If Charlotte Fakes Breached the Data Protection Act, Did Rangers Report This to Information Commissioner?

There are many theories about the identity of Charlotte Fakes and even more about where she obtained her information. I am not aware of anyone suggesting that anything Charlotte has revealed has been anything other than genuine – if the suggestion was that it was faked then I am sure this would have been trumpeted from the rooftops.

Bizarrely a lot of the coverage (especially on blogs and message boards) has been about the “clear” breaches of the Data Protection Act which Charlotte must be guilty of (at least according to those very same commenters).

As I wrote last week, the DPA is not this mighty raft of legislation capable of crushing all in its path. Instead it is a horribly convoluted piece of law-making which needs a packet of headache tablets and a darkened room to understand properly.

The former President of the United States clarifies Britain's Data Protection legislation

The former President of the United States clarifies Britain’s Data Protection legislation

One thing though which is very clear (at least in principle) is the duty imposed on a “data controller” to take action when they experience a security breach.

This is expanded upon in the helpful guide to the operation of the Act provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The section on what to do if there is a security breach is as follows:-

If, despite the security measures you take to protect the personal data you hold, a breach of security occurs, it is important that you deal with the security breach effectively. The breach may arise from a theft, a deliberate attack on your systems, from the unauthorised use of personal data by a member of staff, or from accidental loss or equipment failure. However the breach occurs, you must respond to and manage the incident appropriately. Having a policy on dealing with information security breaches is another example of an organisational security measure you may have to take to comply with the seventh data protection principle.

There are four important elements to any breach-management plan.

1. Containment and recovery – the response to the incident should include a recovery plan and, where necessary, procedures for damage limitation.

2. Assessing the risks – you should assess any risks associated with the breach, as these are likely to affect what you do once the breach has been contained. In particular, you should assess the potential adverse consequences for individuals; how serious or substantial these are; and how likely they are to happen.

3. Notification of breaches – informing people about an information security breach can be an important part of managing the incident, but it is not an end in itself. You should be clear about who needs to be notified and why. You should, for example, consider notifying the individuals concerned; the ICO; other regulatory bodies; other third parties such as the police and the banks; or the media.

4. Evaluation and response – it is important that you investigate the causes of the breach and also evaluate the effectiveness of your response to it. If necessary, you should then update your policies and procedures accordingly.


These issues are considered in greater detail in our Guidance on data security breach management. We have also produced Notification of Data Security Breaches to the ICO. This is guidance on:

  • the circumstances in which we expect organisations to notify us of security breaches;
  • the information we need in those circumstances; and
  • what organisations can expect us to do after notifying us.

After the lurid and Mission Impossible-esque tales of hacked emails, stolen servers and interception of secure communications, coupled with allegations of “Deep Throats” in and around Ibrox, I have some simple questions for Rangers. (I do not expect them to answer me, but perhaps concerned shareholders can ask at the AGM).

Exclusive footage of Charlotte Fakes accessing the Rangers computer systems

Exclusive footage of Charlotte Fakes accessing the Rangers computer systems

After a quick check of the Data Protection Register, I see that it is The Rangers Football Club Limited which is the data controller – not the PLC. However, as the PLC owns 100% of the subsidiary then presumably some questions about it would be in order.

My questions are:-

  • What, if anything, have Rangers done to contain the apparent loss of its data?
  • What risks have Rangers identified to it, or to its employees or contractors, from the alleged breach?
  • Whom did Rangers notify about the breach? Did they tell the Information Commissioner? Did they tell people who might have been affected by the breach? Did they tell anyone?
  • Have they evaluated the cause of the breach and learned lessons from it?

I am sure that, as an organisation fully compliant with its legal duties, Rangers Football Club Limited gas done all it ought to have done.

After all, if it had not then that might mean that they do not recognise their responsibilities (which is highly unlikely) or that the “leaks” and “breaches” do not come from Rangers or are not ones it sees as necessary to report.

Charlotte Fakes leaving Ibrox un-noticed by security

Charlotte Fakes leaving Ibrox un-noticed by security

We will just have to wait to see what, if anything, Rangers Football Club Limited have done about these “serious breaches” as Jack Irvine called them.

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  1. Fra

    Charlotte has to be one of the spivs who has been shat on from a high height. Craigy bhoy, Malcolm or at a push Imran who has previous for this. Either that or someone working on their behalf. Either way, I hope it never ends because they deserve everything they get.

    • Ben McGinlay

      My money’s on Craigie bhoy, as I have said in the past..wonder who Ian Black thinks it is. Would that count as a football bet, club or company ?

  2. James O'Connell

    after serious consideration , there is only one possible, logical choice !
    as Sherlock says ,’ when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever you are left with, no matter how improbable , that must be the answer’
    on that basis step forward Mr Malcolm !

  3. ecojon

    I wonder if there is anything in this?

    Sam Gracey ‏@SamGracey2 37m
    @paullarkin74 Heads up. Sevco accountant refused to sign off without details of ALL shareholders & asset owners. There for all to see Monday

    • James O'Connell

      any accountant would do the same, that is anyone other than D&P

      • ecojon

        @ James O’Connell

        TRFCL failed to supply dozens of shareholders names on their Annual Return to Companies House and don’t forget that the TRFCL shareholders had their shares swapped on a 1-for-1 basis for RIFC Plc shares.

        So RIFC Plc are caught between a rock and a hard place and the vice is tightening if there are some names they don’t want to reveal which go back to the original investors.

        I wonder if Rizvi is in there anywhere?

    • Ed Paisley

      Sounds plausible. Yes, the directors of Rangers are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the accounts but they aren’t exactly the most trustworthy group of people. Deloittes could easily be made to look like fools. Can you imagine more liabilities coming out of the woodwork later on and the audit partner of Deloittes saying “we wis duped”? We’ve been here before.

    • Fra

      I wonder if SDM might be lurking somewhere in the background. They are called the spivs but he is KING SPIV. And the show goes on

  4. @gortchomhor

    Everything about Charlotte stinks, always did. I’ll make a prediction right now, RIFC will never chase Charlotte — they’d be chasing their tale if they did.

    I’ll make another prediction. Craig Whyte or Worthington will never go to court over the Sevco 5088 stuff. It would be great entertainment of they did.

    And here’s a third prediction. In the next few days you will hear how all that historical stuff about Sevco 5088 ties in with the current stuff, and you will never look at this whole story again in the same way. That’s a promise actually, and promises are worth more than predictions.

    Funny how certain people like alextomo just vanished eh… Timing is everything.


    • Sevco United

      Gort, would you kindly answer my question on previous blog.

      • @gortchomhor

        Could you repeat it here? I post so much it would be hard to find on an ipad.

      • @gortchomhor

        Ok I got it, you were asking what had been omitted in the annual return. Their annual return only gave a partial answer to the questions of who the directors were and what share holdings in the company they had. It basically just ignored the first few months and gives no account of who was on the board of Sevco Scotland prior to it becoming the rangers football club — you’ll be aware that this was basically a name change so the annual return should have made clear who directors were and what shares they had prior to the name change.

        • ecojon


          Just refer him to my guest post which covers what’s missing. Although I forgot I think to add that a list of debenture holders also have to be provided – now who could they be?


          • @gortchomhor

            I don’t know why they are putting so much into disputing the annual return. It was obviously incomplete in terms of the timeframe involved. I actually don’t think it’s that important, just yet another piece of circumstantial… Why does it upset them? There are much more important things they should be much more worried about… Why look stupid on that?

            • ecojon


              We don’t know the importance of the AR because we don’t know what names they will officially provide and don’t forget all of the TRFCL shareholders became RIFC Plc shareholders because of the share swap deal between it and TRFCL.

              The AR of TRFCL would have taken 10 minutes to complete so why did it take them from 29 May 2013 until Friday to submit it. Something was holding them back – but what is it?

              Why face a possible criminal prosecution and company fine and all the publicity that would have generated. And don’t forget they still haven’t posted the AR of Sevco 5088 Ltd which was due in April this year.

              The connection between the ARs of both Sevcos is that the original investors in Sevco 5088 ultimately became shareholders in TRFCL amd then RIFC Plc.

              Is that the link which is causing a problem?

          • @gortchomhor

            Isn’t it the case that the sevco scotland share distribution would mirror the original Sevco 5088 distribution? CG said he was the only director of Sevco 5088 — so much for the mirror. Maybe it was one of those trick mirrors.

            I actually think the Sevco 5088 annual return will be better reading, if we ever see it.

            Details, details… The offshore stuff is going to hide the important stuff, as intended. Nothing will ever come of the Sevco 5088 line of enquiry, I’ll bet on that.

        • Sevco United

          I think you both have it wrong.

          Due to the change in rules effective from 1st October 2011, a company whose shares have been admitted to trading on a relevant market at any time during the period covered by the return must provide the names and addresses of shareholders who hold 5% or more of the company’s issued share capital as at the made up date of the return.

          The crucial part being “as at the made up date of the return” which is the anniversary of the incorporation which from memory was 29th May 2013 for Sevco. Note, there is no reference to a previous return or incorporation date in the event of a first return.


          Chapter 1, section 9

          A full list of shareholders, including those who changed during the year, what both of you are claiming, is only required if a company is a Non-traded company.

          Same link as above.

          Chapter 1, section 8.

          • ecojon

            @ Sevco United

            As you have made a sensible post and have put some effort into it I will explain the position.

            The AR we have been referring to is for TRFCL. Where you have erred is that TRFCL is not a ‘traded’ company. The only traded company I am aware of in the Rangers Group of companies is RIFC Plc whose first annual return is not yet due.

            TRFCL is a private limited company and although it has shareholders its shares are not ‘traded’ on a regulated public market and therefore you are looking at the wrong section of the regulations I am afraid. You should also not fall into the trap of thinking that because shares in a private limited company can effectively be ‘sold’ that this constitutes it being a traded company – it doesn’t because these are private bargains and not share sales to the general public on an exchange.

