Andy Muirhead on Why Our Invitations to Discuss Rangers on Sportsound Were Withdrawn

Andy Muirhead at Scotzine was due to be on BBC Radio Scotland Sportsound last night along with me.

BBC Scot

As readers will know, that invitation was withdrawn and, according to what I was told by the producer, the item, a discussion about social media involvement in the Rangers story, was pulled as the BBC could not find anyone from the Rangers side of the fence to “balance” the conversation.

Andy has written, at some length, about his involvement in reporting on Craig Whyte, and the subsequent developments in the story. This culminates in his description of how and why he was told that he was not on the programme.

At first reading what he was told does not seem to fit with what I was told.

Of course there can be crossed wires, especially as Andy and I were spoken to by different producers.

However, have a read at what he has to say.

You can find his piece by clicking on the logo below.


I did not believe yesterday when the BBC rang me that there was anything more than what I was told. However, as Andy recollects being told that the “online storm” caused the decision about “balance” to be taken, I might have to re-assess matters.

I think an approach to the BBC to clarify the position will do no harm, if only to reassure me that, as the producer said, the BBC does not give into pressure about who it has on its programmes.

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  1. Joe

    The newcos hate the truth so much they use threats and intimidation to change the narrative.

    If you believe what is being said it turns out Traynor wasn’t a sycophant sucking up to Craig Whyte for a job by writing regurgated PR puff pieces. He was in actual fact an undercover sycophant sucking up to Craig Whyte writing undercover puff pieces to break a story that had been broken seven months previous.

    Murray was blameless the only thing he did wrong was sell to Craig Whyte for a quid. But bring up why it was worth a quid and you are labelled a hater and worse.

    It turns out that nobody at rangers (RIP 2012) had anything to do with their downfall and ultimate death, it was a sustained attack by undercover forces in the mhedia and Lhawell and rheagan and Dhoncater.

    Chuckles Green is infact the second coming (of Craig Whyte style business) of a great messiah with good business sense. (Although dont quote me on this I’ve yet to see it) Unless you count the way he has played to the worst elements of the fanbases psyche.

    Rangers really are the victim in all this and have acted accordingly by playing the victim at every turn. Especially wee Ally (poor me McCoist) who has actually made plenty even although he is a terrible manager, and has damaged the club with his silly quotes “who are these people”.

    So they complain, boycott and have pointless marches that are just a waste of time energy and all that is left when they leave is hot air.

    No one is allowed to tell them the truth or they boycott and threaten.

    And they hate Celtic the most because Celtic needs them the least and doesn’t care if they boycott because they need our money more than us. And also because if they completely dissapear it wouldn’t affect us and we would quickly forget them.

    • mcfc


      At least Green doesn’t pretend to be a billionaire – I checked the Sunday Times Rich List between Richard Branson and Lord Sugar and he isn’t there.

      I wonder how many of the 500 million did the same for Whyte. We know how many MSM journalists did it.

    • joe what a great letter did you ever work in the
      springburn area as it looks like your shift reports
      you used to write great stuff

  2. ecojon

    There must be a formal complaint to the BBC at the highest level outwith Scotland calling for an investigation into the cowardice shown. The Darkside sites have been mounting a fierce attack for some time on the BBC and it appears that some executives have thrown in the towel for whatever reason.

    We know all too well what’s going on and to hear the biggest shareholder in Rangers International and CEO reportedly declare to fans that he threatened to call on fans to declare an en-masse boycott on Lloyds Bank if they didn’t drop their price over the Albion carpark is staggering. And the claim has never been rejected or corrected.

    Is there no one at Holyrood prepared to tackle the stench that is emanating from the Ibrox gutters. It is obviou that the Scottish media are unable or unwilling to and that includes the BBC.

    However the BBC has statutory obligations which mut be met.

  3. cam

    What i can’t fathom is why would BBC Scotland ,with its current agenda pay any heed to an “online storm”?.
    Are Rangers fans gonna boycott the Beeb?
    Withhold the TV license?
    I would have loved to have heard this programme and my party guests were all ready to be gathered round the old valve set to absorb every delicious morsel.
    What did we get? that pair of smug nyaffs, Speirsy and Casualgrove waffling on with Spence interjecting every now and then,,,,dullsville.
    My sash and Union Jack hat were all on standby and a short taxi ride paid for by Aunty of course, would have seen me twisting some top quality melons.
    Paul doing a Beckham, speeding up the Clyde, and me parachuting into BBC HQ on Her Majesty’s Service.
    If Andy can pass on Paul’s details in a cri de coeur, then Chris Graham should have contacted me as a specialist in black ops.
    By careful manipulation of the discussion into the favoured areas of Gratuitous Alienation and clattering,i would have introduced my thesis on how social media is affected by the lunar cycle,absinthe,childhood trauma and inappropriate under garments.
    The programme would have been pulled in under 15mins.

    • cam,

      The very same thought struck me. I will need to get your number so that, should the circumstances be repeated, you can be called to the colours.

      After all, unlike Mr Graham, I am sure you don’t do “walking away”!


      (Only joking Chris)


      • cam

        Paul,i would be honoured to share the train with you ,and to get ourselves warmed up i would consider it an honour to invite you to the Rosevale for a pre match libation to lubricate our weapons of mass chuntering.
        With the knowledge that Andy,Stu and your good self were laying in wait i would have mounted my charger and rode into the storm.

        Andy to the left of him
        Stu to the right of him
        Paul in front of him
        volleyed and thundered
        stormed at with shot and shell
        boldly he rode and well
        into the jaws of Death
        into the mouth of Hell
        rode the melon twister

      • Maggie

        Why only joking Paul? I know you’re rising above the fray,
        yet hitting him where it hurts in your own inimitable style.
        Doing,what my non Presbyterian granny would say,
        ” rising above it,not lowering yourself to their level,which
        isn’t “our” way.” And it isn’t Paul,nor would I wish it to be,
        but this incident has left me angrier than almost anything else
        in this long unedifying saga.

        The worst part being,that now,the pedlars of online hatred
        and abuse,see this as a victory and it will only increase their
        resolve to up the ante to REALLY show those Rhabid Papish
        ……unfortunately you know the rest,to your cost Paul.

        Where are the voices of the decent Rangers’ supporters in all
        of this,I wonder.
        Why does HRH Walter or the GLR John Greig,not speak out
        against this form of abuse.
        We’re constantly being regaled with tales of their gentlemanly
        conduct and their above reproach personal qualities.Well
        maybe this is the time for us to see some of these qualities
        in action.
        Maybe I’ll get in touch to see what they think,tho I’m guessing
        my Irish Catholic surname will aid my missive on its passage
        to the bin.

    • Maggie

      I know you think humour is your “thing” and “twisting melons”
      is your main reason for posting on here, but why don’t you,just
      once,actually step away from the idiocy and write a condemnation
      of your “rabid,sectarian,catholic hating,bigoted” fellow followers.
      I know I’d like to hear it.
      Oh and btw, if it’s another of your “faux” humorous,idiotic,tiresome,
      meaningless,puerile,stream of consciousness,please don’t bother,
      as you’re not fooling anyone.

