Bad News for SPFL – Court Allows £1.75 Million Damages Claim Against SPFL to Continue

The Inner House of the Court of Session has today upheld the decision of Lord Woolman in the case of the SPFL v Lisini Pub Management. The full decision can be read here.

In terms of this decision the Court has upheld the dismissal of the action brought by the SPFL to prevent the defender, which owns various pubs, showing SPL/SPFL football matches via a Polish decoder and for damages for breach by Lisini of an undertaking not to do so.

This case follows that where the English courts referred a similar dispute to the European Court of Justice and as Lord Woolman noted:-

“Put short, the ECJ found that clauses prohibiting the use of foreign decoders and smart cards were void. They constituted a restriction on competition and the [free competition] provisions of European law prevailed over the 1988 Act.”

Lord Woolman’s decision was challenged by the SPFL but this appeal has failed.

The action raised by the SPFL sought to prevent Lisini acting unlawfully by using the Polish decoder. Once the ECJ ruled that it was not unlawful to use such a device, then the court order sought by SPFL to prevent that unlawful act fell. An interdict is only competent against an act which is or would be unlawful.

Probably even worse for the SPFL is the decision of the Court too to allow the counterclaim by Lisini for damages to continue. Lisini claims damages of £1,761,749 from the SPFL on the basis that the interdict granted against Lisini in 2007 was unlawful and that Lisini has suffered losses as a result of that unlawful court order being granted.

The SPFL tried to have the counterclaim dismissed as not representing a valid legal claim. This failed.

The court ruled:-

[78] … The ECJ’s decision was that a particular type of obligation (namely an exclusive territorial licence granted to a broadcaster containing terms preventing the broadcaster from distributing decoder devices such that the broadcast could be accessed by viewers outside the particular territory) was, by its very nature, injurious to the proper functioning of normal competition in the internal market (unless other circumstances falling within its economic and legal context justified an alternative conclusion, which it would be for those seeking to uphold the restriction to establish: cf paragraphs 140 and 143 of the decision). …

[79] In the present case, there is no need for a particular averment by the defenders about what inter-state competition might be affected. The member states involved are obviously Poland and the United Kingdom, both members of the EC. Further the defenders offer to prove (admittedly on a “believed and averred” basis – with which the pursuers take no issue at this stage) that the restriction imposed by the contractual chain between the pursuers in the United Kingdom and Polsat in Poland, is that Polsat’s standard terms when supplying a decoding device must restrict the use of the decoding device to the territory within the Republic of Poland. We consider therefore that the defenders have averred sufficient to support a claim that the contractual chain described in paragraph [6] above was, by its very nature, injurious to the proper functioning of normal competition for member states. As the Grand Chamber said at paragraph 140:

” … where a licence agreement is designed to prohibit or limit the cross-border provision of broadcasting services, it is deemed to have as its object the restriction of competition, unless other circumstances falling within its economic and legal context justify the finding that such an agreement is not liable to impair competition.”

[80] Thus in terms of the ruling at page 102 R1 of the English Premier League case, such contractual arrangements by their very nature amount to “a restriction on competition prohibited by art.101 TFEU”. Accordingly we agree with Mr McIlvride that, in the context of any contract connected with that contractual chain, all that would be required of the defenders would be to aver the type of contract which by its very nature restricted normal competition, without the need to specify in any detail facts that would tend to show that the restriction would have an “appreciably injurious effect” on the market. It would be for the pursuers to “put forward any economic and legal context of such clauses that would justify the finding that … these clauses are not liable to impair competition and therefore do not have an anti-competitive object” (paragraph 143 of the English Premier League case).

We therefore consider that the ruling of the Grand Chamber in the English Premier League case applies with equal force to the undertaking, such that it is deemed, by its very nature, to have an injurious effect on normal competition within the internal market. Alternatively the defenders seek to establish that, because of the ex hypothesi void condition in the agreement with Polsat, the undertaking, on a proper analysis, would not have prevented them having the access to broadcasts which they wished to have. On either basis, they thus seek to establish inter alia that the interim interdict pronounced against them was, insofar as based on the undertaking, wrongfully obtained.

This decision is one which makes clear that the present model where the SPFL prevents (or tries to prevent) matches being seen on TV in Scotland from foreign broadcasters is doomed to fail. It also places in jeopardy the contracts the football authorities presently have with broadcasters. If a pub can show matches sourced via another broadcasters for less than the cost payable to Sky, then that is surely simply an example of the free market in process?

It will, I am sure, be greeted by the SPFL as a decision which could impoverish the football clubs as less money will be paid for rights to cover football.

However it could in fact provoke more of an auction, with foreign bidders looking to profit from having the rights and legitimately selling them to Scotland.

It almost certainly means that the SPFL will appeal to the Supreme Court, even if only to delay matters, and of course the decision does  not say that the counterclaim is in any way justified, rather that it is still an issue which the court has to decide. The counterclaim has the potential, if successful, to bankrupt the SPFL. And it falls upon the SPFL to justify the purported restraint of trade, rather than for Lisini to say that is was unjustified.

It is clear that in Angels in Uddingston and in other pubs around the land, there should be popping of champagne corks today at a notable victory, and one achieved in the face of overwhelming opposition from the football authorities and satellite broadcasters!

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749 responses to “Bad News for SPFL – Court Allows £1.75 Million Damages Claim Against SPFL to Continue

  1. cam

    Celtic,in a desperate attempt to muddy the waters and use provocation as an excuse for a large number of their army of tramps and thieves rioting and causing damage and disturbance to the innocent citizens of Amsterdam,complain that a banner is offensive.
    Ajax are fined £21,000.
    Crazy Gort sitting in his hovel, calls fellow commenters Protestant Orange Bastards and doesn’t get any punishment.
    A clear case of double standards and i’m sure that i would have a very strong case for damages for mental trauma.Anyone know a good lawyer?
    Paul,do you know any good lawyers?

    • Clarkeng

      Wis there no wan called McBride?

      • Raymilland


        Lost, lonesome and a long way from home?

        Every face I see is a stranger
        Every step I take I see danger
        I must have walked one thousand miles on my own as I roam,
        Lost and lonesome and a long long way from home

        The man I used be has disappeared
        I haven’t heard him laugh for a hundred years
        My courage has abandoned me, my spirit too has flown, and I’m alone,
        Lost and lonesome and a long long way from home

        There is light at the end of the road I am told,
        Peace in the valley and a city of gold
        I must be facing backwards because all I can see
        Is a storm-black rain cloud falling on me

        All my dreams have been broken
        Oaths and prayer words have been spoken
        There’s nothing in this god almighty world will soften up my heart of stone
        I’m lost and lonesome and a long long way from home

      • cam

        That chap was extremely talented i hear and nobody had a bad word to say about him.Lovely fella apparently and a sad loss to his profession and to his loving parents.
        Mad Celtic fan, which is axiomatic,,,sounds like Catholic washing powder!
        I admired his stance on the offensive usage of the Hun word.

        • Clarkeng

          And to his loving husband.
          He was just an imperfect being like the rest of us but as you correctly point out he did have some realisation that his own side were far from innocent in the sectarian stakes.
          Especially the wans on here.
          Utter scum.

          • Clarkeng….. you still haven’t got back to me regarding the Orange Orders threat of assuming a “paramilitary” role should Scotland become Independant,
            Still claiming it’s lies…. ?

