The Rangers in Historic Collapse!

Fantastic stuff tonight on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra as the Oakland Athletics finished a fantastic comeback to overhaul the Texas Rangers and win the American League West, and to be in first place in the Division for the first time at the very end of game number 162.

Texas was five games up with nine to go, and no MLB team has lost such a lead before.

I’ve always had a liking for the Athletics, even before Michael Lewis’ “Moneyball” book, which made a popular hero of Billy Beane, who was later portrayed in the film version of Moneyball by Brad Pitt.

Tonight the Rangers took an early 5-1 lead, but the Athletics fought back to catch and pass Texas thanks to consistent hitting and errors on defence.

The Athletics won at a canter, tacking on insurance runs in the bottom of the eighth, and sealing the win in front of an ecstatic Coliseum crowd by 12-5.

The Rangers still make the postseason in the Wild Card game, but they ought to have sown up the Division, and avoided the need for the one off – lose and go home – wild card game.

The Athletics also did so with a rotation made up of 5 rookies, and the lowest pay roll in baseball. Lessons there for work

As their lead slipped away, the Rangers became mystified by their collapse.

Shortly the New York Yankees, my favourite baseball team, start their game with the shambolic Red Sox, although there is never a sure thing in that long and historical rivalry, whilst the Baltimore Orioles face the Tampa Bay Rays, to se if they can catch the Yankees to force a one game playoff for the Division, which will be followed the next day for the loser by the Wild Card game against Texas.

The fact that, after 161 games played by each team, the season depends on number 162 is one of the most engrossing regarding baseball. And after all this, the post season where, literally, everyone can beat everyone else.

So well done Oakland, and commiserations to the Rangers; best wishes too to the Yankees for the win.

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  1. ecojon

    @ JimBhoy

    What I really liked about Ambrose was what he was saying afterwards that I saw reported – he sounded a good guy and sensible and there was a bit of thought in the words it seemed rather than just a quick quip to get rid of the journos.

    Tuesday impressed me because they didn’t fall-apart when things started to go wrong. That to me was really impressive. All I ever ask of a Celtic team is that they do their best and if that isn’t good enough then the other team is usually better than us although luck and refereeing sometimes play a part 🙂

  2. mick

    good evening every 1 our youth policies are the pride of europe just look at the game the other night mcGeady and Forrest a was well impressed with Amdrose to he seems well solid and stable and the perfect pro a think celtic have a lot of good times a head with this team and as the topic here is about the under dog who knows with the luck of the bounce we good take points of BARCA easy a feel this team is as good if not better then the 1 neil played in

    the above radio station is 1 of my fav shows tommy gold pure class in a class totally the man the best ever he gets ogilvie on the phone and chats for 30 mins about ebts brill or what near end with 40mins to go

  3. mick

    just side splitting! – ready now – to the tune of Dont Stop Believin’

    Fans Meeting With Charles Green At Ibrox

    Details Published on Friday, 05 October 2012 02:16 Written by croatianbicycles

    CHARLES Green, Brian Stockbridge and Imran Ahmad last night met several Scottish-based representatives from the Rangers community at Ibrox. The trio gave a presentation to the assembled delegates.
    GREEN discussed several issues, including how he came about being involved in the consortium.
    Ahmad approached Green in February as Zeus were thinking about putting a deal together. Initially Green said no, but then looked at it and between them and they started putting a team together to takeover Rangers. They asked some investors to put some money in with very little details, and they showed this money to Duff & Phelp who then started to take them seriously. Over the next few months and the consortium paid £250k deposit, a total of £5.5M for the club and gave D&P another £500k to help pay the wages for May.
    It was also made clear that the club owns the Ibrox and the training complex at Auchenhowie 100%, again threw out allegations of Whyte’s involvement.
    Green mentioned the treatment from other clubs and the Scottish Football Association:
    UEFA meeting and no club could believe what had happened to us and treatment by SFA. One club commented that they had been bribing referees and did not get treated that badly.
    Green said only 5 clubs wanted to kick us out of SPL, with another 5 wanting to abstain. We asked them to stop passing buck and make a decision, and the other 5 reluctantly voted against.
    Green then went onto outline his future plans for the club. These included:
    The owners want to get more non-exec directors on board for good governance. No single investor will be allowed more than 10%.
    Over 5 million worldwide fan base: wants to include them all much better than before.
    Green has agreed a deal to buy Edmiston House from Murray. This will see the Ticket office moving to where superstore is now. The Megastore will move to bottom 2 floors of Edmiston House. The upper floors are to be converted into a sports bar.
    The club is committed to ensuring our merchandise is readily available in USA. Former Ibrox favourite Reyna is going to help us create academies in USA, and Bocanegra will join him once he hangs up his boots. The club believes the American market to be massive.
    The Asian Market is well known to our investors. This Market is seen as the biggest upcoming market, Rangers are going to get involved in a big way. The club is currently looking at partners to develop brand/ tours etc.
    As previously known the JJB deal terminated has been terminated and replaced by Sports Direct. Green wants to get back to 2005 levels of retail sales of £20M and profit of £5.6M per annum. The new deal with Sports Direct will help us do this. The club has been talking to Adidas, Puma and Nike about taking over Umbro deal which has been terminated, an announcement is expected soon! Puma are probably the favourites due to connections with Sports Direct.
    The club believes media rights are going to be huge over next decade, i.e TV migrating to web. Rangers are in talks with TV and tech companies. It is expected that media income alone will reach £100M within 10 years. Looks at example of the Champions League final which generated £1.7B.
    Green believes there will be a Euro league of sorts within a few years and that RFC will be a part of it, citing that the global fan base is too big to exclude us. Green also alluded to The Champions League which would be worth £20M income to club per season.
    The Club are going to revalue property assets at more realistic £30-40M in next balance sheet. The players are worth £2M on the balance sheet.
    We have a strong youth player base, in 3 years we will have 6 under 22 players with over 100 appearancess, this experience will stand club in good stead.
    In January 2012 the wage bill was £30M per annum. It is now £6M per annum. Policy to bring in players on good wages (£20k pw) but not pay large fees we don’t get back. Looking to bring in 10 players like that between now and top league return, making max wage bill of £16M per annum. Ally McCoist believes title winning squad achievable under that budget.
    It seemed to be a very productive meeting for all concerned. A proper, 21st century football business model has been created, in my opinion it will put Rangers light-years ahead of every other Scottish club and closer to the “Global” football brands such as Man United, Chelsea and Real Madrid.

    No hover pitch or helicopter landing pad – even their moonbeams are second rate now.


    This might be a daft question, but if The Rangers share issue is going to be done ‘in-house’ as Green said, then who would underwrite it, if it failed to reach the target amount?

