Bad News for SPFL – Court Allows £1.75 Million Damages Claim Against SPFL to Continue

The Inner House of the Court of Session has today upheld the decision of Lord Woolman in the case of the SPFL v Lisini Pub Management. The full decision can be read here.

In terms of this decision the Court has upheld the dismissal of the action brought by the SPFL to prevent the defender, which owns various pubs, showing SPL/SPFL football matches via a Polish decoder and for damages for breach by Lisini of an undertaking not to do so.

This case follows that where the English courts referred a similar dispute to the European Court of Justice and as Lord Woolman noted:-

“Put short, the ECJ found that clauses prohibiting the use of foreign decoders and smart cards were void. They constituted a restriction on competition and the [free competition] provisions of European law prevailed over the 1988 Act.”

Lord Woolman’s decision was challenged by the SPFL but this appeal has failed.

The action raised by the SPFL sought to prevent Lisini acting unlawfully by using the Polish decoder. Once the ECJ ruled that it was not unlawful to use such a device, then the court order sought by SPFL to prevent that unlawful act fell. An interdict is only competent against an act which is or would be unlawful.

Probably even worse for the SPFL is the decision of the Court too to allow the counterclaim by Lisini for damages to continue. Lisini claims damages of £1,761,749 from the SPFL on the basis that the interdict granted against Lisini in 2007 was unlawful and that Lisini has suffered losses as a result of that unlawful court order being granted.

The SPFL tried to have the counterclaim dismissed as not representing a valid legal claim. This failed.

The court ruled:-

[78] … The ECJ’s decision was that a particular type of obligation (namely an exclusive territorial licence granted to a broadcaster containing terms preventing the broadcaster from distributing decoder devices such that the broadcast could be accessed by viewers outside the particular territory) was, by its very nature, injurious to the proper functioning of normal competition in the internal market (unless other circumstances falling within its economic and legal context justified an alternative conclusion, which it would be for those seeking to uphold the restriction to establish: cf paragraphs 140 and 143 of the decision). …

[79] In the present case, there is no need for a particular averment by the defenders about what inter-state competition might be affected. The member states involved are obviously Poland and the United Kingdom, both members of the EC. Further the defenders offer to prove (admittedly on a “believed and averred” basis – with which the pursuers take no issue at this stage) that the restriction imposed by the contractual chain between the pursuers in the United Kingdom and Polsat in Poland, is that Polsat’s standard terms when supplying a decoding device must restrict the use of the decoding device to the territory within the Republic of Poland. We consider therefore that the defenders have averred sufficient to support a claim that the contractual chain described in paragraph [6] above was, by its very nature, injurious to the proper functioning of normal competition for member states. As the Grand Chamber said at paragraph 140:

” … where a licence agreement is designed to prohibit or limit the cross-border provision of broadcasting services, it is deemed to have as its object the restriction of competition, unless other circumstances falling within its economic and legal context justify the finding that such an agreement is not liable to impair competition.”

[80] Thus in terms of the ruling at page 102 R1 of the English Premier League case, such contractual arrangements by their very nature amount to “a restriction on competition prohibited by art.101 TFEU”. Accordingly we agree with Mr McIlvride that, in the context of any contract connected with that contractual chain, all that would be required of the defenders would be to aver the type of contract which by its very nature restricted normal competition, without the need to specify in any detail facts that would tend to show that the restriction would have an “appreciably injurious effect” on the market. It would be for the pursuers to “put forward any economic and legal context of such clauses that would justify the finding that … these clauses are not liable to impair competition and therefore do not have an anti-competitive object” (paragraph 143 of the English Premier League case).

We therefore consider that the ruling of the Grand Chamber in the English Premier League case applies with equal force to the undertaking, such that it is deemed, by its very nature, to have an injurious effect on normal competition within the internal market. Alternatively the defenders seek to establish that, because of the ex hypothesi void condition in the agreement with Polsat, the undertaking, on a proper analysis, would not have prevented them having the access to broadcasts which they wished to have. On either basis, they thus seek to establish inter alia that the interim interdict pronounced against them was, insofar as based on the undertaking, wrongfully obtained.

This decision is one which makes clear that the present model where the SPFL prevents (or tries to prevent) matches being seen on TV in Scotland from foreign broadcasters is doomed to fail. It also places in jeopardy the contracts the football authorities presently have with broadcasters. If a pub can show matches sourced via another broadcasters for less than the cost payable to Sky, then that is surely simply an example of the free market in process?

It will, I am sure, be greeted by the SPFL as a decision which could impoverish the football clubs as less money will be paid for rights to cover football.

However it could in fact provoke more of an auction, with foreign bidders looking to profit from having the rights and legitimately selling them to Scotland.

It almost certainly means that the SPFL will appeal to the Supreme Court, even if only to delay matters, and of course the decision does  not say that the counterclaim is in any way justified, rather that it is still an issue which the court has to decide. The counterclaim has the potential, if successful, to bankrupt the SPFL. And it falls upon the SPFL to justify the purported restraint of trade, rather than for Lisini to say that is was unjustified.

It is clear that in Angels in Uddingston and in other pubs around the land, there should be popping of champagne corks today at a notable victory, and one achieved in the face of overwhelming opposition from the football authorities and satellite broadcasters!

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749 responses to “Bad News for SPFL – Court Allows £1.75 Million Damages Claim Against SPFL to Continue

  1. R. MacGeddon

    The £10m is Craig preparing Ally’s war chest for next season.

  2. Raymilland

    This stripped down vocals is feckin brilliant.

    And also quite relevant :)

  3. Monti




  4. Raymilland

    G’ night all

  5. Ian4300

    Sorry willy you lost me.

    What has that to do with Sevco 5088?

    Your not trying to change the subject, are you?

  6. Cam,

    Is your life really so sad that you find the need to spend so much time on here?
    Get out there and live the life, get a half priced or even quarter by now season book. Your peepul need you!

  7. Ed Paisley

    My good God – Strach is bringing back Kris Boyd to the Scotland squad. To be fair Boydy was good at poaching goals against third rate opposition but he was never a good footballer.
    He wasn’t even worth a decent wedge from the EBT scam – Boydy only got £215,000. That’s only enough for 450,000 packets of monster munch.
    The words; scraping, bottom, barrel spring to mind.

  8. hector

    Good morning to you all. Looking through the last couple of days posts it looks like the failure of a sense of humour is not just confined to the head orcs at Ibrox. St Peters wee joke fair got the orcs foaming at the mouth and howling at the moon and brought the same club stooshie back to the fore. If the orcs do believe they are the same club then a throwaway remark should be like water off a ducks back. It is the uncertainty that they are in fact a new club that leads to this perma rage and the if in doubt lash out mentality. I see we don’t do walking away Willy walked away to the relief of many but within 24 hours he is back. Not sure if he is the same Willy or in fact a newco Willy as these orcs do like their name changes. Our very own member of the constabulary OD reckons Mr Whyte now has the funds to stick it to sevco in the courts which begs the Question how are the spivs going to pay their legal bills? Only a month till the AGM ,the share price not far off the all time low , civil war continues to rage in Mordor and the spectre of Craigy boy still owning the assets .

  9. Some cracking reading last night regarding Worthingtons, Law, and wee Craigy.
    How about this for a wee take on things.
    No court case! The spivs walk away prosecution free, after handing the keys to wee Craigy, who then puts the rebels on a new board.
    The spivs have been paid off. The rebels are on the board without putting a penny in. And wee Craigy gets his rent and six seats in perpetuity.
    The CF docs cannot be taken as evidence at the moment, but if wee Craigy turns up in court with the originals in his back pocket, they will be! A court case would be an open and shut job. Bearing in mind they are all working together, what would be the point?
    A bit of PR has Craigy enduring mucho slander but maintaining quiet dignity while working hand in glove with the rebels to shaft the shafters!
    Wee Craigy will be back shoulder high, reputation intact. And the money shot…..A £10m kitty!
    Ding ding. Round 2. Another share offer,and a hike in SB prices.

    • Clarkeng

      @Busted by Barca
      Just thinking ahead about your new name.
      Yes you are right….there will be no court case…..wee Craigie will be sorted out by Co House for his various misdemeanors.
      I read this afternoon all the theories advanced by Inspector Clueno our resident polis and the various ejaculations and o’dees at the thought of him being on the money.
      Quite humorous but no wonder the crime rate amongst you lot is rising when the standard of edumacated investigatory plods show themselves to be totally overawed by the evidence.
      Quote David Low ” you can put anything on these forms”.
      There is no £10m in Sevco 5088.
      Worthingtons shares remain suspended.
      The money lent to Craigie £250k in unsecured notes will be paper used to try to bolster some other dying co probably Law whatever.
      It wont be real money.
      I hear the sound of bubbles bursting loudly again just like the FTTT, gratuitious alienation and LNS.

      • @Clarke.
        I say there won’t be a court case because either (a) Craigy won’t run with a load of fake docs, or (b) Chicco won’t appear if the docs are legit, because he is on a hiding.
        But think on this. If Chicco thought he was in the right and owned the lions share, he would still be there, waiting tohear Zardok. A greedy Bee doesn’t flee the hive with his big ‘ands flapping.
        But either CG or CW could have provided incontrovertable proof of ownership at any stage. They never!….Why?….Because, and there is plenty to suggest it, they are in bed together!
        Chicco and his cronies have had their ample reward.
        Now it is Craigy’s turn! And he will take it. Remember he was the guy who put his head on the block to save you/make himself rich.
        There are other routes for him to pursue, but why waste wonga in court. A legal route will be open to him to claim ownership through the myriad structure. Chicco will not contest it.
        They are still buddies. Sevconians have been suckered! Timmy has not.

        • @Clarke.
          I have scanned the SFA website, and I can’t find any sign that Sevco have complained about big Peter calling you impersonators.
          Is the website needing updated, or has the complaint not been made yet?
          Surely you are not gonna leave it at that! You realise that if this statement stands, it is confirmation that the real Rangers are deid.
          If you are just gonna surrender and walk away, I will have to put in the complaint
          Anybody got Lunny-linguists number?

          • Clarkeng

            Mibbes the apology has already been offered on the quiet and the accepted graciously??
            Saving the coyote’s face might be in our long term interest.
            The way things are going wee Timmy is going to be suckered dry.
            I can hear Big Des singing Gibraltar,,,,,,,,,Gibraltar……….a wonderful town!!!

          • Sevco United

            Was the apology not issued through Neil Lennon? Im sure i read yesterday that he still considered Sevco to be the old Rangers.

            Was this a back-door way out ?

            • iantm

              Hello TROLL.

              I’m sure I read that The SEVCO SHAMBLES was really RANGERS in disguise too.

              The papers are full of pish ain’t they?

            • Sevco United

              I wasnt talking about the papers though because as you say, they talk nonsense. I was meaning a direct quote from Neil Lennon about Rangers taking longer to get back to they “way they used to be” in terms of competing against Celtic in the SPL.

              Clearly, he feels they are the same club. Or he has been told to say that to try and issue a back handed apology.

        • Clarkeng

          @Busted Stuff
          Barca ……naw …….naw…..naw.
          Don’t have time at the moment but will come back to you on this later today with the likely scenario.
          Bubbles bursting…..kites flying…….
          You guys are doin the hope bit to death.
          But here is a wee question for you… ra Sellik AGM……….
          Why was Big Des no there…….does he no like the “little people” or was he in Gibraltar coontin his dosh?
          And a group of fans tried to ask an awkward question on “the real worth of Sellik Fitba Club” and were poo poo’ed ….told we don’t discuss things like that in public.
          Another cover up?? …..if you know the history…. ra Sellik are famous for them.
          But was this really the masterstroke played by the coyote to prevent the debt position being discussed ….sounds like Monktonhall Colliery Ltd all over again.
          Think his wee jibe was to take the heat out of things.
          So how successful do you consider a business which has fixed assets of £51m and which has raised £61.5m in share capital plus £9.5m in convertibles which gives a total of £123m but which is only worth at todays value £32m.
          And with huge mortgages falling due for repayment shortly which have only had the interest serviced over the terms.

          • That you tryin to change the subject again, dinnae botha clarkybhoy cause we’re keepin the boot on that scrawny throat until your either cured or the new club joins the old club in the trash can.

            Have a very hoopy day indeed.

            • Clarkeng

              @Whimmy Jite
              Whits that auld fairy tale……ah’ll huff ….and ah’ll puff…….
              But in real life that’s no whits happening ….is it?
              In real life the best fannies in the hole world have been told tae shut ther puss and don’t be questionin the coyote.
              Oh the other thing that is real life is that the season efter next we’ll be back up and ready to go.
              See you soon………we’ll probably pass each other ….us on the up………youse on the down………just like Monktonhall…….eh?

          • @Clarke
            Likely scenarios is it noo. Ha ha ha ha ha. I could make up a hunner of those myself thank-you. Like Sevco losing its bottle, or the most obv that big Peter called it spot on.
            Let’s stick to facts instead with nae whatabootery.
            Sevco said it would complain to the appropriate authorities. I see no record of it with the SFA.
            Maybe they complained to customer services at pound world where they bought it.
            I’ll busy myself flying my kite while you search for a link to the complaint.

            • Clarkeng

              @stube crabar
              When the apology is announced ….does it mean the cry from over there will be “sack the board”……again!!
              Myself….I think you already know the truth………it had to happen………he needed to buy himself some space and knew he would have to apologise.
              Weasel words are cheap.
              Lunny will still go for him …….and it will be a big fine.

            • @Clarke
              Nae link then?
              Can you see my kite from there?
              It’s on a really long string but I can reel it in at my leisure.
              Go on. Get on the blower tae Lunny-Lingus. Hammer the last nail in. Lol.

            • hector

              Campbell Ogilvie EBT – £95,000.

          • hector

            “The club has been done in by reckless mismanagement , some large dollops of arrogance and hubris and what seems to have been a wilful disregard for the laws of the land in terms of tax paying”. Life long Rangers fan Grahame Speirs.

  10. Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

    One flew east one flew west and one flew over the cuckoos nest

  11. JimBhoy

    Howdy folks in catch up as usual… Celtic linked with a couple of new signing,nice one…
    Rangers melt down continues… Has Ticketus set the rent yet for next season? Not a bad bit of business invest in a few thousand seats to be paid by the SB money and end up owning not just ALL the seats but the big hoos, a prime piece of carpark land and a large training facility…

    Any club linked will Lee Wallace yet? Gonna be a tough xmas/NY for the gers fans.. HH

  12. mick

    Not long now lol hail hail

  13. Monti


    On a scale of 1 – 10, how dead is original rangers ?

    Aaaaahhhhhaaaaaaa \ o /

  14. Ed Paisley

    This must be what they call the lull before the storm. The interim, acting, temporary Chairman has taken his short term position and we are now waiting for the Inverclyde criminals to lock horns with the Clyde Blowers blowhard (and that floppy haired bloke who was the mail boy at Deutsche Bank).
    Let the battle commence – my money is on Ron and Reg to tighten their grip on Sevco because the blowhard ain’t going to open his big fat wallet.

  15. tamtic

    Check David Lindsay in the Times, what planet is he on? He’s banging on about the Rory eleven and their history. What history? They only started last year. Playing and pandering to the huns support methinks. Cam, shut up about cancer , Mick was man enough to apologise and you should be man enough to accept that No scoring points on something so awful.

  16. Just seen these on the net. :-)

  17. Raymilland

    Another smashing night at the Louden.

    Gives a new meaning to meet and greet.
    Jorge and Nacho never spilled a drop in the back seat ;)

  18. lordmac

    glad CELTIC are looking at the big picture, and planing to build a new stadium in the carlisle area, witch will serve as a new team known as CELTIC NATION this team will play in england for a few years till the time is right for us to up sticks, where we will play the top english teams,
    and will be able over night to double our support, no matter what away park we travel too, the guys from scotland will follow there team no matter where we go, and also the lads from liverpool and manchester will follow celtic they will swap there old scarfs for us, the name CELTIC Nation football club, will be unstoppable, we can bid the SFA sweet farewell
    when all is in place, and then allow the RANGERS SUPPORT some time so as they might get a chance of some honors in scotland. well done CELTIC dont let the buggers get you down

  19. tamtic

    Clarky, Jeez oh man! your a real investigative journo. how the hell did you learn that info about big Pete and his coal mine (no, don’t laugh) and all the while Sir Minty, wee Craigy (God bless him) Chucky and every other carpetbagger was screwing your club into the ground. Where were you when Phil was telling everyone what was going on? You could have given him a hand in exposing the crooks. Oh well, too late now.