            • Clarkeng

              As I have no contact with this order I confess I don’t know anything about this.
              I would be surprised though because from what I read they have fallen in numbers greatly and their members in the north and on the islands are predominantly SNP voters.
              Care to show us the proof.
              Until you do I will continue to think you are lying.
              But if it were the case be in no doubt I would be as stridently against it just as if it were republicans.
              Terrorism has no place on our streets.

        • Ed Paisley

          I’m told that Mr McBride had an outstanding legal brain and just as importantly, he was a man of great compassion and completely devoid of any of that sectarian nonsense.
          I’m sure he would have been very disappointed that Celtic FC has not committed itself to paying the living wage of £7.40. Apparently this would cost Celtic £500k per year which is surely affordable for a club like ours. Even if Celtic was on the breadline I would say the same thing. Glasgow City Council has committed itself to the LW and it will extend this to all of its contractors. The same with Edinburgh City Council. Why not Celtic FC? I am very disappointed in Celtic and I would like to hear the club’s justification for their decision.
          After all, we are Celtic and the club stands for dignity and fairness.

    • Gortnamona

      If the cap fits wear it Sectarian Scumbag Cam

      And, please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Lizzie and all the intervening

      Royals bred directly from William the Norman Bastard?

      • Gort… you forgot the Hanoverians, Sax Co Burgs, Battenburgs & Phil The most recent Greek addition. I hear they get massive giros for life, free council housing that they don’t even have to sign on for.
        Does that make them burro barnacle, scrounging verminous trampdom?

  2. JOE

    I fear your case would be damaged by calling Gort Crazy and referring to his abode as a Hovel.
    However all the best.

    • cam

      The truth must be spoken Jojo!

      • Ed Paisley

        Well Cam, if the truth must be spoken let me here how disgusted you are at your pal clarkend and his jibe at Michael. Pretty nasty.
        I used to think there was a kernel of decency in you blokes but it turns out you are just bad to the core. You belong to Rangers and Rangers belongs to the Inverclyde Mafia. You all deserve each other.

        Well done for annoying the tribute act Peter – any more good value land deals?

        • cam

          Yes Ted,terrible stuff,much better to have a square bash with someone rather than throw abuse about.
          That scallywag mick re-arranged the scrabble tiles floating around in that damaged cranium of his and slandered poor wee Morag earlier,he’s a real cyber ticket Ted.
          It’s good to see that you’re getting annoyed Ted,i love the true face of the craicster to be seen,,,it’s much more honest don’t you think?

        • Clarkeng

          @Mr Ed
          I notice you did not mention micks jibes at WW….or his jibes at Cam’s wife………….or does it not count when it one of your own who plumbs the depths.
          “It’s just the craic” eh………my arse.
          Spoken like a true horses arse again Mr Ed.
          Scuminess begets scuminess on here.
          Maybe if you tried moderating your own side back to something approaching decency I would feel contrite but as usual it is jist wan load of hypocritical shoite.

          • Ed Paisley

            Cheers Clarky
            You know Morag is a fictitious lady – Cam chose the name because it was Mason Boyne’s wife. I’m sure Cam’s real life partner is fragrant and demure. In my book it is ok to slander a fictitious character.
            Mick is sorry for the arse cancer curse – he meant to wish Cam a moderate case of haemorroids. That was certainly beyond the pile.
            Take it easy folks and no more accusations that people have been abused as children – it’s not clever.

            • Clarkeng

              @Mr Ed
              Mr Ed re the above if mick is sorry let him be big enough to say it himself.
              The comments were way below the line and anything you lot can do……..
              As far as Cams wife is concerned obviously the Morag thing is a bit of a wind up but how do you explain his meaning.
              Or his meaning to willy…a wifebeater FFS …is that no a bit sick….nut the thing about the cancer that is beneath contempt.
              Just goes to show how low you lot can go….

    • Gortnamona


      I would like to point out to those who are not au fait with the dialectal curiosities of Northern Irish speech, that Catholics use the expression ‘Black Bastards’ when referring to their Protestant/Orange/Unionist neighbours, as a term of affection.

  3. cam

    Here are some lovely folk bringing a smile to peoples faces

  4. bigz


  5. JOE

    Where else have we seen a football club screwing working class people?

    • Clarkeng

      Er the most wonderfullest most honest with integrity club in the hole world?
      Surely they wouldn’t do that….I mean they were set up for the people by the people.
      Aaaaah the stench……hypocrisy ……….can you smell it.
      Torbett and Cairney would be proud.

      • Raymilland


        Is there a doctor in the house?

        I, the undersigned, swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfill according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant:

        What I may see or hear in the course of the treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself holding such things shameful to be spoken about.
        If I fulfill this path and do not violate it, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and art, being honored with fame among all men for all time to come; if I transgress it and swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot.

        Hush my darling 😉

        It’s too late; the Genie is out of the bottle

        BTW, you’re lowering the good name of Dennistoun 🙂

    • cam

      Joe,,,if you have that video,could i borrow it mate?

      • Cam, you’ll probably be able to get a copy of it in the Louden. I think it’s called The IPO……. with uncensored shots of CG asking Sevco followers to remove their troosers & bend over………….

  6. Who is it at SEVCO that’s running crying to the SFA , just ‘cos that bad man a Celtic laughed at them,

    Is it yon pair a lard ass Easedales ,
    Is it the Finacial Controller that post’s videos behind peoples backs,
    Or is it Fat Swally , they £850.000 a year + plus 1 million 1p shares that does not do walking away,

    as for the Daily Record stating, that Sevco is “TAKING ACTION” against Celtic, crying and clipping is not really “TAKING ACTION” is it ?

  7. This is real, from the first Rangers, Christmas album. The lyrics are outdated now, but I’m sure they can be updated in time to wish the new mob a similarly happy Christmas.
    Feel free to add any suggestions.
    Aye you tae Cam. What would YOU like for the season of goodwill to all men…and wummin.

  8. Ed Paisley

    I see Peter Lawwell invoking the words of old Harold MacMillan when he tells us Celtic supporters “you’ve never had it so good”.
    He is correct of course. Celtic are mixing it with the best teams in the world and financial performance has been stellar during the worst financial crisis since the wall street crash. I was watching the Portugal Sweden play-off last night and Lustig played with such confidence and assurance – at the end of the match he was gesturing at Ronaldo “in your face, fatboy”. Then we have big Lurch gracing New Wembley with his 6″7″ frame.

    These are great times for Celtic FC. The best thing is the fact that financial probity and a spirit of honest fair play is rewarded in THIS LIFE – we don’t have to wait until we enter the Kingdom of Heaven – or Valhalla in Mjallby’s case.

    Jeez Cam – tears of pride are never far away when I think about Celtic FC. Mwwaaaaahhhh

  9. The bear and the hare…. Ahhhhhh……..

  10. lordmac

    this will be good when they ask st peter to retract his statement and he says no. lol can you imagine that EH

    • Clarkeng

      Think you might find he has already apologised quietly.
      It will all come out.
      Mr Lunny might no be for letting it go at that though.

      • @Clarke
        Think you might find he hasn’t! And has no intention to either.
        We are talking about a very intelligent man here. He was not caught off guard by a trick question, misquoted, or had a private statement leaked.
        This was a considered, measured phrase on a topic on the resolutions list.
        Neither did he say he was joking. He said he was injecting a bit of humour. A subtle difference!
        Anyway, Sevco will do diddly squat!
        How many people and organisations is that you have threatened? Apart from some lunatic fan reprisals, what action have Sevco actually followed through?
        Sabre rattling blawhards, and you mugs all fall for it again and again.
        Wise up FFS!

