Welcome One and All! A Reply to the “Obsessed”!

Every so often there is a burst of activity in the comments on the blog and some of the “old faithfuls” make their reappearances.

Now, unlike others I do not think this is a symptom of some great conspiracy hatched in Ibrox or in the Media House bunker. After all, I commend people like cam, carson, Willy Wonka, Steerpike and the rest as being of a commendably independent spirit.

Interestingly, in the past, these “busy days” have preceded some dramatic event at Ibrox …

WordPress, which is the platform for this blog, has a fun feature. It tells me the people who have made most comments in the last 1,000 on the site. (And as we are now over 85,000 comments since the blog started, these are statistics which reflect recent activity).

Bearing in mind that almost 1,000 of the comments include the word “obsessed” or “obsession”, it is rather ironic that the following list shows the top 7 commenters in the last 1,000.

(Puts on his best Alan “Fluff” Freeman voice)

At number 7, pop-pickers, and holding his position on the chart, we have the always quirky and often humorous cam!

At number 6, there is no getting rid of him, and still hanging round the top of the Hit Parade, although about to head back to Downton Abbey, give a big hand for carson!

Up to number 5, and still finding that Top Cat is getting the better of him, but no one else is, we have Officer Dibble!

Holding at number 4, we have that star of film and literature, created, like so many weird and wonderful characters by that master of the grotesque, Willy Wonka!

Down to number 3 is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, no, not Gallagher & Lyle, but Monti!

A new entry at number 2, we have the enigmatic @gortchomhor

And at number 1, he has not had quite as long a gap between hits as Jackie Wilson did with Reet Petite, which was a Top 10 hit in 1957 and again in 1986, but back and songing the same song in his usual thorough style, we have …


It is very kind of cam, carson and Willy to spend as long pointing out the “obsession” of people writing and commenting about the football team they like.

And for Steerpike to comment from his non-aligned position!

By the way, I am delighted that these folk join the debate – after all, even a diet of finest succulent lamb dulls the palate if there is no bitter orange sauce for contrast!

And that leads me to a complaint which pops up every so often, and which I answer each time too.

George, who has been a commenter in the past, came back in full flow today, with a variety of posts in relation to the topic of free speech.

In doing so, he decided to link to my professional disciplinary matter from last year, which related to matters from three and four years back. I blog under my own name and I know that people can, if they want, make themselves aware of my mistakes from the past. I do not, despite George’s insinuations, block people who mention it – I block very few commenters at all!

But George also went on about me “censoring” him by blocking one of his comments.

I want to make a few points, and as it is my blog, I will do so.

1 George’s comment, which I reproduce below in the spirit of fairness, was not blocked by me. It is not in my “Trash” folder nor has it been put by WordPress into the Spam folder. There are 2 possibilities. Either the Akismet Spam filter was so sure it was spam that it dumped it automatically, or George managed not to submit his comment.

2 In answer to what he actually says, I do not think that it is ironic for a person whose favourite football team is Albion Rovers to write about Rangers. I have said repeatedly that it is the assorted legal implications and angles of the Ibrox mess/saga/redemption story which appeal to me. In what other news story have there been aspects of all of the following for comment and analysis?

    • company law
    • insolvency law
    • trust law
    • standard securities
    • floating charges
    • EGM requisitions
    • damages actions
    • employment law
    • disciplinary tribunals
    • judicial review
    • tax law
    • family law
    • criminal law
    • Data Protection
    • interdict
    • the law of confidence
    • debt recovery
    • the “controlling mind” test
    • diligence on the dependence of court actions
    • share flotations
    • mortgage repossessions
    • gratuitous alienations (just for you Clarkeng!)
    • attachment of motor vehicles
    • the nature of legal entities
    • and so on and so on …
    • Does George think that only Rangers supporters should be allowed to discuss Rangers?

3 I enjoy blogging and spend some time, but not an inordinate amount, on it. If I was a person who followed his football team around the country then I would spend more time doing that, I suspect, than I do writing the blog. Do I castigate people who will go from Glasgow to Berwick to watch a football game? No. Why should I?

4 As anyone can see, my blog started long after the particular chapter of my professional life where things were going wrong ended. So I can re-assure George that I was not distracted from work by blogging, and I can re-assure my clients and my employer that that does not happen now either!

5 And George, I do not really get the point about the SNP as being a comparison with my saying that I did not write the “free speech” post. I did not write it. So having a go at me about it seemed rather odd.

6 I have made clear on this blog that the “whataboutery” which brings issues of alleged assault and abuse up as some form of counter-balance to the alleged failings of Rangers is an insult to victims of those crimes. I am not averse to having a guest post about these matters, as long as it is an interesting and legal piece – very few people who go on about Penn State University, for example, and its alleged parallels to Celtic, have offered anything when I have suggested they write a piece, and the couple who did (and I mean no offence by this) contributed pieces which would not have been out of place in the darkest corners of some Rangers fan websites!

7 I don’t get the “Always the offended, never the offender” line.

So, to conclude, I welcome opinions from all sides. All I ask is that people respect each other (which I know does not always happen).