    • mick

      Re “Cenkos Securities” …. I remember just after this name came up … There was a “press” release of sorts in the financials …. Regarding 4 new appointees to assist in the flotation of “Charlie’s Co” … And if I remember correctly they were …. C Whyte …. D King …. A Ellis … And another whose name escapes for the moment ….. Has there been any more to this … Anyone ? ?


      Somebody posted a doctored press release where the names of the new appointees had been changed to the aforementioned. It was a joke / wind up.
      Here’s their releases:
      You reminded me of the story of the broker who went around buying up shares in Czarist era Russian railways. The shares were of course completely worthless. When asked by a concerned friend “Why?” he replied, “They are beautifully printed works of art, and my bathroom walls now look lovely!”

      I would strongly advise Rangers fans to approach Mr Green’s scheme in a similiar frame of mind.

      When the fans were asked to contribute last time around to clear debt they declined to do so in large numbers and that was when they were asked to invest by a man who had delivered one of the most successful periods in the clubs history (albeit soon to become one of the most unsuccessful periods).

      So why would the fans now put money in to Chuck’s Snake Oil Emporium Ltd? I can’t see them raising enough to clear Chuck & Ticketus. It is of course possible they may raise enough to buy a set of orange strips.

    • ecojon

      @ COYBIG

      Look stop trying to figure out the Green gameplan because you never will. Let’s wait and see what the prospectus says. At that stage every single Scottish football fans should hit the share tip websites and ask the questions that the Bears are too scared to ask.

      Let’s make sure that potential investors are in full possession of all the facts surrounding this share offer.

      Every single Scottish Football club is at risk because of the stated intention of Rangers supporters to boycott SPL away games and even when a SPL club comes to Ibrox.

      This mob have totally lost the plot and it is our duty to make sure that innocent investors know the score – so let’s mobilise and make sure that every investor knows the the potential risks before they part with their cash.

      Rangers are riding high at the moment crowing about the success of their boycotts against every media organisation I can think of – let’s make sure that ordinary men and women throughout the UK know the true risks involved in share flotation. That is our duty!

      • cam

        And therein the full depth of the obsession is revealed!
        Lets mobilise!
        Lets scaremonger!
        Lets sweetie wife!
        Mordor expects every Orc to do its duty!

        Lets get the SFA and SPL to pass a rule to force people to attend football matches.
        Oops,,,the mask slipped.

  5. mick

    greens making his own share scheme its not going to be questioned thats why it will be like a rail bond from 100 years a go he will print them and do them in frames 500 lol he will sign it

  6. mick

    Chuck’s Snake Oil Emporium Ltd phrase of the week in joke terms

  7. JimBhoy

    Mick my pal cannot disagree, but not one to rub it in fella,our bhoys are great and the rangers shite….simples. Green is the only show in town

  8. JimBhoy

    Greenbacks rock..!

  9. ecojon

    Well I’m glad to see that Sally is getting into line behind chico and that the pair have obviously been told that they are in the last chance saloon. Any other attacks on the SFA or SPL will result in not fit and proper charges and this time it will be a black cap job and not a NP.

    I’ve got to say I never saw a NP coming – does anyone know of any previous precedent for it in the Scottish Football rule books?

    Still chico has been booted up the behind by his money people and reminded this is not about selling orange strips but about a successful share flotation.

    So expect things to go a bit quiet on the mouth music front and a slight stepp away from certain elements of the Rangers support and it will be interesting to observe their reaction to the new realities down Ibrox way.

    Still a victory for Scottish Football in general methinks and there will be no support for any boycotts coming fron chico, that’s for sure 🙂

  10. lawheid

    I have a few questions, sadly not related to this particular blog post:

    1. Who made the decision to make Campbell Ogilvie president of the SFA?

    2. Why was that 4 days since Bill Miller put himself out of the bidding
    for the assets, D&P agreed a deal with Charles Green’s consortium, which
    includes an exclusivity fee of £200,000, much less than the half a million
    pounds they wanted from Miller?

  11. martin c

    c and p from RM

    Report From IPO Meeting

    Rangers = Rangers, end of story.
    Titles/Trophies are going nowhere.
    NewCo was never Plan A – they really wanted the CVA option.
    Soon realised Scottish press are ‘Mad’ – couldn’t believe their reaction. He blames it on the fact that “Charles Green” all of a sudden came from nowhere and none of the press could profit from stories/rumours etc, in the lead up to the buying of the club.
    Consortium were misled by press and ‘other individuals’.
    Club will be stronger and better than it has ever been.


    Chairman – Malcolm Murray
    CEO – Charles Green
    Finance Director – Brian Stockbridge
    Commercial Director – Imran Ahmad
    Manager – Alistair McCoist
    Non-Exec Directors – TBC

    CG and Ally don’t have a problem. When Walter Smith was looking at a consortium bid, Ally met with CG to say he couldn’t publicly ‘support’ CG as he was good friends with Walter of 20+ years. CG said ‘Good, because Loyalty is the key quality I expect from my team.’ Ally was happy with that, as was CG. Since then, no problem.

    CG then explained how it all came about that IA called him and asked if he wanted to buy RFC. CG said no, he wanted to retire. IA talked him into it and they set up a bank account, asked some people to put some money into the account, no paperwork just trust. They bought the exclusivity for £250k, this guaranteed them the right to buy. They then bought the assets for £5.5m. Duff and Phelps couldn’t pay the running costs for May, so CG’s group ‘bailed them out’ and paid the bills for May, to the tune of £500k.


    1. Football
    2. Social Responsibility
    3. Media
    4. Fans


    Capita will issue the Initial Public Offering (IPO) share information next week. IPO presentation shows RFC (in Europe) is a £60m turnover club, RFC (no Europe) is £40m club. Division 3 will be “lower”. CG said when Div3 was confirmed, he should have cut 25% of workforce, but didn’t. Took the decision to retain staff, keep the talent/skills as he believes the whole ‘team’ is important moving forward to where he expects us to be.

    CG said the wage bill was £30m last year, added we have a history of buying high and selling low, mainly due to the age of the players we bought. Now the wage bill is £6m. CG pointed out that if we sign another five players on 20k per week, that takes wage bill up to £11m. Then if we were to sign a further 5 players at £20k a week, that takes the wage bill up to £16m. So with the current squad, we can afford to add another ten players at 20k p/w, and we’d still have a wage bill almost half of what it was. CG doesn’t believe we need to take this approach yet.

    Further to this he said in three years time, we will have six players under the age of 21 with experience of well over 100 senior matches, most of them in front of 50,000 fans. These become very attractive saleable assets. CG expects this to be one of the ways we operate from now on, keeping wage bill down, nurturing the youth and creating good re-sale assets.

