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BBC Scotland has failed us all by capitulating to the mob. Its overall remit for radio is to provide “a speech-led service for listeners seeking programmes about the life, culture and affairs of Scotland”; and within the BBC’s six statements of “public service” is a key function to foster citizenship and civil society. Abandoning a planned programme on sport because of the strident and intolerant views of one section of society is to deny freedom of speech to others and acts in clear opposition to a broadcasting body constituted of the people and for the people.

The implication for the BBC is that it can no longer be trusted to act impartially without fear or favour, in contravention of yet another BBC tenet: “to provide a platform for a wide range of views.” As for the excuse that a programme is cancelled because one party refuses to attend and so creates an “imbalance”, thereby causing a failure to broadcast, is unworthy of the BBC. If someone does not want to participate, that is their democratic right to choose not to; however, it should not vanquish an equally important democratic right afforded to other invited guests, the right to be heard. “A representative from X was invited to form part of the panel but declined the opportunity” is the normal phraseology to explain the absence of a particular guest. He was invited. He never turned up. Fuck him.

When Roy Hattersley MP failed, yet again, to show up for a recording of "Have I Got News for You?" he was replaced by a tub of lard

When Roy Hattersley MP failed, yet again, to show up for a recording of “Have I Got News for You?” he was replaced by a tub of lard

The Rangers supporters have succeeded in bullying a national media outlet, paid by you and me, only to undermine a fundamental democratic principle, memorably captured in Evelyn Hall’s defiant declaration: “I [may] disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. So much for their vaunted love of Queen and Country. The Rangers – club and fans – are quick to take to the streets and call those outwith their blue perimeter “enemies”. And now the mob has stepped in to suppress our right to free speech and public discussion in a national forum. Why does Scotland put up with this shit?

Let us not forget the origins of this new Rangers. The old Rangers was built on bigotry and destroyed by greed. Who could mourn the passing of such an entity? Yet, the new club has retained its predecessor’s disreputable arrogance and superiority complex, manifested in fiery speeches, a jingoistic march, sectarian signing, a boycott and vengeful premonitions of Armageddon. In an unprecedented display of discourtesy, the official club website now produces personal comment more suited to a tabloid newspaper. Heavens above, even ex-employees are labelled “traitors” by the mob. Earlier this week we had the pathetic spectacle of The Rangers, in a petty display of one-upmanship and a V sign to a fellow Scottish club, offering use of their training facilities to Juventus. This from a club that is barely one year old and wants to “move on”. What will we witness if future events go against them?

In a symbiotic meeting of minds, both club and followers feed off each other to advance an agenda that, based on the deluded premise they are victims and others are enemies, creates nothing but division in Scottish society. The old club was labelled “a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace”. What is different about this new club? Unfortunately, their manufactured anger and irresponsible grandstanding is generating a poisonous atmosphere that may not be as easy to dispel as it was to create. Social unrest is no longer a fanciful prediction.

As much as I love my club, Celtic, I value my freedom more. When a club’s supporters attempt to take away that freedom, coupled with their club’s reprehensible conduct over the last year, then it is time Scotland put an end to this nonsense: kick them out and replace them with The Spartans FC. If Celtic and their fans behaved thus, Jock Stein would be the first to show us the door and send us on our way. Given what has transpired with The Rangers and its supporters, even Bill Struth would have no objections.

As for you, BBC Scotland – you hang your head in shame.

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  1. SairFecht

    This needs to be sent to the DG in London , as well as the highest broadcasting authorities and media watchdogs here. Perhaps some samples of the response to Paul’s invitation would suffice to demonstrate what kind of sentiment is behind the ‘pressure group’ that the BBC are capitulating to.

  2. I’m glad you have brought David Brent up, as my fellow drunks in the Carrot’nWhistle have a few outstanding issues that perhaps the fearless fourth could clear up next time he picks up his BBC Scotland appearance fee.
    The Wig is a registered agent. As is Wig jnr.
    Have any of their clients ever been a recipient of an Employee Benefit Trust?
    If they were, was it before, during or after Rug Snr’s tenure as a full-time carer for elderly relatives?