            You have made the comment: ‘The crucial part being “as at the made up date of the return” which is the anniversary of the incorporation which from memory was 29th May 2013 for Sevco. Note, there is no reference to a previous return or incorporation date in the event of a first return.’

            I am confused with what you are attempting to state here. This is slightly complex because although an AR is a snapshot of various factors like the allotted shareholding and directors there is also an obligation on a first annual return to list all previous shareholders from the date of Incorporation to the made-up date.

            This is what is missing from the incomplete return made for TRFCL and as well as leaving out Ahmad who should have been included because he was still a TRFCL director on 29 May 2013 which is the made-up date for TRFCL.

            Companies House state:
            For returns made up to 1 October 2011 or later
            A company whose shares have not been admitted to trading on a relevant market must provide:

            * the name of the shareholder (or joint-shareholders) at the made-up date
            * the name of every shareholder (or joint-shareholders) who has ceased to be a shareholder since the made-up date of the previous annual return (or in the case of a first return, since the incorporation of the company)
            * the number of shares of each class held by each shareholder of the company at the made-up date of the annual return
            * the date of registration and the number of shares of each class transferred by each shareholder or past shareholder since the made-up date of the previous annual return (or in the case of a first return, since the incorporation of the company)

            • Sevco United

              That’s a fair point re TRFC Ltd v Rangers International.

              The only other question I would then pose is the question on the website and subsequently the return available on Companies House.

              It states on the form “The details below relate to individuals/corporate bodies that were shareholders as at 29/05/2013 or that had ceased to be shareholders since the made up date of the previous Annual Return”

              From a technical standpoint, the question or statement is not consistent with the “rules” as it makes no mention of (or in the case of a first return, since the incorporation of the company).

          • ecojon

            @ Sevco United

            The reason that the form is inconsistent with the rules is because the AR submitted is incomplete and doesn’t include shareholders of TRFCL who have ceased to be shareholders between The company’s Incorporation Date of 29 April 2012 and the made-up date for TRFCL which is 29 April 2013. It has nothing to do with a ‘technicality’ but purely a failure to follow the rules that apply to every UK company.

            I would assume that Companies House will have already requested TRFCL to correct their incomplete return by providing the missing info or will be doing so shortly. The important question, as I see it, is why this information has deliberately been left out when the lawyers for TRFCL will be well aware of the legal requirements.

            I think the ommission of Ahmad as a director was probably just a slip-up but with the amount of money TRFCL is spending on legal fees it shouldn’t have happened and I would have thought that Stockbridge as company secretary should have spotted the error. Perhaps he’s spending too much time out and about videoing drunks – no accounting for personal obsessions I’m afraid.

            The missing shareholders btw are as undernoted as well of course as Green, Ahmad and Hughes and who knows there might be others that I have not listed 🙂


            Margarita Trust ( 2.6 million later transferred to ATP Investments Ltd); Norne Anstalt (1.2million); Putney Holdings Ltd (700K); Elias Kaisar (100k); Jean T Haddad (250k); Blue Pitch Holdings (4 million); Glenmuir Ltd (1 million); Ian Hart (290k).

            Ally McCoist (1 million); Asia Credit Corporation (400k); Patrick Oddie (200k); Craig Mather (1.8 million); Andie Hosie (800k); Malcolm Murray (200k); Angus Kinnear (100k); Stephen Adams (50k); Ian Cormack (25k); John Graham (25k); John McClure (200k); John Goold (100k); Colin Howell (200k); Graham Herring (400k); David Gowans (1 million); Ian Hart (additional 200K).

            Gorbon Ltd (1.55 million); Allan McKenzie (500k); Scott McKenzie (25k); Richard Bernstein (400k); Eurovestech Plc (600k); Laxey & Partners (1 million); Mike Ashley (3 million).

            • ecojon

              I was just thinking that with Xmas time drawing close we soon will be in the middle of office party season.

              I wonder when Stockbridge turns-up whether he’ll be frisked for a video camera?

              And should he be out of a job before then and manages to get another one will he even get an invite to the Xmas Party?

              By their deeds ye shall know them!

            • Sevco United

              Sorry EcoJohn, that wasnt what i meant. What i meant is that the question or section on the actual Companies House form does not state (or in the case of a first return, since the incorporation of the company).

              It stops at “previous Annual Return”

              In summary, forgetting all about Sevcos AR, the actual form that an online return is completed on is not consistent with the rules for anyone, never mind Sevco.

            • @gortchomhor

              Pure class, ecojon. Clinical.

          • ecojon

            @Sevco United

            I will soon need to start charging you for putting you through AR 101 🙂

            What you are obviously unaware of is that Comapnies House has been trying to cut-down on paper forms and has introduced the electronic submission process but even that has been designed to be streamlined to reduce the electronic form submission to a minimum as well.

            So you have a basic AR form and continuation forms and you can see them at: http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/forms/formsContinuation.shtml

            Click on the link for: List of past and present shareholders

            You will see the relevant form and the explanation: ‘Changes during this period to shareholders’ particulars or details of the amount
            of stock or shares transferred must be completed each year.
            You must provide a ‘full list’ of all company shareholders on:

            * The company’s first annual return following incorporation;
            * Every third annual return after a full list has been provided.’

            I fully understand that few people would be aware of this unless they had a familairity with Company Documentation but I can assure you that Rangers’ lawyers and their Company Secretary should be well aware of the requirements and the forms which require to be completed to meet their statutory obligations.

            • Sevco United

              I am aware of them and I have looked it up. I was simply asking your views on the ambiguous nature of the question.

              In effect, it gives companies like Sevco, a plead of ignorance, as to what information they have to put on the form, although it has to be said that the missing information really makes no difference in the grand scheme of things. As you said above, someone will get in touch with Sevco, and the information will be sent and never seen again probably.

              Thanks for replying though and clearing up my error on the difference between TRFC and RIFC.

          • ecojon

            @ Sevco United

            You state: I am aware of them and I have looked it up. I was simply asking your views on the ambiguous nature of the question.

            In effect, it gives companies like Sevco, a plead of ignorance, as to what information they have to put on the form, although it has to be said that the missing information really makes no difference in the grand scheme of things. As you said above, someone will get in touch with Sevco, and the information will be sent and never seen again probably.
            There is nothing ambiguous about the question as anyone making an AR is well aware of the legal requirements. If a company’s lawyers and company secretary are unaware of the very simple statutory requirements and their duty then they should be replaced forthwith for the sake of the company IMO.

            The form clearly states the information required and Rangers would appear not to have used the correct form that allows previous shareholders to be listed which is actually gross ignorance IMO considering the people involved are meant to be professionals. If Stockbridge as company secretary is ignorant of the requirements then all he has to do is contact CH and he will find them very helpful.

            You continue to confuse the statement of capital snapshot with the requirement to disclose previous shareholder from the company’s Incorporation date to that of the made-up date for the first AR.

            It is impossible for me to simplify things any further to assist your understanding I’m afraid and I recognise when my abilities are not up to the task.

            In due course we will see whether the missing info makes any difference and when TRFCL has to submit it then it will be placed on the Public Register for all to see – it will not disappear which may be what some wish for 🙂

            However glad to be of service!

    • 1. Containment and recovery – the response to the incident should include a recovery plan and, where necessary, procedures for damage limitation.

      “Crisis Management Procedure” in most large astablishments i know, they have one and a “Crisis Management Team”. In all cases in fact.

      IMO, the answer lies in the ‘servers’ access, opportunity, motive. There may also be more than one party involved in this.

  5. James O'Connell

    I cannot for the life of me , understand why the serious crime squad have not had a look into the D&P / Craig Whyte dealings ??

  6. It appears that a legal mechanism was not responsible for Charlottes short retirement. Otherwise, she would be cuffed and identified by now.
    Was her decision to walk away down to sheer dejection or other, or was a satisfying deal struck, which has turned out to be less desirable than was first thought.?
    Craigy has been given lve to appeal the Ticketus decision, Collyer Bristow are due a wee meet with a judge soon, and recent docs are all pointing at 5088/Scotland.
    The UTTT is on the horizon, the lock-in period drawing near. The money is running low, the board are going bananas, the would-be board even bananas-er. The investors are beeling,
    Still, not too worry, ……Some bears managed to access the wi-fi for the first time……Most didnae.

    • James O'Connell

      The lock in you speak of would this be Charles Green shares ?

    • ecojon

      @ barcabuster

      I keep thinking about the Easdale/Green agreement on share purchase and can never work-out through conflicting press reports whether the deal to buy was agreed in April/May 2013 but hasn’t taken place because of the 12-month lock-in or whether it can’t be completed until April/May 2014 because of the 18-month lock in because of the additional 6 month letter signed by Green.

      I too though CF went dark because a deal was made or in the offing is back because it went wrong. But it would all depend on who was putting up the cash I suppose.

      • @eco.
        Although there is a bit of ambiguity surrounding the timeframe, I can guarantee it will be at least one piece of paper that will be lodged on time.

      • @gortchomhor

        Hmmmmm. Regarding the Easdale shares, what difference does it make when they bought in? The fact is they bought in and they bought in on a particular side of the divide. That’s the significance. It was a long term investment and it suggests they are playing a long term game. But I wouldn’t assume the divide implies two equal sides, it never did. There was always one side with all the cards and a team of locals who could do little more than watch and moan.

    • Although I am quite convinced that there is no such word as “bananas-er”, I confess I cannot come up with a more apt descriptor.

