Rangers Sign New CEO

Fresh from the stock market announcements section, we can see that, in advance of the AGM in December, Rangers have signed up a new CEO, and this time one with a football track record.

The Board of Rangers announces that it has appointed Graham Wallace as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect.

Mr Wallace was employed by Manchester City Football Club, first as Chief Financial Officer (March 2009 – October 2010), and then as Chief Operating Officer (October 2010 – January 2013), during a period of unprecedented success in that club’s history. Whilst at Manchester City, Mr Wallace led the transformational changes in the business after the acquisition of the club by Abu Dhabi United Group, implementing world class business processes and corporate governance standards. Before joining Manchester City, Mr Wallace was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of IMG Media, the global sports and entertainment media company, from October 2006 to March 2009.

Mr Wallace began his career at Ernst and Young where he qualified in 1986 as a Chartered Accountant. He then spent 20 years working in senior accounting and financial roles at oil company Conoco (now ConocoPhillips), Cable & Wireless and latterly as CFO of MTV Networks Europe.  

Mr Wallace, originally from Dumfries, also has a degree in business management from Robert Gordon University.

In accordance with Rangers’ Articles of Association, Mr Wallace will be subject to re-appointment by an ordinary resolution at the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Company on Thursday 19 December 2013.

Commenting on this appointment David Somers, Rangers’ independent non-executive director, and acting Chairman, said: “We are delighted to welcome Graham to the Board. His appointment is the successful culmination of a thorough and independent selection process which attracted a number of high calibre candidates. Graham’s previous success and his strong financial background in football will be beneficial to lead Rangers to continued future success”.

Graham Wallace added, “I am honoured to have been selected as CEO of Rangers. I am looking forward to meeting the challenges and leading the club to ensure that its off-pitch success matches the performance of the team.”

Further information concerning Mr Iain Graham Wallace, aged 52:

Current Partnerships and Directorships:

Marlborough Sports Media Ltd.

Past Directorships and other positions:

CSI Sports Limited

CSI Sports Trading Limited

Darlow Smithson Productions Limited

Great Percy Productions Limited

IMG Media Limited

International Management Group (UK) Limited

Manchester City Football Club Limited

PGA European Tour Productions Limited

Sports New Television Management Limited

Tiger Aspect Assets Limited

Tiger Aspect Films Limited

Tiger Aspect Holdings Limited

Tiger Aspect Pictures (Dog Eat Dog) Limited

Tiger Aspect Pictures (Royston Vasey) Limited

Tiger Aspect Pictures (Tosspot) Limited

Tiger Aspect Pictures Limited

Tiger Aspect Productions Limited

Tiger Aspect Scotland Limited

Tiger Television Limited

Tigress Productions Limited

TWI Interactive Limited

Mr Wallace is not currently beneficially interested in the issued share capital of the Company.

There is no further information required relating to Mr Wallace to be disclosed under paragraph (g) of Schedule 2 of the AIM Rules.

One wonders if this appointment was discussed with the Rangers Rebels.

If not, then there is the embarrassing possibility that, if the McColl faction succeed in their move to appoint 4 new directors, they might decide to get their own choice of CEO.

Or have the existing executives (in fact the only executive, Mt Stockbridge) decided to present the Rebels with a fait accompli?

I suspect that, if Mr Wallace’s job as CEO ends after the AGM, he might be entitled to a large pay-off, and in which case the existing Board will be painting the Rebels as costing Rangers more money!

It puts the ball in the Rebel court now – if they do not want Mr Wallace in charge, then they will nee to declare their preferred CEO in advance of the meeting to let the shareholders see what they are buying into.

And so the saga continues …

And the checks to see what connections, if any, Mr Wallace might have with Mr Green or, heaven forbid, Mr Whyte!

(And for the avoidance of doubt, I am not suggesting that there are.)

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  1. I think we can assume that he’s linked to Alastair Johnston via IMG.

  2. Well he seems to be pretty heavily involved in the media, and if somebody for example was trying to get a film of the whole saga produced they may have come into contact with him at some point.

