven High School accepted only the top 25%, and I was top of the top in 1A1 onwards.

            • Monti

              Does the ‘A’ in 1A1 stand for Arsehole?
              If it doesn’t it should! 😉

            • last of the easterhoos mcgeechans

              more like Ballingary ya hobo

            • Arb urns

              Gosh golly…… You must have been Heid boy and dux surely………have a wee read of LNS issue 3 c there’s an absolute cracker in there….plus the covering arse para…..I repeat having got newco/club to the table why was he so careful in his “sentencing” ?………

            • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

              Steerpike king of the gypsies , there are no rugby teams that play out of ballingray.

        • Big L

          Is that the team Celtic beat 3-0 to be able to play ACM tonight.

        • Eastside

          Steerpike, what are you going on about now? Don’t you know that the fact a team ranked 300 places below another, can get a win, is one of the reasons us football supporters love the game? Of course it’s not nice to be on the receiving end of such a result but it’s what makes football such a fantastic Sport.

        • daviecooperonthewing

          I extremely recently watched Celtic getting beat 2-0 by a team not much better than the Karagandy mob. Hee hee. You’se are rank rotten.
          Y-omen-ee Nil Pwa!

    • willy wonka

      @ Steerpike,They are only playing AC’s reserve team though. Remember what happened the last time they got that lucky with an Italian side. Lol.
      I wandered down to the bookies this morning. The C.L. seems to be throwing up lots of goals this season. My hard earned pennies should provide a very good return today.

      • Monti

        @Willy wanker & all Sevconia!
        Do you think Celtic fans go through the stress & torture of the qualifying rounds, the plastic pitches, locations so far away you need the Tardis to get back in time for an early spfl kick off.
        As fans, players & as a club qualifying rounds are intolerable at times, nervous,anxious occasions….but Celtic QUALIFIED,we are there, we are among the best club sides in world football, the Champions league has returned to Celtic park again.
        All the stress, the travelling has been worth it!
        Celtic deserve to be in the group stages again, the players have done us proud on getting here & I expect the players to blossom now, there is absolutely no pressure on Celtic to qualify from the group, we are realistic in our ambitions, Celtic should battle for 2nd place & settle for third.
        Anyone who thinks Celtic are the weakest team in the group,don’t understand football!
        Celtic take scalps in the Champions league especially at home, I don’t know why but I think Celtic are going to win tonight, just a feeling.
        However win,lose or draw…..the Glasgow Celtic will be there!

      • @Willy
        For the avoidance of doubt, No Celtic players, staff, or reps, will be betting on the game. It’s in the rules! And if they did, Lenny would very publicly, cancel their contract.

      • @gortchomhor

        Flipping burgers is hard?

    • Eastside

      Or, Rangers could send Ian Black down to Paddy Power with a disguise on (maybe he could borrow Gordon Smiths wig and Walter Smiths teeth) with the 10 million war chest Green has given Ally for players and lump that on?

  29. Paul

    Thats what Ian Black thought .

  30. bill

    We see that charles green is still a director of these companies along with his buddy mr Brian Stockbridge

    Name & Registered Office:

    G51 2XD
    Company No. SC436460

    Garrion Security Services Limited
    Company Number: SC433635
    Registered Address:
    Ibrox Stadium
    150 Edmiston Drive
    G51 2XD

    not forgetting the fabulous mr craig whyte being a director, with Charles at

    Sevco 5088 Limited
    Company Number: 08011390
    35 Vine Street
    EC3N 2AA
    United Kingdom

  31. Steer your showing yourself now aren’t, how about if the brits had kept their scabby greedy hands off Ireland in the first place then no deaths on either side would have happened, when it all comes down to it it all started with the brits, english sticking their unwanted presence into places they had absolutely no right too, the Irish didn’t start the “war” invasion!

    • Steerpike


      I have revealed myself as a supporter of a united Ireland, what has killing woman and children got to do with democracy or politics or even fighting for freedom. If they wanted to pretend they were soldiers then their targets should have been soldiers, unfortunately soldiers fire back, unlike dead women and children. COWARDS.

