Someone Sold 3.328 Million Shares in “Rangers” Today – Is the Seller a Glass Half Empty Person?

Just before 1pm today the Stock Market noted that there had been a sale, at a price of 41p per share, of 3,328,672 shares in Rangers International Football Club PLC at a price of 41p each.

With such a sizeable sale there will require to be an imminent announcement about the seller/buyer.

What will be interesting is the view on life of the seller.

With such a large shareholding it is unlikely that the seller paid full price for the shares at the IPO. It is much more likely that the seller is one of the initial investors who got shares for 1p each.

But the philosophical matter comes in as follows.

The seller, if they bought the shares for 1p each, and the holding has remained static would have had a stake worth £3,095,664.96 at the high water mark of 93p on December 27th last year.

Eleven months later and the same holding was sold for £1,364,755.52.

So, if the shares cost the seller 1p each they have still made an actual profit of £1,364,755.52 – £33,286.72 = £1,331,468.80. A profit of almost £1 1/3 million for an investment of just over a year is not at all bad, especially against an investment of £33,000.

Jim Bowen tells the Rangers seller how much more he would have made selling last year

Jim Bowen tells the Rangers seller how much more he would have made selling last year

On the other hand, in a Jim Bowen-esque, “let’s see what you could have won”, style if the sale had taken place at the peak price, then the profit would have been far higher. In fact therefore the sale today gives the seller a profit which is £1,730,909.44 less than they would have made selling just after Christmas.

So, if you were the seller, would you be happy to have made a profit of £1.3 million, or be thinking that an earlier sale would have more than doubled your gains?

Glass half empty, or glass half full …

You choose!

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434 responses to “Someone Sold 3.328 Million Shares in “Rangers” Today – Is the Seller a Glass Half Empty Person?

  1. Monti

    So the Orcs are banging on about the ‘living wage’ that the big bad Celtic aren’t paying?
    Irony isn’t lost on them is it?
    How ridiculous is it that the fans of the dead are concerned about the living?
    It’s a bit like Fred West criticizing the care sector.
    In my wildest dreams I never thought this would happen in my lifetime, but Rangers DID die & they are gone!

    Time for a bowl!

  2. Monti


    This Xmas I was thinking about buying you ‘ the broons annual ‘ & a packet of Crayons to colour it in.


  3. Felpen

    Unbelievable decision from the judge. Has to be on a back hander. 6 months prison for throwing a beer can! No evidence what so ever of it only hearsay from police. Over five minutes of violence against the Celtic supporter’s. When asked about it the judge says weather they knew they were police or not when the Celtic fans were attacked they should not fight back! WTF is he for fucking real?

    • Sevco United

      Was 6 weeks. not 6 months. Im sure if it was Sevco fans, you would have a completely different outlook.

      • Ian4300

        Fuck Off SEVCO TROLL.

        Some of that Police violence could have been BRIITS in Northern Ireland .

        Same result in Court.

        What is it the Orange do not understand about TRUTH & JUSTICE?



      • Sevco United

        Ah. The old Rangers/Sevco/Celtic way. Resorting to personal abuse and vitriol.

        Its all you know.

        • Ian4300

          Go away TROLL.

          There are Scottish People beaten up abroad by THUGS who turn out to be Cops.

          Go look at Youtube & see or are your blinkers on?

          Wait a minute, add Celtic to the mix & all of a sudden it’s OK for the Police to act like that.

          Like I said TROLL, Go Away & take your crap with you.

          It is NOT anything to do with .”The old Rangers/Sevco/Celtic way”. It is DISGUST at your gloating at Scottish People being beaten up & Imprisoned, as I say their being Celtic Supporters seems to make it OK in your eyes.

          You are well named SEVCO TROLL.

          • Sevco United

            I wasnt gloating. I was pointing out the punishment was nowhere near what was said and making the absolutely obvious observation that no matter the circumstances, had that been Sevco/Rangers fans then that lot would be sticking up for them saying it was police brutality ala Spain a number of years ago and you lot would be sticking the boot in saying they were thugs and deserved it.

