The Most Important Blog I Have Written – What Happened 20 Years Ago Today?

NOTE TO READERS – Please note – this post does NOT contain earth-shattering revelations of wrong-doing anywhere, nor legal analysis, nor even my normal (and judicially recognised) “nit-picking”. But it is about something supremely important to me, so I am delighted if you want to read on and I do not mind if you choose to pass on to something else. Thank you.


Saturday 18th September 1993

What happened then?

According to these were the most important events:-

– Kimberly Clarice Aiken (SC), 18, crowned 67th Miss America 1994
– LA Mighty Ducks play their 1st NHL pre-season game against Penguins
– Trailing 3-1 with 2 outs in 9th, time is called prior to Mike Stanley pop out, gets a 2nd chance, & Yanks rally to beat Boston 4-3

Now, whilst that was an important event for Miss Aiken, I suspect that even die-hard fans of the Mighty Ducks, Penguins, Red Sox and Yankees would have little reason to remember that day.

Wikipedia records no events happening on 18th September 1993.

It records one notable birth – Patrick Schwarzenegger (not Arnold – but Patrick).

There are no notable deaths recorded for the date.

Celtic drew 1-1 with Dundee United at Parkhead, but my brother and my best pal Eddie did not go to the game. Where did they go? Here is a clue.

St Augustines 2

So, all in all, not much of a day?

Nonetheless, it is one of the most important days of my life.


Because at 3pm that day I met up with my wife-to-be Val at St Augustine’s in Coatbridge and shortly before 4, before our families, friends and Father (later to be Canon) Foley, she was no longer my wife-to-be, but my wife. (That is why Mark and Eddie missed the Celtic game.)

St Augustines 1

Twenty years have passed since that day – twenty years in which there have been:-

4 British Prime Ministers;

3 US Presidents;

4 Scottish First Ministers;

16 separate winners of the Open Golf Championship;

12 Superbowl champions;

3 Popes;

15 managers of my favourite football team; and

5 Lord Presidents of the Court of Session.

In all that time though, the most important numbers for me have been:-

3 – for the wonderful daughters with whom we have been blessed;

7,305 – for the days we have been married and

1 – for the one wonderful wife who has stood with me through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer.

So, as the clock ticks towards the exact time, twenty years ago, when I became privileged to be Val’s husband, I think of all that has passed over the years – the happiness and sadness, joy and pain, and most of all the love we have been blessed to share.

And, I realise that I have never made a better decision that saying “I do” to her at the altar steps of St Augustine’s on 18th September 1993. I have been blessed with the best friend one could imagine – with a list of attributes and qualities which would exceed even my longest blog post.

We left the church that day to the sounds of the “Ode to Joy” – and so if you want to hear it, just click below.

Thank you Val – and God willing here’s to many, many more anniversaries!

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127 responses to “The Most Important Blog I Have Written – What Happened 20 Years Ago Today?

  1. wastrel

    congratulations to you both, I beat you by 9 days BTW, and two score for us too! (she really deserves a medal!)

  2. Steerpike

    Sorry to barge into the wedding delights but its back to work for the wicked, here is a sample of what Barca considers to be the truth, let me remind all what the definition of truth is: ” in accordance with fact or reality: “. a journalist reports the facts.

    ” David Murray killed your club.”

    FALSE, SDM did not kill the company nor the club

    ” The skeleton was sold to a bunch of spivs,”
    FALSE, the ground, training ground, employees, players, history and undertaking were sold to a new company now listed on the AIM (just like Celtic).

    ” who have been robbing fans and fitba’ since their foot was allowed in the door.”
    FALSE, no director or employee of TRFC have been convicted of theft, and TRFC has contributed to the financial well being of Scottish football.

    ” This scam, this charade, was aided and abetted to by corrupt members of the SFA/SPL/SFL. Their own rules and regs were corrupted to this end.”
    FALSE, no official has been found guilty of corruption, and no rules or regulations were corrupted to carry out any scam..

    ” The corruption possibly rises higher up the food chain.”
    FALSE, no individual has been found guilty of corruption further up any food chain.

    ” The Scottish fans KNOW all this to be true.”
    FALSE, the Scottish fans have no knowledge of any corruption of any kind, and you have no knowledge of what Scottish fans think.

    The SMSM also know, as do many lawyers, Public Officials, and police officers of varying rank.
    FALSE, none of the above have any knowledge of corruption because there has been not one case of corruption proven, and again you have no knowledge of what they think.

