Some Quotes and Thoughts on the 28th Anniversary of the Death of Jock Stein

Twenty eight years ago today Jock Stein died. Like many football fans, I had watched the Scotland v Wales match on TV and had not realised the tragedy taking place on the side-lines as the game inched to its conclusion. Scotland’s progress towards the 1986 World Cup soon became academic as it became clear that the greatest manager in Scottish football had died.

He was a Titan of the game, leading a team of Scots to European Cup glory against the might of the Italians of Inter Milan.

Jock Stein Euro Cup

He was a remarkable man, whose full story can be read in Archie MacPherson’s excellent biography. I won’t try to replicate that in a blog post.

But, to a boy growing up in Coatbridge in the 1970s, he was an immense figure (as he was to people who were NOT boys growing up in Coatbridge in the 1970s).

He was always not simply the great Celtic manager but also the most famous ex-Albion Rovers player, just ahead of Jock White, Jim Brown and later Vic Kasule.

Jock Stein Rovers

A man from the coal mines who rose to the heights of his vocation (and to him it clearly was a vocation) through hard work and an ability to inspire others.

A man who was never prepared to accept that his team was second-best, even when, on paper, it palpably was!

In the 1970s we had a Golden Age of football managers, I think. Now, when rolling news and the Internet means that every twitch and sneeze of a manager makes headlines and when every word is forensically dissected (and I plead guilty to that as regards Mr McCoist), whilst managers are ever more prominent, now that Sir Alex Ferguson has retired, there is no one who can match the impact and stature of Stein, Shankly and Busby, all of whom, of course, came from similar backgrounds.

Stein Busby

He was a major figure not just in football but in Scottish society.

Would he have been a great manager today, in the time of pampered players and huge wage packets?

I think there is no doubt he would. His skills came not from shouting at people, but in nurturing abilities, building on the skills they had, and being a motivator and man-manager par excellence. I suspect that a football team managed by a Stein in his prime today would have been challenging for the European Cup as much as his Celtic team did in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

More than that though, Jock Stein was not just a great football manager, but a great Scot.

Jock Stein 1

If there had been an independent Scotland in the 1970s, and a vote for a President who was NOT an active politician, then, despite the undoubted opposition of some, but not all, Rangers fans, Jock would have been in pole position. He would have been supported by Celtic fans, of course, but as an ambassador for Scotland he too would have appealed to the neutral and non-aligned.

(And although he was not an active politician, there is no doubt that he had clear political views, founded upon his home and work upbringing and that these were staunch Labour opinions.)

Along with Sean Connery he was probably the best known Scot around the world (or at least the football-playing parts of it). He was recognised not just for what he achieved, but how he did so.

Connery McNeill

On a personal basis, he recovered too from dreadful injuries in a road accident on the awful A74 (and it is not unreasonable to suggest that there being such a high-profile victim of a crash on the route played a part in its ultimate upgrading).

It seems remarkable that he died twenty eight years ago. It also seems very strange to think that, if he was still alive, he would have been ninety years old (ninety-one next month). That of course is a consequence of the effects of a public figure dying too young – they become frozen in people’s recollection.

It is very hard to imagine JFK as a geriatric, or Marilyn Monroe being of pension age.

So too with Jock Stein – he is forever frozen in the memory as he was on the pitch in Lisbon in 1967, or as he was later as Scotland manager (and to be frank, he did not seem to have aged that much – or rather he always looked like a man in late middle age).

Stein Shankly

As Bill Shankly said to him on the pitch in Lisbon:- “John, you’re immortal now.”

And he was right.

Some might recall today his dealings with Celtic after he stopped being manager, or his short time at Leeds or his lack of success (as it was viewed at the time) as Scotland boss, but not me and not today.

When I drive past the Jock Stein Sports Centre in Burnbank tonight I will remember him, and I am sure many people all around the world will do so too.


Posted by Paul McConville


Jimmybee has been good enough to compile a list of quotes from Mr Stein. He posted them in the comments but I thought it was worthwhile putting them into a post of their own.

On becoming manager of Celtic: “If I can achieve for Celtic what I have achieved for Hibs, then I feel I will have done well for them.”


On being questioned about being the first Protestant manager at Celtic: “25% of Celtic’s managers have been Protestant!”


On becoming Celtic manager: “I lost some friends when I made the move, but if that’s what matters to them, then they’re not really friends at all.”


“I enjoy being manager here, because I like the people who support us.”


“The most pleasure any manager can get is seeing everyday boys joining the Club as youngsters and growing into men and giving themselves a better social standing than they could ever have dreamed of previously.”


“I think it’s important to win a match, bit I think what is even more important is the manner in which you win.”


“I’d far rather not talk about players; they are the people who make things happen.”


“There is no substitute for experience.”


On journalists being late to his conferences: “If they were interested in what I had to say they would get here in time. The door stays shut.”


Before the start of season 1966/67: “I think we could win everything in front of us. I think this could be a season to remember.”


“We all end up yesterday’s men in this business. You’re very quickly forgotten.”


On the Ibrox disaster: “This terrible tragedy must help to curb the bigotry and bitterness of Old Firm matches. When human life is at stake this kind of hatred seems sordid and little. Fans of both sides will never forget this disaster.”


“Ach, Rangers are alright, but they still haven’t invented blue grass.”


“Jock, if there were two players, one Catholic and one Protestant, who would you sign?”

“The Protestant.”


“Because I know that Rangers would never sign the Catholic.”


TV Presenter: “Scott Symon, Rangers manager, what do you think the score will be in the Old Firm match?”

Symon: “I think 2-0 to Rangers.”

TV Presenter: “And you Mr. Stein what will the Old Firm score be?”

Stein: “Only a fool would try to predict the score in an Old Firm game.”


“The best place to defend is in the opposition penalty box.”


“If you’re good enough, the referee doesn’t matter.”


Rangers fan: “You only won the European Cup because you had 5 Protestants in your team.”

Stein: “Well you’ve never won it and you’ve got eleven.”


After beating Vojvodina Novi in the Quarter Final: “I feel we have the players fit to wear the mantle of Champions of Europe. I have told them so. Now it’s up to them.”


“It’s not religion that’s the problem – it’s the lack of religion!”