  11. Will these games that have been postponed because sevco’s super stars were on international duty be played after administration? Is that why they had them called off? Oh aye, and how much fatter and sleazy looking do you think munchkin chops fat sad sally can get before he has his christmas dinners, will he still be able to waddle after the new year, willie be the new waddle with the same history? so much to ponder, aint life great when your no a sevco slimebag?

    Suppose am goin to be called a hater now eh, tsk life can be so coooool.

  12. mick

    there you go sevco read this link lol

    johnbhoys well on the ball and this is the link to end same club crap your club died and sevco is heading same way after the huns being cured of rangeritise less than a month later they caught sevcoitise a mind disorder lol

  13. mick

    whats the speculation on the twitter feed is it phils book or pauls blog ???literature newsnight review all very intriguing and only shows prove of how academic our titan bloggers and print men are

  14. JOE

    Hello Again
    Just back in.
    Sorry if this has been done to death.
    Mr Lawwell is to be reported to the football Authorities by none other than The Rangers! So if the football authorities agree that it is the same club/company/clumpany will that open the flood gates for the shafted creditors?
    Or if the Authorities say it is a new club/company/clumpany ,will martial law be invoked as the bears go radge and start putting doors in?
    Looks like Mr Lawwell has played a blinder, and will the Rangers shoot themselves in the The Foot?

  15. mick

    oldco club 12 sevco 5088 sevco scotland the rfc international rfc lol

    how can it be same club with all these diffrent name changes and the one about the longest died and was liqidated club12 could have been a junior team they were out the game during club 12 lol

  16. Raymilland

    Posts going into the ether?

  17. Paul

    Sometimes you realise that what you pay for is not really what you get,Rangers died and along came……………………..

  18. mick

    eating there self from within fc lol

  19. Bill

    If this is confirmed then surely this will be the end of many restrictions in Europe. If a subscription, intended for private use, is allowed to be used for public viewing on a commercial site then it is surely wrong for the Performing Rights Society; SACEM in France or any other protector of broadcasting rights in Europe to charge businesses for the right to play music broadcast by radio a place where the public can hear it. If this is true then it will be another nail in the coffin of the self-appointed protectors of the famous who totally ignore the rights of small and impoverished musicians.

  20. Gortnamona

    Belfast Telly. – 17th March 2012

    350 Rangers diehards meet in an East Belfast club prepared to lay down their lives to save their beloved club. They even closed the bar.

    A collection raised the astonishing sum of £4000 They had contributed over a Tenner apiece. (Nearly the price of 4 pints)

    With such loyal supporters prepared to make such sacrifices, surely this club can never perish.

  21. tamtic

    Mick, I love you to bits, your comments brighten up what can be a tedious blog sometimes, but a word of warning, DON’T, under any circumstances wish cancer on ANYONE. It’s a foul filthy horrible disease, and I speak from experience.I hope to God you never go down that road, but it knows no friends and can take anyone. If your the man I think you are you will apologise. Don’t cross that line Mick, leave that to DeNiall and all his kind.

    • mick

      tamtic your right its not a nice thing to say am deeply sorry for saying it a have had a benign lump took out my self so it is not nice but the ww just makes me so angry a would also like to say sorry to cam for slagging his good wife a don’t mind saying as am man enough to see sense the sevcoians on here have wished worse on me throw out the last couple of years but for me to stoop to that level is not celtic class and only lowers my reputation am also sorry if a have brought bad memory’s to you as well

      • tamtic

        Well done Mick, your even better than I thought. Don’t worry about Wonky, do what I do , just imagine him sitting in his corset and frilly knickers as he batters the keyboard sending in his pish. It works every time. God bless, and i’m doing fine.

        • mick

          thanks tam for taking time to highlight negativity constructive criticism is the way to go as it creates a better environment for us all and will only lead to our message getting across more all the slagging deflects from the real issues and as for willy in his frilly knickers a bet he stole them of a goat at 1 of leggos 1s a month club lol 🙂

          • Fra

            Mick, Personnally I miss your posts when you go AWOL. They are constructive and well thought out (most of the time. That bits for Cam). WW has walked away because his bile was not getting through Paul’s filtering system. That’s Willys choice. He obviously upset a lot of people and I don’t need to tell you what the subject was. Seemed to have a hang-up about it.

            Your attacks on cancer were wrong and you’re a better man for apologising. Cam twists melons and obviously succeeds on occassion. Things will heat up from time to time and maybe go beyond the pale but that’s the joy of this blog.

            If anybody is man enough to apologise for any mistakes, then that’s enough for me. It’s when somebody won’t accept the apology and reverts to rants, then they’re leaving themselves open to attack. After all, it ain’t real and we’re all here to twist melons.

            Stop disappearing Mick. The blog enjoys your input.

      • Monti


        Evening comrade,
        How good is Peter Lawwell Mick, anything that get’s the monkeys frothing get’s my vote, every time!


        Mick just a wee bit of advice my friend, never lose your hatred for them, but let your love for Ireland, Rome & Celtic be always at the forefront!
        Keep laughing Mick, they’re dead!
        No matter what any Hun say’s, just laugh Mick, you have won, we have won, sit back have a bowl & laugh Mick!

        • mick

          thanks men a have had other issues lately taking me away from blogging but am well up for a winter return fresh and fit for blogging hail hail cyber friends and comrades

  22. mick

    > “The SPL disputes that Rangers FC ceased to be a Club on 14 June 2012, and argues that the relevant date is 3 August 2012” (Scottish Premier League Commission)

    > “140 years of history is formally ended” (The Herald)

    > “As a result of appalling mismanagement, Rangers fans “no longer boast an unbroken line to the past…The emotional ties will remain forever but historical strings are severed. ” (Daily Record)

    > (on liquidation) “the shell that it used to operate from – and I understand the history of it – would be the thing that disappears.” (Paul Clark, Duff/Phelps)

    > ”The Rangers Football Club PLC is a public limited company registered in Scotland (company number: SC004276) and was incorporated on 27 May, 1899. When the current company is officially liquidated, all of its corporate business history will come to an end. When this happened to Airdrieonians in 2002, all of the trophies, titles and records associated with the club were discontinued and a new club, Airdrie United FC, took over. Airdrieonians’ official history ended in 2002, then Airdrie United’s took over.” (BBC)

    Charles Green’s Consortium did not take over the old Rangers club. Nor did it buy any shares. It bought the trophies as assets and formed a brand new club.

    The new Rangers club are not entitled to any prize money from the previous club’s campaigns. They do not have a 10pt penalty applied to them, as the new club is not in administration. They had to pay a fee to begin life in the SFL. As Charles Green admits, the new club has never played in the SPL.

    The new Rangers club are not banned from Europe. UEFA deem all new clubs must play three years of football before they are eligible for Europe. The new Rangers club are not eligible to play in Europe for at least three years, even if they win the SPL or the Scottish Cup.

    Throughout the old Rangers club’s administration process, we were continually told that a CVA was the favoured option “TO SAFEGUARD 140 YEARS OF HISTORY and avoid liquidation.” The CVA failed.

    Charles Green: (speaking about Dave King) “…for a man who is the second largest shareholder in the Club…to go out publicly and recommend that the creditors vote down the CVA it seems to me quite unbelievable because what we’re doing in that is saying the history, the tradition, everything that is great about this Club, is swept aside. Why??!”

    • James

      Mick, don’t know what you were apologising for above, but fair play if it was warranted.
      Perhaps one or two Orcs on here might step forward now and apologise for their disgusting use of child abuse to point score on Celtic supporters.

