Rangers given no title-stripping guarantee in secret SPL deal – by ecojon

The darkest dirtiest secret in Scottish Football has now been revealed and it will shake the Beautiful Game to its core as well as the Scottish legal system.

Boiled down and stripped of legalese the shameful guarantee states: ‘The SPL hereby undertakes solely and exclusively to Sevco and to no other Person . . . that the SPL shall not . . . take or commence disciplinary proceedings against Sevco . . . in respect of any EBT Payments and Arrangements’.

What is even more incredible is that this deal was struck and distributed with the 5-Way Agreement before Lord Nimmo Smith began his enquiry and before the FTTT announced its verdict on the Rangers tax allegations.

We need clear unequivocal statements by Lord Nimmo Smith and Neil Doncaster and someone, anyone at the SFA who isn’t ‘conflicted’ to reveal the long hidden truth behind the most serious revelation ever to shine daylight on the many dark secrets held in the Hampden bunker.

Many of us have incessantly debated the controversial findings of Lord Nimmo Smith’s Inquiry into Rangers’ EBTs since its release in February this year. There was widespread disbelief at the conclusions and many believed it was just another example of how the scales were weighted in favour of Rangers.

Anyone who has followed my posts will know that I have always supported the integrity of LNS and his two learned colleagues in the sense that the woeful preparation and presentation of the SPL case gave the Tribunal little or no room for manoeuvre in reaching its conclusions. And of course there was the ludicrous intervention of the SFA’s top man in Player Registration which made the name ‘Bryson’ synonymous with ‘clown’ among Scottish Football fans.

On top of that LNS breathed life into the ‘continuing club’ controversy which has fuelled incessant and often bitter internet debate and indeed sparked the recent vicious attacks on Jim Spence and his family and BBC Scotland – once again – by Rangers fans many of whom openly boast they refuse to buy a TV Licence to support an enemy of Rangers.

For months now we have witnessed an outpouring of information from Charlotte Fakes who has risen above early suspicion that her works were indeed clever fakes to the point that no one disputes their authenticity and, indeed, she has allegedly been reported to the Information Commissioner which is probably the best possible guarantee of the authenticity of the documentation she has provided even though her motives are still unclear.

She recently released what appears to be the final draft of the 5-Way Agreement between Oldco Rangers, Newco Rangers, the SFA, SPL and SFL which had important snippets not present in previous versions including a promise by Rangers and a prominent external newco shareholder not to take legal action the SFA, SPL and SFL and their officers and officials.

This was first alluded to in the Rangers AIM Prospectus in December last year but the reasons for the Rangers undertaking have never been clear although the documentation seemed to suggest that Rangers had been wronged in some way and was holding back on justifiable legal action possibly because it felt blackmailed by the threat of total expulsion from Scottish Football if it didn’t agree to the sanctions of the 5-Way Agreement which had originally mooted title-stripping.

One thing that puzzled me when the 5-Way Agreement was revealed was why there had ever been any need by the Scottish Football Authorities to keep it so tightly under wraps. Everything was basically in the open by then in terms of sanctions although there was the curious matter of the no legal action clause.

But yesterday Charlotte Fakes released a brutal hammer blow which will destroy all remnants of tattered credibility in the Hampden suits and, more importantly, cast serious doubt on the integrity of the Scottish legal system which must be urgently dealt with.

So what has Charlotte gone and done? Only release to the world details of the secret and tawdry side deal proposed by the SPL and agreed to by the SFA and SFL to grant immunity to Rangers newco (TRFCL) from any disciplinary action arising out of the use of Rangers EBTs and the failure to annually register the payments involved with the SFA.

This guarantee was made months before the Lord Nimmo Smith Inquiry sat for the first time and even before its Notice of Commission was prepared and it was given even before the FTTT largely ruled in Rangers’ favour over its use of the EBTs.

At this stage we don’t know if Lord Nimmo Smith and his two colleagues were aware of this incredible secret stitch-up between the signatories of the 5-Way Agreement before they heard any evidence or whether they too were kept in the dark by the Scottish Footballing Authorities who have honed their skills as mushroom farmers for decades by feeding BS to Scottish football fans.

What we not only need but deserve is a clear statement by Lord Nimmo Smith on behalf of his tribunal and its decision as to whether he knew before any evidence was given that a secret guarantee of immunity had been given to The Rangers Football Club Ltd. If he did know can he explain why he was prepared to proceed on that basis and help create some of the aggro which is tearing apart the fabric of Scottish Football and poisoning Society with strange and alien concepts of a never-ending always continuing football club which defies liquidation of its legal operating entity and repeatedly and eternally rises intact from the ashes as a company with a brand new legal entity but which isn’t a Phoenix company.

As to the SFA and SPL/SFL now in the persona of the shiny, brand-new SPFL – unless it too takes no responsibility for the deeds of its deid ancestors – what we need is a straight answer to whether the Charlotte Fakes documentation is bona fide and whether it was signed by Neil Doncaster whose name is on the draft and distributed to the SFA and SFL as stated along with the 5-Way Agreement.

And as for the SMSM isn’t it time you actually grew a pair and dealt with the serious allegations raised by the release of the Charlotte Fakes material. Does the public interest count for nothing in Scotland? If you or your editors are frightened of the ‘dirty little secrets’ an aging and failing PR man in crisis has on you then now is the time to be Spartacus and if you can’t manage that at least do a Jim Spence. You don’t need to use the documents if you are scared – all you need to do is ask the questions.

If you are told ‘No Comment’ then publish and be Spartacus and let the public know the truth and make their own judgement on the way Scotland and Scottish Football is run. If you continue to hide behind weak excuses think about moving to PR as that would seem to be your true home and there will be no crisis of conscience as none exists there as far as representing commercial non-ethical clients.

However be assured that if you cower in a dark corner, close your eyes and dream of being a Twitter Warrior then your readers will continue to judge your inability to tell the truth and turn, in ever increasing numbers, to the internet for their news albeit with many imperfections but at least with lots of people trying to prevent the truth being choked by a surfeit of succulent lamb.

And Lord Nimmo Smith as probably your staunchest supporter since your tribunal decision was issued I think I am entitled to ask another question on behalf of the much-respected poster Auldheid who truly has the wisdom of age – as reflected in his moniker – and the energy and perseverance of a young bull elephant when it came to uncovering and revealing the implications of Rangers DOS and the reluctance of all concerned including SMSM to mention it.

I had always thought that this cloak of secrecy was to hide the implications of the Wee Tax Case which should have prevented European entry for Rangers, without the sleight of hand of the Hampden suits. But now I wonder if there was a much darker motive in play as part of the secret immunity for TRFCL.

Quite simply LNS! Were you ever told or given evidence concerning the details of the Rangers Discounted Options Scheme as distinct from their EBT scheme and were you aware of the un-appealed FTTT Decision in the Aberdeen Asset Management (AAM) case concerning DOS schemes which ruled them as illegal under tax laws?

In your tribunal decision you refer to treating the EBT scheme as a continuation of the DOS scheme – cloaked under a suitably confusing name – but did you know that one very senior witness to your enquiry was well aware of the differences and I would find it incredulous that they were unaware of the implications of the AAM FTTT Decision on the Rangers DOS.

And if you weren’t apprised of the differences then it’s over to Neil Doncaster to explain whether this was another dirty secret and if not how did the SPL fail to discover and present absolutely critical evidence re the Rangers DOS which IMO could well have led Lord Nimmo Smith to stripping titles.

Posted by Ecojon


The document released by CH detailing the squalid immunity deal for TRFCL can be found at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/168302228/SPL-Undertaking-Letter







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  1. p groom

    now I understand the curious haste to get the new league structure into place. 5 way agreement came before spfl was set up and spl and sfl no longer exist. only sfa left to sue and as we know they are Establishment, so dont hold your breath there…

    • mick

      Not long now to we reprasent Scotland in the CL Celtic Scottish champions and the soccer wing of the Celtic nations hail hail mon the hoops

  2. Clarkeng

    In the light of your previous record for false and misleading posts based your interpretation of what are otherwise indisputable facts especially where Co House is concerned can you just throw a wee bit of light on the following points for me :-
    Do you have a Professional Qualification in Law?
    Do you have a Professional Qualification in Accountancy?
    Are you registered on any body of Professional People anywhere e.g. do you hold Chartership in an engineering or surveying subject?
    Do you hold a degree?
    What class of degree do you hold?
    What subject is it in?
    Why would you think that the Professional Advisers of Rangers have less knowledge than you do as a so called timternet intellectual?
    Did you really aspire to being a professional but failed to meet your full potential?
    Was it all the fault of the Proddy establishment?
    Please note I am not trying to question your right to freedom of speech
    ( which seems to be rife on here ) I am simply trying to ascertain whether you have any basis for commenting on the unadulterated facts or whether you just make things up to suit as you go along.
    It’s just that you give me the impression that even if you dont know what you are talking about you prefer people to think you know what you are talking about.
    Just saying.
    Were you perhaps a lawyer in a past life and you still recall the esteem of it all.
    Anyway someone with an “ology” will I am sure be able to help.
    It may take some years but as they say ” the truth is out there.”

    • cam

      I’m sure he posted once that he just lets Paul deal with the legal issues whilst he does the Companies House checks.
      He has years of worldy wise experience and is a student of human psychology and has a Masters in flocking patterns of marauding, pillaging knuckle draggers, who seemingly terrify very good friends of his,and who haven’t left the house for a year.
      After a gap decade of stripping down motorbikes atop lofty peaks and communing with nature,he then field tested the entire range of Meerschaum pipes whilst supping pints with Joe O Rourke in a bid to connect with the Celtic psyche.
      He has many qualifications gained at the University of Google and was considered for a professorship emeritus at Wikipedia’s Nova Scotia branch until naturalists made a connection between this and an outbreak of whale beachings.
      Currently employed as a systems analyst in the thumbs department at Random Insanity, and drafted in to deal with the Niall problem, he is undergoing intensive training modules in mixed martial arts,with a view to being able to fend off said knuckle draggers whilst collecting his pension.

      • Clarkeng

        So he’s no jist talikn pish?

        • cam

          In a word,,,,Yes!

        • cam

          While there are no ladies present i must congratulate you on bringing your stupendous appendage to the debate.With oor mick boasting of his abilities in the trouser dept. the knowledge that the blue army have a champion with a 12 incher who doesn’t use it as a rule,is very heartening.
          I fear we may be outmatched and have not considered the Monti factor.
          The guy has gotta be the biggest walloper in blog history.