    It could be a cracking semi-documentary actually. Does anybody own the rights to it?

  3. Fra

    Still skint, so who’s paying the rather exorbitant wages for this high flyer because he won’t be cheap.

    Mr Mc Conville, are you suggesting he MAY be allied to Chuckles or Craigy Bhoy.

    Wouldn’t that be fun.


  4. hector

    Oh well that’s Wallace on board wonder how long before Gromit joins as I believe they are members of the same lodge.

  5. Steven brennan

    I wonder why someone with his experience would look at sevco, he must know that he will be put under intense scrutiny by many excellent investigators.
    Eco is probably locked in his office pouring over his history as we speak.
    I see he has made a film about wonka already, can you guess which one I mean?

  6. @gortchomhor

    Whilst rumours might abound in regards to his possible relations with Green and even Whyte, nobody, even on the extreme flanks of internet bampottery, will go so far as to suggest for one second that this man was selected and given preference on the basis of his looks. He’ll slot right in.

    • Norfolk and Chance

      In a small room somewhere in Scotland, Davie Dodds and Robert Fleck are now sharing a mirror, safe in the knowledge that they are now more handsome than they previously thought…

      • @gortchomhor

        The shameful historical agenda continues. New club? Maybe. But the goal remains the same; populate Ibrox with the thickest and ugliest people in the northern hemisphere.

        Who is behind the scheme? Whyte? Green? Take your pick.

        Why? We can only guess. Suffice to say that a reasonable looking guy with even average intelligence could walk through Ibrox and feel, comparatively speaking, like a God.

        I suppose that rules lard-ass (McCoist) and a few others out.

  7. hector

    Has anyone seen a picture of the invisible man sorry the admirable Chrighton. As soon as this appointment is announced the media have a mug shot but unless I have missed it still no picture of Mr Chrighton man of mystery.

  8. Raymilland

    ‘Dog Eat Dog’ is Michael Moore’s film company, now that would be a film worth seeing; ‘Craig & Me, the Party’s Over’.

    “Where’s our money?” 🙂

  9. This only means one thing, it will cost them money they can’t afford, & lots of it. The rebels have been outflanked, & come to think of it, how many times has Murray the bloo Knight been left talking the talk, being unable to walk the walk. He’s as nimble as a combine harvester reverse parking.
    More, smoke & mirrors from Stockbridge, prolonging the misery & stress for sevcovites, snigger, snigger.. 😊

  10. Monti

    Good morning Bhoys & Ghirls,
    Just booked in to the ‘ Balmoral Hotel ‘ in Princes street, Edinburgh.
    An overnight stay as a wee treat for my good lady.

    Going to take in one of the many ‘Ghost tours’ in the City this evening.
    What’s the chances of an ‘ apparition ‘ of Oldco Rangers tonight? Lol.

    • Colshy

      We went to the Dungeons in the summer – very cool. They built the City Chambers on the close they barred all the people in when they had the lurgy back in the day. Very interesting visit to be honest, worth it!

      • Monti

        Cheers m8, I’ll take your advice & do that one.
        was there any sign of Original Rangers?
        I haven’t seen them anywhere!

        • Colshy

          Haha you should, especially if your wife doesn’t like things that go bump in the night, zombies and that.

          I never saw them, but the Sawney Bean family were there – one of them looked an awful lot like Lee McCulloch…

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Tommy Burns & co used to say that too.
          We were so far ahead of your lot, you never had us in your sights!.
          54 and looking for more!

    • david

      So you are Monti. Another lie to add to your legion.
      Far too expensive and classy for you, the old Great Eastern in Duke St would have been more to your standard and taste.
      Falklands, Falls Rd, Boss, etc—litany of lies.
      Monti Mitty

    • Maggie

      Hi Monti,that sounds great,I love Edinburgh.No wonder your good lady’s late wee Granny thought so much of you.
      One of my best friends ( no,not Oprah,Heidi or my friend who’s an elder in the Church of Scotland, remember the boy David asked me if I’d told her I think her church “is a fraud” 🙂 ) is from Edinburgh,we’ve had many a great time there.She and her hubby are our BFF Celtic pals.