      • mick

        james a mentioned cancer to wullie plonker after 1 of his rants its not nice and orc like so its only right after some thought a say sorry if they want to man up and say same then that would be a new beginning for us all moving forward

        • James

          Good morning, I can fully understand your frustration when dealing with Sevconians, in the heat of the moment people often come out with stuff which is out of character and you’re a better man for apologising.
          Sevconians live in a world where very little penetrates their thick skulls, if you shouted into ones ear all you would get back is the sound of your own voice reverberating around their empty heads and it would drive a sane man mental if you actually took one seriously.
          Just sit down and enjoy the show Mick as they wallow in their own shit, every hour of every day there is more entertainment coming our way and who knows what the next side splitting revelations from Mordor will be. “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children”…….and oh how we’re laughing hahahahaha

        • Clarkeng

          Please be aware I am equally sorry regarding my suggestion/question re your Dad.
          It was also very low and unnecessary.
          I use the T&C issue because I know it is an embarrassment to Celtic fans and I mean the cover up which took place at the time and not their dastardly actions.
          It happened and Celtic fans cannot change it….of that I am very well aware.
          But like terrorism on our streets there is no place on here for trading insults about family members or wishing horrible illnesses on people.
          Perhaps it is ok to wish a wee social disease as they are for the main self inflicted and curable but not the big C.
          The effects of this are quite horrible.

  23. Monti

    Evening Paul & others,
    When David Murray boasted about ‘ I’ll pay a tax payers tenner for every hard earned Celtic fiver’ did Celtic complain to the SFA?
    We should not allow ourselves to be deflected here, the fact the Newco were given ANY licence last season really annoys me.
    The time has come to clean the game in Scotland, purification can only come, with second rangers having their licence removed & Ibrox razed to the ground!
    The clubs & fans of all the clubs ( excluding sevco) hold the destiny to the games future, take your chance now & get rid of the SFA & Ogilvie & Regan & Doncaster… they are cheating bastards & are only concerned with any form of the the rangers playing in the top league.
    Get them tae fu#k the lot of them!


  24. Ian4300

    November 16, 2013 at 8:06 pm
    Very interesting wee discussion on the radio tonight with Tom English,Keef Jackson and some bumbling,waffling,long winded,imprecise buffoon called Spiers.
    The general consensus was that Lawwell used the Rangers jibe to get out of the awkward resolution which has been shelved.The panel also agreed that at a Celtic AGM there was way too much focus on Rangers and that the obsession has spread to the boardroom.
    Tom English spoke well as always and Keef came in with some straight talking,but the boring nyaff almost ruined it by using 100 words to say nowt.How that muppet is employed is beyond me.He could make crazy Phil seem literate.
    They also went over (briefly thank God)the old club/new club argument and again agreed for the most part that as the football authorities recognise Glasgow Rangers as the same world famous,most successful team in the galaxy,that the eejits are bumping their rancid gums in the wind.
    They agreed that Lawwell should have kept his fat yap shut and not cranked up the growing animosity between the clubs.

    If Sevco had started up & went about the business of restarting Rangers & restructuring their affairs so they lived within their means, then things would be different. A few diehards would have objected to Sevco being helped along the way with the 3rd division start-up.

    In the main most Scottish fans would have accepted it & just ripped the pish out of you.

    But all the Blatant Cheating & ignoring of the Rules, a Five way Agreement which included BOTH RANGERS & SEVCO, then relying on a catch all to “remain within the Letter of the Laws” has caused an open sore to become a deep open festering wound.

    It won’t go away Cam & YOUR Fans are to blame, all the gloating when they thought they were leaving all the debt but keeping the good bits.

    Remember all those threats to every other club while your pals in Office threatened Armageddon if we did not do as we were told?

    RFC(IA) & Sevco were both in existence at the same time , Later the whitewash insisted BOTH were the same Club. Green called it an Anomaly!

    Chuckles Green realised he could do what he wanted & he did. £60m odd quid later, Sevco, whatever it’s called, is going down the Shute unless a shit load of money is invested.

    You quote reporters having a dig at Celtic & how they reckon Celtic are flogging a dead horse.

    Déjà vu,, Cam.

    Do you remember the Talking Heads telling us Fergus was flogging a dead horse? That he was just causing problems & ill will & Farry would make mince meat out of him?

    That the SFA had examined Celtic’s complaint & had found it had no basis in Fact ..(I LOVE that word Cam)

    Remind me how the SFA got on that time?

    Where there is a Will, There WILL be a way.

    We are seekers of the Truth; Your mob on the other hand, cannot Handle the Truth.

    A clash is inevitable… AND … The Truth will come out, if people in power have the Balls to do it… Fergus had… I am watching Peter with interest.


    • portpower

      Raith Rovers
      Alloa Athletic
      Queen of South
      Ayr United
      Forfar Athletic
      Brechin City
      Down Arbroath
      East Fife
      East Stirlingshire
      Annan Athletic
      Stirling Albion
      Albion Rovers
      Elgin City
      Berwick Rangers
      Queen’s Park
      Club 12

      All these teams should not be playing in the NEW SPFL.

      sevco voted in by a bastard sovereignty body

      sevco shame FC

  25. Paul

    “How that muppet is employed is beyond me.He could make crazy Phil seem literate”.
    You mean the guy who wrote downfall the book that made all the media in Scotland look illiterate.

  26. Fra

    Morning comrades et al, I call on big Peter to call their bluff. State instances that prove they are a new club. He will have the backing of every right minded individual involved in football and business, apart from the orcs.

    I suggest police Scotland get ready for an outpouring of tantrums, tears and tiaras as the orcs finally have to accept that everything they hold dear is DEAD. Disappeared down the plug hole.

    Big Peters playing a blinder. I want to be there when the final deciding blow is rendered. I will buy a first class ticket at a moments notice to witness an end to this charade.

    Close the big hoose once and for all. Pay the creditors every single penny they’re owed before the IL rangers 2012 are allowed to take the field of play. No settlement, then pronounce their death and get it over with. Big Pete has stated, Scottish football has steadied without the toxic entity which is a veiled threat. WE DONT WANT YOU. YOURE NOT NEEDED. SO JUST DO ONE. TIOCFAIDH AR LA

  27. Fra

    Blogs gone nuts again. I blame Cam.

    I post and it lands somewhere in the middle. Cam, remove the spell because the melons ain’t getting twisted.

    What happened to DeNiall. He must have community service at weekends.

  28. Ian4300

    November 16, 2013 at 11:03 pm
    November 16, 2013 at 8:06 pm
    Very interesting wee discussion on the radio tonight with Tom English,Keef Jackson and some bumbling,waffling,long winded,imprecise buffoon called Spiers.
    The general consensus was that Lawwell used the Rangers jibe to get out of the awkward resolution which has been shelved.The panel also agreed that at a Celtic AGM there was way too much focus on Rangers and that the obsession has spread to the boardroom.
    Tom English spoke well as always and Keef came in with some straight talking,but the boring nyaff almost ruined it by using 100 words to say nowt.How that muppet is employed is beyond me.He could make crazy Phil seem literate.
    They also went over (briefly thank God)the old club/new club argument and again agreed for the most part that as the football authorities recognise Glasgow Rangers as the same world famous,most successful team in the galaxy,that the eejits are bumping their rancid gums in the wind.
    They agreed that Lawwell should have kept his fat yap shut and not cranked up the growing animosity between the clubs.