On reported interest from Manchester United: “I’m happy where I am, I like the people I work with, I like the players and the directors of this club but most of all I like the fans and to see them happy makes me happy, so I’m very happy here.”


Before the European Cup Final 1967: “If you’re ever going to win the European Cup, then this is the day and this is the place. But we don’t just want to win this Cup; we want to do it playing good football – to make neutrals glad we’ve won it, glad to remember how we did it.”


Before kick off in Lisbon 1967: “We must play as if there are no more games, no more tomorrows.”


After winning the European Cup: “There is not a prouder man on God’s earth than me at this moment. Winning was important, aye, but it was the way that we won that has filled me with satisfaction. We did it by playing football. Pure, beautiful, inventive football. There was not a negative thought in our heads. Inter played right into our hands; it’s so sad to see such gifted players shackled by a system that restricts their freedom to think and to act. Our fans would never accept that sort of sterile approach. Our objective is to try to win with style.”


Lou Macari on becoming Celtic manager: “The problem for us is that Big Jock and his players spoiled it for everyone who came after them…”


Alex Ferguson on Jock Stein: “I always thought Jock Stein was the perfect International manager. But you, England, don’t have anyone like that. You don’t have Jock Steins; you’ll never have a Jock Stein.”


“Unlike many other Celts, I cannot claim that Celtic was my first love, but I can say that it will be my last love.”


Top 5 quotes (in Jimmybee’s opinion)

5. On the release of the Celtic View: “Have the first issue ready for the week after the Scottish Cup Final and leave a blank space on page one for a picture of the boys with the Cup.”

4. After winning the European Cup: “We did it by playing football. Pure, beautiful, inventive football.”

3. “Football is nothing without fans.”

2. “It is up to us, to everyone at Celtic Park, to build up our own legends. We don’t want to live with history, to be compared with legends from the past. We must make new legends.”

1. “Celtic jerseys are not for second best, they do not shrink to fit inferior players.”

Please note that these quotes have been taken from numerous websites such as BBC, Celtic Minded and Celtic Wiki.

Thanks to Jimmybee for the quotes.



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  1. Marching on Together

    A great Leeds manager. Heard he managed a couple of wee clubs as well. 😉

    Was there in Cardiff the night he died – greeted like a bairn.

    • mick

      just catching up on phils new book greatly reviewed and liked in the celtic community a would ask all fans to buy and any1 into equality to buy as a protest could we the bloggers make this no:1 for xmas come lets give it a go lets put them to shame agian please could you copy and paste link to other sites and buy for gifts for birthdasys for friends and family am waiting on mine coming now protest via buying the book kind regards mick

      • mick

        jock would have loved Phil as he was a great manager but also he tried hard to fight the good fight for the minority at the time the Irish just like our great manager phil is fighting the good fight

        you can buy the book now at amozon and all good book shops in town or citys near you remember books have power text is mightier than the sword do it for jock and future generations so they are not asked what school they went to .

        • cam

          Jock didn’t like small minded bigots.That book is bog roll.

          • mick


      • Paul

        Your beginning to sound like Leggoland, ya brick.Do you believe everything the Sun writes…mmmmmmmmmmm thick as a brick.

        • mick

          order the book men lets make it no1 for Xmas our present to the orcs lol

          • Monti


          • david

            No chance.
            Wont be in the top 100, unless the Broons have a bad year.
            Maybe MadPhils non-existent 4 brothers are Hen, Joe and the twins.

            • mick

              well lets wait and see the last 1 was number1 why would this 1 be any different us clatters will give it a good go anyway with optimism applied am sure it will do well even via our collective effort it sells 1 book more then we will be happy am taking the book to America via sites at the weekend and am going to see if we can open a gap in the Irish and Scottish market there for it all done from my key board in London lol the net has great power in sales and promotion so giruy pessimistic david

            • Gotta laugh at ra smelltic mob praising big jock ! A man who’s achievements were honoured by promoting him to sell…..scratch cards and ……raffle tickets …while the greatest fan(nys ) in the world stood by and did ….nothing …maybe the Donegal clown ( from Glasgow ) could write a book on that ?

            • Just finished work to be told that Scotland did not have the decency to wear black armbands on the anniversary of the great Jock Stein.
              If true think it disgraceful to the memory of the great man IMO.

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Shameful. Even more so when you consider all the CFC representatives past and present who currently work for the SFA. I wonder if the clatterers will forensically dissect this disgraceful shenanigan. Go for it bhoys MacgibberPish will investigate immediately…Not.

            • cam

              Coop,this blogs fragmented due to something being pulled i imagine.What are you referring to?

            • Never mind cooling down on big Jock you imbecile.

              I’m giving this straight to you.

              You continue to make reference to “Who knew” Your reference is towards peadophiles within celtic park and you continually reference ‘big Jock, in who knew’ As you continually make reference to this, do you know? What do you know? Who told you? Have you contacted Police Scotland to make a complaint or reported what you know? Have you aided law abiding citizens to help protect their children?

              This either stops now, or i will make the complaint to police scotland to ascertain your IP address through this blog/forum, if you do not take me serious, try me.

              If you know as you claim to know, you’ll tell the police. As for the minehost, stop this imbecile now, he has no place in a forum such as this, no cooling off, sine die, or i will report him to police scotland.

            • Walter Smith got sacked for failing to secure 10 in a row,
              “This is my decision to go. It wasn’t my decision alone to leave in 1998: Sir David [Murray] always sacks you quite nicely”

              yeah, lump sum tax free and a gagging clause




              The 2-1 Champions League qualifying round defeat by FBK Kaunas – by common consent the worst result in Rangers’ history –

              FFS , if they only had the foresight to see what Ally was going to serve up in the results department

            • hector

              @David I thought you were a harmless little tit but now realise you are in fact a bigoted nasty little tit.Hope you and the old man had good fun at the PTA bash at East Kilbride.Must dash Christmas shopping to do 5 copies of “MadPhils” new bestseller.P.S.regards to the old man.

            • david

              I KNOW youre a wee tit.
              Stupid wee boy.
              I have no time for creationist nutcases, youre putting words in my mouth.
              Good luck with the books, maybe someone will read them for you as you obviously have difficulty with English.