    The year that RFC began handling their own merchandise, they turned over 27m, and made 5.6m profit, yet sold to JJB (who CG recognises didn’t market the brand sufficiently, esp. overseas) for 3m – inferring that we probably lost out on 2.6m per year. JJB deal terminated, Umbro terminated. New joint venture company created with Sports Direct (one of the biggest in the world re: purchasing power/distribution/logistics/buyers), RFC hold 51% controlling stake in the company. Late stage talks are being held with three brands, Adidas, Puma and Warrior (Liverpool Kit) over new kit suppliers. Expect an announcement before 1st Nov. The crux of this new arrangement aims to push the RFC brand to all four corners of the world. CG’s aim is for anyone to be able to buy a Rangers shirt anywhere in the world.

    RFC are looking to maximise Shirt advertising sponsorship and general stadium advertising – which increases as media rights exposure increases. CG gave the examples of Ki Sung-Yueng and Ji Sung Park being income generators in Asia, for the clubs who signed them. He says RFC are exploring opportunities in Asia, especially China and India – IA is talking to the Chinese Minister for Sport and is hoping to get him over to Ibrox for a match.


    CG visited NARSA recently and is aware of the global reach of the club. Developing the brand overseas is key to the success. Claudio Reyna now, and Carlos Bocanegra, after he retires, will be ambassadors in the American continent, actively involved in a wide range of activities from Training Camps, Soccer Schools etc. CG believes USA now have a great affinity for our sport and WILL win the world cup in his lifetime. CG met with FIFA delegates in New York, and has also recently met with European club delegates in Geneva. Many delegates could not believe the “abuse” that RFC has been subject to, one un-named delegate even admitted their club had bribed referees and didn’t receive as harsh a punishment as RFC has.

    IPO presentation states RFC has a current global fan-base of 5M due to “Massive Scots diaspora”, believes 500m globally could ‘watch’ RFC. Highlighted recent SKY viewing figures vs Peterhead as an example of level of viewing interest in RFC. CG believes football on TV is becoming a thing of the past. Gave example of his own £55/month SKY bill and hasn’t been home to see a match. He would have been better paying a couple of quid and watching games on his phone while sitting in airports, train journeys etc. TV will become web-based. “Content is King”, gave example of YOUVIEW.COM owner Marc Watson paying £738M for ‘a handful of EPL matches’.

    RFC believes we can generate £100M per year in ‘media rights’. When asked if there were any barriers to maximising profit over our media rights, he said part of the deal to re-enter Scottish Football was to give a number of games over to Sky/ESPN, but now that we are out of SPL, there are less barriers, we still need to comply with certain legal issues e.g. 3pm Saturday K.O. being a no-go, but as long as we move K.O. times, eventually we can call the shots. We now have a ‘reduced reliability’ on TV feeds. He gave the example of next month’s LIVE league match vs. East Stirling, this is being sold to web viewers online in the UK as well as abroad, and expects this to be the way forward. When asked about illegal streams etc. affecting these sales, IA explained they have a number of tech-solutions to fight this. He and BS also explained that the media rights revenue was not solely limited to match streaming, there would be other avenues such as maximising social networking, interactive feeds, fans can talk directly with players/management, pre/post match etc. interact with players not available for selection, such as injured or sidelined players, while the match is on.


    The Club has fantastic facilities, all in working order and all owned outright by the club.

    CG was asked about pre/post match revenue at the stadium. He produced a large map of Ibrox and the surrounding areas, with proposed property development, in line with the G51 project. They intend to sit down with Glasgow City Council, and the Housing Associations with a view to purchasing the land. RFC currently owns some of it, but would like more e.g. The Old Gasworks, they wish to turn into a leisure complex. they want to lobby for the re-opening of the old Ibrox rail station. The G51 project focus has shifted attention from Casino/Retail etc. more towards Health, Leisure and lifestyle. CG Mentioned building of a Cancer Centre and Health Centre.

    Partners identified for regenerating the area include Cancer Partners, British Land, Ardmore Group and Marriott/Holiday Inn. CG explained that the Scottish Executive identified that Glasgow is 18 hotels short of what is required for Commonwealth Games 2014, he believes G51 could help with that and if deal was reached, jobs created and work commenced, it would be ready in time for the games. A small portion of the funds for this project would come from the IPO, but would be a good investment with rents/fees etc. coming back to the club for 25 years.

    Edmiston House – Murray bought for £1.5M, last week RFC purchased it back for £800k. The current Megastore will become the ticket office, the first two floors of Edmiston will become the new Megastore (largest in Scotland) and the upper floor will be Bar/cafe leisure venue. CG expects this to be accomplished by May 2013.

    They are looking at Stadium sponsorship and Murray Park sponsorship. CG alluded that ‘The Sports Direct Stadium’ might not be desirable, but ‘The iBrox Stadium’ (as in Apple iPad/iPhone etc.) would be, acknowledging the fans passion for keeping the name of our stadium. (nb. I was personally unsure if what CG was saying about the ‘Apple iBrox’ sponsorship was merely a suggestion to Imran, an actual possibility or just some show-boating?)


    22,690,000 shares have already been issued – these are with the initial backers (consortium). IA estimates a further 22M+ in the next round. The minimum investment is 500 shares. IA was asked what price will one share cost? He explained that a bunch were traded at 50p early on, and more recently 1M where traded at £1. He estimates somewhere between £1-£1.50 per share, it will be finalised when the value of the club is established.

    The Board was asked “What about people who can’t afford £500?” CG replied, they could wait until the first day of trading and go to a broker and do it that way, then they can invest in smaller chunks. The board decided on 500 as the bottom limit, as anything lower could be a challenge re:cost involved in the whole IPO process vs. actual share issue/capital raising. There would be an order of priority with the offer, in the first instance, current season ticket holders and old shareholders will be offered first dibs, then after that it would be open to the public.

    A question was asked about RST/Gersave etc. and about ‘groups’ being allowed to buy shares on behalf of other. CG said that he had no objection to that, but it would be up to those inclined to do so to hand their money over to one individual. The priority rule would still apply.

    All in all, using these new deals/strategies, CG believes over the next 5-10 years RFC can grow to become a global brand with an annual turnover of £100m through traditional means (merchandise/retail/match-day experience) plus another £100m in media rights through new technologies. RFC will have no debt, no liability and plenty of assets.


    CG said he will personally make money from Rangers, but he will make it in the right way. CG received his first pay check last week. His salary will be documented in the Annual Report, but he joked that he told IA that he believed himself to be half as good as Martin Bain, so he should take half of what he got paid, IA said CG was worse than that, and decided to pay him less than half of Bain’s salary.

    CG said “We are not for leaving – we are staying until the job is finished.” CG will receive 10% share ownership once the job is done, but FSA rules prohibit him from selling while he is CEO, so he kindly asked us to vote him out when the job is done so he can retire to France.

    CG said he wants no part of the SPL for Rangers anymore. “Why should we go back to an organisation and earn them money when they are trying to strip our titles?” CG believes Scottish league reconstruction is inevitable. He also believes a European League will happen and Rangers tick all the boxes and will be part of that.