      I’ve had problems reading the rest of the last blog Monti.it would only load so far,then cut out completely.I seem to be ok when it’s a new post by Paul,but then when the comments mount up,it won’t load.
      I blame the camster and his endless drivel. 🙂 Hope I didn’t miss much.
      Loved big Peter’s Rory Bremner comment,brilliant.Guess the trolls were apoplectic.I saw Peter Lawwell at the Billy Mc Neil tribute dinner on Friday,and passed him on the stairs at one point,was dying to mention it ,but thought I’d better not 🙂
      My bhoys now calling Sevco Rory Bremner FC.Don’t suppose that’s very original,but it’ll do until they die again,then we can change it to The Rory Bremner FC 🙂
      Have a great time in our nation’s capital Mont,regards to your good lady.
      Take her to Harvey Nicks for a cocktail and the great bag……….oop,I meant view 🙂

      • david

        @Hypocrite Maggie
        If you really believe Monti is at the Balmoral Hotel tonight you are delusional.
        You must be so proud of your bhoys recent efforts, exhorting suicide and praising terrorist bombers.
        Such fun, eh?

        • Maggie


          Do not reply to anything I post if you don’t mind.
          I think everyone is MORE than aware that you think I’m a B**** and a hypocrite,so why don’t you save your time and sanity.

          It’s your prerogative to think what you like about me.As you don’t even remotely resemble a stable person,it’s a matter of complete indifference to me,but it must be tedious in the extreme for the other posters,tho Monti clearly loves it,as it gives him more ammunition with which to ridicule you,so on second thoughts,just carry on as before.

          • david

            ” Remotely resemble a stable person? ”
            I am not the one on here encouraging bigotry , bile and lies.
            You forget your prize protege , the imbecilic bigoted liar Monti was outed on here.
            If you dont want replied to, dont use my name.
            Frolic with your scum friends to your hearts content.
            Shows you up for what you are.

  11. Ed Paisley

    Hooray a new post from Paul and New comments.
    Clarkend & Cam – if you boys can keep a civil tongue in your heads then maybe we can avoid comments being posted hither and thither. Thank you.

    • Clarkeng

      @Mr Ed
      Can I suggest you direct your comments to the sectarian scum on your side of the divide.
      Like a true horses arse you fail to address to root cause of the issue and completely overlook the obvious.
      Sectarian republican terrorism belongs over the water.
      Lets keep it there.
      Oh and I see Liewell has been reported for his misdemeanours.
      Looking forward to the apology already and the fine………it will all help Scottish Fitba.
      And wis Broonie no an oot and oot disgrace again last night ….nae class at aw.

      • Ed Paisley

        Jeez you are a touchy sod Clarky. I missed the Scotland game bbecause I watched the Sweden Portugal play-off.
        Lustig played very well but Ronaldo can destroy any team when he gets some decent help from his team-mates.
        At least Sammy will be there. I am looking forward to seeing him play and England getting humiliated by the S American sides.

        Broony up to his usual mischief was he? He’s too old to change now and Neil will have to bear that in mind in next years Champions League Campaign. If he gets sent off again them I will stiffen Broony AND his maw! I’m just kiddin’.

        And Clarky – keep calm, it’s better for you and better for NHS Scotland.

        • Clarkeng

          Just shootin the crap Mr Ed…..just shootin the crap.
          It is the effect I have which keeps me going….knowing that the mhanky mhob are so touchy touchy regarding certain disgusting people and incidents in the past.
          All this new found so called decency is really just a front for what you really are.
          But don’t worry nobody is fooled.
          Anyway season after next we’ll be back and so will you……..whit is that other word you’se don’t like again?
          I know………..second.

      • Ed Paisley

        What outrageous statement has Peter Lawwell made this time? A bear shits in the woods?