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  4. Clearly BBC Scotland have chosen not to be part of the solution to erosion of free speech therefore one can assert they are part of the problem. :mrgreen:

    • Mick

      They have no shame and have no place in a modern Scotland well said johnbhoy there a non entity and facing ruin due to there own doing and lack of academic communication and clarity its year after year of swimming in muddy waters greens fleecing them and all they can do is bully bloggers

  5. Funny how BBC Scotland decisions re The Rangers always appear to work for the club’s benefit. You would think someone was pulling the strings.

    George Galloway‏@georgegalloway
    Ask BBC Scotland who took the decision to censor me on Rangers and why! Sure it will be illumi

    2 hrsGeorge Galloway‏@georgegalloway

    I tabled a motion in the House about Rangers tax avoidance. If there was legal problem they would have pulled it. BBC Scotland are censors

    2 hrsGeorge Galloway‏@georgegalloway

    Censored by BBC on Rangers. Shame on them. ‘There was a legal concern over the legitimacy of the comment..’ By whom? And why? Craven eejits

    • tykebhoy

      To be fair they did air both Mark Daly’s documentaries. However it could be said that the first would have aided the now deceased club had anyone taken any notice of it other than the bhampots

  6. Jamie

    Good piece Johnbhoy, Carson you continue to be part of the problem….you would be better served taking your puerile views back to your boss McMurdo and staying there you are a stain on this country with your antiquated views and sense of entitlement….. and in the words of my non-presbyterian gran you are what is commonly referred to in these parts as a FUDD!

  7. parmahamster

    You’re not even good enough to merit being described as a troll, Carson.

  8. George

    Why so obsessed. Bradford Bulls (George’s Constituency) went into admin in September. Bet the local MP isn’t helping repay all their debtors. While he channels his media appearances through a company so that he avoids paying tax at 40% on his income. #hypocrites

    • Driverjohn

      I’m not at all sure of the point you are making here.
      It would be illegal for Comet to liquidate on a Friday with £100 million debts, then a new company re-open on Monday, debt free, trading as an electrical retailer named ‘Comet’, in the same stores, with the same staff wearing the same uniforms. 100% not allowed. However, there once was a football team named Rangers. They liquidated on a Friday with £50 million debt (give or take), then re-opened for business on a Monday, with the same staff, in the same strips, in the same stadium, with the same name ‘Rangers’. Debt free.
      Why was this allowed? Why? That’s all Mr Galloway was asking. He didn’t make the law, but he is asking why the application of law failed. If you we’re a creditor of Oldco Rangers who possibly lost their business as well as a large amount of cash, you would in all likelyhood be furious at this train of events.
      Always remember you are not alone, you are among friends here. No one will temper you for using your own brain cells. Hell, you might even enjoy it. However, on the other hand, you may not give a flying Fxxx about the creditors. If that is the case, then likewise, remember you are not alone.

      • George

        Driverjohn, thanks for your comments and you’re welcome to these views. My point is more about GG taking interest in a team that is not in his constituency while not appearing to take such interest in presumably constituent creditors of BB. And all the time using tax advoidance schemes himself. Years back, just before the whole MP expenses scandal was broken by the Telegraph GG appeared on a QT (I was in the audience and have the recording) where he made an impassioned plea for MP’s to retain the right for up to £200 of weekly/monthly expenses without receipts – why would someone want to defend a scheme so obviously open to abuse? Would our employers allow such a scheme? Scheme was tax-payer funded. I have no problem with people of exemplerary character who pay their taxes in full and do not use tax avoidance schemes calling for investigations into individuals and organisations that they believe are operating outside the law. GG fails my test in a number of areas and for that reason you should condemn the hypocrisy of his actions and behaviour.

        • Driverjohn

          George, as a student of Mr Galloway, you will know that at the time of the so called expenses scandal, Mr Galloways expenses at last submission were zero (I have his book – “I’m not the only one” – very entertaining). If you want an employer that knows how to look the other way, then try my own. I recently attended a training course at Manchester University and was able to write my own receipts for taxis. How fortunate.
          Bradford Bulls by the way suffered no insolvency event and new owners are now in place. By implication they were able to reach lawful agreement with creditors to facilitate this.