    CG won’t back the call for a boycott of an away matches vs. SPL teams, he doesn’t think it is a good idea. He believes the fans should get behind Ally and the team. He made the point that if the fans wanted to hurt SPL teams financially, they would do better boycotting home matches against them instead. However, if the support want the club to back a boycott, they should write to the board and ask them to publicly support the boycott. He also said that he had a few other ‘sneaky ideas’ about how to deal with SPL clubs.

    CG believes even though 10 chairmen raised there hand, only 5 wanted us out of the SPL. The others intended to abstain, therefore rendering their vote irrelevant – CG told them to ‘man-up’ and either keep us in or kick us out.

    BF1 – The gentleman sitting beside CG at the recent Motherwell match is a director with Arsenal, he expressed his admiration for BF1 saying “If you could bottle that and sell it, it would make a fortune”. He wishes Arsenal had something similar.

    CG does not want ‘crowd surfing’ or flares/smokebombs as he is responsible for the safety of every person in the Stadium and does not want any supporter to come to any harm. “If the fans want flares, ask us! We’ll arrange it properly, before or after matches, safely.”

    CG said he would have no problem in allocating ALL away fans the Broomloan Corner, including our rivals across the city. He is open to meeting with TBO and UB with a view to expanding their groups across the whole of BF.

    The board was asked to explain what their strategy was concerning the ‘Leadership’ of the club. “What are you doing to sustain a strong leadership team to build our club to be the great organisation it deserves to be?” CG explained that IA and BS are currently building teams to create a new culture within the club. Their focus was on sustainability first, then growth and building the financial base, whereas our first class management team will concentrate on building the squad. As mentioned, Youth development will play a major role, Craig Mather, who has a wealth of experience, is now the Director of Auchenhowie.

    CG’s expectation for the club is not to be at the level of Man Utd. and Barcelona, but he firmly believes that group stages of the Champions League every year should be our minimum expectation, then the quarter finals every other year, and on a good year maybe even the semi-finals.

    CG was asked about renaming our training facility, he mentioned that they were going to put it out to the fans to decide on a name, at that point a fair few of those in attendance said out loud “Davie Cooper”.

    A member of the floor thanked the board and a round of applause ended the meeting.


    • ecojon

      Well nice to know that Rangers have already issued shares and are trading them all in advance of any flotation. Perhaps someone can advise what exchange they are being traded on and the name of the Plc involved.

      The ‘bunch’ traded early on are presumably the double your money reward to the original investors. And no mention whether the new shares will have the same rights as the shares already in circulation. And no mentio whether the shares have voting rights or dividends.

      As usual with Mr Green more questions are raised rather than answered each time he opens his mouth.

      From the minute:
      ‘22,690,000 shares have already been issued – these are with the initial backers (consortium). IA estimates a further 22M+ in the next round. The minimum investment is 500 shares. IA was asked what price will one share cost? He explained that a bunch were traded at 50p early on, and more recently 1M where traded at £1. He estimates somewhere between £1-£1.50 per share, it will be finalised when the value of the club is established’.

    • COYBIG

      @martin c

      HA! HA!..You made that up, didn’t you? HA! HA!…What?..Charles Green said…he actually said…nooo…honestly?……Come on, nobody would believe….The Rangers fans believed him?…..Nooo…I mean, I know they’re idiots, but they’re not idiots. They applauded him off stage? Really? You’re joking right? So it was a comedy routine then, they all knew it was a joke? No?…They think….they really think this is gonna happen? Hmm…………………………….Was Green able to keep a straight face? I mean, even The Big Yin laughs when he’s telling a good joke…He was serious? He ment what he said? Wow…….just, wow.

      To The Rangers fans who write on this blog – Please tell me you don’t believe Charlie’s delusions of grandeur. Please quell the ever growing notion that you are the most easily deceived or tricked set of fans on earth, that are all too willing to believe everything that someone says, just because they’re incharge of your club. Or is this ‘plea’ falling on deaf ears?

      • cam

        Cracking post by martin c,,,every good wind up needs a smattering of truth.
        The sheer terror that was invoked in every “obsessive’s” wee green napper after reading that would be a joy to behold!
        The thought of eco spending hours researching the counter arguments to each of Chico’s utterings has me in tears of joy.
        The sheer audacity of Chico and the consortium to present a brave new future for the Gers is akin to the Braveheart scene where the Scots bare their arses to the enemy.
        BDO,SFA,SPL,LNS,HMRC CFC,DUFC,HFC, AFC,Harper MacLeod,Coyote Pete and the Obsessed can all queue up and pucker their lips to kiss it.

        • martin c

          I should make my position clear, i am no fan of any west coast footballing team and the only god i believe in are plural as in “the poker gods and have chanted their mantra “one time” on numerous occasions but the whole rangers saga has intrigued me from the start.

          The post above was C and P to provide those whom, in my opinion, provide a critical eye to the antics of some whose main objective is to get as much money from a support whose financial resources are already stretched.

          Whether the support are being led down the route of bouncing from one administration to another we should know soon? Talk of “sneaky ideas” and boycotts only harm the game.

        • COYBIG


          I think you need to buy a dictionary, because it’s a bit worrying that you see people lyrically expressing the emotion of joy and interpret it as terror.

          I don’t think ecojon spent hours seeking out counter arguments, as anyone with a bit of commen sense can see through Green’s laughable statements. I’m guessing that the only reason why The Rangers fans are so willing to believe Green, is because it’s easy to convince the desperate as they’re desperate to be convinced.

          I would say that Green’s performance is more akin to Lyle Lanley’s in The Simpsons, when he got the gullible people of Springfield to buy a Monorail.

  12. k

    Nothing to do with anything. (big smile for you Paul) Com,n the Chavistas!!!

  13. mick

    green moonbeams there swollowing it hook line and sinker comedy gold

    • cam

      YU ar suffring from dilutional disorder browt on by putten two much water in the robinson sqwash.Stock dilution is a general term that results from the issue of additional common shares by a company. This increase in the number of shares outstanding can result from a primary market offering (including an initial public offering), employees exercising stock options, or by conversion of convertible bonds, preferred shares or warrants into stock. This dilution can shift fundamental positions of the stock such as ownership percentage, voting control, earnings per share, or the value of individual shares. A broader definition specifies dilution as any event that reduces an investor’s stock price below the initial purchase.
      What yu knead to bear in mind is two many cooks spoil the broth and its better to concintrate on a bigger pot.
      Value dilution describes the reduction in the current price of a stock due to the increase in the number of shares. This generally occurs when shares are issued in exchange for the purchase of a business, and incremental income from the new business must be at least the Return on equity (ROE) of the old business. When the purchase price includes goodwill, this becomes a higher hurdle to clear.