    • Clarkeng

      You know this is not real life………..don’t you?
      Because some bam puts it on here that Rangers have been stiffed for £60m does not mean its true.
      Sure there will have been a wee bit dodginess but nothing on the scale of wee Fungus and his £32m profit straight out of ra Sellik Fitba Club.
      Or Big Des, Mr Riley et all and their 6% per annum in perpetuity…… free of course!!
      And as for Phil the reason he fled Baillieston was because of debt and the fact that the Auld Hoose widnae serve him any nerr.
      Even the tic fans were fed up with him.
      Ask yourself the question why is ra Sellik only worth £32m per the published accounts………..where did all the money go and where is it still going.
      Looks like Big Des is losing interest now he is increasing his share in the Irish media…….mibees efter the scandal over Haughey’s boat he thinks it is time rebuild his reputation
      Him and wee Craigie would make fine bedfellows……….in the biblical sense that is ………..heaven forbid anyone would think I was suggesting anything else.

  20. Winston Smith

    Rumour has it that the rumours regarding BDO are all true. So I’m told. All of a sudden, Sevco 5088 has a thousand fathers… lol

    tick tock tick tock tick tock

  21. willy wonka

    Lego eater, captain of the team, takes another off the ball kick at a player IN A FRIENDLY !
    What a dumpling.

  22. tamtic

    Excuse me lads I’ve just had to change my pants after reading clarky’s reply to my earlier post. He described the goings on at Ibrokes as a “wee bit of dodginess” Ha Ha HA. ,and yes I did wet myself.The investigative genius that he is started quoting figures he obviously trawled the net for, and then has the cheek to cast aspersions on Wee Fergus, who told everyone exactly what he would do and then proceeded to do just that. If your mob had anyone half as good they wouldn’t be in the terminal mess they are just now.

  23. Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

    Well done Gordon & Broonie, well done Scotland , we seem to be doing better since the govan mob withdrew their support,

  24. Raymilland

    Nostradamus Prophecy 10

    There will be peace, union and change. Estates and offices low (are) high, those high (made) very low: To prepare for a journey torments the first offspring, War to cease, civil processes, debates.

    Amen ;)

  25. Eastside

    I see Peter Lawell has issued an apology.


    Ha ha h, he he he he!

  26. BigL

    Scotland coefficient must be going up a notch or two now.
    less CL qualifiers for the Bhoys.

  27. Gortnamona

    What is Ireland’s purpose?

    Are you really that stupid little man?

    Ireland exists to give yourself and the rest of the Protestant/Orange Racist Sectarian Bigots an object to vent their hatred on.

    Otherwise your lives would be without meaning.

  28. lordmac

    it now look certain, that should Scotland get Independence, the Glasgow Celtic will be playing in England with a name change and will known as CELTIC NATION .FC .LTD. they will have built a new stadium from lottery funds, and investors it will have a seating capacity for 100,000
    it will also have Olympic outdoor and indoor running Tracks and also have 2 Olympic swimming pools there will be a retractable roof, and plenty hospitality suites, licensed bars and betting facilities it will be sited out of town in a 100 acre site 2 mile from carlisle , there where plans proposed for a Supper Casino but the board has rejected this stating
    that Supper CASINOS would likely cause hardships, and lower the tone
    of a supper sports arena. Celtic park would be used by the Glasgow Corporation, THROUGHOUT THE WEEK,AT COST, AND THE UNDER 21 TEAM WILL HAVE IT EVERY SECOND WEEK for 50 years the fee will be indexed linked and all scottish football Semi and Finals will be played there, and a few rock consorts.when arranged.Lennoxtown will be used for Youth Development BARROWFIELD WILL BECOME THE SUPPER HUB FOR ITS SUPPORTERS and most buses will leave from there. we would wish Rangers all the best. as we would have far too many irons in the fire.

  29. portpower

    41.50p — is that a new record

    sevco dust off that defibrillator FC

    • Clarkeng

      It is not as low as ra Sellik went……they toppled to 30p before coming back to circa 36p for 6 plus years.
      Don’t be worrying …season after next we will be back up and things will be fine.
      Looking forward to seeing you already.

  30. Paul

    Dave King told to explain in court for what reason Easdale had assualted him,”i asked him to demonstrate what he meant by clippies used to punch tickets”.

  31. John Clarke

    So Sevco have appointed a new CEO for the club and as a director on the board of RIFC…..Got to love the statements they come out with..

    “”I watched from afar as the Rangers support came to the club’s aid during the times of turmoil and now it is the turn of the board and management to provide the stability and governance to drive Rangers’ recovery forward and ensure further football success,” said Graham.

    So the fans came to the clubs aid…..really?

    Ranger’ recovery……from DEATH???

    Nothing like a bit of spin to keep the lie rolling.

    It is dead! DEAD!! DEAD!!!……

    He has joined a NEW business not the old LIQUIDATED one….

  32. mick

    A was not abused your mindset is well 1 that is disturbing a hope you get your karma soon you scum cxxt and a don’t mean your club dying .
    oh if it’s the same club why did green say on telly if liquidated u lose history lol hail hail our bills have been paid since 1888

  33. cam

    What about Republican Jeanette’s swipe at Fatbhoy’s refusal to be a socially responsible employer and pay a living wage.
    A cash rich club screwing working class folk,,,tut tut,,,i bet that little doozey won’t be foun in the clubs social mission statement.

  34. cam

    Well that’s Clarkeng’s comments about mick removed thankfully and another blog by Paul has now been reduced to a jumbled mess.
    Mick is obviously sensitive and whilst i’m not amused by his despicable insults towards wee Mo and his desire for another fellow human being to contract bowel cancer,i can forgive him his stupidity because,,,,he’s stupid!

  35. What the feck, a ex ranger complaining about another clubs payment policies, can’t say I agree with them myself but they are simply taking advantage of a structure that is there to be used, abused if you like, the wages are made up by other benefits as fine you probably know, celtic are doing exactly the same as ALL clubs are doing from brora to arsenal, aye sevco too!

    Jeez, for a sevconian to actual type out and then post on morality really does beggar belief, every single day you lot are living a lie, robbed every fecker that came within distance and got robbed yersels once and are getting robbed again! Take a bow wee man the most ridiculous post of the month, bet you didn’t even take a red face.

  36. portpower

    100 million plus lost from Children’s Mouths

    sevco canker sores FC

  37. BigL

    you don’t do irony….

  38. cam

    All this removal of insults and resultant jumbling of the blog is detracting from my efforts to portray Celtic football club and the vast majority of its fans as products of satanic works.
    How is a man expected to do his Protestant duty if other folk keep interfering?
    If mick had been at work filling skips today then my campaign of puerility could have continued undisturbed.
    I’m certain that i have crazy Gort on the brink and a couple more days of my treatment would see him committing carnal horrors upon his favourite bike.
    I want to take this opportunity to give my fellow bampots a wee security tip.
    Have regular peeks oot the net curtains,have an emergency bag Ready at all times,prepare your escape route,avoid airports and train stations and wear a Patick Thistle top,,,,nobody bothers with those nutters.

  39. Gortnamona

    Clarkie is foul-mouthed scumbag and Bigot like yourself Cam..

    Beats me why you can’t debate and discuss your tax evasion, charity thieving, sectarian bigotry and mindless thuggery in a mature and sensible manner

  40. Clarkeng

    Too fecking late.
    The message made it on.
    Now where is mick’s apology Mr Ed is talking about.
    Nowhere to be seen.
    Thought so….. one rule for the scum…..

  41. mick

    Hail hail sevco your team died and your tribute is going same way (skint and dying fc )

  42. cam

    Now come on folks!!
    Paul is kind enough to put his heart and soul into some top quality entertainment and us naughty bhoys and men just keep behaving like weans.
    The big fella must be pulling out what is left of his hair.
    Let us up the quality of debate and hear no more talk of wee Boaby Forrests ding a ling.
    As a proper journo ponted out the Celtic AGM,rather like this Celtic blog was dominated by a club in the lower leagues.
    We know you all want to be one of the Peepul but you can’t and that;’s final.
    Move on,build a bridge,get over it.
    There can be only one.
    look pal,just hand the reins over to me for today,i’ll square these jokers up for you.Have a wee Dunfermline,brush up on South African tax laws and civil actions,have a kit kat.
    Ted,i’m calling upon you to look after the maniacs on your side.Sandy and James have authorised me to give you a years season ticket on their buses and look forward to you travelling with them
    The ticket allows your carer free travel as well so Bill can come along as well,,,two birds with one stone and all that. :-)

  43. Ian4300

    Is MICK that unseen Fenian Hand so feared by the Godless?

    What a man you are Mick. Keep up the good work.

    Although the task seem s endless & the work is hard, just look at what they have been reduced to within so short a space of time.

    I hope your job is complete by Christmas Mick & Santa is good to you & your family.

  44. Eastside

    There were 3 laughs at Sevco’s expense. Three one liners to rub your coupons in it, and it’s reported as if the entire AGM revolved around mocking the Tribute Act.
    Now it’s understandable that you Sevconians have little understanding of AGM’s, the time and procedures involved are alien to Sevco as they’ve never held an AGM and probably never will, but be assured an AGM takes longer than the time it takes to laugh 3 times!

    1. He he ha ha ha ha!

    2. Ha ha ha ha, he he!

    3.Ha ha ha, he he he!

    Now the big laugh, which will last longer than all of Celtic’s AGM’s combined, will come when Craigy Bhoy sends in his 1st rent for rent. Claiming Squatters Rights will not be a good enough legal defence for not paying up!

  45. portpower

    Santas` Sleigh will be doing overtime for EX-Deid club players over the coming weeks. All I want for X-mas is my two fronting teams.

    sevco official countdown to Santa’s launch FC

  46. @Eastside.
    They are already interviewing for positions on the board with that very topic in mind.

  47. bigz…..

    would not surprise me in the least mate, the only other times the blog has went in to disarray is when it has been a good while until the next blog appeared and it most likely became overloaded, but there isn’t even four hundred posts on here and its gone haywire, thats why I’m using barca’s reply button, otherwise it will disappear who knows where, those low lifers will slither through sh*@#t to cover, hide and thieve but its all coming out, they are well and truly roasted.

  48. cam

    Let me edumacate that thick denominational noggin old bean.
    When a comment is either reported to Paul or is viewed by him and is deemed over the top then it is removed.
    Due to the rformat of the comments section in Word Press this renders subsequent comments out of synch.
    The only workaround this is to reply to the last comment and then order can be restored.
    So endeth the lesson.
    If the words are too difficult for you then i can do a practical example.
    Just give me some background info on your goodself and i shall insult you in a heinous fashion and you can see the result.

  49. Michael

    thanks Ian such kid words am hoping they go January as a like a good laugh at the loving cup and the xmas message but hay we cant have it all or own way if its xmas then so be it am sure sevco adminwould be a bigger giggle lol hail hail bro

  50. Michael

    thanks ian 4300 were all the unseen Fenian hand

  51. cam

    Had to go up to Tesco and get some flowers for wee Mo,she was awfy upset about her good name being abused by thick mick.
    I explained to her that the poor guy had mental health issues,suppressed rage and a sense of not being loved or respected.Obviously not being sons of Satan and not understanding that absolution malarkey,we find it difficult to accept that standard of behaviour,no wonder the poor Catholic clergy are so challenged in their faith after listening to all that sinning.
    It’s not been a good week on the old marital front.
    That heathen next door Thersa-Marie O Tumshie Nut grassed me in to Morag,with all the high winds it’s not my fault that her under garments blew on to my face as i was doing my weekly mens health check in the garden shed.That cost me another bunch of Tesco’s finest blooms.
    Anyway everything is fine now,4 super lagers and a promised weekend to
    Drogheda to renew our vows on the glorious Boyne has restored the spark.

  52. Well thank you the man of no morals who believes his old cub is his new club, the clever dick who would educate us on morals of all things, his new club has screamed and bleated every single day of its short existence, journalists, indeed the tabloids they work for are terrified to print the truth, and or ignore certain developments/collapses relating to sevco and he thinks it is unusual to look towards the criminal club that sevco are!
    Nothing would surprise anyone of us and that includes you, you know and more importantly we know it, we know you see what we see and that is why you have shown your true character, you are sick to your stomach at what happened to your club and what is happening to your new club, the charade is over wee man, it has made you a sick wee man, may sevco rest in pieces alongside its rotten predecessor.

  53. Fra

    Bollocks my good man. I post at the bottom and should be the last post but it ends up half way up the page??

    So back to the fiction factory Cammy baby.

    You could call on David McCallum who might have a chance of deciphering what has gone on.


  54. mick

    hi hurting hun giruy your club died and sevco club12 is heading same way hail hail

  55. Raymilland


    Sevco 5088; it’s a rat trap Billy; and youv’e been caught.

    The big hoose has you all trapped, leave it to the rat catchers. The new Gallant Pioneers should negotiate a lease at Hampden. ‘Rangers (2014)’ – “Moving forward” (Toyota sponsorship) :)

    At least the SFA won’t rip you off as landlords.

  56. Fra

    See above Clarky Bhoy, now where’s yours

  57. Monti


    Is it TRUE that at your birth, the midwife congratulated your mother & said ” we think it’s a child”?

  58. Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

    Hey boton,get yir ain’t pitch

  59. cam

    I forgive you my son,,,,Jeezo,this absolution malarkey is a dawdle!
    Do you feel any different mick?
    Have i washed away your sins?
    Do i need to dress up to have the magic power?

  60. Ave had to re post this on the end of Mr pretendies post cause it went a stray, hmmm……

    Will these games that have been postponed because sevco’s super stars were on international duty be played after administration? Is that the real reason why they had them called off? Oh aye, and how much fatter and sleazy looking do you think munchkin chops fat sad sally can get before he has his christmas dinners, will he still be able to waddle after the new year, willie be the new waddle with the same history? so much to ponder, aint life great when your no a sevco slimebag?

    Suppose am goin to be called a hater now eh, tsk life can be so coooool.

  61. portpower

    cam in his birthday suit. Let it swing son till your heart`s content.

    sevco stripped before birthday #2 FC

  62. Reading phil mac there and think someone might just be playing a blinder here, ogilvy has been kept in place may be for a reason unknown to him, and with the “resolution being the first never to have been voted down means that share holders will ask for further clarification on the uefa submission by rangers under article 66 of the fair play regulations”, as one poster said, there is no way peter threw in that line by mistake, justice will be seen to be done!

  63. Outrage

    Even as a Rangers man I have to wonder what Rangers PR dept are up to, why they even commented on PL’s wee joke is beyond any normal person, but by doing so they must have known they have put it in block type in the newspapers so everyone has a laugh at Rangers, then they want to go in front of the SFA and get us laughed at again. If the roles were reversed could the Rangers great and good be able to hold back a wee joke?
    Is it time Jack Irvine moved on to new career opportunities? Cause PR is not really his thing.

  64. JOE

    November 16, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    Hello Again
    Just back in.
    Sorry if this has been done to death.
    Mr Lawwell is to be reported to the football Authorities by none other than The Rangers! So if the football authorities agree that it is the same club/company/clumpany will that open the flood gates for the shafted creditors?
    Or if the Authorities say it is a new club/company/clumpany ,will martial law be invoked as the bears go radge and start putting doors in?
    Looks like Mr Lawwell has played a blinder, and will the Rangers shoot themselves in the The Foot?

  65. Which rangers Joe, one or two? lol :)

  66. Raymilland



  67. Raymilland

    Moving forward?