        • Clarkeng

          I think it might have been “we don’t think we want to pay a living wage cos we’re skint and cannae afford it cos wee need to send the shekels to Gibraltar”.
          And something about we don’t think you need to know the club is only worth £32m out of the original £122m or about how the co op are going to be repaid in 2016.
          Or wis it we saved Rangers using the Liewell Plan cos we cannae survive withoot them so don’t be asking insolent questions ya mhanky bheggars.
          Do you think was share makes ye important?
          The little people of ra Sellik will shouting it again soon “sack the board” but Big Des disnae care…..he just keeps on taking.
          Then he cracked a wee joke which will cost him dearly quite shortly.
          Wee Loony Lunny has been just waiting for this……he will have a field day.

      • @Mr Clarkeng.
        I have to admit you had me on that one. I didn’t think they would do it.
        Truth be told I was honestly considering reporting Mr Lawell myself,but thought I would try to goad some of you lot into it.
        You see, despite the Skelf/Fence/Arse approach of our governing body. They have treated Sevco, in every aspect of them playing football, as a new club.
        SFA membership can only be transferred between clubs, not companies! Thus meaning two clubs were in existance simultaneously. One with, One without membership.
        The early rounds entry to the Scottish cup, and a litany of other examples.
        Not least of which, who actuually played Brechin instead of club12.
        I will be watching with interest how this one plays out.
        Ignoring the blatant cheating of auld Rangers, this puts the following omnishambles of Sevco(copyright protected, lol) firmly in at the doorstep of the SFA where it belongs.
        To charge big Peter with anything, Sevco will have to prove the SFA were wrong in how they have treated, and continue to treat Sevco.
        Sevco are going to have to go to war with the hand that fed them.
        I vannae wait! I don’t think it will happen before the AGM (if it happens) though.
        The share holders of Sevco have until tomorrow, I believe, to be provided and notified of all the relevant details regarding the staging of this meet.
        Interesting times ahead.
        Well played big Peter, 🙂

        • Sorry but @Mr Clarkeng, Sevco were given a provisional license to play in the 3rd division,this was never heard of before,and was not in the rules of the SFA,therefor it was not legal.So people are asking why is no one taking them to task,the answer is as it has always been,there is no body to take them to task.I think the only way is, for every supporter in Scottish Football, to stop going to matches until they are prosecuted,I know they won’t have the balls to do it,so we will still have the same old crap in Scottish Football.

        • Clarkeng

          As I have said before……the coyote will apologise….and accept a fine.
          End of.

          • Eastside

            Clarkeng: we’ve been through this already but I’ll try again.
            Peter Lolol Lawell and Scoland’s Premier Club, Celtic FC, will not be intimidated by a rent-a-mob into issuing false apologies.
            Now, you may have intimidated smaller Clubs with threats of violence, attempted arson attacks, threats of boycotts and all round bawbaggery, but there’s one simple reason these threats worked – money.
            These smaller Clubs simply can’t afford 24/7 security for their Stadium and Board Members and they can’t afford being boycotted.
            The mighty, cash rich Celtic on the other hand, have more than enough influence and money to keep you from bullying and intimidating us into accepting your delusions as reality!

            • Clarkeng

              Eastside you are talking oot o yer backside again and ye know it.
              The SFA have just been waiting to reduce the high and mighty Sellik to their rightful position.
              There will be an apology.
              And there will be a fine.
              If wee Lunny gets his way Liewell will be removed from his position as the club’s rep on the board at he SPFL/SFA to pay back a few grudges which is a shame really considering big Liewell saved Scottish Fitba by saving Rangers.
              Och Aye he grabbed a few titles and some cash for ra Sellik but people will aways see these with some form of mark against them in the history books clearly showing they were won unfairly on the back of the plan.
              Rangers will be back and grow in strength again to take the rightful place back at the head of Scottish Fitba.
              And ra Sellik can assume their rightful place …..second.