          To deviate, the expenses scandal was the biggest pile of political pish in my lifetime. All the dodgy expenses claims added up to just over a million quid. Barely enough to buy a detonator for a cruise missile of the type we were splashing down over Iraq oh so recently, night after night. Killing innocent Iraqis by the score. A country who’s soldiers had never fired a shot in anger at a British serviceman, prior to invasion. Now THAT is a political scandal worth getting hot and bothered about. A million quid. It wouldn’t pay the bar bill on a Chelsea players night out. If you deduce Mr Galloway was defending crooked MP’s then you’re assessment is different to mine. To suggest he champions the scheme is nonsense. He expressed his opinion which he is entitled to do. Why are you condemning someone who’s expenses were zero? Also, what evidence do you have that Mr Galloway is involved in complex tax evasion schemes? You may be onto something here if you know something. Does he have an ebt? This is news to me. I’ve a lt of time for Mr Galloway. Anyone who waned troops out Iraq got my vote. Presumably you were all for the slaughter of innocents and the suicide bombing of British soldiers. Mr Galloway was one of a handful of MP’s who weren’t.

          If you’re one of these people that insists any Rangers topic has to be counterbalanced by a Celtic story then perhaps you need to find a moderate site with a balanced Rangers viewpoint. If you find one, please let me know. I’ve been looking for a year and I’ve yet to find one.

        • p groom

          george yours is the typical answer of those who seek to deflect attention away from themselves. you can howl hypocrisy on the part of GG but it doesnt change the facts of what rangers got up to and why you think it should defies reason.

      • Doc

        Due to the name change, Rangers were not liquidated it was RFC2012. Mr Green played a blinder. Where the dubiety lies is in is plying your trade as a liquidated company. A good lawyer could provide more insight, I’m sure it would be of interest to the creditors

        • George

          Agreed, a good lawyer. Not a complete chancer like GG. Remarkable how people are voting down comments on someone who blatantly avoids tax. Presumably these people believe that GG is within his rights to avoid tax and champion an expense scheme open to abuse at the expense of the tax payer. Can someone please explain why they find this hypocrites actions and behaviour acceptable?

          • Doc

            I, personally, beleive its down to the way the MSM ‘market’ it. A foreign company which avoids tax eg Starbucks is portrayed as some sort of infidel but Barclays, as per Panorama on Monday, is shown avoidving a large % of the tax gap but there were no protests, no boycotts and not too much fuss made. I beleive this sort of foreign-bad domestic-acceptable thing led to George Galloway’s comments, on rangers tax avoidance, being cut from Question Time.

          • Adam

            Because its Rangers and not Galloway. No whataboutery allowed. Do as they say, not as they do.

            • Doc

              Sorry, Adam, but I firmly believe that the reason the rangers/tax avoidance comments were cut from Question Time is because it is relating to a UK company. I am of the opinion that if the same comments were said about Barclays Bank, it would still have been cut. I would think the BBC’s main political debate program has bigger fish to fry eg horsemeat, which was, even, extensively debated on this blog(with a pinch of humour). Please excuse the spelling errors and split infinitive.

            • Adam

              Doc, you are probably right or it could have been for Legal reasons. My post was a sarcastic dig at people who will actually believe that the English heads at the Beeb, who are the ones that control the content, are pro-Rangers.

              Its ludicrous.

        • Arb urns

          U make dj and gg’s point perfectly

  9. justshatered

    If this is true it is a very worrying turn of events. If this is the way the media operates then it is no different to the USSR of 30 years ago.
    If a broadcaster, national or otherwise, cannot or will not stand up for free speech the all you are allowed to hear is one side of a debate. In any democracy that is a scary proposition.
    All that has been allowed in this scandal, for that is what it has now developed into, is a constant stream of untruths, ambiguous statements, and downright lies from 95% of the media and print journalism. There is no other view of this story allowed.
    When anyone dares to ask any akward questions the they are either cut off or shouted down. Meanwhile threats and intimidation are rife because some people do not understand that they no longer rule the roost. The fact that they simply refuse to understand the outrage, in these times of economic hardship, of not paying NI and Tax simply to keep a competitive team on the park. This is before we even get to the EBT appeal.
    Are these ‘people’ so warped that they have no sense of justice. The dignity that they cling to is certainly no dignity that I understand or comprehend.
    The constant harping that they have been hard done to, clubs threatened, officials bullied quickly followed by the phrase that ‘it is time to move’ is becoming nauseous. It is quite clear that everyone can only move on under their terms otherwise the intimidation cycle begins all over again.
    It has become clear over the last few months that this is no longer about football. This has now developed far beyond one fan having a laugh at another in their clubs time of distress but grown into a social problem that is going to end very badly.
    Make no mistake about it pressure is building on all sides now and when pressure builds within a enclosed space, and not allowed to escape, then the vessel explodes. Scotland is a vessel that is now pressurising where truth is ignored and lies prommulgated to placate what is no more than an angry mob lashing out at all and sundry.