    Perhaps Ranger (2014) need a different slogan partnership –”…and You’re Done”

  68. JOE

    Well spotted Mick good to re-read
    Listed below are the assets of Rangers FC Plc bought by Charles Green:

    Assets Price
    Goodwill £1
    SPL Share £1
    SFA Membership £1
    Leasehold Interests £1
    Player Contracts & Registrations £2,749,990
    Stock £1
    Plant & Machinery £1,250,000

    Nowhere is Rangers FC listed as an asset. Nowhere is the history of Rangers FC listed as an asset. Yet, a thesis has been postulated that a company’s history can be sold as a separate item in a company asset sale. This is manifestly absurd. In the case of Rangers, the bizarre logic of that position is a) Craig Whyte had the option not to purchase the history of Rangers when the club was sold to him, or parts of the history that he did not like, thus wiping out any potential tax liability or creditor debt; b) after Craig Whyte, someone could have purchased the stadium while another party could have submitted a successful bid to own its history; c) if a club’s history was a saleable asset then it would also mean that a club, even as a going concern, could sell off its history to another club in an effort to raise money. All of this, of course, is unheard of, and for good reason: a club’s historical events are tied irrevocably to that club and a club separated from its history loses its identity and meaning. Crucially, when insolvency law kicked in and consigned Rangers FC Plc and its football activities to the past, the club and its history thereafter ceased to continue, except as an historical footnote.
    There has been an attempt to conflate a company’s goodwill with ownership of its historical timeline. HMRC define goodwill as “the value of the attraction to the customers which the name and reputation possesses”. The value of purchasing Ibrox stadium and playing in the same colours as the old club, given the record of achievement of the old Rangers FC, was obvious to Charles Green, but equating goodwill to ownership of Rangers FC and its historical timeline is an incredulous sleight of hand that flies against both the common sense definition of goodwill and the concrete clarity of insolvency law. There has been an attempt to conflate a company’s goodwill with ownership of its historical timeline. HMRC define goodwill as “the value of the attraction to the customers which the name and reputation possesses”. The value of purchasing Ibrox stadium and playing in the same colours as the old club, given the record of achievement of the old Rangers FC, was obvious to Charles Green, but equating goodwill to ownership of Rangers FC and its historical timeline is an incredulous sleight of hand that flies against both the common sense definition of goodwill and the concrete clarity of insolvency law.
    To then argue that insolvency does not breach that timeline is to employ Alice in Wonderland logic. The effect of which would be to ensure that no football club could ever be compulsorily dissolved. By extension, companies about to be liquidated could adopt the same law-defying approach: sell off the core of the business under the asset “goodwill” and resurface under a new company name but with the same core business activities as before, claiming an unbroken historical timeline. Of course, this is nonsense because it is unlawful.
    Lord Nimmo Smith has been used in evidence in support of the notion that old Rangers FC survived liquidation. He said that a football club can exist separate from its holding company. Now we have the bizarre position where not only can a football club be separated from its history and its history be sold on (even if the club is subsequently liquidated along with its holding company), but a club can also exist without an owner. If the Manchester United Board decided voluntarily to liquidate Manchester Utd Plc then Manchester Utd FC would no longer exist, except in the minds of its supporters. To argue that Manchester’s history could be auctioned either pre or post liquidation defies interpretation in the real world of insolvency.
    Lord Nimmo Smith was also wrong when he said that Rangers FC still exists. He was reflecting the view of the SFA who, we know, know Sweet FA, not least their own arcane humpty-dumpty rules. Dr Gregory Ioannidis, a leading authority on Sports Law, agrees that “the history of a club cannot pass from one company [into liquidation] to another”. The import of LNS’ claim was that the new Rangers FC could be punished for the sins of the old Rangers FC, if they were one and the same club. If he had maintained that claim and punished the Rangers currently plying their trade in the SFL then a court challenge would have immediately nullified that punishment on several grounds: 1) such a punishment would harm newco and newco had nothing to do with oldco 2) the Rangers in the SFL is a new club (insolvency law saw to that) and, like newco, had nothing to do with the sins of old Rangers. In the end, LNS strayed clear of punishing newco in any shape or form and, instead, levied a futile fine on oldco. HMRC, like Dr Gregory Ioannidis, and consistent with insolvency law, also recognise that newco has no connection whatsoever with oldco. Unlike insolvency law, LNS’ philosophical musings are not legally binding; nor do they set a legal precedent.

  69. cam

    Very interesting wee discussion on the radio tonight with Tom English,Keef Jackson and some bumbling,waffling,long winded,imprecise buffoon called Spiers.
    The general consensus was that Lawwell used the Rangers jibe to get out of the awkward resolution which has been shelved.The panel also agreed that at a Celtic AGM there was way too much focus on Rangers and that the obsession has spread to the boardroom.
    Tom English spoke well as always and Keef came in with some straight talking,but the boring nyaff almost ruined it by using 100 words to say nowt.How that muppet is employed is beyond me.He could make crazy Phil seem literate.
    They also went over (briefly thank God)the old club/new club argument and again agreed for the most part that as the football authorities recognise Glasgow Rangers as the same world famous,most successful team in the galaxy,that the eejits are bumping their rancid gums in the wind.
    They agreed that Lawwell should have kept his fat yap shut and not cranked up the growing animosity between the clubs.

  70. Gortnamona


    ” Nowhere is the history of Rangers FC listed as an asset”

    Did you look in the negative equity section?

  71. mick

    Hi joe this link is well worth a bookmark for future if they mention same club garbage just pull this up

  72. The same club argument………………..
    the club is 100% separate from the holding company,
    it was ONLY the holding company that went into liquidation, the club did not.
    so if that’s true**1, then Duff and Phelps had nothing to do with the Club, only the holding company was in Administration,
    the club was not a company asset to be sold by Duff and Phelps, as it stands alone.

    Green convinced the SEVCONIANS that he had bought the history, it was intact and he was selling season tickets on the back of the notion he had bought the history.

    So,who had the right to sell that clubs history ?
    how much was it sold for ?
    what happened to the money Green paid to the mystery seller ?

    **1(under law it can’t be,as it was incorporated, but Sevconians are not big on the law when it suits them,)

  73. Eastside

    Oh don’t be listening to that “Timmy Mhedia” Cam, you know they’ll only lie and defend Celtic.
    Over 3 hour AGM, and all Celtic could fit in were three wee jokes at the expense of Laughing Stock Sevco FC, they very long jokes apparently, over an hour on each according to press reports covering the AGM. Worth the wait though, you got to laugh at Sevco at the end of each one!
    He he he ha ha ha ha!

  74. mick

    you cant buy history you can only make it and the history books show sevco is a tribute to rfc that died via liquidation owning 10s of millions of pounds .lawell was right to have a dig at them the growing animosity which cam has highlighted has always been of the scale anyway fuck them its better to stand on your feet like a man and have mud thrown at you than than lead a life on your knees being cheated this lot have no clear view of reality as jack Irvine feeds them lies and has them in a bubble there finished and the world has evolved with them looking like stone age cave men the stuff we have read via cha fakeovers proves it all how gives a fuck if they report us who are they there only shit on Scotland s shoe bully’s and tax cheats so there you go sevcoians check out other teams blogs to the whole country despises yous we see yous as a back wards sub culture of unionism which is so last century and all this moaning from the club that sang no 1 likes us we dont care ,we are the people we are the people of what a new club born out of the most cheating club on earth so giruys

  75. mick

    well done to spears calling yous bigots and backwards

  76. That resolution is the first “NEVER” to have been voted down, meaning that the share holders WILL ask for further clarification on the uefa submission by rangers under article 66 of the fair play regulations….. this will not go away and sevco will not take embarrass themselves or expose their lies by whining about the subject any further, but you can bet the last penny from your giro that it will be dragged out into the open and sevco will be stripped down for all to see what a shambolic box of tricks it really is.

  77. cam…..that’s devastating…. OMG……..what will happen to our beloved Celtic now?…..will we lurch into crisis after crisis?…. will we plummet into two insolvency events in quick succession?….. will we fcuk…..
    your utterly pointless…….
    BTW Paul McBride was “totally” wrong in saying that Hun was racist. Enlighten me Hun boy, What are the racial – sectarian roots of the word when used in reference to you peeps?
    Clutching at straws with every post.

  78. again agreed for the most part

    agreed…for the most part?

    is that the same as saying, a LIE agreed upon,
    or we don’t agree but we can’t admit it

    Lawwell should keep his Fat yap shut,
    What,he should allow Celtic to be bullied FFS by whom,by the Sectarian ,bigoted Orange order mob that meet at Ibrox and want everyone to believe it’s the same club .just so they can carry on as before with their sectarian bigoted beliefs,
    CRANK IT UP ,all day every day,
    who is it at Sevco thats running crying to the SFA,
    Is it the lard asses.or Fat Swally ?

    poor wee deluded Cam, if he thinks Lawwell is fat he has obviously not seen an recent photos of the two Ronnie Eassdales, what a pair of lard ass “gangsters”, two auld lard asses trying to act the usual proddy hard men,

  79. willy wonka

    “In May 1997, Monktonhall Colliery Limited [MCL], Midlothian became insolvent and was put in liquidation which put 300 miners on the slag heap. At the time Peter Lawwell was a director of MCL and had been for a year. Even though a director, being a qualified Accountant [ACMA], Peter Lawwell cannot say he didn’t understand the companies accounts or was unaware of the passage of MCL from viable company to liquidation.

    How much did the Creditors lose? How much did the HMRC lose? In the Court of Session, in April 1997, it was reported by The Herald that the company was £20 million in the red. Warning signs were obvious, a year before, on 15th April 1996, the Auditors resigned and MCL appointed Enron’s auditors, Arthur Andersen. Yet the company traded/limped on for a further year no doubt sucking in more credit from the Creditors.

    There is also a case where a least one injured miner went to court to try and get damages he was owed for injuries sustained working for MCL but he couldn’t get them because of the liquidation. Now where have we heard of miners missing out on compensation before?

    And what happened to MCL, was it saved by another Celtic director, then Scottish Office Energy Minister, Brian Wilson? Despite Wilson’s spin in The Herald about saving the 300 jobs, as you can see from the photo below, the site was cleared. Replacement jobs never eventuated and today, the site is still available to purchase from Collier International. To paraphrase William Wallace ‘You can erase the site, the 300 jobs and what is due to creditors but you cannot take our company & director filings’. And the proud history of the brave Monktonhall Colliery miners.”

  80. Gortnamona

    So that was why Sectarian Scumbag Cam was raving and ranting about Spiers. I should have known.

    Jesus but he’s one incorrigibly devious and bitter little bigot

  81. cam

    Evening Gort,had a lovely meal just there,as well as a cunning linguist and a source of superior Protestantism,i’m a braw cook.
    I see you as more of a Ryvita and stale cheese man myself,prepared on a camping stove under a bare 60w light bulb surrounded by posters of war wounds and the aftermath of car bombings.
    Anyway,i hope you have a wonderful evening and take a wee rest from the self flagellation,open up those Maltesers you got last Xmas and live a little. :-)

  82. mick

    stop telling lies cam you had chips and curry sauce at the poa san lol
    cam a would like to say sorry to you for slagging you good wife morag would you like to say sorry for calling my father a monster and we can move on the ball is in your court ,whats your thoughts on the above cam

  83. Put the wrong copy of the bear and the hare up earlier on, you get a better look at the sad bear in this one.

  84. mick

    is that games set and match cam cat got your tongue lol

  85. Good stuff Mick, happy it’s not been dropped.

  86. mick

    hi officer the fact its not dropped is great for the board as its like keeping there powder dry lol big Petes well wide to them and the board have them over a barrel a was getting a big negative with the board over the the green brigade issues from start of season but a backed there silence on the cheating as they would have been put throw hell by jackirvines media and oldco fans so they played there cards well .a noticed in the record the anti Irish mantra is well and truely kicking with adding Niels name first to the article a dont usually give them hits but as was interested to see how they set it out for the orcs to read “GAFFER Lennon and chief Lawwell were at the wind up yesterday as they entertained 3000 Hoops fans at the club’s AGM.” see what they did there they dragged Niel in to it in the headline sinister or what

  87. Well spotted Mick, you know what they say though? “He’ll never walk alone”.
    The orcs are clutching at straws now Mick, still loads going on in the background, ownership, rents/lease, AGM, EGM, no youth set up, nae money, maintenance work not getting done, contractor’s no getting paid on time and the best laugh of all is that maybe craigy whyte is lurking to take it all away from them sometime soon.

    You just can’t beat a good laugh Mick :) :)

  88. mick

    they were warned by Phil Paul and Eco last year that the whole deal was a spiv con they chose to listen to jabba and now look at them so they only have have themselves to blame so its lol and karma for them now

  89. Talking of the ‘hut’ Mick, has he been seen since he was chased by jack the hat?


    Here is a wee read from an Italian fella, writing about the day Rangers died. Lol.
    I could feel the pride rise within me. All the more stirring that it comes from an overseas neutral, who is knowledgable about the game.

  91. mick

    the slimy creature is holidaying in the abyss celebrating his large propaganda check lol

  92. @B arca?@Mick
    B cheers for the reading material

    M we may have heard the last of the great jabba lol, i’m so glad he got it in the neck obnoxious git.

  93. mick

    great read that there barca loved the quotes and highlights Jocks input when the foundations of the modern game was laid just more prove of the worlds admiration on the way we play

  94. Hi Barca, how you doing,
    Just read your post from last night. I posted (under instruction) a photo of the VERY moment you speak of. If you haven’t seen it and got a few minutes to spare, please go to Pau’s blog on
    Nov 14, it’s in the middle section of comments. I think you’ll like it

  95. JOE

    A great read Barca
    I can’t still believe I saw that Celtic team in the flesh playing at Parkhead.
    What memories!

  96. Fra

    Barca, cheers mate. The big man put Scottish football on the map and blazed the trail for not just us but the world wide football family. The buzz word was ENTERTAIN and it should be embedded in every managers brain.

    “Without the fans, there is no football.”

  97. Ian4300

    November 16, 2013 at 11:16 pm
    Blogs gone nuts again. I blame Cam.
    I post and it lands somewhere in the middle. Cam, remove the spell because the melons ain’t getting twisted.
    What happened to DeNiall. He must have community service at weekends.


    DeNIALL is hiding, OR he is preparing his 100,000 word tome on whatever his next load of pish is.

    Maybe he will prove the Sevco Shambles is viable…Just as it goes Bust.
    He did that with RFC(IL) & spent months trying to convince us that Rangers were viable, different name, same Dickhead.

    He is a wee liar & has been found out.

    When I found he had missed £12.5m pre IPO dosh in his figures he told me… IT DOES NOT MATTER .
    He tried to claim he predicted a £12m loss for the Sevco Shambles in year ONE.

    He then said, Break Even in year TWO…the future?

    2015? Challenging Celtic for the Title, then, ONE Title in every THREE.

    The wee Dinner Stealers BEST effort was £8m loss in the first year, when the Reality was £14.5m…

    NAW it wiznae,

    Reality is Over £60M went down the Swanney,
    It was all “One Off Expense” & they Don’t count says DeNIALL..

    I am a Diddy Pensioner so how do I know? Because DeNIALL told me, (Sorry he said Senile, not Diddy, but you get the gist.) He is a fuckwit who got found out.

    What does a Reprobate do when he is discovered? Change his name… Again.

    What do you think Cam?

  98. JOE

    Catch 22 springs to mind.
    Will the The rangers report Mr Lawwell?
    Will they coco he has put them over a barrel.
    Dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t!
    Why does Ally not know or mention the answer as he usually demands to know who are these people, Etc.

  99. Gortnamona

    Yea Cam – Cooking the books most likely.

  100. Gortnamona

    It doesn’t take long for you to revert back to the stereotype Prod Bigot when you get a good kick up the arse little Cam. The mask slips and there is the bitterness and hate of the typical Rangers’ scumbag.

    Talking about which, I see that your degenerate mate is again fouling up these pages, despite his promise to take his warped and diseased mind to somewhere suitably foul and far away.

