Gordon Smith Re-Writes History of Rangers Entering Administration

A couple of quick points here, now and soon, about how issues are covered by the Scottish media relating to Rangers. I have had discussions before with journalists who say that an interview or report is usually just for getting down what the interviewee has to say, and there is no scope for pointing out that they might actually be talking rubbish.

That view has helped contribute to the “succulent lamb” ethos and has allowed stories of Motherwell Born Billionaires, and “war chests” filled with millions to be trotted out uncritically.

A year on since Administration, on 14th February 2012, how are the media covering these issues?

First up we have the BBC. They published yesterday a report of an interview with Gordon Smith. You will recall that Mr Smith is a former CEO of the SFA and former Director of Football at Rangers, appointed by Craig Whyte and made redundant by Duff and Phelps.

His interview is mainly about how soon Rangers will be on top again and I will leave others to comment on that, if they want to.

However a part of the interview seemed not quite right.Smith

It reads:-

He said that despite having learned from the club owner Craig Whyte that it could happen because of a potential tax liability from the so-called ‘big tax case’, when the news broke it still took him by surprise.

“It was a shock,” he added.

“I had spoken to Craig Whyte on a couple of occasions about the administration.

“He said it was a possibility, depending on the ‘big tax case’ [which Rangers eventually won in November, though Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs is appealing that decision].

“That’s why it was a big shock to everyone when it happened, because the big tax case hadn’t been decided.

“HMRC applied first to put the club put into administration and he then approached [administrators] Duff and Phelps and got that put through.”

I may be reading too much into this, although what I comment on in my next post suggests not, but reading that one would think that the world was astonished about Rangers entering administration before the Big Tax Case was decided.

But that is not true.

There was rampant speculation that Rangers were going to run out of cash around October 2011. They did not go into administration until February 2012. How did they survive?

The answer is simple – the money which Craig Whyte withheld from HMRC for PAYE and VAT was spent on keeping the lights on at Ibrox, making sure the players were paid, and generally keeping the plates spinning.

As I have said repeatedly there has been no suggestion that Mr Whyte left Ibrox with bags stuffed with cash. If not for the money he withheld from HMRC, then Rangers would have entered administration earlier than they did, and in addition, they would not have made it, even in administration, to the end of the season.

Mr Smith was a senior member of staff. This does not mean of course that he was looking at the books, but are we expected to believe that Mr Whyte succeeded in keeping his tax strategy (pay nothing) a secret from everyone?

And Mr Smith’s memory of how Rangers went into administration may have been clouded by the passage of a year.

You will note he says – “HMRC applied first to put the club put into administration and he then approached [administrators] Duff and Phelps and got that put through.”

The first part is strictly true, but I suspect not in the way that Mr Smith intends.

HMRC did apply to put Rangers into administration before Mr Whyte did. However, the application by HMRC to do so was lodged the day after Mr Whyte stood on the steps of Ibrox and announced that Rangers would go into administration within two weeks.

HMRC acted to force his hand and to avoid the 2-week moratorium which the announcement would otherwise have given.

And Mr Smith gives the impression that it was only when HMRC pushed that Mr Whyte got in touch with Duff and Phelps. As is well known, Mr Whyte had them lined up for some time before administration kicked in.

I am not suggesting that Mr Smith is being incorrect deliberately. Despite having been CEO of the SFA and Director of Football at Ibrox, how could he be expected to be on top of these issues, even though they resulted in his redundancy?

Instead the piece is a fine example of what I mentioned above – something manifestly wrong entering the news “food chain” unquestioned.

Some tripe - I have no idea why this picture has appeared randomly in this piece...

Some tripe – I have no idea why this picture has appeared randomly in this piece…

And there are some more of the same to come!

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95 responses to “Gordon Smith Re-Writes History of Rangers Entering Administration

  1. cam

    Paul,i do feel it is most irresponible of you in this current climate to publish the first picture of the RTC blogger.
    The poor creature looks pretty forlorn,although pretty much like what i imagined.