          • Clarkeng

            I have to confess I was ( a bit like econob ) hoping none of the recipients were old enough to remember the imperial measurement system.
            I am sure he reads and re-reads his posts and considers them to be factual and probably or even possibly or just mibbees the nail in the coffin of Rangers.
            Silly man!!!
            Everybody gets confused with metric – dont they – well the birds I know did.
            It looks big to me and I suppose like econotale that is the important thing.
            And as you say we probably have been outmatched or even bettered.
            I give way to Monti.

            • cam

              He proof reads them to mannequins and frets over any tiny chinks.He actually thinks this is important and genuinely believes that if we deflect the blog that the “truth” can be hidden!!

              Actually step back and consider the mentality of a person who could think that,never mind say it!

        • Clarkeng

          He comes across as a really angry and bitter man who wants to scweam and scweam and scweam.
          Rather childish really but there you go.
          Wonder what the next rumour based on inuendo and distortion of the facts will be.
          It will of course be backed up by the usual ….wait and see.
          FTTT, LNS ….they all got it wrong ffs.
          Cant trust an expert in the field anywher these days.
          You dont suppose he would ever consider doing a guest post about his beloved Smellik and explain the tax free payments to Gibraltar.
          Or the 6% in perpetuity which is really a dividend but is not called that …why?
          Or perhaps explain how Lennystoon and the piggery are worth £50m plus on the balance sheet but that cannae possibly be right for Murray Park and Ibrox Stadium.
          Or to explain how the worth of the company has fallen to £32m.
          Now that could or maybe even should be enlightening……..but would he ever dare?
          And would it be the truth and nothing but the truth!!!

          • cam

            As i’ve pointed out previously and as Graham states at the bottom of the page,Rangers fans just want to fo along,watch the fitba,have a laugh and get on with the other REALLY important things in life,like work and family.
            When the loons had their trouble,notwithstanding that the internet,thank God,wasn’t up and running properly,we didn’t give a monkeys what that lot were doing.

            Celtic fans,being part of a minority group, have always had that chip on the shoulder,victim status and the bitterness that has been festering for years is now being vented on the internet which is probably a good thing.
            I’m glad auld Eco has found a wee spot where he can indulge himself and seek the adulation of fellow nutters who aren’t nutty enough to trawl through sites looking for vindication of their paranoia.

            I’m just enjoying flicking peanuts at them and laughing.Their very nature is turmoil and unhappiness.It will take thousands of years of evolution before they lose the martyr gene.

            • @gortchomhor

              Cam, you seem to be suggesting that nothing much matters in terms of opinions, and that anything expressed on here is inconsequential in the great scheme of things.

              Can you confirm that is your view and then address the obvious follow on question of why you are here?

              Thanks in advance.

            • cam

              Gort, you old riddler you.
              As you know our communications have been spewing out into space for decades and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.The aggressive tendencies of our species are causing alarm in the PLC of the Confederation of Planets.Extermination is the preferred cure.
              Charles Green has been using his diplomatic skills and his huge hands, which are a sign of intelligence in some galaxies,to delay the inevitable.

              I’m charged with finding candidates suitable to be trained as Starship Troopers.Qualities include raging temper and an ability to absorb brainwashing techniques easily.
              By using the peanut flicking methods i have uncovered a few folk in here who will soon be selected for further training.
              You did show early promise but we decided your mood swings would render you useless in combat.
              The fact that a humble manual worker can infuriate the intelligentsia of the Celtic warrior race, doesn’t bode well for our survival.
              Lawyers,journos,company directors,civil servants,teachers et al have all succumbed to the incessant impact of a peanut on the frontal lobe.
              I can concur with the main thrust of your thesis that nothing really matters in a material world.
              The question of why me, you and everybody is here, has been debated and pondered since the dawn of sentient life.
              Eco thinks it may be to solve the LNS decision and Paul is hedging his bets on BDO.
              If you have the real answer then you can contact me on a secure line by inserting a tea spoon in your mouth,pushing the thin end into a plug socket and sending a Morse code signal.

    • Do you need to be a qualified ref to see when a player is two yards offside when the ref and his assistant appear not to be able to see it, the advent of modern TV coverage proves you right, yet other will ask if your qualified to make your judgement,
      does someone need a qualification in traffic management to cross the road without getting knock down.

      do I need to be a farmer to be able to see when someone is shovelling bullshyte onto the forum,

      People post “random Thoughts” on here, do we really need to hold degrees to be allowed to post.

      old club Rangers fans went berserk at the idea that judgement had already been passed, on the old clubs titles, complaining that a verdict had been decided before the “trial”, title stripping they were told was only one option among many options.
      Now we find the a secret deal ,a deal that granted immunity had been granted before the “trial”, why are the bears not ranting about this deal , because it suits them, thats why human nature at work.

      • Clarkeng

        Could it be this deal actually was the result of Peter Lawell brokering to keep hold of the £2.9m which should have gone to Rangers?
        Anyway on your question of qualification given the seriousness of the allegations spouted and the inevitable upset caused to the great unwashed shouldnt or even wouldnt or maybe possibly might consideration be given to whether there are in fact any facts in the”random”) if somewhat nonsensical) “thoughts” posted by a self professed expert and intellectual.
        Or by their very nature of being random should we just accepr without comment that they are pish.
        Or should we all be as stupid as you lot and swallow everything that comes up on here as being a juicy titibit.

        • coatbrigbhoy

          do you have any proof the Peter Lawell kept hold of £2.8m,
          could you try explaining how he got his hands on the money…do you think he paid trax on it.?

    • @gortchomhor

      FAO: Clarkeng The Discredited Liar,

      You seem to be suggesting that there’s a requirement for ecojon, and presumably the rest of us, to have certain qualifications, without which we cannot comment on matters relevant to the demise of Rangers, etc…

      That’s utter trash. But let’s assume we all claim to have such qualifications. Are we expected to then prove it?

      Tell you what…

      Give us your name and the name of the awarding body, year of award, etc., and I will verifiy it online — most universities allow you to do that nowadays and past results are archived. Once I verify you, I promise I will come back and do likewise so that you can verify me.


      • Clarkeng

        Firstly you have never discredited anything I have said.
        Secondly I do not care what qualifications you have.
        You have already proved yourself to be a bit on the dim side and continue to demonstrate that.
        My qualifications are used and have been used every day in my career of approaching forty years.
        Stick to Google and Wiki then let eco fill in the blanks.
        You are bound to fall on your arse shortly doing this.

        • @gortchomhor

          So, Clarkeng The Discredited Liar, we are all to believe that you are qualified, without any proof whatsoever? And in turn we are all second class citizens who aren’t allowed to discuss certain issues.

          You can see why we might not like this eh… a discredited liar who has proven that he can’t structure a basic sentence, let alone a paragraph, lecturing us on what we can and can’t comment on.

          Seriously, though, in terms of what you say on here etc., even if you had something worth saying, I doubt if you’d be able to get it across. If I was marking one of your essays, I’d ask you make an appointment and have a chat with me about a few things.

          My guess is you have a scotvec module in bookkeeping or something, that’s at best.

          I’d love to read your CV — I’d pay to read it. What’s the chances?

          • Clarkeng

            You couldnt afford me sonny.
            Your salary probably equates to your IQ.
            If you want to compare size then go ahead.
            Oh and you and econob were wrong on the Co House stuff by a country mile.
            As you are basically thick ( but not bigoted….aye right!! We will do the jokes!! ) I would not expect you to acknowledge this.
            Start at 10 to the power 5 plus a bit and then come back otherwise put your small member back in your trousers.

    • kerrygirl

      do you have a clue

  3. arb urns


    September 16, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    ” In order to prove an unfair sporting advantage was gained ”

    are you okay if I use as my proof the words of your clubs very own ” mr black” to the effect that… the ebt scheme allowed us to sign players we could not have otherwise afforded………..

    • Steerpike


      I actually think the affordability is a complete red herring, and I have wasted precious moments of my life defending this argument.

      This is a brief summary of his findings:

      “Rangers FC did not gain any unfair competitive advantage from the contraventions of the SPL Rules in failing to make proper disclosure of the side-letter arrangements, nor did the non-disclosure have the effect that any of the registered players were ineligible to play, and for this and other reasons no sporting sanction or penalty should be imposed upon Rangers FC.”

      He does not mention affordability, he states they did not gain a sporting advantage from rule breaking, I trust my logic, I trust the logic of an expert in logic and I assume he was not at the toilet when Mr Black made this comment.
      I cannot find anything in the SPL rules about paying players you cannot afford is cheating, in fact where did this argument come from, tell me it was not Phil or Eco ?
      You cannot expect LNS to rule on something if it is not in the rules ffs !!

      • arb urns

        steer….. as i have suspected all along you know nothing about football and will never understand the anger neutrals have towards what rangers have done…. i accept many but not all of the tic men on here have another end game in mind to me for rangers in relation to this ” contraventions of the SPL Rules “… clearly you have never run around on a wet and windy one at windygates… where you can cope with ‘ julie’ making one of those honest ‘local decisions’ twelve yards from the goal you are defending but when the home players drive themselves to the game for an under 16 league match the pail is beyond……………

        look at the history of scottish football disciplinary sanctions you will find enough sporting sanctions relating to “registered players being inelligible to play” right back to port athletics FOUR point deduction for ONE such inelligble player rangers over a ten year period fielded over a thousand such players……………….

        take it down to a personal individual level i forked out over 200 notes to watch a cup tie and replay between rfc and my team, we were the better team over the two games but lost out to a flying back post ebt…..possibly rangers won the cup that season who knows who cares…. possibly.not even spartans who were turfed out of same cup for a missing date on a reg form i understand… and yet ogilvie doncaster and regan invite me to spend my hard earned on a weekly basis on the basis they are providing a level playing field….well i as the customer am king and have a choice… they can sell their semantics elsewhere………….

        • Steerpike


          I know you are brighter than this, Rangers did not field ANY ineligible players, that was in the ruling, and I repeat, I cannot find anything in the SPL rules about unaffordable players gaining an unfair advantage, the only way they can be deemed unaffordable is after liquidation ffs !!

          If you want to bring this down to some ” man on the street ” argument, then Celtic’s overdraft is cheating if they go bust, so the argument now becomes going bust is gaining a sporting advantage !!