  101. @Joe

    I don’t think so Joe, they got their headline, made their point if you like.

    Jack the hat made sure of that; who else could it have been? The sleasedales and shortridge don’t talk to the press.

    But here’s some thought Joe;

    Was the real story at the AGM the throwaway line by Peter (Rory Bremner/Tony Blair), or Was it ‘the complaints’ against the SFA licencing rangers in 2011 to play in a EUEFA football tournament, whilst they had been in breach of the rules?

    A real journalist would surely have delved into this licencing matter IMO, ffs, it’s been on the agenda for months, the first rangers are deed, but hold on; the SFA are alive and kicking, and guess what; the major players are still there.

    You would think a journo worth a rat’s arse would be thinking “something’s wrong here, further investigation required” “Scandal aff the radar inside the SFA”.

    Not a f***ing chance, nada, zilch. But here’s a Chairman making funny remarks and i am being press ganged by J.I. F**K it, i’ll go wi the joke.

  102. Fra

    Ian, he appears, then disappears, then challenges anybody to step up. The challenge is taken by your good self. His figures are pish but he still claims a victory. Him and cam have a wee love in telling each other how they swatted the big bad Tim’s.

    Deluded Ian. No wonder they wanted him out of that care home. He’s a danger to himself and everybody living there. The care home has a duty of care towards their residents, so he had to go. (By force of the law)

    Keep swatting Ian, yer doing a grand job. Hail Hail

  103. Raymilland

    Paul McC’s comments on 13 March 2013 , re The Five-way Agreement –

    One of the key clauses in the Agreement is that by which newco accepted responsibility for oldco’s “football debt”. What does that mean?
    There are various possibilities.
    It could mean only the debt owed to other football teams when Rangers entered administration.
    It could refer to any debt owed, or which becomes owed, by oldco in relation to football activities.
    It could extend to fines imposed on oldco for breaching rules.
    It could go as far as binding newco to cover awards of damages made against oldco for “football wrongs”.

    In relation to Resolution 12 at the recent AGM, shall the SFA hold newco to account for oldco’s transgressions? Whether or not any failure by oldco to communicate to the SFA of outstanding unpaid tax is revisited upon newco by the football authorities, the big tax case would involve unpaid taxes on behalf of playing staff at Ibrox, that matter would certainly come under the banner of unpaid ‘football debt’.

    Even if TRFC did now qualify for a license to play in Europe, given their current squad and financial difficulties, they’re unlikely to present any realistic contest to Celtic any time soon.

    The current plight of newco is of their own making, the spectre of oldco is still haunting the ‘club’. There can be no clean slate while outstanding tax debts and licensing issues are unresolved.

    TRFC face a mountain to climb, they have still to reach base camp.

    (@Wonka stop sniffing the cheese, take a bite ;) )

  104. @Port.
    Seen it mate. I copied it and sent it to my bluenosed wee bruvva. Grudgingly he admitted he had a wee chuckle, but he still called me a fat fenian fecker. Lol…… I’m not even fat! :-)

  105. Raymilland

    You went down hard willy

    They say be careful who you believe
    Be careful who you trust

  106. JOE

    A lot of truth there.
    A lot of under the carpet sweepings to go, their shredder must be on plenty.

  107. JOE

    November 17, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    What a lovely sunny day.
    Mother Nature doing her all to keep our Country nice and green.
    She is also doing her all to keep the blue Oceans and Seas salty and bitter and Dangerous places.
    Is Mother nature a Tim?

  108. Barca,

  109. JOE

    This can happen in England but never in Scotland

    Championship – QPR ‘face record-breaking £60m fine’
    Queens Park Rangers are reportedly on course to receive a £60 million fine for overspending during their failed attempt to stay in the Premier league.
    The London club suffered huge financial losses after signing a host of high-profile players during their attempt to survive in the Premier League last season.

    The likes of Chris Samba, Park Ji-Sung, Julio Cesar and Loic Remy – some of whom are still owned by the club – all collected huge wage packets during the 2012/13 campaign.

    Now the Mail on Sunday reports that QPR racked up debts of £80m during their time in England’s top flight and will be fined by the Football League for overspending.

    Under rules of Financial Fair Play, clubs will now be taxed on their losses. And in essence QPR will pay a £1 fine for every £1 they lose during the 2013/14 financial year, over the figure of £18m.

    Rangers, who are two-thirds owned by Tony Fernandes and one-third by the Mittal Family, are expected to record another huge loss this season. If said losses are £80m then the fine will be in the region of a massive £62m – which is almost all of what the club would receive for gaining promotion into the Premier League.

    “This is the first season in which clubs will ultimately face sanctions [for over-spending],” a Football League spokesman told the Mail on Sunday.

    If Harry Redknapp’s side are promoted back to the Premier League this season then the fine will be imposed in 2015, according to the Mail on Sunday. If they fail to make promotion, however, then the fine could be postponed but they would be hit with a transfer embargo

  110. Ed Paisley

    They can do that in England because of the parachute payments – worth £48m to a club relegated from the EPL. They just withhold all of it.

    They can’t do that here – Sevco haven’t got a pot to piss in. If the SFA were to fine Sevco for overspending in the diddy league it would be “lights out”. Except of course, the electricity bill seems to be the only one that these guys are all queuing up to pay, for some strange reason!

  111. Ed Paisley

    Do they get extra Nectar points or summit?

  112. daviecooperonthewing

    The sky is blue.
    The oceans are blue.
    The grass is green, various farm beasts laze about all day every day chewing the cud and crapping all over the place..
    Mother nature is one third timothy.

  113. JOE

    A little comment from The Bears Den today.

    Lawell comments are cringeworthy and lacked either class or dignity

    His position at the SFA is now untenable

    Celtic are only interested in making money.
    So lets look at this a little deeper
    Has Campbell Ogilvies position ever been tenable?
    Rangers were only interested in spending other peoples money.
    Which team went Tits up?

  114. Henrik Moravcik

    Are you McGonagall ?

  115. The walking dead

    Hmm. Yes well here’s the real world.

    Liquidation is blue.
    History gone is blue.
    Fat money grabbing Sally at 1p a share and 850k pa is blue.
    Crumbling stadium is blue.
    Lower leagues is blue.
    Boardroom battles is blue.
    Approaching administration for a 1 year old club is blue.
    Big Tax Case Appeal going “well” is blue.
    No bank facility is blue.
    Half a boardroom is blue.
    Impending AGM of doom is blue.

    With so much blue about i’m happy with a little bit of crap over the marvellous fields of green. However, we bought that piece of crap for 100k and will sell it next year for for 3m. Mother nature is indeed one third Timothy.

  116. Raymilland

    Augmented Reality of the TRFC molecule in nature

    TRFC contributes one third of the earth’s methane

    wonka can do a trick with a lighter, c’mon back and give us a demonstration willy ;)

  117. Henrik Moravcik

    That was meant for daviecooperhatesalltims

  118. @Joe
    J it was the other SPFL chairmen who voted Peter to that role in the SFA. I don’t think certain people within the SFA are confortable with that, but Peter is the gatekeeper keeping an eye on the misgivings and shennanigans going on there.

    Anyway, sevco have no say; let’s jog on

  119. Fra

    Joe, I posted in a similar vein earlier. Out of all these shenanigans, the shredder has kept his position.

    So it is because he’s a high ranking Freemason
    Does he have dirty pics of the leaders in compromising positions
    The orcs don’t do irony and Ogilvie will become the noose that eventually brings the whole lot tumbling down

  120. JOE

    Celtic held their AGM this week on time and with no board room discourse in sight, unlike city neighbours Rangers whose AGM was delayed by court action brought by former Director Paul Murray and his allies in their fight against the current Ibrox regime.

    While Rangers are fending off an element of their own support, led by a two-man group calling themselves the Sons of Struth – allied with several fan bloggers who jump factions as often as Bill Struth polished his brown brogues – despite all this strife at their door, the Ibrox board still had time to spit the dummy after Celtic chief Peter Lawwell made a joke at their expense. A joke which cut deep to the heart of everyone related to Rangers with a persecution complex and without a sense of humour.

    The one-liner by chief executive Peter Lawwell was one that even the great Billy Connolly would be proud of. When asked about the Scottish mainstream media’s reporting of Rangers as a club founded in 1872 – rather than a new club following liquidation last summer – Lawwell replied: “Rory Bremner can pretend to be Tony Blair.”

    Despite Lawwell later stating that the comment was ‘just to inject a wee bit of humour into proceedings’, Rangers took exception to the off the cuff remark and promptly issued a statement that was akin to a crying wee laddie who was laughed at by another laddie in the playground, which stated they were going to complain to the ‘relevant football authorities’.

    The statement read: “The club are disappointed with the comments attributed to Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell earlier today. Rangers Football Club, now in its 141st year, has a proud history which has been recognised by the football authorities and was noted in a recent SPL Commission determination. The club will now take this matter up with the relevant football authorities.”

    Ever since Rangers went into administration in February 2012, we have seen umpteen media reports and even officials allied with Rangers claim that with the CVA being rejected was the death knell to Rangers Football Club. Charles Green stated it, Walter Smith wished the ‘new club’ well, even the Scottish mainstream media called such an event the death of Rangers Football Club.

    Jump ahead to the present day and into the second year of the re-birth of Rangers Football Club – the Ibrox side have claimed they are the same club, that there was no break in tradition or history and that anyone who does so is not only anti-Rangers but also factually incorrect as the football bodies all say it is the same club.

    But why are Rangers so bothered about such a comment from Lawwell? A joke to lighten the mood at the club’s AGM. Rangers have just given the Celtic fans, the bloggers and others the ammunition and inspiration to continue their crusade against the club’s claims with their ‘spitting of the dummy and crying to their mammy approach’.

    There was no discussion in the papers about Jeanette Findlay of The Celtic Trust firing a broadside at the Celtic board for failing to pass the living wage resolution – despite no Scottish club doing it nor many big businesses either doing it. The media jumped on Lawwell’s one liner with as much glee as a kid in a sweet shop. With dwindling sales across the board in Scottish mainstream media, a nice little barney between Celtic and Rangers [or the club impersonating Rangers if you take Lawwell’s comments to heart] sells papers and how they lapped it up like good little pups.

    Such controversy also helps the current regime in a bid to lessen the continued vengeance and hatred levelled at them by their own supporters for a few moments at least.

    At the end of the day, who really cares if Rangers history continued or if there was a break in it. Scottish football still has a Rangers Football Club – whether some folk like it or not. Although recent regimes are doing their best to push it towards the abyss again with outrageous spending on players and directors wages. No wonder so many self-appointed Rangers fans spokespeople are chasing a club blazer.

    A joke is a joke and in the world of football laughing at your rivals [or former rivals whatever way you want to look at it] is just part and parcel of the game no matter what country you are from – if you can’t take the banter or jokes mocking you then you really need to give it up and certainly don’t try to dish it out.

    It seems that the Ibrox side and elements of their loyal supporters are more worried about a joke as it doesn’t kowtow to the party line that the Scottish mainstream media seem to be taking nowadays – despite past articles which read as though bugles were playing the last post along Edmiston Road with the Union Jack being lowered to half mast in remembrance of a once great club now following the likes of Clydebank, Airdrie, Third Lanark and Gretna.

  121. JOE

    When did Rangers/the Rangers last have an AGM?

  122. officer dibble

    Yea Joe, they don’t do jokes now as well as bill paying :)
    It’s all sad and tawdry Joe, the coming few weeks should see them up to their knees in shit; and IMO if the sleasedales win out at the AGM, they most certainly will be doomed, but forever this time.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed jack the hat also encounters some real business fallout from this too, no-one deserves it more than he.


    Joe follow the link to PMGB and David Low’s conversation. Intersesting take by wee craigy whyte lol. :) Please be true

  124. @Joe
    If you followed David Low’s comments with Phil regarding “Worthington” fund raising between April-Oct —— to fight this case?

    Now follow the link below to Worthington’s stock-market statement on 4 Nov. Hmm, Interesting times ahead me thinks.

  125. Joe, sorry

    I should have added, the pension deficit RE the Worthington statement at the link, lies in the original investment in craig whytes rangers, the first one.

    Since craigy boy fell apart that investment is subject to legal processes; and Worthington bought into wee craigy’s law financial to the tune of £250,000 quid. Why? They know they have a case. Remember the “Letters before claim/action?

    They want their money back and some…………………

  126. Ya follow? (Quint, jaws)

  127. hector

    Just waiting for the start of the USA F1 grand prix and I see the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are on the starting grid. They would have certainly brightened up Ibrox if Charles Green hadn’t been telling porkies again.

  128. bill

    Name & Registered Office:


    G2 8JX
    Company No. SC426693

    Status: Dissolved 05/04/2013
    Date of Incorporation: 21/06/2012

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC):
    None Supplied

    Accounting Reference Date: 30/06
    Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
    Next Accounts Due:
    Last Return Made Up To:
    Next Return Due:

    Mortgage: Number of charges: ( 0 outstanding / 0 satisfied / 0 part satisfied )

    Previous Names:

    Date of change

    Previous Name

    31/07/2012 RFC 2012 LIMITED
    22/06/2012 RFC 0712 LIMITED

    Company was formed as RFC 0712 LIMITED

    Then changed to this RFC 2012 LIMITED

    The to disguise it, it was changed to this ASDFGHJKL LIMITED

    Company dissolved in april 2013

    Charles green the only director & shareholder

  129. R. MacGeddon

    Is this the sam David Low who conducted this – ahem – fascinating interview with the Herald in October 2009?

    -It is a great time to buy Rangers’ – David Low, the football finance expert who saved Celtic (!) explains why

    David Low believes objections to the Old Firm playing outside of Scotland will be smoothed over.
    Hugh MacDonald

    28 Oct 2009

    He has been there, done it.

    The intricacies of football finances are debated with fervour from the snug of the public bar to the private corner of the boardroom. But when David Low says that “it is a great time to buy Rangers”, his view is invested with something more than mere opinion.

    Low has the experience. He is the man who helped Fergus McCann rescue Celtic in 1994. He does not view the club’s historic rivals as a lost cause. There may be financial misery at Ibrox but there is opportunity, too.

    Low tempers his bullish view of Rangers, saying that any deal must be “done at the right price”.

    And what would that be?

    The 50-year-old business­man pauses and makes a quick calculation. “Subject to due diligence, I would offer a nominal sum for the share capital and take out the bank debt for a total cost of around £30m and provide funds for working capital. In the current market that would be a good deal for all stakeholders or those with an interest in seeing the club move forward,” he said.

    But it would never be Low’s money. The Glasgow businessman is an investment manager. He handles other people’s money and has earned a more than decent living doing so.

    Big soccer franchises are a billionaire’s game now. This is no longer sport for local worthies to chip in a couple of million each. David Low
    Low, who has advised many sporting franchise holders, was presented yesterday with the hypothesis of a wealthy businessman approaching him and asking him if Rangers were a decent opportunity.

    “I would say yes, at the right price,” he muses as rain batters against the window of his substantial offices in the heart of Glasgow. “It would have to be a person with means. Big soccer franchises are a billionaire’s game now. This is no longer a sport for local worthies to chip in a couple of million each and put an Elastoplast on the problem. This needs root and branch change.”

    Low is adamant about how radical the surgery would have to be, but he maintains buying Rangers would be a decent bet. “The only good thing about investing in Celtic and Rangers at the moment is that you have a good chance of participating in the Champions League. In the longer term, however, they will become more uncompetitive at that level as the financial disparity grows, and it will if matters stay the same. You might only be buying a licence to get knocked out of the Champions League at the qualifying stages.

    “But buying Rangers comes with the excellent chance of winning the league. Rangers also have an excellent chance of winning domestic trophies and they have excellent chances of competing regularly in Europe.”

    This, says Low, offers any potential investor a solid platform with a good, enduring fanbase. Low said the next stage, after wiping out debts, would be to bring in an experienced board to “run the club within their means”. He adds: “If Celtic can break even, why can’t Rangers?” But how can the investor ever recover the £30m spent wiping out the debt?