      • dan

        Have a care, Maggie. You might get blanked.

        • Maggie

          Oh Puh lease! dan,like I care 🙂
          Your missus and I could see them off nae bother.
          Tell her to bring her priest and I’ll bring mine
          in case an exorcism required. 🙂
          Ps I’m in bad ghirl Maggie mode today.

      • cam

        You need to calm down Maggie.You and Steven were wondering out loud if i would be along to condemn the foul comments directed at Paul yesterday.
        I already had, but your understandable rage had blinded you to that fact.
        We all aimlessly mill around this shopping mall in various zombie states Maggie,you do your thing and i’ll do mine, and grant you leave to direct your anger at my “fellow followers” who resort to bigotry and hatred.

        Re. the book discussion.
        It’s Not Personal,by Alice Katz,is a good read.

      • Jamie

        He can’t Maggie, McMurdo would excomunicate him and he would be banned from posting. As I said yesterday I hear a lot about “decent sevco fans” but I’ve yet to hear or see one comment.

        • cam

          Posted yesterday Jamie.

          February 14, 2013 at 5:41 pm

          Absolutely gutted.I was fair looking forward to listening in tonight to see if Paul’s wit came across in radio as well as it does in blogs.
          Even just to put a voice to the mischeivous clatterer would have been worthwhile.
          Hopefully this is just a postponement and you get your moment in the sun.
          I may listen to Cosgrove for a while but i don’t think it will have the same gravitas now that our host is having to take the missus out for a kebab.
          My Action man voodoo doll was all dressed up in green camouflage and the pins were ready.
          On a serious note i must record my disgust at any hateful comments directed at Paul and would hope these people have a good hard look at themselves.
          I will try to arrange a Q&A session at my local Klan meeting and extend the hand of friendship towards someone who can always manage to laugh at the face of intolerance

          As an act of contrition send a fiver to the RFFF,,,,ta.

          • Jamie

            Sorry I should have been more clearer Cam I am of course referring to registering your views on McMurdo or Graham’s blogg. I suspect your condemnation and disgust would be met with a less cordial response.

    • arb urns

      aha sir cam a lot- outed at last an ‘atilla’s heal’, a jar in the door, a springing leek, a blinking belisha ye needed to disrupt a wee radio prog that coulda got a tad embarrasin.

      The cutting room floor outake for that “where to ma’am ” scene in the olympic opener is ER saying Brechin James, Sevco r playing their first game and they’re still due us millions.

      • cam

        No thrice nippled Scaramanga fae the boondocks will defeat my Queens eleven Rabbie.
        Paul will still have his Warhol moment and can explain the findings of LNS that will explode very soon.

  4. JimBhoy

    Cold hard facts hurt, not saying rangers havent had their issues with some but it sure aint those who have reported the facts and questioned that which is unmentionable in rangers circles.

    Most rangers fans are simmering on a medium heat occasionally reaching boling point, they actively seek enemies, this cannot be a good thing for their long term well being or even society in general.

    The rangers fans I socialise with do actively raise concerns on many fronts mainly the football so why do we not see these concerns raised in public forums? Or maybe we do and I just do not circulate in those forums, I have been put off with comments pasted on here from various rangers sites and can only assume that there is a large level of immaturity out there.

    All seems well at rangers if you read what the media portray and nobody else will say anything different…. Suits me.. Chico is the Karma Chameleon.

    • Maggie

      …..”a large level of immaturity out there”
      More like a large level of unadulterated vile abuse and illegal
      and dangerous sectarian hatred Jim.

      • Cregganduff

        The dregs of society.

        As It Was In The Beginning, Is Now, and Will Be Forever.

        • JimBhoy

          @Creganduff Amen to that 🙂

          @Maggie I thought I would try and be magnanimous. 🙂

          I have a lot of good rangers pals who know the score but I guess who do not want to be seen to be backing the haters of the rabid rangers (to quote leggo).. Anyways the sun is shining and I am off ’til Tuesday, woooohooooo

  5. JimBhoy

    @cam not those Hessian pants… 🙂

  6. Scotus

    I have never understood how a democratic society can tolerate a State controlled and “tax” funded information medium such as the BBC. It is pure Pravda. Worse than this; independent broadcasters such as ITV (STV), Sky, or Virgin may not by law be even watched unless the BBC licence fee is first grabbed by that Leviathan corporation. This is like forcing the population at threat of criminal proceedings to pay for, say, the Daily Worker, each and every day before permission is granted for the purchase or receipt of any other newspaper, including free publications. No, it is even more pernicious! It is as if everybody in the UK is forced to purchase the Daily Worker whether or not he subscribes to any other journal whatsoever. Incidentally, try avoiding this “tax” even if you have no TV set in your home! Oh, and the Post Office sanitised of most essential services to the public on profit grounds, is the official state policing force for the collection of TV licences.
    The European Union and, internationally, the UN are the central controllers of increasing suppression, vide the present onslaught against home schooling (Now illegal in Germany — where else?). This is openly claimed to be required in order to preserve children from Church influences. Read Roman Catholic, then mainstream Christian denominations for that. But the first seed and constant propagator of Liberal Fascism (read Jhoanohna Goldberg’s excellent book) was, is and will continue to be the BBC.

  7. The sequence of events, as I understand things…
    BBC RS decide their programme content should include a debate on whats happened at Rangers since Valentines Day 2012, and wish to broadcast on the same day 2013.
    BBC RS invite guests from both ‘sides’ for balance. One side is happy to come but the other (Rangers side) is not, citing a busy schedule.
    Numerous complainants then kick up a storm via direct complaints and widespread online comments, that the Beeb is unbalanced in its coverage due to its scheduled guests. (I guess the online comments might have included some form of conspiracy probably stretching to PL now in charge of UK programming or maybe the hand of the Vatican working Stuart Cosgrove from the back).
    BBC RS state that since they intended to compile and broadcast a balanced programme, they have pulled the show due to this being unable to be achieved.
    The explanation to each guest from the non-Rangers side explains that whilst they do not simply bow to pressure over its choice of programming, it includes reference to influence from an ‘online storm’.

    Whilst the guys at BBC RS might be erring well on the side of caution, there is only one party or group that have behaved unreasonably here. I wont spell it out, but its the usual side.

    As posted yesterday, I would suggest that BBC RS should offer a number of chances to the Rangers side to appear on the show. Each refusal and excuse will show them up. After these offers, BBC RS can run the show without concern over any accusations of imbalance.

    • portpower

      There`s no balance when a refereeing is the open subject.
      Jeezo we`re up to 6 blind mice running the game and line.
      Don`t get me started. I`ll go into admin again?

  8. Dave S.

    Many years ago Have I Got News For You featured a tub of lard in place of Roy Hattersley who had failed to turn up. Perhaps Sportsound could do the same. There must be someone at Rangers who could be compared with a tub of lard, surely.

  9. paulsatim

    Paul, looks like you are in esteemed company where BBC censorship is concerned!!