          • Eastside

            Again Clarkeng, MONEY! Money talks so Sevco bull&hit walks, simple.
            Peter lolol Lawell is the only man to bring revenue into the SFA and SPFL coffers, after years of the “Rangers Men” doing nothing for Scottish Football but corrupting it and making it a laughing stock, they’ve finally found someone who can attract investment and halt the downward spiral “Rangers Men” inflicted on the Game.

          • @Clarkeng.
            OMG bud, you are so far gone!
            Brace yirsel. It’s gonna hurt.

            • Clarkeng

              @scruber baat
              Should you no have addressed that tae Monti’s rubber doll.
              Watch this space.
              You know it and I know it.
              There’s nae point kiddin yersel on.

            • @Clarky
              I doubt Monti has a rubber doll. He is treating his lovely lady tonight, and after a recent new born and bereavement shows what a caring family guy he is.
              On the other hand my deluded fellow, you should be praying for a rubber dolly to cushion the almighty skelp when you freefall back to earth.
              Fake team then.
              Fake fans now
              Fannies forever.

        • iain

          who are sevco please tell me which league they are in as ive looked all over and cant find any info at all

          • coatbrigbhoy

            tell me why did the SFA have to grant Greens company Sevco Scotland a temporary membership to play Brechin, when on that same day RFC 1872 Already held it’s own membership.
            why the need for two memberships for “one” club

            Green stated he bought the history that belonged to RFC 1872,
            who had the authority to sell the history that belonged to RFC 1872
            who did he buy it from,?
            how much did he pay ?
            what happened to the money Green paid for the history ?
            who had the authority to sell the history that belonged to RFC 1872

          • Henrik Moravcik

            Have sevco been liquidated as well ?

        • Eastside

          The amazing stupidity of the Sevconians has them using the transfer of Membership as proof they’re “Rangers”.
          Transferring Membership to yourself? Why would a Club need to do that?
          Secondly, are the Sevconians saying that if the Membership hadn’t been transferred to them and had gone to another Club, like Spartans for example, that Club could then claim to be a continuation of Rangers and therefore holds Rangers history?
          Zombie Zoomers.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Eastside you are a complete Nincompoop!
            How can a club transfer it’s licence?
            The governing body,the SFA, hold the registration documents.
            It is they who make the ultimate decision. This has been covered so many times, remember the 5 way agreement, and the LNS decision.
            Why don’t you ask Mr LieNOTsowell? Why were CFC and it’s directors urging the shareholders to back down over contacting UEFA? What was said at the AGM which was allegedly put on the back burner…indefinitely?
            And why did they back down so easily?
            Just what is it that the Pacific Shelf CEO is not telling the supporters?

        • Still no mention of any complaint on the SFA website. or from what I can see, any other news outlet, apart from the DR.
          Maybe it is off the radar. 🙂

        • Maggie


          There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell,or Sevco’s chance of survivng the spivfest, of anyone at Ibrox pursing big Peter for his comment.
          They know fine well that Sevco are actually a new club and they will not risk being told so by any one who counts,either the SFA or the courts.
          Can you imagine how that conversation would go :
          “Mr Lawwell told a joke,which implied you are a new club,Mr Stockbridge,is that correct”
          “Yes your honour ”
          “As the old Rangers is in liquidation,which means it is no more,I fail to see what your complaint is.Now GTF,you clown” 🙂

          Apologies if all this has been covered barca,I haven’t been able to get the comments to load since last Friday.I know the comments have been all over the place for a while now,maybe website needs an overhaul or something technical done to it.That’s my considered opinion and I’ll have you know,I know less than nothing about technical issues 🙂

      • Derry Mucker

        Apology from st peter but which rangers would it be ? How about sevco apologise for stealing from a charity and fleecing creditors they want an apology

    • cam

      Yes Ted,i’ll well deffo try not to wish arse cancer upon you this fine day.
      I realise there are rules in this bhoys club that permit some folk to say anything at all then apologise.
      A bit like a court room where the prosecution say something outrageous knowing it will be objected to and retracted,but getting it out there is the main aim.It keeps the tenuous legal theme going.
      Don’t go committing suicide, Ted as your lot frown upon that under rule 1234567 paragraph 2 subsection iv).14 years in the clink for that doozey,,,at least it kept that prick Monti quiet,which is always a good thing.
      I will lay good odds Ted that one of your maniacs will go tonto before the day is out.