            • david

              @Officer drivel

              I think you should address that comment elsewhere.
              Lying is juvenile behaviour

            • mick

              Mind copy and paste all over network and tell friends and family no1 for Xmas 🙂

  2. mcfc


    Had a wonderful time in Oz – would strongly recommend it – lovely people with a genuine affection for the Brits and man common traits – just don’t mention the cricket – also a fantastic varied country.

    But it’s also very nice to be back. Seems that Sevco are spinning faster and faster around the plug hole of history. In time all the detail will be forgotten and all that will remain is the memory of a once great club that over reached itself and was them defibrillated to death by the spivs and brogues.

    • cam

      I admire the Aussie immigration policy.
      You have a skill?,,we need that skill.
      If you’re a decent human being who wishes to accept our hospitality and come and live,work and prosper and accept the values upon which this country was founded,then you’re most welcome.
      You wanna come over here,lay about,fake depression stick your mitt out and contribute nowt,decry our country and its values.

      “Bruce,one for deportation here mate!”

      • mcfc


        In the abstract that might seen clean, simple and fair – but the reality is more complicated – thousands of desperate people – many from war torn countries – giving everything they have in the world to gangsters to get their family a place on a leaky boat heading to the horizon through heavy seas and typhoons in the one-way hope of a better life. To my mind, anyone with that level of motivation and determination deserves a chance to show they have something to contribute. But many perish, many are turned back early and many only reach Australian long-stay internment camps in Papua New Guinea. Who was it who said that everyone born in Britain has already won God’s lottery. Life’s not fair

        • cam

          The Aussie’s may find in time that the global village effect will dilute their ethos.
          Like the colonists that settled North America they/we slaughtered and abused the native people.When there is a clash of cultures the less advanced usually get the raw deal.
          When the E.T’s arrive i’m gonna show them the contents of this blog.If the last thing the Celtic minded troops in here see is a blue light,then you will know that i convinced them that WATP.
          Now off to work i go.

        • ecojon

          @ mcfc

          We had the same here in terms of inward migration following the Irish potato famines which was no respecter of religion when it came to claiming victims.

          And at the same time there was the Highland Clearance with Glasgow as the magnet and many forget that these Gaels had the stark choice of moving somewhere/anywhere or starving. They only spoke gaelic and the lowland culture was totally alien to them.

          And we shouldn’t forget the Highland emigration to Canada and USA in particular – these people were dispossessed by their Scottish landlords and turned out to make way for sheep to get a better financial return.

          Many many reasons how people end-up in a country. And tonight we have seen Ikechi Anya born in Glasgow with a Nigerian father and a Romanian mother. What a flag bearer for the new forward looking Scotland that some of us are trying to achieve.

          • mcfc


            Life was cheap in the UK and still is in so many places around the world – we are fortunate to live in a fine country at a fine time – where it’s easy to forget just how lucky we are – despite obvious frustrations that it could be better and fairer. In the words of Joe Walsh:

            I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do
            Life’s be good to me so far.

          • Well said Eco, absolutely true and they’re gonna hear it from the rooftops now, our children are educated but do not live in that world, but like you, i will not forget nor forgive, especially when they continue on their path of destruction, bigotry and loathing. They shall not overcome.

          • Fra

            Eco….A warm welcome back. Your contributions have been sorely missed

      • ernie

        Great policy Cam. Presumably the Aborigines didn’t apply it.

      • @gortchomhor

        Cam, are you having a fly dig at Irish immigrants to Scotland when you talk about those who “come over here,lay about,fake depression… contribute nowt,decry our country and its values”?

        If you are, why don’t you just say it instead of cloaking it? Scared?

        • cam

          Less angry Gort.
          If you read it with an open mind,you’ll see that i was posing that as an Aussie questioning any layabout immigrants.
          You either genuinely misconstrued it or ,wish to jump on angry Gort and raging Creggy’s bandwagon.
          Don’t worry, when i’ve got something to say i’ll say it.

      • Cregganduff

        The opinion of a racist rat.

      • Geddy Lee.

        What’s the difference between an Aussie and a Yoghurt.

        leave the yoghurt long enough and it will develop it’s own culture.

        I’m here all week.

  3. God bless you big man. My hero.

  4. mcfc

    If Jim Spence is leaving the BBC over Dead-Club-Gate then we should all get together and complain more vociferously than the idiots who object to any diversity of opinion. Any reasonable analysis of this matter would overturn the BBC Trust position and it’s long overdue. Personally, I’m very disappointed that the BBC/Trust has shown such apparent timidity and niavety when faced with organized perma-rage.

    Despite my genuine respect for much of the BBC’s work, they do have a track record of buckling to the loudest voice. I still think they made a big mistake losing Greg Dyke as DG over the Gilligan/WMD affair. If they’d had a mind of their own they’d have backed Gilligan / Dyke and called the bluff of Blair / Campbell. If we need to be the loudest voice to get a reasoned outcome – then let’s just do it.

    • FREEDOM OF SPEECH ? Is Hugh keevins still banned from breezeblock castle ??? In your own time …..hypocrites.

      • Paul

        Is Jim Spence barred from Ibrokes now. In your own time.

      • @gortchomhor

        Keevin’s wasn’t banned because of what he said, it was about how he said it…. Basically his voice is just annoying. If he was willing to take the clothes peg off his nose, he would be welcome back.

        • ecojon


          We all know why Keevins was banned and it was deserved and was not a freedom of speech issue. He refused to admit and apologise for his lies and that’s his choice. He offended a Celtic Great and his family and, in turn, offended the wider Celtic family who made their feelings clear to the club.

          I won’t expand as I don’t want to cause fresh grief to people over this issue but if Keevins is never allowed back into Parkhead even that will be too soon IMO.

          Is JT banned at Ibrox for saying the club died? Just asking like 🙂

          • I kinda relate to you eco and admire your postings. But from this day onwards, i’m not going to try and educate people who refuse to listen, yea post daft comments, even silly obnoxious comments like cam (he can be funny at times) , but dare these imbeciles keep refering to actions that they cannot back up, i’ll get police scotland to investigate them and ask the questions that they refer to “that they know”. If Paul cannot gain access to their IP addresses, the police will do that through WordPress. They will stop, guaranteed.

      • See jim spence is taking voluntary redundancy after receiving no support from his employers over his truthful statement on a radio broadcast.