    George Galloway ‏@georgegalloway
    Nothing I have ever said @bbcqt has been edited out. EVER. Why was Rangers tax dodge censored? And by whom? #bbcqt
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    11 hrs George Galloway ‏@georgegalloway
    I called on Glasgow Rangers to pay the tax they owe to the country. Was that edited out of tonight’s show @bbcqt?

    • I watched QT last night and then read GG’s tweets, so watched it again today to review the context, and to be fair, I struggled to see a good context for a comment on Rangers Tax. Not saying that makes it ok, just making the point that it might have been a legitimate cut to keep to airing time.
      I have a lot of respect for QT and don’t believe they shy away from tough stuff in context, but readily shut down off-topic stuff.
      Hopefully GG can get the cuts on youtube and we can better judge.

      • Joni, I watch QT often, and believe you are right, that it was merely an editorial edit relating to the debate. The decision to hook Paul and Andy though, has more to do with our goldfish bowl, within the BBC aquarium. The Rangers/Sevco debacle is, bar none, the largest example of company corruption in Scottish sport. Regardless of the finances, the law, the rules, the governing bodies, etc, Ithas intruded in every household in Scotland! It cannot be ignored or swept under the carpet. It is not going to go away! Not in a country that has football as a crucial part of its very fabric. A form of identification, solidarity, and companionship, and yes, rivalries, for its inhabitants. To shirk the issue is a dis-service to all who buy a license to the BBC for the right to use ANY media. In fact, such is the magnitude and scale of this situation, it merits an entire QT devoted to it! Sevco supporters deserve this, as does the entire footballing public and participants. The issues need tackled, no matter the revelations, and no matter the outcome!

        • Can you imagine a QT set in Glasgow solely on this story…that would be an amazing watch. Who would you suggest as a panel?

          There is a “Suggest a venue” button on the QT site, might be worth a go.

          • Maggie

            Oh Jono,you shouldn’t have thrown down that gauntlet 🙂
            However,here goes :
            For our side
            Paul,obvs,as a good legal brain is required to keep things on the right
            side of the law.
            His Gorgeousness, George Galloway,to tie them in knots with
            his rhetoric.
            RTC behind the screen of anonymity,with that voice scrambling
            thingy that the telly uses sometimes.
            On the bench,Mr Mark Daly.

            For their side
            David Leggat and Bill Mc Murdo they can condemn
            themselves every time they open their mouths.
            Charles Green as the token comedy relief and to give RTC and
            GGG something to play with while the gruesome twosome
            of Leggat and Mc Murdo fulminate about the rabid haters,and
            iterate all those on their “list” and what they’ve got coming to
            them. ( see above,re condemning, themselves out of their
            own mouths)
            Of course as a standby,in case Chico busy with his world speaking
            tour to the 500 million, Mr Alastair Mc Coist,he of the giant
            intellect,and superb managerial skills.

            This edition of QT will break with tradition and be chaired by
            Mr Alex Thomson of Channel 4 news.
            Admission by season ticket only.

            • An excellent panel, but fear Jeremy Kyle’s bouncers will be required to keep them, and maybe even keep the crowd (sorry, Audience) in place.

          • Joni, I would love it to happen! I don’t think any of the main players would appear(ongoing investigations etc) But 1st choice, Turnbull Hutton. Obviously an SFA and SPL rep. Walter Smith, as Rangers/Sevco rep, A creditors rep, and a national supporters rep. I know that is 6, but it covers all bases

            • Maggie

              Thanks Jono,though not a definitive panel,I must say I
              put a lot of thought into it,and carefully weighed up the
              pros and cons and potential for a robust exchange of views,
              and unlike those at BBC Scotland,I can live with the consequences
              of heated debate 🙂 🙂 🙂
              Oh meant to add,Mr Donald Finlay QC to lead the singing at the
              end…….think I’ll go with God Bless Our Pope as Paul has very
              conveniently posted the words a few days ago,so no excuses
              will be tolerated from those claiming not to know them.

  10. JimBhoy

    I find it totally shocking that Leggo is now referring to the club he once loved as “rabid rangers”, surely now he has to put his own name on the rangers hater’s wall of shame…. He keeps referring to the haters of the “rabid rangers”, even I wouldn’t go as far to suggesting rangers were rabid, sick in a lot of ways but rabid? Ok, occasionally foaming at the mouth, but come on…

    rab·id (rbd)
    1. Of or affected by rabies.
    2. Raging; uncontrollable: rabid thirst.
    3. Extremely zealous or enthusiastic; fanatical: a rabid football fan.

    You know what maybe he is correct after all…. 2 outta 3 aint bad.. Nice one Leggo, 🙂

    • portpower

      Which one to you take for a walk first?

      • portpower

        Right before anybody gives it to me for a spelling mishap, I bought the history to the letter “t & d”. Now whether you like it or not the letter “t” can be a “d” and vise versa because it`s mine. I own and deserve it.

    • I’m old fashioned me. I think if you’ve got an illness you take it to the doctors. Mind you full blown Rabies! Too late!
      But Leggos diagnosis is that “Rangers” were rabid. Didn’t know a corpse could display the symptoms.

  11. i find it funny that the sevconians claim that everybody is “attacking” their club.

    the way i see it, I and many others are actually “attacking” the sevco

    it is the individuals (of which there are thousands), who cannot understand what rangers going into LIQUIDATION means and that even charles green, jim traynor and dave king et al…admitted that if the COMPANY VOLUNTARY
    ARRANGEMENT fails,then that is/was it for “rangers”.
    the ‘istory etc comes to and end for rangers and a new club would need to be formed after the old one failed because the CVA could not be agreed

    rangers were then LIQUIDATED
    liquidation [ˌlɪkwɪˈdeɪʃən]
    1. (Business / Commerce)
    a. the process of terminating the affairs of a business firm, etc., by realizing its assets to discharge its liabilities
    b. the state of a business firm, etc., having its affairs so terminated (esp in the phrase to go into liquidation)
    2. destruction; elimination
    Noun 1. liquidation – termination of a business operation by using its assets to discharge its liabilities
    ending, termination, conclusion – the act of ending something; “the termination of the agreement”
    viaticus settlement, viatical settlement – sale of an insurance policy by a terminally ill policy holder
    2. liquidation – the act of exterminating
    destruction, devastation – the termination of something by causing so much damage to it that it cannot be repaired or no longer exists
    3. liquidation – the murder of a competitor
    murder, slaying, execution – unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being


    i and many others are NOT attacking their club.
    it is the ignoramuses that are being “attacked”
    as they will not accept the TRUTH