It takes a lot for me to block someone, and it definitely takes more than saying something I disagree with! A friend of mine who also reads the blog asked me why I did not stop people spouting rubbish on the blog – I explained that the best way to let people gauge the value of someone’s comments was to allow them to say their piece, and if they do talk nonsense, then condemn themselves from their own keyboards!

And, as I started this piece saying that I did not believe that this seemingly concerted “pro-Rangers” or “anti-blog” flurry of comments was anything sinister or organised, I can happily tell readers (this means you Willy) that if there is a planned campaign to heighten anti-Rangers feeling right now, I did not get the memo!

Posted by Paul McConville

The Post by George Which He Claimed I “Censored” (Even Though I Didn’t)

Thanks MCFC and good advice to everyone. Just as well i had cc’d – a lesson learned from trying to debate with C4 and Tomo. Here’s my reply to Paul that hasn’t made it to the debate yet.

Ironic Paul that you think my posts are ironic. Bit like its ironic that an Albion Rovers fan should devote so much of his time commenting on Rangers rather than his own club. As for ‘back to work’ I believe there’s a few miners that wished you had been working on their cases instead of ‘blogging’. As for the article on your website not being in your name. Do us all a favour – bit like the SNP claiming they will defend Scotland when they can’t even defend their e-mail account. Now if you want to remove this comment (I’ve cc’d it by the way) when the headline starts ‘it’s free speech’ then go ahead. Bit like the Stasi really. Always the offended, never the offender. Bit like that guy in Australia who taught at Fort Augustus. I notice you haven’t devoted a blog to that story. Perhaps Monti, Maggie and Mark wouldn’t approve?



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  1. Monti

    Ian Black is up in front of the SFA today to answer multiple betting charges, including betting AGAINST his own team.
    I wonder what the odds are on him getting off?
    Here comes Ian now ” Ian what’s the odds on you getting off today”?

  2. cam

    For Monti,,,read Donny!

  3. Steerpike
    September 12, 2013 at 8:36 am
    Morning John,

    I am glad I I make your life worth living, however if my argument is weak using the ONLY available figures then what does that say about my opponents strengths, they have no figures at all, they have no figures in a financial debate ?

    If you do not find that even more hilarious then there is no doubt of your intellect, it is low.
    Toodle pip.

    Steerpike, you Boring Loon… YOU are the only one trying to justify a position without all the Info required to make a proper judgement…

    By the way it is NOT a Financial Debate… It is just You are so anal & a one trick pony that YOU keep trying to make it one

    • Steerpike


      ” By the way it is NOT a Financial Debate…”

      HELLOOOOOOOOOO… if loonballs are predicting Rangers will run out of cash by Christmas then there is a financial debate to be had, if there is insufficient data to make a proper judgement then tell your best mates to retract their statements, if not, then I have every right to rebut.

      Do you understand this Ian, am I making myself clear ?

      • @gortchomhor

        Ok steer, looking only at what we absolutely know to be facts, bottom line is, they declared in the interim a 7 million deficit in as many months. That equates to being 1 million short per month. They also stated about 5 weeks ago that they had about 10 million in the bank. I’m not conflating these numbers, I know we need to keep the running costs separate.

        But look at the widespread reaction of rangers fans to those numbers. Utterly flabbergasted. You could hear a pin drop on rangers media when the 10 million in the bank was revealed… Shocked disappointment and dismay all round. Go check.

        And a deficit of 1 million per month is a workable business model, according to you. I struggle to find words that would cloak my sense of this being really hard to take seriously, it’s just absolutely farcical. It’s just totally insane, by any standard.

        Your argument is that they can somehow adapt and improve revenue streams. This is pure speculation. Where are these new revenue streams? Remember, we are trying to focus on the evidence that exists now, not some facet of a pipe dream you came up with.

        Where are the cuts that a 5 year old would appreciate were necessary? Seriously, I’m not being rhetorical, where are the cuts and the revenue stream increases? Point to them for me, assume I am thick by all means, I just want to see them.

        Not only can we see no evidence of cuts and no new revenue streams, we see talk of new directors and new players, more wages, more costs.

        I said before that I don’t rule out you being paid to come on here. I still don’t. Either you are being paid to spout what you know to be totally ridiculous spin on finances or you are a complete nutcase who can’t see this for what is. I will continue to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are some over zealous nutcase.

        • Sevco United

          There is absolutely no doubt that expenditure in 13/14 “COULD” and “SHOULD” be millions less than expenditure in 12/13 due to the numerous one off costs Sevco had to pay that year. Despite the influx of new players, Mather is on record in saying the wage bill is down on last year due mainly to 3 high earners on the playing staff going and 2 high earners on the Board.

          There is also no doubt that income in 13/14 “COULD” and “SHOULD” be millions more than income in 12/13 due to the new sponsorship deals giving 12 months of income rather than a pro-rata amount for last year added to shirt and merchandise sales and various other bits and bobs.

          For that reason, Steerpikes hypothesis is a fair one or at least one that cannot just be thrown out, just because someone doesnt like it due to their unhealthy short sightedness and biased way of living.

          Equally though, it is also fair to say that Sevco dont know whats round the corner. Reported court claims, fan apathy, boardroom anarchy and various other factors could mean another horrendous financial year for Sevco.