    “If Rangers want to compete at the highest level,” says the businessman, “they have to stand with Celtic and try to change their jurisdiction.” This means simply that the Old Firm must play in another league. “There is nothing in Scotland for Rangers or Celtic,” says Low.

    But if a new league were found then Rangers’ annual turnover could “immediately soar by £30m”. Low asserts there is the possibility of “a quantum leap” in resources. The financial goalposts would have been moved substantially.

    Much of this will be seen as blue-sky thinking of the most delusional sort. But Low is used to people saying things cannot be done, clubs cannot be bought, and promptly proving his detractors wrong. He was instrumental in the rescue of Celtic in 1994 when the club was within just eight minutes of having the very carpet pulled from underneath them by the bank. In a riveting book to be published shortly, Low tells how Celtic were saved from financial ruin to rise again with the substantial aid of Fergus McCann and a galvanised support. But it was Low who saw the opportunity and formulated the strategy that ousted generations of “cosy, private” rule.

    “I learned one major lesson from this episode and from other moments in my life. It is this: football changes. Nothing stays the same in the game. We forget just how much football has changed over the years.

    “We have forgotten the clubs that have disappeared. We have moved from the era of drinking in the ground with the big carry-out to sitting in comfort. People say that football cannot change but it will.”

    Low knows what drives this evolution. “It is about money,” he says. “People opposed the formation of the Premier League in England but money changed hands and it came in. Similarly, people were against the setting-up of the Scottish Premier League but money smoothed many objections. Vested interests can try to be obstructive, but they usually fade away in the face of money.”

    The businessman who formed an alliance to buy Celtic with the most ambitious, audacious raid in football history believes that the Old Firm could be considered “safe bets with no downside”.

    He adds: “Celtic and Rangers at the right price is a better bet than a Newcastle, Bolton or a Sunderland. All the primary clubs in England are gone so you are left with secondary or tertiary clubs.

    “But the Old Firm are big daddies. If you run Rangers or Celtic properly, in the short/medium-term you will break even or make a small profit. But in the medium/long-term there could be a change in the landscape. And if this change of jurisdiction comes then Celtic, Rangers, Ajax and Benfica will be major beneficiaries to the tune of £30m-40m annually.”

    So how does the man who helped change Celtic forever view the chances of a further seismic move? “I think it will happen and it could be within the next five years,” he says with the quiet of relish of being a Celtic season-ticket holder and a Rangers shareholder.

    “I have one share,” he smiles. “I like to get a copy of their accounts and they are late this year.” He may have no major financial interest in football, but he still keeps his eye on the game.

  130. officer dibble

    LMAO Hector, howdy mate, you bag a few stags this weekend?

    Anyway bud, more pressing is, the game is back on and they’re gonna take one hell of a beating. Enjoy the race.

  131. Having a cheeky red tonight boy’s n Girl’s for one reason or another and thought i’d share a favourite of mine with you all.

  132. Raymilland


    Sevco 5088 has had a £10m capital injection as published in its returns.

    Nae wonder the IPO money is no more :)

  133. Henrik Moravcik

    Great song OD

  134. officer dibble

    It looks to me Ray like Worthington/Law financial are building funds to challenge the 5088 case aginst the Sevco Scotland thing.

  135. Raymilland


    CW’s claim goes oot the windae ;)

  136. R. MacGeddon

    Maybe David – if it is him – is going to rustle up the other £20m and him and Craig are going to get a tardis to fly back to 2009 to buy Rangers for £30m. Perhaps he could also (if it is him) fly back to 1997 and dissuade the idiots who wrecked Clydebank from their idiotic proposed move to Dublin.

  137. @Bill
    Figures, back up plan to sevco scotland?

  138. bill

    Charles Green
    Coombe Farm Jacobstowe
    EX20 3RH

  139. R. MacGeddon

    Nice to reflect on David’s view (if it is him) that ‘we have forgotten the clubs that have disappeared’ – is this a convenient way of forgetting his (if it is him) role among the rogues gallery who wiped Clydebank F.C. out of senior football?

  140. Raymilland


    So who put the funds into 5088?

    Looks like a pay off, is it the last, or further annual returns to CW et al?

  141. officer dibble

    One o ma fav’s Henrik, thanks :)

  142. officer dibble

    No Ray, Worthington inv 3 mill into craig whytes buy out, lost it obv, but bought into craig whytes ‘law financial’ to fight claim of 5088 for ownership,, if win, lot’s of money to come from rent/sale/lease etc.

  143. @Ray
    Law Financial now own 5088, both craigy’s companies.

  144. Raymilland


    Cheers, that makes things clearer, £10m kitty, not bad.

  145. @Bill
    Sorry got it, DL set it up for or with him?

  146. officer dibble

    Not half, the other mob have jack sh*t.

  147. @Sevco Utd………….so you think it will be funny if the SFA take sanction against Peter Lawell’s comment on Rangers expiry?………really?. His comment is accurate but it’s actually unrelated to the whole point of the exercise. Which was to highlight that Celtic & other teams in the SPL were deprived of income via a place in European competition because Rangers were in breach of UEFA “tax” rules, & were illegally sanctioned by the SFA to participate in Europe. What stance have other teams in Scotland taken on this matter other than Raith Rovers FFS. You’ve all been shittin yourselves from Sevco- Rangers…….. we find that laughable……….

  148. bill

    Listed as having 1 current share within sevco 5088 ltd

    Name & Registered Office:

    14-18 CITY ROAD
    CF24 3DL
    Company No. 02707949





    50% London & Country Holdings Ltd
    50% Financialeletronics Limited
    50% 90 Lexham Gardens Management Limited
    50% Pasturewood Residents Company Limited
    50% Park Court (Hindley) Management Company Limited
    50% W B & Co UK Limited
    50% Peter Davies Dairies Limited
    50% Sevco 5017 Limited
    100% Rowbust Furniture Limited
    100% La Finca Limited
    100% Bar Tiempo Limited
    100% Stillcopy Limited
    100% Afinity Software Limited
    100% Voice Robots Limited
    100% Cpsm Limited
    100% Maxsearch Limited
    100% Ve21 Limited
    100% Sourcepoint Limited
    100% Chadds Developments Limited
    100% Cefn Strain Property Holdings Limited
    100% Dr Bk Cosmetic Surgery Limited
    100% Efi Solutions Limited
    100% Secureprime Limited
    100% Fivedom Limited
    100% Rumney Test and Service Centre Limited
    100% Ccb Care Limited
    100% Jon Williams Film Limited
    100% 11 Henry Road Limited
    100% Magdalen House Limited
    100% Ar Property Services Limited
    100% Chestergates Law Limited
    100% The Specialist Engraving Company Limited
    100% The Accounts Department (Swansea) Limited
    100% Coffee Been (Swansea) Limited
    100% Tasa Trading Co Ltd
    100% Je Muay Inter Co Ltd
    100% Muay Enterprises Ltd
    100% Homeology Design Limited
    100% Swanbridge Industrial Services Limited
    100% The Orchards Freehold Limited
    100% Red Sun Consulting Limited
    100% East Wind Nz Limited
    100% Gem Wind Farm 1 Limited
    100% 51 Upper Belgrave Road Management Company Limited
    100% Mjm Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd
    100% Ultimate Leasing Limited
    1% Dangerous Goods Safety Consultants (S. Wales) Limited

  149. Sevco United

    “shittin yourselves” :-)

    Aye, like the Celtic Board havent/arent done/doing that.

  150. Raymilland

    This stripped down vocals is feckin brilliant.

    And the title is also quite relevant :)

  151. @Bill

    Sorry Bill, I’m missing something honest.

  152. @Bill
    What are you telling me; are 7aside funding the case? I don’t think so with one share.

  153. Ed Paisley

    Peter Lawwell only shits himself when he overdoses on prunes – he loves Californian pitted prunes with double cream. Sweet….

  154. Raymilland

    Sevco 5008 recent capital investment, would that be too obvious a place to look for diverted funds from Ibrox?

    Is mischief making illegal? :)

  155. @Ed
    After those prunes, they’d better hope Peter don’t shit on them from a high height…. oaff

  156. bill

    Not sure myself

    Could it be that 7SIDE SECRETARIAL LIMITED are holding the share for someone who wants to remain in the background

  157. officer dibble


    Yes Bill, getting your drift now, could’nt make the leap between both posts, got it my friend.

  158. @Ray
    No mischief aint, we were all children :)
    All i did was report the link between d low and worthington, it does fit, david say’s they’ve been raising funds, so does worthingtons stock-exchange announcement. Maybe we’ll know soon enough. My guess; Prior to the AGM.

  159. bill

    PRESENT SHAREHOLDERS – Sevco 5088 ltd

    Law finiancial ltd owned by craig whyte ( 10,000,000 shares )

    7side secretarial ltd – 1 share


    Willow int ( 5,000,000 shares )

    Korissa capital inc ( 5,000,000 shares )

    liberty capital markets ltd ( 5,000,000 shares) linked to chariot (uk) ltd

    The problem you have with annual returns is that companies house tend to accept them in good faith, and that they expect, the people filing the annual returns, are supplying the correct information.

    The shares in the company are valued at £1.

    So according to the information supplied, within the annual return, a fair bit of candy has been floating about within the company

    So, how much has Mr Green invested in the company ?

  160. Monti



  161. officer dibble

    Hi Brother Monti, evening to you.

    Yes my friend, disaster approaches soon. “All the kings horsemen and all the king’s men can’t put cam and his team back again”.

  162. BigL

    please stop Monti……the Clyde is relatively shite free nowadays.
    Anyway samaritans is just a phone call away.

  163. cam

    Just think Paul, as you passed your legal exams and looked forward to a career fighting for justice and doing good,i bet you never in your woldest dreams you thought you would have cyber pals like these.

  164. Monti

    Once you lot are all in the water I will throw in shower gel & carbolic soap.

  165. @Bill
    I may be way out on this; but green novated 5088 over to sevco scotland and re-assigned the shares? My understanding.

    Was anyone else apart from whyte/earley done over at the time? No-one’s said, but who knows.

    ‘if it all falls into line for whyte & Co, someone has a ‘golden ticket’. It’s a thought.

  166. Raymilland


    Are any of the golden tickets actually worth anything as a going concern at Ibrox?

    What will be left if Worthington wins?

    Are they stripping things down to the ‘bear’ essentials?

  167. Raymilland


    Are you suggesting that the bold SDM is lurking?

    That would put The Thomas Crown Affair in the shade, Campbell Ogilvie would grant CW amnesty for services rendered while acting behind enemy lines.

    Then again, would you trust Charles Green as a team player?

    Another movie comes more to mind…the BIG W is where it’s at.

    C’mon Worthington’s

  168. officer dibble


    If the big picture is the assets and you know who get’s them, then it’s either a big sale or lease/rent to play time with murray park most likely being sold off for quick cash.

    Someone for £1.00 has a golden ticket, Who though?

  169. bill

    @ d&p would know exactly how the deal went down

    Rangers chief executive Charles Green agreed to receive a £25,000 payment from Craig Whyte’s business partner during the early stages of his buyout of the club.

    The transaction was made from Aidan Earley to Mr Green’s personal bank account, as the Sevco consortium moved into poll position in the bidding process.

    STV has seen evidence that appears to suggest the £25,000 was sent to Mr Green’s account on May 11, 2012.

    In an interview with STV News, Mr Green stated the cheque, which was to be used to pay legal fees for Field Fisher Waterhouse, bounced and he ended up paying the lawyers himself.

    The exchange makes up part of the legal case Mr Whyte is launching against Mr Green and his group, claiming that they were acting as a “front” for him during the £5.5m deal for the club’s assets last summer.

    STV has also obtained a recorded conversation between Mr Green and Mr Whyte, which is said to have taken place on May 9 last year, in which the former Sheffield United chief executive said: “I f*****g, I need money off you (Craig Whyte)” to cover the Field Fisher Waterhouse bill.

    On Tuesday, a Rangers spokesperson commented: “This nonsense has gone on long enough and it’s time to call a halt. Following meetings earlier this week and again today, Biggart Baillie and the club’s internal security are submitting a file to Strathclyde Police and asking that they investigate claims made by Aidan Earley and Craig Whyte.

    Also, Allen & Overy have written to Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley on behalf of the Club, Charles Green and Imran Ahmad. It is now in the hands of our lawyers both in Scotland and England. There is no more to be said.”

    The payment is believed to relate to the setting up of the off-the-shelf company, Sevco 5088 Limited, which was the vehicle that Mr Whyte claims he and Mr Green were using to takeover Rangers. Sevco 5088 was identified by administrators Duff and Phelps days later as being the newco that would purchase the club’s assets in the event of the failure of a company voluntary arrangement (CVA).

    Documentation seen by STV appears to suggest that £25,000 was paid out and cleared from a business account associated with Mr Earley on May 15, six days after his meeting with Mr Green and Mr Whyte.

    Mr Green told STV: “My Whyte didn’t pay money into my bank account. £25,000 was put into my bank account. For legal costs. And three days later, the cheque bounced.”

    Mr Green stated that the cheque was from New Malden, the area of Surrey where Mr Earley is based. Mr Green stated it was “to cover the legal expenses that Aidan Earley and Mr Whyte had incurred in starting up the process with Field Fisher Waterhouse, who refused to do any further work without money up front.”

    In the audio recording of the meeting, Mr Green is heard saying to Mr Whyte: “Well, the next step is, we’ve got to f*****g give them (Field Fisher Waterhouse) some money.”

    He is also heard saying that he will tell the legal firm “Oh, Craig’s gone, Craig’s gone” in relation to the £25,000 payment.

    Mr Green adds: “I f*****g, I need money off you [Craig Whyte].” Mr Whyte is heard responding: “Yeah, if you, if you give me your details I’ll cover whatever you’ve got to pay out. It’s not a problem.”

    The recording shows that Mr Green responded: “What I’m saying is, there’s no f*****g, there’ll be no trace into my f*****g bank account. But I’ll f*****g, but I’ll do it now, I’ll write it out now. I’ll give them a cheque for £25,000 from me.” He adds: “I’m the f*****g director of the company. I’m their client, I’ll give them twenty-five grand.”

    Mr Whyte has instructed a London QC to prepare a writ to be served on the current Rangers regime, claiming they have carried out “unjust enrichment” through “deception”. In a letter warning of legal action sent to Rangers, Mr Green and finance director Imran Ahmad last December, Mr Whyte alleges that the group were brought into the Rangers buyout process to act as a “front” for him.

    He claims to have evidence that backs up his statements, while last week Mr Green stated in an interview with the Scottish Sun on Sunday that he and Mr Ahmad had told Mr Whyte “what he wanted to hear” because they wanted to “keep him sweet to prise the club away from him”.

    Mr Green told STV that he has spoken to Rangers’ lawyers and is planning on submitting a report to Police Scotland in relation to the conduct of Mr Whyte, who purchased Sir David Murray’s 85% stake for £1 in May 2011.

  170. Monti

    Evening brother,
    Did you see our Neil Francis Lennon on ‘ Goals on Sunday ‘?
    Proud of the guy & he spoke well about Celtic & the game in general.
    Neil looked relaxed & happy, can you imagine that fat bastard McCoist getting invited on the show?
    probably turn it down if Gregg’s sausage roll promotion was on.
    Has there ever been a more fat pathetic Hun piece of shite?
    I’d suggest not :)

    Get the bulldozers intae Greyskull!!

  171. officer dibble

    Hi Monti

    I missed it, hopefully catch up on the net if i can. Swally, soon to be seen running away wi his big bag of cash. How funny; he ripped of the fans just as the spivs did. What a swindle.

  172. @Bill
    All you write here is correct and backed up Bill. I have a copy of the letter from Rangers to the SFA explaining the switcheroo, it’s funny too. The £137,500,00 into Imran’s Mum’s bank account tale is a hoot, and the SFA fell for it, or either could’nt give a damn.

    They said in this letter that the sum of money was placed in said mum’s account, but,,, wait for it: “they never knew where it came from” Incredible, this amount of cash turn’s up in an investors mother’s bank account and they never knew who deposited this? Incredible.