    If Sevco had started up & went about the business of restarting Rangers & restructuring their affairs so they lived within their means, then things would be different. A few diehards would have objected to Sevco being helped along the way with the 3rd division start-up.

    In the main most Scottish fans would have accepted it & just ripped the pish out of you.

    But all the Blatant Cheating & ignoring of the Rules, a Five way Agreement which included BOTH RANGERS & SEVCO, then relying on a catch all to “remain within the Letter of the Laws” has caused an open sore to become a deep open festering wound.

    It won’t go away Cam & YOUR Fans are to blame, all the gloating when they thought they were leaving all the debt but keeping the good bits.

    Remember all those threats to every other club while your pals in Office threatened Armageddon if we did not do as we were told?

    RFC(IA) & Sevco were both in existence at the same time , Later the whitewash insisted BOTH were the same Club. Green called it an Anomaly!

    Chuckles Green realised he could do what he wanted & he did. £60m odd quid later, Sevco, whatever it’s called, is going down the Shute unless a shit load of money is invested.

    You quote reporters having a dig at Celtic & how they reckon Celtic are flogging a dead horse.

    Déjà vu,, Cam.

    Do you remember the Talking Heads telling us Fergus was flogging a dead horse? That he was just causing problems & ill will & Farry would make mince meat out of him?

    That the SFA had examined Celtic’s complaint & had found it had no basis in Fact ..(I LOVE that word Cam)

    Remind me how the SFA got on that time?

    Where there is a Will, There WILL be a way.

    We are seekers of the Truth; Your mob on the other hand, cannot Handle the Truth.

    A clash is inevitable… AND … The Truth will come out, if people in power have the Balls to do it… Fergus had… I am watching Peter with interest.

    repost, it seemed to vanish when I posted, sorry if it’s already in there somewhere. 🙂

  29. Picked this up in the Sunday Post, (dated August) don’t normally read it. So it would seem there’s something more sinister in the coach fire, hmm.

    Ibrox bus blaze ‘not a hate crime’

    By Graham McKendry, 25 August 2013 10.00am.

    Rangers bus attack nothing to do with football or sectarianism.
    A fire that wrecked Rangers’ luxury team bus wasn’t the result of a sectarian attack or football rivalry, we can reveal.

    The £500,000 custom-made vehicle was reduced to “a heap of scrap” when a series of explosions ripped through Bruce’s Coaches depot in Salsburgh, Lanarkshire.

    Initially it was feared the blaze, in July, was the result of arson fuelled by sectarian hatred, but investigators have now ruled that out.

    An insider said: “There is no evidence at all the fire had anything to do with football.

    “It would appear to be nothing more than a coincidence that the Rangers’ team bus was at the depot.

    “The investigation team are focusing locally to try to uncover the real motive for the attack.”

    At the time of the attack Ibrox boss Ally McCoist hit out at the incident believing it was related to the presence of the brand new Rangers team coach in Bruce’s depot. He blasted: “It saddens me. It really does. I think it’s pathetic that people would go to these extremes.

    “It sounds like a premeditated attack on Rangers’ bus and I’m gutted about it but thankfully nobody’s been killed.”

    The blaze started in the early hours of July 20th, with eight fire engines as well as paramedic teams attending the incident.

    Neighbours reported hearing several explosions as the fire took hold.

    Three other coaches, including a second one used by the Ibrox club, were also burned out.

    A building within the depot compound was seriously damaged when its roof collapsed. No members of staff were working at the time of the fire.

    Rangers had only taken delivery of the state-of-the-art bus from the Netherlands a month earlier. The coach had been decked out in the club’s own tartan and had the registration R1 WTP — a reference to the fans’ chant We Are The People.

    It also featured all mod cons including satellite TV, kitchen facilities and a physio treatment area.

    A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Inquiries into the incident at Bruce’s Coaches are ongoing. There have been no arrests. There was no sectarian or football related motivation.”

    Rangers declined to comment.

    Meanwhile it’s emerged the club’s chief executive Craig Mather has hired PR specialist Jack Irvine to help him deal with investors attempting to remove him.

    The Media House spokesman’s one-year appointment was announced on Friday night ahead of Rangers 6-0 victory over Airdrie.

    Clyde Blowers chairman Jim McColl and his Blue Knights consortium are attempting to remove Mather from the Ibrox board.

    The development comes just a week after the club issued a statement titled For The Avoidance of Doubt. It stated: “Jack Irvine of Media House does not speak for this club.”

    Asked about the appointment Jim Traynor, head of communications at Ibrox, would only say : “I have not spoken to Jack and I have not had any dealings with him. As far as I’m concerned that is the way it will stay.”

    Irvine, who already represents club investors Sandy and James Easdale, said: “The board felt that they were not successfully articulating their defence against the vicious and at times underhand attacks of Jim McColl, Frank Blin and Paul Murray.

    “The board also felt that there are huge public misconceptions about the financial realities of the club and once again this was a failure of communication.”






    Post a new comment


    – Or –




    Delbhoy84 days ago

    I for one am glad to see Jack Irvine back at Ibrox. He is a professional when it comes to handling the media. You only have to look at how he helped Green tap into the feelings of the fans and then convey their message to the press. There may have been a few bumps along the way, but hey, no one is perfect.



    Stephen83 days ago

    if the police have made no arrests and have no idea how the blaze started ,how can they then say this was not a hate crime ?



    John Smith83 days ago

    I am disappointed in you Sunday Post, putting WAPT in quotation marks does not make it acceptable but only legitimises it. “We Are The People” is racist and offensive. It means people from an Irish diaspora background are not proper Scots / British.
    The users of the phrase may not think it is unacceptable but you, SP, really should know better.

    P.S. I’ll be really surprised if you show this comment.



    Muzobazz82 days ago

    To the driver of the offended bus; the use of “WATP” was in reference to the Reg of the bus and the paper is therefor justified in printing those 4 wonderful letters in the context of this piece. Why not look out the window of your increasingly populated offended bus and perhaps you’ll see “plastic Paddy” written in some bizarre cloud formation. Get a life.



  30. portpower

    Jeanette Findlay. This is one Lady I`d love to meet. With forthright people like Jeanette involved with-in my club the future shall be genuine.

    Hail Hail Jeanette.

  31. portpower

    Failed protestant mindset within Scottish Football is The reason for failure over the years.
    Gordon Strachan has unveiled a new era. I personally look forward to the future of the National team.

    HH Mick, this should cheer you up…….For all ye Tims & fair minded Scots…. Alba & Erin go Bragh…….!

  33. portpower

    Now Scottish Football are to have a compassionate view towards rfc(IL)

  34. portpower

    There will be malevolence if Celtic and sevco meet?
    Is it because we`ll score double figures for the World to witness. FACT.
    The SMSM keep mentioning the cup games if we meet. No mention of a Premiership Game.

    sevco is sevco was sevco FC

  35. portpower

    sevco Scotland was given a conditional membership and membership.
    Elgin City Football Club V sevco Scotland football club.

    sevco clench FC

  36. portpower

    Was that Paolo I heard at Hampden Park

    sevco 🙂 🙂 🙂 FC

  37. portpower

    sevco in the morning, sevco in the evening, sevco at supper time.

    sevco advanced newclub systemcare FC

  38. Arb urns

    Who would be a sevco mummy…….