      The theoretical diluted price, i.e. the price after an increase in the number of shares, can be calculated as

      Theoretical Diluted Price = ((O x OP) +(N x IP)) / (O + N) where

      O = original number of shares

      OP = Current share price

      N = number of new shares to be issued

      IP = issue price of new shares

      For example if there is a 3-for-10 issue, the current price is $0.50, the issue price $0.32, we have

      O = 10, OP = $0.50, N = 3, IP = $0.32 and TDP = ((10×0.50)+(3×0.32))/(10+3) = $0.4585
      By following the formula and rubbin a knorr stok cube oan yer napper yu will sea the lobby light.

      • Ernesider

        “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

        Mark Twain US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 – 1910)

        • Mick

          Is it 20milof shares to ticketus and 500,000 to miter whyte who got those shares the people behind green from the start

        • cam

          “you are what you eat”,,,,,Mr Potato Heid

          • mick

            a eat well cam and tatties are my fav stable although a like pasta and rice to oh and its served by a pretty size 8 something you have never tryed being a complete wxxkertonight am haveing savoy cabbage purple brocellie and carrots with ared onion steamed in olive oil with lots of ground pepper with no salt with steak and carllottes not peeled with oxo gravy poured over the meat when fryed al stick lid on and let it all forment for me and the wife shes desert the wife likes celtic men as they are 3inch bigger than the orcs that why you have no bird

            • cam

              wasn’t referring to you michael,,,,enjoy your dinner and i’ll never comment on another mans good lady,,,its ungentlemanly conduct

  14. mick


    The Laird o’ Baw, tae grease his scam

    Did jam the journos’ jowls wi’ lamb.

    And as the saim slid doon their semmits

    Thus decreed their scrawly limits:

    “Bleat alood the things I say

    But dinnae fash oan whit I dae.

    Unless the thing I’ve done, I’ve said

    Then, honest scribblers, go ahead!

    But mind yes dinnae dig tae deep

    Or let a question fae yes peep

    Just print my Word, no more, no less.

    Awright, well, more’s okay I guess.

    And those who might discern a void

    Tween truth and Word, call “Paranoid!”

    I will nae thole sic shrill, sham thoughts

    Or be defied by dreich bampots.

    Now, should the keich e’er skite the metal

    Mynd well yer aye my sonsie hirsel!

    I’ll tell yes what tae moot and print

    As sure’s my name’s a kind of mint.

    For if it comes oot whit I’m doin!

    It’s no’ jist me – ye’ll aw be ruined!”

    He mopped his brow then wi’ a rag

    (I think it wis an Irish flag.)

    “Good, friends,” he growled, “I’m awfy sorry

    I dinnae mean tae make yes worry.”

    “It’s just some banter, man to man

    Where is that fuckin’ shredder van?”

    “Eat, youse!” he barked, and eat they did.

    And not a wan amang them chewed.

    Then, in one voice, which he had boaght

    They rammed his Words doon Scotland’s throat.

    – posmill

  15. ecojon

    Chico’s statement to fans re deal with SportsDirect is quite interesting: ‘New joint venture company created with Sports Direct (one of the biggest in the world re: purchasing power/distribution/logistics/buyers), RFC hold 51% controlling stake in the company’.

    Does anyone know the name of the joint venture company as the one I thought it was: RANGERS RETAIL LIMITED was an English company set-up by Sports Direct with the shareholding held 100% by another Sports Direct Company: Sports Retail Ltd.

    Rangers Retail Ltd has its registered office at the Sports Direct HQ in Shirebrook and was set-up on 13/07/12 with two Sportsdirect directors as directors of the new company and a senior Sports Direct employee as company secretary. On 28/08/12 chico and Brian Stockbridge were appointed directors but no change in shareholding has been communicated to Companies House to date.

    So it would appear, from the official paperwork, that 100% control rests with Sports Direct throught its shareholding. Perhaps chico is talking about another company – who knows?

    • mick

      c green the man that sold the jerseys lol when he walks away am sure ashley will give him a job at SD

    • COYBIG


      So in layman’s terms – Green was lying, and the only money The Rangers will receive from the revenue generated, is whatever amount Sports Direct decide to give them. Is that what your post ment?

      • ecojon

        @ COYBIG

        Only an idiot could come to any conclusion on anything based on statements by Green.

        To know what is happening we would need to know what is actually in the contract between the two companies (Sports Direct & Rangers). In a sense the 51% shareholding is a bit of a red herring which Ashley may well have allowed Green to feed to his fanbase although obviously not quite at the ‘succulent lamb’ level.

        To understand it you have to look at what each party brings to the table. Rangers have to allow the kit manufacturers the licence to use club brands on merchandise and try to ensure their team’s footballing performance is good to maximise kit sales.

        Then we have Sports Direct. They have enormous power over kit manufacturers as they have agreements with a number of football teams and can push manufacturing costs much lower than a team on its own like Rangers. They also have the retail outlets huge marketing and advertising budgets for their brand name and image. They also have to meet all the attendant warehousing and transport costs as well as stockholding; the leakage from shoplifting and staff theft and the write-down on old kit plus sales promotions.

        Looking at Ashley he didn’t become a millionaire by making bad deals and he has built his empire on a ‘pile them high sell them cheap’ market model rather than that of a more expensive sports shop one.

        I therefore reckon that by far the biggest percentage of the sale of Rangers merchandise will go to meet actual Sports Direct costs and also by far the biggest slice of the profit.

        Whether in this day and age it makes any economic sense for Rangers to build its own chain of retail outlets is very debatable and I would think the only one that would financially work is at Ibrox Stadium.

        I haven’t even considered the internet retailing aspects and haven’t seen a lot said about that but I assume that Rangers is just a website ‘shopfront’ bolted onto the Sports Direct engineroom. Again I think it would be mad economically for Rangers to set up a separate organisation solely to deal with their sales. It’s not the cost of the website it’s all the other ancillary costs which eat-up any profits.

        But where I am interested is in the massive amounts that Green forecasts from media earnings. He might be able to make a few quid a time relaying SFL3 games to the hard-core Faithful. But let’s imagine that they get a new manager and actually get back to the top flight where there are strict TV and Media contracts in place.

        Does Green believe that he will be allowed to keep selling his home movies at that level.. The other question that fascinates me is: Are the other SFL3 teams getting 50% of the revenue raised? Shurly Green, being the businessman he is wouldn’t expect them to sit-back and not be fully rewarded – if not they won’t play ball and it needs two teams to televise a match 🙂

        So many many promises and all the time so many many more questions 🙂

        • COYBIG


          “Only an idiot could come to any conclusion on anything based on statements by Green.”

          I guess I was trying to be an idiot then. Haha!

          Is it not just common sense tho, that by adding another partner into the mix, you’re going to get less of ‘the pie’ (Hello Mick). Maybe the amount of money Ashley was willing to front-load made Green accept a deal that is overall a bad one for The Rangers.