  2. Eddie

    Can’t take anyone seriously who asked Dougie Donnelly what’s French for deja vu!

    Also despite losing several p

  3. Eddie

    Last line should say despite lcuriously devoid of blame.

  4. rab

    I am sure i seen a quote recently from sally saying he had heard rumours of admin before the eventuality, maybe smith had his wig pulled down too tight over his eyes and ears and missed all the speculation.

    Smith was on the radio last year saying no-one made a fuss about celtic being a newco.

    How can such an idiot have held such high office in the SFA.

    Oh aye, i remember now.

  5. Eddie

    Sorry for typos phone has taken on a life of it’s own.

  6. Tony

    Not surprising there is more Bull comes out of sevconia than there is in a Tesco burger.

  7. rab


    how dare you post your opinions without having several sevconians on standby to refute your rhabid anti proddie, anti brit, anti rfctrfcrifcsevco5088sevcoscotland anti uncle charlie yada yada yada.

    Be careful or you may end up as the closest thing to beef in the bbc canteen burgers.

  8. Bill Fraser

    Even if SDM, Whytey, D&P and Chas made a blockbuster movie about this, GS would still spout the same nonsense we have been hearing for the past year. “It’s everybody elses fault”, HMRC, SPL, SFL, SFA, Celtic, Diddy teams, RTC blog, the MSM, without forgetting yourself, Paul. The guy clearly doesn’t know what day of the week it is and thinks that his “legend-status” (though I prefer to think of it as leg-end status) entitles him to rewrite history as he sees fit. At least,that other leg-end, Bomber Brown, has the intelligence to keep his gob shut.

  9. Paul, I fear that without your good self and some others,no one will take these (decent “God fearing” dignity encrusted) chappies to task. Keep up the good work the truth needs to be kept in the public domain. Cheers

  10. Townheadbhoy

    Wasn’t Gordon Smith the man who was going to be tough on cheating?

  11. rab

    I like that song that jilted john sang, how does it go again.

  12. Anyone else enjoying the James Traynor (Jim Tranor) feed on Twitter

    Only just found it ……….. sooooo funny ……
    taster ….

    James Traynor‏@JimTranor
    I stand by what I said, Craig Whyte is a billionaire!!!!

    James Traynor‏@JimTranor
    I like my sex like I like my belts…. If its not tight enough I move to another hole.

    OMG ………. i can’t believe i just posted this ……. Paul how do i delete … !

    • cam

      Maggie will be along to rebuke you for puerile smutty innuendo,,,not i hasten to add in your innuendo!

    • mick

      what a horrible thought jabba doing it a thought he just loved sevco directors lol then a agian they are tight arse when it comes to spending but is it the same in there close door meetings ????

    • Maggie

      Fear not any chastisement from moi.I have no issue with you
      simply relaying the smutty innuendo of others.
      I only object when the smut and innuendo is directed at ME

    • Glazert Tim


      My God, that is THE single most disturbing image ever conjoured on this forum.

      Copy the Home Office and MOD in on the belt comment. It would save a fortune on bromide in the army and prisons.

      Thank F@@@ you didn’t post that last night on Valentines. Any man that could maintain an erection after reading about Jabba having sex would be worthy of Canonisation.

    • portpower

      Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  13. JimBhoy

    I am a tripe hater… Haven’t got the stomach for it….

  14. mick

    tripes popular in london along with jellied eel from the thames lol

  15. BREAKING NEWS !!! UEFA have compiled a video to be sent to Lemmon demanding clarification and immediate explanation of septic performances against Ross county in cup semi at hampden , bottling it against Inverness , losing cup finals against Rangers , Kilmarnock and hearts and their bottle crashing in the recent game at hampden against the buddies , allegedly they want to know if treacle teeth carried out his duties as a ” manager ” to the best of his ability , the European managers association are said to be monitoring the situation , Lemmon has been quoted as saying ” we are cheated and never defeated in every game we lose , it not fair “

  16. Raymilland

    Green In Belgian Talks:
    After returning from a trip to Dubai, Qatar and Australia on club business, the Rangers chief executive travelled to Brussels for exploratory discussions.