    This is why, you and the rest of the internet bampots could not lace any journalists boots, you do not even understand the basic meaning of truth or fact, the very thing you are supposed to report.
    If you were employed by any newspaper, you would bankrupt them with libel cases too numerous to list.

    Epic joke.

    • Fra

      Tut tut Niall. Just go away

    • Paul

      Wow nail your colours cretin.Must have took your laptop down to the louden to impress your mates.

    • Iain Mcg

      No you are not, Cretin. It’s why you are here.
      Where I come from, anyone who interrupted or attempted to hijack a wedding or anniversary function would quickly be outdoors considering the stars. Maybe The Great Bear in your case.
      So, go away. This is no place for you or your ilk.

      • Steerpike


        Internet hardmen are a dime a dozen, this is a blog old bean, it is not really an actual anniversary party, try and stay within the realms of reality, I know it is not easy.

    • OldFirm 1

      Journalist? You? You can hardly spell the word. Your former club became insolvent. Paying tax is a recognised norm in any civilised society, but your former club thought it could intimidate HMRC. Perhaps identify the Higher Executive Officers and send them bullets in the post. We would expect no less from you and your fellow recidivist fans. The players of your former club walked away. Only eight unemployable players were willing to join the new club. Sevco Scotland bought the stadium and exercised options on the leases of the Albion Road Car Park and the training ground in Milngavie. Sevco did not buy the club as they would then have inherited their debts and any future liabilities from HMRC. As they did not but the club, they were not allocated the former club’s SPL share. This is why THE NEW CLUB had to apply to the SFL for admission to SFL3. This is why THE NEW CLUB are not allowed to play in Europe until they have three years of audited accounts. This is also why THE NEW CLUB joined the SFL as mere associate members of the SFA with no vote on the recent reconstruction.
      Given that Sevco Scotland did not buy the insolvent club, it did not buy it’s history. The ASA has withdrawn the false information provided by the new club in its failed attempt to claim the history of the former RFC. Charles Green, Walter Smith, Jim Traynor have all openly stated that it is a new club. So wrap it round you imbecile as you are kidding no-one. You are just not smart enough. On the matter of Celtic, they did not become insolvent. Mr McCann came in and paid all our debts and taxes and maintained our history, including The European Cup win of 1967 that your old club died trying to emulate, and your new club won’t be around long enough to attempt to emulate, Both your former club and Celtic became PLCs. This was for convenience, nothing more. You have nothing to add to this blog.You are too stupid. Anyone so deluded to believe that the current club playing at Die Brox is Rangers Continued is little more than a sentiently challenged Brigadoon Bun. I’m sorry for your loss. I feel your pain.

    • Monti

      Could you not give it a rest for just 1 blog Niall?
      most have floated along with the spirit of congratulations & sharing their own anniversaries.
      No self control Niall, that’s your problem.
      Your like the class idiot who want’s to disrupt the class!

      • Steerpike

        ” No self control Niall, that’s your problem.”

        Is that you Monti ?

    • merciatic

      ” The skeleton was sold to a bunch of spivs,”
      FALSE, the ground, training ground, employees, players, history and undertaking were sold to a new company now listed on the AIM (just like Celtic).


    • Geddy Lee

      Temper temper. That petted lip of yours will go permanent if you don’t lighten up.

  3. hector

    All the best on the next 20 Paul and Val great to see marriage and family life well in our country.I think Mick may have got you Phils book for an anniversary present but don’t tell him I let the cat out of the bag.Must dash second half about to start and there are trolls abroad .Good night and God bless.

  4. Cluster one


    • hector

      @cluster a thumbs down for a post one word on a couple marking 20 years of marriage there are a few sad trolls about tonight and we have a fair idea who they are.Never mind sevco tits up shortly .Funny but there is almost a truce on here tonight with one small exception who shall remain nameless but is like a rattlesnake in a lucky dip just not as popular.Wonder how his marriage is going if it ever was.

  5. Monti

    Unlucky Celtic, very unlucky!
    We are with you all the way Bhoys!
    Faithful through & through, Celtic to the core! HH!

    • hector

      @monti the boys did not look out of place . I see Mario is back from his Summer job as a diver of that standard must have been involved in the Costa Concordia or it is a waste of talent.No doubt a lot of orcs will be along shortly to crow about the result.The San Siro did lack the atmosphere of a Ramsden cup night in field near you whenever.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Get it right roond ye’s!
      Messi & co next. Mawahahaha!
      Dibble…are you being tickled? I can here a laughing policeman!
      Mawahahaha. Heheehahahoho!