  16. mick

    @ecojon cam will still think its a good deal as charlie said so lol

  17. mick

    well done stirling lol pmsl haha sally must stay

  18. ecojon

    @ mick

    Just had a wee tour of the Darkside and I don’t think Ally can survive. In fact I think he would probably have chucked it already but he’s caught by the ‘don’t do walking away’ quote.

    Getting beat by the bottom team in Scotland certainly won’t help the share flotation although perhaps the Chinese start reading from the bottom up so all those investors out in the Far East probably think Rangers is the top team in Scotland.

    Seems Coisty was’t at the game today also seems his team wasn’t either 🙂

    • ecojon

      Correction Coisty was at the match although his team was indeed reported missing.

      Seems it was the Stirling Albion manager that wasn’t there so maybe Coisty should take a leaf out of his book and stop going to matches and mibbe his team will win. It’s worth a go as nothing else seems to be working 🙂

      Ah hope Coisty signed that 25 year contract Green offered him 🙂

  19. mick

    @ecojon lol wit a day is that not pauls team that win today a bet hes well loving it heres some pics of the match


    green must be laughing at him 2 it will just make him get tae as bomber says quicker lol

  20. mick

    what a great wedding presant for the manager lol

  21. mick

    It was Albion’s managers wedding today, and in a way, #rangers are something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

    just nicked that of a tweet on kds lol

  22. ecojon

    @ mick

    Thought this one would amuse your nationalist sentiments mick 🙂

    The worst result for a British team at Stirling since Bannockburn

  23. mick

    @ecojon that was a brill saying fits of laughter when a saw the stirling castle in the back ground to when a seen clips of the match a said a wonder if wallaces ghoast was there today lol

    some guy shouts taxi for sally mc c pure dead brill

  24. mick

    THE LAIRD o’ BAW was read out on the radio the day how cools that a copied and paste it from over at tsfm the bbc scotland read it out well done to them the main stream are reading the blog thats progress jim trynor said it was crap dour as ever

  25. That stuff, that guff, that Green has been spouting is unbelievable. How does no-one challenge it? Projecting earnings from Champions league was what got them into trouble in the.first place and the notion that they would regularly get thru group ridiculous. How was that working for you bears when your wage bill was £30M? And now you’ll breeze the with a budget 1/3 of that? Purlease….

    And media rights of £100m? Was that cumulative because not in 100m years will Sevco get that in a season.

    This idea that there is a Scottish diaspora that have only not thrown millions of quid at Rangers.because of a lack of marketing is simply incorrect. Murray tried in what was Rangers’ pomp and made no impression, Hugh Adam said so before and rather than blame.jjb for a lack of effort, they should be asking green to see his research. There are Scots all over the world interested in Scottish football, but outside of Scotland the rangers brand is.even more tainted.

    Other than norn iron and Scotland the drivers behind what makes Rangers the brand it is (British empire, triumphalism, militaristic, religious superiority) are not.only irrelevant, they are actually frowned upon. The numbers of posters on this and other sites that express incredulity at the archaic goings on in Scotland is evidence of this.

    Rant over.

  26. ecojon

    @ jockybhoy

    I actually get a sore head these datys with Green speeches. He told the North American Bears that it would only be the Rangers family that would be allowed to buy shares. He came back to Britain and added in that institutional investors would be able to buy them and now he tells the Rangers fans that the ordinary public can also buy them.

    But what I am astounded at is he tells the fans that even before the flotation that 20 odd million shares have been traded and shares prices are up from 50p a share to £1.50. If that isn’t ramping then I don’t know what is.

    I always thought it was illegal to sell shares publicly unless a company floated on one of the recognised UK Exchanges. Obviously I’m wrong about that but how is it being done? What is the legal mechanism that allows this – does anyone know?

    • COYBIG


      “I always thought it was illegal to sell shares publicly unless a company floated on one of the recognised UK Exchanges. Obviously I’m wrong about that but how is it being done? What is the legal mechanism that allows this – does anyone know?”

      Is this any help?:

      “Share capital

      The members must agree to take some, or all, of the shares when the company is registered. The memorandum of association must show the names of the people who have agreed to take shares and the number of shares each will take. These people are called the subscribers.

      There is a minimum share capital for public limited companies: Before it can start business, it must have allotted shares to the value of at least £50,000. A quarter of them, £12,500, must be paid up. Each allotted share must be paid up to at least one quarter of its nominal value together with the whole of any premium.

      A company can increase its authorised share capital by passing an ordinary resolution (unless its articles of association require a special or extraordinary resolution). A copy of the resolution – and notice of the increase on Form 123 – must reach Companies House within 15 days of being passed. No fee is payable to Companies House.

      A company can decrease its authorised share capital by passing an ordinary resolution to cancel shares which have not been taken or agreed to be taken by any person. Notice of the cancellation, on Form 122, must reach Companies House within one month. No fee is payable to Companies House.

      Share types

      A company may have as many different types of shares as it wishes, all with different conditions attached to them. Generally share types are divided into the following categories:
      Bearer shares – Are a legal instrument denoting company ownership, and are usually in the form of share warrants. A share warrant is a document which states that the bearer of the warrant is entitled to the shares stated in it. If authorised by its articles, a company may convert any fully paid shares to “share warrants”. These warrants are easily transferable without any need for a transfer document; that is, they can simply be passed from hand to hand. When share warrants are issued, the company must strike out the name of the shareholder from its register of members and state the date of issue of the warrant and the number of shares to which it relates. Subject to the articles, a share warrant can be surrendered for cancellation. If so, the holder is entitled to be re-entered into the register of members. Vouchers are usually issued with the share warrants in order that any dividends may be claimed. [This description of “share warrants” might only be applicable to the UK, because it seems to be at odds with practices in Australia and the USA.]
      Cumulative preference – These shares carry a right that, if the dividend cannot be paid in one year, it will be carried forward to successive years.
      Ordinary – As the name suggests these are the ordinary shares of the company with no special rights or restrictions. They may be divided into classes of different value.
      Preference – These shares normally carry a right that any annual dividends available for distribution will be paid preferentially on these shares before other classes.
      Redeemable – These shares are issued with an agreement that the company will buy them back at the option of the company or the shareholder after a certain period, or on a fixed date. A company cannot have redeemable shares only.

      A “plc” has access to capital markets and can offer its shares for sale to the public through a recognised stock exchange. It can also issue advertisements offering any of its securities for sale to the public. In contrast, a private company may not offer to the public any shares in itself.”

      • ecojon

        @ COYBIG

        The question then is what is the name of the Plc company and surely you can’t register a company as a Plc unless it is actually a member of a recognised Exchange or can prove it has applied to join one?

        If anyone could register a PLC and not be a member of an exchange they could have a go at duping the public by selling shares to them.

  27. Den

    “The Club are going to revalue property assets at more realistic £30-40M in next balance sheet. The players are worth £2M on the balance sheet.”

    Quotedfrom CG

    I understand that Balance sheet valuation is not what you would get if sold but it needs to have some rationale surely.