    “The big issue for us at the moment is we don’t know what is happening domestically. Scottish football has been in a mess for some time.”

    Me thinks that the biggest issue is the shortfall in revenue while playing in the lowest tier of Scottish football.

    Green believes the Light Blues should be allowed to branch out to play in leagues outwith Scotland and will go to whatever lengths he feels are appropriate to move the club forward.

    Me thinks that Rangers players can confidently cancel their passports.

    “I’ve always believed in telling someone what you’re going to do and I think speaking to the Prime Minister and the First Minister is the proper thing to do.”

    Me thinks Mr Green would have as better chance of becoming PM than the odds of a rescue plan which features Rangers playing outside Scotland in the near future.

    “I’d rather these matters were resolved within football laws but if people want to put their heads in the sand, maybe there is no choice but to challenge issues in court.”

    Me thinks that ostrich feathers will be soon be flapping if that Mr Green does not urgently cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth. In fact the phrase ‘touching cloth’ might be more appropriate to the circumstances of the desperation down Govan way

  17. mick

    smiths a (edited) in suit pro sevco always has been and always will be also hes a agent with hidden agendas to make money

  18. dan

    Someone should tell Sevco that only victors get to write history. Their problem in that regard is two-fold: (a) they lost, and (b) we are now here to challenge any pathetic attempt at distorting the historical facts surrounding that late, and unlamented, old club which, without conscience, left so many decent, hard working folk, out of pocket. Consequently, mouthpieces like the ludicrous Smudger—-who literally subscribed to sectarianism when he signed for Oldco, an avowedly sectarian club– simply set themselves up to be quickly slapped down. We couldn’t have done so years ago, but now that we’ve all become internet bampots, we can. So let them bring it on. We’re waiting——and we don’t need the wireless to do them up like kippers.

  19. If journalists only interview to record what the interviewee has to say and not contradict or point out said interviewee may be talking Craig Whyte, then they should make it clear that they are publishing an opinion, nothing more than that. The trouble is that more often than not, these opinions are portrayed as unchallenged facts. The MSM are notorious for this and in my opinion, Sky Sports News are just as bad, if not worse.Please be clear that this is only my opinion and not a statement of fact.

  20. Lenny Bruce

    Have Walter Mitty* and Gordon Smith ever been in the same room at the same time?

    I rest my case.

    *With full and unreserved apologies to Walter Mitty for the above association.

  21. JimBhoy

    @Carson thanks for that, awesome.. Great of you to contribute so richly to the various debates..

    Did i mention my boys under 14s play at broadwood tomorrow, a game before the Mighty gers…. As relevant as your post, but factual… Oh how the mighty have fallen… 🙂

  22. Lenny Bruce

    P.S. I have never actually tasted tripe (God knows I’ve heard enough of it over the years, and added at least my own fair share!)

    Is it any good? The photo above may not do it justice….

    • dan

      Lenny–a legend. Not you, the real one. But re tripe, I love it. Only thing is you have to boil it for about six hours. I don’t think you can get it now post mad cow disease, though I’ve heard it said that with a nod and a wink you can come by it down IOUbrox way–by the barrow load.

    • Glazert Tim

      You add an onion, some garlic a sprinkle of herbs and some seasoning. Let it boil for four hours adding vinegar every hour or so. After it has boiled, carefully remove from the hob and f##k it in the bin.

      Great for deterring cats and foxes from your wheelie bin

      • Steven brennan

        Thats my wifes recipe for everything.
        I used to go poaching in the glazert behind the old nail works, is there still trout in there?

        • Glazert Tim

          Certainly is. Considerably more since the nailworks closed.

          Between poached trout, buck-shee venison and the odd sheep, the Drookit Dug boozer is like the butchery counter at Fortnum and Masons.

          • Steven brennan

            Old Jimmy Allan used to sell me salmon to pay his beer bill,
            We walked lambs down the hill to the back kitchen
            Oh happy days!!!