      Now then back to the main theme of the blog,doing down Glasgow Rangers and everyone connected.I note that Ally’s chunterings haven’t been the focus of Paul’s chagrin lately,perhaps he realises that if he is gonna dissect one fitba managers press rantings then in the interests of fairness he may have to balance it up.
      We wouldn’t want anyone thinking that after two years of incessant blogging about Rangers and getting a warning from their lawyers that he “hates” them.
      Seemingly being labelled a Gers hater is a hate crime and legislation is planned to prevent this unfair treatment of interested folk who want to spend all their time “lighting fires” and feigning neutrality.

      Right then.what about this new guy?,,,i see the only attack so far is that he is supposedly the owner of a coupon that allegedly resembles a well skelped arse,,,Monti’s twin then?
      I await the insinuation that he is on the Interpol list and no doubt The Bill will be along shortly with something copied from the internet or some crime comic.
      Not long now till the next Euro pumping for the filth,i do hope the Italian lads don’t turn George Sq. into a scene resembling Monti’s garden after a barbie.
      Just get the mounted lads prepared and emulsion the horses white,,,those Vatican munchers do tend to flee when they see that.

  12. Raymilland

    The ‘Big W’ is where it’s at.

    Seek and ye shall find 😉

  13. Ed Paisley

    Tiger Aspect TV Productions was bought by IMG in 2006 and sold to Endemol in 2009. Endemol is run by Bazalgette the great grandson of the man who built the London sewers – and who now makes shite tv programmes like Big Brother.

    Mr Wallace’s career trajectory is clearly in a nose dive. It was either the Sevco CEO job for a month or teaching double entry book-keeping at Dumfries Adult Education Centre. He preferred the teaching job but the thought of working with Sandy Easdale, that business luminary and man of impeccable business integrity, swung it for him.

    Welcome to Sevco Hell Graham!

    As his predecessor at Dumfries Academy John Laurie would say – you’re all doo-oomed!

  14. Rangers. . .POSSESSED!
    The new CEO looks like someone from the ‘Exorcist’.
    Perhaps he’s here in time for the BIG SEANCE. . .I mean AGM armed with his own ‘ Malleus Maleficarum’.
    Perhaps he is taking the fat Rev manager, ‘I A.M Jolly’s advice and is about to CLEANSE the BIG HAUNTED HOOSE and banish all the Evil spirits from within its walls?
    Either way its another gripping episode of. . .The Hammer House of Horrror!

  15. Old Cartha Bhoy

    The way money continues to pour out of Ibrox mirrors a man in debt, surviving on payday loans since his credit cards have all been declined, hoping upon hope that he can stay afloat until he gets a winning lottery ticket to be drawn on 19 December…

  16. Hmm,unemployed since January after overseeing a £197 million loss1.
    Sounds like great credentials for Ibrokes.

  17. hector

    Rangers not a new club, Rory Bremner remarks what is this blog coming to ? God they’ll be calling John Greig thick next.

  18. Clarkeng

    Ven is on the telly Rory is quite funny.
    But I think he might be quite offended by the fat coyote trying to do impressions of him especially as he looks like the hind end of a bus.
    Naw I think each to their own and the coyote should stick to his chosen profession.
    I mean he is getting well sorted for looking after the finances at Sellik and the fact that they are now worth 25% of their original value must mean something.

    • Raymilland


      Lawwell is in no position to back down; he has nailed his colours to the mast.

      If Lunny & Co approach Peter Lawwell in relation to his recent comment of newco, they will require to confront the fundamental question of timeline concerning the birth of Sevco/TRFC.

      Will you continue to support your fledgling club when the truth is forced from the SFA?