    Mummy mummy The Forfar Army are coming to fight us this weekend and I don’t want to go cos three of our guys are away fighting in international wars Och Alistair u only need eleven soldiers for that stupid hoofball game u play and u have 37 other soldiers…. But mummy mummy I don’t want to go… Ok ally Bally stay at home on yer mammy’s knee…… Mummy mummy the bhoys in the big playground are callin us names like blairites and things…..right that does it Alistair yer dad will be doon the maister on Monday we are all thatcherites in this big and won’t stand for that…..this family has a proud history of true blue allegiance…… Aw thanks mum you’re the bestest mummy…..xxxxx

  39. Monti

    Morning Paul, Bhoys & Ghirls,
    Our very own Neil Francis Lennon will be on as a guest on the ‘Goals on Sunday’ programme at 11 this morning!

    You can catch up with rangers on the ‘History’ channel!

    DEED! 🙂

  40. tamtic

    Just watched Lenny on Goals on Sunday, a class act. When you listen to him and then listen to Sally’s childish ramblings there is no comparison. Now I know this is a big ask, but if Cam, Clarky or any of the rest of the unwashed were watching, surely they’ll admit he was great.

  41. JOE

    What a lovely sunny day.
    Mother Nature doing her all to keep our Country nice and green.
    She is also doing her all to keep the blue Oceans and Seas salty and bitter and Dangerous places.
    Is Mother nature a Tim?

  42. willy wonka

    It’s just the craic –

    “Celtic fans catalogue of death threats against footballer and his baby
    Extracts from Rangers’ Spanish football player Nacho Novo’s autobiography.

    “NET neds, RIP slogans, death threats, car vandalism – then Celtic ‘fans’ put my ADDRESS on the internet.
    I learned of it in an early evening call from a pal and was sent into a fury.

    Who? Where? Why? B*******! What the… ?

    So many thoughts started to go through my mind. What’s going to happen now? Will anyone try anything? They better not come near my family.

    A Celtic ‘fans’ forum had posted my full home address and my car registration number. They were urging people to come and pay me and my family ‘a visit’.

    It’s common knowledge when Rangers play all their away games. What if someone came to the house when I was away? I would not have my family under threat.

    That night, the club arranged for plainclothes security guys to sit in a car outside my house.

    I was advised that, for my family’s safety, and mine, they’d be there around the clock for two weeks. I couldn’t believe it had come to this. But I had no option. Now I was always under the impression that everything you did online was traceable.

    Here we were with conclusive proof of who posted my full home address and my car registration number. Surely an open-and-shut case?

    Well, if anyone was ever arrested over the incident then someone forgot to tell me. The whole internet saga led to a new song.

    It’s not quite as sinister as wanting me to die in my sleep from a bullet from the IRA, which was the other one I used to hear being sung at me during Old Firm games.

    This new song proclaimed that the Celtic support ‘know where you stay Nacho Novo’. And they did. Thanks to some anonymous internet coward. Every time I play at Celtic there’s an individual who waits at the side of the bus and abuses me in Spanish when we walk off to go into the stadium – it’s as if he goes out of his way to try to offend me.

    The reality is I am embarrassed for him, he’s so driven by hate that he queues up simply to abuse me. According to what he shouts at me, because I am Spanish that must make me a Catholic and as a Catholic I should never have signed for Rangers.

    I’ve disgraced my religion by choosing the blue half of Glasgow. The only problem I have with all this is I’m NOT a Catholic – in fact I’m not very religious at all. That doesn’t seem to matter to him though.Another phone call back in January sounded all too familiar.

    ‘Have you seen what they’ve done on the internet this time? They’ve set up a Facebook page looking for a million people to say they hate you.’

    I started to laugh, it’s all so juvenile and sad.

    ‘That’s not all Nacho. They’ve said some things, some things about you and Javier’. I lost the plot – Javier, my baby son, was only in this world a matter of days and there was no need to bring him into it.

    I tried to calm myself down. However, it was in the wake of the petrol attack on DaMarcus Beasley’s car and some internet hardman had decided he wanted my car registration number so he could burn my new baby son and me alive.

    THE envelope that lay on the doormat in my fiancee’s Inverkip flat delivered the chilling threat.

    There was no name on the front but there was no doubt who it was aimed at.

    The scrawled writing said: “If you play against Celtic on Sunday, you will get ******g done in. We’ll kill you, you Rangers b******.”

    I read it a couple of times before it sank in. A crucial Old Firm clash at Parkhead in February 2005 was looming and the off-field problems I’d encountered since signing for Rangers had escalated to a whole new level.

    There had been some unsavoury incidents but Donna, my fiancee, and I had tried not to let it bother us. They were morons, scum, I would say to her.

    But this was a DEATH THREAT. I didn’t know what to do.

    My fear was that if the police had come to see me and had a look at the letter – and it had then leaked to the press which would have been extremely likely – there would be a huge circus before the game. That was the last thing I wanted.

    Donna and I decided to keep it between us. Looking back, maybe that wasn’t the right call. But would they have found the person responsible? Highly unlikely.

    I was a shaken by the whole thing, concerned for Donna and the two boys, Dylan and Ross, as she would be in the flat herself over the next few days.

    I felt the best option would be to ignore it, answer these scumbags ON the pitch. I was determined to go out and show them that I would not be intimidated by anyone or anything.

    I played and scored the second goal as we won 2-0.

    There have been some really disturbing things I’ve had to endure as a Rangers player in Glasgow.

    Forget the car trashings and numerous tyre-slashings – I was attacked in the street in broad daylight in the middle of Glasgow out shopping with my family!

    We didn’t bother too much with reporting a catalogue of car vandalism to the police. Maybe we should have, things were about to take a sinister turn.

    I’d just scored my first goal against Celtic in a 2-0 win at Ibrox. I never go out after Old Firm matches into the city and just went back to Donna’s flat.

    The next day we just lounged around and watched some DVDs.

    I was very tired and slept a lot as I always do after games.

    On the Sunday night we went out to get a takeaway. Both of us jumped into the car and as we drove out the lights shone on the huge fence around the building.

    ‘Novo RIP’ had been painted in huge, white letters.

    Donna and I still laugh about this as my English wasn’t the greatest. As I stared at the graffiti I kept saying: “Novo rip, Novo rip”. She sighed: “Nacho, that means Rest In Peace. It’s what they say when people die!”

    I was going off my head. I couldn’t believe that someone would do such a thing, daub such a sickening message outside where your fiancee lived.

    We reported it to the police. Rangers were also very concerned and the club’s security people talked to the police to air their concerns about the amount of things that were going on without anyone ever being caught.

    That pleased me, but didn’t fully put my mind at rest. There was always a lingering fear things could start up again. They did.

    Myself, Dylan, Ross, Donna and her aunt Maureen had been enjoying a day’s shopping.

    Out of nowhere this guy ran alongside me and the next thing – bang – he turned, looked at me square-on and punched me right on the side of the face.

    I was dazed. Donna hadn’t seen what had happened as it was over so quickly but Maureen was shouting: “That guy just punched Nacho.”

    The guy turned and started running. He had been drinking in a pub on the corner. I flipped. I took off after him and caught up quickly.

    I tripped him up. I was in a rage. How dare he punch me for no reason in front of my family?

    I started laying in to him as he scrambled about on the ground. He was outside the door of the pub now and Donna, the kids and Maureen soon arrived and tried to haul me away.

    Some of the guys in the pub emerged at the door, as did the manager.

    I stopped hitting the guy and he was held up in the doorway of the pub. I was going mad, shouting and bawling at him. My face was stinging. He had smacked me big-time.

    His pal said to Donna when she asked what the hell he was playing at: “We were sitting having a pint. He was just looking out the window and he said ‘Hold on, I’ll be back in a minute’ before he put his pint down.