            • Glazert Tim

              Auld Jimmy. One of dozens of 24 Carat characters that used to inhabit the place. Sadly most of whom have passed.

              The latest wheeze is a ‘bevvy zone card’ in the Drookit. On pension or Giro day the patrons purchase a ticket and for each drink they have a hole is punched in their card.

              Therefore no cash needed but a tetanus recommended.

      • Lenny Bruce

        Glazert Tim

        Your reply actually made me shoot whiskey through my nose.

        I should either love or hate your for forcing such an ungodly act on me…….

        Which I will do when I stop laughing :-).

        I will avoid tripe. My trip to Penders tomorrow (Paul will know what I mean by this) is summarily cancelled!

  23. Jimbhoy , there’s more , liewell has demanded a replay and has been quoted as saying ” it’s no fair they ( juve) started before we were ready “

    • dan

      Arseon, many a true word has been spoken in jest—especially when it comes to the all-powerful Mr Lawell–God bless him. Watch that space.

    • JimBhoy

      @Carson does your mother let you up this late??? Son, you are neither funny nor smart, your banter and patter is Shite, I can listen and read something funny and enjoy but ffs, next time you post something you think is on an intellectual high take the bag of glue away from your face..
      Now go tidy your room….

      Did i mention my boys under 14s play at broadwood tomorrow, a game before the Mighty gers…. As relevant as your post, but factual… Oh how the mighty have fallen… 🙂

  24. arb urns

    not “and smith must score” ‘the greatest assistant manager in st mirren history’ getting things wrong…. cant be…………

    here is how solvent gers were when the administrators walked in. to get to the end of the season top earners had to take a 75% yes 75% salary cut…….

    that equates to a top earning employee remunerated at a level commensurate with his skills and experience of say £750k pa….. losing/being docked £562500 pa or £46875 pm or £10817.30 pw or £1545.32 pd thats a lotta pies each day when you gotta put pies on the table.
    a really think so a really do.

    ah silly me the dof at ibrox would be dyeing his hair while all this was going on as all good dofs do.

  25. Michael , old bhoy , I’m still waiting on the ” big ” stories to break ?

  26. JohnBhoy

    Just catching up with recent events. My thoughts on the Sportsound debacle are below. If you are not interested then read no further.


    BBC Scotland has failed us all by capitulating to the mob. Its overall remit for radio is to provide “a speech-led service for listeners seeking programmes about the life, culture and affairs of Scotland”; and within the BBC’s six statements of “public service” is a key function to foster citizenship and civil society. Abandoning a planned programme on sport because of the strident and intolerant views of one section of society is to deny freedom of speech to others and acts in clear opposition to a broadcasting body constituted of the people and for the people.

    The implication for the BBC is that it can no longer be trusted to act impartially without fear or favour, in contravention of yet another BBC tenet: “to provide a platform for a wide range of views.” As for the excuse that a programme is cancelled because one party refuses to attend and so creates an “imbalance”, thereby causing a failure to broadcast, is unworthy of the BBC. If someone does not want to participate, that is their democratic right to choose not to; however, it should not vanquish an equally important democratic right afforded to other invited guests, the right to be heard. “A representative from X was invited to form part of the panel but declined the opportunity” is the normal phraseology to explain the absence of a particular guest. He was invited. He never turned up. Fuck him.

    The Rangers supporters have succeeded in bullying a national media outlet, paid by you and me, only to undermine a fundamental democratic principle, memorably captured in Evelyn Hall’s defiant declaration: “I [may] disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. So much for their vaunted love of Queen and Country. The Rangers – club and fans – are quick to take to the streets and call those outwith their blue perimeter “enemies”. And now the mob has stepped in to suppress our right to free speech and public discussion in a national forum. Why does Scotland put up with this shit?