    • BB

      So where are we at? A person has no right to complain if he or she is a football fan of Glasgow Rangers? Whether you agree with the nature of the complaint or not, a person or persons have the right to complain if they feel justified in doing so, regardless of what colour of scarf. Treating someone different for no other reason than what football team they support is a very dangerous road to go down. Singling out a socio group and denying them the same rights as everybody else wouldn’t say very much for the tolerant society many on here apparently aspire to. Hypocrisy on a massive scale in my opinion.

      • mcfc


        Calm down dear, calm down. No-one said you shouldn’t complain. Read more carefully and you’ll see most of my criticism is for the BBC/Trust’s response to the complaints.

        Believe it or not, to most people the old/new argument is fatuous at best and the more you try to defend the logical Esherisms at full volu8me the more unhinged you look.

        It’s amusing to see supremacists play the victim card so frequently and so clumsily – how long before WATP becomes WATV.

    • Steerpike

      400 complaints, out of 500 million fans, maybe more.

      • @gortchomhor

        I’d pay to read them, forget Phil’s book. If the standards at RM are anything to go by… But as you point out, steer, 400 out of 500 million is a pretty good ratio. I’ll assume that’s the proportion that A) have Internet access, and B) think they can string a sentence together.

        • ecojon


          If it’s anything like their fiddled HMRC petition the total number of actual complainers is probably under 20 and you can spot them easily.

          Their fingers are worn down to the bone with all the cutting and pasting 🙂

          Still they ran out of steam with the HMRC fiddle when the House of Commons IT department cottoned-on to their little tricks. They had got about 38K petitions in 6 weeks and after the techies did their stuff it has taken them about 8 months to get a few thousand more sigs.

          Everybody in the Commons – except the members of the Rangers supporters club – were in stitches when they realised they were adding their pets and babies and the deid as well as workmates, relatives and neighbours who knew nothing about it. And the anonymiser emails which was their secret weapon or so they thought LMAO.

          I reckon the Beeb will be wanting to start checking addresses for complaints to see if they pay a licence. Still God loves a trier!

      • stop being a prat steerclear. Do you support the evil imbecile carson and his evil musings?

  5. mick

    What a great man jock was to Celtic Scotland the world of sport and prove you can go to the top if you stay committed a great man who will never walk alone a true scots god rest his soul St Jock of coat bridge

  6. C’mon ghirls you were giving the mighty Rangers pelters for their spat with the BBC so can you justify banning reporter’s from breezblock castle and your second rate training ground ? Mr Paul do you have something to say on this ? Hypocrites anyone ?

  7. mick

    If its the same club when did yous come out of administration ???

  8. Monti




  9. mcfc

    If Jim Spence leaves the BBC over Dead-Club-Gate he will need to earn a crust somehow over coming months – maybe an expose of the MSM (including the BBC) and their visceral fear of all things Rangers – old and new – would earn his a few quid. He may be able to add some interesting new perspectives to Downfall. I do hope he has taped some of those editorial conferences where he was slapped down for persistent insolence regarding the bottom-line, party line – just speculating you understand.

    Then all we need to triangulate the spivs and brogues is “Rangers, and My Part in Their Downfall” by Craig B(illionaire) Whyte.

  10. Monti

    I remember meeting Jock Stein in Dunfermline in 1985, I was 14 years old then, he was at the Dunfermline Museum signing autographs ahead of Dunfermline’s Centenery match v Dunfermline.
    That couldn’t have been long before Cardiff.
    I remember he signed my Celtic poster that was in the ‘match’ magazine, was on my wall at home for years & years.
    When I went up to get my poster signed I couldn’t speak, literally!
    He just signed it & smiled at me, I was in complete awe of the man, this was the man that brought us the European cup home & I was speechless!

    • Monti

      Dunfermline’s centenery match v Aberdeen.

      • Speechless ? Petty you regained the ability .

        • Monti


          Read Graham’s comments below, that’s a decent fan.

          You Carson are a fucking idiot!

          • hector

            @monti evening monti had a rough night trying to keep the boy david and the Wiki monster clear of my goats.During the fracas the carson thingy broke into the croft house and ate several of my books.May not be all bad news as once the orc digests them he may gain a partial education.Anyway great to read Jocks quotes and remember the big man.You seem to have a bit of an orc problem yourself .I find the best thing is to mock them as sevconians take themselves far too seriously for a 2 year old team with a young inexperienced manager just starting out in the lower leagues.Not to worry they will not be around for much longer.Tits up by Christmas.

            • Monti

              It’s happy days mate, they are hurting big time & it’s fkn magic!
              I hope it gets a lot,lot worse for them!
              It’s what they deserve my friend!

    • graham

      Monti ,
      Big jock great manger RIP ,
      Pity the owners if the celtic that he managed never truly appreciated him
      ( for whatever reasons ) , giving him a job managing the pools . No statue , no stand named after him .. No nothing at all from the old celtic owners .. Whites , Kelly’s et al ..
      It took the me and improved celtic formed in the mid 90s to name a stand after the big fella and statue n such like !
      Aye that auld celtic football and athletic club owners should hang their heads in shame for what they did to the big man !!
      Hail hail .. follow follow .. BIG JOCK
      As shanks said “you are immortal now John “

      • Monti

        Decent stuff Graham, That Jock was treated poorly by the club is true & only the decision makers at that time can explain that.
        When thinking of Jock though it’s what he achieved for Celtic & Scotland as a nation that is at the forefront!
        A magical era ( before my time) for the club, a European cup win, another final in 1970. Domestic supremacy for over a decade, but I think it was the STYLE in which his Celtic played that envelopes the club to this day, it was entertaining & winning football!
        It’s a pity some on here can’t just praise the man without petty digs or childish comments!
        Not surprising but still disappointing!
        Thanks for your good sentiments tho graham!

      • Paul

        Only one thing wrong with your comment Ghraham the Old Celtic is still the same Celtic minus the old board.

    • david

      Dunfermline played themselves in their own Centenary match?

      Is this lie No 37?

  11. mcfc

    Who would you rather be looking for a new job at short notice: Spence, Traynor, McCoist.

  12. Apart from the day late rebels Hugh keevins banned by the custodians of free speech ( aye right ) did Kenny and Barnes ( laugh every time I see him ) aka the ” dream team ” not ban the press from the cover up dome and hold briefings in that well know Glasgow bistro bairds bar ? In your own time ghirls .