    • Crackin read justshatered. Well said.

      Do you feel better now? (no idea how to do the smiley face thing)

      • justshatered

        Not felt good about this shambles for over two years.
        While it maybe fun to read my mad ramblings just think on this; we are living in a country where the media have absolutely no interest in the truth and yet the people in charge of our nation wish us to vote to become an independent country.
        Whilest we may not be as gullible as a certain clubs fans what else are the media not investigating or telling the public.
        Are we living in a democracy or just the illusion of one.

        • Yeah, I know. The same thoughts cross my mind daily.

        • Spoonerism

          no the PEOPLE want us to be an independent nation. Scary how many folk on these blogs want to tie in an independence debate to football. Some of us don’t live for what happens on a football pitch. We want to change the way these Brit institutes manipulate our daily lives but some would tie us forever to these people while shouting for freedom for Ireland and Palestine. Double standards me thinks. Vote YES and allow us to build a nation where free speech is allowed

          • Driverjohn

            Spoonerisms, the people you talk about agree with you. End British involvement in Ireland and end British backing of Israel. Come on now, show yourself. You ARE George Galloway, aren’t you?

  10. allyjambo

    Excellent post, JohnBhoy.
    As well as this disgraceful pandering to the mob we must remember that the BBC employed a disgraced hack, providing him with his right of free speech, and to use it to further his conspiracy with, at the very least, Craig Whyte. I would have thought they’d have wanted to try to balance that massive misjudgement by, at the very earliest opportunity, giving free speech to one of the internet bampots they gave him free rein to malign.
    I wonder, too, who the BBC will invite along for an interview to provide balance to the puff piece they published by Gordon Smith?

    • Den


      You asked:

      ” wonder, too, who the BBC will invite along for an interview to provide balance to the puff piece they published by Gordon Smith?”

      Neil Patey perhaps. Would be a hard hitting clash as they try to outbland one another.

      Smith’s memory must be coming back gradually, he now remembers talking to Whyte about administration concerns.

  11. Bill Fraser

    Paul wasn’t invited as a Rangers hater who needed to be balanced by the presence of a Rangers apologist. He was invited as the owner of a blog which allows comments from people of all views, unlike rrabid ( so you don’t mistake it for rhabid) forums like RM or FF or blogs like Leggo and McMurdo which either don’t permit discussion or simply ban and wipe out posts which don’t toe the official line. Why didn’t Rangers put anyone forward to represent them in a head to head with Paul or Andy? Because they knew there was nobody who wouldn’t end up looking like a total bampot.
    Frree speech is good! Fhree speech (sorry about that one) is an abomination and must be kept from the ears of the god-fearing believers.

  12. Although I have no problems with Sevco offering their training facilities, every other word in your article Johnbhoy I am in total agreement with.also feel, like Sairfecht, that it should be forwarded to the director general, for his per usal, opinion, and response. I would be happy to add my name to any petition, or whatever form it may take(should you choose to do so).

  13. Bill Fraser

    I agree. Let’s get a petition together Newco seems to thinks it runs Scotland and needs to be put in its place.

    • Raymilland


      I agree with your post 100%.

      The journey is becoming tiresome; we can sometimes bolster the debate with a little humour along the way, in reality, decent folk, far and near, are sick to death with the bullshit and propaganda spouted to enable a club named the rangers.

      I use arid humour in order to dress my views, although to be utterly honest, I believe that the general public, if given the opportunity, would gladly pay for a grand funeral to inter rangers lock stock and barrel for ever more.