    ignoramus [ˌɪgnəˈreɪməs]
    n pl -muses
    an ignorant person; fool

  12. Bhody

    Can I be so bold as to suggest that you raise a few pertinent questions regarding Sevco’s finances since any comments from so- called financial experts appear to be somewhat less than impartial.
    Sevco appear to have adopted the same financial model as Oldco I.e spend more money than you take in revenue and to hell with the consequences.
    If I simply deal with the facts in Sevco’ prospectus.
    How is Chuck able to continue to make statements that Sevco have and had no debt when not e17 on page 65 of their prospectus discloses liabilities due and payable by Sevco of approx £8million including approximately£2 million due in respect of taxes and social security costs.In addition approx.£1.5 million is due on finance leases.Indeed at 31st August Sevco had only £4.2 million in the bank and would have been unable to pay their debt without th additional cash injection of approx.£5 million received shortly thereafter.
    Sevco’s running costs for the three months to end of August were approx.£5.5 million equating to annual running costs of approx £22million.
    Sevco’s season ticket sales per prospectus were approx £10 million.
    In the absence of Sevco providing more up to date figures or forecasts in their prospectus and forecasting other income of approx £7million,I’m probably being kind Sevco would still incur an operating loss of £5 million in its first year of trading n.b Sevco incurred £3.8 million loss in the three months to August.I would hasten to guess that Sevco would have ran out of money by March13 in the absence of a share issue in December.
    If Chuck implements the promise in the prospectus I.e spends £13 million of the money raised on upgrades capex etc,the balance of £7 million would have disappeared on running costs by thE summer of 2013 and would
    require to raise further funds by the end of 2013.
    Not a pretty picture.
    Thought it worthwhile to repost

  13. willy wonka

    In the interests of ‘clarity’ can I ask which Rangers group were responsible for this broadcast being cancelled ? Never mind the headcases sending wee Emails to the BBC protesting. The BBC haven’t taken a blind bit of notice of them thus far.
    Yesterday the replies sections of this site and other hoopy-minded ones were dribbling with excitement at the thought of their favourites being allowed free time on air to expound their own views on all things Rangers.
    The BBC state that nobody from Rangers was available to balance the discussion. What’s the problem ? Why does there have to be some ‘conspiracy’ involved in the cancellation ?
    3 folk with no time for Rangers talking about them ? Boring. It’s done to death every night by Radio Clyde. No wonder they cancelled it.

    • Raymilland

      News coming in: There is a massive meteor heading your way!

      Crikey! What should I do?

      (a) Act calmly; listen to the advice given by the broadcaster.

      (b) Bury my head in the sand.

      (c) Ask what school the broadcaster went to?

      (d) Put on a bowler hat?

      (e) Eat another pie?

      (f) Hide under a table?

      Please send your answers to the above sae to Chris Graham care of STV Pacific Quay Glasgow G51 1PQ

      • Where is Bruce Willis when you need him! I hear he’s good with Tax too.

        • Raymilland

          Space cowboys the lot of em

          • Sweeney Hughes

            STOP PRESS;
            It’s just been unnounced that it was infact Otis Readings record company that actually died.

            Great news! A cover version of a Johnny Cash Number ‘Folsom Prison Blues” on the way from the bold Otis, including the lines;

            I killed a club in Govan just to see it die,

            When I see that train acomin’,

            I just break down and cry!


            Arriving at Administer Station (sorry) some time soon.

            TOOT! TOOT!

    • I agree Willy that this is probably not a conspiracy, maybe a touch of fear though. I am sure you would agree that it was unfortunate that nobody from Sevco was available to appear, and contribute to this debate, which unfortunately led to the cancellation. As the subject matter invokes a great deal of passion and is the subject of much controversy, perhaps you could lobby your club, and have them make somebody available for a future edition? I am sure the BBC never backed out because of any of the vile abuse received from your fanbase, but maybe you should also have a wee word on the forums they use, and let them know that they could expect to hear, a reasoned, logical conversation amongst civilised human beings. The level of hostility and degrading insults hurled at Paul, are without foundation, and have done zero, to gather any support for the reputation of your club. I am sure you also agree that for any reasoned point of view to be explored, it must be done in an environment, free from intimidation, and personal and collective abuse.

      • willy wonka

        As far as I’m aware, nobody from Rangers is talking to the BBC [certainly not at the managers presscall].
        As for what the fanbase say on the internet or elsewhere – works both ways. Have a look at some of the replies on this site for proof.

        • Agreed that both sides have an element of undesirables. I don’t think that “I’m no talkin tae him”, is any help though! You asked for clarity in your first post. The clubs, SFA, SPL, SFL, must be called upon to provide that clarity. Do you agree that it should not only be fair, impartial, and without fear or favour, but seen to be.! The fact that nothing has “been seen to be” , has caused the single most element of turmoil, for all. The fans collectively must also play a part, and accept, that there may be things that they do not want to hear. Many fans have it all wrong. Many organisations made mistakes, from the media, through to clubs and governing bodies. Only the truth and acceptance can resolve this. On a side note, do you think Celtic were due a couple of pens against Juve?

          • willy wonka

            The blog is about a planned BBC broadcast concerning the affairs of Rangers. The BBC have have repeatedly given air to the ‘Rangers are tax cheats’ chant as well as other reports showing Rangers in a bad light.
            Forgetting what Whyte [the rat] did, ARE Rangers tax cheats ? Certainly not as far as the FTTT result shows.
            My question would be, why was Muirhead invited at all ? What does it have to do with him ? He’s a Celtic supporter.
            Were the Celtic supporters wrong to take the hump when The Sun decided to make front page headlines about a squad night out ?
            Penalties ? No idea. My team weren’t playing so I didn’t watch.

            • I would say that Andy maybe, or maybe not, was invited as a Celtic supporter, but definitely due to the fact , that Andy is very knowledgeable on the events, and was a forerunner in the blogging world, and was actually instrumental in uncovering the dealings of “oor Craigy” long before Traynor even dreamed of trying to claim the credit. So much so that “Oor Craigy” sent his lawyers around to have “A wee word”. Andy may be a Celtic supporter, but investigating, and publishing details of “Oor Craigy”. is certainly not the actions of a Rangers hater. In any case. A rep from your club was invited, so I don’t see a valid argument there. In fact with Andy, A RIFC rep, and Paul, as a neutral supporter, but very conversant with the blogosphere, it strikes me as a very balanced and objective panel. Willy,,,,I watch a lot of sport, my playing days being behind me, accidently I have probably seen 20/30 “clips” of Juve antics. Have you honestly not seen any? Never mind. No big deal.

            • arb urns

              ww have a wee gander at the dos scheme, the ebts the fttt didnt look at, and the ebt’s found to be ‘tax cheating'(to use your words) by the fttt and you should be able to form a correct opinion.

            • Carl31

              CW left tax unpaid and used the money to keep the club going, he didn’t pocket it. The party due to pay the tax was Rangers, not CW. Its easy to say, that CW is a bad yin, he never paid tax, but actually it was Rangers who never paid tax.

            • @wonky

              “ARE Rangers tax cheats ? Certainly not as far as the FTTT result shows.”

              You must’ve been reading a diferent copy than the rest of us; according to the published one there were 5 sub-trusts found liable for social taxes.

              No matter that this will be a “substantially reduced sum”, the very fact that even £1 was due confirms the fact that they most certainly WERE tax cheats.

              But don’t let silly littles things like facts get in the way.

    • portpower

      I`m onto you S bend wonka. You`re derek johnstone?