          It seems though, as an outsider looking in, that Steerpike has produced a model that he says “COULD” work but is also willing to accept that it might not.

          It seems though, an an outsider looking in, that others say it “CANT” work purely on the basis of “COZ IT JUST CANT” and that Steerpike should shut up(Freedom of Speech issue again) just because he does not hold the same views as the others.

          Think i might actually send a link to Harvard.

          • @gortchomhor

            More insulting junk. Listen, we have all had to put up with Steerpike going around for almost 3 weeks shouting about his financial acumen and some working business model. It’s about time he came up with some evidence. Forgive my bluntness in what follows, it’s about time someone was equally blunt in response to steerpike and his fantasies…
            First thing you should understand, I have about 18 years of experience in the bullshit industry. I know bullshit as well as any man on the face of this planet.
            So, it was convenient of you to put emphasis on the use of your words COULD and SHOULD like that. In the bullshit industry these words are regarded as key indicators of impending bullshit. Actually, I have a vague recollection of a teacher in primary school lecturing me on the stupidity of relying on ‘could’ or ‘should’ or ‘if’ arguments.
            So I am ruling out even taking seriously anything you say with those words in it. I think you COULD and SHOULD focus on the known facts, not speculative fantasy.
            One fact you touch on concerns the sponsorship deal and revenue from a potential increase in what you refer to as “shirts and merchandise sales”. I wonder why you don’t just say merchandising but this is a very interesting subject so let’s carry on.
            First thing is that all this was included in the interim report. It was factored in. Go check. We have no reason to assume there will be any significant increases in these areas, despite what you think COULD or SHOULD happen.
            Regarding the Puma deal, I think it is really noteworthy that Puma do not even sell Rangers shirts on their website – giving some credence to the cynicism surrounding that deal. Go check. It looks like Puma are really just selling them shirts with a badge on, from where I am standing, because every other team shirt is on their website for sale. We don’t have data on that deal, it’s a closely guarded secret.
            You’ll notice a trend by now, hopefully, and that everything I have said so far has been based on hard facts and evidence.
            Let’s look at some of the circumstantial evidence you mentioned and how these COULD or SHOULD impact on the prospects of RIFC.
            We know there is a huge boardroom battle and that there is a complete lack of leadership and stability. We don’t know exactly what the dispute concerns because they all claim to have RIFC’s interests at heart… bullshit lights should be flashing on this point.
            We also know that there are several court cases and investigations going on that very well might result in a serious setback or two for RIFC. Least amongst them includes a very serious dispute concerning the very legitimacy of RIFC’s claimed ownership of Ibrox Stadium, Murray Park, and other ciritical assets.
            We also know that Imran Ahmed has a claim for 3.5 million pounds. We also know that BDO are investigating in the background and possibly the SFO.
            Nobody knows how any of these will go. If I was a fan of this RIFC, I would be very concerned about all that stuff though. I’d be more concerned about that than the vast craters and holes that exist in the accounts.
            Finally, I notice you and steer especially make habitual references to “one off costs” and suggest we should discount them. You will note, though, that many of the “one off costs” or non-recurring costs, were actually paid for out of the IPO money – or so it seems. This way you refer to this is pure spin. It follows from what you say that non-recurring costs might actually come back and sting you if you make it to next year because we can only assume there will be no IPO money to throw at them. Your spin denotes that you will be in a better position next year in regards to non-recurring costs though. Like I say, that’s more speculation with a twist of spin.

            • Monti

              Exactly, a mate of mine said I COULD & SHOULD have done more with my football career when a bit younger……i said BULLSHIT I was always good 🙂

            • Clarkeng

              What other ciritical assets are you referring to?
              What court cases are under way?
              The very legitimacy of your illegitimate assertions is clearly without any authorative parentage.
              Ahmed is not in court against Rangers.
              Whyte is not in court ……….well not against Rangers at any rate.
              There is no issue with ownership of Murray Park or Ibrox Stadium.
              They belong to Rangers.
              BDO are continuing with the claim commenced by the Administrators against Whyte and Collier Bristow for £25m.
              Ticketus are in the process of winding up Liberty Capital which owns Merchant Turnaround which owns everything else under Whyte etc etc.
              Even Worthington who were supposed to be hot on pursuit of Rangers and went to the extent of issuing a letter ( everybody say whooooooooo ) are not in court.
              The SFO ( when, wtf, why? ).
              Dont think so.
              The Vat man might go after wee Craigie for falsifying invoices and pocketing Vat in the Ticketus affair but that is about the extent of it.
              The rest is a straight forward argument between Green and Whyte.
              Very much like this blog.