      • Monti

        Just to be clear now, are you saying ANYBODY who kills unarmed women, men & Children are COWARDS?
        Regardless of Uniform Niall, or does your thought process select Irish Republicans only?
        You are aware the British Army killed unarmed men,women & children Niall?

        • Gortnamona

          Total Shit Artist Monti

          I don’t even take the time any more to give him a TD.

          • Monti

            Agreed Gort, everything he claims has a huge flaw in it?
            They are desperate now, they’ll be jumping out windaes the night if Celtic do the biz!

        • Steerpike


          Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas two of the cleverest Catholics of all time outlined the western concepts of a just war, the main ones involve self defense, defending peace and above all the authority to represent the common good. Now innocent people will always be killed in just wars, it is unfortunate but true, Dresden being the much quoted example on here.
          However the IRA had no mandate, they did not have the authority nor did they represent the common good, and their aim was certainly not peace or self defense. In this light, in my opinion the IRA were just criminals who couldn’t be arsed with politics or democracy, and they intentionally murdered innocent people outwith the parameters of a just war.

          So no, I see no comparison between Dresden and the IRA, it is a romantic fantasy, there were political republican factions in the North who had a cause, killing kids did not make this cause just.

      • Niall, you are a CRETIN…. there was no effective democracy for Catholics & Nationalists, In fact there was a semi apartheid state, which was the reason people resorted to rectify the situation by armed conflict. Now the democratic process has credibility, hence the reactionary Loyalist tossers on the streets lobbing rocks at police because they didn’t like their flag being voted down the pole. For this reason to resort to arms would be not be morally justifiable.
        Are you deliberately historically illiterate, or just a balloon???

        • Gortnamona

          Hi Mac
          Did a 125K Sportif on the 8th. Very hilly very hard. I skipped a drinks station with 30K to go to try and beat a couple of younger guys I was cycling with, but they caught me 5 miles from the finish. Though I stayed with them until the end. I might have scraped into the top 30 out of 121

        • Steerpike


          I do appreciate Catholics were being maltreated, killing innocent kids and children was not the solution to a political problem, MLK did not get blacks civil rights by killing kids, think about it.

  32. Steer…….I am almost certain if the same had happened to scotland that there would’ve been plenty of what you call “cowards” finding themselves drawn into a similar situation, I am almost certain that if germany and axis powers had won the war that england, well all on this island would’ve done the same and I do know that the french and checks et al did do exactly that, those, as you would put it “cowards” were the resistance, freedom fighters, much the same as the mau mau against the hated imperialistic british regime.

  33. @ Graham
    But this time last year was it not Rangers and super ally who were fighting the SFA &SPL over proposed title stripping for a crime that they had not even be tried for never mind been found guilty of ( as we now know we were found not guilty ) . ____________________________________

    I,ll fix that for you mate.
    Rangers were found GUILTY of all charges, that’s right GUILTY!
    Fat Sal fighting them was a bit of smoke and mirrors, because an illegal side letter guaranteed you immunity from punishment! Even though the trial had not began.

    • barca, I simply could not believe that graham was serious about going with the “found not guilty” angle. I was wondering if it was a futile attempt at irony 🙂

      • .@Mac Tomas.
        How you doing bud ? I’ve been buzzin all day. Couldn’t make it to Milan, (Dem pesky schools!).
        I don’t think G does irony. Whatabootery and lying, Aye!
        If all the bluenoses who bet AGAINST their countries European representatives lose their money, would that be irony ?…….Or just really funny!

  34. @Niall, Wonka, graham, & the rest of the Zombies on here still talking total shit & defending the indefensable. Zombies all of you you & still in total denial……….. Your team died & did not go to heaven…….. The Frankenstein version will be lucky to make it till the end of this season,
    cam … you are an obnoxious Fud, simply not funny, simply not the best.

  35. joe

    I saw this today and loved it
    At its lowest level, for example, people throughout the ages have continued to set places at the dinner table for their long-dead loved ones. They know in their hearts that the person has died but are comforted by the familiarity of doing the same things that they have always done. However, in extreme cases people have even kept and maintained the actual cadavers of the deceased, dressed them, talked to them and watched TV with them, in a state of absolute denial.