          Look people like LNS are not dummies, a lot of these arguments are just illogical, too much emotion and not enough reason.

          p.s. The EBTs have not even been declared illegal as yet !!

          • Arb urns

            Thank you , you make my case perfectly, we ALL have the choice whether we accept LNS and continue our support of the national game or not……..

            Liquidation ffs….. Happened virtually the season after the ebt scheme was no longer available as a means of ‘ supporting’ the wage structure at ibrox…

            pps…. Many of the ebts ,probably in the high 30% ,did attract a tax liability ,in my view that does not make the whole scheme legal….. Notwithstanding the ridiculous dos scheme situation..

  4. Monti

    It must really hurt the fans of the ‘original rangers’ ( copyright Steven naismith) that collectively they didn’t do anything to save their history & club from liquidation.
    at the point of building a pot to take to the CVA, where were the rangers fans, the blue knights? Where was buckfast Barry & Graeme sounded & all the other players, managers & staff who had an EBT?
    Just think, if every EBT penny had been put into that CVA pot, your sectarian club would never have been liquidated, your history wouldn’t have been concluded.
    Now that must hurt, those simple facts must really hurt, killed off by your own kind.
    You will never know the level of satisfaction this brings to me.
    It is so funny you can’t see it 🙂

    Dumfries tonight? 🙂

    When your travelling down there remember one thing, in your hour of need, in your darkest hour, you collectively did NOTHING!

    • graham

      Monti ,
      What I find hard to understand is how all the celtic fans in here at obsessed with rangers instead of being happy with the fact they are on their way to 3 IAR .. With probably more to follow , assured of a free pass to the CL qualifiers also for the next few years,
      in the group stages of the CL this season with big games against top European teams to look forward to ,
      If the roles were reversed I wouldn’t give one jot about celtics problems ..
      In fact I recall when celtic had their problems and changed from the old athletic club to the new celtic fc I didn’t give it a second thought !

      Chunky yer bollocks !!
      your day will never come !!!

    • Monti
      Just think, if every EBT penny had been put into that CVA pot,

      Monti, always remember, if there had been NO EBT’s then there would have been no need for a CVA,
      If SDM had just gave the players and manager standard tax paying contracts then the death would have been avoided.

      in the year 2002 a man called Hugh Adam told them what was coming down the pipeline, did they care,No did they turn on Hugh Adam, YES
      Today Hugh Adam would be called a HATER, go figure

      SDM the man that Gambled the club and lost

  5. Yellowood

    This is my first post, although I’ve read quite a lot. It seems that there are two sides here and both are seeking the impossible. One faction seem to want Rangers to ‘die’ – and this can obviously never happen as long as the Rangers fans want it to live (as Alex Thomson says, how do you kill a culture?). Another faction want Rangers to just carry on regardless – and this can obviously never happen as long as significant numbers of fans of other clubs feel that not enough punishment has been served (PLEASE don’t start that ridiculous argument about what was a punishment and what was a consequence – whatever it was it clearly wasn’t enough for the fans). There has to be a compromise. Rangers have to carry on as before but some titles need to be forfeited. Or this open sore will not heal.

    • Clarkeng

      And you would be a complete neutral offering to solve the issue??
      Dont be posting again unless you can put up something of substance.
      At this stage HMRC are two one down from the first leg and based on what has just been published they will remain there.
      LNS did no apportion punishment….. in other words Rangers have nothing to answer for which should even entail this.
      54 and counting!!!

  6. cam

    Ted,you really disappoint me.The first thing you do when choosing a destination for a holiday is a bit of research.
    Anyone with half a brain would have discovered that Alcudia is renowned for mozzies.I blame the gene pool.
    What about Milan leaving out half their team Ted? that’s a bit cheeky of them.
    I seem to remember last year that the sides thatCeltic played all had mysterious injuries to key players.
    Barca aren’t the same without that mad Puyol,,,,he could be a bluenose!
    Next year just go to Balmaha and get bitten.You can still talk crap in here and go to bed early.

    • R. MacGeddon

      Looks like you’re seriously underestimating the night life of Balmaha.

    • Steerpike

      Places I will never go on holiday again:

      ………………do you see the pattern, it is quite subtle.

      • Steven Brennan

        Places no decent person should go to
        Do you see the pattern?

      • @gortchomhor

        Yeah, they’re all US and British client regimes with authoritarian governments that we prop up by giving arms to, arms that they use and depend upon to keep their own people in check, thereby stifling any chance of progress towards fairer, more liberal and tolerant social systems which might get in the way of our selfish economic and political ends.

        “Britain will always insist upon reserving the right to bomb niggers…”

        Good quote, but who said it?

  7. Monti

    Wee stroll along Goose Green this morning I think……….think I’ll open an Argentinian/ Irish Republican bar here.

    Wonder if our Argentinian Pope could apply some pressure on the Brits? Hmmmm

    • graham

      Monti ,
      Am sure he will as successful as the last argy twat that tried to take back
      Remind me how that went again !

    • Monti,
      I hope your not letting those Argies in on the fact we don’t have enough naval power left to defend the ISLE OF Man ,never mind anything bigger or further from these shores

    • cam

      Send in 1 Para,,,,, ooh ah!

      • graham

        Cam ,
        How about a place called Gibraltar that’s known as the rock …..
        You know the rest .

        • Clarkeng

          Gibraltar……..is that no where Big Des keeps his non trading entity to collect his 6% tax free divi in perpetuity?

        • cam

          Yup,gotta dash,,,busy morning.
          Gotta call JP at the Celtic store to see if the Celtic crest loo roll is in,,that Coyote will do anything for money!
          Then a few calls to the City Chambers re land deals,the George Sq. refurb. and transport contracts.Concerened citizens must keep an eye on public funds and i appreciate the support from my Celtic supporters in the ongoing quest for integrity.
          With the current score being G.Matheson 2 Procurator Fiscal 0, i may have to consult with the leader on how to suck eggs.

          • Clarkeng

            Gordon M suck eggs??
            Cam I think you are wee bit confused my old son.
            It was sombody’s 12 incher was it no?

            • cam

              Police Scotland made their report and the PF decided not to pursue the member in question.
              If folk are happy to be led in such a manner then who am i to interfere with the democratic process.
              Many aspects of GCC’s Labour led group are hard to swallow.

            • Clarkeng

              Must have been a felatious accusation.
              Or was he reported as a blow hard.

      • Monti

        Send in the Kenyan’s 🙂

      • Geddy Lee

        I see 17 Paras, including 2 Sgt majors have failed a drug test.

        It will be interesting to see how they avoid getting rid of them, what with their “zero tolerance” towards drugs.

        • Monti

          Maybe they could dress these unfortunate soldiers up as a civil rights march & open fire on them……they seem to like an unfair fight do the Brits?

    • graham

      How about an Argentinian / Irish republican / German nazi general smuggling bar ….

    • david

      Goose Green . 600 Royal Marines rout and capture an Argentinian force 3 times their size.
      Go ahead, open your Bar in your head, your many imaginary friends will be your only customers in your imaginary bar in your imaginary place of residence.
      Your Pope could not or would not help the many ” disappeared ” at the hands of your fascist heroes, he has zero chance of influencing British policy or the democratically expressed will of the Falkland Islanders,

  8. jimmy white
    September 16, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Yeah a feel the same when a look on the sevco forums, its all about celtics secret debt and whatever, btw have you noticed how obsessed they are about how obsessed we are, strange.

    When a rat is cornered it tends to bite.

    You won’t find a bigger rat than Bumspear.

  9. SFTB

    To Paul McConville

    I am not sure if I am reading the legal situation right here.

    Let us accept for one minute that the SFA/SPL have the power to award Sevco all of the former titles “earned” by Rangers AND to award them immunity from all of the old club’s offences.

    Would that mean that the current SFA/SPFL cannot, after due consideration of the former Rangers actions and misdemeanours, still deduct titles from the former Rangers, thereby affecting indirectly the total of titles inherited by Sevco?

    In essence, did they award Sevco all the titles that Rangers had in perpetuity so that they may add to that unassailable total? Or did they license that they would inherit all of the titles that Rangers had, whatever that total may be when the SFA finally passes judgement on Rangers? Are the 54 titles unassailable?

    As I say, I do not accept my initial premise that they had this power as any deal that has to be done by league administrators, and then kept private, is immediately a suspect one.

  10. Monti


    R.I.P. BOYS!

  11. Monti

    On a lonely Drumcree hill,
    10,000 Orangemen waiting,
    Because they want to walk the streets of Portadown,
    With their sashes & their flutes
    Their bowler hats & their suits….


  12. Paul

    @Steerpike re my earlier comments made.
    “Rangers and Celtic are too big to fail, therefore the rules for failure were never designed for them, and guess who did the designing “?
    I see what you are trying to propose but it has to be clear to all now that there has not really been a demand for an OF game (non-existent now) from fans of Scottish Football after what happened down in sunny Govan as they say.
    If the SFA never envisaged one of the two failing then more fool them. A business such as rangers are no different from any other business and failure to apply the business economic rule will always lead to failure/closure.
    This is the whole crux of the previous arguments or debates in that either the SFA failed the due diligence test or a blind eye was turned and if so what was the reward to the members turning the blind eye. What this amounts to is total corruption from the powers within the game and as such must turn the stomachs of the lower clubs who have for years struggled to make an impact in the game due to lack of economic funding, but have grafted to try and ensure that at least they are on a level playing field where rules apply to all.
    If Rangers and Celtic are to be and shown to be given preferential treatment as your comment suggests then this would signal the end for football. However, I do not agree this is the case and would suggest that it was the pursuit to dominate the game in Scotland by rangers and the old board and to emulate what Celtic had achieved, which is not a bad thing as they are rivals and competitors in the football environment, which led to the self-destruction at Rangers.
    Rangers allowed themselves to go out of control amidst the warnings given by ranger’s men and good men who had the best interests of the club at heart. The blame game over at Govan is a smoke screen for a corruption that has not been met nor addressed in the way it should have been and the media have failed to stop it in its tracks and put it right. To this day the buck is still passed and the corruption is still evident. You only have to look at the profile and baggage that most of the power brokers in charge carry to see that corruption and self-perseverance is still evident.
    What is happening now is Scotland is witnessing a surge in bigotry which is been used to camouflage the real issues which is Rangers were and are an institution that can call the shots and lead the not so intelligent to remain loyal and part with hard earned cash in return for been part of something that in effect does not contribute too much to the benefit of society, but contributes greatly to the benefits of those running the show.
    I would think it is absurd to suggest that celtic and rangers were part of some master plan in the football environment. It was just the fact that both carried such great support that led them to dominate in the now turbulent and dynamic economic environment and it has to be said that rangers are paying the cost for their attempt at dominance, celtic could quite easily go the same route but I am sure the lessons of rangers will be taking on board by a prudent celtic board to ensure the same does not happen.
    In business sense rangers failed to read the signs and overspending has led them to the predicament they now face. The new board and the infighting should be a reminder to the real fans that they are about to taking on the same merry-go-round as it is clear it is not rangers best interests that are at heart but the shrewd awareness that there is a buck to be made by playing the loyalty card. This is how I see things at present and who knows I may be wrong but the picture over by is anything but clear and the media are no help in unraveling the truth.