    “The next thing he ran out the door. He’s a Celtic fan. He doesn’t like Novo.”

    This guy hated me so much that he would leave his friends while having a quiet drink, run outside a bar and sneak up on a footballer and punch him because he didn’t like him. I was livid.

    I just shook my head and walked away. He muttered: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”
    But he’d meant it alright.”

  43. Monti


    Can you explain to the audience, if second rangers win this years Scottish cup (lol), they would not be allowed to play in Europe next season?


  44. willy wonka

    And still it continues –
    “Parish fury as Catholic Church suspends rogue priest over ‘sexual bullying’ exposé
    Exclusive By Jody Harrison and Judith Duffy
    Sunday 17 November 2013
    A PARISH priest has been suspended from his ­Scottish post for writing a ­controversial memoir that claimed there is a culture of homosexual bullying in the Catholic Church.”
    “Parishioners at St John ­Ogilvie’s Church in High Blantyre, Lanarkshire, reacted with fury and disbelief when they were told just before Mass last night that Father Matthew Despard had been removed from his ministry.”

    “I was present Chic. The detail in the above piece is accurate.
    The church emptied. Only around twenty or so people remained. People initially wanted to ask questions but Bishop Toal wasn’t there to answer questions, he just wanted to read out his prepared statement, remove the parish priest from his post and then expected the priest’s parish to share the Eucharist with him. Attempts were made by some in the congregation to speak out immediately but Bishop Toal would not stop reading from his own script. He ignored all attempts to communicate and just kept reading, louder and louder to drown out those addressing him. In the end it was just chaos with lots of people shouting that the priesthood was indeed in crisis and that what was needed was the truth. Then people started to leave the church.
    That something like this was done immediately before a mass and in a church is quite disgraceful. Where was God in any of it? How could Bishop Toal have expected to pull such a very public stunt like this and for people not to react to it? A priest was being publicly humiliated and by the Diocese he had criticised and was now being prevented from continuing in his duties. That some sort of investigation should happen is only right but to remove Matthew Despard in this way was shocking and ill-considered. And if Bishop Devine announced in April that there would be no sanctions against Matthew Despard why is Motherwell Diocese doing this now to him and to his parish?
    I have never seen anything like it in my life. People shouting at a Bishop, walking out of a church, many in tears. Children crying. A priest himself in tears outside his own church, barred from serving in it. Matthew Despard is not perfect Chic, no one in this whole mess is perfect, including the Diocese of Motherwell. Which is why it was so very sickening to see the Diocese of Motherwell being permitted to act in such a vicious, vindictive manner towards a priest serving within it. There is a great deal of anger about it.”

  45. Sevco United

    Sevco’s complaint is a joke. Though the fact Celtic shareholders are so concerned about a new club with no connection to them is equally a joke.

    Having said that, it should be interesting how the complaint is followed through because something somewhere is going to have to give and one half of Glasgow is going to go tonto as to the outcome. 🙂

    The rest of us can take a back seat and wait to see which side we end up laughing at. 🙂

    • tykebhoy

      Actually you are wrong. If the complaint is made Sevco are in a lose lose situation and if they don’t lose then the armageddon predicted will appear because the powers that be will have screwed governance of scottish fitba so badly it will never recover

      • Sevco United

        Lets be honest, one of 2 things will happen.

        Somebody in power, with authority, will adjudicate they are the same club, Lawwell will apologise and agree then the Green half of Glasgow will implode and claim its all a huge Masonic, Orange, Proddy conspiracy


        Somebody in power, with authority, will finally say what we all know, which is that they are a new club, and then the Blue half of Glasgow will implode and claim its all the work of the unseen Feni@n hand that operates in Glasgow nowadays.

        Either way, im gonna get a laugh out of it. 🙂

        • tykebhoy

          Except in your first scenario BDO and HMRC will have added proof of phoenixing. As Monti says have the creditors been paid yet

        • Monti

          @Sevco united

          ” let’s be honest ”

          Ok, you are a fucking degenerate, horse manure smelling mother fucker!

          Honestly you are 🙂

  46. Monti




    Peter Lawwell’s gag, “Rory Bremner can pretend to be Tony Blair” aired at Celtics AGM in response to a question from the floor on the MSM reporting of Rangers has at first glance re-energised a debate that has gone on for some time.

    I say re-energised but it is a debate that has never seemed to me to lack vigour.

    The bad news for Rangers fans who buy into the same club idea is that like it or lump it the detractors don’t do walking away.

    Those currently in control of Rangers, new/original (gosh this is tricky) have made their thoughts on the matter clear in the all too familiar form of a club statement.

    As an aside I do enjoy these club statements.

    They are I’m sure as they say “disappointed” and will “take this matter up with the relevant football authorities”.

    The statement is short and to the point though may have been better served with a suitably witty retort.

    Actually it would have been better to make no response at all.

    The knee jerk reaction from the current Rangers officials and from fans posting on twitter and Rangers forums tells of frailty in the continued history argument and a deep seated dread that it might unravel.

    I have always taken the view that Rangers fans today can consider themselves supporters of the club founded in 1872 if that is what they choose to do.

    For them the only debate that matters should be the one taking place in their own minds. Confidence in their convictions seems to be lacking when energy spent on silencing counter views is in evidence.

    Jokes about Rangers not being the same club of old are unlikely to cease, the well will not run dry any time soon.

    More pertinent and reasoned arguments found in the new club camp based on the consequences of liquidation aren’t going away either.

    Rangers fans will have to get used to it and grow a thick skin. This issue will haunt them for years if not decades.

    Assuming of course if they continue to ‘survive’.

  48. @Officer
    The court case will take for ever and cost a fortune. The spivs have already legged it with the readies. Done really well out of it!
    How about wee Craigy offers them a deal. Capitulation.!!!! Hand over the reins to escape prosecution.
    The wee man salvages his rep out-foxing the spivs, hands the board to the rebels, and is back shoulder high down Edmiston drive.
    Now he’s a “Real” Rangers man!
    It cost him a fortune though, A wee fund raiser is reqd. (Ding Ding! Round 2 on their way to the top).
    The rebels back him up saying he has been in tow with them all along, but maintained his quiet dignity, enduring much slander, while dilligently working with them in their plan to oust the spivs.
    Do you think that could be workable?

    • @barca
      I like your train of thought, but think the stakes are higher than paying him, craigy a couple of mill they don’t have. He want’s it all.

      • Paul

        The SPL has set up an independent commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith, to investigate the Glasgow Rangers FC’s alleged use of improperly registered players from 2000 to 2011.

        This relates to Rangers’ use of an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) scheme to pay players over that same period.

        EBT’s were a legal tax avoidance scheme, whereby companies paid money into an independent (ahem) trust, which would then “loan” the employee sums of money which in most cases need never be paid back.

        As loans, monies paid via EBT were not subject to tax—employees could earn a lot more money than would otherwise be the case.

        The problem with EBT’s is that there had to be a large element of trust between employer and employee.

        EBT’s could not be used to make contractual payments to employees.

        In fact, the employee had to “apply” to the trust for the loan, which—in theory—the trust could reject.

        Rangers ran into trouble for their use of EBT’s because the payments players received from the trust were contractual in nature.

        The UK tax authority, HMRC, has presented Rangers with a tax “assessment” for £36m in unpaid taxes, with a penalty still to be imposed.

        Rangers appealed the assessment, and we still await the result of the tax tribunal which was asked to decide on the case.