  36. Mac

    That hate will consume you eventually. It just isn’t rational. What is it to you if Rangers are in trouble. They are paying a price. Predictions about dead by the end of the season are just wishful thinking. If we suppose that Celtic went bust, there would be many new people on here offering the same venom and hatred you offer. But, would that make people on here any less of a Celtic supporter. And, if they went bust again by the end of the season, would that make them any less of a supporter. And, if they were playing in some strange league in the west would that make them any less of a supporter. The point you cannot grasp is that even though you think Rangers/Sevco are scum, their supporters do not. They can distinguish between the team and the men who brought down the old team. They were born to support Rangers as many on here were born to support Celtic and neither will ever change.

    What does need to change around here is the tone and understanding we should all have. Calling people names and not tolerating their right to be different adds nothing to the debate. When I first joined this site the talk was of the legal in and outs of the BTC, Gratuitous Alienation and so on. Now it is all about bigotry with some very dubious names being prayed-in-aid. What does the history of Ireland the Falklands war, the FWW have to do with the legal travails of a Scottish football team. And please don’t say ‘he started it’. There are some vicious people on this site, Monti being the worst, and it is time Paul did something about it. In any other fora some of the views expressed on here would result in collars being felt or worse assaults.

    On another matter, Monti, Celtic are the weakest team in their group, but that does not mean they will finish bottom. Last year the world and his wife would have offered, rightly, that Celtic were weaker than Barca. But what do I know about football!

    • Gortnamona

      What’s your opinion of Carson?

    • What do you know? ha ha don’t even go there you don’t even know what club you support, here let me help you! you do not support any club, you are a klan member like the majority of them, it is not football that drives you lot it is bigotry, a hatred so driven that has blinded you so much you can not even see it in your own posts, i doubt your even a woman.

      • I have made it very clear where my allegiance lies -Hearts. But some of you are blinded when someone offers an opinion you do not share. You conclude that I must be a Rangers supporter. What is this klan reference? Are you seriously suggesting that those who disagree with you must be members of the Ku Klux Klan. If ‘we’ were we would be at home in the company of some of the bigots on here. You silly little man.

    • @gortchomhor

      What you failed to factor in, Violet, is that Rangers and Sevco are inherently evil.They stand for evil, the promote evilness, they encourage evilness. I equate anti-irish catholicism to evilness which as a form of racist bogotry it unquestionably is.

      it’s also my opinion that Britain has not been a very good project for mankind and since Rangers and Sevco fans support that we have another reason to justifiably oppose them.

      There are other reasons too.

      Thus, opposing and wishing the worst for Rangers and Sevco is in keeping with the spirit of the bible and reason; it is is the interests of all good men that evil shall fail.

      Apart from that, Cam and most other Rangers fans are boring dolts.

      • Rangers are EVIL. I thought they were a football team which employed a disgusting employment policy. I wonder if there is anything in the bible which justifies it as the thick comic tries to justify homophobia. That’s just one of the problems in relying on the bible.

      • Steerpike

        What you failed to factor in, Violet, is that Rangers and Sevco are inherently evil.They stand for evil, the promote evilness, they encourage evilness. I equate anti-irish catholicism to evilness which as a form of racist bogotry it unquestionably is….. it is is the interests of all good men that evil shall fail.

        Do you think Evel Knievel was evil ?

  37. Steerpike

    It seems to me ” the fighting Irish ” must look to their mixed neanderthal genes and their cultural isolation, Ireland was the last outpost of the old warring hunter-gatherer tribes. Not so long ago this culture was described as beyond the pale to civilized societies, therefore it comes as no surprise that the culture in the North is one of the last to accept violence is not the solution. Throw in the stagnating autonomy of religious fundamentalism( Catholic and Protestant), and you have the mindset of a third world country.

    The North makes me mourn for the soul of mankind, I would separate it and tow it to Iran, because that is where they belong.

    Anyway…………..Come the Celts !!

    • Iran! is that no on the agenda for acceptable violence, like iraq, afgahnistan or anyone else that refuses to tow the party line, acceptable violence ya nugget.

    • @gortchomhor

      Actually the north is distinct because it’s where the Scottish people settled, the plantation etc… 17th century. As I understand it, the English thought it would be a good place to export all the degenerates from the borders area.