    • Geddy Lee

      Yes, and one swatch at any of their blogs show they are all still wallowing in cringing self pity, blaming everyone imaginable for their own demise.

      They whine about “bigotry and hatred” citing the use of the words Sevcovian and Hun as “proof”.

      Naturally, the more they howl at the moon, the funnier it is, and the more prevalent these phrases will become.

      Remarkable hypocrisy when you consider the constant, endless abuse they are still hurling at anyone and everyone .

      So bad has the abuse become, that even the International Federation of Journalists have called for action to be taken to stop the abuse and threats aimed at Journalists and their families. And this from a howling mob who laughably claim the moral high-ground, apparently on the grounds of “Dignified Silence” LOL

      So sit back for the next fascinating instalment, as the under-belly of the Scottish business world scraps over the hearts and tiny minds of “Ra Peeple”.

      Keep those Fire Extinguishers handy. Normal business protocols do not apply.

      • @Geddy Lee, They don’t even like each other, just a sect really.


        Branches and Sects

        Two distinct branches of Protestantism grew out of the Reformation. The evangelical churches in Germany and Scandinavia were followers of Martin Luther, and the reformed churches in other countries were followers of John Calvin and Huldreich Zwingli. A third major branch, episcopacy, developed in England. Particularly since the Oxford movement of the 19th cent., many Anglicans have rejected the word Protestant because they tend to agree with Roman Catholicism on most doctrinal points, rejecting, however, the primacy of the pope (see England, Church of; Episcopal Church; Ireland, Church of). In addition, there have been several groups commonly called Protestant but historically preceding the rise of Protestantism (see Hussites; Lollardry; Waldenses). Protestantism has largely been adopted by the peoples of NW Europe and their descendants, excepting the southern Germans, Irish, French, and Belgians; there have been important Protestant minorities in France, Bohemia, Hungary, and Poland.

        The doctrine that the individual conscience is the valid interpreter of Scripture led to a wide variety of Protestant sects; this fragmentation was further extended by doctrinal disputes within the sects notably over grace, predestination, and the sacraments. Certain movements have claimed new revelations (see Agapemone; Latter-Day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ of; New Jerusalem, Church of the). Of a fundamentally distinct nature is Christian Science, which as an article of faith repudiates any medical treatment.

        Since the 1960s a main thrust in Protestantism has been toward reunification (see ecumenical movement); this was particularly strong in North America. Most Protestant and many Eastern Orthodox churches are allied in federated councils on the local, national, and international levels (see World Council of Churches and National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America).

        For some of the major tendencies in Protestantism, see Adventists; Anabaptists; Baptists; Calvinism; Congregationalism; Lutheranism; Methodism; Pentecostalism; Presbyterianism; Puritanism; spiritism; Unitarianism.

    • Steerpike


      I quite liked your post, it was lengthy but you kept the moral outrage down to a palatable level, too much gnashing of teeth and hand wringing makes me want to die.

      ” If the SFA never envisaged one of the two failing then more fool them.”
      Celtic and Rangers were the main architects of a system designed to maintain their monopoly, and yet both clubs suffered severe financial trauma in the last 15 years, they are the fools not the SFA.

      ” I would think it is absurd to suggest that celtic and rangers were part of some master plan in the football environment. ”

      11-1 voting system hints you may be mistaken.

      • Paul

        I am sure if Celtic wanted to maintain the monopoly with Rangers the crisis at ibrox would not have occurred. I understand your thought patterns but think that the rangers scenario is more to do with corruption and greed which spiraled out of control and has devastated Scotland. And on a personal note no-one connected to teams should be allowed on SFA boards.however, i appreciate your comments. .

        • Geddy Lee

          Celtic did warn Murray he was playing a very dangourous game, but of course he wouldn’t listen.

        • @gortchomhor

          Both of you seem to assume, as do many others, that the money saved by using EBT’s all went towards increasing on-field competitiveness. Well, we can guess, I suppose, but the beauty of that EBT system is that it’s very difficult if not impossible to account for the money once it arrives in the trust account.

          Let me predict you will hear a lot more about this… Let me also suggest that it’s hard to imagine a better cover-story for syphoning funds from a company, funds that your own in-house accounts dept. not only wouldn’t be able to question, but couldn’t question because if they knew too much it would actually render the implementation illegal.

          Remember, it was critical that the trusts appeared to have independence and discretion — it was also critical that there was no tie-in with remuneration. In essence, it was critical that the accountants didn’t have a clue about what the money was for, the negotiations with players and agents, or that they got in the way or asked questions. All they could be told was the trust bank details and the amount.

          Genius really, if you look at it from the perspective of someone who wanted to siphon funds out of a company.

  13. Monti

    Would you like to have the first drink (on the house of course) In the Falkland Island’s only Irish Republican/ Argentinian theme bar?
    You & Bik could share a Guinness & a Hauf whilst talking about foot patrols in South Armagh, or tent’s being assembled in Drumcree for Orange scum who can’t walk down nationalist area’s!
    Falkland’s for Argentinian’s, Ireland for the Irish!
    No union Jack will be flown in the Falkland’s David, Just an Argie flag & a huge Irish tricolour!


    • david

      What a tosser you are.
      In real life, not your fantasy world, only the Union and Falkland flags fly over the Falklands and no wee diddy no-mark bigot like you or any tinpot Argentinian army can ever change that.

      To think I had a dear friend who gave his life for his Country in order that a vile scumbag like you should talk shite 31 years later is appalling.
      But fill your boots.

      Just hope your never run into his comrades in real life.

      • Monti

        🙂 pip pip tally ho…..your the bigot David, I blame your school myself.
        You are nothing to me!
        You are a cretinous lying no mark terrorist loving scumbag! Inadequate & utterly consumed with hatred, did you sit beside Solomon in your ‘kirk’?
        internet Hardman lol.
        This friend you keep banging on about? Did you find him in ‘ call of duty’ & make him a friend?
        I think your a sac boulle?
        Don’t come on here & personally attack me again, mind go running to teacher now! Fkn presbs!

        • david

          Unlike you, my friends were/are real.
          David Malcolmson and his comrade James Reynolds lie together in Irvine cemetery.
          Either of them, or anyone over 16 for that matter , would have ripped your head off.
          You are the biggest arsehole ever in the history of blogging.
          And a liar.
          And a bigot.
          And a cretin.
          And unemployed.
          And a shitebag
          And a laughing stock

          • Monti

            Let it all out now David, there’s a good boy 🙂
            Call of duty II then? 🙂

            I don’t understand your ‘ unemployed ‘ rants!
            Because I can spend time on here doesn’t make me unemployed!
            I blame your presb schools!
            Imagine encouraging sexual promiscuity in your schools….dear dear….god only knows what shite your fake churches teach!

            • david

              “Fake Churches ? ”
              You are really showing your true bigot colours today, arent you, shitehawk?
              You ARE unemployed. You know it, nobody could spend the time you do on this blog and actually work.

              You have insulted the memory of my friend for the last time.
              You scum

            • Fra

              Have you got them frothing Monty. And the Black and Tans, like lightning ran, from the rifles of the IRA. TAL

          • Gortnamona

            David – Your Friends

            “David Malcolmson and his comrade James Reynolds lie together in Irvine cemetery.”

            Michael Naan and Andrew Murray lie in Newtownbutler Catholic graveyard murdered by members of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Andy Murray was stabbed 13 times and Michael Naan 19 times through the heart and chest.

            Your friends died in a war. Michael Naan and Andy Murray died because they were Catholics.

            Michael Naan was a friend of mine.

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Monti fcuk off and take your daughter out for a walk in her pram. That is if your good lady will allow your vile twin horned mush anywhere near her.
          I don’t care what your beliefs are, I couldn’t care less about your pathetic lack of moralistic fibre.
          But what really gets under my skin with arsewipes like you, is you haven’t a Scooby doo what your talking about.You are a tiny irritating squeak of a man, who wouldn’t be allowed to pee in the same hole in the ground,as the brave souls you are degrading. You should be ashamed, but I doubt you even know the context of the word, you cloven hoofed little cretin.
          By degrading the dead you insult those who have to live with their loss.

          • Monti

            is that it?
            You gonna bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite?
            Who do you support now?
            5 stars my arse 🙂

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Regardless of your ploy to deliberately” troll” for a reaction intended only as a wind up,your choice of subject is disrespectful.
              If you must troll out of boredom, or the inability to offer anything worthwhile in the form of debating, try picking lesser immoral subjects.
              Joking about fallen soldiers is a highly emotive subject. It was only a few weeks ago you were offering condolences to the family of drummer Lee Rigby. Your recent comments cast doubt on that sincerity.
              Consider yourself suitably chided.

        • jjbhoy

          @Monti,Mange tout Monti,mange tout!

    • cam

      What you gonna call it Monti,,,the Argy Bargy?
      The Hungry Chicken
      The Giro Arms
      That’s Another Fine Mess Stanley

      Now you always get a bit nationalistic whenever Celtic have a game coming up and you’ve now blinked first in our pact.
      Under our 5 way agreement this grants me full Papal authority to unleash one of my Vatican reports! 🙂

      • Monti


        • david


          • Monti


            ” insulted the memory of my friend for the last time”?

            Don’t pick a fight then David, you come on here calling me every insult under the sun….regularly & you think I should take that?
            Fcuk you & your friend!