      It’s difficult to identify anything remotely positive about the club; do they actually merit any sympathy? The circumstance of their bankruptcy has caused embarrassment and distress to the game in Scotland (least they care).
      All the while, their (where there’s muck there’s brass) chief mouthpiece has the gall to ‘broadside’ Scottish football.

      I would be shocked if that the BBC Sportsound guys do not invite Paul and any other to allow a ‘balanced’ debate on the subject very soon.

      If that I had my wish granted: I would book ‘the rangers’ and their ragged arse supporters on the next one way voyage aboard the Carnival Triumph. The reported damage and reek of shite throughout the ship would not be amiss.

      May God bless her and all who sail on her?

      • “The reported damage and reek of shite throughout the ship would not be amiss.”
        RayM, you wordsmith of yore, I thankyou. I leaked a bit when I imagined Hugh K on SSB uttering that statement:)
        that should be a smiley

  14. Paranoid Obsessive

    I thought at the time that the angry mob’s reaction to Phil MacGiolla Bhain’s book, trying to force it off the shelves, was a worrying turn of events that the media should have come down on rather than went along with. You would think the media would have a lot to lose if there’s any erosion of freedom of speech but they either don’t see it that way or are too frightened of upsetting the wrong people.

    BBC Scotland lost a lot of credibility in my eyes when they continued to give Traynor a weekly platform after his claims that Celtic might be responsible for job losses at Rangers and let Chick Young act like Campbell Ogilvies lawyer for several nights on the trot, talking about whispering campaigns against him, saying he’d done nothing wrong, had no EBT and then that it was for less than you’d spend on a night out etc. I know Mark Dalys documentaries were on the BBC and Jim Spence was much better than most of the Scottish football journalists during Rangers administration but the likes of Daly and Spence are only doing what they’re meant to in reporting accurately and they’ve had their fair share of apologists and propagandists too.

  15. To Carson
    consider that although your views are not the most popular with the general participants of Paul’s blog, I can guarantee you the vast majority would not condone your right to spout the keech you come out with being curtailed. And you abuse the hospitality at every opportunity, yet you condone what has happened in this situation with Paul and Andy. You are a tube of the highest order. Away and have a word with yourself.
    This is a serious slight on free speech, coupled with the way Phil’s book was treated last year, the lie ( pun intended) of the land is clear. It should be worrying to the so called intellectuals of this country. Who will be deprived of free speech and expression next? BTW when are we scheduled to burn books that don’t suit the Zombies.

    • ecojon


      I nearly had a hernia laughing when you mentioned arseon and
      intellectual in the same post. And I am afraid that I do not agree with you on arseon.

      I believe that the right to free speech is not an absolute right but one contrained by a number of factors such as the law and what a society judges as acceptable and various other exceptions,

      The bile that arseon spouts is not ‘free speech’ to argue a principled position but to pursue an agenda based on the teachings of her/his hero at CRO who does not allow free speech on his blog.

      I have yet to see arseon publish one single constructive post and indeed struggle to think of any where there is not an attack, sometimes thinly disguised, on Catholics, Celtic FC and its supporters.

      Arseon succeeds as a troll when we provide the oxygen to feed her/his hatred by responding and many posters on here fail to recognise that simple fact.

      • That is why I rarely even read his input, let alone react to his moronic demagoguery, and too many here give him nourishment by responding, but ignoring is different from actually muzzling his drooling maw. I live in possibly the vain hope that with his constant perusal of consistently well constructed and argued points of view presented here, that it may seep into his obviously neglected thought processes. Instead of him polluting the people here, who should now know his m.o by now. it is he who is reading content that he would not look at normally or in his case subnormally. I was just making the point that he is being extended a courtesy that he would deny the person/people whose blog/s he visits with tedious frequency. But in general I more than see your point and agree.

  16. ecojon

    Rangers International

    -0.20 (-0.25%)
    Feb 15 – Close

  17. Michael

    Blimey chaps, a little bit less of the paranoia a self-righteousness eh?

    I thought I’d taken a wrong turn into the bear’s den there!

  18. JimBhoy

    Re-posting….Is it just me or does everyone think it’s past carson’s bed time… carson before bed go read something that might stretch your mind and not focus too much on your normal bitter ideas and utterances.