      • willy wonka

        I saw a picture of Kevin Webster wearing a Sellik scarf. Was that you ?
        See, it’s easy just to throw out insults. Not very adult though.

        • willy wonka

          @Carl 31.
          ” CW left tax unpaid and used the money to keep the club going, he didn’t pocket it. The party due to pay the tax was Rangers, not CW. Its easy to say, that CW is a bad yin, he never paid tax, but actually it was Rangers who never paid tax.”

          Only on planet dhim does that apply. Lol.

          • arb urns

            willy its well known on here that charlies glass elevator doesnt reach yer penthouse but answer this how did the duffers chocolate factory manage to pay the tax and ni on the payroll after craigie had to hand over the keys?

            its quite easy really and will let u see why your club was Liquidated if you get it. Here’s a BIG clue Carl31 is right.

        • Sweeney Hughes

          No Willy W*nka, one it mocking your non-existent journalistic qualities, the other is mocking and trivialising child abuse and rape to score points on a football blog.

          I guess that’s something you and your ilk will never understand.

          So desperately cold!!!

        • portpower

          Turn it into child abuse dj. Seek help man.

          • willy wonka

            I turned nothing into child abuse. There are folk here saying that because a conman called Whyte raped Rangers and failed to pay taxes, it’s Rangers fault. No it isn’t, it was Whytes [and Murrays] fault.
            Then we have you acting like a ten year old throwing out silly name-calling.
            So……… Well known Sellik fan, ‘Kevin Webster’ is arrested for noncery. It’s Selliks fault. See ? See how stupid the point is ?
            Grow up ffs.

            • Ally McMoist

              Was Kevin Webster acting on the behalf of Celtic??
              See how stupid your argument is?
              Whyte avioded paying tax to the benefit of Rangers completing their remaining fixtures.
              How can you even try to argue against that?

      • Aw c’Mon portpower. You might disagree with Willy, but calling him Derek Johnstone? No need for that mate. No wonder he feels insulted.

    • lordmac

      wonka the Rangers fans where concerned when they found out who was going on the show, and they attacked the switch board. The Rangers the old co the only show. the fans now have a new club, why did they need to attack the old co, it has nothing to do with any of there support as they dont have season tickets for it any longer and there will never be any issued again for it. why is it only the rangers fans have this issue when CG,and JT dont want to know anything about it they have said its finished a new club Rangers 2012 ltd

      • willy wonka

        You know for a fact that Rangers fans ‘attacked the switchboard’ do you ? Lol.
        The oldco has nothing to do with Rangers fans ? One question then – what the hell has it to do with Sellik fans ?
        Another question – what’s it to YOU ?
        Do your mob not have enough on their hands greeting and whining to the SPL, SFA, UEFA and whoever else every single time they get beat ?
        Last point ? – Rangers [the football club] are the same club they have always been. We still hold 54 titles. The whole of the worlds football authorities agree with that statement.
        And you know what ? That’s what really grates with folk like you. Isn’t it ?

    • Jamie

      In the interst’s of clarity? when have the headcases ever been interested in Clarity? that’s not the sevco way….your arguement smacks of “it wasn’t a viable device so what’s the problem” brigade when they defended the moronic animals who sent the bombs to Lennon….more deflection and trying to blame it on a few mindless thugs doesn’t wash anymore.

  14. Bill Fraser

    I find it strange that with McMurdo ripping into you like mad and telling the Bears on RM how he would love to tear you to bits, they couldn’t find anyone to put forward the Rangers point of view. Could it be that he is just another of these “internet bampots” that appear to be doing the rounds.

    • Bill Fraser

      Oh dear, Paul. Looks like McMurdo is on the prowl again to get some tit-bits to stir up the Bears on RM. He didn’t take kindly to that last comment of mine.

  15. Adam

    Ah the old media bias debate. The blue corner thinks everybody hates them. The green corner thinks everybody hates them. 3 options. a) The blue corner is wrong. b) The green corner is wrong. c) Both corners are wrong.

    Its a big c) for me.

  16. JimBhoy

    @Willy Wonka “clarity” FFS mate funniest thing I have read all day… If you look up the rabid rangers dictionary for the word “clarity” it says see Charles Green… LMAO Mr Foggy Dew himself and I hate using the title of a great song to describe the man who will take down the rabidites, whilst the hoardes of bears look around bemused as if they did not see that rocket coming. Why? Because they chose not to, sound familiar…?

  17. portpower

    jabba was and still is SDM`s microphone.

  18. JimBhoy

    @Adam I do not think Paul (or Andy) is inferring the beeb have an agenda against any faction, moreso they have to protect their product. Read Jabba or leggo to see who are irritating the bears, Bhoycott central.

    The hate of the rabid rangers (cheers leggo) is generally a common theme amongst angry bears, based on the current siege mentality, of that there is no denying, one of these days the bears may actually find that they have actually reaped what was sown..

    I hope you will agree that this campaign of digging out the so called ‘haters’ and naming them on many public sites is gonna be counter productive in the long term for rangers. Rangers should be making bridges not demolitioning them.

    • Adam

      I wasnt particularly aiming it at Paul and Andy, more the rank and file who do genuinely believe there is an agenda, which there is not.

      As for angry bears, they are idiots. But thats the typical online community for you. For every single comment that was in Pauls artilce yesterday, i could go and find similar comments on the net from Celtic fans about Gazza dying, Juventus fans dying, IRA, Orange this and that, Novo etc etc.

      I dont even care if thats whataboutery. There are numb-nuts on both side, though i have never hidden the notion that i believe there are more on my side than yours. Thats just an opinion.

  19. JimBhoy

    After today, in my mind, jabba will always be represented by a tub of lard Thanks to Dave S. for that. Not unlike the movie the man with two brains, without the brain and with lard, but not good quality lard, used lard that smells and has been used to deep fry some lamb..

    Oh pointy bird, Pointy pointy, Anoint my head, Anointy-nointy…. I’ll get my coat…

    • Steven brennan

      Kathleen Turner”Who are the assholes on the steps?”
      Steve Martin ” no darling there azeleas ”
      I’ll get my coat too

  20. Geddy Lee.

    News just in….

    A Rangers rep calling himself Tim Jaynor has agreed to appear but only if the BBC repaint and rename the “Green Room”.
    Jaynor told the rangers website… “How can they say it wil be impartial when I have to sit in a clearly sectarian room while knocking back my Absinth and coke”. Charles Green currently onroute to speak to the Barbados rangers supporters “club” has since called for Jaynor to be knighted.

    If it were me, I would call rangers bluff and recruit Bomber (Deed Hunter) Brown or even Andy (Free drink hunter) Goram. They would make as much sense as Traynor, and can you imagine the pure comedy gold to be got from that pair. LOL

  21. Geddy Lee.

    Is that a fact Willy?

    I’m very pleased to hear it. Of course you have a source for that have you?

    If it’s true then he’s exactly the guy that should be by Gazza’s side at the moment.

    Has he tried to help Brown yet?