            • daviecooperonthewing

              You make a fair point Gort with the “could/should” deliberation, but to be fair we are all just speculating about the financial aspect that’s been forecasted,projected or otherwise. This will continue to drag on until the AGM/EGM is concluded and we see the audited accounts. There does seem to be a financial shortfall of around £12 million as far as I can see, but I am no financial expert. To be fair there are a lot of similarities between S/P’s figures and any others that have been presented on here, and he makes a reasonable argument against my amateur perspective. For example I was unaware of the £8million carry over from 2012/13. Not sure where he got those details but if correct they put a big hole in my figures.
              I’ve seen various predictions from numerous sources claiming to be familiar with accountancy procedures, and have yet to come across any of them who have concurred with the other. Apparently RFC will run out of cash by “December2013” -“January2014”- and June2014. I am also very aware of the CFC affiliated who appear to be more interested in Rangers accounts than the average bear. I am clued up enough to realise that financial jiggery-pokery is possible in accountancy, and that CFC affiliates have not got RFC’s best interests at heart in relation to studying the financials. It seems to me that a PR war is ongoing at present, and involves outside agencies that really should have no interest in the situation whatsoever.
              My main concern at present (prior to audited accounts) is the ownership of the assets, and how this affects the club…post spivdom.
              I’m led to believe, and had this confirmed by certain bears that they are lodged with TRFC. However they can be easily moved around from the various subsidiaries within the holding company. It has also been rumoured that they have or could be offset against mortgages or loans within the spiv’s circle of associates. I think this is why JMcColl and co, want a look under the bonnet. It is and will remain a concern, and should be to every bear,until the accounts are published and verified, and any conjecture surrounding the assets is dismissed. As a side note. Sons of Struth and various supporters groups are (so I’ve been told) organising “something special” on the 14th.

            • @gortchomhor

              daviecooperonthewing, you could be the one rangers fan I have ever met who is open-minded enough to be both honest and worth talking to.

              You should be more concerned about the stadium etc, more so than the accounts. That’s what I would be worried about.

              There’s no point in worrying about the accounts, we’ll see them soon enough or if we don’t we will know its curtains anyway. If the worst happens there, it’s even more important that you keep your eye on the stadium etc.

              The current spivs (like Whyte before) know that he who controls the stadium controls Rangers… these people are not daft. But even John Brown knew that.

      • Ian said it’s not a financial debate, take his word for it,

        you saying there is a financial debate TO BE HAD, does not make it a debate, it just tells us you want to debate this issue, others are quite happy to say,
        I think Sevco will run out of money due to ………this story or that story, or just because it will give me an excuse to indulge in more Jelly and Ice cream,
        this is a random thoughts blog,

        give me the answer to this one,lets see if you’ve changed the batteries in your calculator.

        6+10+7.5 =

        please don’t say 17.5 again

        let me try to help with the answer
        it’s more than 23 but less than 24,
        it has a .5 in it

        • Steerpike

          Good afternoon Ian,

          That is the rain on, hope you have the washing in, anyway back to business:

          ” I think Sevco will run out of money due to ………this story or that story, or just because it will give me an excuse to indulge in more Jelly and Ice cream, this is a random thoughts blog,”

          Okie Dokie, this is a random thoughts blog and I just like to post figures to get up the noses of Rangers obsessed loonballs .

          Fair enough ?

          Your little arithmetic puzzle will remain a riddle, and please calm down Ian. I hate to be the cause of your misfortune.

      • Steerpike,

        You are Not rebutting you are REPEATING the same tripe over & over…ad nauseum.

        You are the Liar who said we would leave it until the Audited accounts were published… Have I missed them?

        You are a BORE am I making Myself Clear?

        • Steerpike


          ” You are the Liar who said we would leave it until the Audited accounts were published. ”

          Yes, and YOU yes YOU broke our brotherly pact, YOU made yet another fallacious, malicious, injudicious, herbaceous and salacious attack on my beloved Rangers, sorry I mean East Fife. YOU sir, yes YOU sir are a liar, a scoundrel and a man who is way too close to the edge.

          ” You are Not rebutting you are REPEATING the same tripe over & over…ad nauseum.”

          How many times did MLK say ” I have a dream ” ?

          Nobody complains.

          How many times did Jesus say ” Love thy neighbor ” ?

          Nobody complains.

          How many times do you say ” Rangers is not viable ” ?

          Nobody complains.

          I feel you are victimizing me for my ethno-religious beliefs, there is an anti Scottish/atheist ethos on this blog, and never threaten to kill me again or I will tell my mom, she still lives in Fife ( tell arb maybe the penny will drop) but not Monti( I think he has sexual fantasies about my dear ma ).

          Unlike you I cannot run back to my homeland, because this is my home, this is where I talk to the trees( cue Ray) and wherever there’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a cop beatin’ up a guy, I’ll be there ( cue cam).

          I will not be silenced, I will not go quietly into the night and I will not vanish without a fight. ( roll film).

  4. Raymilland

    Mr Punch would like to add to the Sevco ‘debate’.

    “Look out behind you!”

  5. Raymilland


    There are only two figures which require serious questioning:

  6. cam


    Awrite m8,theres braking new on the net that pacific shelf are gettin turned into a Co-op,the spivs knee deep in laundering magdalenes have been caught on tape saying you are the next lord provost Peter and the well dodgy land deals with absentee land rovers can sue under animal cruelty laws its a crime against human bedrooms that unjust social deprivers can fleece the working junkies so theyre you go lol if you wear tight speedos in Turkey and eat lamb stew and have a universial outlook so lol at you wee willies tim cnuts trolls ahm sorry maggie and will ask for forgivings from the Holy goalie as a christian am forward thinking and looking forward to xmas and remeber to buy bills book on DD and read how the bible propersises that he who looks after the care homes will inherit the inheritance tax and let the people sing HH

    • Clarkeng

      Remember yer divi card if ye go.
      Big Des seems to be the the only one who collects his.
      But Gibralter seems like a long way to go.