  7. Monti

    Afternoon Paul,
    I don’t think they will have reported Charlotte, I mean they can’t agree on anything, if one half of their board decided to report charlotte the other half would argue not to report him/her.
    Maybe they won’t report anything as to draw attention to themselves 🙂
    In their previous life as Rangers, I wonder if they reported themselves to UEFA for their sectarian signing policy? Or a wee letter to Nyon reporting themselves for continual racist & sectarian chanting?
    Maybe they reported themselves to the police for stealing charity money?
    It is my opinion Charlotte has nailed them to the mast, she has brought their dirty washing out in public & they haven’t/ won’t report her because of what it could open up about them, I bet Charlotte has plenty left to tell…..interesting!

    • @gortchomhor

      Paul’s question here was a trick question. He knows why they will not report it, nothing to do with drawing attention to anything. In fact, it might actually suit them to draw attention to things Charlotte has said… But it wouldn’t suit them to involve the police or officials that might poke their noses into certain things.

    • Your correct Mont..tit , any football club that has anyone associated with it who has committed a crime or knows of a crime should immediately contact the police anything else is a cover-up and those involved should be held to account for any cover-up it is disgusting if a football club was involved in such acts , you will agree with that won’t you ?

      • Ed Paisley

        Yes I agree Carson. We all have an obligation to protect our fellow citizens from harm. So when Rangers supporters are being cheated out of their hard earned money by crooks, we need to bring that into the open. You agree with that don’t you Carson buddy?

        • Absolutely ! If a crime is committed the police should be informed immediately no matter if the clubs image is harmed , remember , we all have a duty to report crime …..we only have to pick up the phone P.S. ed what’s your opinion on setting up a supporters group in Scotland ? ………fans against cover- ups ?

      • Nasty Gort

        Most of would agree that you are a degenerate scumbag and as such the ideal spokesman for your club. Keep your comments coming and show the world what Rangers are all about.

        • ecojon

          @ Nasty Gort

          I would trust that if the sad creature has any evidence he would immediately report it to the police. But we know he has some kind of personal fascination and IMO more to be pitied. But he should seek counselling and possibly psychiatric help as he appears to have serious problems and personal issues.

          • FFS !! Ghirls ! im Actually AGREEING with you that any crime should be reported to the police and all you do is give me abuse ! You’ve gone and hurt my feelings now .

          • Nasty Gort

            Eco – no known cure

            Wipe out the source. Drain the swamp to prevent infection of future generations. Ship the totally unregenerate off to some island and play videos of Orange Marches 24/7.

          • Felpen

            I do believe Paul has enough personal information (email/ip address) on him to notify the police to let them know someone on his Blog is wit holding information about crime committed at a club.

        • graham

          What exactly are rangers all about in your eyes ??
          And why must you show the world ?

  8. ecojon

    James O’Connell
    September 15, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    I cannot for the life of me , understand why the serious crime squad have not had a look into the D&P / Craig Whyte dealings ??
    By the very nature of the work done by the SFO and other units why are you so sure that investigations aren’t currently underway and involving people other than CW?

    • James O'Connell

      yeah your probably right on that point. It just stinks from the day D&P were given the task of Administrators, all the assets for £5.5m If it were you or I , there would have been an Auction (public) and sold off to the highest bidder, serving the creditors in the fairest way. where did this decision come from ?

    • James O'Connell

      I have just listned to Paul Murray on Saturday’s podcast on radio scotland sportsound 14/9/13 he talks of BDO currently looking very closely at the sale of assets etc well worth a listen ! its a bit of a party political broadcast on behalf of the rangers party !

      • Fra

        James, Murray is saying their bid was better than Greens and then Alex Thommo saying he had a guy who had major spondoolies but was ignored after showing interest. Basically the door was closed on him because, I believe, they had a winner from the start before the race even started. Has and still does stink to high heaven.

        • James O'Connell

          cannot argue with that Fra !
          As I remember Charles Green stepped in at the very last minute, literally!
          always thought that was a bit ‘iffy’

  9. Ed Paisley

    Charlotte Fakes has Craig Whyte’s grasping fingerprints all over it. FFS we even have a recording of Whyte having a slash with accompanying expressions of relief.

    Green and Ahmad have said that they knew Whyte kept audio recordings of all of his meetings and phone calls – Craig is a combination of Tricky Dicky and Serpico apparently. That means Whyte has chapter and verse on his agreement with Ahmad – Whyte brought in Ahmad, Ahmad brought in his Zeus colleague Stockbridge and they brought in Chico as the affable front man.

    How can Craigy/Worthington lose when they have such comprehensive audio recordings together with the documentary evidence – the cheques, the text messages – “I need your money Craig”. “Thanks for your £137,500 – received into my ma’s bank account”.

    Craigy stiffed the creditors. Green stiffed Craigy. Everybody says “good on ya, Chico”. Craigy stiffing the creditors is legal – Green stiffing Craigy was fraud.

    • ecojon

      @ Ed Paisley

      Perhaps CF was adding the sound effects 🙂

    • @gortchomhor

      Ed, I agree with 99.9999% of that. The only thing you got wrong is the thing that would slot every single piece into place.

    • Brother Louis

      ‘Craigy stiffed the creditors. Green stiffed Craigy. Everybody says “good on ya, Chico”. Craigy stiffing the creditors is legal – Green stiffing Craigy was fraud’ – .You’re not James Ellroy in disguise are you ?

  10. ecojon

    @ Ed Paisley

    Not so sure about the Whyte-Ahmad- Stockbridge sequence. i would have thought it began between Whyte and Ahmad but then Zeus in the shape of Hughes was pulled into it by Ahmad to supply cash and guarantees to D&P and Hughes pulled in Stockbridge to keep a watching brief on the £2 million Zeus underatking to D&P and what was it £600k loan approx paid to D&P.

    I think Stockbridge liked the prospects at Rangers more than his job at Zeus so jumped ship and so did Ahmad but I don’t know if he was pushed or not because at some stage Hughes took a real humph at what was going on.

  11. Raymilland

    SPL Undertaking Letter

    “the SPL hereby undertakes solely and exclusively to Sevco and to no other Person (defined below), that notwithstanding clause 2.1 of the Agreement that the SPL shall not after Completion take or commence disciplinary proceedings against Sevco under and in terms of the SPL Rules (as defined in the Agreement) for an alleged breach of the SPL Articles (as defined in the Agreement) and/or the SPL Rules by RFC and/or Rangers FC (as defined in the Agreement) prior to Completion in respect of any EBT Payments and Arrangements (as defined below), except where any such EBT Payments and Arrangements shall constitute a CW Enduring Act or Acts (as defined in the Agreement) (“the Undertaking”).”

    “Sevco must keep and maintain the existence of this letter, the terms hereof and the Undertaking in the strictest confidence and shall not disclose such existence, terms and/or the Undertaking to any other Person except in circumstances where Sevco is required by law so to do or where such disclosure is made in circumstance of disciplinary or other proceedings to which the SPL is a party and where Sevco seeks to rely on such terms and/or the Undertaking in such disciplinary or other proceedings. In the event that Sevco shall by itself, its officers, employees or agents, except in circumstances expressly permitted by this letter, fail to keep and maintain the existence of this letter, the terms hereof and/or the Undertaking in the strictest confidence or Sevco shall purport to assign the benefit of all or part of this letter and/or the Undertaking the SPL shall be entitled by notice in writing to Sevco to terminate the benefit of this letter and the Undertaking.”

    “except where any such EBT Payments and Arrangements shall constitute a CW Enduring Act or Acts (as defined in the Agreement) (“the Undertaking”).”

    With regard to the above passage, in relation to EBT payments, can anyone explain what would constitute a CW Enduring Act?

      • Raymilland

        Cheers for the link Charlie Dibble

        “undisclosed payments to players (rather hilariously noted as an enduring act from Craig Whyte, rather than David Murray) or undisclosed payments to match officials?”

        Besides any undisclosed payments, I reckon the acts of CW will aye be endured by RFC (IL) 😉

    • Ed Paisley

      Doesn’t it just mean that they are required to have given full disclosure up to the execution of the agreement? If Rangers have been found to have withheld material facts then the agreement can be cancelled. So an enduring act of Continued Withholding of material facts? Total guess.

      • cam

        Ted,did you not say you’re on holiday?
        WTF are you even thinking about spending precious time in here?
        C’mon now pal,put down the ipad,have a wee cocktail,grab the mike and give it viva espana.
        Obsession gone mental Ted.

        Ted tell the barman about the five way agreement,turn round to the couple from England and give it laldy about LNS!!

        Hey doll fancy a wee holiday and i can take ma ipad and clatter pish about Rangers? FFS.

    • Footballlife……………..

      Page 4, CW Enduring Acts – This is notable for making accusations not publicly made previously. Why mention bribery, match fixing, undisclosed payments to players (rather hilariously noted as an enduring act from Craig Whyte, rather than David Murray) or undisclosed payments to match officials? Why mention those things if there wasn’t something going on? By mentioning that it has to be put into this document that Rangers commit not to do these things, surely it suggests that they have in the past. While financial doping rigged the game to an extent, were Rangers rigging games in a more literal sense and if not, why is it mentioned?

      Page 7, Articles 2.1 and 2.2 – More separate entity evidence – Sevco become liable for Rangers’ misdeeds but, at the same time, don’t. Note the last 5 words – full member of the SFA – Rangers NewCo were an associate member. The associate membership loophole to get Rangers into the SFL in the first place would surely apply to this also.

      cut and pasted, just in case you have difficulty if on phone/pad!

    • @gortchomhor

      You can’t be arguing that Craigie has involvement at Sevco, surely, when we have all witnessed the mud slinging and name calling on twitter, Charlotte leaks, etc, etc… Surely if that evidence points to one thing it’s that Craig is at war with Sevco/RIFC ….


      • Steerpike


        Couldn’t be arsed with the whole Charlotte Fakes nonsense, CW does some kind of deal with CG, we haven’t a clue what the actual deal entailed and to complicate matters, CW keeps, makes up, edits, hides under the bed, a director form for 11 months.