  22. JimBhoy

    @Adam A couple of high profile rangers men have come out and suggested Chico has to stop spouting crap (I paraphrase) and to work to build bridges. I do not know that he has that in his make up but until someone does the majority of bears will be in rabid mood, foaming at the gob on any comment that they interpret as agin the gers…The illiterati should not be allowed to dictate or we will soon find ourselves in a backward state.. I believe that a lot of rangers fans do not express their honest opinions at fear of being called out as a traitor and their names and addresses published on Leggo’s wall of haters of rabid rangers. It does not take much to find your details on there it seems.

    ALSO You read too many crap sites mate… 🙂

    • Adam

      To be fair i dont read any of the club fans sites. I see people copying stuff onto twitter a lot that comes from these type of sites and like the stuff yesterday, its beyond comprehension why people hate so much.

      If they put half as much energy into being a better person, they could do something with their lives.

      • portpower

        Alot of the young lads read them as well. Including up and coming young players. Now would you sign for that club and be in fear if you wanted to leave? Mending bridges my backside.

  23. Was it not the case, that you were invited on to the bbc, to give your opinion on bloggers and blogging? Why leads the way in search of the truth regarding rfc1873, sevco and now rfc 2012.
    It’s strange how the Zombies think that Agent whyte is a criminal with an affliction to truth, yet it was him that came up with the concept of club and company being different entities. (Team in blue playing at ibrox”) Look at the audited account for rfc 1873 and right at the start it says ‘Club and Company’ are one and the same.
    I see my No.1 suspect for the second ‘double agent journo’ role was on stv last night with your blogging friend chris, how cosy.
    Hope your feeling better after getting dumped by Auntie beeb on valentines day, there’s plenty more fish to be fried.
    Keep up the great work..

  24. dan

    Trying to get back onto legal matters, and harking back to the Jabbajabber in which he claims that he, Wacko, and ‘senior’ figures from the DR and BBC Scotland, colluded to entrap wee Craigie (God bless ‘im) Should wee Craigie (God bless ‘im) not have a word with Sue, Grabbit and Run—or Carter Fuck if he prefers, with a view to litigation? I mean if these ‘senior figures’ were indeed in the know about Jabba’s ruse, they were part of the conspiracy, to get wee Craigie (God bless ‘im ).Right?

  25. John Burns

    We have known for years about the manipulation of the media against Celtic and its constituency – i.e 17% of the Scottish population. It has however taken the advent of social media to uncover just how wide and blatant it is. in this bigoted little country. National newspapers and the BBC in Scotland have been bullied into submission by the ‘powers that be’.

    I leave the forensic criticism to those more qualified than me, however I must once again ask what ‘our’ people, the ones who advocate voting SNP, including the ‘so-called’ “Celts for independence” in the Neverendum, are thinking? This nonsense stance states that because The Rangers hoards wrap themselves in the Union Jack and shout about Unionism, ‘we’ should automatically vote against them, no matter what the consequences may be to ourselves and our families..

    We will be ‘thrown to the wolves’ in a separated Scotland where all the ‘interested’ parties will gather together under various guises to ‘ram’ home their authority, based on their overwhelming majority.

    If you think the odds are stacked against us now – just imagine what it would be like in a stand-alone Scotland.

    Wake up – read your social history in Scotland from 1860 onwards, especially during the 1920 to 1970, when being part of the minority in Scotland meant you were a second-class citizen.

    In my opinion, any Celtic fan, or Catholic, who votes for the SNP separation, is a traitor!!! .

    • John,

      you will have to count me among the traitors, put me against a wall (no blindfold required) and fire away.

      I have a great affection for Scotland, the vast majority of its population are so much smarter and kinder than your post implies.

      For me (Celtic supporter and Catholic (lapsed)) An independent Scotland would be a beautiful thing.

      I also support the introduction of wolves to some of our wilder places 🙂

    • Raymilland

      You will need to explain the percentage of population bit, is it going to dramatically shrink after the referendum? Surely protection of individual human rights can only grow in the 21 Century? (barring radical doomsday international conflict). Altogether now: Always look on the bright side of……..

    • portpower

      Make sure the right fullback becomes the fullback.

    • dan

      John, I’m afraid I’m a traitor as well. I’ve been voting SNP for a couple of years now. I know my parents would never have voted for them for the reasons you put forward—-always remember them talking about some geezer called Wolf ( I think that was it) who didn’t sound very nice.

      I began to thaw when I met, very very briefly, Roseanna Cunningham in the Babbity Bowster. I think she was fighting ‘Sir’ Nicholas Fairbairn (what a turn) at the time and he was appalled that his opponent was the offspring of Irish ‘tattie howkers’ . She seemed very bright (trounced ‘Sir’ Nick) and that got me to thinking that maybe the SNP should be looked at afresh. Then along came liar Blair, WMD’s, adventurist foreign policies, hammering the poor etc, and so I decided I could never vote Labour again. That left the Tories, Lib Dems, and SNP. As I would castrate myself with a blunt and rusty knife before I would vote Tory, and as my sense of humour could not stretch to supporting the Lib Dems, that left only the SNP. I would only change if Gorgeous George (who was brill last night on QT) ever stood in my constituency.

      I can well understand your feelings, but I genuinely do think they are out of date.

  26. Scott Mc

    John Burns,

    I am a Celtic fan who was brought up a Catholic but now believes that all organised religion is a crock of ***** and is as corrupt as any other organisation set up to control the masses.

    I also believe in Scottish independence for several different reasons which I’m sure you’ve heard many times and will hear many times more before the referendum. None of these reasons though are because “The Rangers hoards wrap themselves in the Union Jack and shout about Unionism”.

    I am also very well aware of Scotlands dirty little secret being a 3rd generation Irish immigrant.

    Times have changed though with many Catholics in prominent positions of power with mixed religion families very common as well.

    Frankly I think your attitude is just as divisive as the wolves you speak of and to call any Celtic fan or Scotsman who wants away from English rule a traitor is a touch ironic don’t you think?

    • Raymilland

      Quote from latest news story: “There’s poop and urine all along the floor. The floor is flooded with sewer water … and we had to poop in bags.”

      Sound like a Glasgow Cup game a few years ago.

    • Jim,

      I’ve always loved seemingly inappropriate tokens of remembrance for loved ones who have died. Much more human and warm than black ties and grim faces.

      In this instance I suspect the local kids have simply found an unusual meeting place and have left behind an all too familiar mix of booze and chip shop litter.

  27. jocky bhoy

    I have only one quote in relation to the lack of debate from the Sevco troops’ re Fall of Rangers. As Andrew Carnegie said: “He that cannot reason is a fool. He that will not is a bigot. He that dare not is a slave.”