      • Maggie


        Indeed Ray,I said much the same above.
        I see one of the trolls said above that Rory Bremner might be offended by Mr Lawwell doing impressions of him…….apart from the fact that Mr Lawwell didn’t actually DO an impression of Rory Bremner,I’d say Rory Bremer would more offended to being likened to Sevco. 🙂

  19. tamtic

    Clarky, i’m glad Sevco managed to find someone who was able to write and make a complaint was made to SFA, hopefully we’ll get this nonsense sorted out and the club previously known as Rangers will be pronounced dead. Separating club and company is a piece of nonsense,. As Wee Fergus said “I could have waited and got Celtic for nothing, but I would have lost the name and the history” I’m sure you would agree with that statement, so whats the difference between my club and yours? Not counting the fact we have squillions in the bank, are in champs league and are three leagues above you? Oh dear i’ve just pointed out the difference

    • Clarkeng

      See…….. wee fungus wis a pragmatist.
      He knew when he started the newco Sellik PLC that it was a newco.
      The fact that he could transfer the assets, goodwill, history etc etc along with the mhankiness from the oldco to the newco was just accepted as this was supposedly “the club” and he could jist punt the old co into the wilderness of Pacific Shelf Holdings Ltd.
      The Celtic Football and Athletic Co Ltd as is was formerly Pacific Shelf Holdings Ltd.
      The Sellik PLC has only been in existence for a short period…1994 I think.
      So when he bought the oldco and transferred all these things are you saying effectively ra Sellk’s history ended and as the newco has only been in existence since 1994 that is the extent of its history.
      Or are you saying that the newco bought the history as well.
      Well now here we have a problem….don’t we………..how could anyone buy a history.
      I mean FFS it’s no a living breathing thing or a car or hoose……it is a series of events which happened in the past.
      Nice to look back on and say we done this but how did wee fungus manage to buy this.
      If the club is really the company then Sellik Fitba Fitba and Athletic Co Ltd died in 1994.
      But if ra Sellik done it why does this also not apply to Rangers.
      The assets were sold to the newco in just the same manner.
      So Bhoyos get yer mhanky gums round the plumbs.

      • @barkeng

        Did the sainted Mr McCann buy the “assets” out of Administration? Or did he buy the club c.24 hrs BEFORE the receivers were called in?

        Here’s a clue: the 1st option above is wrong.

        Fergus bought the club outright as a private company. He then changed it from private company to PLC via a share issue, hence Pacific Shelf. Not too hard to understand. Or is it?

  20. perhaps those Arabs Mr. Murray referred to have now put their man on the board.

  21. bigz

    I was listening to Clyde phone in last night where they intimated that PL’s little joke will result in more hatred between the rivals. Im confused because surely PL’s comments can not in anway be linked to Celtic football club CFC as he was merely speaking on behalf of the PLC which is the company that owns the club and its assets . Completely unrelated matters Dunno what all the fuss is about.
    How mental does that sound !!!! What a ahower of fuds they are! !!!!!

  22. willy wonka

    3 million shares just changed hands. The seats are being rearranged.
    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  23. cam

    Jeez,i took you loonies at face value and checked out the picture of Mr Wallace thinking that i might be terrified.There i was thinking Lenny and Subo,Tony Mowbray,Lawwell,Pope Benny,Freddy Kreuger and Marge.
    Guy is perfectly acceptable,,,not as handsome and debonair as Mr Mather, but much more pleasing to the eye than melted face Coyote.
    Now then,if the only attacks the filth can muster is regards the mans appearance then that’s a plus.
    That is a few well qualified chaps on the board now and it makes the AGM all the more interesting.
    These signs of harmony and progress must signify something terrible on the horizon.
    My secret fear is the court case,you know the one where they wheel Craigie in on the trolley like Hannibal Lecter in sussies, clutching an old Philips cassete tape recorder.The judge asks him to swear on the bible whilst the whole place is full of folk trying not to laugh.They get as far as asking him his real name and they all deck it in hysterics.
    In the public gallery, a tottie heid in a hi-vis and safety helmet is shouting out quotes from KDS and telling the judge about titians whilst throwing pies at the defence counsel.
    A voice from outside can be heard shouting gaelic pish about chicken free dietary regimes and deid fuds.
    Meanwhile an old buffer in a cravat,smoking jacket and sooking on an unlit meerschaum is taking notes on a pad full of really interesting locomotive numbers.