  7. cam
    September 12, 2013 at 8:44 am
    Sir, do you feel that the time is now approaching, that in the interests of neutrality, bringing balance to the force and for the sheer novelty, it is now time that Paul addressed the growing story of Celtic’s accounts, mortgages and “hidden debt”.
    It’s in the accounts in black and white so I’m not sure what you mean by hidden debt.

    “Of the available bank facilities of £33.94m (2011 £34.69m), of which £21.94m is represented by long term loans and £12m by overdraft,
    £22.97m (2011: £23.34m) remains undrawn at the balance sheet date as follows”.

    Almost £23m remains undrawn, ie. isn’t being used.

    Say I have the facility for a £20000 loan and a £10000 overdraft secured against my house and I use £5000 of the loan facility am I now £30000 in debt? No of course not!

    What is it with the peepul and their inability to get their heads around simple arithmetic?

    • Clarkeng

      Go to the bottom of the class and take your accounts for dummies with you.
      If it is listed as a liability that means that the debt has crystallised and is already owed.
      If the money is not owed or spent it will not be listed as a liability…simples!!
      As you say it is all in black and white for all to see.
      So where is the astute business plan or what is it?
      Combined share issue income plus convertibles is £70m.
      The piggery and Lennoxtown are supposedly worth £50m but the net worth of the club is now only £32m.
      And the current liabilities exceed the the current assets ( acid test ratio ) by a huge amount.
      Cash rich………………not.
      Where has all the money gone?

      • Monti


        Have you seen the ‘ Night of the living dead’?

        • Clarkeng

          Naw Monti ……merr a Sound of Music man masel!!
          Bands in the street and aw that…brings tears to some peoples eyes.
          But I really prefer reading and am particularly interested in tax dodging scams in Gibraltar.
          Tracking one just now – about £2.8m paid by a company from Glasgow to this entity in Gibraltar to pay some Irish guy tax free.
          Could you believe that this would or should I say could ( or even might possibly ) be happening right under our very noses.
          Its no as if the company has loads of cash.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            @Clarkeng. Good luck with your digging mate.
            Although you’re wasting your time on here unless the core subject is RFC.
            In reference to your DD and Gibraltar point, there are other issues that CFC
            fans should be concerned about regarding their club finances. I caught your earlier post on the subject in reference to GCC and Clydesdale bank and the “pulled/not pulled down ” arrangement you alluded to.
            An FOI request was submitted to GCC by a contributor of another blog.
            The reply they got was interesting enough to warrant further research,which I believe is an ongoing process and involves a journalist from N.I. Surprisingly for what you would think was a straight forward request into a cash rich and financially secure business, the reply from GCC suggested a complex structure between various agencies, and GCC did not hold all of the documentation. Awaiting the outcome of a further request.
            The meat on the bones suggests CFC have a mortgage arrangement (nothing unusual in itself) with GCC for acquiring land rights and financial aid structured under very favourable interest rates of 1.5%. This has been offset against the assets of Celtic park and Lennoxtown. The arrangement facilitated by Clydesdale bank runs over a ten year lease, and ends in 2019. CFC are paying it off at around £1.5million per annum, however they need to pay more as this amount equates to interest only. Consequently, if the current trend continues through until end of term (of the original agreement) CFC or DD will have to come up with £17 million in 2019.
            They will need to find a few more Wanyama’s and Ki’s. They will have to ensure qualification for the champions league consistently as well or they could find themselves having to downsize considerably.

  8. Steerpike

    I love all of the tripe coming from Royal Mail unions, seemingly my glorified paper boy is a national treasure, the guy who puts paper through my letterbox is a cultural icon. Give me peace.
    A paper boy on a starting wage of 17k, it is hardly rocket science.

  9. mcfc

    Where ARE those pesky accounts – even the official TRFC website does not offer its investors any clues:

    Key Dates
    Event Date
    Half Year End 31st December 2012
    Interim Results 4th March 2013
    Financial Year End 30th June 2013
    Financial Results Date TBC
    Annual Report Due Date TBC
    AGM Date TBC


    Also I notice that Craig is still “Interim CEO” – sloppy “paperwork” again or prescient insight – you decide !


    • Sevco United

      The accounts are not due yet.

      Its quite funny that Celtic fans are asking for Sevcos 30th June accounts to be released yet Celtic havent released theirs yet.

      You would think of the 2 clubs, Celtics books would be real easy to complete and release surely.

      • mcfc


        But it’s so long since we’ve seen ANY AUDITED ACCOUNTS from Ranger old club or new club – when were the last ones ?

        Oops I said it again – old unaudited, new unaudited – so sue me

        • Sevco United

          Sevco is a new club and a new company. Their accounts are not due until February 2014 with their parent company something like May 2014.