    Let’s start with cost as a basis. The entire assets of Rangers were recently bought for £5.5m. So cost is not the basis.

    Consider realiseable value, The entire assets of Rangers were recently bought for £5.5m. That is what they realised in an apparently open sale.

    Considering that this is not a long established Company where assets have been bought and sold over a long time and valuations are based on various criteria I can’t see a justification for more than £5.5m. UNLESS the assets were aquired at less than true value from the old Company.

    There will have to be an independent valuation and the Balance sheet valuation will have to be agreed by the auditors.

    If you are trying to sell 22m shares at £1 to £1.5, £22 to £33M it would look beter if the underlying assets were valued at £40m than £5.5.

    The fact that the assets were valued at £100m last year shows how elastic asset valuations can be and how worthless they can be.

    To my simple way of thinking. Rangers assets weere bought for £5.5m, the most valauable players have left, no significant assets have been added, valuation should be around £5.5m. If £40m of assets were bought for £5.5 then BDO should be interested.

    • ecojon

      @ Den

      I think you have to remember Imran Ahmad’s boast that even on a bad day Rangers was worth £50 million – seems to me way back then they had already decided what the revaluation figure would be for the prospectus. You have to remember that a company going for an AIM Flotation doesn’t need to have a previous trading record.

      But it would look very strange if a company with the history of Rangers – and that can be construed in a number of ways – didn’t show any accounting history.

      • Denis

        This is a new company therefore it cannot show an accounting history, the owners do boast of 140 years of success.

        New Rangers (or whatever you call it) now have a short history starting with Company formation. At some point after formation they will have acquired assets and must put a value on them. I cannot see any other valuation being valid other than COST (£5.5m).

        If the Directors subsequently decide to revalue the assets they will need to get an independent valuation and get the Auditors to approve the revaluation. I cannot see any way to justify a revaluation except by admitting they got the assets at way below their value from a Company that was in administration.

        Fortunately the above is governed by Accounting standards and not AIM.

        I have seen enough dodgy accounting to know that there is probably a dodge that can be utilised but it would be a distortion of the facts and shouldn’t fool BDO.

        Not saying that the current Company should be penalised but the taxpayer should get what they are entitled to, and the face painters, can’t forget the face painters!

  28. mick

    @ DEN great point den the under value sale bdo and the fit and proper test by lord hodge should being included in a Gratuitous Alienations which means

    Gratuitous Alienation – A transfer of property by a debtor to another person for no consideration or for an inadequate consideration. Such alienations in the period up to 5 years prior to the date of sequestration are open to a statutory challenge by the permanent trustee; alienations outwith that period can only be challenged at common law.

    here also is a links to 1 of pauls academic legal opion on it

    so as you can see there is a crime involved here and also we could end up with strathclyde police in on it as well green could be joining whyte and murry and gorden smith and campbell ogilvie this is not speculative as the sale was 5.5mil (fact ) and they had been speaking as far back as febuary so whyte or ticketus could pop up any time also Commercial Director – Imran Ahmad said shortly after sale that it was worth 50mil on a bad day the ink was not even dry on the 5.5mil sale its all a smack in the face to creditors and small share holders but do the people involved have the backbone to put it right a think they do why no lord hodge report and why bdo taken so long ?????we will just have to wait and see dont forget the sale was to green via a loan form private investors so it was not transparent crooked is the real word for it its a other scandal the sale these people are so blatant its time to change scotslaw so scotland can bench mark fairness and these crooks in suits can be laid to the history books also this would fix the damagr rfc and green are doing to our econemy

  29. It just seems that, as even the papers have picked up on, green will say anything to anyone to try and raise funds – stating publicly that land and buildings sevco bought for £1.5m are now (and have always been?) worth £20m+ has GOT to be gratuitous alienation of creditors surely? The fact there is a suggestion of possible sevco sale and leaseback again indicates to me that all avenues for raising money to creditors weren’t fully explored.

    So there are some 20m shares in circulation? Who owns these apparent shares? How come no-one, not fans, not the press, not fat sally, is demanding to know who they are… Were these shares as a result of the £5.5m purchase price? And the new shares are costing how much? As I said before there’s not an insti investor that would touch this share offer with a sh1tty stick. If the loyal bears buy Greens BS they are blinder than I thought possible.

    I CAN’T WAIT to see their prospectus – I might frame that…

  30. mick

    In before it’s shut. …….Barcabhoy on twitter :

    “Coming soon,Zeus Capitals previous members voluntary liquidation in 2009.Interesting reading.You are in trouble if this lot are your savior.”

    Have we covered this?

    + Some backstory from him:
    Zeus Capital are only the front men. They’re small-beer “nominated advisers”.
    But who are they acting for?
    In my opinion, they became involved shortly after this Press Release was put out by Octopus Investments on February 17:

    Octopus Investments would like to clarify the position of Ticketus with regard to the current Glasgow Rangers coverage.
    Ticketus is one of the many entities into which Octopus Protected EIS invests. Ticketus has purchased tickets for Glasgow Rangers games for a number of seasons in advance, as it has done for a number of years previously with the club.
    Ticketus does not lend money; Ticketus is the owner of assets – the tickets.
    Octopus is continuing to work with the administrators and Glasgow Rangers on this matter.

    So in a nutshell, Ticketus are behind Charles Green’s takeover of the dead clubs assets. Am I understanding you right?

    A couple of questions spring to mind in this scenario.

    1. If the share issue is a success will all that money be handed to Ticketus?
    2. If so how does that leave Sevco financially? The wage bill is enormously high for a fourth division side. Can they avoid another administration incident?
    3. If the share issue is a failure what will be the game plan for Green and Ticketus then? Will they just shut up shop or try and bleed the place dry over the next six/seven years?
    4. Finally what, in your opinion, are the odds of Sevco being liquidated and Ibrox closing its doors for good?

  31. mick

    Barcabhoy is about to release a gamma level story a got the above of kds sevco thread its great there as obessed as i am and when am not here that is my main thread a get my news of off a think were in for a pop corn and cola week with it all

  32. mick

    greens a front for ticketus lol we thought that all along no doubt agent whyte may still be on to a earner unless lord hodge stops it all or bdo the deals a con to protect the main creditors

  33. mick

    Octopus press statement on Ticketus
    17 February 2012

    Octopus Investments would like to clarify the position of Ticketus with regard to the current Glasgow Rangers coverage.

    Ticketus is one of the many entities into which Octopus Protected EIS invests. Ticketus has purchased tickets for Glasgow Rangers games for a number of seasons in advance, as it has done for a number of years previously with the club.

    Ticketus does not lend money; Ticketus is the owner of assets – the tickets. Octopus is continuing to work with the administrators and Glasgow Rangers on this matter.

