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Mr Leggat Thinks (Wrongly) that Conviction of Mr Whyte Would Mean Rangers’ Last 2 Years Never Happened

In which I look at Mr David Leggat’s explanation of how a conviction of Craig Whyte (should there ever be a prosecution) means that the last two years did not happen, and I respectfully disagree with him.

I also remind readers that, in October 2011, I identified who could stop Craig Whyte, and indeed how they should do so, but also why it was never going to happen.

And possibly I explain or debunk some of the numerous myths which have accumulated around this saga.


There is a natural human tendency to look on the bright side; to think that, no matter how bad the situation is, it will improve. This is one of the factors which explains the domination of the planet by the human race, and many amazing feats of endurance and survival, facing the greatest odds.

So when someone or something close to one’s heart is threatened, there is almost a default reaction of “it will be all right”. Sometimes it requires the construction of elaborate means by which the happy outcome will be achieved – this being part of the process of keeping one’s spirits up.

Yesterday saw such an effort from that mater of the “inky trades” Mr Leggat. He is a man with many decades of experience at the sharp end of the newspaper industry and someone whose qualifications in that field are clear. Continue reading


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Gordon Smith Re-Writes History of Rangers Entering Administration

A couple of quick points here, now and soon, about how issues are covered by the Scottish media relating to Rangers. I have had discussions before with journalists who say that an interview or report is usually just for getting down what the interviewee has to say, and there is no scope for pointing out that they might actually be talking rubbish.

That view has helped contribute to the “succulent lamb” ethos and has allowed stories of Motherwell Born Billionaires, and “war chests” filled with millions to be trotted out uncritically.

A year on since Administration, on 14th February 2012, how are the media covering these issues?

First up we have the BBC. They published yesterday a report of an interview with Gordon Smith. You will recall that Mr Smith is a former CEO of the SFA and former Director of Football at Rangers, appointed by Craig Whyte and made redundant by Duff and Phelps.

His interview is mainly about how soon Rangers will be on top again and I will leave others to comment on that, if they want to.

However a part of the interview seemed not quite right. Continue reading


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