        I love to speculate but if the prime evidence is CG is the sole director of Sevco 5088 at the time of both the CVA and AS, how does yet more made up, edited, hidden under the bed nonsense clarify things ?

        • @gortchomhor

          Steer, I’m not one for acting cryptic or smug, pretending I’m in the know, or suggesting I have access to inside information or people. Just be patient. Alternatively, go join the dots, they’re right on front of you. That’s what I did. Other people have joined them too.

          The truth shall set you free….

          • Wait,wait, the truth will set you free,
            sorry but my take on Steerpike is him stumbling across the truth,or have someone presenting it to him on a plate will be nothing more than his next excuse to plunge headlong into chapter 347 of his Financial master plan for a solvent Sevco,
            His financial plan, regardless of all other profit , loss and expenditure projections will ALWAYS show that at the end of the year a £6m surplus will exist.

            • @gortchomhor

              Lol. Point taken. A lot would obviously hinge on what the big picture amounted to. I’ve been told to shut up so I will. I’ll say this though, steer is probably going to be looking at things differently very soon. A lot of us are. Those numbers might need to be reconsidered in a whole new light.

            • Steerpike


              If the truth does not affect Rangers, then I fail to see why anyone of sound mind should care ?

              If you wish to put forward alternative figures, please proceed, you will be the first.

            • @gortchomhor

              One way or another, Sevco will survive. Even if the worst happened and they went through administration again, they have no real debts as such. It would come out the other side with the same people (the shareholders) holding the same cards. The only losers would be the fans, again, but who cares about them? Really?

  12. Monti

    Champions league group stages on Wednesday, Another bowl sir? 🙂
    I believe!

  13. cam

    Hang on,the Charlotte freak gets hold of confidential info in a manner that the polis are investigating, “leaks” it,comments on it like one of the obsessed blog mhob and somehow its Rangers who might not be meeting their obligations??

    Ah,ok,got it now Paul.
    I forgot that in law its what’s legal that counts, not what’s right.

    Gonna have to lose that moral code of mine if i’m gonna operate in these treacherous waters.

    • Ed Paisley

      I suspect you developed your ambivalent attitude to morality growing up in a household who were active in the Orange Order. I don’t blame you Cam – it is a form of conditioning that you as a child could not defend yourself against.

      • cam

        He’s still at it!!,,,look everybody there’s a nutter in Majorca on holiday clattering mince!!

        Lets see if he’s steamin and bites to this one!

        Ahem Ted,my household didn’t go in for that brainwashing and indoctrination malarkey,Protestants protested against that,,,,,and won.

        Now will he put down his cocktail and go for a spin on the dance floor or will he reply?

        Vote now,,,,is Ted beyond help?

        TD’s mean yes and TU’s mean no 🙂

        • Ed Paisley

          Hi Cam
          Just back from Placa Major in Pollenca and a beautiful meal in the square. I know you also enjoy a meal in the Square – George Square that is, and your fav is a cheese ‘n onion pasty washed down with a couple of tins of superlager – you cultured rogue!

          This place is hoaching wi’ Germans. Other than that, this is a beautiful and surprisingly green island. I’ll be watching the Milan Celtic game in a local tapas bar – these Catalonian boys have a real affinity for Celtic/Keltic types. I think they recognise our shared Iberian origins. They are a great bunch of lads as Fr Ted would say.

          Anyway – despite being on my hols I still enjoy reading Dibble, Eco, Monti and the boys wiping the floor with the bluenoses.

          Adios. Hasta manyana.

          • cam

            Tell me all about it when you get back,now i don’t want you on that damned ipad till you get home!
            I was gonna try Alcudia this year but i hear it can be bad for midges as its a marshland.
            Plenty repellent now Ted or put yer Celtic top on!!
            Mon the Germans,,,6 ft 4″ tall,blonde huge thigh muscles and that’s just the wummin!
            George Sq. wi a prawn sandwich and some fresh orange then straight into the chambers to kick ass.

          • @gortchomhor

            I like Germans.

    • @ Cam

      I forgot that in law its what’s legal that counts, not what’s right.

      How RIGHT is it that owners of SEVCO and those that buy season tickets for Sevco’s games shout bout a a debt free club

  14. Bigden72

    Couldnt give a toss about TRIFC/Sevco/Sevco88……….They’ll be found out and extinguished soon enough..!! Bring on the Champions league……my team’s reward for playing by the rules, paying our dues, working hard and NEVER shafting a creditor or charitable organisation..We can hold our heads high…..ALWAYS..!!!!! COYBIG….!!!!!!!

  15. cam

    Craigie might welcome this news,seeing as he likes that no win/no fee set up.
    Here,that’s been a fair while that his top class legal firm sent in that scary LBC.
    Never mind Charlotte’s get out clause Paul,whit’s the Hampden with the time scales on that legal issue?

  16. Steerpike

    HMS Ibrox

    An incoming storm upset Captain Murray,
    Abandoning ship in no small hurry.
    A pirate seized the helm to take up the fight,
    A notorious scuttler, a man called Whyte.

    An able corsair, a cunning old fox,
    Tucked away, the keys to Ibrox.
    A battle ensued with an old foe Hector,
    Majestic some say, for a bounty collector.

    A crushing defeat left a bloody ol’ scene
    Enter the fray, a raider named Green.
    Mates assured, the ship would not falter,
    He piped on board, Rear Admiral Walter.

    Heading for safe harbor, HMS Ibrox makes,
    WTF is in the horizon, is it Charlotte Fakes ?

    • Eastside

      The scurvy crew, from Waltzing Walter, t’ Jim the Slug,
      Could save HMS Ibrox by replacing a small plug,
      Instead they decided to stand idly by
      Believing entitlement enough t’ ensure they’re no die,

      Salt water was soon right up to their waist,
      “To life boats” they scurried in undignified haste,
      Into distance they rowed in blind panic,
      As HMS Ibrox set down side Titanic.

    • Raymilland

      HMS Ibrox

      An enduring act they chose to ignore
      A cold briny grave for her sins evermore
      Once proud but now bowed so deep in the ocean
      Interred without pomp condemned to corrosion
      The people in lifeboats above such a chasm
      A Downfall foretold although could not fathom
      All warnings contested and portents misread
      The cargo of Dignity and all her inbred
      Entombed in the darkness no longer a threat
      A journey cut short no Ibrox to Let

    • @gortchomhor

      I feel this little sonnet only tells half the story. All the good stuff is missing.

  17. ecojon

    Well it most certainly ain’t Walter as he jumped ship at the first opportunity and was last seen paddling off Greenock trying to hitch a ride on the Waverley.

    • Well I suppose it’s better than reading one of your fairytales drillbit .

    • @gortchomhor

      Walter and McCoist have both known since the start what the plan was. They were convinced that they’d have a better chance of doing some good if they were on the inside rather than the outside. Of course, it’s easier to convince people of things like that if you give them large sums of money: politicians call selling people down the river like that a career. Walter, to his credit, could only stand so much.

      Funny thing about McCoist. He’s seen as one of the innocents on the footballing side. Well, that’s the idea anyway, the idea they want out there. Truth be told, he’s been absolutely central to the business side. He was there at all the key junctures, the minutes prove it, carving up the cake with the others, making sure he got his shares (plural), consenting to the other shareholdings, etc.

      There was nothing subtle or implied about what he brought to the table either and I imagine he would have told them straight: without him, selling tickets was going to be tough — with him on the sidelines shouting blue murder, it would have been all but impossible. He’s a fan’s favourite.

      Who was it that said everything in human affairs was paradoxical…

      • cam

        Hmmm,,,,,deep,enigmatic and mysterious.
        Walter and Ally,both self confessed corporate financial virgins, both knew the cunning masterplan that can be seen by joining up the dots on the internet.
        There’s a masterming behind it all putting out ideas and conning everyone except our Gort.
        A puzzle within a paradox, hidden inside an enigma.
        The seer has spoken,something is coming, just be patient.

        Oi tink oi prefer Michael’s version to be sure.

        Awrite big chaps,talkin aboot,jist you listen here ya bawbags therrs summit no rite and ah kin smell it as sure as ah kin smell shoite.
        The Big Man is tellin ye,so listen up or ma claw hammers gonnae rip ye a new wan.
        Horlicks time for Gort.

        • @gortchomhor

          The entertainment will soon be over. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

        • Steerpike


          According to eco and the loonymen, the fans should have ignored the SFAs fit and proper safeguard, and spent every waking hour investigating every company shareholding ever held by CW and CG, and none of this would have happened, it the world of the obsessed it is called fan participation.

          • cam

            I like that Niall.

          • @gortchomhor

            Even if they did investigate thoroughly, they’d only get so far. The overseas / offshore holdings are always going to be invisible and there isn’t a law in any country in the world that can do anything about that. For all we know Al Quaeda or even Cliff Richard owns shares in Scottish footbal.

            My understanding of all this has changed and I look at the time and effort that has gone into scrutinizing every detail of every transaction and just think it’s all been a huge waste of time. All for nothing.

            And, yet, I’m free and happy… yipppeeeeeeeeeeee!

            Steerpike…. Steerpike…. I…. am your father…. join me on the dark side….

  18. Bigden 72 ? Ra sellick holding their heads high ALWAYS ? Watch you don’t trip up on that carpet.

    • Bigden72

      What carpet would that be then…??? The RED carpet thats gonna be rolled out for Scotlands most successful club at Milan, Barcelona and Amsterdam…??????????? Mind the potholes and dugshit when you’re walkin into Ochilview, Station park….etc etc etc..!!!!

  19. Hey ( dick ) Ed I hope you’ve done your bikini line ?

  20. Monti

    So I landed at Kennedy & a big yellow taxi
    Carried me & me bags through the streets in the rain,
    My poor heart was thumping around with excitement
    & hardly even heard what the driver was saying……..