  6. hector

    @cluster a good example on why the troll should not be fed.ignore him and he should get the message and go.On the other hand he is thick .WWTP

  7. mick

    happy anniversary paul to you and your good lady 20 years well you know what they say time flys when your having fun,
    on a lesser note what a great game tonight by the tic we should have took our changes oh well not to worry barca at Celtic park next ,it kind of went pear shaped after subs were made but hay win lose or draw its the taken part that counts and its inspiring for our youth to try and break throw to it so all and all it was well done Celtic theres still lots to play and the team was great for 80 mins so am happy with that

    • hector

      @mick good game and in case you missed it last nights rant was not aimed at you.Phil is on good form today and thanks you for punting the books .Have to go as there be orcs and trolls abroad and my goats are at risk.Take care and sevco tits up by Christmas.

  8. Lex McClean

    Paul, it sounds like yer better half has been giving you a hard time for giving the blog more attention than you ought to, good luck with trying to get round her this way

  9. mick

    no problem hector a thought it was only right to say sorry as i was commenting to ,sevco will be lucky to see xmas a wonder if we will get a xmas message if they do lol

  10. Gav

    Poor show on this blog tonight! Yes Celtic were involved in a high octane thriller of a match tonight! But c’mon just a relentless argument through posts is ridiculous! Steerpike you are a fool! Get a grip! Paul! Good luck! Hope you have many more years with your best friend! Hail Hail

    • Steerpike


      ” But c’mon just a relentless argument through posts is ridiculous! ”

      Have you met Phil, barca, eco and the loonymen ?

  11. Gav

    Poor show from steerpikey! Apologies!

    • Steerpike

      ” Poor show from steerpikey! Apologies! ”

      Save it my friend, our host has been bayoneting a wounded club and its fans for the best part of 2 years, and inviting every sadist to join in on the party.

      I am sure he got my heartfelt congrats, they were sincere.

  12. Condorrat Tam

    Congrat’s to you both, Fr Foley top man, St Aug’ a special Church. Me & Mrs Me had 10th ann this year. Party in Airdrie Town Hall was family tastic, we stayed to end! Best of days Paul! BODs!

  13. Fisiani

    Congratulations on making a great decision. It’s the most important decision of your life and I made a similar one 33 years ago. All the very best.
    Keep this thread free of other issues.

  14. Steerpike

    I will leave you alone with your thoughts.

    Celtic competed lacked the finishing touch against a reserve team short in confidence, what a difference Hooper would have made tonight, sometimes you make your own luck.
    Celtic v Ajax of Orange with an ex-Ranger as manager for a UEFA spot, I know who my money is on, funny how fate can pay you back……2014 could be a chilly year at Parkhead in more ways than one.

    • Gav

      You are an ass! Celtic played well tonight and should be commended! Play your hand by all means Steerpike! You lose. Everytime! IMO(to be fair).

      • Steerpike


        Celtic played ok because the team was minus 5, let me repeat 5 first team picks, they hardly tested their goalie, Lennon said it himself, he looks ill by the way, not sure he is mentally fit for managerial stress.

  15. Steerpike

    It is like a morgue in here, has someone died, kids ill, war been declared, famine in Africa….nope, just football and learning to accept defeat with grace.

    Cheer up bhoys, roll on Barcelona.

  16. Gortnamona

    Another Song For You Paul and Val and goodnight
    Hope you had a great day.

  17. Paul, you obviously have found the elixor of success to marriage with a modern woman, long may it continue as long as you know how to play the game :), and god bless you both for another 20 and counting.

    Don’t keep score One day she’s wrong, the next day you are. Call it even and move on.

    Know her faults—and love her anyway. Hopefully, she does the same for you.

    Let him hear you brag…about him. It will make his day to know you think he’s great.

    Speak up Remember, you didn’t marry a mind reader.

  18. Paul/Val, if you will excuse me, no, sorry, i’ll leave you both to end your wonderful day and address the delinquents another time. Enjoy.

  19. Ian4300

    September 18, 2013 at 2:23 pm
    I didn’t know that, but I do know your a bell end
    Yep Monti you are right … Big time. I have been away due to the terminal illness of a family member who died fortified by her Faith & the rites of her church, may she rest in peace.