  13. mcfc


    You’ll have plenty of time to gossip about Celtic once Sevco join Rangers in the great league in the sky. For now you should talk about your club while you can – I’m not sure there’ll be enough spivs left to buy the history this time round.

  14. mick

    were still here obsessed lol come on the celtic buy a copy now and for friends for xmas plz plz plz
    my new campaign is to make this number 1 for xmas a would ask every 1 to join in by buying a copy and also buy for friends oversees and family for xmas hail hail copy and paste on all sites you go on via the amazon site read and leave review were possible MINORITY REPORTER NUMBER1 FOR XMAS lets do it books are power we are not paranoid lets get the message out via this book its a peaceful protest buying a copy do it now and highlight to friends and family

    • david

      You can but toilet paper cheaper in Asda.
      Are you really so insecure, so offended and so 2nd class that you feel the need to buy such MOPE rubbish from a liar and proven bigot?
      Look at the reviews- ho ho ho

      • Paul

        Could always buy McMurdo the english union bullshit for a real laugh or Leggo the struth nothing but the struth thats a cracker about the non-catholic signings.

      • Monti

        “2nd class”?
        What a thing to say to somebody!
        Must be your Presb upbringing.
        You need to start talking & respectfully debating with people on here & drop the moral high ground shite, your mask slipped a long time ago…..GROW UP FFS DAVID!

        • david

          You really are such a moron. I didnt say he was 2nd class, I said he must feel 2nd class to read such utter MOPE drivel.
          Respect a wee lying diddy no-mark unemployed bigot like you?
          Dont make me laugh- and for your education, equality is a tenet of Presbyterianism.

          • Monti

            There you go again, you say the same fkn rubbish every post….liar, lies..unemployed?
            It’s all shit!
            Change the record….
            People are laughing at you!
            ” tenet of Presbyterianism”?

            Are you the example?
            Fkn monkey!

            • david

              Are you a liar, yes or no?
              Want me to recount the myriad lies you have told on here?
              Or the tanking you got when outed as a bigot? On THIS site?

              Many a laugh weve all had at you, but you are too stupid and shameless to notice.

              Youre unemployed, you post at all hours, everyday.

          • hector

            @david is rearpipe your father?

          • Steerpike


            I am not saying this in an arrogant way but….do you spend as much time as me having to defend statements you never made ?
            I am beginning to wonder about literacy in faith schools, there will always be a degree of misinterpretation but this is off the charts.

            • david

              Yes; I dont know how many times I have to reiterate that I am not a Rangers man, there are many posts confirming it.

              However its nothing to do with the schools, there are arseholes like Monti in every religion.

        • mick

          there hating the new book already monti thanks for the support its sent david over the edge lol 🙂 you think he would have read it first lol

    • Venomous rants? haha don’t make me laugh, your the vilest person on this forum/blog, i’ve never in my life came across such an imbecile as you. For the record; i’d bar you for life if i had my way, you disgust me and probably everone including rangers fans on here.

      • mick


        • I just may do that Mick, post below i’ve just put up.

        • @gortchomhor

          I’ll be buying a few copies, mick. Cheers for the heads up… Phil’s a legend. We owe him a lot. Great stocking filler. Downfall is excellent too, everybody should have a copy, well… not everybody, I suppose… If you’re in the orange order or something I’d maybe think twice. But everybody else should get it. Looking forward to reading it at Christmas… Hopefully it will have plenty of good examples of prejudice and human rights violations.

          • mick

            Thanks gort. That’s nice of u the orcs have ruined the reviews on it so its vital after reading we leave review also if any1 short of cash just mention it in conversation to family and friends we all have our part to play lets msm reaction and prove the book right the main aim is number 1 for Xmas and mentioned on telly and papers so copy and paste all over sites on network plz as there is no 1 else mentioning the content bar phil we owe him big time

      • Cregganduff

        I like having him around. Brainless foul-mouthed semi-literate. The perfect Rangers spokesman. Pity about the smell.

    • david

      Are you on commission from MadPhil?
      You can stand on street corners shouting ” Get yer paranoia book here, read how aw they bad huns offend me”

      • Paul

        or rattle a can for the sevco charities.

      • mick

        am not on commission when it comes to my roots a do it for free a have never met Phil or texted him but via online debate a can see he is tiring to help my people and make our childrens future better so for that reason am in

        • david

          Youre right, MadPhil is very tiring.
          All he does is stir trouble from the safety of Donegal – he does nothing to help your people, all he does is make money by exploiting paranoia from fools who really should wake up and get a life.
          Sad case, liar ( proven ), bigot ( proven ), fantasist ( proven ).

      • hector

        @david why do keep referring to Phil as “MadPhil”.Do you have proof he is insane its put up or shut up time.I do not refer to you as dickhead dave in my posts as I have no proof you are a dickhead though the circumstantial evidence is mounting.Regards to Niall.

  15. cam

    What a marvellous day to be out and about in the Scottish countryside.The last few days of summer,the trees showing their autumnal shades,the Glasgow Rangers cruising along nicely,Celtic fined,again,by UEFA.

    This royal throne of kings,this sceptred isle
    this earth of majesty,this seat of Mars
    this other Eden, demi paradise
    this fortress built by nature for herself
    against infection and the hand of war
    this happy breed of men,this little world
    this precious stone set in the silver sea
    which serves it in the office of a wall
    or as a moat defensive to a house
    against the envy of less happier lands
    this blessed plot,this earth,this realm,this Ibrox.

    • Cregganduff

      This haven of bigoted sectarian racist scum

      That’s it finished off for you little scumbag.

      • cam

        How i would love to buy you a pint wee man.I could give you some anger management tips and show you how to behave in polite society.
        What do you bring to the blog other than rage and immature insults.You’re just embarassing yourself like a little kid.
        You only have one string on your banjo,just like the Donegal loon.

  16. Online petition for judges to declare links to secret societies including freemasonry.

  17. mick

    that’s what we need no secrets as there has been lots of stuff mentioned on here about the handshake mob in our capital and it would make you vomit

    • cam

      Get the GCC investigated!!
      Power to the People!!
      You have no voice in our country anymore mick,you’re working for the Queens shilling now! 🙂

    • cam

      Talking of vomit,,,any truth in the rumour that the Coyote is thinking of selling chunks of 1D vomit?
      You’ve gotta think of the pennies when the Co-op are wanting their dosh back. mwahahaha.