  21. Monti


  22. Fra

    There was a young fatty called Sally
    When signing up guys, couldn’t tally
    He spent all the wages
    That they’d saved up for ages
    Coz Mathers and him got all pally

    • hector

      @fra A lot of highbrow company law etc on here for the last 24 hours and it all goes over my head.Nice to see a return to mocking sevco as it is what the internet was created for after all.What do you call 50 sevcovians at the bottom of the Clyde.A start.

  23. Steven Brennan

    Any reference to the titanic sinking is usually grasped at as bigoted by some lunatics.
    I would say that the Hms Ibrokes is closer to the black pig captained by the one and only Horatio Pugwash, who’s uncontrolable seamen were as blind to his inadequacies as those in Govan.
    Coming up on the blind side is arch enemy cut throat Jake/ fakes on the good ship the flying dustman. And someone is about to jolly well rogered

    • cam

      I think this might be what causes any probs in that dept. Stevo.http://www.scotzine.com/2012/04/celtic-fans-rep-joe-orourke-makes-protestant-titanic-slur/
      Reverse the situation and we might just have witnessed a rare sighting of the lesser spotted,hooped Peter Kearney.No Pete,you can’t come out yet and compare Glasgow with Alabama,Keefs back in the papers.
      Mr O Rourke moobs et al, is still in situ,still in the lug hole of the Coyote ,still “representing” Celtic fans.
      The Titanic involved tragic loss of life,nobody will die if the Gers sank without a trace.

      • Steerpike


        If you or I had used the victims of the Titanic to score points against Celtic, we would have the Moral Watch Brigade on here up in arms, the censorious hypocrisy on here could be a sketch in ” Ripping Yarns “.

        • cam

          Yup,the MOPE have so many proscribed topics on their list,but when they get a bit naughty its just the craic.

        • Eastside

          Please do not accuse me of using the poor people who perished in the Titanic tragedy to score points Steerpike, the reference in my lighthearted poor attempt at poetry was simply referring to the most famous ship ever to have sunk. Unbelievable.

      • Steven Brennan

        Thanks for clearing that up, both guys are twats with an agenda.

    • Steerpike

      Do you remember the double entendres myth ?

      Seaman Staines.
      Master Bates
      Roger the cabin boy.

  24. Monti

    Have they started to demolish Ibrox yet?
    Why the delay?
    Social unrest? Let’s have it, the Police have experience of it after the Manchester carry on, so do your job & deal with it!
    It’s time to meet Sevconia head on!

    Brick by brick, bring it down…..NOW!

    • cam

      Morning sir,what another great day to look out at this great Protestant landscape.
      Being a Bear is like owning a 5 star eaterie and feasting each day for free.
      Everything you see is owned by the ruling class and its very good of us to leave some scraps for the less fortunate.
      I remember the days when the butterflies fluttered in the guts before a Celtic game,that horrible feeling when we lost,the joy of winning,the week of crowing afterwards.
      The sinking feeling when two closely matched teams fought for the title,the excitement, the drama.I remember over hearing a group of Tic fans who on hearing that Partick had taken Celtic to pens in the league cup,one of the more bitter chaps said as long as we win the title,preferably by a one goal difference on the last day so it destroys the huns.
      That was the Dunfermline “lie doon ” season.
      I often think of that,rather ugly chaps wee beelin coupon and smile.
      5 STARS

    • Paul

      Tear down the Wall

  25. hector

    @monti What do you call a sevcovian wearing a tie .The accused.

  26. Arb urns

    Cam…. Turning to the uttt… Did ye notice a bishop is in charge ….also ” the blacks” among others haven’t settled up as mure and Rae invited them to…black could have bet on black not coming good…now in this game of chess…if a bishop is king and he takes a poon as his queen yer knight could be rooked and yer castle toppled in a Karpov v fisher type checkmate…….

    Whytes win in the second game of the series…………………what say you…….

    • cam

      If the prosecution could bring new evidence rabbie,then we would possibly see a different game,but the captains of the losing team are just raking over the coals of a sound thrashing.
      Now if its an Alice in Blunderland world you are describing, then of course the judge may change the rules and hobble the Queens movement.
      I don’t go in for bishop bashing,that will be left in the hands of the angry mhob, full of flaccid posturing.
      Political jiggery pokery may be afoot behind the scenes,to overturn the first result without a new gameplan would make a mockery of the rules.
      We would then be entering a war of attrition based on lawyers fees.
      Karpov never got to play Fischer due to rules debates and technicalities.
      Kasparov took over but was defeated by Deep Blue.
      Whyte-Cha,,,more of a Deep Throat.

  27. Eastside

    Professor of Journalism Roy Greenslade:
    “They’re facing an alarming situation in Scotland where newspapers and broadcasters are being intimidated into concealing reality and concealing the truth”
    NUJ Scotland organiser Paul Hollaran
    “it’s unacceptable to abuse someone who has merely attempted to report the truth”
    “It is of course a way of attempting to censor journalists and stop them raising certain issues. I believe there has been some self censorship because of the levels of abuse”
    Spokesman for International Federation of Journalist:
    “We stand firmly with all of the journalists who have been targeted by these threats”
    “we consider that these reported threats to journalists in Scotland are an attempt to intimidate our colleagues and stifle public debate”
    “threatening Journalists with violence should not be tolerated in a democratic society”

    • cam

      Did the Nutty Professor say owt about smashing a refs windaes and terrorising his family?
      Is William of the splendid Collum back amongst the fold after his honest mistake?
      Greenslade is a joke figure,anyone who sides with the crazed loon loses any credibility.

      • Eastside

        You seem confused Cam, the story is not about Professor Greenslade, he is simply commenting on the story. The NUJ Scotland and International Federation of Journalists spokesmen are not siding with Prof they are only commenting on over 30 individual journalists reporting threats.
        And why would an organization for journalists “say owt” about a referee having his windows smashed over ten years ago? That’s surely one of the poorest attempts at whataboutary ever seen, come on Cam you can do better than that, you are usually an expert at whataboutary.

        • cam

          Confused would infer that i had a brain to confuse E, i don’t!
          Greenslade’s agenda is known.
          The treatment of Hugh Dallas at the game,afterwards and his hounding ever since is what can happen when a lazy silent majority allow an insidious creeping effect to happen.
          PR is now the new battlefield,sleekit words and campaigns are the weapons of choice.
          Wherever evil takes place, that is where my masters send me.I fight the good fight,.i defend the downtrodden Bears,i use whataboutery as my sword and my shield shall not falter.
          Never mind Captain America,i’m Private Govan first class,serial number 187216901972,reporting for duty.

          Right i’m losing touch with reality now E and i’m heading out to twist some live melons.
          We’ll talk more crap later.

  28. mick


    what a sad bunch these sevocians are the international union of journalism are taken the case of our media up the above org. is for war torn country’s and backwards states and is funded by the UN yes the UN its time to close this blight on our country down they have went to far this time its a violent cult silencing free speech funded by spivs

    • cam

      It’s our country mick,it all belongs to me.I have the deeds.

      • mick

        hi cam its not your country Scotland universal and is part of a wider stage your team will suffer and die now as the UN are on it now the spivs fooled yous we tried to help yous but were called bampots any1 mentioning new club is faced with violent threats its game over now for yous watch this space the spivs will be outed via criminality the assets sold and club wound up its went to far


    • cam

      Mick what about Sally?,,,now daftie not Ally,,,,Sally Magnusson.
      Her crime?,,,laughing!

      Right where’s that UN commission for crimes against laughing?

      mwahahaha,,,, micks got his heid stuck in the cement mixer again 🙂


    • willy wonka

      The IFJ = Ten-names. Rangers hater.
      The Drum = Haggerty. Ragers hater.
      NUJ = Halloran. Rangers hater.
      Threats and intimidation ? = http://contracabal.com/NewFiles/880-36-03-10-0801.pdf

      • Steven Brennan

        Everyone who tells you what is going on is a rangers hater.
        Do you not want to listen?
        Head in the sand again and again,even when the facts are undisputable.
        Admin. No rangers hater
        Liquidation. No rangers hater
        Dead. No rangers hater
        Stupid now and forever or whatever your mate Graham says.

        • willy wonka

          Stevie, these guys aren’t telling us “what is going on”. They are a cabal of scumbags working to an agenda. That agenda is to damage Rangers.
          Do you honestly think that any of them could give a toss about Jim Spence ? They saw another opportunity to take a bite at Rangers and leapt at the chance.
          Maybe the Donegal Loon, Haggerty or Halloran will say a few words on the campaign being waged against Sally Magnusson by sellik supporters ?
          Don’t bother. Not a chance in Hell.

  29. mick



  30. mick

    this situation faced by the Scottish people is being looked at by a body from the UN what an embarrassment sevco is to this country jack Irvine and his pay masters should hang there head in shame

  31. cam


  32. cam

    Gort. where can i buy that enigma aftershave?

    For that mysterious man in your life,,girls, buy him Enigma.

    Two splashes and naebody knows whit yer rabbling on about.

  33. hector

    If it takes over £500 million to right the Costa Concordia how much to get the good ship Sevco back on an even keel and is it a waste of time and money?

  34. cam

    Nil by Mouth get a wee boost to help stop the uneducated with the big yaps.
    Be careful bhoys.

  35. honest john

    Jackshit in the Daily Ranger today repeated that old ‘same club’ shit.
    Succulent Journalism to Spineless Journalism.
    “Held on to their history, trophies and titles”….My Arse.
    Time to grow a backbone and tell the scabby mob their club is dead.