  24. JimBhoy

    If Paul’s assumption is correct about a costly pay off for the new CEO and potentially other board members (AGM time) are rangers effectively buying what they cannot afford OFF the park now? I know the bears don’t do irony..!! 😉

  25. arb urns

    Given that this guy is into TV Productions……………………….

    Who wants to be a millionaire……

    Chris T…… in the hot seat tonight from the last show is Cameron Belisha from Larkhall who when the buzzer sounded had got to the 1m Q with amazingly all lifelines intact…..

    the q was The Rangers Football Club won The Scottish Cup season 2013/2014 but are prevented from playing in Europe the following season because….

    A they have a proud 140 yr + history
    B they were in liquidation and had to reform as The Rangers and as such didnt have three years national football association membership
    C they have two R’s in their name
    D. their manager is hoplessly out of his depth at this level

    Cameron asked the audience who 100% went for B. he then went 50/50 and he was left with A and B , he then phoned a friend and from his choice of willy wonka, deniall walker, clark eng and jabba traynor chose jabba…jabba told cam to forget everything he had said when he was director of comms at the club and the answer was B….

    so cameron whtas your answer….

    A.. chris final answer

    eh cameron the whole audience think B.. jabba was quite specifc it was B.. u r going for A

    A chris final answer

    Cameron youve’ just lost…………………. its the wrong answer ..im so sorry

    ach i ken chris i just coodnae admit it ma club isnae deid…………………………………..

    • cam

      There is now way that Chris Tarrant of all people is kicking me aff the show!!
      I’ve got a system for that programme that involves coughing,Tourettes,high pitched flute music and Billy Nimmo ruling on the answers.
      Now then a million quid??,,,,,Morag,i’m off tae the Rangers shoap fur some Xmas shoppin.

  26. Sevco United

    As much as its good to laugh at Sevco, with the new bean counters on the Board, its highly unlikely that a “large pay-off” would be due for 3 weeks work.

    Even for them, that would be stretching common sense.

  27. Raymilland

    Scrabble board solution



    Big Peter’s gag is aimed at the SFA. It’s Vinnie’s turn to crack the jokes while Campbell can be the straight man.

    We always knew that the SFA were a shower of comedians.

  28. hector

    If the 3.3million shares punted in one go came from the same holder according to the sevco investor centre there are only four holdings listed as large enough to have made the sale. Could this be B loo pitch or Margarita bailing out to spare the spivs a red face at the AGM. If so unless the Bash street brothers bought them they would lose the proxy votes for the AGM.

  29. Cluster 0ne

    Rangers hypocrisy & the Poppy – http://quaer0.wordpr…nows-no-bounds/

  30. @gortchomhor

    Someone totally insane suggested to me that McCoist has basically walked away… I don’t usually listen to nutcases but the story has such huge appeal that I thought it worth sharing.

    Can you imagine how desolate that joint would be without chubby chops?

    Let’s all pray.

  31. Eastside

    Sky yesterday had a piece on Hearts FC, it stated that should Heats be Liquidated it would be an end of a hundred and something years of history.
    Strangely it was amended and that line was removed!!

    In the words of Peter Lolol Lawell…

    “Ahhhh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, he he he he, ahhh, ha ha ha ha ha ha, he he he he he he he, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!!”

  32. tamtic

    Maggie, i’ll update you on that scumbag Cams pish. Yes, Mick was out of order with the cancer jibe but he was big enough to apologise. I’ve been on twice asking Cam not to keep on about it, but like the ignoramus he is he continues to do so.

  33. maybe its nothing, Laxey.s Colin Kingsnorth, sevcos new non executive director Norman Crighton and Craig Whyte were all at Olliff & Partners together in the 90’s, seems a bit of a coincidence

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