    Let us not forget the origins of this new Rangers. The old Rangers was built on bigotry and destroyed by greed. Who could mourn the passing of such an entity? Yet, the new club has retained its predecessor’s disreputable arrogance and superiority complex, manifested in fiery speeches, a jingoistic march, sectarian signing, a boycott and vengeful premonitions of Armageddon. In an unprecedented display of discourtesy, the official club website now produces personal comment more suited to a tabloid newspaper. Heavens above, even ex-employees are labelled “traitors” by the mob. Earlier this week we had the pathetic spectacle of The Rangers, in a petty display of one-upmanship and a V sign to a fellow Scottish club, offering use of their training facilities to Juventus. This from a club that is barely one year old and wants to “move on”. What will we witness if future events go against them?

    In a symbiotic meeting of minds, both club and followers feed off each other to advance an agenda that, based on the deluded premise they are victims and others are enemies, creates nothing but division in Scottish society. The old club was labelled “a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace”. What is different about this new club? Unfortunately, their manufactured anger and irresponsible grandstanding is generating a poisonous atmosphere that may not be as easy to dispel as it was to create. Social unrest is no longer a fanciful prediction.

    As much as I love my club, Celtic, I value my freedom more. When a club’s supporters attempt to take away that freedom, coupled with their club’s reprehensible conduct over the last year, then it is time Scotland put an end to this nonsense: kick them out and replace them with The Spartans FC. If Celtic and their fans behaved thus, Jock Stein would be the first to show us the door and send us on our way. Given what has transpired with The Rangers and its supporters, even Bill Struth would have no objections.

    As for you, BBC Scotland – you hang your head in shame.

    • Scott Mc

      Awesome post Johnbhoy

    • dan

      Fantastic post. If I can digress slightly and pick up on the Ian Archer quote that has been used more than once on here ( and not least by me). A recent respondent described the late Mr Archer not only as an ‘arsehole’, but an ‘alcoholic’ arsehole . Now, I wanted to respond to that, but found myself in a bit of a dilemma. And it was this. I remember Jabba talking about the late Mr Archer and praising his writing skills no end. In fact I think he replaced Mr Archer on whichever newspaper they both worked for. And when asked if he had managed to emulate Mr Archer’s talents he said something like: ‘I didn’t even come close.’ So, you see my problem? I would have to repeat something of Jabba’s and say it was true. But it being Friday night, and my defences being being slowly eroded by John Barleycorn, I thought—what the fuck. Say it.

    • Well said JohnBhoy. Terrific post. BBC Scotland are a disgrace. I hope the matter is discussed on Saturday when SC convenes with that nyaff Cowan for Off The Ball. It will be interesting to hear the excuses. I expect SC to call it straight though, he usually does.

    • Maggie

      Brilliant JB,hope you sent this to the BBC too.

  27. mick

    well said all this drama from unionists will kill the no vote people will say yes just to spite them for being bullys most sevcoians that blog bile stay with there mum and aviod council tax so they wont even be part of it vote yes and say no to sevco

    • mick


      The news was confirmed yesterday by a source close to the proceedings.

      keeck jacksons stealing titian blogger news articles agian tommy gold platinum broke this last week via oli funny it appeared after jabba and co being called out for lies and deflectivness if you listen to the oli show he chats for hours and jackson has stole blogging articles there really low slag the bloggers but steal there articles as there own ,why not name the source ticketus zues and octupus take calls and give quotes more evidence they are glue sniffers al post the 2 oli from ticketus below listen with intrest before you make your mind up

          • mick


            the link is to tomy and is evidence that the record article is a week behind and keeck jackson is as lazy as his mentor jabba
            Tuesday, 5 February 2013 was the date of the oli show he was a nice guy with a glasgow wife and done a fesibility study on the deal before rejection due to futher liabilitys it all so gos on about how whyte is liable due to personal guarentees and english law allowing a pheniox but ticketus still get there money is this why sevco changed from england to scotland to bump ticketus its well the best investigation of the month and 1 which should add to the debate of ticketus

  28. Vega

    I find it highly amusing that the concensus is now that all Rangers ills are Whytey’s fault. As Paul states, there’s no suggestion he finagled the missing PAYE so surely some of the bears have stopped and thought for a minute where it might have gone.