            • david

              Let me make it clear to you.
              You are scum
              You are vermin
              You are a liar
              You are a shitebag
              You are a maggot

              You are ALWAYS the one who reverts to type on here, you cant help being the unemployed sad inadequate that you are.
              If you did not keep doing so, you would not be insulted. Any normal sane or rational person would crawl away after being outed by 89 people as a bigot. But you are totally shameless.
              Sad life you lead, all that bigotry, all those lies, all that time on your hands and all that inadequacy.

            • jjbhoy

              @Monti,well said Monti,you are THE man,stiff upper lip wot! TIOCFAIDH AR LA!

      • Kerrygirl

        If it was a Chinese carry out you could call it the “wok on, ” ,,,,,but then again if it is the Falklands ,,,,,,,,, so how about the orange wok

    • graham

      The argies and the Irish could swap stories over a few pints of the auld proddy brew black stuff if how they both lost battles to the British !!
      Rule Britannia !!

    • graham

      Would they fly the white flag in between the two national flags or above them ..
      How about calling it the ‘losers return ‘

  14. cam

    As the punch up begins i would just like to say,,, it wasn’t me!

  15. paul

    And you dare to call me a terrorist whilst you look down your gun.So it takes two of yous.cam and graham your a pair of knobs. falklands a mickey mouse war to protect sheep shaggers who protect money for the crown.

  16. Monti

    In memory of your cartoon imaginary friends who were/weren’t playing hide & seek with sticks for guns in the Falklands, do the decent thing in their name & campaign for the Island to be returned to Argentina! LAS ISLAS MALVINAS ARGENTINA!


    • david

      Has no decent thought ever passed through your unemployed brain?
      He was a better man than you could ever hope to be.
      You are scum

  17. @gortchomhor

    Anybody noticed that Rangers types are all essentially nihilists? And materialists? What happened?

    Do they look at their kids and family and think life has no intrinsic meaning and purpose? So depressed and so depressing.

    Is this where the dour Scotsman stereotype comes from? Is this where the depiction of us as being miserable and tight-fisted comes from? It’s really dour, miserable, materialist, Godless Rangers types that they are talking about? Makes sense.

    What a sad, empty landscape you have made for yourselves. You took gold and turned it into straw.

    Where did all the love go?

    • Steerpike

      ” Anybody noticed that Rangers types are all essentially nihilists? ”
      i don’t believe the state of ” nothing ” exists, uber nihilism.

  18. Geddy Lee

    “Losers return”.

    That will be what’s left of the British Army, coming back from Afghanistan, having yet again, achieved nothing but death and destruction.

    Incidentally, Labour were a gnats bollock away from handing Gibralter back to the Spanish when both countries had their little “war on terror pact”
    With the yanks. I assume it was on orders from the yanks, just as they ordered Britain to dissolve it’s empire.

    (If the yanks didn’t have an empire, they sure weren’t going to let Britain keep hers)

    This effectively took the form of killing their own citizens to justify their behaviour. They were of course simply following Stalin’s doctrine .

    “If there is no external threat to the state, you must create one”. Fortunately Spain bottled it at the last moment, the sun sets on every empire sooner or later.

    At the moment, britain could never raise a suitably big task-Force to sail to the Falklands. The navy has been reduced to a tiny flotilla, with France having to assist as we do not have the carriers to ensure Air Support.

    We bought a huge amount of Apache helicopters, yet only a handfull are ever airworthy. Remember, the Yanks will not be at our side in this one. They showed that last time the Argies had a go.

    With succesive unionist governments continuing to strip the military back to the bare bone, it may become politically imperative to give the Islands to the Argies, as long term protection becomes impossible.

    There is no more “Ruling of the waves” and the sooner our union jack wavers realise this, the better.

    You do realise(I hope) that what’s left of the professional army, will end up in the new European Defence Force.

    Finally, and this is yet to become public, BATUS is being handed back to Canada, and armoured training will take part in a new excercise area in southern Germany.

    Because the british government is too cowardly to admit to the people what they are doing, we are losing all influence in the Euro Force.

    Air-traffic control is currently ALL in French. The first amalgamated regiment is a French/Germany number currently stationed in Germany.

    I imagine the new Force Joint HQ will also not be in Britain. In fact, our influence will be minimal.

    You heard it hear first, although I doubt our resident military fan club will accept a word of it.

    • @gortchomhor

      A highly impressive read — well done. I’d perhaps add just one thing that you neglected to mention but I think is always worth stressing when it comes to matters of high politics: Cam really is a dick.

      • cam

        hi gort i see that last peanut did the trick.
        High politics?,,,politicians don’t inhabit lofty places.
        Its really heartening to see the plastic rhebel mob pour out their hate filled wee souls and give us a peek into the Brit hating darkness.
        Remember your pious speech,,,there’s a person behind those words and some of us are more sensitive than others,,,boo hoo sob.
        Everything you say and think Gort is utterly meaningless,like tears in rain.
        I hereby award you the Golden Peanut award,,,, flick!

        • @gortchomhor

          Everybody seems so uptight in here today. Lot of nasty stuff flying around.

          Cam, just relax ok, I was only sorta joking. Calling someone a dick is nothing, no need to act like a dick and blow it out of proportion.

          As for the Brit’ hating part, I don’t think you want to go there and neither do I. I think you need to try and see things more from the perspective of others. It doesn’t take much intelligence to do that.

      • Nasty Gort


        “Cam really is a dick.”

        I am inclined to agree.

        • cam

          If you ever wanna step down off your bike pilgrim and say that my face, or you can just mosey on down the trail and drink your milk,,,,,BOY!

          I picture a wee angry man zooming round and round on his plastic bike with no mates cos he’s just a ball of anger.

          • jjbhoy

            @cam,you pour soul,when you see that coupon in the mirror in the morning and reality sets in and you also realise that you are a hun,wit a living nightmare for you and your dead club! TIOCFAIDH AR LA!

          • Nasty Gort

            Cool down Cam

            Just agreeing with Gort little man.
            What are you getting so angry about.

            Has Eco’s latest success annoyed you?
            Sterile* Niall is spitting nails.
            Deep breaths little man.
            Sure its only a bit of fun.

            *Sterile – he has been in labour for 2 years and still produced nothing.

    • david

      Utter crap.
      Any new Argentinian invasion would stand no chance

      • Geddy Lee

        Utter crap?
        LOL If only you knew my sources.

        Again, your one of those buffoons who thuinks the sun will never set over the Empire, even when it is reduced to a couple of rocky outposts.

        Pretty pathetic stuff mate, and of course with nothing but mock bluster to back it up.

        • david

          @Giddy Lee
          ” Knew my sources?”
          Ha Ha Ha- what are you? An MI5 mole? An MOD strategist.
          Mock bluster- from you!
          I am no apologist for the British Empire.

          Explain to me how the Argentinians could land a sizable enough force to overcome the British garrison- battalion strength- and how their obsolete Airforce could overcome the Typhoons on station?
          Not counting the possible presence of a hunter-killer Submarine which would render any landing impossible.

      • Monti


        As I said go fcuk yourself & your friend!
        was he running away David, like the tans?

        • cam

          David,have a wee brandy and let the daft wee bhoy do his thing.I believe Paul calls it wearing his heart on his sleeve.
          Just let the English know that this is what the hidden face of the jolly craicsters looks like.
          And they think they would be welcomed down there!!

          • Geddy Lee

            Cam it’s smelling salts David needs. he’s had an attack of the vapours.

            Incidentally, the anti Military/ War movement is much bigger in Englandshire than it is north of the border.

            Ask the guys at Headly Court what happened when they applied to the local council for planning permission
            To build extra accommodation, needed urgently for relatives of those soldiers coming back from Afgahnistan horribly injured.

            If you think the English population all love the Military, you are as deluded as David.

            • david

              @Giddy Lee
              Deluded? I have condemned all the recent Wars if you had bothered to read my posts.
              I am incensed at some on this blog who are not fit to walk the Earth, but hey. I suppose thats what free speech is all about even though I had friends who died for it.

        • david

          He was killed charging Argentinian positions with a fixed bayonet, unlike you brave behind a keyboard.
          You are scum

          How about repeating it in person to his comrades, shitebag?

          • Monti

            No problem,bring them to the floor 🙂


          • Monti

            @David 🙂
            “charging Argentinian’s with fixed bayonet” hahaha….Possibly not the best tactic used charging a tank with a ‘ fixed bayonet’? Is it? 😀

            Imaginary battle of course, I bet you have a spare room with a battlefield of paper Mache & all those little soldiers, do you play with them every night David, did you wish you had the courage to be a soldier in your youth?
            See on your table David, there is a sniper in the bushes…..that’s the Mont 🙂

            • david

              You are a wee cnut.
              You know zero about Tumbledown . Bayonets were used, no tanks were present.

              People never talk about their service record.

          • Nasty Gort


            ” He was killed charging Argentinian positions with a fixed bayonet,”

            And I suppose he was roaring “For God and Lizzie England and St. George” as he charged.

            If he did that he was a headstrong fool and I don’t believe one word of it.

            It is certainly different from the events that transpired on Bloody Sunday in Derry or the actions of the Scottish soldiers who stabbed two young farmers to death with graips and pitchforks outside Newtownbutler.

            • david

              @Nasty Gort
              Well you certainly live up to your nickname.
              And, no, he certainly wasnt roaring the guff you intimated.
              He was obeying orders, the action on Mount Tumbledown is well documented, the Scots Guards cleared out the Argentine positions at the point of the bayonet with much hand to hand fighting.

              Cannot believe you bring Northern Ireland into it, you lot just cannot temper your blind bigotry.

            • Nasty Gort

              British Army Arsehole
              And their much vaunted bravery?

            • Nasty Gort

              And that was Shakespeare I was quoting you ignoramus.

              Guff indeed.

        • Nasty Gort

          The cavalry have arrived. Cam the Rat is riding to David’s rescue, but I doubt very much whether you need any assistance to dispose of his flyweight efforts.

          But I must warn you. No more pacts with the treacherous Huns.

          Sometimes you are just too good natured for your own good and see the better side of people who just don’t have one.

          • david

            @Nasty Nutter Gort
            I am very aware of Henry V
            But knowledge of Shakespeare was not very common in the Scots Guards.
            Only you , and a few others , could see any good in the vile Monti.
            Where we differ is I will dish it out to bigots of both hues.

            • Nasty Gort

              ‘On 14 June 1978, Denis Healey likened being attacked by the mild-mannered Sir Geoffrey Howe in the House of Commons to being “savaged by a dead sheep”.’