  18. top of page 8

    number,and the male shall include the female and vice versa.
    The words “club” and “company” and also the words “member” and “shareholder” throughout the said memorandum and Articles of Association shall, where the context admits of it, be of synonymous
    meaning .

    adjective equivalent, the same, identical, similar, identified, equal, tantamount, interchangeable

    • Steerpike


      Rangers articles are not the SFA articles, Insolvency law is not the SFA articles, Company law is not the SFA articles and journalists opinions are not the SFA articles.

      Which part of the SFA articles do you not understand ?

      A club is a company’s undertaking to participate in football.
      The undertaking is externally attached to the company.
      The company does not own the undertaking, it is a company pledge to the SFA to participate in football under their rules and regulations.
      The company cannot transfer the undertaking to another company without the approval of the SFA.
      The undertaking is not under company law because it is an attachment to the company, it comes under SFA law.
      If the SFA transfer the undertaking then that is the Law, end of debate.

      The SFA transferred the undertaking from the old company to the new company, a condition of the undertaking transfer was the payment of all debts to those who participate in football.

      .This agreement had nothing to do with D&P and is in itself clear evidence of all my above points, if the undertaking was an internal part of the company then it would have been sold by D&P, it was not.

      • mick

        @rear pipe if the club did not die when did it come out of administration ???

      • @gortchomhor

        Steer, the majority of people in Scotland agree that rangers are dead. Why do you insist on opening these old wounds? I think you’re a wee bit obsessed with all this, to be fair.

        Why can’t you get on with it and support the new club? They still wear blue, play at Ibrox, you can still sing the old songs, and your superiority over Catholics is as credible as it ever was.

        You have a few big games coming up, why don’t you talk about that? Talk about football instead of the past for once.

        • Steerpike


          I never brought it up, you must be a bit dazed after your chat with Clarkeng.

          The majority in Scotland do not care never mind agree.

          Supporting Rangers does not involve supporting the team in Scotland, supporting the bigots nor supporting its history. I support Rangers in Europe as I do any Scottish team, I support the good fans against bigotry as I do any citizen and I support the efforts of the current board, as I do at Hearts and Dunfermline.

      • Rangers FC
        The four founders of Rangers – brothers Moses and Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell and William McBeath – met in early March in 1872. Rangers’ first match, in May that year,

        March 1872 first game May 1872, so Rangers club up and running ,playing May 1872.

        Queen’s Park, a Glasgow club founded in 1867, took the lead, and following an advertisement in a Glasgow newspaper in 1873, representatives from seven clubs – Queen’s Park, Clydesdale, Vale of Leven, Dumbreck, Third Lanark, Eastern and Granville – attended a meeting on 13 March 1873. Furthermore, Kilmarnock sent a letter stating their willingness to join.

        That day, these eight clubs formed the Scottish Football Association, and resolved that:

        March 1873 the SFA formed without Rangers, did that stop the club playing………. NO


        The result was 0-0, but that didn’t matter. Rangers had been BORN*

        The name Rangers was adopted from an English rugby club. By their second fixture – the only other they played that first year – they had donned the light blue. It must have done the trick – Rangers beat Clyde 11-0.

        Despite this promising start, as every fan knows the OFFICIAL FOUNDING of the club did not take place until the following year.

        The date of 1873 is recognised because that was the year when the club had their first annual meeting and officers were elected. Rangers were becoming BUSINESSLIKE

        The players had formal training sessions and a fixture list was drawn up.

        The fixtures during that first full season were friendlies. Rangers had “left it too late to apply for membership” of the Scottish Football Association and were not eligible to play in the inaugural Scottish Cup, won by Queen’s Park.

        later rangers FORMALLY BECAME A BUSINESS,
        selling shares in it’s self, the incorporation of the club /company are took place, was this incorporation ever dissolved

      • Is it more to do with What the undertaking divulges to the SFA that’s maybe a crux of this matter? Lets be honest, who know’s by now who’s telling the truth?

      • Fra

        On what day does Jack pay you Sp?

  19. page 3
    (14) To Effect insurance against accidents to the players of the COMPANY for their own or the COMPANIES benefit

  20. Monti

    Pat Nevin is a fkn irritant!

  21. Steerpike

    If Celtic or any other club change company:

    UEFA accept the 3 years accounts of the old company for the new company to participate in club football in Europe, but UEFA insist on 3 years continuous accounts for a new club. This being the case, club and company cannot, let me repeat cannot be one and the same.

    There is obviously some other factor involved and it is not all about the company’s financial continuance, wonder what that can be……?

    It begins with a ” U” and ends in a ” G “.

    • wavetower, MIH,
      there is a mechanism in place for clubs to change hands, for shares in clubs to be bought and sold,

      liquidation is the death of any incorporated club that sold it’s own shares in the market place.

      From RFC official club history
      can you grasp the bit about RFC Formally becoming a business,
      the club was “born ” before it became a member of the SFA, it existed before it had an undertaking to play football as a member of the SFA.

      the SFA does not stop clubs been born before they apply for membership,they have to exist to become part of, being a member of the SFA does not make you immortal,

  22. Each full member and associate member will procure that the
    relevant office-bearer, secretary, director or member of the board of management
    or committee of such member will personally confirm to the Association utilising the form prescribed by the Board that a) he has been furnished with a copy of the
    Articles and that having read in particular Articles 10, 13 and 14, the information supplied by him using the prescribed form is complete, true and accurate; and b)
    he is a fit and proper person to hold such position within Association Football.

    he has been a director of a club in membership of any National Association which has undergone an insolvency event within the five year period preceding the said insolvency event.

    Paul Murray & Dave King

    same club dilemma for these two is it not ?


      shall mean a football club playing Association
      Football in accordance with the provisions
      set out in Article 6;

      Clubs or associations undertaking to promote Association Football according to the Laws of the Game as settled by the International Football Association Board and the Articles and other rules of the Association may be admitted as registered
      members, associate members or full members, subject to the provisions of Articles
      6.1 to 6.6

      • Steerpike


        ” undertaking ”

        Cheers mate, left a wee note on the other blog, I am by nature an educator.

        I see you have found synonyms, google ” both “.