  28. mick

    all this confirms most sevco fans have there heads in the sand if they are looking for balanced bears our true blues on here would be the answer even carson would have more iq on it all than the 1s sucking up and covering up greens lies there censoring galloway to on the beeb although there is lots of toys out the pram all this violent reprisials is a media myth to intimidate any1 speaking out its skark raven bonkers its time to tell msm f off we dont need you we have our own balanced media made up of tims bears saints tangerines there not needed and a waste of tax payers money get the news via social media and dont give them hits or views and in the future alternative news will be mainstream ,just like drum and bass from the early 90s now its in every song beat

    • cam

      mick,where’s the big hitters news?
      What happened to OG’s revelation?
      You keep putting me in suspenders and then let me down.You’re credibility is lessening by the day mick,now go get me some headlines!

      • Adam

        The bloggers never lie cam. Andy and OG Simpson will be revealing all tonight……tomorrow……sunday……..monday…….

        • cam

          I can’t get the image out of my head of mick, a la Charles Xavier from X-Men, sitting in a room plugged into all the Celtic clattering sites and forming some massive Octopussylike theory.

    • cam

      Mick ,did you see that Bill McMurdo is hinting at some good news for the Bears?
      Do you think he drinks the same stuff as OG?
      Bill’s interview with Thommo will be out soon and he promises some info regards the Orlit fiasco.


    • cam

      Are you and Phil going out for a pint later?

    • Raymilland

      You missing the square sausage then?

    • Ah…so your not located in Scotland…that’s why your shouting, to make sure we hear you.

    • SairFecht

      Amazing – this is precisely what the regular more extreme contributors on RangersMedia and Bill McMurdo’s blog are saying – in concurrence with Lego – of the massive Catholic, Jacobite, Nationalist, Republican, Rangers-hating conspiracy run by the BBC bigots. You should really buddy up with them – you have a great deal in common. I’m glad emigration has broadened your mind to such a wide-open and accepting view, clearly the whole experience of world travel hasn’t been wasted on you.

  30. cam

    Mick how do you feel about Lenny doing his sore loser routine and greetin to UEFA?
    Its becoming a bit repetetive.Every time they lose its someones fault.Big Efe got hung out to dry and Lenny escapes any criticism and does his twitter wean thing,,,,embarassing.



  33. This is OT, but I just recalled a wee story due to reading a comment above. Please forgive a long post as recount it, of a Friday afternoon.
    Once upon a time when I was in primary 7, a man cut through our school playground during lunch break. The school was fenced off but in poor repair, so it was well known that people cut through. Indeed, there was a trodden path across the fine red gravel pitch which had caused a rut diagonally from near one corner to its opposite. The man in question was unknown to any of us at the time, but reportedly was the cousin of a primary 6 wean, and was reportedly aged about 22. Some of you may know of a comedy routine of one Peter Kay, where he mentions that everyone remembers the day a dog came into their school. Well, I can remember a couple of those, but I also remember the day a man came into school, took ‘oor baw’ and had a ‘shot at goal’.

    The Game
    The game of football we were playing at the time, P7a against P7b. As you can probably guess, whilst the rules reasonably adhered to those of association football, there were few rules and it was roughly 16-a-side. Whilst our team attempted to play a relatively unorthodox 6-5-4 formation, the team quickly succumbed to the opposition’s ‘swarm’ technique and it degenerated into a bit of a rabble/free-for-all (more accurately, it degenerated further into a bit of a rabble/free-for-all).
    I was the goalie.
    Now, I know what you’re all thinking … along the lines of how a child’s footballing skill level varies indirectly with how far forward he played in the playground team, and being goalie can only mean one thing. Well, this was not the case. On this occasion, I had volunteered to go in goal due to the numerous skelps on the back of the heed administered by either/both of my parents due to the state of my school shoes each day when I arrived home. This morning playtime I was attempting to turn over a new leaf, and come home with relatively clean shoes. My parents and I were unaware of how fateful a choice that would be. Anyway, the worst player in our class was Brian D, who would, from time to time, lay claim to not being the worst by dint if the existence of Derek S, who played with the girls. Brian D, on this occasion, was promoted to be one of our 3 left-backs, if I recall correctly, but I digress.
    Now, this man I referred to cutting through the school – he had started to walk across the well-trodden rut of our school pitch, and, as was convention at the time, we halted play. The man didn’t seem to notice at first, getting more than half way across, but when he did he decided to engage with either/both teams in some kind of conversation.
    He was tall, but skinny. I would refer to such a physique now as, ‘a big, tall, lanky stream of piss’, but would not have did so at the time, as you would understand. He was shaven headed in the days (early ’80s) when that meant something it doesn’t mean now. He wore a green bomber jacket, part-bleached denims that, despite him having legs like a giraffe, still managed to be too tight, and a pair of black 18 upper Docs (Dr Marten boots that came high up the shin, for the uninitiated younger readers). The Docs looked to be a few sizes too big for him and, from memory, I’d guess they were size 10s or bigger – maybe size 11s. These were a hefty pair of boots and were likely, should the chap happen to have become involved in some kind of altercation or fray, to have been his main weapons. I will return to these boots later as they play a significant part in this story. In short, he was a ‘Skinheed’.
    “Ur yeez jist stoapin’ cos ah me!?” he cried, to no-one in particular, but both teams generally. I think now that the question was a rhetorical opening gambit.
    “Don’t stoap yir game jist cos’ ah me, wee man”, he continued, this time the comment was aimed at the wee man who happened to be in possession of the baw. From memory, this was a boy called Stephen D, but it was about 30 years ago, and not crucial to the story.
    “We aye stoap when a guy cuts through”, Stephen replied. Stephen talked a lot. If it had been me, I would have said nowt, but then again, if it had been me outfield with the baw instead of in goal, I wouldn’t have this tale to tell in the first person.
    “Dae ye, aye? Geez a kick o’ yer baw.” The man trotted over towards Stephen in unconfrontational fashion, but in spite of this the undertone of threat was there. He was a Skinheed after all.
    Stephen was a bit daft, but he wasn’t stupid. He handed over the baw.
    Thinking back to then, there was a trick often played by older boys on younger boys to steal their baw. It would be a ruse where the older boy would ask for a kick and then hoof the baw a fair distance away. ‘Wait an’ ah’ll get it fur ye!’ he would cry, only to disappear into the dust shrouded distance, avec baw and sans a backward glance. I don’t believe this was the man’s motive on this occasion, partly because he did go on to exit the school apace but without said baw, but prior to that he also went on to hoof the baw with that sort of velocity and then some.
    He obtained the baw and dribbled a short distance towards my goal, albeit dribbling awkwardly on account of the size 12 Docs. I have mentioned that I was the goalie, and I was now quietly cursing fate that had made it so. I could have at that moment turned my head heavenward and cried out, “Why me, Oh lord, why did it have to be me!!”, and I would have been well justified. However, I had more immediate things on my mind than pondering the fates that saw me between the sticks and not wee Brian D – not least that man’s size 13 Docs.