      • jjbhoy

        @david,is this General Bluster on here arguing,if the Argentinians could or could not invade Las Islas Malvinas,lost in your own self importance,WOT!

    • lordmac

      and just to add. Israel hold all the power in the world on anything banking, surveillance, and security. Britain holds a flag over Buckingham Palace. nothing more

    • willy wonka

      @ Geddy, try to stick to stuff you at least THINK you have an idea about.
      “At the moment, britain could never raise a suitably big task-Force to sail to the Falklands. ”
      STOP PRESS – the UK wouldn’t NEED to send any task force. At the first sign of any hostility the Argentinians would receive a warning. After that, not only would their navy stay cowering at home, every single aircraft they have would be wiped out the second they tried to get down a runway.
      There will be no further invasions of The Falklands.

  19. Back to your usual rewriting of history Mon…..TIT ? Now listen fud the argies took a good caining front 2 para just like bik and his vegetarian mates any time they had the bottle and the stupidity to show !!! And if 2 para were busy …..well …just give the Hereford boys a wee bell that should do the trick ………I hope your argie / pansy provo theme bar doesn’t have chicken suppers on the menu ? What a waste of good food ..tut tut …pitty it all went to waste.

    • jjbhoy

      @arsehole/hookersring….as did your deid clubs chance of ever catching us up in the cup stakes,now you are a year old with ONE cup to your name,having been knocked out of every other one you entered,newco freak show!

  20. On the news the Irish are sending “soldiers ” to Syria ? What the FCUK for ? To hold the jackets ?

    • @gortchomhor

      Well it certainly won’t be to steal their oil and kill their children. We can rule that out.

    • Geddy Lee

      carson, you do realise your London heros sent Soldiers and Police to train the Lybians?

      They even allowed lybian security services to sit in on some COBRA meetings. The same Lybians who are accused of training and supplying the IRA. Of course, MI5 actually worked with the IRA. And all for money.

      If you think London gives a flying feck about the Falklands ,or Gibralter, then you are deluded in the extreme. Just as they tried to off load Nor’n Iron’at the time of Irish Independence, they would sell both these islands out jn a shot if they thought it was “worth their while”.

      Just look at Bliar.

    • Monti


      Yes,the jackets of the Syrians 🙂

    • Kerrygirl

      No your trousers ,,so you can change out of your mothers pants

  21. Monti

    🙂 sit down & face the front needledick!

    Pack your tent up, you won’t be marching down Garvaghy road….again!

  22. http://m.accountancyage.com/aa/news/2214222/hmrc-rangers-fc-bill-rockets-by-gbp73m.

    Has this sudden escalation in debt ever been explained? Did Hector find some other “minor paperwork infringements?
    The second last paragraph will be of interest to Sevconians who wish to cleanse their tarnished souls with the wire brush of truth. Jim Spence may also like to pass the info on to his employers.

    • Steerpike

      ” For your you information: Inaccurate reporting of the status of Glasgow Rangers FC as the club was not “liquidated” the company PLC was, but the football club was not!!! Please see the following quotes form the experts; Duff & Phelps; from their interim report of 10/7/12:4.4 Following the sale of business and assets of the Company, the responsibility for maintaining all trading operations passed to Sevco which continues to operate the Club….10.9. The history and spirit of the Club have been preserved by the sale which completed on 14 June 2012 and it is now the responsibility of the new owners to secure its future. Also, Malcolm Cohen of BDO who are liquidating the old company has said: I t’s important to understand that the appointment of liquidators will not mean the end of football at Ibrox – only the end of the company that ran the club’. The company that formerly ran the club is going! Sources: RANGERS FC 1872. Rangers FC by “THE RT HON LORD NIMMO SMITH” It will be recalled that in Article 2 “Club” is defined in terms of “the undertaking of an association football club”, and in Rule I1 it is defined in terms of an association football club which is, for the time being, eligible to participate in the League, and includes the owner and operator of such Club. Taking these definitions together, the SPL and its members have provided, by contract, that a Club is an undertaking which is capable of being owned and operated. While it no doubt depends on individual circumstances what exactly is comprised in the undertaking of any particular Club, it would at the least comprise its name, the contracts with its players, its manager and other staff, and its ground, even though these may change from time to time. In common speech a Club is treated as a recognisable entity which is capable of being owned and operated, and which continues in existence despite its transfer to another owner and operator. In legal terms, it appears to us to be no different from any other undertaking which is capable of being carried on, bought and sold. This is not to say that a Club has legal personality, separate from and additional to the legal personality of its owner and operator. We are satisfied that it does not, and Mr McKenzie did not seek to argue otherwise. Source: THE SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE LIMITED REASONS for Decision dated 12 September 2012 By THE RT HON LORD NIMMO SMITH, NICHOLAS STEWART QC And CHARLES FLINT QC The Commission appointed by Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Scottish Premier League Limited dated 1 August 2012 in relation to RFC 2012 Plc and Rangers FC. ”

      I concur.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      @Barca…Lol. Obviously an ex graduate from the school of eco-comics.
      I found the third paragraph to be more enlightening. It should let Mr Spence see the error of his ways, realise why his employer did not back him, and ensure an apology to Rangers “The club”.
      Shoddy marksmanship Barca, your mentor will be pleased.

  23. Sit down and face the front ? Is that it Mont…..it ..? What u gonna do ? Send bik and the vegetarian provys over ? That mob couldn’t batter a fish supper…..or a chicken one ! VICTORY TO 2 PARA AND THE ” HEREFORD BOYS “

  24. Geddy Lee

    AHH the Paras.

    Ask any squaddie who had the misfortune to serve with these arrogant morons in Afgahnistan what they think of the Paras.

  25. Steerpike

    ……………continued for arb and anyone else to get away from all the gun-ho shit:

    If RFC lost the BTC and paid the tax, are they guilty of gaining an unfair advantage ? I suggest not( it happened to Celtic), so the illegality of the EBT is in of itself NOT the unfair advantage.

    The unfair advantage is the NON-PAYMENT of the tax, this creates the claim of unaffordability, however the only way of proving unaffordability is administration/liquidation, and there are already existing penalties for this.

    Stripping Rangers of titles for going into liquidation is in effect punishing them twice for the same offense.

    • Paul

      Going into liquidation is part of the rules not a punishment.it is to encourage good housekeeping and fair play.Not to spend what you cannot afford.

      • Steerpike

        ” Going into liquidation is part of the rules not a punishment.it is to encourage good housekeeping and fair play.Not to spend what you cannot afford.”

        Exactly my point, ergo unaffordability is already in the rules, the claim of unfair sporting advantage based on unaffordability is therefore spurious, LNS was not a top Judge for nothing.

        • Steerpike


          You are nearly there, the SFA have punishments if you go into administration or liquidation, these punishments are to encourage affordability and fair play. Rangers went into liquidation and were punished, but some want them punished twice for not being good housekeepers and playing fair.

          Do you see now ?

          • @gortchomhor

            Well they’re dead, steer, so don’t you worry your silly little head about them getting punished twice; that would be impossible.

    • Eastside

      When was there ever mention of “stripping Rangers titles” for going into liquidation? There are many titles and trophies unaffected, Rangers keep them, they still exist in the history books, Sevco just cannot add to them.
      Plus it’s not really “stripping” Rangers of titles though is it? Morea case of correcting the score lines and results as per the rules and awarding the winner.
      “Stripping titles” seems a bit of a crass Irvinesque definition when it can just as easily be defined as “awarding trophies to the entitled winners” or simply “correcting the results”.

    • Paul

      I think liquidation is made aware to teams before a ball is kicked which in effect makes it a rule not a punishment.A punishment is something introduced to compensate for something that breaks the rules and is mostly extreme, like match fixing,betting etc.You do not get punished for liquidation you have to begin over again as you will not have the required paperwork to enter tournaments like European cups etc.You will still be accepted at a lower level, whereas,other offenses could see you sine die from the game and that’s what you determine punishment.The stripping of titles was not for liquidation, the titles are safe but they belong to a team no longer participating in Scottish Football, this was made apparent when RFC became Sevco 5088.,and later transferred to Sevco Scotland, do not try pulling the wool over our eyes, Jim Spence knows what he means,and i think Sevco fans know also.

      • Steerpike


        My logic is impeccable and nothing you have said contradicts my argument, you said it yourself, the SFA encourages good house keeping and fair play by penalizing those who do not play fair and do not operate within their means. Rangers have already been penalized but some want to penalize them twice.

      • Steerpike

        ” I think liquidation is made aware to teams before a ball is kicked which in effect makes it a rule not a punishment.”

        OK Paul, some believe Rangers broke two rules, they did not, they broke one, the rule that encourages good housekeeping and fair play.

        • Eastside

          Non disclosure of player payments via EBT’s, illegal DOS payments, lying in regards to the UEFA license despite having an unresolved outstanding tax bill, trading whilst insolvent, withholding tax paid by players, the lost of rules broken by Rangers is expansive, and a couple of rules were broken over and over again for years. Play it down all you want Steerpike, Rangers died because they thought they were above the rules and above the law, Hector gave them a well deserved reality check by way of swift kick in the gonads.

    • Arb urns

      Niall…as a wiser man than you said to me early days….THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE….. Now I and I am confident many others on here can see that you know that fact but desperately can’t accept it……LNS had a chance to sort this out ,he blew it IMO…..BDO are starting to look like the last hope…. you can only think Rangers are bigger than the game in Scotland as the reason behind your crazed defence of the ridiculous position your disgraced club has got itself into………………………….

      • Steerpike


        …………but you cannot beat my logic, LNS used his logical mind to deduce Rangers cannot be accused of gaining a sporting advantage because all debt is an unfair sporting advantage, and there are already rules in place for this offense.

        The penalties for going into administration/liquidation are the consequences of unaffordability and unfairness.

        • Paul

          “Rangers cannot be accused of gaining a sporting advantage because all debt is an unfair sporting advantage, and there are already rules in place for this offense”.
          Not if you can be shown to have the means to repay the debt.Rangers knew their debt was not manageable and resorted to EBT’s to maintain the edge and this is crucial because this introduced a tax scheme to bring players to the club they could not afford because of the debts which were spiraling and this is what Financial fair play is all about, spending within your means.

          • Steerpike


            Now you are waffling, all debt is known, it aint a surprise, the computer spits it out the debt whether it is EBT debt or leccy bill debt.