    Like lambs* to the slaughter it’s all going to happen again. Green’s not in this for his love of The Rangers.

    * 100%

  29. Johnbhoy , I get the feeling your not happy don’t like the mighty Rangers , or are you just hurting a wee bit because those big bad Italians cheated ( never defeated ) lennys lions or is that pussies ?

  30. mick

    carson your sevco are cheats to diving all over the div 3 wanting protection from posties your not happy and your comments prove it lol meep meep

  31. SairFecht

    It’s hardly the first time he’s blasted a shot wide of the target. The old coo’s arse/banjo adage seems to apply with hitting the truth as well.

  32. Den

    If you follow the links to the Neil Patey (football Finance Expert) Q&A he, for once, says something interesting, but doesn’t follow it up.

    “There were a lot of issues that Rangers were facing. There was the debt which was reducing and there was the tax case. Ultimately, I don’t think it should have gone into administration when it did and that was really the issue: Craig Whyte didn’t pay off the VAT and PAYE that he should have from the period of his ownership. So, despite all the financial difficulties they were facing, they really shouldn’t have gone into administration.”

    The debt was reducing !

    The Bank debt perhaps, HMRC and face painters were not being paid. Debt was not reducing.

    Shouldn’t have gone into administration when they did !

    They had no money, and the bank was taking money back. When should they have gone into administration. How could they avoid it when they were broke.

    He puts al the blame on Whyte and no mention of what a basket case Rangers were with the losses in the Murray years.

    • tykebhoy

      Maybe he means they should have gone into administration earlier which they would have done had HMRC not been so patient waiting for PAYE and NICs

      • Den


        While I would agree with that, I don’t think it is what he meant.

        He used to get rolled out on TV as a football finance expert and he only ever reflected questions back or answered that on the one hand “A” and on the other hand the opposite. When he actually makes a statement he doesn’t follow up on why.

        He was back on top fudging form with the answer on Duff and Phelps though.

    • Lenny Bruce

      There’s a view that, as soon as Lloyds sold…..

      And Donald Muir left the board……

      All hell would break loose, because no one would be able to balance the reality against the demands of the Bears…….

      Happily. It proved correct.

  33. JimBhoy

    Is it just me or does everyone think it’s past carson’s bed time… carson before bed go read something that might stretch your mind and not focus too much on your normal bitter ideas and utterances.

    Way to bed pal, cya in the morning, mind an take your sedatives… Don’t lick the windows…Again..

  34. JimBhoy

    @Johnboy football is a funny old game as someone once said.. It was never 3-0, you gotta take your chances in football and if you get a bad performance you can lose goals.. The saying 3(x) chances 3(x) goals, sign of a good team is all fair and well but it often has a fair bit of luck attached..

    We had a keeper coming back from injury and a defender who was off pace as he was away for a while and our best Euro player this season in Sami not fit… To play top opposition you need ALL the team on form.

    Celtic played well, best team over the piece IMO and lost 3-0, funny old game….

    If we get last 16 every 3rd year i would be happy… Maybe that’s our realistic goal.. hail Hail..

  35. Alexander Doherty

    Still waiting for rangers euro results this year and next and next might even have a team by then or even a new club

  36. dan

    My third eye is now open, thanks to Al K. Hall’s stimulation, and I predict this: Celtic will get a penalty in Turin, maybe even two. After that, who knows, the rest, i fear, is ‘Shrouded’ in mystery—–‘Shrouded’ geddit? Ok, Ill get the jammys on now.

  37. Doc

    Happy that someone, Mr McConville, is able to dissect these type statements and show them up as the pack of lies that they are. I wish MSM would do the same. These people don’t know how lucky they are, had Labour won the 2010 general election and implemented the General Anti-Avoidance Rule as planned (Conservatives postponed it to the last year of this parliament) then some of the people involved with rangers would be facing a lenghty spell sharing a cell with Big Shug The Ass-Raper.

  38. Pingback: Ally McCoist Still Thinks Rangers Were Victims of a Crime … | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

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