      • Steerpike


        If I was remotely interested in the island of Ireland, I would move there, I am not, it is up the people to sort out their own politics and cultural differences. I just object to these ” negotiations ” taking place in Scotland every Friday and Saturday night, it makes us look as backward as them.

        I am voting SNP just to separate myself from Northern Ireland, the place creeps me out.

        • @gortchomhor

          You should consider emailing your team leaders, last time I look your fans were up to their knees in red hand flags and what not…

  38. Steerpike

    ” To-night is the most recent champions league.”

    This is the kind of idiocy I must deal with, this absolute termite eating wacko considers the future as being the most recent !!!!

    Where is my AK47……………..ommmm………ommmmmm….ommmm.

  39. Steerpike

    When was the last time you had a hair cut sir ?

    Tonight…………….lol, I am telling you now, we must take another look at eugenics.

  40. Steerpike


    ” Celtic take scalps in the Champions league especially at home, I don’t know why but I think Celtic are going to win tonight, just a feeling.”.

    Celtic are 7/1 your money, I will give you 10/1 including the draw.

  41. Arb urns

    Niall your eyes off the ball….. Bill has slipped in a post listing craigy bhoy as a director of 5088……..

    • bill

      Sevco 5088 Limited

      Mr Charles Green
      Born 60 years ago: May 1953
      03 May 2012 — Present (1 year, 4 months, 15 days)

      Mr Aidan Chas Earley
      Born 46 years ago: Jan 1967
      09 May 2012 — Present (1 year, 4 months, 9 days)

      Mr Craig Thomas Whyte
      Born 42 years ago: Jan 1971
      Director, Company Director
      09 May 2012 — Present (1 year, 4 months, 9 days)

      Next Annual Return Due: 26/04/2013 OVERDUE

      Twice mr green has tried to dissolve this company and twice it has been suspended, and it looks as if whyte was a director a few days before Charles – its not me who files the documents at companies house, but the company officials of the company does.

      I am just a member of the public who reads documents filed by companies, it is not a crime, but defrauding HMRC is.

    • Steerpike

      Afternoon arb,

      ” Niall your eyes off the ball….. Bill has slipped in a post listing craigy bhoy as a director of 5088……..”

      CW became a director of Sevco 5088 as of the date he submitted the director appointment forms to Companies House, this is assuming of course no forgery was involved, and oor Craigie has got form for forging documents. If I recall the date was some time in April 2013. I had hoped you were going to shed some light on the ” alleged ” 11 month delay ?

      ” …have a wee read of LNS issue 3 c there’s an absolute cracker in there….plus the covering arse para…..I repeat having got newco/club to the table why was he so careful in his “sentencing” ? ”

      I would appreciate you having a wee read and giving me your thoughts on the careful sentencing, I have enough on my plate researching my own arguments without having to do yours .

      If you intend to copy the Socratic debating style of Clarkeng, it is essential you provide some input to glue the rebuttal together, a debate involves two opposing views, you seem determined to keep your view under wraps, which gives the impression you do not know anything or you do not want to expose your view to cross-examination.

      To be fair to you, it is quite a common debating tactic, although it is usually employed by people trying to hide something, I like transparent debate, keeps everybody honest and on their toes, nothing like the fear of failure to get the juices going,

      • Arb urns

        Niall I kinda liked the way Charlotte introduced these directors appointment forms ….. It proved she wasnt a fraud for me ,although at the time you were telling us it was all fakes,schoolboy stuff and you we’re ferreting about like a member of Enid blytons famous five …no no you bombasted read paragraph six it’s piffle and has been inserted by said schoolboy later……it put Chico in a difficult position but also gave him a simple route out of the directors appointment forms… A route he didn’t use amazingly……re LNS u quite like his ” undertaking” as relief for your pain at the thought rfc is a died club….. If charlottes 5 pack stacks LNS sentence is precision made…..purely coincidence of course……

        • Steerpike

          Hi Arb,

          I never said CF were fake, just unsubstantiated, if a source insists on remaining hidden it prevents examination of the original tapes.