            Anyone who denies that doesnt live in the real world.

      • Monti

        @Sevco united

        It couldn’t be Sevco fans as their club isn’t allowed in Europe, nor will they be playing European football for years yet 😀

        You are correct on one thing tho, of I was a judge & a Hun was standing before me, he would be remanded for a lengthy time, even for the most trivial offences, not only that, I would be grinning from ear to ear as I sentenced him.

  4. mick

    just watched that panorama there how sick can humans be shooting kids in the back god rest the souls of there victims how we will always remember in our prayers

  5. Ian4300

    The Gravestone summed it up:


    BRITISH Death Squads operated in IRELAND? What is NEW in that ?

    Modern Black & Tans….Fucking Scum.

    I now await the shit about it being nothing to do with us, or Christian Hypocrites like BB Giving a bit of Whataboutery.

    • Monti


      Well said m8!
      But they couldn’t, can’t & never will beat the Irish people!
      God will have the final say when their day of judgment comes.


      • The Docu was informative, but I thought the finishing interview with the Brit, was to put it kindly, soft. it was still an wholly Anglo centric perspective.

        • Monti

          @mac Tomas
          Totally agree with you, the scouse looking guy who looked like one of the Robbers from ‘ lock, stock & two smoking barrels ‘, showed not the slightest hint of regret or remorse, well expect the same back you murdering, degenerate prick!

      • Graham

        Why are you living in the past
        Nobody wants to beat the Irish people . The Irish live and work freely in the uk , they are almost part of the British Isle modern day society , with their news and weather being shown on sky and bbc news ,
        their football team are more often than not mentioned on sky sports news before our own
        Scotland .
        If you go to Dublin as a Brit you are welcomed warmly .
        Its over monti , why not accept that and let us all get on together , the way the vast majority of Irish have

        • Monti


          I’m not living in the past, I firmly believe that if the British never set foot in Ireland there wouldn’t have been the campaign on the mainland.
          The British with their murder squads & shoot to kill policies only had themselves to blame!
          Let me ask you Graham, what would you have done of you were an Irishman in Belfast at the time & you witnessed your family & friends being killed by a foreign army, would you lie down or would you fight?

          • Graham

            Monti ,
            I would have done what most people including the British army did when faced with a threat to your homeland security !!
            You would fight fire with fire …
            However, two wrongs don’t make a right they are faults in both sides but surely the time has come to move on draw a line under all this ,
            The good people if Belfast deserve a long and listing peace .
            It’s time to let the ballot box and the politicians do their job .

  6. Monti

    “Oh England do you really think it’s over,
    If you do you’ll have to kill us all,
    For until you take your murderers out of Ireland,
    We will make you rue the blood spilled at Loughgall”



  8. lordmac

    looking on this meant they where not brave guys at all, out killing innocent people they had a pass and permission when stopped by army or RUC to carry guns, there was no bravery in that at all, what it did do was put more blame on the uvf and uda. until it was discoverer these guys where about, big difference it some one gives you permission to carry an offensive weapon knowing you cant be touched .

  9. @ jamie………. that Vid you posted yesterday of some Zombies sharing their thoughts on Independence was the first piece of footage that had me laughing & crying at the same time. I would happily pay for a first class flight for those two fuds to Cardiff. Actually I’d fly the plane myself just to make sure they left our country.

  10. BTW… that Dutch judge must have been sniffin glue along with the Ajax fans yesterday…………..

  11. glad 2 c sumday made a few bob on das munkee hunz cos they deserve tae b soaked

  12. Paul

    What the panorama program did throw up was not only did the Army murderers hide behind their protection,also it showed the deep rooted hatred for catholics. Murdering bastards who made sure that the troubles continued to justify their been there and they dare to call the people terrorists..Please do not try to defend these scum.