            • Steerpike

              ” Not if you can be shown to have the means to repay the debt”
              Paul, we are talking about clubs in liquidation/administration, they could obviously pay their debts.

            • Steerpike

              edit…..obviously NOT pay their debt,

              Sorry doing 3 things at one time, I lose interest when the debate is won.

          • willy wonka

            @Paul, when GCC did all those land deals handing over real estate to sellik for a couple of quid in total did sellik gain any financial advantage ?
            If they’d had to pay a “fair” price for the land [certainly as far as the poor rate payers of Glasgow were concerned] would it possibly have impacted on how much was available to bolster the team squad ?

        • Steerpike

          What kind of deterrent would it be to apply the unfair sporting advantage penalty( stripping titles), based on affordability, to say Dunfermline, Hearts or Dundee….which titles, just the ones from that year ?

          Hearts lose a title because they couldn’t afford to pay their leccy bill which caused an unfair sporting advantage ?

          If no one can see this is unworkable, and it all goes under one pot then they are not thinking straight, if RFC had paid the tax but didn’t pay the rates, is that ok then ? No sporting advantage !!

          • Paul

            No you are waffling they were not in admin or liquidation when they continued the spending spree.They thought the could buy their way out and so did CW till ally fucked it up by exiting all tournaments.

    • Cluster one

      Rangers would not have been stripped of titles for going into liquidation

  26. cam

    Just picture the scene,Paul brings home a professor of Corporate Law cum laude and they sit and chat away and then Paul reveals he is the proud host of a wee blog where erstwhile chaps engage in knowledgeable banter regards the evil doings at Ibrox.

    “currently the bhoys are debating the 5 way agreement regards the corporate entity ppre liquidation vis a vis the revelations by Charlotte notwithstanding the DPA and IOC”

    “sounds damned interesting old bean,mind if i take a peek?”

    “certainly,the lads get a bit heated now and then but i find that self moderation works a treat”

    “spiffing Paul,,,,, who’s this Monti fellow Paul? and where does the econob come into play?”


  27. paul

    And then he sees the Sevco bloggers and thinks ffs they do not get it i think there is money to be made from these Arseholes.

  28. joe

    13/06/12 – DAILY RECORD – “They’ll slip into liquidation within the next couple of weeks with a new company emerging but 140 years of history, triumph and tears, will have ended. No matter how Charles Green attempts to dress it up, a newco equals a new club. When the CVA was thrown out Rangers as we know them died. They were closed and a newco must start from scratch.” (Jim Traynor)

  29. joe

    19/06/12 – BBC NEWS – “We wish the new Rangers Football Club every good fortune” (Walter Smith)

    • cam

      If it helps you dafties to sleep at night then that’s good.
      The day we come back and thoroughly thrash that mob will be sweeter than ever.
      Only the biggest bunch of tossers on God’s good earth could go on and on and on about the Rangers being deid.
      Keep repeating it and when we leather you it will be even better.

      We understand,you have a big game tomorrow and are bricking it in case Milan reserves hammer you.Nerves are a bit frayed,lashing out,doing the Celtic thing.

      • joe

        Only the biggest tossers on Gods good Earth could go on and on and on about the Rangers being the same club. Wattie say’s your new, traynor say’s your new,Chuckles said your new, just a thought, were they all inside Ibrokes a lot more than us.

      • Paul

        The only way to be beat in Europe is to be in it ya nugget.Ching ching getting richer.

      • jjbhoy

        @cam,There there camster,remember you and your new club have a lifetime to win the same amount of trophies as our beloved club has but by that time we will probably won the BIG cup again,pity.

    • cam

      Hysterical,the auld loony Eco has went into overdrive.Letters to the army,letters to parliament.
      Oooooh how scary.
      I bet he has a set of judges robes and is pacing up and down practising his closing speech.

      • Steerpike


        Ecoloon in court versus LNS.

        • cam

          I don’t know if Pacino managed to capture the latent madness,i think he may have underplayed the role and did Eco an injustice!

        • Nasty Gort

          Sterile Niall
          Eco has hit the big time.
          And your still slabbering away.
          With no appreciation forthcoming.
          Aren’t you just a little jealous?

      • Ed Paisley

        That letter to Maj Gen Nick Eeles was a corker Cam. Mind you only Sevco has such a lack of class that they would have a party on Remembrance Sunday. I mean – for goodness sake – it is supposed to be about sombre reflection and reverance, not a drunken knees up. You guys…..

        • cam

          The sad act of a sadder creature supported by saddos,makes me feel sad.

          Anyway Ted ya big raving party animal hows the midge bites doing? i bet your face looks like Monti’s arse wi a heavy doing.

          What is it tonite m8 a karaoke,a rave,a trip to see a statue,or a big nite in the hotel wi the ipad?

          MC Ted boom boom shaking up da room.

          • Ed Paisley

            No Cam, early to bed for me tonight because I have a drive to Palma in the morning to visit the cathedral.
            What can I say Cam – I’m not much of a carouser. I travel about, learn some Castillian, be respectful to local people and their historic sites. I drink a few beers and listen to the street musicians. Mallorcan people are so wonderfully warm and friendly.
            I never feel the urge to urinate in public or vomit in doorways or fight with the Guardia Civil. What’s wrong with me Cam? What do I need to do to be like you guys. How about I feign wiping my arse with the Catalan flag – that will surely provoke a reaction?
            Or maybe I will continue to act like a civilised adult and be a good ambassador for my country.

            • cam

              If you ever get those urges Ted,join the Green Brigade they don’t muck about with doorways they just pish on each other. Green,White and Golden showers brigade.
              Night Ted,say hi to the father for me Ted 🙂

        • cam

          Slightly better than some benefit munchers and their poppy banners,well that’s what the companies who advertise at the midden told the Coyote ,cue investigation that went silent,,,, you guys,take the Queens shilling and then misbehave,, tut tut.

      • @Cam.
        What’s that coming over the hill mate? JCBs !
        Calls for an inquiry! The words I like to hear. There will be some whispering and manoeuvring in the LNS gentlemen’s club tonight .
        “Would you like some ice with your treble cognac Sir Billy”
        It will be the talk of the legal steamie mate,
        I wonder if LNS knew about the side letter, or has he been very publicly been duped?
        Who knows how he will react? How his friends will react?

    • Steerpike


      It is a blog for goodness sake, just because its title sounds impressive doesn’t make it impressive.

    • cam

      Jings now that Eco is spreading stories based on unverified documents whose leaking is the subject of a polis enquiry,the polis might need to talk to him? Eco could give the boys in blue the heads up if the stuff is factual and educate them as to their sworn duty to protect and serve his lifelong friends hiding under the sofa.
      I could of course be wrong and it won’t be the first time and of course not the last 🙂
      Wherever doubt and possible treachery lie then it’s my public duty based on life long experience to question until my end is in sight.

      • Ed Paisley

        There is a growing consensus that the CF documents are genuine. Eco has every right to refer to and comment on those documents.
        To Eco : sir, I commend you for your intelligence, your indefatigability and your bravery, in seeking to expose the full extent of SFA/SPL collusion in attempting to re-animate the dead Rangers.

        • ecojon

          @Ed Paisley

          I certainly believe it is in the public interest to question what has taken place and I have no doubt that the European Court will also have no doubt confirming that to be the case in due course especially with LNS as a star witness 🙂

      • Cam
        Eco has stirred the bawsacs of the profession with this one
        Now the briefs are questioning one of their peers, they must be or they would not publish it, it would have been put in their Room 101 or as they call it, The Cam Can

  30. Kerrygirl

    Okay lets assume that there is no bias in Scottish society , but what if Lord Nimmo ,SPL ,SFA,SFL. have all been found to be colluding ,and the document from Charlotte Fakes is indeed genuine, where will we go from here, it is a blot certainty that cover ups have gone on at the very top for years to protect establishment ,and these are being exposed week in week out , in my opinion it always was a whitewash , if they can cover up Bloody Sunday where murder took place, it’s a mere bagatelle to hand out a no “sporting advantage” verdict, and in no way am I assimilating these two cases , collusion and cover ups are an insult to justice
    and the cause paranoia ,,,,,. So show us the books

    • Steerpike


      I appreciate the effort you have put into this post, better this than your usual fare of impoliteness, so lets have a look inside your brain.

      There is no evidence of collusion, LNS was not at the meeting, he is not in the tape. nor was he involved in Bloody Sunday nor the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
      For your information ” the no sporting advantage ” does not refer to the actual EBTs but in the way they were not disclosed properly to the SPL..

      Apart from that it was an excellent post.

    • mick

      well said it was a withe wash from start LNS is the man to see for a white wash anyway so no surprise there the internet has out the handshake crew to the point were there on the back foot on there 6 yard line 10 nil down with 2 mins to go its game over for there immoral actions

      hail hail the Celts are in the CL while sevco play QOS ha ha karma for chasing lions with tax payers money curren cunts lol

    • Clarkeng

      As you said Kerry dear “paranoia”.

  31. Steerpike

    I do appreciate our govt is trying hard to civilize our nutters but some of the legislation is just unenforceable, is calling yourself a ” yid ” an offense now ?

  32. ecojon

    Perhaps Lord Nimmo Smith might be prepared to answer the questions I have posed.

    Seems strange that a legal blog meant for those in the legal profession has no problems with Charlotte Fakes and yet the SMSM is still cowering in a cupboard

    • Steerpike

      I am sure LNS has nothing better to do than answer your pointless question, let me repeat, if he was aware of the secret deal, there was no need for him to ruin his lifelong reputation over a freakin football club.

      Answer this Walter Mitty, if affordability is the datum for gaining a sporting advantage, then every club that has ever gone into administration or liquidation is guilty, because every club that has gone into administration or liquidation did so because they couldn’t afford to pay their debts, everyone of them employed players they obviously could not afford.

      You and logic are like strangers my friend, you are totally gone, one day this bubble is going to burst and you are going to be the laughing stock of the internet.

      Ecojon, the man who would be king……..lol……just priceless.