        Unquestionably, the use of EBT’s gave Rangers a sporting advantage against the competition over the course of a decade.

        For example, let’s say Rangers wished to sign player x and offered him £20,000 per week, and Celtic wished to sign the same player, and also offered him £20,000 per week.

        By having his wages taxed at Celtic, player x would take home roughly £12,000 per week, while at Rangers, the majority of his wages being paid through an EBT, the player would take home closer to £18,000 per week.

        Paying players by means of EBT enabled Rangers to assemble teams they could not otherwise have afforded.

        There is always the possibility that the tribunal will find in Rangers’ favour, but even if it does, the Rangers’ problem with the SPL remains.

        SFA rules state that all payments made to players must be clearly recorded on their contracts which are lodged with the soccer governing authorities.

        If Rangers’ EBT’s were administered properly, then the payments cannot have been registered on the players’ contracts.

        The respected Scottish legal firm Harper McLeod has already conducted an investigation for the SPL and has concluded that there is a prima facie case for Rangers to answer.

        That is, on the face of it, Rangers appears to have made undeclared payments to players over a ten year period.

        As I explained in my previous article, The Rangers Football Club—the company formerly known as Sevco Scotland—purchased the business and assets of Rangers from the administrators Duff & Phelps. They also agreed to several conditions in order for the SFA to transfer Rangers’ membership of the SFA to Sevco Scotland (now The Rangers FC).

        Amongst those conditions was that The Rangers FC would accept any punishment imposed as a result of the SPL investigation regarding the issue of improper registration of players.

        Punishments could range from anything from a fine, to expulsion from the game. The thing that seems to worry “Rangers” more than anything though, is that SPL titles and Scottish Cups won between 2000-2011 could be stripped from the club.

        This agreement has seen a belief emerge amongst Rangers fans and certain sections of the Scottish soccer press that they have been punished enough.

        Typical examples can be found here and here.

        So let’s look at exactly how “Rangers,” and their supporters claim to have been punished:

        1) 10 point deduction (season 2011-12)

        2) £160,000 fine

        3) 12 month transfer embargo

        4) Relegation to Division 3 of the Scottish Football League

        5) Loss of most of their squad from last season

        6) Banned from UEFA competition for 3 years

        It looks as if the Rangers FC has been heavily punished—does this belief stand up to scrutiny?

        There are two things that must be considered when addressing this issue.

        First—there is a big difference between “consequences” and “punishments.”

        Secondly—we must consider which “Rangers” we are talking about. Is it Rangers FC, or The Rangers FC?

        Let’s go through them in turn:

        1) Rangers FC were deducted 10 points by the SPL when they entered administration on February 14 this year. The rules have changed since then, but in 2004, the SPL introduced a rule that 10 points would be deducted, and a transfer embargo imposed, on any club entering administration. So Rangers were not “punished” with a 10 point deduction, it was simply a consequence of entering administration.

        2) An SFA judicial panel fined Rangers FC £160,000 in April 2012, after being found guilty of five charges of impropriety in their financial affairs, including failing to pay their taxes over a 12 month period. This is without a doubt a punishment.

        3) The same SFA judicial panel imposed a 12 month transfer embargo on Rangers FC. Administrators Duff & Phelps challenged this in Scotland’s highest court, the Court of Session, as it was not on the list of sanctions available to the panel. The Court of Session upheld the appeal and ordered the issue to be returned for the judicial panel to select a punishment from those available. The 12 month transfer embargo was never imposed on Rangers FC. The Rangers FC has accepted the embargo.

        4) Contrary to popular perception, The Rangers FC has not been relegated to Division 3 of the SPL. They have never before been a member of any league, and as a completely new club, applied to the SPL for membership. The SPL rejected the application, so The Rangers Football Club applied for membership of the Scottish Football League and as a brand new member, was placed in the bottom tier, Division 3. Relegation then, has not been a punishment imposed on “Rangers.”

        5) “Rangers” has indeed lost a lot of players from last season’s expensive squad. Players such as captain Steven Davis, Steven Whittaker, Steven Naismith, Allan McGregor, Kyle Lafferty, Jamie Ness and Rhys McCabe have walked away from Rangers FC. These have not though, walked away from The Rangers FC, for whom none of them ever played. With Rangers FC consigned to liquidation, the players’ contracts were voided and they were free to sign for other clubs. Loss of players then, is not a punishment imposed on “Rangers.” It is simply a consequence of Rangers FC being liquidated.

        6) The Rangers FC will not be able to compete in UEFA competition for at least three years. This though, is not a punishment, it is a simple fact. A UEFA license cannot be granted to any club who do not have three years’ worth of audited accounts. The Rangers FC was founded as Sevco Scotland on May 29 this year, so The Rangers FC is not “banned” from UEFA competition, they simply do not fulfil the criteria to enter any UEFA competitions.

        So how has “Rangers” been punished so far? It amounts to a £160,000 fine on Rangers FC, and a 12 month transfer embargo on The Rangers FC.

        Even the transfer embargo is not a punishment though. Accepting the transfer embargo was a condition of membership for The Rangers FC, and the SFA helpfully agreed to delay it until September 1, thereby enabling The Rangers FC to strengthen their squad before embarking on their great adventure through the lower leagues.

        Let’s turn our attention now to the possible stripping of titles won by Rangers FC from 2000-2011, the sanction which The Rangers FC appears to be most concerned about.

        Ally McCoist and Charles Green have pledged to fight any attempt to remove titles from Rangers FC historical record.

        This is like Ben Johnson telling the IOC in 1988, “Hell no, you’re not having my medal back!”

        If Rangers FC are found guilty of using improperly registered players from 2000-2011, then losing those titles will be a consequence of effectively cheating to win them.

        Stripping titles from Rangers FC’s record will effectively have zero impact on The Rangers FC.

        They should be far more concerned about what the real punishment could potentially be.

        The SFA has shown not just a shocking lack of leadership in dealing with the “Rangers” crisis, but also an unwillingness to apply its own rules to The Rangers FC, who by rights should not have been granted membership of the SFA at all, as they do not meet the requirement for three years’ of audited accounts.

        The SFA has deliberately fudged the issue of how they regard The Rangers FC. Is it the club founded in 1872 or not?

        Of course The Rangers FC is not the club founded in 1872. That club remains in administration, is no longer a member of the SFA and will shortly be liquidated.

        The SFA granted Sevco Scotland membership by allowing Rangers FC’s accounts to “count” towards their application (despite Rangers FC failing to produce audited accounts for last year).

        The SFA transferred Rangers FC’s membership to The Rangers FC but have avoided the question of whether The Rangers FC can claim Rangers FC’s historical record.

        The SFA has a responsibility to ensure the good governance (including financial governance) of the game in Scotland.

        By allowing the fiction to develop that the “club” and “company” are separate, the SFA have created a situation whereby “clubs” are not responsible for the debts they accumulate.

        Scottish clubs who cannot pay back their debt can now simply liquidate, sell their stadia to friendly businessmen, and enter the lowest tier of the SFL as the, “same” debt-free “club.”

        By granting The Rangers FC membership, the SFA has set a very dangerous precedent. They have allowed “Rangers” to tell creditors that they are not the “company,” which owed them over £100m, but tell their supporters that they are the “same club” which profited on the pitch from the debt they have walked away from.

        If the SFA recognise The Rangers FC as a club founded in 1872, then Scottish soccer clubs really will be free to run up astronomical debts, with no need ever to pay them back.

        Who would provide new credit or banking facilities to any Scottish soccer club now?

        Follow Daniel O’Connel

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