    • Graham

      Are you kidding on .. How about terror attacks like the bloody Friday highlighted in the programme ? Do you not think these also help prolong the war you speak of ..
      Killing inocent people is wrong no matter who commits it !! English or Irish .. Catholics or Protestants …No matter what cause they hid behind too do it , it is wrong
      RIP all those inocent victims on both sides if the troubles .

  13. portpower

    would you like some wallaby with that mint sauce? Good bush tucker.

    sevco cam with a bib FC

  14. hector

    Over in mordor the debate rages on. A hedge fund with a history of screwing maximum shareholder return out of companies now owns 11% of their club and they still bang on about Lawells joke , the Blackthorn logo washing off their strips and whether Craig Whyte was a mole planted by the Rangers haters.

    • Monti


      Morning hector, cold up at the croft last night?
      My Argentinian & Irish Tricolour are stiff as a board this morning on the flagpoles.
      Still the sun will be out soon & the two flags will once again be cracking in the wind.
      I see the little boy David has some new crayons & your still ‘ a silly little laddie ‘!

      I think he’s warming to me as well 🙂

      • hector

        @monti Morning old boy these Lanark Thistle supporters are renowned for their lack of a sense of humour and surly nature. It may be a masonic thing but its hard to tell as its a secret.SSSSSHHHHH

        • david

          @hector the hebridean halfwit
          Youve never met a Larkhall Thistle man. Would you include the McStays of John Clark in your summation?
          What a diddy you are. You know nothing about Celtic yet profess to be a Celtic fan, and your puerile digs at Freemasonry- about which you know nothing- show you up.
          Do you agree with your new best friends outlook on terrorism?
          Yes or no?
          Are you REALLY so ignorant as you portray yourself?

      • david

        Your flags would be the only things you have ever had stiff.
        Dont you ever tire of constant lying?
        Utter fanny, shitebag, liar and scum bigot.

  15. Sevco United

    Any soldiers found to have killed innocent civilians should be tried and convicted. Similarly, any commanding officer who gave instructions should join them. Going further, any politicians or government officials who were aware of civilians being indiscriminately killed by these units should also join the rest in prison.

    I hope that also similarly, we can all agree that every IRA member who was in anyway involved in civilian deaths should receive the same treatment. As should the brigade commanders and head honchos who condoned the 1500 bombs in 1972 alone that were talked about in the programme and the thousands of other bombs all over the UK and Ireland where yet more innocent people lost their lives or had their lives ruined at the hands of scumbag terrorists.

    And yes this does extend to the Loyalists as well before anyone asks.

    I await the unequivocal condemnation of all sides from all contributors. No aye buts. No Republican freedom fighters rhetoric. No British Army triumphalism.

    Condemn the all or condemn none at all.

    • Monti


      No thanks.
      I’m comfortable condemning only the Brits.

    • coatbrigbhoy

      Scumbag terrorits,
      your very selective in who you call scumbags.

      IRA was fighting to free Ireland from an oppressor,

      The UVF and UDA were just killing catholics, for the fun of it.

      the British armed forces were murdering unarmed Catholic civilians on the orders of their commanders, no British soldier need follow those orders,
      so why did they,

      • Graham

        One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist !!
        Bloody Friday highlighted what some of your freedom fighters did to the innocent people in Belfast !!

        • coatbrigbhoy

          Bloody Sunday highlighted the British Armies murderous agenda in N I .

          the only freedom fighters were the IRA,
          the rest were murdering oppressors

      • Sevco United

        All terrorists are scumbags. All murderers of innocent civilians are scumbags.

        Are you capable of reading my strong condemnation of the soldiers/Army/Government and actually taking it in.

        And for the record. Do you condemn all IRA members who were involved in killing innocent civilians ?

        Your pal Monti doesnt. But are you brave enough to say yes ?