          “insolvency event”
          shall mean the presentation of a petition
          or convening of a meeting for the purpose
          of considering a resolution for the winding
          up of a member; the appointment of
          any provisional liquidator to a member;
          the liquidation of a member (other than
          for the purposes of a bona fide solvent
          reconstruction) the presentation of a
          petition for an administration order to
          be made in relation to a member; the
          making of an administration order or an
          order by the court appointing an interim
          manager or manager or the court making
          an order in terms of paragraph 13(3)(b)
          of Schedule B1 of the Insolvency Act 1986
          in relation to a member; the appointment
          of an administrator by the directors or
          by a qualifying charge holder (as defined
          in paragraph 14 of Schedule B1 of the
          Insolvency Act 1986) of a member; the
          appointment of a receiver (including without
          limitation, an administrative receiver) in
          respect of the whole or any part of the
          property, assets and/or undertaking of a
          member; the appointment by a court of
          a judicial factor, receiver or manager in
          respect of a member; the entering into by a
          member of a voluntary arrangement with it’s creditors
          Articles of Association allows for the liquidation of a member
          a Member of the SFA can experience a insolvency event, a member can be wound up, the liquidation of a member can take place

          RFC was a full member of the SFA, it’s attempt at a CVA failed,
          it did not survive it’s attempt at a CVA.

          so how did RFC survive when others perish ?


        27Th July 2012

        ‘We are pleased to confirm that agreement has been reached on all outstanding points relating to the transfer of the Scottish FA membership between Rangers FC*1 (In Administration), and Sevco Scotland Ltd, who will be the new owners of The Rangers Football Club**2.

        ‘A conditional membership will be issued to Sevco Scotland Ltd today, allowing Sunday’s Ramsdens Cup tie against Brechin City to go ahead.

        ‘Following the completion of all legal documentation, the Scottish Premier League will conduct the formal transfer of the league share between RFC (IA) and Dundee FC on no later than Friday 3rd August 2012.

        ‘At this point, the transfer of Scottish FA membership will be complete.’

        SO who were the club the fielded a team that played Brechin on 29/07/2012
        they were awarded a conditional membership to play in the Ramsden cup, a team took the field wearing Rangers stripes,

        Yet RFC still held their membership and had agreed to transfer it to the team that played Brechin by the 3rd of August.

        If it was the same club what was this all about and why the need for a conditional membership ?

        *1) Rangers FC in administartion
        **2) THE Rangers Football Club

        • Steerpike

          ” ‘We are pleased to confirm that agreement has been reached on all outstanding points relating to the transfer of the Scottish FA membership between Rangers FC*1 (In Administration), and Sevco Scotland Ltd, who will be the new owners of The Rangers Football Club.”
          coatbrig, I have humiliated you enough for one day, so I am not going to be condescending or arrogant.
          An agreement has been reached does not mean the terms of the agreement had been met, the terms would be met on the 3rd of August and technically the member transfer could not take place until that date. This meant an AGREED member could not play in the cup because of a technicality, so they issued a conditional membership, and guess what, it was the same club membership given with conditions, the condition being the terms met by 3rd August as per the agreement. There was never two memberships, the SFA took the membership off RFC and conditionally gave it to Sevco ( Scotland).
          You keep saying old Rangers had their membership as if they have the power and authority, no club has, the power and authority lies with the SFA.

          The association is supposed to help its members for goodness sake

          • gobbledygook 101

            what is an AGREED member ? you just made that up, there is NO agreed membership status anywhere in the articles.

            so your saying, Rangers are the same club, a full member of the SFA

            it’s membership was intact, yet the membership could not be transferred to it’s self to play Brechin but a conditional membership of the SAME membership could be transferred for a short period of time.

            Fcuk me your one desperate straw clutcher, for an Atheist you just described the holy trinity to try to justify that pile of bull shyte

      • club/ company/ synonymous,
        so who has the undertaking to play football the club or the company, is it the company that’s a member of the SFA or is it the Club

        who has the undertaking to play football,the club or the company ?

    • The two you mention are hardly reliable people are they CB Bhoy, would you buy a used club from them?

  23. mick

    we know wrong from right that’s all that counts

  24. Gotta laugh at montit and thick Mick n co !!! Praising big jock as the greatest sellick manager when he was promoted to sell scratch cards and raffle tickets as a thank you for his achievements while the greatest fannys in the world did ……………………nothing .

  25. Steerpike

    I have noticed something on here which may cast some light on the proceedings. The most vocal Celtic posters on here who refuse to let go of Rangers old anti-Catholic policy, have an association with Ireland.
    In fact is there a Scottish Catholic with no Irish leanings on here who hates Rangers for their past and thug minority ? I mean not all Catholics can be of Irish descent.
    This being the case what does it say about them, why are they more obsessed than Scottish Catholics ?

    It says it has little to do with Catholic victim hood, that is what it suggests, the only other thing Rangers stand for is the Union, now if it was plain anti-Unionism they would be all SNP voters, but they are not. In fact it is the opposite, most on here are pro-Union in that sense, and that includes the monarchy and our Imperial position on the security council. So the union they object to is obviously only Northern Ireland, and they love their IRA heroes.

    Remember I said the worst of the Rangers bigots will be Ulsterman, well the worst bigots on the other side are Irish Republicans, nothing to do with being Catholic, or Rangers past, they hate what they stand for and they stand for separation.

    Having studied religion for 8 years I knew this was never about religion, it is about politics, and it is FREAKIN IRISH POLITICS, it is not even Scottish Politics. This country has allowed foreign activists to play out their barbaric political gang fight on our soil, that is what this new legislation is about.

    So no more moral outrage against the huns, you are their mirror, and you get right up my nose with your pretentious sanctity.

    Both of you take your political hatred back to where it is appropriate, it is not wanted in Scotland.

    • Geddy Lee.

      I wonder how many of you knuckle draggers realise that the famine victims were ALL BRITISH CITIZENS at the time? Not “Irish”. Not only that, but many of them were Protestant.

      Famine is not sectarian, it killed Catholic as well as Protestant as London desperately tried to ignore the disaster unfolding . Just as they would had it been in Scotland. Indeed, they continued stripping Ireland of food and live stock , even at the height of the famine.

      Only International outrage shamed London into sourcing food (Mainly from India).

      Even when the grain arrived in Ireland, the utter scum in charge tried to prevent it’s distribution, citing the fact that the grain was the wrong shape for the grounding machines.