    Steerpike’s record.
    RFC(IL) did not have to die, they could have survived as their model was viable… YAWN, sold for a pound & died as TAX cheats who refused to honour their debts to creditors. Had they Not used Tax money to Trade while INSOLVENT they would not have seen their FINAL Season out.
    Continuity of RFC(IL) & SEVCO… BOTH existed at the same time as SEPERATE Clubs, one in the SPL & the other in the 3rd Division… His solution? DENY that the Ramsden’s cup game WAS the same team & continuity only started in AUGUST…. The Club is the member for football purposes NOT the Company… Sevco, THE TEAM, were given a Membership of the SFA while RFC, THE TEAM, were also members , TWO separate Clubs & a lot of Bullshit to cover up.
    Spivs are ALL gone said Steerpike… .When I pointed out that the FINANCIAL Director is one of the original Gang of Spivs, he then changed his opinion to say he meant ONLY Green & Ahmed.
    The Shareholder revolt WILL win, said Steerpike, & McColl & Blin will dictate the way forward to Mather.
    Blin will be the Chairman , he will be TRFC equivalent of FERGUS McCANN & the model will be viable….Result… SPIVS Still in charge, Blin GONE, McColl ridiculed by half of TRFC Support… In Short CIVIL War, ANOTHER Steerspike prediction bites the dust..
    I would not discuss his invented figures & stuck to factual ones supplied by the spivs.
    £12.5m Pre IPO confirmed by Ahmed, £22m IPO investment & £8m Season Book money= £42.5m… ALL GONE.. Who said so? The Financial Director…. The ONLY money left according to Stockbridge was £10m consisting of this Season’s money & £1.5m from sports Direct….. Steerpike denies this…. AFTER publishing the list from Stockbridge explaining where it all went to support one of his points…How Fecked up is that?
    All of a sudden Mather KNEW better than Stockbridge & only a “SMALL PERCENTAGE” of season Book money was involved in the £10m… MATHER would not LIE….AND the Accounts would be published in mid September to prove it, this after Stockbridge promised the end of AUGUST… But they would not lie, insisted Steerpike..
    It DID NOT MATTER that £42.5m at least was gone…said steerpike, the Investors will put more in…
    He ignored the fact that these guys signed up to a CASH RICH TRFC going up the Divisions & having the funding in place to succeed in the SPFL… What happened? ALL Gone in a season. Investor revolt & McColl says nearer £60 MILLION is gone.
    I could go on but hey, he has went the full circle RFC could have survived…

    He is now on about shooting people with his AK whatever & giving it big licks that AC Milan had players missing…

    To put their level of investment into perspective…Mario Balotelli cost Milan £19m, that is similar to what RFC(IL) STOLE from the State to trade illegally…

    Meanwhile back in Scotland TRFC have to be congratulated, they have gone further in The Ramsden’s Cup than at any time in their history…. Another record..

    • Steerpike


      Please show some respect to Paul on his special day, there is a time and a place for everything.

      Anyway TLDNR.

      • iantm

        Steerpike. You have disrupted the celebrations from your first post onwards..

        I was merely addressing your past failures & agreeing with Monti’s astute assessment of your personality defects.

        However, you are correct, I should not have sunk to your level.

        BELATED Congratulations Paul.

        I have been married for over 40 years & am a granddad of four.

        I hope you will have as much joy when it becomes your turn.. Being a granddad id Great..

        • Steerpike

          ” Steerpike. You have disrupted the celebrations from your first post onwards..”

          I know, it is the devil in me, I can’t really help it, in fact it’s not really my fault, I blame my genes and environment, since is there no such thing as free will I am absolved of all responsibility for my actions, do you blame the shark that bites your leg off ?

          Anyway, got to dash, just spotted a lovely butterfly and I want those wings baby !!

  20. portpower

    Happy 20th anniversary Paul and Val.
    Hope the pair of youse had a beautiful romantic night. Love,friendship, compromise & Total agreement is the answer. Mastering the male language of under one’s self breathe also helps.

  21. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary hope you enjoy the coming years as much.

  22. Paul, I was a bit busy yesterday to do anything but “like” your blog. Painting was taking up my time and I have another two to do today (with luck) anyway congrats to you and your good lady and a wish for many more years of friendship and pleasure.
    Did you cook her a meal??????? if not do it soon!

  23. P Hendry

    Congratulations to you both ……
    I am sure Val is the strength behind your tenacity and fair minded ness. Good on ye both.

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