          • mcfc


            But Craig promised to publish them in August 2013 – why would be do that and then break his promise ?

            • Sevco United

              I dont know anything about that but I wouldnt be shocked at a Sevco Director getting something wrong.

            • mcfc


              That’s quite a BIG mistake by the CEO of a plc – don’t you think – maybe utterly incompetent – or maybe his back was against the wall and he needed to say something – anything – to save his skin – just speculating you understand.

            • Sevco,

              It was not so much what Craig alone said…

              Tie it in with Ahmed’s statement that he raised £12.5m Pre IPO.

              Then,tie it in with the statement & breakdown of spending of the IPO money given by the Financial Director… He said it is ALL gone & itemised where it went… I pointed out at the time this did not correspond with the spending intentions listed in the IPO document.

              He then stated that there was £10m in the bank consisting THIS Season’s Book money & £1.5m from Sports Direct. He also said the Accounts would be available at the end of August.

              The CEO came along a while later, contradicted The Financial Directors Figures & said the Accounts would be available mid September.

              The statements of the three raise several issues which should cause alarm.

              If the Financial Director is correct Last season’s Income + The Pre IPO money has been spent as well as the IPO money.

              Given there seems to be lack of clarity between The CEO & The Financial Director & adding that a civil war seems to be ongoing between factions in control versus others who would like to be in control, alarm bells would be ringing for me if I were a Sevco supporter or Investor.

          • Arb urns

            @sevco utd 11.54am…… “sevco is a new club and a new company”…….Steerpike won’t like that one……..

            • Sevco was Honest though Arb, & may draw more flack than a Celtic supporter would.,

              that is why I reiterated the areas of concern which are based on reported statements from the CEO & Financial Director & are not based on spin.

              To be honest it seems like they say what is convenient at any given time to get them off that particular hook.

              The Financial Director put them in a spot because he made HIS statement to Supporters, in a Meeting with them, while under pressure.

              The CEO then came along & waffled about “Little percentages” whatever that means..& changed the date of when the accounts would be available… A CEO contradicting The Financial Director ON FINANCE & not a peep from the MSM…

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Not so sure about the 2014 date you quote for the sevco accounts.
            I’m sure I read somewhere under AIM rules they have to be published at six monthly intervals. Also why are they due in October?
            This is where the concern lies for me. All the board room shenanigans and director and nominee changes allow for postponement’s of accounts.
            We need to see the accounts and the deeds,and the sooner the better. There is too much apathy and divided opinion among the RFC support.
            An ideal habitat for spiv-ism? Only time will tell.

      • JimBhoy

        Celtics accounts are due end of this month but they usually come in a couple of weeks early..

  10. mcfc

    Ian Black

    I’ll bet a tenner on a cringingly lenient penalty and an abundance of craven weasel words from an delinquent SFA that would benefit from a visit by Jo Frost, Suypernanny.

    Who’ll give me 5-1 ? Ian what about you ?

    Or do some believe that Peter will wield the axe of Fenian retribution ?

    • cam

      I see that the rainbow express to Oz hasn’t cured your still strange involvement in the obsessive facet or our little local difficulty.
      Strike the m from thy name and reveal your true nature.

      • mcfc


        gosh – that IS clever – you must even impress yourself sometimes !

        But what is your prediction for the Black penalty – if found guilty – which I understand is pretty black and white.

        • Monti

          They’ll fine Neil Lennon 🙂

        • Sevco United

          Just an opinion, but i reckon the SFA know that anything bigger than a fine will open the floodgates on this. Just as a guess, i reckon 90% of Scottish footballers and managers will have bet on football.

          England appear to have the right rules on gambling. Scotland are miles behind as usual.

          • mcfc


            If you are correct about “most players” it only confirms that the SFA is lazy, incompetent and probably negligent in apply its own rules.

            If most players have bet on football – and there is evidence – then those players should be charged as Black has been.

            Come on Ally – let’s see that list – we demands etc etc

            • JimBhoy

              @MCFC I was at a game way back where big Billy McNeil at the final whistle rose off the bench and unfurled his fixed odds coupon.. Honestly… The best thing for rangers on the Black case is that he is banned from football so they can sack him and get him off the wage bill..

            • tykebhoy

              First paragraph. Did we need that confirming? “Fit and proper” ???

              What the sevco brain fails to understand is that while banning any betting on football maybe overzealous, no FA or any other sports governing body is going to allow a player to bet on a match they have influence in.. It will lead to match fixing (funnny I seem to recall that phrase was associated with the deeds of oldco too). Ian Black supposedly bet on his own team to lose. I wonder if he scored an own-goal or two or missed a couple of tap-ins

            • JimBhoy

              @Tykebhoy maybe Black just played his normal game.. 🙂 HH

            • JimBhoy

              @Monti NL on hearing that Black got off with a slap on the wrist was quoted ‘I think he is a F*****g F@nny!’, Vince Lunny asked NL to explain the comments.. NL said what comments I didn’t say he was a F*****g F@nny, I just thought he was..!!! Cheers Bertie.. HH

  11. mcfc

    Follow Follow Admin 2

    Is the penny finally beginning to drop that the spivs are sucking TRFC/RIFC dry towards Admin 2 and that the “governing” bodies are standing by doing nothing because they are so thoroughly conflicted – some say corrupt.

    http://forum.followfollow.com/showthread.php?t=974589 slowly they are starting to get the threat to the club if they aren’t getting the deceased part

    Thanks to Ecobhoy on TSFM for pointing this out.