  36. Cam

    Just thought I would pop in for a moment to berate you. You assured me that that sanctimonious old fart Ecojon had gone to pastures new. Imagine my shock and dismay when I saw his name plastered all over this site. That said, it is good to be reminded that ‘some of his best friends and family are [insert appropriate noun]’ before then offering us more recycled crap investigating more and more deeply the minutiae of RFC and their travails. WE KNOW! And it doesn’t matter a toss in the greater scheme of things. The fact is that RFC are winning as they should at their level. WE KNOW that on many levels the are a festering sore and WE KNOW that they might go bust by the end of next week, but they are winning. By the way, on the predictions front this site has an abysmal record (IPO will not work, bust by Xmas, lose the BTC etc.etc.) so breath holding should not feature greatly.

    I also see that Monti gets worse and I never thought that possible. His attempts to convert us all to the one true religion are deeply objectionable. I would sooner worship the entrails of a goat than have anything to do with a religion which results in his outlook on life.

    And now to create a dichotomy. I have just bought my son a brick at Celtic Park, in the north stand I believe. He received the certificate and I do believe it was personally signed by Mr Lennon. A nice touch!

    • cam

      We have a lovely new female poster,the charming kerrygirl.
      We bluenoses may not agree with her and partake in some friendly banter but have no fear our moral code will ensure we give her R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

      Eco is a lovely fellow and if we could clone him then we would have a much more harmonious society.
      It might be dull at times and other folk might run away screaming at barbies but that’s the price of always being right.

      Monti will be along with his christian charity shortly.Here he is turning up for a shift.

  37. Oh, when was the last post on a topic other that Rangers?

  38. Paul

    “Oh, when was the last post on a topic other that Rangers?”
    That would be all of them since you are Sevco, Reminder rangers died.Have a nice day Violet.

  39. Geddy Lee.

    I see the International Federation Of Journalists has followed the National Union of Journalists, in calling for action to be taken against those “the rangers” fans spewing threat’s and vile abuse at anyone who dares broach the subject.

    The BBC have also come out in defence of young Spence after he dared shone a light on the old club’s demise. It seems they are now going to back Spence in his assertion that “the rangers” are in deed a new club.

    This from the Drum…….

    The tribulations facing BBC Scotland football pundit Jim Spence over the last week have again highlighted the intimidation tactics faced by some journalists in Scotland over the coverage of Rangers FC’s financial collapse.
    The issue has even caught the attention of the International Federation of Journalists – a body that speaks for the profession within the United Nations. The organisation, more used to defending journalists in less stable parts of the world, described the situation as “unacceptable”. Meanwhile, the BBC and NUJ have come out fighting after Spence received “vile and disgusting” emails and texts and the BBC received over 400 complaints over a comment about the status of the club following its liquidation in 2012.
    But the level of abuse directed at Spence over his comment was reported to have left him considering voluntary redundancy, fuelling concerns that intimidation tactics against journalists reporting on the story have not eased. Professor of journalism and Guardian media blogger Professor Roy Greenslade has described the situation as “very worrying” and BBC Scotland sports pundit Stuart Cosgrove said the “incoming fire” was forcing journalists away from reporting the story.
    “I think that they’re facing an alarming situation in Scotland where newspapers and broadcasters are being intimidated into concealing reality and concealing the truth and that is very worrying indeed,” said Professor Greenslade.
    “Clearly, a journalist should never face a threat for merely carrying out his job. It’s unacceptable to abuse someone who has merely attempted to report the truth.”
    Last year, Channel 4 News broadcast a segment revealing a Scottish QC, Gary Allan, had been given anti-terror guidance from Scottish police after sitting on an SFA panel examining potential rule breaches by Rangers. Another panel member, chairman of Raith Rovers Football Club Turnbull Hutton, described a phone call from Fife police informing him that people had been “lined up” to torch the Raith Rovers stadium.
    The incidents were part of a bigger picture. In last year’s Channel 4 News broadcast, NUJ Scotland organiser Paul Holleran said he had been contacted by more than 30 journalists in Scotland who had reason to be concerned for their safety after working on the story. But although he says indications are that the situation has calmed in the last 12 months, he says he believes the tactics have resulted in censorship for some.
    “The situation has improved with far less complaints being registered with the union. However, every now and again, like this week, the situation reverts back to high levels of abuse,” he says.
    “It is of course a way of attempting to censor journalists and stop them raising certain issues. I believe there has been some self-censorship because of the levels of abuse.”
    Holleran said he has intervened three times with employers in a bid to tackle the problem and said the NUJ would take all steps it could to support those being targeted.
    “We exist to protect journalists and journalism and we will not stand by and do nothing. We have taken steps this week which we believe will send a message out to the worst offenders but it is a problem for wider society to tackle.”
    Of the latest developments in the now long-running saga, a spokesperson for the Brussels-based International Federation of Journalists said: “We stand firmly with all the journalists who have been targeted by these threats and urge the Scottish authorities to take them seriously, investigate them thoroughly and bring those who are behind them to justice.
    “Together with our regional group, the European Federation of Journalists, we consider that these reported threats to journalists in Scotland are an attempt to intimidate our colleagues and stifle public debate, something which is unacceptable.
    He added: “There are legitimate venues for redress to those who wish to raise their concerns over publications in the press but threatening journalists with violence should not be tolerated in a democratic society.”
    The Jim Spence incident comes almost exactly a year after the Scottish Sun pulled a serialisation of a book on the Rangers story, Downfall, by campaigning journalist Phil Mac Giolla Bháin, following a massive backlash by Rangers fans.
    Upon publishing an interview about the death threats Mac Giolla Bháin had received after breaking many of the major stories charting Rangers’ descent into crisis, the journalist who conducted the interview, Simon Houston, was then deluged with abuse himself on social media.
    “He wasn’t prepared for that,” a source close to Houston told The Drum. “He called police in when it became clear on Rangers fan forums that there were attempts to track down his address. There was some really horrible stuff said about his family members. He came off Twitter for a while to let it die down.”
    Mac Giolla Bháin believes the levels of abuse facing journalists in Scotland have impacted on their ability to do their jobs properly for fear of the consequences.
    “Several journalists based in Glasgow have told me that they ‘tone it down’ when they are required to write about the behaviour of that section of Rangers supporters who indulge in racist and sectarian chanting because of direct threats made to them or because they know of what has befallen other colleagues,” he says.
    “I think this is one of the reasons that sports journalists in Glasgow were slow to investigate the impending financial collapse of Rangers in 2010 and 2011.”
    Mac Giolla Bháin, who lives in Ireland, is another on the list of journalists who have called in police after serious safety concerns.
    “When my home address in Donegal appeared on the Follow Follow website and there was a free flowing discussion then about how and why I should be killed,” he went on.
    “Further threats were made against me this year on two separate occasions via Twitter and once more the police here in Ireland were excellent.
    “That was in June and although An Garda Síochána have been very diligent in keeping me in the loop I have not heard of any action being taken in Scotland about these threats.”
    For some, the Rangers story has been a prime example of an emerging problem presented by the tools and influence digital technology now offers and there could be wider implications for the media if forms of intimidation online are not faced down.
    Director of creative diversity at Channel 4 and BBC Scotland football pundit Stuart Cosgrove said the “democracy of debate” was being threatened.
    “Online abuse is unacceptable in any context and passion for your club is not a credible excuse. We have gone through a period of extreme tribalism over the last year and some web forums have heightened emotions. It is now very easy to make ‘cut-and-paste’ complaints and therefore to use complaints as a tactic of intimidation.
    “Some journalists can’t be bothered with the incoming fire and so avoid controversial football subjects which compromises the democracy of debate. When people bring a journalist or broadcaster’s kids into the fray you wonder if they have abandoned their humanity in the name of football.”
    He added: “If you cannot advance reasonable opinions then something has gone wrong with the democratic mood and all titles and broadcasters should want to protect that fragile idea. All reasonable people whether they are journalists or hard-core football fans should respect diversity of opinion.”
    According to the NUJ, BBC Scotland’s plans to back Jim Spence include taking its fight to the BBC Trust and challenging a ruling made in June that upheld complaints that the broadcaster’s use of the terms “old” and “new” to describe Rangers FC did not meet accuracy standards, despite liquidation over a year ago. Professor Greenslade has thrown his full backing behind plans to fight the case.
    “I think the BBC Trust should reconsider their ruling in the light of better evidence that shows that BBC Scotland reporters were attempting to tell the truth and their ruling was a mistake.
    “There were clearly unaware of the special circumstances and BBC Scotland should return to argue the case. They need to understand the situation better.”
    Read more at http://www.thedrum.c…k8joQhLAFspt.99

    http://www.thedrum.c… Rangers crisis

    • @gortchomhor

      I ignored this article earlier because it just looked like hard work. But everybody should read it. Our suspicions are confirmed; Sevco fans are off-the-spectrum insane. No, not all, but enough of them.

      This is the first time I have ever read an article like this that didn’t try and pretend it was a two-sided problem associated with the old firm. It isn’t, it’s a Rangers problem — deal with it. Same with the sectarianism.

      Get rid of Rangers sectarianism and sectarianism would cease to be a problem in this country over night. It’s a disgrac, because everybody here knows it. Yet again it takes strangers from other countries to say it — everybody here too scared.

      They should be raiding houses and arresting these animals every day until it stops. We need an untouchables brigade to deal with them harshly, we’ve tried being reasonable and it doesn’t work.

      To hell with freedom of expression. The truth of this situation can’t even be discussed openly without a bodyguard of lies to protect it. Enough is enough.

    • willy wonka

      Haw haw haw Geddy !
      You’ve got at least half the IRA sellik-loving diaspora in one article there. I take it you slept through where the connections were made between them all ?
      Are we meant to take any of that seriously ?
      Jesus wept.

  40. Steerpike

    I have been informed by a very reliable source in Harlem the accounts will be out by Friday, for the avoidance of doubt here is my guesstimates.

    Income: : 20 million
    Expenditure 30 million.
    Trading loss: 10 million.
    Cash in bank 10 million( IPO surplus 8 million).

