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Craig Whyte, Castle Grant and Avoiding Mortgage Repossession

Craig Whyte, former owner of Rangers*, has another of his cases due in court today (4 July). This is the mortgage repossession case brought by the Bank of Scotland against Mr and Mrs Whyte in Inverness Sheriff Court. The bank wants to have orders granted entitling it to “enter into possession” of Castle Grant and for the owners and their tenants, family and belongings etc to be removed. Continue reading



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Warrant Granted For Craig Whyte’s Arrest! Why and What Happens Next?

Craig Whyte is not a very popular man with quite a lot of people. Regularly on the Internet you can read comments from people looking forward to him going to jail (for something or other) or for even worse things happening to him.

So there was some cause for celebration when news broke yesterday afternoon that a warrant had been granted for Mr Whyte’s arrest.

However this is nothing to do with any alleged offence on his part, but rather with his failure to appear at court as a prosecution witness in the trial of two people, former housekeepers for Mr Whyte, alleged to have stolen property from Mr Whyte’s Highland Castle. Continue reading


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Craig Whyte Not Bankrupt – Petition by Harper MacLeod Dismissed

And so the various theories and speculations, including mine, that Mr Whyte would happily allow his sequestration (bankruptcy) to pass prove unfounded.

STV reported this afternoon that the petition for his sequestration lodged by Harper MacLeod, his former solicitors, was dismissed, with Mr Whyte ordered to pay £613.13 of court expenses.

By implication therefore he has reached agreement to pay, and has indeed paid, an acceptable sum to his former solicitors. If payment was still awaited, the case would have been continued to allow settlement to take place.

One wonders who else might join the queue of his creditors, along with Bannatyne Kirkwood & France, another of his former lawyers. Continue reading


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Craig Whyte, Ex-Rangers Chairman, To Be Bankrupted by Harper MacLeod?

With many thanks to the regular commenter, Duplesis, for spotting it, a case is due to call tomorrow in Inverness Sheriff Court. It appears on the Court List as follows:-

6 Harper Macleod v Mr Craig Whyte Harper Macleod LLP


This is a bankruptcy petition raised by Harper Macleod, the solicitors who acted for Mr Whyte (a) in his contentious matrimonial court action with his wife at the Court of Session and (b) for Tixway UK Ltd, Mr Whyte’s company, in its unsuccessful defence of the action raised by One Stop Roofing Supplies Ltd. Continue reading


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Craig Whyte’s Bentley, or is it Liberty Corporate’s Bentley?

Craig Whyte owes his estranged wife Kim Whyte lots of money because of his failure to maintain aliment payments to her. In an effort to obtain payment, she obtained authority from the court to “attach” Mr Whyte’s Bentley. This is apparently his pride and joy.

The normal procedure then followed. The car was uplifted from Castle Grant, Mr Whyte’s home, and taken off to a pound to await sale at auction.

However, the vehicle can only be sold to meet debts of the owner. Mrs Whyte clearly thinks that Mr Whyte owns the Bentley, but this is now in dispute.

If Mr Whyte had stuck with a Fiat Panda, none of this would be happening…

Liberty Corporate Ltd applied to Inverness Sheriff Court for the attachment of the vehicle to be released, on the basis that the company owned the car, not Mr Whyte. Continue reading


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