    • JimBhoy

      @MCFC yeah I posted that yesterday interesting take on things. Unlike a rangers man to try and unearth the true view of things imo…

      • mcfc


        To me, this signals that there is now no way for even the most determined optimists to explain away the macro trends that have been obvious since the interim results i.e. lax attitude to spending, big salaries, lack of focus on running a tight ship, no obvious interest in long term football.

        If there’s no avoiding the unpleasant facts, the question becomes what will the faithful do – my guess nothing – it’s all too late.

        As the FF discussion suggests RIFC needs a massive injection of cash to get to the promised land of the SPL. There are only three opions I can see

        Bank Loan – would have happened by now if possible – would involve serious independent scrutiny – probably a place on the board.

        Institutional Investors – once bitten twice shy – and they don’t have the Greee/MM circus to “charm” the City.

        Sugar Daddy – will DK or JMc buy out the spivs – not a chance – even at 30p – better to wait for Admin 2 and pick up the pieces for a pittance – although the property will probably be tangled by the web the spivs have spun. Will they then pump in the £30m that Bill Millar identified as the the black hol – unlikely.

        This story is far from over, but we are close to the end of this chapter I think.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Not at all Mcfc or ecobhoy for that matter.
      Have you not heard of Sons of Struth.?

  12. Davie Craig

    So you write about Rangers but do not expect any Gers fans to contribute lol

  13. JimBhoy


    Sally wants MORE players..!!!!.

    Actually this has Jackie boy written all over it.. All the boys on international duty can give Sally future player options… Only Wallace played it seems, he got 10 mins maybe.. Smacks of the Bocanegra setting up the US academies for the rangers, remember that wee gem from pants on fire…!!

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Nothing unusual about a manager wanting more players in itself JB.
      The board and CEO have to clear it. I get your point about the money, but it’s hardly the managers fault. I heard Sam Allardyce telling the West Ham fans last week that ideally he’d like another 3 or 4 in, but the board told him he’d spent his budget. That’s how it should work. Why have a go at Ally? How many times has Lenny moaned about not being backed. It happens all the time mate, managers are never content with what they’ve got.
      I don’t buy the Ally is a spiv nonsense, he’s Rangers to the bone.
      Could it be he’s on a mission set by the requisitioners to heighten the financial issues? Other than that I don’t have a problem with the manager. But then I’m biased. Lol.

  14. http://forum.followfollow.com/showpost.php? p=20401759&postcount=140.

    @mcfc. Welcome back bud.
    The true extent(allegedly) has also been posted on FF. of the annual wage bill. I wonder which side of the divide is using FF to preach their message. I don’t see these posts arising from intelligent bears. If they are, they have been missing in action for a long time.

    • JimBhoy

      @Barca wowser £9m on players and management not to mention the 200 staff at Ibrox..Maybe Charlotte is posting again.. 🙂

      Posters remember to run the full URL above..

      To be honest with you Barca I am pleased to see some bears start to scrutinize things and take the blinkers off.. I am obviously one of the rangers haters but I would consider myself a Spiv conman hater above a lot of things..

      • @Jimbhoy
        Agreed mate, I’m not a big fan of spivs either. I find it a wee bit hard to believe this info coming out of FF is not agenda driven. It’s how they have, and continue to operate in the sleezy world of public persuasion.

    • mcfc


      thanks mate – it’s good to be back – interesting events unfolding thick and fast – I can feel a few “told you so” moments coming up soon 🙂

      • @mcfc.
        Thick and fast is spot on mate. Thick will be the wallets, and fast will be the horses outa town.
        Whatever the outcome, it will happen very swiftly. I think you are right that there is nothing the Sevconians can doabout it. They had their chance on many occasions before and blew it !
        Now they are merely bit part players in the scam. It’s clear the spivs will not be hanging around for another SB sale, so have no need to appease them.
        The longest wake in history is almost over.

  15. JimBhoy

    An entry on the bears den…

    “I would like to see the RFFF helping to set up the new museum at Ibrox.
    The fans money being used towards the fans’ museum would benefit us and the Club. It needn’t be all the fund but at least the money will benefit all the fans. ”
    — Would they put the old rangers in the museum? Uhoh TD alert..!! Only joking bears..

    — The post above this one regarding the RFFF website.. states…

    “The site is still down.”