    Way to bed pal, cya in the morning, mind an take your sedatives… Don’t lick the windows…Again.

  19. JimBhoy

    Re-posting @Johnboy football is a funny old game as someone once said.. It was never 3-0, you gotta take your chances in football and if you get a bad performance you can lose goals.. The saying 3(x) chances 3(x) goals, sign of a good team is all fair and well but it often has a fair bit of luck attached..

    We had a keeper coming back from injury and a defender who was off pace as he was away for a while and our best Euro player this season in Sami not fit… To play top opposition you need ALL the team on form.

    Celtic played well, best team over the piece IMO and lost 3-0, funny old game….

    If we get last 16 every 3rd year i would be happy… Maybe that’s our realistic goal.. hail Hail..

  20. Truth of the matter is that Sevco have absolutely no one that could go face to face with any Celtic supporter with two brain cells as they could never handle the truth in ANY description. They are so used to getting their own way everywhere – no questions asked – it’s where their delusion breathes life. What a sad shower of useless dinosaurs the Sevco supporters are.

    Its time we (Scottish football supporters) took the gloves off when dealing with this urine soaked excuse for a fitba club!

    Probably time to mount a ‘ Cut The Umbilical Cord to Sevco’ campaign to enable them to face reality for once. Time to challenge the lies and bile that keep the delusions alive by shouting loud and clear that this new company needs to show a bit of humility and respect for their new situation as well as other football clubs who are getting mighty tired of their constant warmongering and blatant downright lies.

    They have wakened a sleeping giant.

  21. Adam

    c) They are both wrong

    • Raymilland


      Is the above your reply to my earlier post?

      February 15, 2013 at 12:46 pm
      News coming in: There is a massive meteor heading your way!

      Crikey! What should I do?

      (a) Act calmly; listen to the advice given by the broadcaster.

      (b) Bury my head in the sand.

      (c) Ask what school the broadcaster went to?

      (d) Put on a bowler hat?

      (e) Eat another pie?

      (f) Hide under a table?

      Please send your answers to the above sae to Chris Graham care of STV Pacific Quay Glasgow G51 1PQ

  22. mick

    @ecojon a read else were charlie is sorting accounts for us to mull over or will this just be another green moonbeam lie

    sticking within the article maybe its time our academics done a book solely on the msm and its similiaritys to the gastapo and its effects it can have on future generations and highlight all the work done by people like nil by mouth and so on and how these campiagns now look doomed and not even getting a mention in the media these days all this to please green so he can make a buck at the bears expence so its logged in print as the downfall was more about the business side although covering the social aspects but not in real detial ,msm has bestowed a mental illness on the sevco fans a delutionial disorder is a medicial condition that needs treatment and the longer green and his m8s in the msm continue this the worse and longer it will take to heal they really are zombiefied with it

    control in the media is usually to get you to by something or to get your vote put this we are experiancing right now is a more sinister sort not seen since the hilter days of last centuary anyway or can be assesed as similiar to n korea how sad

    • jinky44

      They “lost” the tape of the 7-1 game says it all to me!!

    • Doc

      On the topic of accounts, there can be a lot of the old jiggery-pokerry. Rangers accounts passed scrutiny for years even though we now know they had more mysteries than Agatha Christie. When the recent Celtic accounts were announced, I was focused on the fact it was ‘bank debt’, as opposed to total,debt, that as announced.

  23. JimBhoy

    @Eco read my (re)posts on the man or woman (Carson), To be Frank ( 🙂 ) absolutely nothing to offer except misinformation IMO.. He/she gets off on replies so let’s non indulge…

    • mick

      caron was wanting took out and dined with a commentor devo leggos mate lol good for you carson coming out to the lads but this site is for blogging not dating join gay dar you will get more luck there and no 1 will make jokes of you unless you mention your rangers am sure all the tims on there would but you well in your place

  24. mutznutz

    well said johnbhoy also well said driverjohn two great reads,bbc scotland is hoaching with corruption .