    2013-14 Projections( based on Q1 figures).

    Income: 28 million.
    Expenditure: 28 million.
    Trading loss: 0

    My only caveat is the trading loss may be 2 million due to lower income, obviously these figures confirm no extra funding will be required this year.

    • Raymilland

      Obviously 😉

    • @gortchomhor

      If the £10 million in the bank includes £8 million from the IPO, where did the other £2 million come from that’s in there?

      • Steerpike


        SB money for 2013-14 and/or Sports Direct advance.

        • @gortchomhor

          Ok so for their first year they basically have minus 10 million in the bank. Lol. The mad thing is it could be more.

          If you don’t already work for them, steer, you should: you’re a one in a million catch if you can go through those numbers without bursting out laughing.

          • Steerpike


            i did say a trading loss of 10 million in their first year, and I agree the operating loss will be more, probably 14 million. I am not here to paint a rosy picture just a realistic picture.

            You must understand one key factor, Mather/Stockbridge would look idiotic if they stood up at an AGM projecting a trading loss, having frozen SB prices, they are seeking re-election.

    • Income: : 20 million…………………..Based on what exactly ?
      Expenditure 30 million.
      Trading loss: 10 million.
      Cash in bank 10 million( IPO surplus 8 million).

      10m in the bank, 8m surplus, if the surplus is not included in the 10m figure, where is it and why would the board not mention it when telling the fans about the finances.

      Income: 28 million……….. That’s quite an amazing £8m increase in income, considering 4000+ LESS season tickets sold,
      ( this weekend crowd ,from BBC website,Att : 43,562 )

      I would say that’s at least 5,000 less than the so called world record gates that were being claimed for a home game at this time last season, so i would need to say the pay at the gate fans numbers are down.

      would you say that the Blackthorn and Puma deals are worth less, the same or more than the Tenants and Umbro deals.

      • Steerpike

        ” 10m in the bank, 8m surplus, if the surplus is not included in the 10m figure, where is it and why would the board not mention it when telling the fans about the finances.”

        I am really worried about your comprehension, the 8 million surplus is in the bank, it is in the 10 million, where do you think it could be, under somebody’s bed ffs !!!

      • Steerpike

        “Income: : 20 million…………………..Based on what exactly ?”
        Brian Stockbridge stated months ago revenue for 2012-13 was 20 million, he was not boasting by the way.

      • Steerpike

        My income projections have been explained fully many times in the past, it is boring to keep repeating myself for you alone.

      • Steerpike

        ” I would say that’s at least 5,000 less than the so called world record gates that were being claimed for a home game at this time last season, so i would need to say the pay at the gate fans numbers are down.”

        How many friendlies did Rangers play in June/July/August last year ?

        Now look at this year’s figures.

        You are wrong.

        • i looked 1 friendly played at Ibrox,
          can you tell me the attendance and were season book holders allowed entry on their SB

          what that has do do with the fact that over 5000 less fans attended a home league game than a comparable home league game last year,
          as the fall off in season tickets was claimed to be 4000, and the crowd is down by 5000 , would the other 1000 not be classed as pay at the gate, or do they belong in the thousands of free tickets that were dished out but denied by those that run this comedy tribute act

          • Steerpike

            No football club goes on tour for nothing, we do not know what the final SB figure was and calculating Rangers annual average attendance on such a small sample is bonkers mate.

            When did TRFC start trading in 2012-13 ?

    • Geddy Lee.

      Steerpike, why lower income?

      Surely the club will understandably raise ticket prices next season. More TV money too. A hike in the price of merchandise to top it off and the club can begin to build a small cash reserve that they will need, as a matter of urgency, to replace practically all your current squad before trying to mix it with the “Big Boys”

      I’m sure by then, Edminston House will be open and the Museum, come Pub, come Medical research centre, come Zoo come everything else it’s claimed to be, will be raking in the cash. Have the builders actually started yet ? Seems crazy to have paid a fortune for the place and not do anything with it. I wonder if money has been set aside for the redevelopment.

      Any idea if the “7 figure” Wi-Fi setup has been factored into the budget, or has it been funded by this year’s revenues?

      Telling the wee man in the paper shop to sing for his money is one thing, but messing with the Chinese is an entirely different ball game.

      • China looking to open it’s first UK based listening station,
        they are in for one helluva shock,
        the mobs TEXT messages enticing each other to send bombs and bullets, kill the haters, all the No surrender,WATP messages ect,will have the Red Army put on full armed response, alert after every Ibrox home game,they will be convinced that Scotland is about to attempt some sort of world domination.

        The red army, After looking at Steerpikes financial projections will see clear evidence that the finances are in place for Comical Ally & Sevco to attempt take over the world, they themselves checked Steerpikes figures and are convinced that after all weapons of Mathers destruction have been paid for there will be a £6m surplus


  41. http://itsanewclub.blogspot.com/

    while looking at the above link i noticed this among the stories


    in earlier creditor reports HMRC was the second-largest creditor with a bill of about £21.4m, behind Ticketus with £26.7m. However, the latest, and final, administrator creditor report shows the taxman is owed £94.4m. No explanation was given in the report as to why the debt owed has increased


    Does anyone have an explanation why the amount owed to HMRC shot up from £21.4m to £94.4m in D&P’s final report,an increase of £73m is a big jump,

    All the EBT’s that RFC plead guilty to, how much were HMRC owed on them ?


    ecobhoy says:
    September 16, 2013 at 8:43 am
    The darkest dirtiest secret in Scottish Football has now been revealed and it will shake the Beautiful Game to its core as well as the Scottish legal system.

    Boiled down and stripped of legalese the shameful guarantee states: ‘The SPL hereby undertakes solely and exclusively to Sevco and to no other Person . . . that the SPL shall not . . . take or commence disciplinary proceedings against Sevco . . . in respect of any EBT Payments and Arrangements’.

    What is even more incredible is that this deal was struck and distributed with the 5-Way Agreement before Lord Nimmo Smith began his enquiry and before the FTTT announced its verdict on the Rangers tax allegations.

    We need clear unequivocal statements by Lord Nimmo Smith and Neil Doncaster and someone, anyone at the SFA who isn’t ‘conflicted’ to reveal the long hidden truth behind the most serious revelation ever to shine daylight on the many dark secrets held in the Hampden bunker.

    Many of us have incessantly debated the controversial findings of Lord Nimmo Smith’s Inquiry into Rangers’ EBTs since its release in February this year. There was widespread disbelief at the conclusions and many believed it was just another example of how the scales were weighted in favour of Rangers.

    Anyone who has followed my posts will know that I have always supported the integrity of LNS and his two learned colleagues in the sense that the woeful preparation and presentation of the SPL case gave the Tribunal little or no room for manoeuvre in reaching its conclusions. And of course there was the ludicrous intervention of the SFA’s top man in Player Registration which made the name ‘Bryson’ synonymous with ‘clown’ among Scottish Football fans.

    On top of that LNS breathed life into the’continuing club’ controversy which has fuelled incessant and often bitter internet debate and indeed sparked the recent vicious attacks on Jim Spence and his family and BBC Scotland – once again – by Rangers fans many of whom openly boast they refuse to buy a TV Licence to support an enemy of Rangers.

    For months now we have witnessed an outpouring of information from Charlotte Fakes who has risen above early suspicion that her works were indeed clever fakes to the point that no one disputes their authenticity and, indeed, she has allegedly been reported to the Information Commissioner which is probably the best possible guarantee of the authenticity of the documentation she has provided even though her motives are still unclear.

    She recently released what appears to be the final draft of the 5-Way Agreement between Oldco Rangers, Newco Rangers, the SFA, SPL and SFL which had important snippets not present in previous versions including a promise by Rangers and a prominent external newco shareholder not to take legal action the SFA, SPL and SFL and their officers and officials.

    This was first alluded to in the Rangers AIM Prospectus in December last year but the reasons for the Rangers undertaking have never been clear although the documentation seemed to suggest that Rangers had been wronged in some way and was holding back on justifiable legal action possibly because it felt blackmailed by the threat of total expulsion from Scottish Football if it didn’t agree to the sanctions of the 5-Way Agreement which had originally mooted title-stripping.

    One thing that puzzled me when the 5-Way Agreement was revealed was why there had ever been any need by the Scottish Football Authorities to keep it so tightly under wraps. Everything was basically in the open by then in terms of sanctions although there was the curious matter of the no legal action clause.

    But yesterday Charlotte Fakes released a brutal hammer blow which will destroy all remnants of tattered credibility in the Hampden suits and, more importantly, cast serious doubt on the integrity of the Scottish legal system which must be urgently dealt with.

    So what has Charlotte gone and done? Only release to the world details of the secret and tawdry side deal proposed by the SPL and agreed to by the SFA and SFL to grant immunity to Rangers newco (TRFCL) from any disciplinary action arising out of the use of Rangers EBTs and the failure to annually register the payments involved with the SFA.

    This guarantee was made months before the Lord Nimmo Smith Inquiry sat for the first time and even before its Notice of Commission was prepared and it was given even before the FTTT largely ruled in Rangers’ favour over its use of the EBTs.

    At this stage we don’t know if Lord Nimmo Smith and his two colleagues were aware of this incredible secret stitch-up between the signatories of the 5-Way Agreement before they heard any evidence or whether they too were kept in the dark by the Scottish Footballing Authorities who have honed their skills as mushroom farmers for decades by feeding BS to Scottish football fans.

    What we not only need but deserve is a clear statement by Lord Nimmo Smith on behalf of his tribunal and its decision as to whether he knew before any evidence was given that a secret guarantee of immunity had been given to The Rangers Football Club Ltd. If he did know can he explain why he was prepared to proceed on that basis and help create some of the aggro which is tearing apart the fabric of Scottish Football and poisoning Society with strange and alien concepts of a never-ending always continuing football club which defies liquidation of its legal operating entity and repeatedly and eternally rises intact from the ashes as a company with a brand new legal entity but which isn’t a Phoenix company.