    — Someone done a runner with half a mill? is Stockbridge including this cash in his mibees £10m estimate…

  16. Clarkeng
    September 12, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Go to the bottom of the class and take your accounts for dummies with you.
    If it is listed as a liability that means that the debt has crystallised and is already owed.
    If the money is not owed or spent it will not be listed as a liability…simples!!
    As you say it is all in black and white for all to see.
    So where is the astute business plan or what is it?
    Combined share issue income plus convertibles is £70m.
    The piggery and Lennoxtown are supposedly worth £50m but the net worth of the club is now only £32m.
    And the current liabilities exceed the the current assets ( acid test ratio ) by a huge amount.
    Cash rich………………not.
    Where has all the money gone?
    Hidden debt don’t make me laugh.
    I should have added the numbers after “as follows”

    Loans repayable within one year 375
    Loans repayable between two and five years 1,500
    Loans repayable in more than five years 9,094
    That’s a total of £10.969m in loans owed to the Coop according to the accounts. They also say that Celtic have the facility to pay back the loan early and this has clearly been happening so I would expect even more to be paid back this year. Celtic is one of the best run clubs in the world, paying their creditors on time, servicing debt, paying taxes and nowhere near insolvent unlike the tribute act.

    Maybe you should take your own advice and go to the back of the classroom, open the door and take your accounting back to the liars and bigots on follow follow where it belongs.

    • Clarkeng

      You really must take a wee class.
      Start looking inward and see if you believe what your are talking about.
      I say again – look at the total current liabilities ( current means payable in the near future or on demand ).
      Done that?
      Now look at the current assets?
      Get it now?
      Now go to the explanation of the share capital and net worth of the company.
      See the big negative number?
      I rest my case!!
      Cash rich – naw!!!
      Debt free – naw!!!
      Assets over valued ( remember the accusations towards Rangers? ) – probably.
      Tax free payments on debt to Gibraltar – aye.
      Oh I thought Paul had declared this blog a pinnacle for freedom of speech!!
      Is that only if you say something bad about Rangers and good about Smellik.
      Get a life sonny.

  17. JimBhoy

    With Sportsdirect hitting the FTSE today maybe Ashley will get a nice slice of wedge to take over the rangers fiasco.. If the rebels were serious about taking over they would be waging a PR war now to get investor and fan power on their side.. I don’t think they are up for that.. Easdale maybe, he could even donate a new orange bus…

  18. I asked, what was the name of the team that took the field against Brechin on 29th July 2012 owned and controlled by Sevco.
    Sevco were given a conditional membership to play this game.

    Steerpike informed me that Sevco had used RFC’s membership to do so, this was the RFC’s full membership,reduced from full to conditional membership,
    he never provided any proof to back up that claim.

    I put up a link on my original post that the SFA clearly stated that RFC had to hold on to it’s membership until it’s SPL share was transferred to Dundee on the 3rd of August
    RFC were obliged to hand over it’s Full membership on the 3rd August.

    I then asked Steerpike,if he was right, why did the SFA return membership to a failed company that could no longer carry out it’s undertaking to play football under the articles of the SFA,

    Steerpike declared that the membership was never returned to RFC,

    Steerpike tells me a companies membership of the SFA is it’s undertaking to play football,
    He tells me,a CLUB is that companies undertaking to play football.
    ( are football clubs allowed to share membership of the SFA ?)

    Charles Green did not buy the club that played football for RFC Ltd
    he bought the assets,the club was only for sale by a CVA,
    A CVA gets you the clubs shares, an asset purchase did not get him the club.

    Green wanted to pay £8.5m for the club by the CVA route.
    The Shares from Whyte were needed to pull off a CVA. WHY ?

    Green bought the assets for £5.5m that’s £3m less then he was prepared to pay to buy the club, by a CVA.
    if your saving £3m there has to be a reason,

    Steerpike said, a football club is but a Particular companies undertaking to play football, if you buy the company you get the club, if you can’t buy the company then you don’t get it’s undertaking to play football.

    Some players decided to TUPE over to Sevco because their previous companies CLUB could no longer fulfil it’s undertaking to play football, some players walked away as they no longer had a companies club they wished to play for.

  19. Monti

    Have the creditors been paid yet? 🙂

  20. Monti

    Celtic football club will compete in the lots of money, lots of glamour, star studded, lucrative & prestigious UEFA Champions league group stages, this season.

    the the rangers have little money, no good players, a fat clueless manager & at the time of speaking, are not allowed to participate in European football & steal from charities.
    they have already been knocked out of the league cup by Forfar Athletic…….sniff 🙂

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Yes very droll Monti.
      The thing is mate, being there isn’t good enough once the games come round. I’m talking from experience when you get bounced 4-1 from Juventus or 4-0 by Ajax it soon takes the shine off. Let’s wait to see if you’s sign anybody else first, because I know many CFC fans are not too happy with PL just now for not replacing Wanyama, Wilson etc.
      Perhaps that’s down to the debt Celtic have. (Hidden)

  21. portpower

    Witness Eco My Bhoy.

    my palm


  22. portpower

    Just in The Name or Yours. Scotland Wiiiide. Whoops a daisy.


  23. portpower

    Poofter right footers. Keep away from Bobby, He`ll play for the Scotland. Hell is in your nightmares. A man with a blue leash killed

  24. portpower

    Call it Hen sevco. Hello?
    and jam. Guess why?


  25. portpower

    Will(I am) play for Scotland again?

  26. portpower

    You show me. Poofter right footers………………..

  27. portpower

    octopus rightnright
    Whose shout?

  28. portpower


    Way down.


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