    Then they go on; Imran only gave ‘whyte’ his mother’s bank account details to keep him / his money away from the club. “We had in some way to wrest control from him” No link there then as to where the money came from.

    And the SFA swallowed this ffs, my grandaughter would have smelled a rat if i said that to her, and she’s 13 ffs.

    When all this comes to court, i hope upon hope that this SFA stuff comes to the fore.

    IMO Bill, there a few people here should go to prison.

  173. @Bill

    The big laugh and the untruthful lies from the DR last week were that the fuzz were/are investigating c whyte on alledgedly forged signature’s on documents submitted to companies house, what an incredible laugh.

    If at this point we have any faith in justice, it’s that craig whyte will in the end; tell his story and more forthcoming arrests will ensue, of that i’m certain. He won’t go down alone.

  174. hector

    @od The beauty of it is if Whyte wins and does control the assets then Ticketus are going to go after him big time for 20 odd million Quid and the comedy goes on.

  175. officer dibble

    So So true hector, but if whyte then holds the asset lease; he can sell his share to highest bidder or hand over to Ticketus and still walk away relatively free, and with the,

    “Rights” he said to the movie and books over the takeover. :)

  176. officer dibble

    Love your comedic in pictures take on it all Ray, i’m sure in time Mr McConville will commend you.

    SDM, has been described by many as a risk taker; would you put anything past him? I would not, IMO he is a charlatan.

  177. Fra

    OD, the switcheroo between 5088 and sevco Scotland looks like the key. The chairs are being positioned for the final onslaught. RIFC are owned by 5088 who in turn are controlled (Craigy BHOYS been wise to front another company in his name) by Craig Whyte.

    If you want your stadium back, I’ll have a rent of astronomical proportions to relax me into my old age suckers. There is no end to gullibility.


  178. Raymilland


    Every official involved in this caper is adding to the farce.

    The eventual movie will never live up to the real thing.

    I’m looking forward to the 3D version, the demolition ball swinging through the big hoose will be epic. ;)

  179. @Fra

    This stuff aint new Fra, eco and McConville have blogged on this ages ago. The difference is, Worthington and whytey have been raising money in the background to fight their case, alledgedly they now have that? Rangers two do not have the money to fight it; and will any single shareholder fund a court fight?

    The game has turned once more in whyte’s favour, were now at who has the stomach for the fight.

    No surrender they cry, let’s see.

  180. @Fra
    Mad thought, you said “chairs are being positioned” Imagine it being musical chairs and last man standing, has to tell investors, they’re money’s gone? Yikes.

  181. officer dibble


    Can you fix it Ray to include the SFA offices?

  182. Raymilland


    Sorted :)

  183. @Ray
    Night all, have a nice day tomorrow, see ya all soon. :)

  184. Fra

    OD, it all seems a world ago. So much drama emanating its hard to keep up. This is where Mick is invaluable. He brings up nuggets which would’ve been otherwise forgotten. Does the board have the cash or the balls for another fight from Craigy Bhoy. Let’s see

  185. willy wonka

    “In 2002, as well being the recipient of £41 million in Labour government subsidies over the previous 2 years, it was discovered by the Scottish opposition, the SNP, in Holyrood that The Scottish Coal (Deep Mine) Co. Ltd had been given a secret blank cheque by the UK Labour govt when the bill came through for their £4.5million liquidation and it was paid by the Scottish Executive i.e. Scottish taxpayers. This guarantee was agreed in 1999, when Peter Lawwell was the company’s Group Finance Director and Brian Wilson was Labour UK Energy Minister and responsible for coalmining. Now of course Mr Lawwell is CEO of Celtic PLC and Mr Wilson is a Celtic PLC Director.

    How was a secret overdraft given that bound the Scottish taxpayers, without due diligence, to bail out a Private company? Where was the due diligence, parliamentary oversight & risk controls? How open ended was the agreement? Does this deserve a Royal Commission to investigate corruption or fraud? This could only have been done with the board of The Scottish Coal (Deep Mine) Co. Ltd. with heavy involvement of Peter Lawwell who was the Group Finance Director at the time and the agreement of following Labour Party heavyweights:

    Brian Wilson, UK Energy Minister with responsibility for coalmining

    Gordon Brown, UK Chancellor

    Surprise, surprise, Gordon Brown was also the local MP in Fife where the mine was located. Without Labour parties being in power on both sides of the border, there is no way this could have been done and covered up. Still it is an amazingly brazen act to rope the Scottish taxpayer in to pick up the bill of a Private company without any Parliamentary oversight. Who was looking after the Scottish public’s right to know what potential liabilities they were up for, should the company’s collapse?”


  186. Raymilland

    @willy no return again?

    You should pay Pinsent Masons £500,000 to unravel the above secret, then someone else another £500,000 to unravel Pinsent Masons report. :)

  187. Ed Paisley

    We have a democratic system in this country and the Mother of all Parliaments. We also have an SNP dominated Scottish Parliament – I’m sure Mr Salmond is looking for ammunition to use against Scottish Labour. So send your complaint to Cameron and Salmond.
    While you’re at it, write to Father Christmas for one of those Calimero egg-shell hats, you big cry baby!

  188. Steven brennan

    Shields to maximum Scotty
    What is the point of your post Wonky?

  189. bill

    E14 9TS
    Company No. 08011390


    @This document was filed at companies house on the 28th Dec 2012

    Was signed by Charles Alexander Green on the 27th Dec 2012

    Oh wait for it, document filed at companies house on 14/11/2013
    The same document confirms Mr Green resigned from sevco 5088 ltd
    on the 15th june 2012, 6 months before the documents for the application for striking off the company were filed at companies house.

    Sorry Mr Green, but that does not wash, just like the sevco hordes

  190. cam

    In a deliberately provocative attempt to make Peter Kearney spill his Rice Krispies,Charlie puts his left leg in and shakes it all about.

  191. bill

    RNS Number : 9222I

    Rangers Int. Football Club PLC

    09 July 2013


    09 July 2013

    Rangers International Football Club plc

    (“Rangers” or the “Company”)

    Appointment of Director

    The Board is pleased to announce that James Andrew Easdale, aged 42, has been appointed today as a Non-executive Director to the Company.*

    Mr Easdale is an entrepreneur and a director of several businesses including McGill’s Bus Service Limited, a leading independent bus operator in Scotland.

    Mr Easdale said: “As a lifelong Rangers supporter, I am proud and honoured to serve on the board of such a great sporting institution and look forward to helping Rangers Football Club continue its journey back to the top of Scottish football.”

    For further information, please contact:

    Rangers International Football Club plc

    Craig Mather, CEO

    Brian Stockbridge, FD

    Tel: 0141 580 8647

    Strand Hanson Limited (Nominated Adviser)

    Rory Murphy

    Stuart Faulkner

    Tel: 020 7409 3494

    Newgate Threadneedle

    Graham Herring

    John Coles

    Roddy Watt

    Fiona Conroy

    Tel: 020 7148 6143

    *Pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules, the following information is disclosed:

    Mr Easdale is currently a director of Arranglen Limited, Bayfleet Limited, Clyde Metal Recycling Limited, Devonhill Limited, Inverclyde Local Limited, Loch Lomond Bus Services Limited, McGill’s Bus Service Limited, McGill’s City Connect Limited, Smoothie Cruisers Limited and Sportsco Limited.

    Mr Easdale was a director of G & R Sheet Metal Fabricators Limited, which was placed in a creditors’ voluntary liquidation on 4 December 1996 with a net deficiency of £2,258 to unsecured creditors.

    There is no further information to be disclosed pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules.

    Mr Easdale has forgotten to register his company Inverclyde taxis ltd as per Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules.

    Darby Glass Scotland ltd shareholders as of 30/04/ 2011

    Foster Holdings Scotland ltd – 37% of shares
    Inverclyde Taxis Ltd – 63% of shares

    Darby Glass Scotland ltd, was,on the 6th July 2012 at Glasgow Sheriff Court, that sheriff Swanson granted a petition brought by
    the liquidator for expenses and also to make payments to the creditors with the company being liquidated shortly there after.

    @Tut Tut Tut

  192. cam

    Morning Ted,i see that wee Lenny bhoy is looking forward to the return of the Old Firm clashes,,,his words.
    I’m not, and not just because we would lose them at this present time.No i think the bad feeling being cranked up will definitely result in trouble.The Glasgow Cup youth game at Firhill was bad enough and with Celtic now in full on riot mode complete with blinkers in the boardroom,i feel the police should step in and prevent any future clashes.
    As much as i want your second team to suffer extermination just for the banter of course i want to put it on record that i don’t want you to get bowel cancer,for your partner to be gang-banged or for you to kill yourself.Those would be the thoughts of a sick individual who lives without the grace of God.
    I’ll tell you this Ted,that hokey cokey is a great way to get the old blood pumping,,,i thoroughly recommend it,first thing in the morning.

  193. bill

    Inverclyde Taxis Limited





    Arranglen Ltd
    76.00% 76.00 GBP 76.00 × 1.00 GBP Ordinary

    Mr Alex Gray
    14.00% 14.00 GBP 14.00 × 1.00 GBP Ordinary

    J. Easdale
    5.00% 5.00 GBP 5.00 × 1.00 GBP Ordinary

    Mrs G. Easdale
    5.00% 5.00 GBP 5.00 × 1.00 GBP Ordinary

  194. cam

    Can you explain what this means Bill?
    I know that this is all just gleaned from the internet and on this occassion you haven’t mentioned arson,kidnap,drug dealing and murder.
    Speak up Bill.

  195. bill

    RNS Number : 9222I

    Rangers Int. Football Club PLC

    09 July 2013


    09 July 2013

    Rangers International Football Club plc

    (“Rangers” or the “Company”)

    Appointment of Director

    The Board is pleased to announce that James Andrew Easdale, aged 42, has been appointed today as a Non-executive Director to the Company.*

    Mr Easdale is an entrepreneur and a director of several businesses including McGill’s Bus Service Limited, a leading independent bus operator in Scotland.

    Mr Easdale said: “As a lifelong Rangers supporter, I am proud and honoured to serve on the board of such a great sporting institution and look forward to helping Rangers Football Club continue its journey back to the top of Scottish football.”

    For further information, please contact:

    Rangers International Football Club plc

    Craig Mather, CEO

    Brian Stockbridge, FD

    Tel: 0141 580 8647

    Strand Hanson Limited (Nominated Adviser)

    Rory Murphy

    Stuart Faulkner

    Tel: 020 7409 3494

    Newgate Threadneedle

    Graham Herring

    John Coles

    Roddy Watt

    Fiona Conroy

    Tel: 020 7148 6143

    *Pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules, the following information is disclosed:

    Mr Easdale is currently a director of Arranglen Limited, Bayfleet Limited, Clyde Metal Recycling Limited, Devonhill Limited, Inverclyde Local Limited, Loch Lomond Bus Services Limited, McGill’s Bus Service Limited, McGill’s City Connect Limited, Smoothie Cruisers Limited and Sportsco Limited.

    Mr Easdale was a director of G & R Sheet Metal Fabricators Limited, which was placed in a creditors’ voluntary liquidation on 4 December 1996 with a net deficiency of £2,258 to unsecured creditors.

    There is no further information to be disclosed pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules.

    @ Oh well, should these companies have been included ?

    Kylemuir Limited

    Clydebank and District Taxi Owners Association Radio System ltd

    ABC Taxis ( Inverclyde ) ltd

    Hire Society (Scotland) Ltd

    Airport Management Services UK Ltd

    Glasgow Airport Taxis Ltd.

    Edinburgh Airport Taxis Ltd.

    Leven & District Taxis Ltd

    Not forgetting the most famous easdale company that has never traded and remains dormant, even though it leases its asset, 1 / 3 murial street barrhead Glasgow, to bus companies, since 2004, as an operating centre, that company being CLAYHUNT LTD.

    CLAYHUNT LTD, director being mr alexander kean a former banned director from sept 2004 till sept 2007due to his company school bus Scotland going into liquidation in may 2001

    By july 2001, Mr alexander kean was 50% owner of mcgills bus service ltd along with the easdale family, their 50% shareholding being through their company KYLEMUIR LTD which is owned by ARRANGLEN LTD.

    In 2004 mr kean sold his 50% shareholding in mcgills to ARRANGLEN LTD

    In 2008 KYLEMUIR LTD transferred its 50% ownership of mcgills to ARRANGLEN LTD

    @ time for the easdales to EXPLAIN about CLAYHUNT LTD

  196. Ed Paisley

    my old man had polyps on the bowel removed a couple of years ago. If he had left it a few months he could well have lost large chunks of his bowel. Blood in the stools should always be checked out – it may well be harmless but too many of us die from embarrassment. We need to grow up when it comes to bowel and prostate troubles.

    Your comment on absolution in the confessional was a wee bit simplistic – only if you are truly contrite will your sins be erased – and only the penitent and God can really judge that. I think you have been watching that Monty Clift movie – the one set in French Canadian city – I Confess. Good movie though.

    You see Cam, most of your stuff is white but I do read it.

    What a glorious morning, God is in his heaven and smiling down on us and his main bud Pope Francis.

  197. Ed Paisley

    “…..most of your stuff is white….”

    That’s my autocorrect function again. Instead of “white” I actually typed…..shhh

  198. cam

    Not up to your usual standard old bean.I suppose when you lie with the dogs then the smell of dog taints you.Marge will be so pwoud of her bhoys.
    Do you think maybe that confession malarkey is just all about a power and control thing?
    I heard that not so long ago that a newly married Catholic couple who hadn’t produced any offspring to keep up in the numbers game, would get a visit from the local priest.I don’t know if this was an offer to help out or just to remind them of their obligations.Don’t know about you Ted, but i would get the feeling that someone had it in for me,or was at least trying to!
    With suicide being a terrible sin,is it good form to recommend it to others Ted,in a purely theological way of course?
    You can keep me up to speed with all the rules Ted,there do seem to be quite a few.God couldn’t really have rested on the seventh day,he must have been writing all these rules,or maybe they Pope geezers just took a liberty?

  199. Raymilland


    Oldco & newco

    willy, ‘your world will be extinguished’ :)

  200. bill

    @Cambam, Lest We Forget, about the FACTS ( LOL)

    Mystery surrounds the fate of a painting by the minor Dutch master Pieter Van der Meulen, which portrays William of Orange and his generals being blessed by Pope Innocent XI before the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

    As Peter Berresford Ellis reveals in the Irish Democrat, the picture reveals “one of the great myths of history” – how Orange propaganda turned the Williamite conquest of Ireland into a war between Catholic and Protestant.

    The fact that William of Orange was funded by the Pope who funded his victories at the Boyne and the Battle of Aughrim. And when news of the Boyne victory reached the Pope and leaders of his allies in the League of Augsberg, prayers and songs were sung in his honour in the Catholic cathedrals of the countries, and as the painting shows, the Pope gave his blessing to William of Orange.

  201. cam

    A quick tour around the ramparts and i see a bunch of local villagers have put down their burning torches and pitchforks and are twiddling with the Random Insanity ballista.
    The owner of said ballista has been very busy on other fronts of late and as they say, when the pussy is away, the rats will play,,,or summit like that.
    These village idiots seem to be putting a googly eyed chap with a cheap suit who appears to be holding a bunch of final demands from mortgage companies,Ticketus and legal firms into the launch basket.
    I think they intend to fire the poor bugger over the walls.
    Jeez,a little knowledge certainly is a dangerous thing right enough.The loonballs seem to be reading from a manual,the only person missing from this mhob is Randle P McMurphy.
    If they just had a little patience the owner would be along in a day or so and fire another dead cow to keep them amused.
    Some folk!!