      A disgusting, and shameful episode in British history, that outraged the world community FORCING London to take action.

      I remember recently, when one of rangers Irish detatchments, made a statement concerning the Glasgow famine memorial.

      They stated that as Protestants had also died as a result of the famine, Scots should turn up at any ceremonies, to “Prevent the memorial being turned into a Catholic shrine” I wonder how on earth they stumbled across the truth, but notice how this revelation did nothing to soften their sectarian attitudes, indeed it reinforced them.

      The Scottish unionist movement has always relied on willfull ignorance to hide from the sheer wretchedness of their dependent mindset.

      No other country on earth, would produce a mindset that states “we are incapable of governing our own affairs and need something as repulsive as the british government to tell us what to do and how to think” .. Try taking that attitude anywhere else in the world and see where it gets you.

      The story of the Irish famine is just one of many examples of their ignorance, as is their perceived loyalty towards the British Army

      Around rememberance day, I shall be submitting a guest post for consideration on the subject . No need to worry “Bears” I won’t be touching on the war records of the rangers team, but I shall be revealing facts that will give you plenty of food for thought.

      “Loyal?” oh what a sick joke turned out to be.

  26. Steerpike

    The undertaking is externally attached to the company.

    tell us where you got this from, did you make that wee bit up ?

    • Steerpike


      Read LNS comments about the characteristics of an undertaking, he made it pretty clear, and he was referring to any business undertaking not just in football.

      Think about it, if a company cannot sell or transfer its undertaking without the agreement of an external authority, but the external authority can remove the undertaking without agreement, how can this NOT be an external attachment ?

      Try this analogy, the SFA hands out badges to its company members, and they pin them on their chest, this external attachment makes them a member. The SFA can take way the badge or the member can sell or transfer the badge to another company with SFA agreement.
      If the badge was inseparable from the company it could not be separated from the company, the badge can be easily separated from the company.
      Ergo the badge is not an internal nor integral part of the company.

      • membership makes them a member,
        wearing a wee bage is not membership in or of itself, it is but a symbol of membership,

        as you say, they get handed out to company members, so your already a member before they pin a badge on you,

        • Think about it, if a company cannot sell or transfer its undertaking without the agreement of an external authority

          so your claiming Craig Whytes company needed the external authority of the SFA to purchase the RFC that came along with the undertaking to play football.

          RFC 1872 held it’s share in the SPL, it’s the same club you claim,
          RFC 1872 was not relegated, what powers did the SPL have to remove RFC 1872 from the SPL if it was the same club and that that club was external to the company that went bust.

          How much prize money did the same club get awarded from the SPL for being runners up to Celtic.

          • Steerpike

            ” so your claiming Craig Whytes company needed the external authority of the SFA to purchase the RFC that came along with the undertaking to play football.”

            Of course, that is what the fit and proper vetting is supposed to be about, but it did not work.

  27. Steerpike

    Is it an offense to call a white male a ” paki ” ?

  28. On the final minutes of the great mans anniversary here’s a wee song to remember him by,a song that was his party piece my way with the lyrics changed to the paradise way. Always remember a dear old celtic man singing this on the supporters bus back in the 70s so rest in peace tonight Big Jock and Benny Oneill from new Stevenson and thanks for the memories.
    And now the end is near
    And so they face, that final curtain
    Dear friend, i’ll make it clear
    They played with style, of this im certain
    In everything, in everyway
    In every game, they had to play
    They took the blows
    And gave a show the Paradiiiiiise Waaaaaaay

    Defeats, we’ve had a few but then again to few to mention
    They did what they had to do
    To please the fans, was their intention
    A team thats did all that
    And may I say, not in a shy way
    Oh no… Oh no not them…..
    It was the Paradiiiiiiise Waaaaaaaaay

    There was a man they called Jock Stein
    The man who built, that glorious team
    And everytime, they took the field
    They played to win and not to yield
    The record shows, they took the blows
    The Paradise waaaaay

    There was a man they called Jock Stein
    The man who built, that glorious team
    And everytime, they took to the field
    They played to win and not to yield
    The record shows ‘Nine in a Row’
    The did it all….
    The Paraaaaaaadiiiiiiiiiiiiiise Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    Rip you’ll never walk alone
    Hail Hail

  29. portpower

    Thankyou Mr. Stein. RIP.

  30. Geddy Lee.

    Celtic’s victory in 67 was of monumental significance for the development of the game as a whole. At the time, Inter were European and World Club champions. Their squad was the most expensively constructed in the game.

    The problem was, their success depended on suffocating defense, and in order to try and emulate their success most of world football was trying to copytheir style of play, ruining the game as a spectacle in the process.

    Celtic’s attacking, free flowing footbal was a revelation, and the team ran Milan absolutely ragged, sending shock waves around the footballing world.

    The Italian press called it “A victory for football” and rejoiced in the hope other teams in Italy would copy the Celtic way. Even the Milan manager, the great Herreria admnitted Celtic were the superior side.

    A few days later, Real Madrid players stood in awe as Jinky and the boys put on a master class performance at the Bernebau during De-Stephano’s testimonial.

    The crowd were soon shouting Ole as Celtic passed the ball among each other before releasing Jinky on another bambooziling run. They loved him. At one stage, he stands alone in the centre circle with the ball, no Real defender daring to try and take the ball off him.

    All this is a testemony to the sheer genius and vision of Stein.

    My favourite story was when Celtic won the “World Soccer Cup” back in 77. This would prove to be Stein’s last trophy, but again demonstrated his genius.

    It involved the 3 games we played against Red Star Belgrade during the tournament over a period of 2 weeks.

    In the first game, in Singapore RSB gave Celtic a lesson, humping us 3-1 in the process. The second game, 4 days later in Melbourne Stein’s tactics, nullified the Belgrade attack, resulting in a 1-1 draw.

    10 days later, they met in the final of the WSC again in Melbourne, and this time Celtic dominated, winning 2-o.

    The players were said to be in awe of the man, especially after RSB had hammered them in game 1, but of course that’s what made Stein so great. His incredible understanding of the game.

    Incidentally we both gave Arsenal a few tankings on that tour as they desperately tried to gate crash the big boys party. LOL

    No chance!.

  31. Geddy Lee.




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