    • ecojon

      @ mick

      I’ve always said – how did Craigie know about the Ticketus ticket deal and did DM verbally vouch for his wealth off the radar to Ticketus so that the money could be raised for him to buy Rangers.

      It all stinks but as I keep saying FF kept warning that the club was heading for disaster and no one would listen to them. They challenged Murray publicly at agms but got no support from the idiots who were hooked on the SPEND SPEND SPEND regime.

      Btw I heard from a highly-placed source that the American Mlitary are hunting Craigie as they reckon his off-the-radar system is miles better than their latest stealth technology 🙂

  34. mick

    bampottery is closeing the net on green whyte ticketus and sevco its all falling in to place and evidence is about to pop out what a week were in for lol

  35. mick

    February 17: Octopus said they were “continuing to work with the administrators and Glasgow Rangers on this matter”.

    April 18: Paul Murray and The Blue Knights complained Ticketus had “cut them out of a deal” to bid for Rangers.
    An email sent by a senior figure in the Blue Knights asked Ticketus: “Are you working with us as agreed or have you changed ‘horses’ to the Singaporeans to do a better deal for Octopus which is what you suggested yesterday?”
    Ticketus claimed it was still “willing to talk to all parties” in the Ibrox take-over saga.

    April 19: Bill Ng claimed Ticketus had tripled its asking price for its share of the club’s debt during negotiations to buy the club.
He said: “I’m very frustrated because of the way Ticketus is treating us.”
A spokesman for Ticketus said: “We are talking to all parties every day.”

    April 20: Bill Ng withdrew his £20m offer following hardball tactics from investment firm Ticketus.
    The multimillionaire told The New Paper in Singapore: “Yes, I am frustrated with Ticketus because it keeps increasing its demands from £10m to £12m, then £17.5m, but I don’t blame it.
    “I understand that, as the main creditor, it wants as much as it can get.
    “What I am most displeased and disappointed about is how the administrators – Duff and Phelps – can allow the goalposts to keep moving when they are supposed to be like the referee and be firm during discussions,” he added.
    “But they have been weak so far. Even if I agree to Ticketus’ price, there is no guarantee we will land 85 percent of Craig Whyte’s shares.”

    Octopus/Ticketus/Duff & Duffer/Zeus controlled the whole sham of the takeover bidding process to suss out rivals and keep the circus going until the end of the season.

    • ecojon

      @ mick
      Readuing through the bidding process in the D&P report I got the distinct feeling the whole thing was leaking information like a sieve.

      But then who exactly was Bill Ng and what was his interest in Rangers – I cannot even work out what the so-called Rangers Men were up to. I think there is a helluva lot went on which doesn’t necessarily appear in the D&P reports.

      And even the timing of Green’s involvement raises questions compared to what has been said before and I am really unclear if his consortium bid was as late in the day as the D&P report seems to suggest. Possibly the bid came at the death when there was no one else left standing but I am certain D&P knew they were ‘players’ a lot earlier.

      I still think the most genuine person was Miller and he was treated atrociously by most of the Rangers support – they were actually a disgrace to the whole of Scotland. They may yet long rue the day for their vicious attacks on him.

  36. mick

    @ecojon its fan power that throw a spanner in the works with the door being closed at birth of sevco in to spl and div 1 other than that it would have been the perfect con ,the share issue is the cash cow here as the season ticket sales and greens moonbeams only cover the overheads also he might have been put under pressure from the backers that loaned him money to get the initiail investment back fast before millers black hole kicks in and we start to see them well in the red ,the whole out look is bleak for them its 1 con man after another ,the sfa and spl chiefs will be left with egg on there face when its admin all over agian and green rides of with all the dosh ,a forgot to mention is it not funny that we had a topic of the under dog winning then albion beat sevco lol

  37. mick

    Gratuitous Alienation is still lingering

  38. JimBhoy

    have said for a while, Ally is three bad performances away from the bullet, stick by that…He wont do walking away, no he will be fukd oot…!! Show me an end of season plan and not a 10 yr plan Greenbacks and I will be less critical of your winning by alienation…

  39. mick

    @jimbhoy sally must stay green will keep him there till he cons them and then leave them skint on brink of ruin with sally to explian it lol gen up m8
    the tangible assets have been left with Sevco 5088

  40. mick

    its early bird catches the worm for me all week there is a sudden deafness on all the issues that we debate here ,is it the calm before the storm we will just have to wait and see

  41. ecojon

    @ mick

    I have a feeling that things will start heating-up as the week progresses 🙂

  42. COYBIG


    Just to clarify a few things:

    The share price has gone up from 50p to £1.50? And if so, the £500 minimum is now £1,500?

    20 million shares have already been traded before the flotation? And if so, who’s bought them shares? The Rangers Family? Institutional investors? Or the ordinary public?

    Also, I agree with you, it would be very strange for a company to highlight the history of Rangers in a prospectus, and then not show any accounting history:

    CG – “Ayup Mr rich bloke, ah’m Charles Green, CEO o’ T’ Rangers. Wi’ve eur chuffed 140 year ‘istory, why dooan’t you invest thy brass i’ art comp…club?”

    MRB – “I must say Mr Green, your club’s history is impressive, but can I have a look at the books please, before I decide to part with my hard earned money?”

    CG – “Well you see, we dooan’t av enny accountin ‘istory ‘cos Rang…I mean t’ owd compenny went intoa liquidation, ‘n we ‘ed ta form eur new clu..compenny ‘n buy t’ assests…We bowt t’ ‘istory thoa, it is ours ‘n wea’ar still t’ sem club, ‘onest. Please invest”.

    MRB – “I’m sorry Mr Green, but i’m afraid i’m not going to be buying any shares”.

    CG – “Aw cum on please bonnie lad ah’m beggin you”.

    MRB – “I’m afraid I can’t invest in a company that blatantly lies”,

    CG – “Wea’ar not lyin’. We bowt t’ ‘istory. We own it”.

    MRB – “I won’t be changing my mi…”.

    CG – “Ok! ok! Look, just atwixt you ‘n uz, it’s eur new club ok. Ahl gi’ you eur gurt return if you just gi’ uz um brass naw. Ah’m desperate. Please ‘elp uz! It’s orl gonneur tits up!”.

    MRB – ” I’m sorry Mr Green. I don’t want anything to do with you and your new club, goodbye”.

    CG – ” Stuff you then thy just eur bigot li’ t’ rest o’ ’em. Thy t’ enemy. Ah wor onny jokin, it’s t’ sem club! We will be t’ biggest int’ world! ‘ahaheur! Imran!?…”.

    IA – “Yes chief?”.

    CG – “Go pur t’ share price up ta £1.50 eur share”.

    IA – “Yes chief. Will do”.

    CG – “Oh ‘n Imran…”.

    IA – “Yes chief?”.

    CG – “Pick up uz suit fra t’ dry cleaners, ah’m freezin ‘eear wi’ onny uz y-fronts on”.

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