  33. Kerrygirl

    This is the problem , the huge Elastoplast that has been put over this boil by the media is about to give way, if as they say they want transparency , why all the cover ups ,the lack of figures who,owns what !,, , it would seem that Masonic cloak of secrecy built to protect these institutions will in fact choke the life out it

  34. Greenday

    I love the hoops … COYBIG … Make your mark in history, leave new legacies that future generations will recant ….. Oh … Still deid

  35. hector

    It is a times like this I am glad I was brought up and had my primary education In the highlands of the west coast of Scotland .We were taught how to read and write do our sums and more importantly the names of the wildlife in our area and how to swim.I was sent to school in the central belt and that is where I was exposed to religious bigotry and all that it entails.They keep on banging on about the sectarian divide in the West of Scotland it is mainly in the central belt. A good man passed away in our parish he was of the Catholic faith and died in Oban last year prior to the Christmas holiday and with the break looming and his few relatives having been by his bedside for days a community effort to inter him before the holiday break started. The Catholic priest who administered the last rites came to our island having only met the deceased for 5 mins the local Church of Scotland supplied the venue and as the deceased used to collect statues of Buddha one was on his coffin thanks to a home help who loved the man.The whole thing was a celebration of his life and he certainly had all bases covered on the religion front.I doubt if this could have taken place in the Central belt and after todays rehashing of the Falklands War the hunger strike other historical stushies I don’t care.If you want to take the piss mock each other or score points drop religion/wars etc where you may upset bystanders. If you cant find enough in football, politics and mocking the English then you are not trying hard enough.Sevco still tits up by Christmas and our host may need to enlarge the cooler if you don’t get your act together.

  36. ecojon

    It would appear that my position on matters connected with the Armed Services and others and Remembrance Sunday has been raised by the site’s resident idiot in an attempt to denigate my position.

    Of course nothing surprises me as they will use anything in their blind hatred to score – what always becomes an own goal 🙂

    My position is clear and can be found at:


    • cam

      The old Ali shuffle there Eco,nice move but i’m not reading again.
      You keep up the fire rate me old son with your Ecobhoy/jon double identity and if you forget sending any wee sad letters just ask me i’ve got a good memory for folk caught up in a spoofter.

      • @ cam
        Shih strehimoret autobus që ju të pastër gjatë natës, unë urinoj në to në mëngjes 🙂

        • cam

          Gotta go to work now o offended one,i think that is Klingon for the GB drink their own pish on the 40 bus.
          Some of the more civilized ones drink from a can,i think you take it right from the tap.
          nite 🙂

        • Ed Paisley

          I know that dear Norman Wisdom was a megastar in Albania where he was known as “Pitkin”.
          Albanian people were allowed to see Norman’s movies because the dictator Hoxha saw them as communist parables – the little man getting one over on the bosses.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Aye right Eco, hing oan tae ah get ma glessus, ah’ve ran oot ow sleeping tablets and laxative. Ta much for the D.I.Y. prescription.

  37. I really do think that Monti should be banned from this site. I some respects he thinks it is still 1916 and the Tans etc have to be slain. In others he disrespects the memory of brave soldiers who fought in a war I did not agree with, but fought they did for our country. David needs to calm down a little. Whilst we all know that every name you call Monti is also on our lips, he is winding you up. The pasty faced little cretin delights in coming on here and expressing extremist views that he really does not believe. He is drunk and in all likelihood insane. In my experience the drunken AND insane are best avoided. Be a man ignore the fantasist – you know it makes sense.

  38. I see Mr Sanctimonious has surfaced with a little gift for us – one of his previous blogs. Good grief it was hard enough to read the first time without being subjected to it again. And could the first sentence of his comment be any more pompous. I have no idea who is accusing him of what – my head is still reeling from Monti’s piffle – but I am prepared to accept that he on the side of our troops and honours Poppy Day. But, please, spare us the read.

  39. mick

    they all seem fixated with military lol vomit take of that dress and let carson back lol

  40. mick

    while were on the topic of ship yards and war any time a here this a always think of the brave hearts players who gave there life in the 1st world war

    In November 1914, Heart of Midlothian comfortably led the First Division,[19] having started the 1914–15 season with eight straight victories, including a 2–0 defeat of reigning champions Celtic.[20]

    This streak coincided with the start of the First World War and the beginnings of a public debate upon the morality of continuing professional football while young soldiers were dying on the front-line. A motion was placed before the Scottish Football Association to postpone the season, with one of its backers, Airdrieonians chairman Thomas Forsyth declaring that “playing football while our men are fighting is repugnant”.[21] While this motion was defeated at the ballot box, with the SFA opting to wait for War Office advice, the noted East London philanthropist Frederick Charrington was orchestrating a public campaign to have professional football in Britain suspended, and achieving great popular support for his cause.[22] The prime tactic of Charrington’s campaign was to shame football players and officials into action through public and private denouncement. In response, sixteen players from Hearts enlisted in Sir George McCrae’s new volunteer battalion, joining en masse on 25 November 1914. The battalion was to become the 16th Royal Scots and was the first to earn the “footballer’s battalion” sobriquet. The group of volunteers also contained some 500 Hearts supporters and ticket-holders, 150 followers of Hibernian and a number of professionals footballers from Raith Rovers, Falkirk and Dunfermline.[23] Military training was thus added to the Hearts players football training regime, and the side had a 20 game unbeaten run between October and February.[24] However, exhaustion from their army exertions, twice including 10-hour nocturnal-marches the night before a league game,[25] eventually led to a drop in form, as several enlisted players missed key games. Defeats to St Mirren and Morton allowed Celtic to usurp the Maroons and eventually claim the league title by 4 points.[24]

    The war claimed the lives of seven first team players: Duncan Currie, John Allan, James Boyd, Tom Gracie, Ernest Ellis, James Speedie and Harry Wattie.[26]

    There are two war memorials to mark this period. The McCrae’s Battalion Great War Memorial in Contalmaison and the Heart of Midlothian War Memorial in Haymarket, Edinburgh donated to the city by the club in 1922.[27] The latter is currently in storage due to the Edinburgh Trams work.[28] A further memorial commemorating the 1914 Hearts team has been proposed by the club.[29] An annual pilgrimage is held by football supporters to Contalmaison every year,[30][31] whilst Hearts hold their memorial services at Haymarket[32] or, whilst it is in storage, at Tynecastle Stadium.[

    so there you go hearts are the true establishment club not oldco tax cheats and cowards hiding in docks

    • Dear oh dear Mick , we’ve been over this before when I kicked you thick mate monti….tits arse , The mighty Rangers have had many players who served king and Queen and country one ex manager also ( jock Wallace ) but any shame lies with ra selluck claiming titles 1914- 1918 when our brave young men where fighting at the front , but , strange Rangers titles 1939 – 1945 don’t count ! Do you think the custodians of the moral high ground should hand those titles 1914 – 1918 back and have them removed from the record books ? Shame .

      • mick

        name a player that died paid the ultimate sacrifice for scotland and freedom there is no mention of any glasgow players in the war just east coast men

        • MIck

          As far as I know, both Celtic and Rangers lost men in the war and they certainly lost supporters. Hearts were the most high profile in exercising a communal spirit on patriotism. But that does not take away from the sacrifice made by all of Scotland. Please do not use this on this site – it is repunant.

      • Didn’t know big jock was connected to the old rangers club at that time, did he no go there in the late sixties after his team my home town berwick hoofed them out of the cup and the old clubs supporters went on the rampage,

    • Ed Paisley

      I am very proud of those Hearts boys. I don’t want to see a poppy on the Celtic FC shirt but of course I recognise their great sacrifice – they did it for their club, their families but mostly for their friends and team-mates.
      The Great War was such a waste. High on the list of butchers and bunglers was Churchill who came up with the hopelessly underplanned Dardanelles campaign that cost us over 100,000 dead or wounded. But at least Churchill went back to the trenches to atone for his blunder.

  41. mick

    An annual pilgrimage is held by football supporters to Contalmaison every year,why do sevco no mention this ? if the are the army club of scotland al tell you as history shows them as not involved so the ship yard thingy is real

  42. mick

    so the next time you here some1 tiring to silence free speech think of the players that died and say hay wait a minute these people died for us to say what we want and for equality for all not just the few ???????

  43. As Hearts supporter I find this objectionable. Hearts past has no place on this site giving the likes on Monti a chance to denigrate their memory. Mick – I know you mean well, but those who do not will be along shortly. It must also be said that many brave footballers from other teams also gave their lives.

    • mick

      vomit your sevco you said so your self in summer ffs yous are not the establishment club hearts are and the above proves it they paid with there lifes fighting freedom am sharing a thought with yous here not point scoring no glasgow players are mentioned just east coast men died were where they govan air raid shelters playing cards sevco have and oldco have no right to claim to be the army club as the history books prove its hearts the hibees sent fans raith falkirk and so on

    • Monti

      😀 hhhaaaaa Violent you are not in the same class as Maggie I’m afraid.
      In every possible way.
      Are you still playing with your Action man & Helicopter 🙂 are you ‘eagle eyes’ tonight?
      Watch when you fly over South Armagh now 🙂

      • mick


      • mick


      • david


        You are SCUM
        No work for you today as usual, on in your bed and at your daily routine of spending all day on this blog.
        A wee diddy no-work no-mark arsehole like you trying their hand against men who have done things you could never imagine.
        Fill your boots, lying bigot boy.


  44. Kerrygirl

    A Match made govan

  45. Mick just for you some note the word some ! Rangers players who have served , Alex Stevenson , bobby brown , torry gillick , William Paton , Davie kinear , jimmy parlane ( Derek’s dad ) Sammy cox and Willie Thornton ( military medal ) also in more recent times an ex manager jock Wallace , now I know your a thick tit but please don’t try and besmirch the names of brave men and let your poor education shine through at every opportunity , BTW that’s just part of the list so back you go open a cheap can of pish put on some music ( probably some band glorifyling child murderers ) and chill and try to stop making a complete James blunt of yourself in public.

  46. mick

    while the oldco hid in the ship yards the celts directed the jerrys with torches lol to them or is that to make the celts look as bad as yous thats a east coast joke a said there war is bad and messing with freedom is worse my point is free speech and justice for all

    • I doubt that is your point, but for the sake of all that is decent stop using the sacrifice of soldiers in the past to make some kind of point. And, your point about Celtic and torches is disgusting.

      • mick


  47. So Mick , what’s your opinion of Adams , mcguinnes , Kelly and the rest during the hunger strike ? Should they not have made the ‘ ultimate sacrifice ‘ along with bobby and the rest of the Atkins diet platoon ?

    • Ed Paisley

      Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness have become highly respected world statesmen. There would have been no peace process without these intelligent and far sighted men. So we should all be thankful that they did not make the ultimate sacrifice.

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