    The Shot
    He lined up a right-booted shot. He took a reasonably long run up to build up speed, but not so long as to sap his energy for the actual shot. He exhibited plenty of said shooting energy as he swung his right leg back, and then brought in forward in a mighty kick. From memory, it was the sort of kick that made it seem like his right leg had somehow obtained the power of Greig, Gemmill, McLeod and Albertz all rolled into one.
    The slightly wet ball bulleted through the late autumn air at a velocity in excess of Usain Bolt on speed, but not quite as fast as the world’s land speed record.
    Now, there exists a book by Irish-American author Frank McCourt, called ‘Angela’s Ashes’. It was published in 1996 and won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography. It comes highly recommended by me, and is far superior to the film version from 1999 by Alan Parker, starring Robert Carlyle and Emily Watson. The book is very well written and I especially recall enjoying reading the bit where the family move to ‘Italy’, or chop their internal walls down for firewood, or how the author describes him and his brother hauling coal that has fallen off the delivery lorry, in a bag that has holes, with the author doing the hauling and his younger brother picking up the bits of coal that fall out the holey bag and popping them in the top of it. Quality.
    As a sort of preamble, or by way of introduction, Mr McCourt sets out three levels of poverty. He says that there was a particularly harsh form of poor childhood at that time that was a poor Irish childhood, harshest of those was a poor Southern Irish childhood, and worst of those was a poor Catholic Southern Irish childhood. He had a poor Catholic Southern Irish childhood and, judging by the book, his was one of the worst of those.
    Attempting to mimic this clever illustrative technique, I will now describe is three levels of ‘painful’:
    • There’s the kind of painful that is being hit in the face by the ball whilst only in primary 7.
    • Then, there is a painful that results from being hit in the face by the ball whilst only in primary 7, that has been kicked by a size 14 Doc Marten boot, swung at the end of a leg somehow possessing ultra-human power!
    • Then, there is a painful that results from being hit in the face by the ball, whilst only in primary 7, that has been kicked by a size 15 Doc Marten boot, swung at the end of a leg somehow possessing ultra-human power, AND THAT BALL IS A WET MITRE MOULDMASTER!!
    Ladies and Gentlepersons, put your hands together for the supreme pain issuing qualities of the wet Mitre Mouldmaster! It was the uber-scourge of pale schoolboy soft tissue throughout the 70s and 80s. Surely, no ball has displayed such abilities or achievements in its specialist field. I’m sure many of you would join with me in recalling ‘encounters’ with such an item, and not in fond terms. A recent post by Paul resulted in subsequent comments and opinions around Crime and Punishment in the UK. I would propose that a short time in the stocks being pelted, not with rotten fruit, but by an angry mob of skinheads kicking wet Mitre Mouldmasters as hard as they can, would be a mighty deterrent to criminals. I would also venture that modern day free kicks would be a whole lot more interesting if some of the main protagonists were, momentarily and for the purpose of taking the free kick, allowed to slip out of their expensive, attractive and streamlined, but lightweight footwear and change into a big huge pair of 18 upper Docs. I would further venture that some form of body armour would need to be introduced for those who would comprise the defensive ‘wall’.
    The shot hit me square in the face, between the eyes but just a bit higher, and knocked me flat on my back, unconscious.

    The Aftermath
    Over time various children from the class recounted how they had seen events. The short period of unconsciousness was confirmed by one, backed up by my failure to remember hearing the bell for end of break. A few kids also described how the Skinheed man had bent over my unconscious body for a couple of moments, followed by a quick look round, and then taking off as if the proverbial hounds of hell were on his heels. Friends recounted suspecting my demise at the hands of the Mighty Mitre Mouldmaster for some moments, before relief at signs of life confirmed by my groaning, and helping me to get along to the nurse’s room. Derek S firmly stated to me that, on that occasion, he was particularly glad he ‘played wi’ the lassies’, in that squeaky-even-for-a-ten-year-old voice of his.
    Later that afternoon one of my parents was called to the school to take me home. The lead up to this included searing pain as indicated, followed by a bout of sickness, followed by a visit to the nurse, some time spent in the first aid room, further nausea on more than one occasion, and an eventual eyewitness recounting of the events to the Headmaster, Mr McLaughlin (by others, not me, since my powers of recall and general mental faculties had not recovered sufficiently). Let’s say my parents were not fully put in the picture when they were told I, “… received a blow to the head and is unwell”. I was put off playing football for life (OK, maybe it was nearer 3 days), and was mentally and physically scarred for some time. Physical scarring lasted a couple of days and took the form of the imprint of the word, ‘Mitre’ writ backwards in reddened forehead skin , like some weird kind of ‘mark of Zorro’.

    Thank you for reading my rambling tale. Have a good weekend.

  34. Eddie

    Surely if Nick Griffin can make an appearance on Question Time, granted not a successful appearance for him thankfully, we can debate the demise of a football team openly and frankly.

    Though I have noticed that one blogger has now cast the eye of suspicion on those he sees as intellectuals, or as he mockingly calls ‘arty types’ and I quote:-

    “Since he returned to the Herald, both to its pages and on line edition, Odious Creep has spent 70 per cent of his time banging on about Rangers. Yet hardly any Rangers supporters buy the Herald or pay to go behind its on line pay wall. The Herald is now seen as the paper of choice for Celtic supporting teachers, lecturers, social workers and other assorted arty types.”

    This is the crux of the matter. This is why Paul and others are despised so much. They are articulate, erudite, curious, free thinkers who saw past the scaremongering, propaganda and all round BS that permeated from successive Ibrox regimes, exercising the right to question and not simply take as gospel all they were fed.

    The level of debate in this country needs to be elevated. The first step should be the cessation of demonising those who dare to ask questions.

  35. cam

    Mick, what about Ticketus going after Craigie? do you still feel that the soon to be ex castle dweller ,has a pawn ticket in his blazer with floating charge written on it?
    I think he better top up his tan, cos its dark where he’s going.

    • Raymilland

      I saw The Rangers’ loving cup on an episode of pawn stars the other night

    • Adam

      That cant be true. Ticketus still have £27m of assets in newco through the 12 degrees of separation that joins Kevin Bacon with an eggnog sandwich on Mars. How can they claim twice Cam ?

      • cam

        Due to a tiny loophole in the double jeopardy legislation relating to zombie’s human rights ,Ticketus are due a remittance on their ginger bottle from both oldco and newco.
        With interest and penalties this amounts to £134 millon and i’m astonished that Phil,Andy or Paul haven’t done a blog on this nuclear revelation.

    • Cam, I seen wee Craigy on Sky, and he looked quite relaxed. No mean feat considering his proximity to JW. He certainly never gave the impression of someone who thought he was gallows bound. In fact, quite the opposite. He may, or not have the floating charge raffle ticket, but he certainly has a few aces up his sleeve.

  36. arb urns

    so bbc there we have it….. its a balancing act…….. hmmm mighty suspicious…… confirmed by the ludicrous one year on ‘administration day’ piece on the beeb web with neil patey answering nine ‘pat a cakes’ with the same answer each time……. succulence is golden as brian poole once warbled…… the yorkshire terrier is an odd wee ‘dug’ his bite is worse than his bark !!!!!!!

  37. Michael

    Blimey boys, a little bit less of the paranoia and self-righteousness eh?

    I thought I’d taken a wrong turn into the bear’s den there!

  38. Adam

    mick – lost for words

  39. willy wonka witawanka willy wonka

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