          ” no no you bombasted read paragraph six it’s piffle and has been inserted by said schoolboy later……it put Chico in a difficult position but also gave him a simple route out of the directors appointment forms… A route he didn’t use amazingly.”
          Are you intentionally being obtuse, I haven’t the foggiest what any of this actually means, ever heard of speaking in plain English, are you Ali G pretending to be black or something lol ?

          ” re LNS u quite like his ” undertaking” as relief for your pain at the thought rfc is a died club….. If charlottes 5 pack stacks LNS sentence is precision made…..purely coincidence of course……”

          I think I have got this one, read this in rap style.

          LNS had to read….da SFA deed….to earn his breed,
          he no rules a making, its in da undertaking,
          a club no die, its Ibrox in the sky, he tell no lie.
          Da judge is no coincidence, da Lord is pure sense.


          Hope this clarifies my position on this matter, in plain English…….he understand the SFA articles defining what constitutes a club.

          • Arb urns

            Goodness me the head boy and dux of Buckfast High School couldn’t work out that charlottes stuff had substance…………

            Try this what would have happened if LNS had levied his fine against the club that received that transferred undertaking that you so cherrish…….

            Now think 5 way agreement Niall……. If you need to have a private conversation with the chief auditor before replying go ahead………….

            • Steerpike

              ” Try this what would have happened if LNS had levied his fine against the club that received that transferred undertaking that you so cherrish……”
              Arb, I understand you are in shock tonight but please please focus, what is your opinion, what do you think would have happened, why does your view always consist of asking me my view ?

              Do you do much debating ?

              Here is the bottom line my friend, until you stop squirming and give me your argument then there is no debate, now is this registering, do you require me to repeat it one more time.

              WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ?

              I was on the debating team, you would be last in any tic tac to, trust me.

            • Arb urns

              No shock Niall……… Another Aniallation for you ….. It’s so easy to lead you to the water and you drink every time….whenever u r rock and hard placed u deflect ….. Look at your moonshine yesterday btw about no admin.. Ian has your melons in a cam like twist over on the other blog….. Zilch comes back……. I’ve got you hoist by your own undertaking in this discussion…. And strung up by the directors forms on the other discussion we have just ended……..

              U r like a little row of ” jam tarts” …..sitting at — 8pts in the random league debating table……

              Get well soon Meth ill man…….

      • Raymilland


        “nothing like the fear of failure to get the juices going”

        The Icarus Complex is certainly in play

        Just can’t get enough!

        How’s your MAO levels?

        Adrenalin junkies need their fix; one insolvency event is never enough.

        • Steerpike

          ” Adrenalin junkies need their fix; one insolvency event is never enough.”

          Once this all dies down, I am off to the Zionist blogs, now these guys are hardcore.

  42. I will be watching CFC tonight and will be counting the number of flags flying. I suspect that we will see dozens of Irish flags and no Scottish ones. I have asked this often to no avail – name another club whose supporters routinely wrap themselves in the flag of a foreign country. Time they left for Dublin.

  43. And, finally, I asked yesterday if Celtic wore the poppy on their shirts. My recollection is that they did, but people seemed to be saying otherwise. If not, why not.

  44. Cluster one

    February 13 1950……..Glasgow Rangers Protestant Tradition…

    From our special correspondent..

    Scotland is their place of work but home is
    the Great British Isles, From Glasgow to
    ulster. the loyal followers of the royal blue
    proudly march to ibrox every other week
    in rain or shine. Supporting their team
    dutifully and honourably. The devotion to
    his Majesty king George V1 and their
    unrelenting faith is something to behold.
    No other compares to the strength in their
    belief. As a prodestant nation we must
    always defend our rightful place as the
    sovereign faith. We must
    try.And educate them,
    away from their own
    rebellious ideals,The ibrox faithful’s
    duty is to the crown and the kirk and
    should never be relinquished. Each and
    every follower has his work to do. Keep
    alive these proud traditions the rangers
    tenacity of spirit, prodestant ideals and
    the undying allegiance to the crown. The
    heathens may leave their doors open but
    it is essential we remain steadfast and it
    should be known around the world that
    signing for the rangers is an honour and
    has an unparalleled responsibility. The
    ideals are part of this great institution so
    they must never be forgotten and always
    upheld. We are The Rangers, we are
    protestant and proud of it.

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