        • Fra

          All terrorists are scumbags, I totally agree but the republican army are not terrorists in my opinion. There you go. Sorted

        • coatbrigbhoy

          so when you said,” terrorist scumbags” that was including the full time members of the British armed forces and intelligence services,

          yes or no

          those self same armed forces that are invited to Ibrox to sing the songs of hate and display scarfs that proclaim that Ulster must remain under protestant rule.
          try to remember that thousands of those civilians you talk of, regularly indulge their passion for singing about been up to their knees in catholic blood and singing that those catholics must surrender or die, they come to Scotland from Ulster to attend Ibrox,to indulge their party tunes,loud and proud, Police Scotland, and the SFA continue to turn a deaf ear.

          a lot of people need to condemn what is going on to this day, before you try a wee smart ar se way to get me to condemn anyone

          • Sevco United

            Its rude to answer a question with a question. You answer mine and i will do the same in return.

          • Graham

            Nobody has ever sang songs about being up to their knees in catholic blood … Were did U get that pish from ?
            But your lot have sung about “soon there will be no Protestants at all “!
            But you never herd that eh ?

            • coatbrigbhoy

              can i ask you are you this clown ?

              the one wearing the England top,
              he then goes on to belittle the English and profess his love for the Welsh,
              the union is now going to be Scotland and Wales as the English have sold out according to this lunatic

            • coatbrigbhoy

              Fenian blood ? who are those Fenians that are to be slaughtered to enable you’se to wade knee deep in their blood , if not the Catholic population,then who ?

              did you look at the video, the guy in the England top is predicting, if Scotland votes for independence your all leaving,
              so if the independents win the day ,then soon there will be no protestants at all, as your all going to Wales

    • Ian4300

      Here we go again TROLL.

      Tell me how EQUALLY The British Armed Forces have been treated, Legally?

      The INVESTIGATORS Re Wrote their evidence for them,

      Bloody Sunday Murders? £200 MILLION spent, Murders finally admitted & NOT ONE prosecution.

      That programme touched the tip of the Iceberg. there were Brit murders of Civilians in a organised Mafia type way by the British Government Intelligence & Loyalist Paramilitaries.

      All Murders are not equal, State murders are worse than others..

      Two other things were mentioned British Forces acting in a COLONIAL way in Ireland & Cause & Effect.

      Why is it OK for Brits to murder in Ireland but is wrong for Irish to attack Britain?

      We should clean up our OWN midden before worrying about anyone else’s. . .

      • Graham

        All murders are not equal ?
        Tell that to the loved ones that are left behind by the murderers .

      • Sevco United

        You are seriously deranged.

        Its NOT ok for Brits to murder in Ireland you absolute loonball. What part of my outright condemnation of the Soldiers did you not understand?

        Are you seriously that deluded ?

    • coatbrigbhoy

      you say………..Condemn the all or condemn none at all.

      so when you talk of terrorist scumbags, do you include the British armed forces and intelligence services or not

      plenty of IRA men went to the H blocks,
      how many Paras, their commanders or MP’s went to jail ?

  16. cam

    What a great result in Amsterdam; Justice 5 Beggars 1.
    The scoreline reflects the riot reasonably well although the Dutch police goalie will rightly be annoyed at letting one beggar slip through his firm chokehold.
    Unlike Dave King these convicted rioters now have a criminal record and although in any other decently run club,this would result in banning orders,fatbhoy Coyote will be terrified of losing anymore fans.
    What a club,their jolly craicsters are being well deffo exposed now.Battering the captains mammy,destroying Amsterdam in an orgy of drunken violence,assaulting innocent police horses,being in possession of offensive coupons and needing a damn good kettling everywhere they urinate.
    God bless Orange justice,god bless the SAS for keeping us safe.
    God bless the Glasgow Rangers. WATP!!!!

  17. Monti

    Is the Fleg down or up today? 🙂

    Still not be marching down Garvaghy Road……..ever ever ever !

    Bowl sir?

    • Kerrygirl

      Monti do you think the fleg will be up and down like David’s pants, I think it’s all over for McColl and Murray , the hedge fund has won

  18. John Clarke

    just read then terrible news………may your god be with you Paul and may he protect and support those you have left behind.
    Our loss as followers of your blog can never ever compare to the loss suffered by your family.
    RIP Paul.

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