    As to the SFA and SPL/SFL now in the persona of the shiny, brand-new SPFL – unless it too takes no responsibility for the deeds of its deid ancestors – what we need is a straight answer to whether the Charlotte Fakes documentation is bona fide and whether it was signed by Neil Doncaster whose name is on the draft and distributed to the SFA and SFL as stated along with the 5-Way Agreement.

    And as for the SMSM isn’t it time you actually grew a pair and dealt with the serious allegations raised by the release of the Charlotte Fakes material. Does the public interest count for nothing in Scotland? If you or your editors are frightened of the ‘dirty little secrets’ an aging and failing PR man in crisis has on you then now is the time to be Spartacus and if you can’t manage that at least do a Jim Spence. You don’t need to use the documents if you are scared – all you need to do is ask the questions.

    If you are told ‘No Comment’ then publish and be Spartacus and let the public know the truth and make their own judgement on the way Scotland and Scottish Football is run. If you continue to hide behind weak excuses think about moving to PR as that would seem to be your true home and there will be no crisis of conscience as none exists there as far as representing commercial non-ethical clients.

    However be assured that if you cower in a dark corner, close your eyes and dream of being a Twitter Warrior then your readers will continue to judge your inability to tell the truth and turn, in ever increasing numbers, to the internet for their news albeit with many imperfections but at least with lots of people trying to prevent the truth being choked by a surfeit of succulent lamb.

    And Lord Nimmo Smith as probably your staunchest supporter since your tribunal decision was issued I think I am entitled to ask another question on behalf of the much-respected poster Auldheid who truly has the wisdom of age – as reflected in his moniker – and the energy and perseverance of a young bull elephant when it came to uncovering and revealing the implications of Rangers DOS and the reluctance of all concerned inluding SMSM to mention it.

    I had always thought that this cloak of secrecy was to hide the implications of the Wee Tax Case which should have prevented European entry for Rangers, without the sleight of hand of the Hampden suits. But now I wonder if there was a much darker motive in play as part of the secret immunity for TRFCL.

    Quite simply LNS! Were you ever told or given evidence concerning the details of the Rangers Discounted Options Scheme as distinct from their EBT scheme and were you aware of the un-appealed FTTT Decision in the Aberdeen Asset Management(AAM) case concerning DOS schemes which ruled them as illegal under tax laws?

    In your tribunal decision you refer to treating the EBT scheme as a continuation of the DOS scheme – cloaked under a suitably confusing name – but did you know that one very senior witness to your enquiry was well aware of the differences and I would find it incredulous that they were unaware of the implications of the AAM FTTT Decision on the Rangers DOS.

    And if you weren’t apprised of the differences then it’s over to Neil Doncaster to explain whether this was another dirty secret and if not how did the SPL fail to discover and present absolutely critical evidence re the Rangers DOS which IMO could well have led Lord Nimmo Smith to stripping titles.


    The document released by CH detailing the squalid immunity deal for TRFCL can be found at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/168302228/SPL-Undertaking-Letter

    • @gortchomhor

      Fair enough questions to ask, ecoboy. My view is that Sevco is a distinct and separate entity to Rangers though, so why should Sevco be held to account for the actions of previous owners of a different club?

      Either Rangers died or they didn’t. If they did die then this stuff relates the a club that is dead, or almost dead. If it didn’t die, as Sevco fans insist, then they should be prepared to pay all their debts — including the tax debts and ticketus.

      • Aye but titles and other trophies should be erased from the old clubs history.

        • @gortchomhor

          I wouldn’t argue, jimmy. But it’s a bit morbid. I’m happy that justice in a sense has been done because they are dead. And they paid the price for those EBT’s and tainted titles — they died for them.

          Despite what the revisionists want to argue now, it was the spectre of the big tax case that killed them in the end. Don’t see much point in digging a corpse up to give it forty lashes though.

    • Raymilland

      Carntyne Riddrie (@Riddrie)

      An enduring act they chose to ignore can be ignored no longer.

      Pitchforks and torches at the ready, the doors of Hampden should be torn down 😉

      Ogilvie shall take to the mountains, take him alive, search every crevice!

    • Steerpike

      You claim you are not anti-Rangers but only want to help, and yet in effect you are indirectly proposing the extinction of Rangers, and I mean total extinction, gone forever.
      Now you and your fellow obsessives may be convinced Scottish football does not need the commercial revenue generated by Rangers, but everybody who can count does. Is this a secret plan to turn Scottish football into the Irish League dominated by one club, a club you just happen to support ?
      Rangers represents one third of Scotland’s footballing turnover, and you can tear up the 9 year SKY deal, and shrink any sponsorship/advertizing income that goes with it. Try and tell the SFA that shrinking their members market by anything up to 40% will not affect its members ?

      No businessman in their right mind is going to buy Rangers without this impunity, the penalties could range from repaying millions in compensation to other member clubs to expulsion, you try and get investors to save Rangers with possible expulsion on the table. CG was not worried about a few titles, that costs the new owners nothing, he told the SFA/SPL he could never persuade investors to buy without impunity.

      You seem almost oblivious to the harsh realities of business and live by some impractical almost juvenile set of absolute ideals……………..when it suits you.

      Why did Celtic not object to the secret deal ?

      It is called commercial reality, something you will never understand sitting in your lounge typing on a computer.

      • Raymilland


        All ‘they’ need to do is admit that Glasgow Rangers is no more, apply for transfer of membership to ‘Clyde Blowers Rangers’, or whatever new moniker they opt for.

        It’s up to the RFC fans whether they choose to accept the commercial reality.

        BDO have said from the off; that a football club would not be prevented from playing home games at Ibrox.

        Whether an Ibrox team in blue jerseys can be made a going concern is up to those who care enough to put in the funds and effort to promote such a team.

        In the end, the above option may be the one and only choice available. In the meantime the assets are being held by charlatans and wideboys.

      • Rangers are dead, Scottish football has a THE Rangers tribute act acting out a farce at the home of the original club,
        those that are paid to deal with the realities of running the game have done secret deals bent and broken it’s own rules to accommodate the tribute act, over a year later,the Scottish public are getting intimidated into believing Sevco’s version of their club, no one else is allowed to hold any opinion that differs, for what ever reason.

        Enormous bank debt, added to DOS, EBT, payments
        PAYE, VAT and NIC’S theft, to the tune of £25m+
        massive none payment of creditors, ? £millions

        All this so RFC could scrape to the odd point SPL title win or win the SPL title on goal difference,
        In one season they even managed to finish 3rd in a two horse SPL race

        £millions and £millions in EBT’s and DOS to win the title on goal difference, or by the odd point

        • cam

          Worth every penny to hear the wailing and gnashing of dentures.
          Now we can crack open a beer,sit back and watch some top quality hand wringing.

          Get busy bhoys and give me a belly laugh.

      • @gortchomhor

        LOL. I thought we dealt with the ‘Armageddon without Rangers’ argument last season. Didn’t happen, did it? Hearts have been on their uppers for years, it had nothing to do with Rangers’ absence.

        It’s basically the wife-beater argument, steer. “Sure I beat on her, sure I cheated, sure I said nasty things and was constantly violent and threatening, but if I left she’d struggle without my pay packet…”

        Good luck with that argument.

    • @Carntyne.
      I was just about to put that up, but struggled to C&P on my phone.Cheers bud.
      This analysis by eco needs to get as wide an audience as possible
      The implications of the side letter on the LNS decision are explosive, and in an indirect way call into question the integrity of LNS himself.
      For the DungCaster to offer a “get out of jail card free” even before LNS has reached his conclusions is corruption of the highest magnitude.
      These docs released by Cha must surely now be forensically examined.
      This bare-faced corruption must be raised above the parapet. LNS must be asked if he was aware of this side letter, and the implications on the evidence presented before him.
      Regardless of the Rangers are deid argument, this revelation, casts doubt not only on the corrupt bastards who run our governing bodies, but in a wider sense, the country’s ability to have faith in our whole legal system.

    • willy wonka

      “The darkest dirtiest secret in Scottish Football” ?
      Really ?

  43. Steerpike

    In the last year or so I have witnessed the morphing of eco, gone are the flying ducks on the wall and the purple oriental woman painting, replaced by posters of Che Guevara and Julian Assange. The bunnet has become the beret, the Hitler moustache is now the goatee, the roll ups are now a pipe and he now wears denim for the first time in his life. Gone is the miner’s welfare, it is Starbucks with his laptop and stack of books ( Marx, Chomsky and Downfall).

    They say we all eventually return to being a child as we age, and this man has regressed back to being a teenager, I have never read such pretentious, juvenile, idealistic, angst driven pap since my youth, it actually makes me physically groan.

    No offense, we all go through mid life crisis, mortality as it approaches influences even the most pedantic mind.

    • this is an anonymous forum,
      we are all but words on a screen,
      when a person start allotting personalities and start to describe what people are wearing and what they are smoking, in what coffee shop they are sitting, then the person that needs to give another poster such a personality has lost all credibility.
      Before you know it they will be telling us that Sevco have not run at a loss and are well into making vast profits

      when i used to post on the old daily record football comments i had one Bear on my case ,day in day out, he would describe how i looked, what i was wearing, on what day my giro would arrive ,all the usually fantasy that bolstered is fragile self esteem.
      it peaked when he moved me into a high rise block of flats, with broken windows on occasions when i hit one of his raw nerves and he would have the power cut off so in his mind i had to walk up 15 flight of stairs,

      Steerpike may or may not be the nutjob from the Daily Record site, he might just be his brother. i could not possibly say one way or the other

    • F.F.S. grow up won’t you.

    • @gortchomhor

      Starbucks with those books sounds like fun to me…

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