  25. mick

    what they going to do when the union flag gets replaced with the st andrews flag next year this is really sociology studies here if they cant man up and face being div3 and new team what will it take to keep them happy then or will alex just send in the army to shoot them like bloody sunday although the uk is stablie and would wish us well what will the fleg mob say
    they have ruined the no vote all the snp need to say is say yes to end sevco domince in scotland and millions of fans will vote yes a like in the uk due to london irish family and travelling to london for breaks but am now thinking f them al vote yes next year just to annoy sevco and continue there permarage

    • Adam

      div 3 team. Why u care so much?

      • mick

        because this my country adam and am socially aware of wrong doing thats why also a feel cheated via oldco and what an end to it a have no chip on my shoulder a just want fairness and equality for all and when out for a drink not to be asked what school did you go to

        • Adam

          oldco ? but this is sevco. Nothing to do with oldco according to you….

          Whats the latest from Andy and OG

          • mick

            the word is theres a metorite heading for the sevco doom and nasa has named it agent whyte

          • mick

            scotzine tweeting that lord Nimmo smith verdict to be announced. on 28th Feb. a wonder if the titians will hold back till just before then or will we have it all next week lol dont forget thommos got more emails to

            • Adam

              But what was the big exclusive last Saturday. We are nearly 7 days on and we deserve to know mick. The bloggers dont lie….

            • Mick, re 28, Feb, CG blathered that date(amongst many moonbeams) at the Sydney Sevconian Meeting. I think they’re just passing it on with the same belief as the rest of his guff. You know Chuckie works on %ages. One day he will be right.

    • Bill Fraser

      Didn’t you hear, Mick? They’re going to sue the FA for discrimination and they are going to bugger off down to England. They’ll then be able to worship the new Union Jack.

  26. JimBhoy

    Gordon Smith eats too many frozen ready meals and often suffer from hoof in mouth disease… When he speaks it normally makes me yawn, his tone and demeanour is that of a flirty monotonous fable teller..

    When we talk about those who hate the rabid rangers, we should talk about those who have represented Scottish football for years who have been agin the Celik, proof there also… What proof do we have that they have done anything agin the rangers that have actually gained others an advantage.. They (scottish football bigwigs) are just incompetant and both sides agree i think..

  27. eddiebhoy

    Spot on comments,the sooner the rest of Scottish football stand up to these people the better .let’s show some solidarity against this billy boy bullying tactics and tell them where to go.if lns does not find them guilty then that’s the straw that broke the camels back.

  28. lord mac

    we are letting them of the hook, we are not demanding answers first from the SFA then the JOURNALISTS, it is they we need to flog to death and ask them questions , but lets get at the SFA first, call them out. get answers and if they dont come up with the right ones get rid of them before they make up a stupid rule. we already know they have made 2 attempts dont let them get the third, or it will be too late too late was the cry.

  29. Raymilland

    Opportunity Knocks as reported on scotzine twitter

    @pmurphyICT Charles Green reportedly offered to pay for a clubs season ticket sales they normally sell if they vote in favour of RFC in SPL

    It would appear that Mr Green has no limit to achieving his aim

  30. JimBhoy

    @Mick Independence will leave us as fukd as IS the irish economy. The republic thrived as they joined the EU, i had many visits over for work and pals and could see the progress then, the punt to Euro and a lot of people took that hit…Now their economy is hosed and will be for years, just my opinion..

    I had a chance to move to the US a couple of times and my company have offices all over and I can honestly say I would move outta Scotland if we got independence as the present political authority incumbents are a waste of oxygen and will fuk this country up to extinction. Sad…. But if nothing else safety in numbers in the UK.. I will encourage my kids to move when the time comes…

    We have local authorities paying off tons of ordinary dudes, lot of my pals have suffered and they give someone high up who has been there three years half a million pay off and 70 grand a year pension for life… We are paying for that..