  202. bill


    Pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules, the following information is disclosed:

    @ The Aim rules dear boy, the rules

  203. cam

    Again Bill you just seem to quote from the internet,do you have any original thoughts of your own?
    I have a much more important painting hanging on my wall Bill.
    It’s a lovely original in oils of the Glasgow Rangers 1999 team winning the SPL title at Parkhead.The lads are all doing the huddle and bouncing up and down in this glorious scene.
    Many bitter folk think that this was a provocative gesture and i’m sure wee Peter Kearney was scouring the web to find parallels to back this up.
    But if a smelly mhob with saliva dripping from their dentures was hurling coins and lighters at you then i think a defensive formation like a huddle makes sense,especially when you combine it with the bouncey.
    Here we have the UEFA and SFA advice for any victorious team leaving the pitch at the Beggardome.

  204. daviecooperonthewing

    Not really sure what point you are trying to make regarding the BOB.
    It is well documented throughout history that William of Orange and the Pope supported the same cause politically. The enemy of the day was King James and his treachery which would have afforded support to France and Spain. Had James triumphed, a great deal more lives would have been lost on both sides of Ireland’s border. The BOB was not a religious battle, however it augmented the resistance prior to and after it’s occurrence. That is why it is celebrated. Enniskillen and Aughrim were more related to the religious overtone of the time. William of Orange repelled the enemies of England, Ireland and Scotland. King William Prince of Orange, imposed the act of settlement which meant a monarch reigned but did not rule. It also prevented anyone of a papist persuasion from succeeding to the throne. Give us facts Bill…Have you been reading the latest drivel by Phil Mac Gibber pish? You really should refrain from such tomfoolery!

  205. Eastside

    There’s only one painting that sums up the Rangers – Sevco shambles, that is “The Scream” by Van Gogh.

  206. hector

    Just back from the LSE page and the trickle of rats leaving a sinking ship continues. One trade for 5 shares netting £2.25 before costs. How low does morale have to be when you would cash in for pennies rather than sit tight and sell them on E Bay once this reincarnation is no more. Of course it could be that nice Mr McColl liquidating his position and walking away.

  207. bill

    RNS Number : 9222I

    Rangers Int. Football Club PLC

    09 July 2013


    09 July 2013

    Rangers International Football Club plc

    (“Rangers” or the “Company”)

    Appointment of Director

    The Board is pleased to announce that James Andrew Easdale, aged 42, has been appointed today as a Non-executive Director to the Company.*

    Mr Easdale is an entrepreneur and a director of several businesses including McGill’s Bus Service Limited, a leading independent bus operator in Scotland.

    Mr Easdale said: “As a lifelong Rangers supporter, I am proud and honoured to serve on the board of such a great sporting institution and look forward to helping Rangers Football Club continue its journey back to the top of Scottish football.”

    For further information, please contact:

    Rangers International Football Club plc

    Craig Mather, CEO

    Brian Stockbridge, FD

    Tel: 0141 580 8647

    Strand Hanson Limited (Nominated Adviser)

    Rory Murphy

    Stuart Faulkner

    Tel: 020 7409 3494

    Newgate Threadneedle

    Graham Herring

    John Coles

    Roddy Watt

    Fiona Conroy

    Tel: 020 7148 6143

    *Pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules, the following information is disclosed:

    Mr Easdale is currently a director of Arranglen Limited, Bayfleet Limited, Clyde Metal Recycling Limited, Devonhill Limited, Inverclyde Local Limited, Loch Lomond Bus Services Limited, McGill’s Bus Service Limited, McGill’s City Connect Limited, Smoothie Cruisers Limited and Sportsco Limited.

    Mr Easdale was a director of G & R Sheet Metal Fabricators Limited, which was placed in a creditors’ voluntary liquidation on 4 December 1996 with a net deficiency of £2,258 to unsecured creditors.

    There is no further information to be disclosed pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules.

    @cambam we have another company which has not been declared


    Company Number: SC124736

    The Insolvency Act 1986


    At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the above-named Company, convened, and held at 73 Union Street, Greenock, on 27 December 2004, at 10.00 am, the following Special Resolution was passed:

    “That the Company be wound up voluntarily, and that Samantha Keen, of Grant Thornton UK LLP, 31 Carlton Crescent, Southampton SO15 2EW, be appointed Liquidator of the Company for the purposes of the voluntary winding-up.”

    James Easdale, Chairman

    27 December 2004.

    INTASCOT PLC: Appoints Grant Thornton Liquidator


    IN THE MATTER OF Intascot Plc

    Notice is hereby given that on Dec. 27, 2004, I, Samantha Keen
    of Grant Thornton U.K. LLP, 31 Carlton Crescent, Southampton
    SO15 2EW, was appointed liquidator of Intascot Plc, which
    registered office is located at 95 Bothwell Street, Glasgow G2

    Samantha Keen, Liquidator

    31 Carlton Crescent
    Southampton SO15 2EW
    Phone: 023 8022 1231
    Fax: 023 8022 4017
    Web site:

  208. Raymilland

    The Great Switcheroo

    Sinnerman you oughta be prayin’

    Power to BDO!

    The above painting is ‘The Son of Man’ by René Magritte.

    About the painting, Magritte said:

    At least it hides the face partly. Well, so you have the apparent face, the apple, hiding the visible but hidden, the face of the person. It’s something that happens constantly. Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present. ;)

  209. cam

    I think you’ve cracked it Bill.
    With this amazing cyber detective work you have found the Holy Grail.
    I can just see you now in court,bible in hand(your own) being put under cross examination,James and Sandy sweating profusely as you guide the jury,legal counsel and the big wig in the wig through your painting by numbers crash course in company law on your laptop.
    Well done mate.
    Now then,,,the sky Bill,,,what colour is it in your reality?
    Blue?,,,that’s the colour God made it it Bill,or is that just a scientific set law due to the properties of the visible light spectrum?
    Questions Bill,questions,,there are just so many.

  210. bill

    Mr Easdale is currently a director of Arranglen Limited, Bayfleet Limited, Clyde Metal Recycling Limited, Devonhill Limited, Inverclyde Local Limited, Loch Lomond Bus Services Limited, McGill’s Bus Service Limited, McGill’s City Connect Limited, Smoothie Cruisers Limited and Sportsco Limited.

    Mr Easdale was a director of G & R Sheet Metal Fabricators Limited, which was placed in a creditors’ voluntary liquidation on 4 December 1996 with a net deficiency of £2,258 to unsecured creditors.

    There is no further information to be disclosed pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules.

    @ James easdale is not at present a director of the company, but his father is, but james (jnr) does own the shares in the company in his own name with sandys wife gail easdale – 50% each

    Clyde Metal Recycling Ltd.

    Company Number: SC188912

    Company Type: Private limited with share capital

    SIC Code: 3720, Recycling Of Non-Metal Waste And Scrap

    Registered Address:

    3 Upper Ingleston Street
    PA15 3LS
    United Kingdom
    Registered Tel: 01475727268

    Ms Gail Easdale
    Born 46 years ago: Apr 1967
    Company Secretary, Taxi Driver
    01 Sep 1998 — Present (15 years, 2 months, 17 days)

    Mr James Easdale
    Born 74 years ago: Oct 1939
    Director, None
    11 Jan 2010 — Present (3 years, 10 months, 7 days)

    Mr James Easdale
    Born 42 years ago: Mar 1971
    Director, Taxi Driver
    01 Sep 1998 — 01 Apr 2006 (7 years, 7 months)

    Public Inquiry (17900) to be held at The Burgh Court Hall, City Chambers, John Street, Glasgow., on 11 October 2001 commencing at 10:15

    Operator name: JAMES EASDALE

    Scotland, A&D, 24 Sep 2001: Notice of PI to be held
    GV – S26 S26 – Consideration of disciplinary action under Section 26
    GV – S27 S27 – Consideration of disciplinary action under Section 27
    GV – S28 S28 – Consideration of disciplinary action under Section 28

    OM0009969 SN (1580)

    Operator name: JAMES EASDALE

    Scotland, A&D, 05 Nov 2001: Licence Revoked



    Public Inquiry (17900) held at The Burgh Court Hall, City Chambers, John Street, Glasgow. on 11 October 2001 at 10:15



    Operator name: JAMES EASDALE
    Scotland, A&D, 05 Nov 2001:
    Decisions taken at Public Inquiry
    GV – S26 S26 – Licence revoked with immediate effect
    GV – S27 S27 – Licence revokded with immediate effect

  211. Eastside

    Rangers: Boycotting existence since 2012.

  212. hector

    @OD I see at the end of the moan there is the usual threat just you wait till we are back at the top then your for it. YAWN ! We may have to wait some time before the orcs can make good their threats. WATP, nobody likes us but we don’t care but if you tell jokes about us we will cry. If they want to boycott Scotland I am sure there are plenty volunteers to help them pack. Taxi for Sevco.

  213. bill

    @cambam the question should not be about me, but rather, what someone with some intelligence can digest the information supplied and channel it in a meaning full way – ie P Mc with gods chosen religion on earth to support him and Phil & any other blogger who can guide the information to its GOAL.

  214. So true hector, so true, and we’ll miss them lol.

    Now then hector, that new logistics company they signed up! Just the very chappies to remove them and any worthy items to the sale rooms. Will the fans get their bricks back? Ally want’s to know !

  215. @Bill

    You have the whacky funster on the run, railed him even.

  216. cam

    Intelligence and crazy Phil together in the same sentence?
    Nope,can’t be allowing that.
    Yer all gonna be greetin for ever more when all this guff is over.
    The question is about you Bill,you’re the one mentioning folks name in association with serious criminal activity.
    There are channels for you to report this anonymously and if there was any truth in your posts regards abduction,murder,arson and drug dealing then i hope the folk involved are charged,tried,judged and either convicted or released.
    Go on Bill make that phone call.


    Or go to the highest authority; Pedro El Coyote Lawwell aka Grand Emperor and stand up comedian. :-)

  217. hector

    @OD I see over in the thread bears den they are still bumping their gums about St Peters joke . His position is untenable ,he is not impartial and the best bit he should resign like that paragon of virtue Hugh Dallas as what Peter said is much worse than the Dallas email. Also old Leggo reckons Peters cunning plan is to keep the current board at sevco as he is running scared of Kings and McColls millions. Meanwhile their club is sinking fast. The sevco motto If in doubt lash out.

  218. @hector
    What a hoot, dallas made a sectarian slur on the highest office of a church, through his employer’s intranet service, he’s actually fortunate he was’nt prosecuted. Since seen lurking in rangers stand.

    Leg-up and Peter being afraid of kingy/mccool, wow, the sad thing is he probably believes it.

    Lashing out hector, so true mate, they have nothing else they can do! They have had and still have no say in how their club is run, no power, snipping and carping is all they have left.

    Just wait till wee craigy bhoy and worthington get their teeth into them, armageddon will ensue. God help them, nothing else can.

  219. daviecooperonthewing

    LOL. Dribble.
    I really hope for the sake of anybody who has the unfortunate necessity to engage with you in person, on a daily basis, that the drivel you spout on here is nothing more than a pathetic attempt at banter.
    Or is it possible that you actually believe the cack you post has any link to reality?
    Dearie me….You are one boring hombre.

  220. Monti

    @OD & Hector

    Afternoon Bhoys, would you like a bowl?

  221. Cluster 0ne

    Donald Findlay sectarian singing,peter lawwell rory Bremner

  222. Raymilland

    Beyond redemption – too late the hero

    The Daily Planet is advertising for a sports editor.

    Jimmy ‘Olsen’ Traynor has ruled himself out as a possible candidate, he is currently working on his memoirs; ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’.

  223. BigL

    as opposed to a boring zombie.
    bbbbrrrrrrmmmmmmmm tish .

  224. @Monti

    Afternoon my firend; two scoops please, huners and thousands and a flake, ahhh. I see some of the orcs are in a wee mood today Monti, Bill gave the whacky funster cam a chasing earlier, not a pretty site. I do hope they stop using my avtar when typing; i’d rather lick a cat’s arse than chat with them.

  225. hector

    @Monti good evening fraternal brother Monti its a bit cold on the croft this evening so I will pass on a bowl unless you do soup. A quiet weekend with routine chores and handing out venison to the needy. The blog seemed to get a bit nasty over the weekend with the orcs lashing out at all and sundry. Our masonic brother Willy decided to stage a boycott for all of 24 hours. God they like their threats and boycotts which is a shame as they are not any good at either. Anyway the slow motion train wreck that is sevco continues and with a month to go till the AGM much mirth in the run up to Christmas. Take care old boy and watch your back as squeaky is lurking out there .

  226. Raymilland

    The Southern General Hospital aftermath of the Ibrox AGM.

    All’s well that ends well ;)

  227. @hector
    I just read leggat’s sad bile he posted today. Have you ever came across a blogger and one-time sports journalist who’s such a nasty individual?

    How on earth did he ever survive a career in journalism? Don’t anyone say it; what would his dear old granny say?

  228. Fra

    Hector, if you were a real man you would’ve accepted a bowl, ate it down while shivering and chattering through your teeth “lovely Monti, it’s delicious.” Haha

  229. Lex McLean

    Ah see Bill McMurdo managed to put together a four line paragraph on his blog today, well done Bill that puts you well ahead of Phil Mac Goblin,
    One up to Rangers ah think.

  230. lordmac

    you wonder , with charlie holding high office and carrying on this way with his left leg , you would think the msm would take offence at this, after all, they reported st peter for speaking the truth.

  231. Paul

    The SPL has set up an independent commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith, to investigate the Glasgow Rangers FC’s alleged use of improperly registered players from 2000 to 2011.

    This relates to Rangers’ use of an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) scheme to pay players over that same period.

    EBT’s were a legal tax avoidance scheme, whereby companies paid money into an independent (ahem) trust, which would then “loan” the employee sums of money which in most cases need never be paid back.

    As loans, monies paid via EBT were not subject to tax—employees could earn a lot more money than would otherwise be the case.

    The problem with EBT’s is that there had to be a large element of trust between employer and employee.

    EBT’s could not be used to make contractual payments to employees.

    In fact, the employee had to “apply” to the trust for the loan, which—in theory—the trust could reject.

    Rangers ran into trouble for their use of EBT’s because the payments players received from the trust were contractual in nature.

    The UK tax authority, HMRC, has presented Rangers with a tax “assessment” for £36m in unpaid taxes, with a penalty still to be imposed.

    Rangers appealed the assessment, and we still await the result of the tax tribunal which was asked to decide on the case.

    Unquestionably, the use of EBT’s gave Rangers a sporting advantage against the competition over the course of a decade.

    For example, let’s say Rangers wished to sign player x and offered him £20,000 per week, and Celtic wished to sign the same player, and also offered him £20,000 per week.

    By having his wages taxed at Celtic, player x would take home roughly £12,000 per week, while at Rangers, the majority of his wages being paid through an EBT, the player would take home closer to £18,000 per week.

    Paying players by means of EBT enabled Rangers to assemble teams they could not otherwise have afforded.

    There is always the possibility that the tribunal will find in Rangers’ favour, but even if it does, the Rangers’ problem with the SPL remains.

    SFA rules state that all payments made to players must be clearly recorded on their contracts which are lodged with the soccer governing authorities.

    If Rangers’ EBT’s were administered properly, then the payments cannot have been registered on the players’ contracts.

    The respected Scottish legal firm Harper McLeod has already conducted an investigation for the SPL and has concluded that there is a prima facie case for Rangers to answer.

    That is, on the face of it, Rangers appears to have made undeclared payments to players over a ten year period.

    As I explained in my previous article, The Rangers Football Club—the company formerly known as Sevco Scotland—purchased the business and assets of Rangers from the administrators Duff & Phelps. They also agreed to several conditions in order for the SFA to transfer Rangers’ membership of the SFA to Sevco Scotland (now The Rangers FC).

    Amongst those conditions was that The Rangers FC would accept any punishment imposed as a result of the SPL investigation regarding the issue of improper registration of players.

    Punishments could range from anything from a fine, to expulsion from the game. The thing that seems to worry “Rangers” more than anything though, is that SPL titles and Scottish Cups won between 2000-2011 could be stripped from the club.

    This agreement has seen a belief emerge amongst Rangers fans and certain sections of the Scottish soccer press that they have been punished enough.

    Typical examples can be found here and here.

