Craig Whyte Not Bankrupt – Petition by Harper MacLeod Dismissed

And so the various theories and speculations, including mine, that Mr Whyte would happily allow his sequestration (bankruptcy) to pass prove unfounded.

STV reported this afternoon that the petition for his sequestration lodged by Harper MacLeod, his former solicitors, was dismissed, with Mr Whyte ordered to pay £613.13 of court expenses.

By implication therefore he has reached agreement to pay, and has indeed paid, an acceptable sum to his former solicitors. If payment was still awaited, the case would have been continued to allow settlement to take place.

One wonders who else might join the queue of his creditors, along with Bannatyne Kirkwood & France, another of his former lawyers.

After all, when Mr Whyte owned Rangers Football Club PLC, it was the creditors who took action early, such as Donald McIntyre and Levy & McRae, who were paid. The rest joined the long list of creditors seeking a dividend from disposal of the assets by the administrators.

I am not sure how this agreement to settle the matter will fit with those who see an evil conspiracy involving Harper MacLeod, Mr Whyte and the Scottish football authorities to the detriment of Rangers football Club, but I am sure thought will be given to how this matter fits that scenario.

Harper MacLeod and Mr Whyte, for their own separate reasons, almost had the matter dealt with without publicity, but the openness brought by publication fo the court lists meant that that was not possible.

Maybe, after all, Mr Whyte was able to deploy some of his “off the radar” wealth to pay off the legal bill!

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18 responses to “Craig Whyte Not Bankrupt – Petition by Harper MacLeod Dismissed

  1. John Burns

    Seems to me Paul, that Whyte is very keen to protect his position – has he ever moved so quick? He must still be a major player in the Rangers farce – Ticketus, Ibrox and Murray Park et al.

  2. mick

    is it via a floating charge or is it hes behind 1 of the ten companys(octupus legs)that green has fronted there is lots of thoughts on the backers and were there is a lack of transparacy it usually means wrong downing so if any of the theorys are right when do we find out what debth of fit and proper was done by the sfa to see should there be a inquiry bomber very loyal and true blue seems to think so( ra deeds)

  3. mcfc

    I’m still yawning over the £94m tax bill 🙂

    If HMRC are owed £94m by the club – does anyone have an idea how to estimate what that means for the individual EBT recipients. Did they escape more or less tax than the club per EBT and could individuals face penalties in similar proportion to tax evaded.

    • Jono

      Great Question…Does anyone know what happens, if HMRC uphold the tax liability at FTT, with respect to individual EBT loan recipient liabilities?

    • Waterygrave

      The original tax bill was between £24 and £35mil in back taxes, plus penalties and interest raised that to £49mil at the point where HMRC started the first tier tribunal, plus what Whyte did not pay plus other penalties raises it up to the £94m.

  4. Sir Nicholas Fairbairn

    Whyte is a scumbag. You can only wonder how many people this mountebank has ripped off – ordinary decent folk as well as companies big and small. The other thing this whole episode has shone light on in its exposition of Whyte and others like him who contribute nothing to society(in Whytes case literally) and live a completely parasitic existence preying on, apparently legally, companies and individuals. Business men – dont make me laugh.

    • cam

      Sorry to rain on yours and others parades,but lets rewind to the big bang,,,the time before this blog.
      The host and chief postulator in this random site is at least qualified to comment on bankruptcy having had his law firm suffer an insolvency event.Source Armstrong Watson Insolvency
      The above is not supposition,rumour or veiled sectarianism,,,just documented fact.
      If someone is going to offer opinion/information then its good journalistic practise to verify the source and check the background,,,see The Sun v Phil 3 names.
      Between supporting Albion Rovers,touring with Phil the Smeared and volunteering at Hamilton CAB Mr McConville finds time,,lots of it,,in hypothesising on the business dealings of RFC and anyone connected to it.
      Nowt wrong with a wee obsession,,it can be healthy, but if i was a Martian and i wanted to gather some facts on Ireland and its history then i wouldn’t visit with Ian Paisley before i pressed the X15 disruptor button.
      As far as i’m aware none of the much maligned MSM have been disciplined by the NUJ.Chico’s business dealings have been analysed in here and his character dissected.So in the interests of fairness the above is relevant?
      Just a coincidence that ad hominem is an anagram of i’m ah demon?

      Whats that noise?,,,,oh its the cavalry!!!

      • cam

        My history is not something kept hidden. I did mention that I have personal knowledge of the HMRC change in attitude.

        I deleted your references to specific people – confidentiality precludes specific responses, but in any event your post implies dishonesty, which there was not.

        Dr Paisley knows a great deal about Northern Ireland, and anyone seriously studying it would consider his views, I suggest. They might not agree.

        I am sorry if I seem to have upset you today.


        • ecojon

          @ Paul

          Something must be hurting him badly – possibly a certain Moscow Night – or perhaps he just forgot to take his meds. Normal insanity will be resumed once he lies in a darkened crypt for 1,000 years 🙂

        • cam

          Not at all Mr McConville,i’m too thick or thick skinned to get upset by the banter in here.
          I only posted what is out there in the press and from the Journal online.There was no implication on my part, just quotes from MP’s members of the public and the decision of the Law Society.
          Certain journos in here have recently upset a few in here and seem to be fair game for character assasination.One of your stalwarts accusing him of racism,dodgy financial dealings etc.
          You are far too skilled to use that blunt method,better just to raise a debate and put the bait out for the pack to follow.
          Careful presentation and shaping of an argument can easily lead someone to the desired outcome.
          I was furious after watching half of a documentary about the moon landings,my childhood dreams in tatters,then came the counter argument and happiness was restored.
          I did lose half a bet that Dr F and Igor would be first to the rescue.Dr F’s response was not up to his usual standard,i must mark him down.
          Don’t do the whole ten years in here, you will end up as mad as me!

  5. Dhougal

    Tune in next week…………….da rata rata tum, da rata da ta tum ,de reta reta……………….That’s All Folks !!!!!!!!! . GBNL

  6. Michael

    I suppose full money laundering checks will be carried out on the settlement cash?

  7. JimBhoy

    I would say this…
    Pay your fukin taxes and when they say u can save, boot them in the gonads and say i am no wild rover,,,, plus i love Luke Kelly, ironically given to me by a good N Irish proddie boy who served in the RAF… Jono miss ya soo much pal..! Take me up to monto monto monto…! God rest your soul
    Rangers, Celtic, catholic and proddie, makes no difference to me..

  8. Paul,

    Wonders will never cease.

  9. Alex W

    Tixway in liquidation now and the £500,000 investment in this company by Merchant House Group has been written off as unlikely to be recovered.

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