    Half a mill would pay for 2 or 3 great playing parks and maintenance for 10 years for the community…. Fukin saddens me mate…. Fukin saddens me…

    • mick

      jim during blogging with you a have noticed you are socially aware and show true compassion to others which is really admiril of you put a feel scotland would thrive via modern energys and london centralised companys would have to open up offices here as there scottish branch although there might be hardship at least we would be in control of our destiny and alex although seeing sevco as the fabric of our nation a think would look after our services and schemes more thn london we should not have to move we should be able to filfill our aims and goals here after the london bank scandal am all for it and when a was we at school my head mistress use to tell me when praying to cross our thumps so the big man up above new it was a scottish prayer and that 1 day this would lead us to control our own destiny the union is wrong although we will always be m8s with the other nations via family and breaks in these places

      • Doc

        If the UK of GB and NI accepted Scotland as a country then we would have a quarter of the parliamentery representation, as 1 of the 4 countries, instead of 59 of 650. Why should Scottish based MPs not be allowed to vote on English/Welsh matters when all MPs can vote on Scottish only issues eg North Sea oil, fishing, etc? Do you really want to accept a live of being a 2nd class citizen? Pray that UKIP don’t get in, Farage makes Thatcher look like Trotsky.

  31. mick

    this is greens weekly green beams not exactly hoover craft pitches like murrays but still as false

    Re: Meeting with Charles Green, Sports Direct and Fans
    The Rangers Standard ‏@RangersStandard
    Ok following is update from meeting.

    The Rangers Standard ‏@RangersStandard
    Accounts in two weeks. Insinuation that less than the full publicised IPO amount was raised is nonsense.

    The Rangers Standard ‏@RangersStandard
    Kit deal and sponsor in under a week. Final contracts stage.

    The Rangers Standard ‏@RangersStandard
    5 year deal for new supplier. Looking at ways to distribute merchandise better across the world.

    The Rangers Standard ‏@RangersStandard
    Looking at academy in Florida or California. Likely pre season matches in US.

    The Rangers Standard ‏@RangersStandard
    Proposal for LA Galaxy, Rangers and Newcastle tournie being organised by Galaxy.

    The Rangers Standard ‏@RangersStandard
    Steven Davis and others never coming back. £ received nothing to do with him. Down to Southampton integrity.

    The Rangers Standard ‏@RangersStandard
    Lease signed for shop at airport. Shop next to Celtic shop. Lease for shop in Belfast. Close to old shop. Megastore at Ibrox.

    The Rangers Standard ‏@RangersStandard
    No plans for more RFC shops. Using SD and in certain shops there will be dedicated RFC merchandise sections.

  32. Bullying, there is no other word for it. I suspect the Beeb are just as allergic to having live ordinance being tipped through their letter boxes as the next guy. I get the feeling though that if your kicking up a fuss about the continual dead head stunts by the Sevcovites wider society views you with something approaching the same contempt they have for the Orcs.
    It’s a bit like saying you don’t want the Tangerine Trekkers marching down your street. Your considered part of the very same problem.

  33. Doc

    The BBC is truly a British Institution, it is looked upon in highest regard in all free-thinking countries and, with good reason, should set its sights on being the best and as such cannot lower the service quality or bow to the whim of anyone. Any sort of ‘lying down’, burying news or detracting this ambition is completely unacceptable.
    What message would such actions convey? If North Korea threatens Pacific Quay should we expect to hear about how life is perfect in that country? Should these threats and underhand manipulations be exposed for all to see?
    “All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing”. Are the BBC now succumbing to a policy of appeasement? Is this the first step on the path to ‘succulent lamb’ journalism?
    True journalists should be able to work without fear or favour. The BBC should do as such. There will always be detractors that promote the idea that our License money is lining the pockets of Peter Lawell/David Murray/Charles Green but it is when the media put popularity above the truth that we should be worried.

    Personally I belive the biggest threat to, Mr McConville, appearing on this show was, not the unhappy rangers fans or unbalanced debate, but the publication of his travel plans. There are already far too many people involved in football who have required police advice and protection without adding to it.

  34. Jon

    Fantastic post JohnBhoy and some good and sometimes worrying comments here. On balance, I think Doc has made a great point about Paul revealing his invitation to the show. Perhaps the solution is for Paul to insist on appearing and keep it to himself when he is. I hope this is the case and look forward to the day, very soon, when Paul has the opportunity to exercise his democratic right of free speech regardless of whether I agree with what he say or not.

  35. Fra

    Wonderful post Driverjohn. It summed up the absurd situation in a nutshell. Wouldn’t be allowed to happen but what if ‘comet’ became ‘comet 2012’ or similar. It seems an absolutely absurd position to the untrained layman and dare I say morally corrupt.

  36. Thomas

    on my bunnet saluting you JohnBhoy!

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