    So let’s look at exactly how “Rangers,” and their supporters claim to have been punished:

    1) 10 point deduction (season 2011-12)

    2) £160,000 fine

    3) 12 month transfer embargo

    4) Relegation to Division 3 of the Scottish Football League

    5) Loss of most of their squad from last season

    6) Banned from UEFA competition for 3 years

    It looks as if the Rangers FC has been heavily punished—does this belief stand up to scrutiny?

    There are two things that must be considered when addressing this issue.

    First—there is a big difference between “consequences” and “punishments.”

    Secondly—we must consider which “Rangers” we are talking about. Is it Rangers FC, or The Rangers FC?

    Let’s go through them in turn:

    1) Rangers FC were deducted 10 points by the SPL when they entered administration on February 14 this year. The rules have changed since then, but in 2004, the SPL introduced a rule that 10 points would be deducted, and a transfer embargo imposed, on any club entering administration. So Rangers were not “punished” with a 10 point deduction, it was simply a consequence of entering administration.

    2) An SFA judicial panel fined Rangers FC £160,000 in April 2012, after being found guilty of five charges of impropriety in their financial affairs, including failing to pay their taxes over a 12 month period. This is without a doubt a punishment.

    3) The same SFA judicial panel imposed a 12 month transfer embargo on Rangers FC. Administrators Duff & Phelps challenged this in Scotland’s highest court, the Court of Session, as it was not on the list of sanctions available to the panel. The Court of Session upheld the appeal and ordered the issue to be returned for the judicial panel to select a punishment from those available. The 12 month transfer embargo was never imposed on Rangers FC. The Rangers FC has accepted the embargo.

    4) Contrary to popular perception, The Rangers FC has not been relegated to Division 3 of the SPL. They have never before been a member of any league, and as a completely new club, applied to the SPL for membership. The SPL rejected the application, so The Rangers Football Club applied for membership of the Scottish Football League and as a brand new member, was placed in the bottom tier, Division 3. Relegation then, has not been a punishment imposed on “Rangers.”

    5) “Rangers” has indeed lost a lot of players from last season’s expensive squad. Players such as captain Steven Davis, Steven Whittaker, Steven Naismith, Allan McGregor, Kyle Lafferty, Jamie Ness and Rhys McCabe have walked away from Rangers FC. These have not though, walked away from The Rangers FC, for whom none of them ever played. With Rangers FC consigned to liquidation, the players’ contracts were voided and they were free to sign for other clubs. Loss of players then, is not a punishment imposed on “Rangers.” It is simply a consequence of Rangers FC being liquidated.

    6) The Rangers FC will not be able to compete in UEFA competition for at least three years. This though, is not a punishment, it is a simple fact. A UEFA license cannot be granted to any club who do not have three years’ worth of audited accounts. The Rangers FC was founded as Sevco Scotland on May 29 this year, so The Rangers FC is not “banned” from UEFA competition, they simply do not fulfil the criteria to enter any UEFA competitions.

    So how has “Rangers” been punished so far? It amounts to a £160,000 fine on Rangers FC, and a 12 month transfer embargo on The Rangers FC.

    Even the transfer embargo is not a punishment though. Accepting the transfer embargo was a condition of membership for The Rangers FC, and the SFA helpfully agreed to delay it until September 1, thereby enabling The Rangers FC to strengthen their squad before embarking on their great adventure through the lower leagues.

    Let’s turn our attention now to the possible stripping of titles won by Rangers FC from 2000-2011, the sanction which The Rangers FC appears to be most concerned about.

    Ally McCoist and Charles Green have pledged to fight any attempt to remove titles from Rangers FC historical record.

    This is like Ben Johnson telling the IOC in 1988, “Hell no, you’re not having my medal back!”

    If Rangers FC are found guilty of using improperly registered players from 2000-2011, then losing those titles will be a consequence of effectively cheating to win them.

    Stripping titles from Rangers FC’s record will effectively have zero impact on The Rangers FC.

    They should be far more concerned about what the real punishment could potentially be.

    The SFA has shown not just a shocking lack of leadership in dealing with the “Rangers” crisis, but also an unwillingness to apply its own rules to The Rangers FC, who by rights should not have been granted membership of the SFA at all, as they do not meet the requirement for three years’ of audited accounts.

    The SFA has deliberately fudged the issue of how they regard The Rangers FC. Is it the club founded in 1872 or not?

    Of course The Rangers FC is not the club founded in 1872. That club remains in administration, is no longer a member of the SFA and will shortly be liquidated.

    The SFA granted Sevco Scotland membership by allowing Rangers FC’s accounts to “count” towards their application (despite Rangers FC failing to produce audited accounts for last year).

    The SFA transferred Rangers FC’s membership to The Rangers FC but have avoided the question of whether The Rangers FC can claim Rangers FC’s historical record.

    The SFA has a responsibility to ensure the good governance (including financial governance) of the game in Scotland.

    By allowing the fiction to develop that the “club” and “company” are separate, the SFA have created a situation whereby “clubs” are not responsible for the debts they accumulate.

    Scottish clubs who cannot pay back their debt can now simply liquidate, sell their stadia to friendly businessmen, and enter the lowest tier of the SFL as the, “same” debt-free “club.”

    By granting The Rangers FC membership, the SFA has set a very dangerous precedent. They have allowed “Rangers” to tell creditors that they are not the “company,” which owed them over £100m, but tell their supporters that they are the “same club” which profited on the pitch from the debt they have walked away from.

    If the SFA recognise The Rangers FC as a club founded in 1872, then Scottish soccer clubs really will be free to run up astronomical debts, with no need ever to pay them back.

    Who would provide new credit or banking facilities to any Scottish soccer club now?

    Daniel O’Connel

  232. @Paul
    Very well laid out sir.

  233. Fra

    Paul, Mr O’Connell lays it down so perfectly for all to be able to follow and understand. ie Laymans terms. The point I take from Daniels piece is the sheer incompetence of the SFA to implement their own rules. The conspiracy theorists can have a field day when the rules are made on a whim to accommodate ONE club because they’re one of the two main clubs in the country with financial clout.

    The wording has been bent beyond repair, adding to the glee emanating from the orcs to everyone else’s disgust. Nobody in their right mind can have any doubt that Ogilvie has played a part in this. If the hand of freemasonry hadn’t been so evident within ALL Scottish structures, I do not believe the decisions arrived at would have been the same.

    The English guys at the top table seemed totally out of their depth when this juggernaut came crashing through their front door, resulting in the fact, they had to rely on the likes of Ogilvie to guide them. These chaps even had the audacity to hoodwink a top ranking judge (possibly the same lodge) then no need for hoodwinking.

    Top ranking businessmen must mix for the simple reason, this is the circles they hang around in. A blind man can see Ogilvie was compromised and should have been put on gardening leave but we were told to somehow believe, he will be in another office and can play no part in any decisions. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be comical.

    The only decent and logical outcome of this farce should be the new club liquidating again (haha). Changing their name that has no resemblence to the original and playing out of Ibrox if they still own it. The issue of the 3 year wait would arise again but ultimately the rangers died and a new club would have to follow the rules that apply to everyone else

  234. officer dibble

    @Cluster 1

    Yea buddy, just about sums it up really, upstarts.

  235. Raymilland

    Another smashing night at the Louden.

    Gives a new meaning to meet and greet.
    Jorge and Nacho never spilled a drop in the back seat ;) .

  236. Cluster 0ne

    @officer dibble,lest we forget, As i think they do, there is a difference between humor and sectarian. for a chairman

  237. Tried to post this already, no idea where it disappeared to!!

    Just seen these on the net. :-)

  238. bill

    @cambam did you manage to take it all in

    There is no further information to be disclosed pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules.

  239. Raymilland

    AIM Rules

    Schedule Two

    (g) the following information relating to each director and each proposed director:
    (i) the director’s full name and age together with any previous names;
    (ii) the names of all companies and partnerships of which the director has been a
    director or partner at any time in the previous five years, indicating whether or not
    the director is still a director or partner;
    (iii) any unspent convictions in relation to indictable offences;
    (iv) details of any bankruptcies or individual voluntary arrangements of such director;
    17 (v) details of any receiverships, compulsory liquidations, creditors’ voluntary
    liquidations, administrations, company voluntary arrangements or any
    composition or arrangement with its creditors generally or any class of its
    creditors of any company where such director was a director at the time of or
    within the twelve months preceding such events;
    (vi) details of any compulsory liquidations, administrations or partnership voluntary
    arrangements of any partnerships where such director was a partner at the time
    of or within the twelve months preceding such events;
    (vii) details of receiverships of any asset of such director or of a partnership of which
    the director was a partner at the time of or within the twelve months preceding
    such events; and
    (viii) details of any public criticisms of such director by statutory or regulatory
    authorities (including recognised professional bodies), and whether such director
    has ever been disqualified by a court from acting as a director of a company or
    from acting in the management or conduct of the affairs of any company;
    (h) the name of any person (excluding professional advisers otherwise disclosed in the
    admission document and trade suppliers) who has:
    (i) received, directly or indirectly, from it within the twelve months preceding the
    application for admission to AIM; or
    (ii) entered into contractual arrangements (not otherwise disclosed in the admission
    document) to receive, directly or indirectly, from it on or after admission any of
    the following:
    ♦ fees totalling £10,000 or more;
    ♦ its securities where these have a value of £10,000 or more calculated by
    reference to the issue price or, in the case of an introduction, the expected
    opening price; or
    ♦ any other benefit with a value of £10,000 or more at the date of admission;
    giving full details of the relationship of such person with the applicant and of the
    fees, securities or other benefit received or to be received;
    (i) the name of any director, or member of a director’s family, who has a related financial
    product referenced to its AIM securities or securities being admitted, together with the
    date and terms of the related financial product(s) and the detailed nature of the
    (j) where it is an investing company, details of its investing policy.
    (k) the information required by the Notes and any other information which it reasonably
    considers necessary to enable investors to form a full understanding of:
    (i) the assets and liabilities, financial position, profits and losses, and prospects of
    the applicant and its securities for which admission is being sought;
    (ii) the rights attaching to those securities; and
    (iii) any other matter contained in the admission document.

  240. Ed Paisley

    Jeez the Easdales have got a full house – they can tick every section.

    The “public criticism” bit – does that include when the teacher put on Easdale’s report card “if James doesn’t put more effort into his schoolwork he will end up in prison or an enforcer in a criminal empire”.

    Or is it when the judge described Kingy as a “glib and shameless liar” who won’t even tell the truths to his own legal advisors?

  241. bill

    @Raymilland – many thanks kind sir, but I fear the cambam might not be able to digest the information supplied, and come to a reasonable conclusion, that the RIFC PLC director might have lost his REPUTE in many other peoples eyes.

    What are the reasons behind this director failing to disclose all the information?

    A question that the NOMAD should be asking ?

    And cambam the nomad in question here, is not the person wandering about the desert.

  242. hector

    For the avoidance of doubt there is no truth in the rumour that RIFC have interviewed Rob Ford the soon to be ex mayor of Toronto for the position of CEO. He seems to be a perfect fit for the position a bully, a thug, uses crack cocaine, Jabbaesque in stature and has an uncanny resemblance to the Big Hoos must stay open guy of video fame. Ticks all the boxes for me and when you see the other crackers that have slipped past the Nomad fit and competent in spades.

  243. Raymilland

    The Scrabble board spells the truth



    Why the SMSM lies, can the Bears not stand the truth?


    Dead is Dead is Dead ;)

  244. bill

    Mr Easdale is currently a director of Arranglen Limited, Bayfleet Limited, Clyde Metal Recycling Limited, Devonhill Limited, Inverclyde Local Limited, Loch Lomond Bus Services Limited, McGill’s Bus Service Limited, McGill’s City Connect Limited, Smoothie Cruisers Limited and Sportsco Limited.

    Mr Easdale was a director of G & R Sheet Metal Fabricators Limited, which was placed in a creditors’ voluntary liquidation on 4 December 1996 with a net deficiency of £2,258 to unsecured creditors.

    There is no further information to be disclosed pursuant to Schedule 2 paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules.

    @cambam, sorry but here we go again

    Greenoak Properties is a partnership in which james easdale is a partner.

  245. cam

    This is fascinating Bill,it really is making my cornflakes taste different and i have noticed that the birds have went quiet.
    If you can keep posting this stuff at 10 minute intervals for the next week i will contact the lodge members at the Greenland ice shelf monitoring unit to see if it is taking effect up there too.
    What about if i build you a nice plinth and you can stand in George Sq. and reach a wider audience?

  246. Ed Paisley

    If your cornflakes taste different Cam it is more likely that Mo has laced your skimmed milk with strychnine. You can’t blame the gal really – all that interminable flute music you play on the stereogram. I told you, if it ain’t James Galway, Mo doesn’t want to hear it.

  247. Ed Paisley

    Yes, I did say stereogram.

  248. cam

    I think Bill is into grams of something,,,in stereo,,,machine gun preacher if ever i heard one.Before all this nonsense started up he was probably scuba diving in Loch Ness with 4 li-lo’s strapped to him.
    This nuthouse has died now Ted,,i thought my mission would be much more difficult, but i’ve attracted enough loonballs to achieve it for me.
    This place is guaranteed to be a case study in the psychology of internet based delusion psychosis in a few years time.

    Agent Orange has the MIB pen waiting for me as i can’t have any traces of you mhob in the old brain.
    You and me probably won’t live long enough Ted to see how this experiment in human behaviour works out but there are signs to be read.

    The hard working Protestant community may decide that the infestation has gone too far and one weapon of choice may be to remove themselves from Ground Zero and allow the gnomes to continue to the final destination.Resources are after all a finite commodity and if folk aren’t paying into the system then the benefit sausages will dry up at the other end.
    Myself, Mo and the weans have enough provisions to last for 30 years Ted and i intend to use crazy Gort as a power supply for my generator,,,a man must have his flute music after all.
    Just strap him to his bike and show him Orange parades and off he will go,,,i will call this endless supply of electricity gnomefusion.

  249. Gortnamona

    I will call it an endless supply of shite from

    Cam the Sectarian Scumbag

  250. Raymilland


    She said I know what it’s like to be dead
    I know what it is to be sad

    Show your Edinburgh brethren some compassion; cut your losses, one love one heart, under one roof in Govan…..
    ‘Heart of Govonian FC’

    You know it makes sense :)

  251. Did you ever go down to McDonald’s near ibroke to lick people’s fingers?

  252. Cammy ffs, Bill set you a task, we’ll almost answered it for you too. Apart from the fact you do not / will not walk the plank with your WATP bretheren, then explain just what you do, to ensure your club lives and breathes?

    I’m sure i am not alone in concluding that your just an ordinary joe, hoping it all works out and feel helpless, hopeless and just downright foolish as the gansters upon gangsters continually shoot up or down your club as their play thing.

    I feel nothing towards you or the rest of the orcs who spend more time here than ‘there’ if you get the drift.

    Dead son, just dead, pure and simple, dead.

  253. officer dibble


    “the easdales in reply to a concerned shareholder”

    Shareholder – what’s our options on keeping all our assets together?

    Easdales – Ffs, why sell murray park, we’d need to buy a bendy bus to get round there if we turned it into a housing estate.

  254. officer dibble

    A dejected fan say’s to the easdales, ffs, here am i sitting in a plush suite eating overpriced shit food from azurre and i can see a McDonald’s from the window.

  255. Raymilland

    Nostradamus Prophecy 10

    There will be peace, union and change. Estates and offices low (are) high, those high (made) very low: To prepare for a journey torments the first offspring, War to cease, civil processes, debates.

    Amen ;)

  256. cam

    Evening Gort. i think you must look like your avatar,maybe a bit greener but the rest will be accurate.
    This weather must get you down on the old cycling front,unless you’ve got one of those bike treadmills.
    I wish they could move Ireland a bit further north as it would provide us with a bit more of a rain buffer.Other than that i just don’t know what the bloody place is for.

  257. @BIll
    Please keep going with your eye opening out-takes on the sleasdales and their shady dealings, not long from now it will be picked up and made public. It’s a tonic Bill, keep going.

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